Technical Aspect

Production Specs
-Physical and chemical properties
-Quality aspect
-tolerance level
-quality standards used
Report Technical Aspect: Property, Quality Standards Used, Quality Tests, Descri
ption of the process(layman term)
Manufacturing Process
-Description of the process
-Process flow diagram
Plant Size and Production Schedule
-Plant Size
-Land Area
-Production Schedule
-Operation schedule (hours, days per week or year)
Swing Shift
Machineries and Equipment
-Equipment and Selection
-Alternatives considered (associated equipment)
-Explanation of choosing the current equipment
-Specs sheet
-Equipment Dimensions
-Power requirements
Plant layout
-Actual plant layout
-Process flowsheet (w legend)
-Piping and pumping diagram
-Instrumentation Diagram
-production/processing area
-administration building
-support structures
-fire station
-R&R (gym, spa)
Raw Materials
-Main raw material
-Materials/Chemicals/Reagents for reaction
-Materials/Chemicals/Reagents for laboratory testing
-Purchased Power

DOST. how to treat them) -Types of wastes -Solid -Wastewater -Gaseous -Hazardous -References Taxation and Financing Aspect Taxation -Project Tax -Corporate Income Tax Rate (30% in Philippines) -Minimum Corporate income tax (MCIT) -Capital gain tax on share of stock -improperly accumulated earnings (IAET) -fringe tax benefits -tax Incentives and Exemption -Tax Incentive -Income Tax Holiday -Exemption from taxes and duties on imported spare parts -exemption from wharfage dues and export tax. DOE. DOF. duty. oils -Fuel Waste Disposal (type of waste. DOT.-Both -Steam -Water -Underground -River. DA. and DOTC Preferred activities -agribusiness and Fishery . impost and f ees -reduction on the rates of Duty -tax exemption on breeding stocks and genetic material -tax credit -NOLCO or deferred tax asset-in the -Board of Investments (BOI) -national investment promotion agency of the government -global competitiveness -employment -attract quality investment -technological innovations opportunities and challenges -Due diligence assistance -information support -visit program and investment briefing -business matching -Business registration facilitation -networking with IPUs and other government agencies on pre-opera tional business requirement -fast tracking with registration -Aftercare service -presence of government network -regular monitoring and supervision -Investment Priority Plan -PMS. NEDA. lakes. etc -Municipal supply -Compressed air (Pneumatics) -Lubricants.

-eneergy -renewable Energy -Economic Zones (Report: Specific Economic Zone for Paper industry) -Philippine Economic Zone Authority -Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority -Examples of Enabling Laws RA 8479 Biofuels Act PEZA Law -law that formed EZ -RA 7196 CBMW wharfage?? Financing Aspect -Debt Amount and Schedule -Financing Institutions -Banks -Philippine Related Institutions Plant: Interest rate Articles Incorporation Social Desirability (social benefits from the plant) Government Revenues (REPORT: if paper is under vat. tax associated with paper) -How government benefits -Taxes -corporate tax -tax through plant employees Related Industries -Industries that become offshoots of the proposed plant -Suppliers -Consumer Industries (price) -Sales and Marketing Employees -Community -employment from the nearby communities -surrounding community benefits -Employee benefits -employee suggestion systems Social Rate of Return -increase in employment rate -lower crime rate -continuing professional development (bagong skills na natutunan) Foreign Exchange Reserves -increase in dollar reserves -lesser reliance on importations -exportation -local economy growth Sustainability Aspect Technical Aspect Plant Layout -Why is it important? .

6. rules of thumb in the spacing(optional). which is an instrument with three cups or propellers on a vertical axis. 5. 2.1. Minimization of damage Proper spacing (Maintenance cost) Number of personnel (layo ng equipment with each other) Proper layout (construction cost) Future expansion Processing cost (if malalayo. increase cost) Steps in plant layout Facility Area Computation ---> Positioning ----> Spacing Report: How to know wind direction. . 4. The force of the wind causes the cups or propellers to spin. 3. The spinning rate is pr oportional to the wind speed Wind direction is measured by a wind vane that aligns itself with the direction of the wind. Wind Speed and Direction Technology The measurement of wind speed is usually done using a cup or propeller anemomete r.