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• marketing your skills and
• several CV samples
• persuasive covering letters

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Introduction.............................................................................................................................................. 2
Identifying employer needs...................................................................................................................... 2
Demonstrating your key selling points..................................................................................................... 3
Selecting an appropriate CV format ........................................................................................................ 4
Using an effective writing style ................................................................................................................ 5
Action words for CVs ............................................................................................................................... 6
Some frequently asked questions ........................................................................................................... 8
Example CVs......................................................................................................................................... 11
Covering letters ..................................................................................................................................... 22
Example covering letters ....................................................................................................................... 23
CVs for part-time jobs............................................................................................................................ 27
Example CVs for part-time jobs............................................................................................................. 29

Key points to producing a good CV

Check that a CV is the appropriate method of applying


Do your research on the company and the job


Analyse the job and highlight the exact candidate requirements


Match up your skills and experience to the job


Be persuasive; choose your words carefully


Check spelling, punctuation and grammar


Create a professional impression by considering the visual impact


Always include a covering letter


Get feedback on your CV from a Careers Adviser or other qualified individual.


We have written this guide to help you write effective CVs and get you the job you want. It contains
our best advice but if you read any CV book or look at a website on the subject you may find
contradictory information. All we can say to this is that, as Careers Advisers, we look at many CVs and
we also talk to a lot of employers so we can claim to have some expertise.
There is no one template that could be used by all candidates for all positions. This guide will simply
help you think about what constitutes a good CV, give you some examples, and encourage you to
consider what style will best help you find the job you want. Writing a good CV will take you time and
effort, but it should be time well spent.
There are three essential stages to preparing a good CV:

Identifying the key requirements of the employer and/or job role


Identifying those aspects of your experiences, skills and personal qualities that demonstrate your
suitability for the above


Finding a CV format and style that helps you to most effectively demonstrate your suitability for the

Identifying employer needs
Imagine your CV is your marketing document. You are the product and the employer is the customer.
So your first task is to identify what the customer actually wants. This can be broken down into two
a) attributes that relate to all employees in an organisation
b) those specific to the job role or function.
Look at graduate brochures and other information such as the organisation’s website to gain a better
understanding of them and their needs. If this research indicates that the employer lays great stress
on, for example, its use of Information Technology it would be sensible for your CV to include
evidence of your competence in IT. Again an employer may market itself as a very innovative
organisation in which case your CV should include evidence of innovative thinking or behaviour.
Examples from graduate recruitment websites:
Teamwork is very important in every piece of work we do, because we draw on everyone's knowledge
and skills to ensure that all the work we deliver is of the highest quality. This means you'll work with
some truly inspiring people, learn from them and, in turn, share your own insights – all contributing to
the growth and success of your career and the firm as a whole. (PwC)
We have identified a number of key attributes that we believe are essential to our success – and as
such define what we expect of our people, both now and in the future. Together, these attributes form
what we call our Core Behaviours Framework and – together with the minimum academic standards
required for each programme – are what we look for in all our graduate trainees. (Rolls Royce)
You also need to consider those attributes related to the job function that you are considering. There is
a great deal of information available on our website and in our Information Room. For example, the
Chartered Institute of Public Relations website tells us that PR is not all glamour and champagne
lunches. To be successful you need to be aware of current issues and trends in the world around you,
as well as being able to multi task, stand a good deal of pressure, work to tight deadlines and, above
all, be a fantastic communicator both in person and in writing.
You have probably realised by now that you may well need to tailor your CV for different employers
and differing occupational areas. If you are applying for part-time or casual work you may want to


focus on your practical skills and experience more than your academic abilities. hall rep ƒ organising events with other students e. Work experience such as: ƒ any sandwich placements ƒ internships/work experience ƒ casual employment ƒ unpaid work e. travel. Other experiences such as: ƒ travel ƒ leisure interests ƒ sport. She has played for the university team and has also helped organise social events to help raise funds. Other university experiences including: ƒ involvement in clubs/societies ƒ positions of responsibility e. guest lectures etc. I attended the Freshers’ Fair. volunteering. How do you find evidence that you match their needs? Such evidence could come from various aspects of your life: Evidence from academic work such as: ƒ courses/modules ƒ specific achievements/prizes/awards ƒ projects/ dissertations ƒ field trips. socials.g. If Jill were more interested in a career in marketing her CV could include: University of Bath Hockey Club: I represented the University at Hockey. Demonstrating your key selling points You have now identified the essential elements an employer is looking for.g. See later sections in this guide for advice on applying to part-time jobs. For example: Jill is a very keen hockey player.g. liaised with suppliers and ensured that all money collected both from advance ticket sales and at venues was correctly taken and banked. designing and writing flyers and other publicity material and generally ensuring that BUHC social events had a high profile 3 . If she were applying for a position as a trainee accountant she could include in her CV: University of Bath Hockey Club: I represented the University at Hockey. Use evidence from any part of your life to demonstrate that you have the skills and qualities needed. I negotiated room hire rates. In addition I was jointly responsible for publicising and marketing the various social events run by the club. In addition I was jointly responsible for organising social events that raised over £600 which was then allocated to various good causes.

. Include any other relevant skills: driving licence. organisational achievements and willingness to accept responsibility e. sports or committee work. Chronological or skills-based? A chronological CV is a traditional style which contains all of the above sections much in the order presented.Familiar with MS Word… Languages: indicate the level e.Fluent French speaker . Bear in mind.g. Referees It is usual to give the names of two referees. For GCSEs just the number gained and grade range achieved. responsibilities.g. lots of similar jobs can be grouped together. project work. But if you have never held office. First Aid etc. This section can include short taster experience and voluntary work. . however. it is this: don’t copy slavishly either your friend’s CV or those shown here. the first being your academic/personal tutor or other academic who knows your academic achievements well. Everyone has different views about CVs e. methods of study or skills pertinent to role. If you have no space to include these it is acceptable to include a statement such as “references available on request”. Try not to duplicate information. Skills IT Skills: Give details of packages and level of competency e.Working knowledge of Excel… .g. whether to include a Personal Profile or Career Objective or not. that interests that are all solitary in nature will not do much for your application. Interests Use this section to show you did more than study and socialise.Selecting an appropriate CV format If there is one message we need to get across straight away. skills demonstrated and specific achievements.g. If your subject is not relevant to the job describe any specific competencies. punchy and relevant – two to three sentences is enough. Make sure that you ask their permission first and let them know what your career plans are. There is no need to include personal information not pertinent to your application. Education and qualifications Start with university and work backwards and include dates and name of institutions. dissertation of relevance. Interests most valued by employers are those which demonstrate team work. Write about the duties. Use casual or part-time jobs to illustrate your relevant skills. make it short. Your perfect CV is one that allows you to best present yourself for a particular opportunity. group assignments. Career objective or personal profile This is optional but if you include a profile or career aim.Business level of French oral and written. Work experience/employment history Again. do not worry. present in reverse chronological order. Give details of qualifications attained at 16 and 18 years. Give more details about your degree such as a description of modules. make the most of what you have done. The downside of this style of CV is that it doesn't always allow you to target your skills and 4 .Proficient in the use of Access… . But we can safely say that a CV needs to contain the following: Personal details Your name Sensible email address Reliable contact phone number Address (term time or home address) If you are an overseas national with a right to live and work in the UK this should be stated. but if relevant experience slips down your CV consider creating relevant experience section first.

