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Auxiliary Firemen oeD Volunteer Firemen Assist Alabama Achieves

Commended By Mobile Fire Dept. Fight Flames War Chest Quota
Mobile Company
Alabama again set a new rec-
Office of Civilian Defense volun- ord by achieving the quota for
teer firemen played an important her 1944 War Chest in the brief
part in fighting a serious fire, which time stipUlated by Appeal Chair-
gutted the rear wing of Sears Roe- man Major Harwell G. Davis and
buck's modern department store in Co-Chairman J. L. Bedsole.
Mobile, October 13th. When the campaign opened
Mr. L. L. Petrey, Chief of the October 17th, Chairman Davis
Mobile Fire Department in a letter urged his co-workers to attain
of commendation to Mr. Fred Am, their goal by November 15th, so
Commander of the Mobile County that the stage could be reset for
Council of Defense stated: the Sixth War Loan drive begin-
"I wish to express my sincere ning November 20th.
appreciation of the very timely and Quota for the Alabama War
efficient help accorded the Mobile Chest 1944 "Victory Appeal" in
Fire Department at the Sears and behalf of 22 war services and -re-
Roebuck early morning blaze by the lief agencies was $1,100,368.40.
OCD truck firemen. District chairmen in the 13 dis-
"Immediately on arriving at the tricts into which the State was
scene of the fire I realized that It divided and their organizations
was a serious beginning of a great rendered an inestimable war ser-
conflagration and at once I con- vice in the conduct of the cam-
tacted Assistant Chief Donald Smith paign, according to Haygoqd Pat-
by radio. Assistant Chief Smith erson, President of the Alabama
immediately responded with Com- War Chest.
panies No.3, 10 and about 25 of his
OCD truck firemen, and immedi-
ately got into the active fire fight- Volunteer Forest
ing without delay and greatly as-
sisted the Mobile Fire Department
Fire Fighters
in bringing the blaze under con- Earn Certificates
(Turn to page 3-column 1) H. Burton Andrews, Chief of Civil-
: ian Protection, Ala. State Defense
Council has just awarded Certifi-
Publishers Comment cates of membership to 735 volun-
On Paper Shortage teer Forest Fire Fighters.
These Forest Fire Fighters have
Military and essential civilian satisfactorily completed a prescribed
wartime requirements of newsprint and approved course of training and
magazine and book paper are so instruction under the supervision
heavy and manpower so short that of the State Forester and have
the public cannot reasonably expect demonstrated necessary' knowledge
any relief, from paper shortage un- and ability to carry out duties.
til about the middle of 1945, accord- Thirteen m\nutes after their chief, Donald Smith received notifi- Many more volunteers are expect-
ing to the War Production Board. cation that the Sears-Roebuck store in Mobile was on fire, 6. C. D. ed to enroll as the program' pro-
This announcement was made at volunteer firemen were at the scene battling the blaze. In the picture gresses.
the behest of the newspaper, mag- showing streams of water directed at the flames, auxiliary firemen
azine and book publishers through may be identified by white helmets. They worked like veteran fire-
their advisory committees after re- men, according to Mr. James T. Kraver, Assistant Chief of the Mobile
Magic City Women
viewing reports on current produc- Fire Department. O. C. D. companies participating were: Company Earn 'Decoration'
tion of print paper and estimates 10 under Capt. Harold Clements; Company 3 under Capt. L. T. Shack-
of production after Victory in Eu- elford; Company 17 under Capt. Jules Lamereau; and Company 16 Mrs. A. V. Summers, 815 West 4th
rope Day. The publishers said they Street and Mrs. Charles S. Smith,
desired to correct the optimistic be- under Capt. L. K. Joseph.
1600 South 13th Street Birming-
lief in some civilian quarters that ham were awarded the "2000 hour
substantial relief in printing paper
shortages could be expected when
Mrs. Helen Slnith Opelika Plans bar" by the Jefferson County Citi-
zens Service Corps for work with
the European war ends. Visitor Memorial Park the Emergency Medical Corps and
"The serious shortage of military Mrs. Helen Farley Smith, Divisio!l One of the first communities in the Red Cross Sewing Units.
and printing paper continues," they of Federal-State Cooperation of the the Southeast to be thinking in This decoration for meritorious
said, "and needs the intelligent un- OCD Office, Washington, D. C, ·erms of a recreation park as a warservice on the home front is rec-
derstanding of the public and of spent several days in Alabama con- memorial, Opelika, has under con- ognized as a reward of significant
book, magazine, and newspaper pub- ferring with Federal and State of- sideration the purchase and devel- service and effort and is worn with
lishers. The publishers also urged ficials. opment of such memorial. The pro- fitting pride.
vigorous continuation of waste pa- Mrs. Smith discussed with Direc- posed park is adjacent to the city
per collections. tor Paterson problems of War Ser- limits, and is adaptable to all types War Bonds are the safest invest-
(Turn to page 3-column 4) vices and Fe'deral Security. of outdoor rfICreation. ment in the world.

