Year 3


23 pupils

2nd March 2016



9.50 am – 10.50
am (60 minutes)


World of


Unit 5: Having

Focused skill


Intergrated Skill


Lesson Summary
This activity focus on reading skill with writing as the integrated skill. Teacher
begins the lesson by intoducing few games that they will learn today through
charade games. Next, teacher teaches the students on how to read with
exclamation marks. Teacher then gives the students task sheet and for
production, teacher asks students to read a dialogue in pair. Teacher recaps
the lesson during closure.

Content Standard
2.2 By the end of the 6-year primary
schooling, pupils will be able to
demonstrate understanding of a variety of
linear and non-linear texts in the form of
print and non-print materials using a range
of strategies to construct meaning
3.2 By the end of the 6-year primary
schooling, pupils will be able to use
different word classes correctly and

Learning standard
2.2.1 Able to apply word attack skills by:
(a) grouping words into word categories
2.2.2 Able to read and understand phrases and
sentences in linear and non-linear texts.

3.2.3 Able to punctuate correctly
(a) exclamation mark

task sheet HOTS Creating : Moral values : Play with safe. pupils should be able a) Read with correct pronunciation 70% of the passage provided by the teacher b) Answer 7 out of 10 fill in the blanks question on the task sheet. Analyzing.Language focus : Reading Behavioural objectives to: : By the end of the lesson. Applying . Instructional materials :Mahjong paper. c) Read the dialogues with correct stress based on the exclamation marks Previous knowledge : Pupils love to play. Understanding.

To expose pupils to the content that will be used in a non-linear text. Other students guess what is she/he doing. 5. Teacher gives task sheet to the students. (15 minutes) 2. asks students to Remark s Charade To introduce the topic of the day. Teacher and students check the answer together. 6. Teacher conducts the Charade game. Teacher asks the students to read with correct stress and pronunciation. Teacher picks one student to come out and do the action. To practice the knowledge that they have gained.Stage/Ti me Content Teaching-Learning Activity Rationale 1. Productio 1. Presentati on 1. Teacher introduces today’s topic. Teacher pastes another text on the board. Teacher shows exclamation mark to the students. 2. To get the students’ attention to be prepare for a lesson. Practice (20 minutes) 1. Teacher gives the students To check pupils’ Task sheet - . Teacher explains about it to the students. 2. 4. Teacher shows example on how to read with exclamation marks. Teacher follow. Set Induction (5 minutes) Charade      Badminto n Football Hockey Netball Basketba ll 3. 3. Teacher asks students to answer the task sheet. 3. 4. Mahjong paper To enhance students’ reading skill.

2. To consolidate what they have learned. Teacher gives present to the best pair. Teacher highlights the moral values in the lesson. dialogue to read.n (20 minutes) Closure Moral Value: (5 minutes) Play with safe. Teacher asks them to work in pair. To instill moral values to pupils. They are required to present the dialogues in front. Teacher recalls the lesson for today. 1. 3. Dalogues . understanding during the lesson. 4. To promote critical and creative thinking skills among pupils. 2.