Choose one font and make use of capitals and bold to create section titles. You will still need to provide details with dates of work and other experience.experience. Remember to select appropriate skills for the job and provide concrete evidence. Make verbs work for you Your best friends are active verbs and your worst enemies are passive verbs. extra-curricular or other activities then a skills profile can bring this together in a prominent place. select what you include. It is a matter of personal choice whether you use bullet points or sentence style. You will need to convey this in your covering letter. With a bit of perseverance. Most CVs can be improved by focusing on the language you use. 5 . ƒ Bad spelling. Too technical? Then here is what we mean: Don’t say: Resolution of customer queries to tight deadlines was required. If you have strong evidence through your academic work. Remember though that the further down a bullet list the less significant it appears. The prime spots are the middle of the front page and the top of page two. Plan your layout so that your best experience occupies these positions. ƒ No obvious match between the CV and the position you are applying for Using an effective writing style At University you learn how to write in a different way to the one that will sell you to the employer. It may well be photocopied so this is not the time to make it visually complicated. A skills-based CV (see example section) allows you to demonstrate competencies the employer is seeking by producing a 'Skills Profile'. Instead use examples like: − Participated in debating competitions proposing or opposing popular ethical issues (Student debating society) − Delivered regular presentations to my class (academic course) − Demonstrated attention to detail whilst maintaining customer rapport (working in a call centre) ƒ Too much crammed onto the page. Avoid a cluttered look by balancing white space with the text. Example: Passive: I was responsible for organising a programme of speakers Active: I organised a programme of speakers The passive voice downplays the action or the actor which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. Visual presentation It is said that in the most competitive jobs. “I have excellent communication skills”. a good dictionary and thesaurus you can learn how to do it! Here are some golden rules. Do say: I simplified the logging procedure which resulted in speedier progress chasing of faults. The first page should be strong to hold the employer’s attention. this style of CV works most effectively. clear typeface. Don’t say: Simplification of the logging procedure resulted in speedier progress chasing of faults. grammar or punctuation. Keep your CV on two pages with a good. If your experience directly relates to the job. What to avoid ƒ General statements not backed up by evidence e. Make sure you develop a skills-based CV which is appropriate to the job rather than simply copy an example. Use verbs where possible rather than noun forms of verbs. Do say: Resolved customer queries within tight deadlines. Another tip is to use active verbs linked to skills the employer is looking for.g. a recruiter will only spend about 30 seconds looking at a CV before they reach a decision. In the active example you are demonstrating you have organising skills by giving an example.

I used tact and diplomacy to deal with customer complaints. Don’t just say: I planned activities for the children. Boost your descriptions of this work by thinking about how an employer would perceive the work. Sell your experiences in employer speak OK. so you have only got casual jobs like receptionist or restaurant waiter to put on your CV. 6 . I often worked at the busiest times and I loved working under pressure to get a job done on time. Show that you can see it that way too. Don’t say: This job involved serving customers. Do say: I planned different arts and crafts activities and exercises weekly for children with learning disabilities. ƒ With whom did you work? ƒ What duties/activities did you perform? ƒ Where did your job fit into the organisation? ƒ What goals were you trying to accomplish? ƒ What timelines were you working under? Remember that no-one reading your CV will have a lot of time to ponder what you mean. Employers generally see how any work. Proficiency in the use of statistical computer packages gained through my final-year project. You will need to do some research into the area of work. demonstrating that I am able to work accurately under pressure. Don’t say: I worked as a counter assistant in a building society Do say: ƒ Gained valuable experience working to targets within a fast-moving financial sector ƒ Worked quickly and accurately on a number of complex computer programs ƒ Dealt effectively and professionally with customers in a busy branch ƒ Proved highly adaptable and flexible whilst working within a team. using the till and dealing with complaints Do say: I worked as part of a team of six in a busy city centre retail store where I developed my communication skills through interacting with customers. Ask yourself the following questions to make your descriptions sufficiently detailed and pertinent. Try to use these words in your descriptions. company and position. even the most humble duty. OR I worked on the tills. stacking shelves and pricing items. Achieved all of my data inputting targets to a high standard. You need to make an immediate impact. You are more likely to get the attention of the recruiter if you speak their language. Teamwork and working directly with customers was an important element of my job.Explain what you did Make sure you tell the reader enough so they understand what you did. Read job ads and see what words are commonly used. Action words for CVs Action phrases If you use these phrases they must be qualified by evidence of your experience. fits into the bigger picture. working on Nightline and as captain of the University Netball team. Examples: Demonstrated excellent interpersonal and people management skills through my retail experience. Every job area has its own way of speaking. in the warehouse.

Founded. Improved. Increased. Reported. Arranged. Reconciled Which imply creativity Forecasted. Accounted. Influenced. Delivered. Formulated. Ensured. Simplified Which imply results Accomplished.Useful Phrases Effective Sole/Lone/Only/Single Proficiency in. Trained Which imply organisation Administered. Purchased. Maintained. Marketed. Showed. Allocated. Established. Conducted. Reduced. practised in/with/at Analysed problems and developed solutions Excellent interpersonal and people management skills Able to analyse and interpret data Able to exercise good judgement and sound reasoning Can work well on own initiative A good communicator Ability to organise and motivate staff A good planner Careful and methodical approach Able to work accurately under pressure A good organiser with an eye for detail A good team worker Patient. Represented. experienced in/with. Reviewed. Increased. Designated. Edited. Discussed. Changed. Reviewed. Devised. Achieved. Communicated. Investigated. Directed. Informed. Oversaw. Which imply interpersonal skills Accommodated. Engineered. Appointed. Liaised. Consulted. Expanded. Encouraged. Persuaded. Managed. Analysed. Developed. Recommended. Attained. Compiled. Scheduled Which imply initiative Collected. Coordinated. Processed. Related. tolerant and able to communicate Persuasive but tactful A flexible approach to changing situations Determination and drive to see projects to successful completion An active decision maker An effective time manager Highly numerate and computer literate Adaptable to team or individual roles Produces to deadlines Extensive visual memory Action verbs Which imply communication Coached. Minimised. Implemented. Generated. Initiated. Resolved. Monitored. Assigned. skilled in/at. Evaluated. Budgeted. Researched 7 . Tutored. Motivated. Proposed. Wrote Which imply leadership Allocated. Referred. Presented. Advised. Delegated. Negotiated. Facilitated. Eliminated. Evaluated. Enlarged. Designed. Supervised. Engaged. Identified. Completed. Planned. Combined. Cooperated.

For example. 2007-2009 Voluntary school assistant Happy Days Secondary School. if you were a receptionist you could say “Acted as liaison between customers. gave remedial individual tuition to pupils struggling with Maths and undertook other general duties. Should I include my previous employment when it isn’t relevant to my career plans? Even the most mundane job will have developed some transferable skills. it would be fair to describe the duties as including: . Write about this experience in exactly the same way as you would a job and include it in your work experience e. Almost all employers are keen to see evidence that candidates have basic workplace experience and what they have learned from their experiences.Liaising with academics about student concerns. and are useful to supply to recruitment agencies or to present at recruitment fairs. Remember that at interview employers will ask you probing questions which may identify the true level of your involvement and responsibilities.g. CVs are also commonly used for speculative applications. I assisted class teachers. How do I fit them on my CV? One way of dealing with this is to include the most relevant jobs in a reverse chronological order and then add a general statement such as: 2004 – 2007: In addition I undertook a range of employment including office work. or similar. I’ve had loads of casual jobs.Representing students from my year group . shop work and working in a restaurant which developed my customer service skills. 8 .Some frequently asked questions When should I use a CV? Use it in response to adverts which state “apply in writing”. In this case a covering letter is not usually required. Come in and have a word with our Information staff. and include those elements of your past that best demonstrate your suitability. if you were a Year Rep but the role involved simply turning up to meetings. What about CVs for jobs in other countries? The Careers Advisory Service has examples of CVs for various countries. visitors and staff”. Send a CV with a covering letter unless you hand it over in person. Employers who use online applications may ask for a CV in addition to their form. I haven’t got much work experience but I have been involved in lots of voluntary activities Just because you didn’t get paid for something doesn’t mean it has no value. You need to tell the employer about them. So. Should I use the same CV for casual or part-time work? Please see the section entitled CVs for part-time jobs in this guide. This means you have accounted for your time without obscuring the most important examples of your experience in a mass of detail. How much should I exaggerate my achievements? You should use your CV to give the best possible account of what you have done.