Defense Program Thanksgiving Proclamation Sheffield Boasts

Developed By In this year of liberation, whichnas seen so many millions freed
New Salvage Depot
Ramer School from tyrranical rule, it is fitting that we give thanks with special fer- The Sheffield Citizens Defense
vor to our heavenly Father for the mercies we have received individ- Corps announces that Sheffield now
The Ramer Student Defense has a new salvage depot, located
Council made up of representatives ually and as a nation and for the blessings He has restored, through
the victories of our arms and those of our allies, to His children in across from the Whitfield Lumber
from each class room has developed company. This building was a do-
a fine program, which, it is consci- other lands.
For the preservation of our way of life from the threat of de- nation of Burt Whitfield, a senior
entiously carrying out.
air raid warden in the Defense
Miss Mamie Ruth Mills, Reporter struction; for the unity of spirit which has kept our nation strong;
Corps. Mr. Whitfield reroofed and
of the Student Defense Council for our abiding faith in freedom; and for the promise of an enduring repaired the building rendering it
writes that the officers met at the peace, we should lift up our hearts in thanksgiving. a most suitable salvage depot with
beginning of the present school se- For the harvest that has sustained us and, in its fullness, brought a capacity of approximately 15 tons
mester and drew up the following succor to other peoples; for the bounty of our soil, which has produced for waste paper. It is painted red,
objectives for the year:
the sinews of war for the protection of our liberties; and for a multi- white and blue.
I-To further stress the buying "By now every citizen knows that
of bonds and stamps in the school tude of private bless~ngs, )mown only in our hearts, we should give
united thanks to God. waste paper is a number one, vital
and community.
To the end that we may bear more earnest witness to our gratitude war material," said Commander
2-To continue to sponsor and
Jack J. Caruthers. "It is up to us,
promote the singing of patriotic to Almighty God, I suggest a nationwide reading of the Holy Scrip-
the home front soldiers to see that
songs. tures during the period from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas. Let a sufficient amount of waste paper
3-To frame and display awards every man of every creed go to his own version of the Scriptures for is salvaged. Our boys on the battle
received by the council for past a renewed and strengthening contact with those eternal truths and front cannot fight without supplies.
achievements. majestic principles which have inspired such measure of true greatness Many of these supplies reach them
4-To keep one up-to-date scrap-
as this nation has achieved. _ in containers made of paper. When
book covering the defense work of
Now, therefore, I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United you turn in a bundle of waste paper
Ramer School.
States of America, in consonance with the joint resolution of the Con- you are making it possible for some
5-To have each Homeroom keep
gress approved December 26, 1941, do hereby proclaim Thursday the boy to get much needed supplies.
a record of its accomplishments and
Take your paper to the new salvage
activities in the Defense effort. 23rd day of November, 1944, a day of national thanksgiving; and I call
depot today. Please tie it in bun-
This record is to be placed in the upon the people of the United States to observe it by bending every dles. You know the scarcity of help
scrapbook at the end of the year. effort to hasten the day of final victory and by offering to God our and the Defense Corps is a volun-
6-To sponsor all drives that are devout gratitude for His goodness to us and to our fellow men. teer group."
in line with the defense effort.
7-To sponsor fire drills partic- FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. Commander Caruthers thanked
Ularly stressing the learning and Mr. Whitfield for his generous dona-
practicing of existing rules and pro- ~-----------------------------_--:: I tion, which he termed a fine ges-
cedures. lected approximately 1600 pounds ture of patriotism and cooperation.
Trying to figure out when the
8-To encourage the acceptance of paper. The paper will be sold
of rationing and consider it a Dem- and the money will be used for the war will end? Here's how General
ocratic privilege as well as a patri- benefit of the entire school. Circu- Eisenhower looks at it, quoting Rep- Governor Heeds
otic responsibility. lars were sent to every family in resentative Hale of Maine, who vis··
9-To equip and keep supplied Ramer School District explaining ited him recently in France: "War Need For Physical
the paper Salvage Drive. The re-
first aid kits for the High School
sults were encouraging. The F.F.A. is like pushing a heavily loaded Fitness Program
and Elementary School.
