Year 3


23 pupils
(Mixed proficiency)


26th February 2016


9.50am-10.50am (60


World of


Unit 4: People Around


Language Art

Intergrated Skill

Listening and

Lesson Summary
This activity focus on Language Art with listening and speaking as the intergrated skills.
Teacher begins the lesson by conducting the game Hangman. After that, teacher
introduces the students “What Do I Do” song and teachs them to sing it. Teacher then
paste lyric with few blank spaces. Students have to fill it by choosing answer from the word
card the teacher provided. The students then sing the new lyrics. At practice, students will
be playing the game Bingo. Teacher give hints about one occupation and students shade
them in the table of Bingo. Then, teacher will give students few pictures, students will have
to paste it on a briefcase according to occupation that they will get. They present their work
and teacher recaps the lesson at closure.

Content Standard

Learning standard
4.3.2 Able to perform with guidance based on:

4.3 By the end of the 6-year primary
schooling, pupils will be able to plan,
organize and produce creative works for

(c) songs

. briefcase. Previous knowledge : Pupils have learned about various of occupations Instructional materials pictures. Understanding. HOTS : Remembering. Bingo games. Analyzing. picture puzzles. pupils should be able to: a) b) c) Sing with 100% correct pronunciation the “What Do I Do Song” Shade 6 out of 10 correct pictures of occupations in the Bingo game.Language focus : Language Art Behavioural objectives : By the end of the lesson. Paste and present 4 out of 5 correct equipments of one’s occupation on the briefcase. :”What Do I Do” song. Creating Moral values : Achieve your ambitions.

air vehicles for a 4. 3. and shade the right answer on the paper. Teacher explains how to play the game. (15 ± Remarks -To explain today’s topic minutes) Appendix 1 -lyrics. students listen living. I wear a uniform. word card 2. 4. Teacher distributes the paper to the 1. I work in a library and help people find books. 4.Stage/Time Content Set- Hangman  induction (3± minutes) Presentation Chef  Soldier  Doctor Sing “What Do I Do” Teaching/Learning activity 1. -paper of Bingo . Teacher pastes a song lyric on the board. Teacher teaches students to sing. helicopters and students. Practice (20 ± minutes) Bingo HINTS: 1. Teacher conducts Hangman about the Rationale game various of occupations. I work in a school and teach children. Teacher pastes song lyric with few blank spaces and choice of answer. 2. I fly airplanes. I help sick -To enhance their listening skill Appendix 2. Teacher asks students to fill in the answer and sing the new lyric. Teacher gives hints about todays’ -To give hints about today’s lesson occupation. Teacher reads the hints. 2. 3. Teacher conducts Bingo game. 2. 3. 1.

8.Puzzle . and students check their answer.Pictures -Briefcase -To enhance cooperating skill . Those card will determine what occupation they will get. I work in the shop. Then teacher distributes a set of pictures and a ‘briefcase’ to them according to occupation that they get. 6. 3. Teacher explains how to do the -To teach them Briefcase? activity. 5. 6. I keep order in my court. You want a new look? I can cut and style your hair. 10. 5. I help decide if you are innocent or guilty. 7. Each group then presents their work. Production (20 ± minutes) 5.animals get better. Teacher asks the group leader of how to analyze - Teacher Chef Firefighter Artist Doctor each group to come to the front and pick one card. 4. Students have to find correct equipments and paste them on the briefcase. 9. . 2. Teacher pastes the answer on the board. Open wide your mouth so I can check to see if your teeth are clean and healthy. I cook very delicious dish at the restaurant. What’s in the 1. I sell flowers to people. I help check-out your order. at the counter.

Teacher recalls what they have learned -To conclude your ambitions. the whole 2.Closure (2 ± minutes) Moral values: Achieve 1. -to instill moral values . Teacher tells moral values. lesson. today.