This will enable the employer to easily retrieve it. You can contact me on 0123456789 if you require any further information. volunteering. goal orientated team player’ unsubstantiated by any examples within the CV. However a Career Aim/Objective such as: ‘A Computer Science graduate with a keen interest in and experience of programming seeks a trainee position in the Communications Industry that will utilise my strong problem solving If your CV is for a placement. If you choose the latter then the body of the email should read: Dear Mr Smith (Sir or Madam) Please find attached my CV and covering letter for the post of… as advertised at the University of Bath Careers Advisory Service. Can you proof read my CV? The Careers Advisory Service provides help with targeting your CV to a job and deciding on structure and content. Your covering letter can form the body of the email or you could send that as a pdf attachment too. You should demonstrate how you meet the selection criteria of the employer. Should I include a personal profile or career objective? This is one of the most controversial questions of all! Only include one if you are confident that it sounds right. If English is not your first language. I only got a Pass/Third Class degree The CV format gives you the option of leaving out the classification. Limited one-to-one tutorials are available. See www.1. help is available from the English Language Centre (ELC) on campus. If you need help with your use of English. A statement such as ‘a results-driven. 9 . pay particular attention to spelling and grammar. What should I focus on if I am an international student? UK employers expect a CV to be clear on relevant skills and experience and tailored to the individual vacancy. There are some areas of work where degree class is not vital and the employer will look at the other things you can offer. We recommend discussing this with an Adviser. but you would have difficulty being accepted for something which demands a 2. UK employers are interested in what you have done in your leisure time so tell them about clubs and societies. and you have a good explanation.’ is very focused and explains what you are aiming for and summarises why you are a strong candidate.bath.I have a disability. What is the protocol for sending my CV via email? We would recommend sending your CV as a pdf file attachment to preserve your formatting. Make sure you make the most of the work experience you do have even if it is casual parttime work. Should I tell the employer? This is quite a complex issue and very much a matter of a personal choice although if asked directly you are obliged to answer honestly. The Careers Advisory Service can provide further information and you can discuss disability issues in complete confidence with a careers adviser. including grammar and how to express yourself. Remember to call it something sensible such as [Your Name CV] rather than the name of the company you are applying to. Your course work can provide evidence of skills you have developed So make the most of your other attributes and qualifications. sports or cultural activities you are involved in. If your result was worse than expected. placement staff in your department might help you too. We also provide feedback to students who have written their CV but this is not a proof reading service. you could explain in your covering letter – but take care to maintain a positive tone. Don't forget about your military service or other community service. risks being treated sceptically by many employers. Yours faithfully (sincerely) A Student What other help is available? ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Discuss your CV with a Careers Adviser – come to a drop-in session Use the CV resources file any time we are open Use the CV resources listed in the catalogue at www. 10 .html#cv Check the online skills diary for relevant workshops look forward to your

WORK EXPERIENCE Feb 2010 – Sept. 2007 BUNAC. Marketing Analysis. 2005 – 2007 Various vacation and Saturday jobs in retail and catering. Her placements are most important to a future employer but she has accounted for other times she has worked. drivers and other staff. She has produced a very focused one page EDUCATION University of Bath 2007 . I analysed the current system and investigated new systems that made more effective use of the growing IT abilities of staff. History B 2006 AS Levels: Spanish 2005 GCSEs: 9 at grades A-B including Maths and English Do not list GCSEs. I was elected Student Representative of my course on the Staff-Student Liaison Committee. ACTIVITIES I play chess for the University Team. I have a clean driving licence. Sophia Romero 13 Bath Street Derby DE3 3ZZ Tel: 0119 000000 Mob: 00000 000000 12 Tiverton Drive Bath BA1 4BE Tel: 01225 000000 Email: daxr@bath. safety and entertainment of a group of children aged between 9 and 14.2011 BSc (Hons. I worked as part of a team of counsellors devising activities. Derby School 2000 – 2007 2007 A Levels: Economics B. I have used statistical packages in my course. organising transport and dealing with minor financial issues. Tilbury – Sandwich Placement I collated information on all trailer operations. I reported my results to the company board through a presentation and written report. Business June 2007 – Aug. Business Law and Consumer Research Skills gained: The course had a strong emphasis on project-based learning culminating in a final year project for my final sandwich placement company. Sept 2008 – Jan. 2010 Autospares Ltd. References are available upon request 11 . As Fixtures secretary I have arranged matches with other universities. Relevant modules: I have taken various modules which have helped me gain a better understanding of logistics. give as much or more space to your degree. I speak conversational Spanish. Excel and Access. These have included Operations Management. 2009 Europa Haulage. customers. Summer Camp USA – Camp Counsellor I was responsible for the health.CV example 1 Sophia has enjoyed her modules and placement in logistics and wants to pursue a career in this area. Geography B. Wolverhampton – Sandwich Placement I developed a new stock control system which will save the company £15000 per annum. SKILLS I am competent in Word. My role involved constant liaison with customs officials.1) Sophia has identified relevant modules and her project as relevant to her career choice. representing the views of my fellow students to academic staff.) Business Administration (expected 2.

work it out for yourself. Bath BA1 ZZZ Tel: 01225 000000 Mobile: 77777 000000 Email: s.CV example 2 Francesca has decided that she would like a career in a Sales related job which would use her language skills. and encouraging good performance through my role as captain of University badminton team ƒ Gained managerial experience as a Bar Supervisor where I had to learn how to motivate temporary staff who did not always share the same commitment to the work as myself Teamwork ƒ Learnt to quickly adapt to different teams through the variety of casual work I have undertaken ƒ Gained insight into how teams can develop strategies to deal with problems through participating as a team member in project assignments as part of my course ƒ My year abroad has developed my ability to assimilate quickly into a group and find common ground to move forward Organisation/Time Management ƒ Learnt the importance of prioritising competing demands whilst at university and especially during my year abroad ƒ Learnt to delegate organisation of training rota to other members of the badminton team when I had academic deadlines to meet ƒ Balanced supervisory responsibilities with serving customers at Il Ristorante. Italian A GSCEs: 10 subjects at Grades A-C including English. Her degree is not a business related one and so she has decided to showcase her skills by using a skills-based Francesca established which skills were most important for her chosen role.1 expected I spent my third year at Universita di Siena. Using an action verb at the start makes it strong and lively. Maths and Science SKILLS/ABILITIES Communication ƒ Experienced in dealing effectively with a wide range of customers gained from working in retail services and restaurants ƒ Demonstrated my verbal communication strengths through successfully living. French A.2011) BA (Hons) Italian and Politics: 2. Economics A. studying and working in Italy during my year abroad ƒ Prepared and conducted seminars as part of my course using PowerPoint ƒ Developed succinct report writing skills from my work in student media both in Italy and Bath Leadership ƒ Developed team leading skills. EDUCATION University of Bath. Siena alongside managing my academic study 12 . Bath (2007 . Francesca Atton 14 Old Tub Road. Using bullet points helps her keep things brief. Italy studying Political Science Archbishop Somebody’s School.shah@nomail. Somertown (2000 – 2007) A levels: Computing A. including motivating team members. Don’t copy these shown here.