10-To continue student corre- is buying scrap metal and rubber wagon up a steep hill in a fog and
spondence with men and women in from the students. We have col- never knowing when you are going Gov. Sparks' office announced the
service. lected 1130 pounds of scrap metal to reach the top. So you push like formation of a committee on phy-
11-To display the flag during and 383 pounds of scrap rubber. hell all the time." sical fitness for Alabama as part of
each day that weather permits. "To encourage the buying of a national program sponsored by
12-To keep up the service flag stamps and bonds' regularly by stu- the Federal Security Administra-
and roll. dents we are asking each home- tion.
room to display the school-at-war DONALD SMITH, Gov. Sparks declared he had re-
13-To make and furnish a sick-
room. flag. This flag can be displayed if Chief OCD' Volunteer Firemen, ceived a letter from National Se-
14-To present a flag assembly 90% or more students buy at least 2254 DeLeon Ave. lective Service Director Lewis B.
a ten cent defense stamp each Dear Mr. Smith: Hershey asking his cooperation.
monthly. Since the organization of the
month when every homeroom in Hershey's letter pointed out that
According to Miss Mills the sick schooL has the 90% flag flying we Civilian Defense forces in Mobile, 4,000,000 "4-F's" in this country
room will be the most important can fly a large banner beneath the one of its most important com- showed a definite need fool' planned
project for the year. She states, "Stars and Stripes." ponents has been the group of physicaL programs.
"We have been given a section of "The flag is displayed every day volunteer firemen headed by you The State group, to be headed by
the girls dressing room to be used when the weather permits and a You and the men serVing with State Health Officer Dr. B. F. Aus-
for this purpose. It will be under flag-raising ceremony, with the en- you, their chief, have rendered tin, will work with a committee of
the supervision of our Sponsor, tire student body taking part, is service proving of aid to the reg- the American Medical Association
Miss Kelly, and one Council mem- presented at least once each month ular fire department on several in studying the nation's need for a
ber appointed weekly. We plan to using if possible some special oc- occasions. The value of the vol- physical schedule. Other m2mber&,
furnish it with regular sick-room casion. unteer firemen's service has been of the State committee:
furnishings and first aid eqUipment. "We have presented one chapel recognized by city officials and Dr. J. Sam Smith, medical; Mrs.
"We have equipped 7 first aid program for the purpose of intro- private citizens alike. Harry Nelson, Parent-Teacher As-
kits and placed them in the most ducing the members of the Council As a token of the community's sociation; Dr. Olin Kirkland, dental;
convenient places in High School. and announcing our objectives for appreciation for what the volun- Dr. D. G. Gill, Selective Service;
A check has been given to the El- the year. We plan to sponsor' a teer firemen have done and are Foster Hayes, American Legion, and
ementary School since they pre- chapel program at the opening of continuing to do, this week's M. Miss Jessie Garrison, physical di-
ferred to buy their own equipment. the 6th War Loan Drive another O. Beale scroll is sent to them in rector, all of Montgomery. In ad-
"The Council is sponsoring con- at its close. The Council has been your care. dition these State officials will han-
tinuous drives for the collection of responsible for one program pre- Civically yours, dle committee work in their special-
scrap paper and metal. Paper is sented to the Parent, Teachers' As- M. O. BEALE. ized fields: Dr. E. B. Norton, State
collected throughout Ramer every sociation. This program was on Reg. U. S. Patent Office. education superintendent; Ben C.
Thursday. Students are also allow- citizenship and was closed with the -Mobile Press, Morgan, conservation director; and
ed to bring it to school on the dedication of the service roll and October 20, 1944. Miss Loula Dunn, public welfare
buses, at any time. We have col- flag. • director.

Jefferson OCD Citizens Service Corps Volunteers Service Corps

Official Calls For Prepare To Mail Christmas Seals Volunteers Help
War Loan Effort With Many Projects
Clarence F. Boggan, Chairman, Mrs. J. Y. Brame, Director of the
Civilian Defense War Bond Sales; Montgomery County Citizens Ser-
Administrative Assistant Jefferson vice Corps reports a busy time for
County War Bond Committee has her volunteers. She has marshalled
addressed Air Raid Wardens and her Block Lealers for active partic-
Auxiliary Police Unit Commanders ipation in the Sixth War Loan
in the interest of the Sixth War Drive declaring that she is depend-
Loan Drive in Jefferson County, ing on the full cooperation and
November 20 to December 16, in- support of this group for this ser-
clusive: vice.
