The figure in the carpet

The Secret
Grad Alexandru Florin NO-EN

Within my analysis towards Henry James masterpiece The Figure in the Carpet I
have reached a certain level in which I found myself able to recreate “the secret” within
the writing. As the whole plot is concentrating upon the idea of secret we clearly notice
that the attempt of trying to reveal the secret caused death. As we have seen in Bahtin’s
Spectre of Marx, the idea of literature seen as a spectre wandering the reader has a
promising attempt of discovering the literature’s immense hidden path. Moreover,
within The Figure in the Carpet the secret hidden from people’s eyes and ears by Hugh
Vereker’s could be associated with a murder. The association of “the secret” is rather
complex. We will start by looking up in the dictionary to see what secret means : “Kept
hidden from knowledge or view, concealed. In this definition we have a lot of elements
in common with the act of murder. For a better understaing of such comparison it is
highly recommended to actually start recreating the whole text, The Figure in the
Carpet, as different approaches of people in a murder case. We have the main
protagonist, a fellow investigator who’s name we do not know, in his attempt to
discover the secret. In his struggle for finding the secret he faces many complications
that are not allowing him to discover. Even those who are extremely close to reveal the
secret are dying. Those elements are sustaining my idea of associating the secret with a
murder. Such murder is very well concealed and the circumstances are assuring that
nobody ever will be able to discover it. Figuring out the concepts of “death of the
author” following “raise of the reader”. The author is, in my vision, damned rather
doomed not dead. He is the author of the crime, a cold blooded assassin. Deliberately
he made a crime and he will suffer the consequences even if he cannot be traced. His
actions are being analysed and investigators are showing up. He is extremely careful and
those who are close they vanish, they all die. This concept could also be seen
differently. The author at his moment of glory can be seen a summoner. A such dark
summoner that he is able to create an entity capable of haunting those who watch for

The walls of the room are white. no paintings. The whole house represents the society we live in and blank white room represents art. In this room. “in the carpet” has a deeper meaning. From this idea I wanted to associate the secret with a murder. This represents the whole heavy weight the text has. a secret. All aspects and elements from the whole story are revolving around it. And this secret is extremely well hidden and guarded. It could also represent something unknown. could be referring to a person who’s identity cannot be perceived or found. This carpet is crimson and in the middle of it there is an appearing. They don’t even attempt to clear the carpet and they are asking themselves why would someone put a carpet in such room if it’s empty? Why it is crimson coloured? Why there is a figure in the carpet? This little text would help me confirm the theory of “death of the author”. In my vision this would be exactly as I wanted from this text. nothing. Even if we ask ourselves why there is a white room and why we have a crimson carpet we . without any source of light. there is no furniture. They also notice the figure is dirty thanks to their boots as well the carpet. just a blank white room but with a huge obsolete carpet that covers the whole floor. especially the word figure which has a very vague meaning. A carpet has thousands and thousands stitches and braids. Let us imagine a white room in a house. Two people are knocking at the door and after some time the door opens itself. Critics. art as literature.his texts. if I refer to them. this entity is capable of cursing others as well pursing them into wrong places. “The Figure”. the two strangers notice the figure in the center of the carpet. looking closely you could see a bald plumpy male figure exactly in the middle of the carpet. Following the concept of “Death of the author” in this text we can get to it by using a simple method of understanding what this text is all about. Moreover. They are smoothly walking around and touching the walls with their sweaty palms and they ask themselves how this room. as white as snow. This is referring to the whole plot of the story. A great secret which somehow represents the whole society. are the first ones cursed by our sprite. The title has two different meanings but in the end they share the same element. After a couple of minutes. in my area of analysis. The house has plenty of rooms but we have to focus only on one room. They enter and remain shocked gazing at the white walls. Moreover the text’s title is making a reference within the whole meaning of the text. to be more precise. In my view I would associate it with society and the whole title would sounds something like : The secret of society. There is no light-source but the room is brighter than one thousand suns. can be that bright? The carpet is not entirely entertained by those strangers whose boots are dirty.

he is able to see the author even if he did not paid attention to him at first. In the both ways of understanding the text. In the middle of the carpet we have the author. But the figure in the middle is the same for both of us and for both strangers who walk within the room. He is dazed and in the end he notices the carpet and the figure in the middle. the secret is the one who holds everything together. elegies. Art cannot be put to question and cannot be explained as well. In other words. about it’s colour and about the figure in the middle. novels and so on. without any further ado. Even if he was astonished by the bright yet lack of light source room. is. he sees the carpet(text) and more important he isn’t staring at the walls anymore. The carpet represents writings. The only bad part is that it is impossible for us to discover it. He is at the bottom of everything in the room and in the center of the crimson carpet. He tries and tries and in the end succeeds. we can see that the reader at first is focusing on less important elements from art while he was making a mess on the carpet with his boots. The other one watching the mess starts to clean it. The figure in the middle is the creator. The other one represents the reader and here we shall add the next concept “rise of the reader” The reader is the stranger who is still looking at the walls and is still astonished by their empty madness. . The crimson carpet represents an illusion because we do not know how people see colours. literature. This way. the whole carpet is dirty and the figure in the middle as well. in my proper view. he notices a reflection of the carpet with the help of the blinding light within the room. Everything is clean down because the other stranger (critic) cleaned it. he wanted to know more about the carpet. as our strangers boots were muddy. At first he is not interested in the carpet below as he still looks at the bright walls. They way I see a text is different than the way you see it. He is more than amazed now that he can see clearly the carpet and the whole room even if at first was dirty and muddy. It’s a secret. The way I see the red colour could not match the way you see red colour. poems. After some time. Nobody can view art the way it is. After the stranger cleaned the floor he was able to see it clearly and to understand that the carpet (art of writing) is revolving around the figure (creator *author*) and that the most important piece of art we have. One of those strangers will notice and will try cleaning the carpet while the other one will still stare at the white walls and still ask himself how interesting this whole experience is and how it is that bright. Secret seen as a murder or secret seen as a unknowing human nature of perceiving colours. In the end. This person represents the critic.cannot come up with an answer. the secret of the whole text could be structured in two situations. Now. to reveal the whole carpet especially the figure in the middle.

Bibliography Jacques Derrida.1994. Routledge . . Specters of Marx.

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