uk Prof. Required a quick grasp of the various products and their ever changing features. Bath. Piazza S.Work descriptions are brief and complement her skills section. Anytown (August to October 2010) Assisted customers in choosing handsets and price plans. Phones are Us. Sales Assistant. REFEREES Dr Jane Plain. This really developed my Italian and my time management skills as I had to balance this with my university study. Italy (Nov 2009 – July 2010) Worked weekends as a Bar Tender and ended up supervising the bar. filling up with stock and other duties associated with the shop’s busy summer sale. Sales Assistant. Don Camillo. I attend the gym and swim regularly. ADDITIONAL SKILLS Computing: Fully conversant with Microsoft Word. I am currently captain and previously played for Siena during my year abroad. WORK EXPERIENCE Sales Adviser. Francesco. 13 . Dipartimento Politica. Il Ristorante. Marks and Media: I have been a regular contributor to the Student Union newspaper since my second year. temporary staff and customers. INTERESTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Sport: I am a keen badminton player having competed for the University. Anytown (Summer 2007) Continuation of a Saturday job I had from the age of 16. Dept of European Studies and Modern Languages. Bar Supervisor. Next. covering sports events and student issues. University of Bath. During my year abroad I contributed to a newsletter for foreign students in the local area. Excel and Internet Explorer and have a working knowledge of PowerPoint Driving Licence: I hold a full clean UK licence and have driven abroad Languages: Fluent in Italian and a conversational knowledge of French Only list school activities if they are significant once you near the end of your course. BA2 7AY Tel 01225 380000 Email plain@bath. Anytown (Summer 2008 and 2009) Serving customers at the till. 7 53100 Siena Email camillo@unisi. Resolved occasional technical issues. Universita di Siena. School: I was Deputy Head Girl at my School where I gained experience of organising and taking part in meetings and representing my school.

Cwmbran. I also dealt with deliveries and displaying new stock. NP44 3AL Tel: 00000 000000 EDUCATION University of Bath BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences with Industrial Placement Degree Class: 2. I communicated results in the form of reports. This was my first experience of retail work and I quickly gained an understanding of the products we sold as there were regular changes in stock. Term Address: 16 Old Tub Street. Industrial Placement in Medical Physics. Final Year Project topic is Underwater Acoustics He does not give too much Cwmbran School. Gwent prominence AS/A2 levels A2: Chemistry A. Cwmbran. Excel and PowerPoint Full Driving Licence 14 . I interacted with customers by managing the changing rooms and serving on the till. BA1 ZZZ Tel: 01283 000000 Mobile: 07777XXXXXX Alun@nomail.CV example 3 Alun has done a placement as part of his course but he does not intend to pursue this career path. The research resulted in the publication of two scientific papers in XXXXXXX journals. I improved my customer service skills through providing diplomatic feedback to customers when resolving their problems or commenting on potential purchases.2011 This degree is a multi-disciplinary course which allows a broad study of science whilst providing the opportunity to focus on areas of strength and interest. Bath. Gwent.1 2007 . Bath 2007 2005 Aug 09 – Jul 10 I undertook two research projects: Subject of Project and Subject of Project from which I gained laboratory and programming skills. Royal United Hospital. I have chosen Physics as my main subject area. Practice of Science and Psychology. I learnt how to operate the tills and deal tactfully with customers. Environmental Science. Owen’s Menswear Jul – Sep 08 This is a local traditional menswear shop serving older clients. His CV balances out his placement experience with a range of other activities to show the breadth of his skills. SKILLS • • Competent in the use of Microsoft Word. I was also awarded the Natural Sciences Placement Poster Prize. Maths A. posters and oral presentations both internally and at external Vacation Address: 132 Pennywaun Road. Alun Evans Alun describes his course for the employer since it is not a common one. Chemistry. I have also taken units in Mathematics. Physics A. Sales Assistant. Sales Assistant Gulliver’s Travel Bags Jul – Sep 07 This is a discount leather and luggage store. Further Maths A to his AS: Latin A placement GSCEs and focuses 11 subjects 8A* 3A on skills transferable WORK EXPERIENCE to his chosen career.

hos. the University Welsh Society and local organisations in Cwmbran such as the local history society and a couple of self employed friends of my As a Committee member I work as part of the team to ensure that this society provides support to Welsh students.POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY Social Secretary for the Welsh Society I have been an active member of this society. I volunteered to assist in lower school maths lessons. I enjoyed motivating students and seeing an improvement in their confidence. He shows his increasing involvement which demonstrates his readiness to take on responsibility. written and developed websites for a wide range of organisations including my Maths Society at School. play football for fun with friends and enjoy watching rugby. INTERESTS • I am an amateur website developer and have designed. • I swim to keep 15 .Blank@bath. socials and outings some of which require negotiating discounts and arranging travel. REFEREES Dr Blank Blank Academic Tutor University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY 01225 380000 B. Teaching Assistant at School Whilst studying for my A-levels. More recently I have organized events such as speakers. I was able to strengthen my interpersonal skills through this work. initially providing some teaching help to beginners and novice Welsh Prof Space Space Royal United Hospital Bath Combe Park Bath BA1 ZZZ 01225 000000 I have a strong interest in Welsh culture.

Describe your responsibilities in technical and business language a potential employer will understand. EDUCATION University of Bath 2007– 2012 MEng Mechanical Engineering with Manufacturing and Management and Industrial Placement Anticipated result: 2. Your whole CV will tell the employer the rest. Predict your result if you have not graduated and you expect it to be good but only if your marks support it.CV example 4 Kim is hoping to gain employment relevant to his mechanical engineering degree so his CV gives plenty of evidence of his engineering skills and experience.Hons The course has developed my problem solving skills in relation to the creation and operation of production processes in manufacturing industries. two contracting engineers and four placement students Interacted on a daily basis with operations and maintenance teams on the factory floor as well as control engineering and logistics staff Managed planning. 5 including English at grade A Keep your objective or profile concise e.11) KIM BRADLEY 6 Claverton Way. My final year project involves assessing new options for enhancing the productivity of the assembly process in a small. LEICESTER.09) Email sskb@bath. four lines maximum. One quarter of the course has comprised management topics such areas as Supply Chain Management and Business Strategy. supplier selection. commissioning. Biology C AS Levels: French B GSCEs: Maths and I. signals and drives. 27 Pond View.g. Describe special features of your course. Arrowsmith Comprehensive 2000 – 2007 A-levels: Computing A. LE3 5HL Tel: 0116 241866 9 (from 21. INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT Perkins Engines (Caterpillar Group) Jul 2009 – Jul 2010 • • • • • Worked on the three cylinder production line.1. I have developed my knowledge through the use of case study material and projects.6. Good communication and project management skills gained from a high quality one year industrial placement. 16 . installation and auditing activities for the introduction of a new piece of automation to the production line Through this gained an understanding of the commercial impact of quality concerns Developed my technical communication skills through my role as Perkins manufacturing point of contact for all engine timing issues Give your placement pride of place if it was in the field you want to work in. optional modules and projects which will support your application and explain to the employer the quality and relevance of your academic training. BA2 7DX Tel: 01225 442166 (until 21. BATH. Mathematics B.T grade A*. local manufacturing plant in Bath. as part of a team of seven manufacturing engineers. Promote your main selling points only. I am taking optional modules in Control Systems and OBJECTIVE: Well organised Manufacturing Engineering final year student seeking a graduate position in a leading manufacturing company.