"The volunteer forces of Jeffer- The Montgomery District has
. son County Civilian Defense, hav- made its final shipment of clothing
ing been placed on an 'on call' ba- for Russian War Relief, which to-
sis July 31st, were assured no de- talled approximately 15,000 pounds.
mands would be made on them un- In addition 15,000 new, all wool
less their services were of vital im- dresses were sent from Alabama,
portance to the pursuit of our war the work having been done at the
effort. Montgomery Warehouse under the
"The Sixth War Loan is without direction of Miss Mary Ling Hay-
doubt the most important to date ley, Supervisor of Home Economics
for the successful continuance of for the Alabama Department of Ed-
our war effort. Therefore, it is ucation. The material was cut at
incumbent on all Civilian Volun- the State Prison for Women at We-
teEn's to make every effort toward tumpka and the dresses were made
seeing that every citizen in the area by volunteer students at High
for which they are responsible pur- Schools all over the State.
chase to the limit these essential Many organizations are served
obligations of the United States through the clerical department of
Government." Montgomery County Citizens Service Corps volunteers have assem-
the Citizens Service Corps in Mont-
bled to address and mail 16,000 letters for the Anti-Tuberculosis Asso- gomery. Because of war conditions,
AUXILIARY FIREMEN ciation annual Christmas Seal Sale. Left to right: Miss Nelly Wilkin- when a welfare organization needs
son, Mrs. Fred McManus, Mrs. J. Y. Brame (standing), Director of Cit- clerical assistance, volunteers are
(Continued from p8,ge 1) izens Service Corps, Mrs. Robert Burnette, Mrs. S. H. Blan, Mrs. G. F. recruited through the Citizens Ser-
"As Chief of the Mobile Fire De- Coleman, and Mrs. Pearson Burke (standip.g). Because of war condi- vice Corps.
partment I would greatly appreci- tions, when a welfare organization needs clerical assistance, volunteers At present the Service Corps Vol-
ate it if you will convey my appre- are recruited through the Citizens Service Corps. The women pictured unteer Office is furnishing volun-
ciation of gratitude to the OCD above have rendered unselfish service for many worthy causes. teers to address and mail 16,000 let-
truck firemen through Assistant ters for the Anti-Tuberculosis As-
Chief Donald Smith."
Mr. C. B. Johns Manager of New World Forces Prayer For Today sociation annual Christmas Seal
Sale. This work is being done by
Sears, Roebuck and Company ex- By MADGE GORDON WEAVER
pressed his thanks to the O. C. D.
Discussed In Remember men today, oh Lord,
the. following volunteers: Miss Jean
McManus, Mrs. Travis Williams,
volunteer firemen and other organ- Rotary Institute Whose eyes are viewing foreign
Miss Alice Rupenthall, Mrs. J. R.
izations who rendered s'rvice and Syfrett, Mrs. O. B. McAdam, Mrs.
assistance in a page advertisement An Institute of International Un- Whose hearts are weary of the L. B. Whitfield, Jr., Mrs. Walter
in the Mobile Register. derstanding was held in Montgom- sword; Webber, Mrs. Herman Simon, Miss
J.v.r. Donald Smith, Assistant ery on October 26, November 2, No- Whose feet are seared by desert Virginia Kirby and Miss Aline Stern~
Chief, O. C. D. Auxiliary Fire Divis- vember 9, and November 16 under sands. The Salvage Committee reports
ion in a letter to members of the! the sponsorship of the Rotary Club, the Waste Paper Campaign every
Auxiliary Truck 'Fire Companies consisting of a series of four weekly Guard well the lads who late have two weeks a success, showing an in-
thanking them for their prompt meetings. The Institute presented known
crease of tonnage in the past two
a 'ld effective response to the call outstanding authorities en variom The mysteries beneath the sea; drives.
e nphasized the fact that this in- phases of international affairs. Fol- Who at some hour have felt alone
c.J.ent testified the great need for lowing the formal addresses, Upon her cold immensity.
an efficient volunteer fire service were forum periods in which mem- PUBLISHERS COMMENT
and urged every company to renew bers of the audience asked questions Watch over those whose silver wings
its interest and drill regularly in of the speakers. Have brushed the blue of Heaven's (Continued from page 1)
order to be re3.dy to serve the com- dome. Commenting on the situation,
This program was developed by Administer Thy comfortings
munity in time of stress. the Rotary Club to give the people To women, Lord, who wait back Benton R. Gan~ell, acting director
of the community an opportunity of WPB's Forest Products Bureau,
home! said:
American Rallying to learn from informed speakers
about the background of the pres- following titles and by the speakers "All-out efforts to increase pro-
Cries ent global war and the problems mentioned. duction of pulpwood products in
which. must be met in planning for October 26-Russia's Position - the United States will be continued
I know not what course other a durable peace after victory has East and West, Simon M. Davidian. along with full cooperation with
may take, but as for me, give me been won. November 2-The New China in Canada in its efforts to increase
liberty, or give me death.-Patrick The Institute was also a study the New Pacific, No-Yong Park. supplies for essential war needs and
Henry. course in world affairs for the young November 9-Australia, New Zea- U. S. publisher requirements."
Don't fire till you see the whites people of the community for, in land, and the Islands of the South J. Hale Steinman, director of the
of their eyes.-Col. William Pres- addition to the public forums in the Pacific, M. P. Greenwood-Adams. EPB Printing and Publishing Di-
cott. evening, the speakers addressed the November 12-The Role of the vision said, "Demand for printed
I only regret that I have but one students of Sidney Lanier High North American Continent, Allen D. matter is at an all time peak, but
life to lose for my country.-Nathan School during the day.- Albert. lack of available print paper forces
Hale. The general theme of the Insti- The Institute was at the city au- us to continue the limitation orders
Don't give up the ship!-Oliver tute programs is "New Forces in ditorium at 8: 00 p.m., for four on use of paper until increased pro-
Hazard Perry. World Affairs," discussed under the Thursdays, beginning October 26. duction."

Counties Gird For N. C.FLOYD Free Cancer 'Garden Of Memory'

Active Campaign Clinics Planned To Be Planted By
In Sixth War Loan Citizen Of Month For Alabama State Garden Club
The Sixth War Loan Drive, which Mrs. Ray Meade, of Birmingham, In conformity with the plans of
will begin November 20th will be State Commander of the Field Army the National Council of State Gar-
for 14 billion dollars sale of War of the American Cancer Society, re- den Clubs, Inc., in establishing liv-
Bonds, of which five billion will be cently spent two days in Montgom- ing memorials to our men and wo-
sought from individuals. ery conferring with members of the men in the Armed Forces instead of
Civilian Defense Councils in ev- stone, the Garden Club of Ala-
staff of the State Department of
ery county in Alabama as through- Health and others regarding the bama has planned as its project for
out the country will join with the the year the beautification of a
progress of cancer control work in
Treasury's War Finance Commit- plot of ground within a 43 acre ar-
this State.
tees, as in previous campaigns, and boretum. Planting will be under
many thousands of volunteers will While here she attended a meet- the supervision of Prof. Alfred Ed-
have an active part in facilitating ing in the office of Dr. B. F. Aus- wards, landscape architect of Ala-
sales of the Sixth War Loan Drive. tin, State Health Officer, which was bama Polytechnic Ipstitute, . who
Alabama's overall quota is $97,- also attended by Dr. J. P. Chap- originated the idea of the arbor-
000,000. man, chairman of the Committee etum. .
Haygood Paterson, Director of on Cancer Control of the Medical Never, perhaps in the history of
the Alabama State Defense Coun- Association of the State of Ala- the organization has there been a
cil in appealing to Chairmen, Com-' bama, and Dr. D. G. Gill, Director more opportune time to promote
manders, and Directors said: of the State Health Department's horticultural interests than this
"The Sixth War Loan Campaign. Bureau of Preventable Diseases. year when its members are given
starting November 20th will con- The meeting was devoted mainly the privilege of contributing finan-
stitute the largest single home front to a discussion of the cancer clinics cially towards the "Garden of Mem-
drive since the beginning of the for indigent and medically indigent ory". In time it will be a wonder-
War, according to Treasury offi- victims of this disease, which were ful scenic spot that will draw peo-
cials. Since Pearl Harbor $100 bil- provided in legislation passed by the ple from all over the country to en-
lion of Government Bonds have N. C. FLOYD' 1943 Legislature. joy its beauty. From three to five
been sold, the quota for the Sixth Before returning to Birmingham, thousand varieties of flora will
Drive having been set for $14 bil- Commander Or Mrs. Meade also attended
School of Citizenship sponsored by
the eventually be grown in the arbor-
lion. etum and it will have perpetual
"The S~xth War Loan is without Marengo County the Montgomery Business and Pro- care. Its beauty will be greatly
doubt the most important to date fessional Women's Club. The school enriched by the living memorial
for the successful continuance of
Defense Corps was held at the Whitley Hotel, fol- placed there by garden club mem-
our war effort. For regardless of lowed by a luncheon. It was given bers throughout the state in appre-
optimism it is the consensus of au- under the direction of the Joint ciation of those who have so cour-
Demopolis was one of th.e first of
thoritative opinion that the war in Legislative Gouncil of Alabama; ageously . given some of their best
the smaller cities of Alabama to or-
Europe has many months to go be- of which Mrs. Meade is secretary. years for the protection and free-
ganize a functioning civilian de-
fore victory and if will take con- fense group, and under the leader- dom of our country.