clean licence Separate nonrelated work experience and write about it briefly. I occasionally arrange friendly matches with likeminded enthusiasts. Leicester Summer 2010 Summer 2011 • • • • • Processed verbal and written applications for loans Answered customer queries over the phone Demonstrated attention to detail whilst maintaining customer rapport Delivered on all the targets I was set Promoted to temporary team leader in 2011 Lizard Software Summer 2009 • Worked in accounts department processing invoices. Involvement in organised activities demonstrates commitment and enthusiasm even if you have not had a position of responsibility or played at university team level.OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE Personal Loan Mr E Current Perkins Engines Vicarage Farm Road. Duke Of Edinburgh Completed the silver award REFERENCES Dr M Sheriff (Personal Tutor) Dept of Mechanical Engineering University of Bath BATH. I enjoy playing Football and. 17 .ac. INTERESTS Sport At University I have become keen on Archery and practise by playing socially. Use this skills section to promote specialist skills or knowledge you may have and highlight any training you may have had on your placement. Leicester Saturdays & vacations 2005 . employee expenses and reconciling supplier accounts Co-op Supermarket. MATLAB. PE1 5TP Tel: 01733 345585 Email: e.current@perkins. although not a member of any official team.2007 • • • Part of a small team in this friendly local store Handled deliveries and filled shelves Improved customer service skills by working on the tills ADDITIONAL SKILLS Computer Skills Familiar with AutoCAD. Visual Basic Manufacturing Skills Attended business training in Six Sigma and Class A Language Skills Conversational French (Studied to AS level and maintained by regular holidays there) Driving I have a full. BA2 7AY Tel: 01225 380000 Email: mns000@bath. Microsoft Office applications.

uk PROFILE: High achieving Economics undergraduate with decisive analytical skills and relevant experience seeking a Sales and Trading role in a leading investment bank Academic success is brief.CV example 5 This is CV is suitable for a finance role such as Investment Banking where employers frequently request a one-page CV. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Insight Days ƒ Learnt about finance careers through interactive activities ƒ Experienced trading floor tour and graduate work shadowing ƒ Made presentations to key personnel via business games ƒ Learned networking skills and how to use it in business 2008 Barclays Retail Bank. leadership and knowledge or experience of the industry. By not using work experience as a heading you can include activities like insight days. Generally these employers are looking for applicants who demonstrate academic success. A Level: Economics (A) Mathematics (A). Make sure you describe the scale of activities and/or successes. 105 Station Street. courses or work shadowing to show your commitment to the sector. Anytown YY2 ZZZ Mobile: 07864 516385. English. relevant and prominent. BarCap. Contact details are visible and yet occupy very little space. University of Bath Averaging 72. Using this heading and including highly relevant activities should catch the employer’s eye. This CV shows how you can create specific section titles in your CV which showcase your relevant experience. mc9999@bath. 3 x A including Maths.6% Key modules: Microeconomics (68%) Mathematics (85%) Accounting (81%) Statistics (76%) Anytown Senior School. Further Mathematics (A) AS Level: Physics (B) French (B) GSCEs: 7 x A*. Sales and Trading Analyst ƒ 10 week internship on Equity Central Risk Desk ƒ Responsible for index rebalancing product ƒ Kept floor updated when indices adjusted to reflect market and tracked baskets to ensure correctly hedged ƒ Excellent insight gained on both fixed income and equity floors 2010 EDUCATION 2008 – 2012 2001 – 2008 BSc (Hons) Economics. PwC. Jane Smith Address: 58 High Street. French and IT BUSINESS EXPERIENCE 2011 Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Club ranked 6 in the UK ƒ Kept the committee informed of the society’s financial position ƒ Worked closely with Committee to ensure society’s financial wellbeing 2009 – 2010 Unibank Trading Championship ƒ Competed with fellow students against other university teams 2006 – 2008 Head of House at School – achieved by competitive application School Tour Guide at Open Days – chosen by teachers Managing Director Young Enterprise – made it to regional final President of Chess Club – increased membership by 25% OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS AND SKILLS BullBearings Ltd Using this financial simulation software successfully doubling my starting money in one year (2010) Languages: Conversational French IT Skills: Competent Microsoft Office User. Excel skills are valued by finance employers. Treasurer ƒ Largest University Sports Club with nearly 300 members ƒ Part of a team responsible for organising classes and socials as well th as participation in competitions. Anytown Branch – one week’s work experience TEAMWORK AND LEADERSHIP 2010 – 2011 University Latin and Ballroom Society. Bath BA2 ZZZ (term). Good Microsoft Excel skills used for data analysis REFERENCES Available on request 18 .

Responsibilities have included date organising various fund raising events (over £2000 raised in 2006-07). I was involved in negotiating with the school for the use of the selection of a playleader and insurance details. enjoy home renovations and reading modern fiction. • In my spare time I am a “Brown Owl” for a local Brownie pack. 2003-2005 Bath Volunteer Bureau. Twerton. 1986-1989 Hillingdon Hospital. this saves space. including the Library Service and local bookshops. OTHER INFORMATION • Excellent IT skills including Word Processing. obstetrics and as a night care Nationality: UK “Career objective” allows her to stress her wide experience. rather than her former nursing career. VOLUNTARY WORK 2007-to Claverton Primary School. I had full responsibility for the research. 19 . My final year dissertation was a comparison of state and voluntary counselling services in mental health settings. Modules studied have included economic and cognitive psychology. Familiar with using the Internet to research information. I initiated a research project into the aims and needs of local voluntary groups and produced a directory using DTP. Committee member. particularly American. including in casualty. Member of the PTA. 2004-2008 Claverton After School Club. Gillian Victoria Ellis 24 Mount Road. EDUCATION 2007-2010 University of Bath. BA (hons) Sociology and Psychology. Useful skills for almost any job. Although she has a long work history in nursing she needs to make sure her CV for a career change makes the most of all her experience. I marketed the directory to organisations in Avon.1. as ward sister. management. counselling. Bath. 1989-1995 Hillingdon Hospital. credit course “People and Society”. No room on this one page CV for referees’ addresses so puts this instead. 2. family and gender and penal policy. it’s a good idea for older candidates to demonstrate familiarity with current IT applications. health psychology. Career Objective To begin a career in social or community management which utilises the negotiating and organising skills which I have developed through experience both as a health care professional and in the voluntary sector. She achieves this all on one page. following up contacts and enquiries as needed.CV example 6 Gillian had her first career in nursing before bringing up her family and then returning to university. persuasive and administrative skills. After obtaining my SRN in 1979 I gained promotion to staff nurse and then ward sister. BA4 7ST Tel: 01225 768955 Email: ssgve@bath. Using this header allows her to highlight recent experiences. This experience helped develop excellent communication skills and. PAID EMPLOYMENT 1999-2007 While my children were young I worked part time in a variety of agency posts. 2006-2007 Open University. various database packages and spreadsheets. • Full clean driving licence. Trained as a State Registered Nurse. References available on request No details of all her prenursing education.

Responsible for monitoring safety in the lab and for marking student reports • Tutor for two groups of final year undergraduates in the metabolic and organic chemistry modules. Aldermaston Way. Detailed description of research and techniques used can be seen in the Appendix. structure-activity My final year project was ‘The reactions of tetracylone with trialkylphosphites’. Organic Chemistry. Worked on improving lubricant efficiency and developing novel methods for testing alternatives. University of Bath • Demonstrating in undergraduate practical classes in organic chemistry. Porton Down. Do check how well they photocopy before you submit your CV! 20 . answer questions and facilitate learning of difficult concepts BP Castrol Technology Centre. University of Bath EDUCATION 2008- University of Bath PhD: ‘The synthesis and biosynthesis of gibberellin plant hormones’. Combe Down. Use of grey shadowing highlights section headings effectively. Department of 01225 237323 7/10/83 British PhD Student. Also developed expertise in analytical methods including NMR for enantiomeric determination. 2004-2008 University of Lancaster BSc Chemistry (2:1). Michael Joseph Dickson Address: Email: Tel No: Date of birth: Nationality: Present Position: 29. 1997-2004 Stockport Grammar School A Levels: Chemistry (AA). My course included two industrial placements of six months each at the BP Castrol Technology Center. EMPLOYMENT 2009- 2006-2007 Graduate Teaching Assistant. Methods used to investigate and replicate the biosynthesis of gibberellins in fungal and plant systems included synthesis of radiolabelled compounds. Pangbourne Six month placement. Physics (C) GCSEs: 8 including Maths and English Allows you to focus on key themes and techniques without compromising on detail. Bath BA7 6AX mjdickson@bath. supervised by Professor L Mackie FDS. Pangbourne and at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).CV example 7 Michael is a postgraduate research student seeking a first post-doctoral position. Set and mark essays. smallscale preparation and use of probes for the study of gibberellin metabolic enzymes and receptors including monoclonal antibodies.

PUBLICATIONS AND CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Dickson. WC1 4UE 3.Chem. S. Regularly plan and lead climbs in the surrounding area and also further afield REFEREES Evidence of professional or outreach activities showcases your nontechnical. Japan. Porton Down Six month placement in the Science division. Dr. J. Chem. Confident in MS Office software as well as Chemistry software such as ChemDraw. Soc. Chemical Communications. Kyoto.2006 Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). Org. Murdock (ed: J. or transferable.P. Department of Chemistry. 1. L (2010) J. Canada. Chem. London. 25(4): 2365-9 ‘Molecular Recognition of Small Molecules’ SERC Molecular Recognition Workshop. Nottingham. J. MJ and Mackie. Health & Safety: have received NEBOSH training during my PhD and act as my research group’s named H&S representative on departmental committee Experienced rock-climber. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES • • Associate Member. Department of Chemistry. Prof. 21 . Perkin I. Smith. Department of Chemistry. June 2010 – Oral Presentation: ‘The use of radiolabelled giberellin precursors to determine metabolic pathways’ 19th International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products. Chem. Prof. Royal Society of Chemistry Referee for J. skills. Res). BA2 7AY 2. Dickson MJ et al. University of Bath. University of Vancouver. synthesis and biosynthesis SKILLS AND INTERESTS • • • Highly IT literate. Research: Subject area – natural products. Imperial College. Mackie. using NMR and LC/MS analysis to monitor progress. June 2009 – Poster Presentation: ‘Novel method to track biosynthesis of gibberellin in fungal systems’. Vancouver. L. Worked in a small team synthesising novel compounds.

ƒ Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. You need to be able to articulate real and convincing reasons for your application. Content There is no single formula for a covering letter. but keep it short and concise. Your interest in the company may be a prime motivation for your application or it may be an additional reason. Also make sure you use “Yours sincerely” and “Yours faithfully” correctly. If you are writing to a woman. ƒ I look forward to hearing from you. The idea is to persuade them of the value you can add to their organisation. Finishing off End in a polite and optimistic way such as: ƒ I am available for interview at any time. I will be available for interview at any time except. Even though you make great efforts to tailor it to the job it still may not capture your rationale for applying or explain your enthusiasm and motivation. If you are applying speculatively it may be appropriate to telephone to obtain the appropriate name of the person to send your application to. Print your name underneath your signature and remember to keep a copy of your letter 22 . Use normal business letter layout. pull together patterns of skills development or experience gained to show you are just what the employer is looking for. Link your experience to the job role. For example. when I have exams. Tell the employer why you would like to work for them. in this case.Covering letters A CV gives details of your education and experience which is relevant to the role. it is acceptable to use Ms as a form of address. Was it prompted by some previous work experience. Draw on your experiences not just from work but also extra-curricular and your course. listened or talked to people from the company then mention it especially if it convinced you to apply or you learned something useful. in a covering letter you do not describe a particular situation as evidence of your skills when the experience is not listed in your CV. If you are responding to an advert you should expect a name to be given if the company wants to but there is no harm in trying to get a name if possible. You will also need to address the issue of why the employer should be interested in you. You will never know which will be read first so make sure that both work independently and together. This is why you should always use a covering letter with a CV. A covering letter provides an argument as to your suitability backed up by the evidence presented in your CV. A good covering letter should compliment and work just as hard as the CV. however it should address: ƒ why you want the job ƒ what relevant skills and experience you have to offer ƒ why you would like to work for the company. It is an opportunity to sell yourself to the employer. Don’t simply repeat what is in your CV. Sometimes you may be requested to send one with an application form. See our examples for guidance. Please contact me if you require any further information. Business style A covering letter should not exceed one side of paper. a module on your course or have you researched a number of ideas and this is the most appealing? Take yourself back to when you first saw the opportunity and look for clues in what prompted you to go ahead and apply. You need to tell the employer enough about you to tempt them into wanting to interview you. If you have met. If there are any "difficult" issues that might affect how the employer looks at you please seek advice in confidence from a Careers Adviser. Ideally you should send your letter to a named individual but this is not always possible so. Start by introducing yourself through a description of your current situation and what you are applying or looking for. unless you know the marital status. Early in the letter it will be good to talk about your interest in the job. use “Dear Sir/Madam” rather than “To whom it may concern”.

This application depends on two relevant work placements. I have an interest in the systems side of distribution management however I would like to explore more aspects of the logistics business. Yours sincerely Sophia Romero Enc 23 . administration and organisational skills through my extra curricular activities. I am very keen to begin my career with a leading international logistics group like Distribution UK Ltd. I found this very useful as it taught me how to work under pressure and manage crises. As you will see from my enclosed Curriculum Vitae all my major options have been in distribution studies and I have supplemented my theoretical knowledge with two very valuable practical work placements. 12 Tiverton Drive Bath Avon BA2 7DX 12 February 2011 Pauline Blunt. planning and monitoring.Covering letter example 1 The following letter is in response to an entry in a careers directory for the Logistics Sector and might accompany CV example 1 for Sophia Romero. My course has prepared me well for this kind of work as this has been the principle mode of learning. A student without this experience could draw on extra curricular activities to the same effect. As my final year project demonstrates. Currently I am available for interview at any time. I am attracted to the Distribution UK Graduate Training Programme because it offers exposure to all aspects of your business as well as the chance to complete ad hoc projects which would give me the chance of putting my theoretical knowledge into practice. My placement with Autospares Ltd gave me a useful training in systems. Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you. I am very self reliant and was left for long periods to manage the department by myself at Autospares Ltd. and that with Europa Haulage Ltd gave me a good grounding in working with customers and officials. Further I am excited by the new global potential of your company following the recent alliance you have made with Reide and Lochenfeld. I believe my CV further illustrates my communication. HR Manager Distrubution UK Ltd Coronation Road High Wycombe HP12 3TW Dear Ms Blunt Distribution UK Graduate Training Programme I am a final year student of business administration at the University of Bath and would like to be considered for one of your graduate trainee positions as described in the Inside Careers publication “Logistics and Transport Management”.

My degree has required excellent written skills as well and this has been further developed by my regular contributions to the student newspaper. particularly in the European Market. In particular my job at Phones Are Us helped me to understand how a good knowledge of the products combined with excellent communication skills enhanced my ability to meet team and individual sales targets. Yours sincerely Francesca Atton Enc 24 . This job also taught me a great deal about selfreliance as I managed the bar on my own at busy weekends. Note how she does not repeat what she has written in her CV which is a common trap when using this CV format. The prospect of working for a company which specialises in Italian goods and the consequent opportunity to use my language skills to the benefit of your company has encouraged me to apply for this position. The training programme is also an attractive feature. As a languages graduate I believe I have excellent communication skills. At the bar in Italy. I am available for interview after 27th May when my exams will have finished. In particular balancing my study in Italy with quite a demanding weekend job and writing for the student newsletter demonstrates this. I am very keen to begin my career in Account Management. I look forward to hearing from you. I am an Italian speaker with experience of using my language in a work setting. an essential attribute for a sales person. Instead she expands and links together her experience. As you will see from my enclosed curriculum vitae. All my paid work experience has been in sales positions where I have gained an understanding of customer needs.Covering letter example 2 The following letter would accompany the skills-based CV example 2 of Francesca Atton. I am a very well organised individual who has balanced good academic results with a range of extra curricular activities. I was able to make suggestions to the owner of how to increase sales through small changes in the menu and special offers. was enhanced by my year abroad. My ability to quickly adapt to new environments and build rapport with strangers. 14 Old Tub Road Bath BA1 ZZZ th 7 May 2011 Mrs J Austen Just Italian Ltd 1 Rome Road London SE1 ZZZ Dear Mrs Austen Trainee Account Manager Ref 20/11 I am a final year student of Italian and Politics at the University of Bath and would like to be considered for the above vacancy in your company which I saw advertised on the University of Bath Careers Advisory Service website.

My time management skills are demonstrated by my broad range of extra curricular activities which I combined with academic success. 16 Old Tub Street Bath BA1 ZZZ 1st August 2011 Recruitment PSP 34 -42 Newcastle Street London W1 ZZZ Dear Sir or Madam Editorial Assistant . I consider myself to have good social skills and find I get on well with everyone I meet. The successful candidate will be a well-organised and literate graduate in the physical sciences who enjoys interacting with people. Yours faithfully Physics Report Editorial Assistant - Alun Evans Enc Physics Reports Ltd is looking for an Editorial Assistant to join a friendly team working on its award winning online literature review service. It was during this period that I became involved in contributing to two scientific papers and my interest in scientific publishing was sparked. My casual jobs in shops have taught me the importance of listening to customers and dealing with them in a professional and friendly manner. The accompanying CV is example 3 for Alun Evans. As you will see from my enclosed CV. and I look forward to hearing from you. I would be pleased to supply further information. I have always enjoyed writing as part of my course work and during my placement I learnt a great deal about writing for a scientific audience. My course has also offered me the opportunity to undertake an industrial placement which I chose to do in Medical Physics. and would suit someone seeking a career in science publishing. I have graduated from the University of Bath this summer with an honours degree in Natural Sciences where I chose Physics as my main subject although I have taken modules in a number of science areas. or by email to: jobs@pspscience jobs. 25 . Start date: August/September. Please send your CV and covering letter quoting job reference to: Recruitment. This position involves editing short pieces in all of Physics for online publication and liaising with top level authors. This was further enhanced whilst working with the Medical Physics team at the hospital. Further I am extremely well organised and a thorough individual with a good attention to detail. PSP. The letter clearly states the vacancy applied for and illustrates how it matches the applicant's experience. My role as Social Secretary of the Welsh Society brings me into contact with a wide range of people. aspirations and skills. I am particularly interested in working for Physics Report as it is a significant publication in my chosen subject area and I am attracted by the opportunity to assist top researchers make their work known to the wider scientific community.Physics Report I would like to apply for the post of Editorial Assistant at Physics Report as advertised in The New Scientist. W1 ZZZ. This required a great deal of perseverance and diplomacy as she is a very busy person. 34-42 Newcastle Street. Recently I organised for Ann Clywyd MP to talk to the Society. The training opportunity is also attractive.Covering letter example 3 The letter below is in response to the following advertisement. Aptitude is more important than experience as full training will be given.

As a Brand Manager I have participated in a wide variety of marketing activities such as market research. My interest in this area has been prompted by the work I have been doing for the past year as Campus Brand manager for XXXXXXX combined with a long standing interest in advertising campaigns which I follow through the media and in reading Campaign each week. (This approach is especially useful in highly popular areas of work such as the media. My study of Psychology has enhanced my analytical and organisational skills through the discipline of scientific methodology. Yours sincerely Jeremy Claxton 26 . along with the casual jobs I have had since the age of 16. As you will see from my CV I am a keen football player and this. I will telephone you next week for an appointment. I know that the industry is very competitive so would appreciate very much your guidance if you could spare the time. and it asks for the chance to come and discuss an area of work. This has often required me to be very persuasive and creative. As well as experience and interest I believe I have other relevant skills. where a more innovative and flexible approach to job hunting can be necessary. I would like the opportunity to come and talk to either yourself or one of your colleagues for half an hour about the work of an Advertising Account Manager.Covering letter example 4 This example is a letter to be used with a speculative application. has made me both an effective team member and a good communicator.) 24 Cribbsway Bath BA3 2AJ th 4 February 2011 Mr Leo Advert Advert and Advert High Road London SW00 0ZZ Dear Mr Advert I am a Final year Psychology student at the University of Bath interested in joining the advertising industry when I graduate. I look forward to meeting you. leafleting and event organisation as well as communicating with key people on campus to promote the brand as effectively as possible.

course rep) and voluntary work. work you might do to help support you during your studies. as well as your previous education. grammar and use of English.CVs for part-time jobs This section will help you to adapt your standard CV for part-time jobs i. secretary of a society. you need to judge when this is appropriate for 27 . Try to be concise and avoid information that isn’t relevant. your job title and a list of bullet points describing your role and the skills you used. so try to fit it on to one page. It is up to you whether you include the details on the CV or wait for the employer to request them. Additional skills Highlight your IT skills and any other skills that may be of particular interest to this employer. Some of the following points may help you to choose the best format: Order Always start with your name and contact details.g. followed by your experience however it is up to you how you order your information. Other information that may help you to sell yourself to an employer include: positions of responsibility you have held (e. team captain. If you are applying speculatively for jobs (i. The most useful information would be: Education Include only brief details about your current course. CV Content Consider what an employer might be most interested in.e. jobs that are not advertised). You should think about the sorts of activities and skills that your prospective employer might be interested in and give specific examples of when you have demonstrated these skills. shop or café. as well as paying attention to your spelling. silver service experience etc. Referees As with any job expect to provide details of two people who can provide a reference for you. However.g. On the whole. it is acceptable to say ‘references available on request’. keep this section small. internships or work experience with companies for whom you might like to work for as a graduate. A covering letter? This depends: the basic rule is that you should always send a covering letter with your CV to introduce yourself and your reasons for wanting the job. Employers may be interested in your earlier qualifications as evidence of your numerical and literacy skills. it would be helpful to create a regular CV using the format suggested in this booklet and adapt it for your part-time job applications using the guidance below. How should the CV look? Always maintain high standards in your presentation and formatting. Work experience This section is important so include details of any paid or unpaid work you have done.e. Most CVs put your education first. e. the organisation. If you have never produced a CV before. Length A two page CV might be a bit detailed for a part-time job. See the examples included in this booklet. or for roles where your course is especially relevant to the job. It applies to roles such as working in a supermarket. event organiser. typing speed. Bullet points Bullet points should help you to break your information up into easy to read points. Give details of the dates. The format outlined below will not be as appropriate for applications for placements. bar.

membership secretary or chair person. If you are emailing your CV or sending it by post. ƒ Manage my time effectively to meet coursework deadlines ƒ Reliably attend all lectures and tutorials. the employer wants to know you have the right skills and that you will do a good job. and a letter won’t always be required. Use a different CV format If you have lots of skills. You can use your CV or covering letter to provide some brief information. You can format these additional responsibilities just like a job. however. but you don’t have lots of work experience. It might also help to have the opportunity to meet the employer face to face. a covering letter will be a useful addition to your application. If an employer feels you are making an effort. your availability for shifts etc. if you haven’t had a paid job before. if you don’t send one. Draw out details that may be most relevant to the part-time job you are applying for. See the skills-based sample CV below. No work experience? Employers often want to know that you have some experience of working. If on the other hand you are going to physically take your CV and hand it to your prospective employer. mention it specifically. customer service skills and motivation. event organiser. make sure your CV includes enough detail for the employer to understand what you did in your job. organisation skills. If you have held particular positions such as team captain. If you have held a job in your home country. or at least speak to them on the phone. voluntary work and membership of societies all show commitment. flexibility and team work. Ultimately. you can provide a positive impression in person as well as in writing. it is worth sending a brief letter or email to explain why you are writing.a part-time job. they may be more likely to see you. You can also use the letter to clarify any information that won’t go in your CV e. It won’t always matter where your evidence comes from. If you are not sure. You could refer them to web resources like those of UKCISA or Education UK. Add some bullet points under your degree details and give examples of skills you have developed: ƒ Demonstrated strong team work skills when working on group projects ƒ Regularly use problem solving skills to……. you could use a CV format that uses headings to draw attention to each of your key skills. as well as how many hours you can work etc. time management. it might not be necessary. You might find it helpful to be proactive about informing employers about your entitlement to work in the UK. You might also find situations to demonstrate communication skills. Demonstrate skills from extracurricular activities Sports. Sometimes the process of gaining a part-time job can be quite informal.g. This may help them understand that they can legally employ you. 28 . Use a short covering letter to express how keen and motivated you are and explain that you are a fast learner and very reliable. ask yourself the following questions to decide: ƒ Will this employer know why I am sending my CV? ƒ Will the employer know which job I am applying for? ƒ Is there any information I can’t neatly fit into my CV/need to explain? ƒ Is it possible that the employer won’t know that they can employ international students? International students Not all employers will know that they can employ international students. By doing so. Here are some suggestions how: Use your education section to demonstrate skills developed through your course. an employer won’t really know why you sent your CV. If you are sending out speculative applications in case an organisation has vacancies. you can still promote yourself. You should also be clear about the rules that exist for you to work part-time during your studies.

e. Surrey A-levels in Chemistry (A). developing the ability to influence as well as listen effectively ADDITIONAL SKILLS IT Confident user of Microsoft Office. Given responsibility of receiving and recording new deliveries • Proved my ability to manage my time by combining a part time job with study and extra-curricular activities. OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES 2007 – 08 Secretary of the Chemistry Society at the University of Bath • Developed my organisation skills by assisting with the organisation of events.Chronological CV example for part-time jobs James has chosen a chronological CV to draw attention to his previous work experience and extra curricular activities James Smith 12 The View.g. on one occasion leaving the shop to run after a lady who had left her umbrella behind • Trusted staff member. Demonstrated flexibility to cover additional shifts • Learned to think on my feet and solve problems in the absence of a supervisor. including Access and PowerPoint REFERENCES Available on request It is always useful to mention your IT skills. Bath. Biology (A) and German (B) GCSEs 10 A-C grades The details in the education section are very brief as this may not be very important to an employer for a part time job. • Produced and filed minutes of society meetings • Demonstrated commitment to the society by attending all meetings and functions 2006 – 07 Aim Higher Student Mentor at the University of Bath • Volunteered under the Aim Higher initiative to help to raise the aspirations of secondary school pupils in the Bath area • Built strong relationships with pupils and other Student Mentors • Communicated effectively with young people. deciding to re-stock areas of the shop during quieter periods This student explains the tasks they had in their job to show their range of Mobile: 07989 989898 EDUCATION 2006 – 09 1999 – 06 BSc Chemistry . WORK EXPERIENCE 2006 – 08 Sales Assistant. handling money and helping them to locate items in the shop • Provided excellent customer service. for example. 29 . WHSmith. Bath • Worked directly with customers. using the till. BA2 IPZ E-mail: University of Bath Brookdown School.

The objective (optional) is short and relevant. References Available on request 30 . Sarah Rogers OBJECTIVE 07793 200000 01225 656567 sjjjrogers@ hotmail. This helps for onepage CVs. achieving strong grades in my school exams and continuing to use maths in my degree course Arranged my own travel itinerary for the summer before I started university. Business Studies B. visiting several European countries on an Inter Rail trip Successfully manage my degree workload Able to adapt to changes in priorities and ensure that my work is completed to a high standard. Competent with Word. EDUCATION University of Bath Abbeyfield School RELEVANT SKILLS Interpersonal BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance Relevant skills & attributes • Work well as part of a team on group tasks • Able to meet deadlines for coursework • 100% attendance record 2008 2012 A-levels: Maths A. For example. Excel and PowerPoint Learn new skills quickly. Evidence is provided to back up the applicant’s claims. The candidate uses examples from their course and the experience of starting university to provide examples.Skills-based CV example for part-time jobs Sarah has no work experience so she has chosen a skills-based CV that demonstrates key skills she has gained through her studies and personal life. French B AS-levels: Spanish C GCSES: 7 As & 3 Bs including Maths and English 2001 2008 • • • • Communication • • • IT • • Numeracy Organisation Adaptability 47 Range Road Bath BH18 4DG & • • • Successfully negotiated with team members on a group project who were in disagreement about our task My ability to be friendly and approachable is evident in my ability to quickly adapt to university life and make new friends Listening skills demonstrated when helping a housemate who was not adapting well to university Able to clearly and articulately contribute to group discussions during tutorials at university Strong written skills are shown in my coursework and written reports Communicated effectively and assertively with younger pupils at my school in my role as a prefect Proficient IT user. a new database system used in my degree course Highly numerate with strong attention to A motivated first year undergraduate with strong interpersonal skills looking for a part time customer service role. introducing the reader to what the applicant is looking for. Will be able to show flexibility to meet changes in shifts Minimal space is used for the address and contact details.

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