tinued bloody and costly effort be- ship of Commander N. C. Floyd it service and in acting as the agency
fore Japan is vanquished.
"We urge you, therefore, to en-
has operated successfully in every to distribute literature and posters.
phase of the work. Commander
Begin To Conserve
Commander N. C. Floyd who is
courage and organize your group to Floyd brought into the group ap-
known in· the community as Mayor
Coal Now Urges
participate actively in this drive, proximately 175 active workers, Floyd came to Demopolis in 1908
cooperating closely with your War scores of whom rendered excellent from Opelika and has been engaged
State Conservator
Bond Chairman. Alabama's overall service in the operation of civilian Production of bituminous coal in
quota is $97,000,000. in the cotton business since that
Defense and in participation in va- time. He is the present mayor and the two primary Appalachian min-
"We are depending on you to re- rious campaigns and salvage drives. has served for more ttlan 20 years ing districts for the fuel year 1944-45
peat your splendid efforts of the The defense organization was being re-elected last time withou~ is at a rate far too low to meet the
previous campaigns in strengthen- built around a small executive gTOUp opposition. requirements for the Southern re-
ing America to win the Peace as consisting of the commander; the gion, Interior Secretary' Harold
well as the War-the job that Civil- In addition to his civilian defense
co-ordinator Jerome Levy, who also Ickes has informed Alabama Fuel
ian Defense is doing through the duties and his position as mayor
served as county co-ordinator and Conservator Haygood Paterson.
sale of U. S. War Bonds." he is chairman Marengo County
who has been very active in various Department of Public Welfare; In these two very important coal
phases of the war effort and is pres- member Marengo County Library regions the fuel output is averaging
Thomas Paine Said It ently serving as county chairman
of the war chest; Henry J. Whit-
Association; member Demopolis Ro-
only 3,544,000 tons weekly whereas
says Mr. Ickes, "the estimated re-
tary Club; chairman cf Board of
These are the times that try men's field, executive officer; J: H. Kinz~r Deacons Baptist Church; member quirements are more than 200,00~
souls. The summer soldier and the and S. \tV. Harper, chief wardens, executive tons per week more than that fig-
committee Demopolis
sunshine patriot will in this crisis, who did an exceptionally fine job ure."
Chamber of Commerce; executive
shrink from the service of his coun- of organizing the community to Mr. Ickes informs State Conserv-
chairman of the War Finance Com-
try; but he that stands it now, de- function as a. unit on many occa- mittee for 5th war loan; member ator Paterson that it is very nec-
serves the love ami thanks of man sions and on many drives; E. L executive committee County War essary that every consumer in Ala-
and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is Thibodeaux, director of the medical bama cut down on his coal con-
Chest. sumption or somebody is going to
not easily conquered; yet we have division, who organized and taught·
first aid classes and put on some He has always been active in the be cold before Winter is over. Coal
this consolation with us, that the
harder the conflict, the more glori- of the finest demonstrations of first Chamber of Commerce and' a leader goes first to the manufacturer of
ous the triumph. What we obtain aid possible; W. H. Trager, who ably in every civic movement to help war materials and lastly to the do-
too cheap, we esteem too lightly; served as director of auxiliary po- his city and county and state and mestic consumer.
it is dearness only that gives every- lice; and E. O. Eddins, director of he has been continuously in the Mr. Ickes also informs Conserv-
Auxiliary firemen. forefront o~ the League of Munici-
thing its value. Heaven knows how ator Paterson that reconversions
to put a proper price upon its goods; Commander Floyd and his execu- from coal to fuel oil this fall are
and it would be strange indeed, if tive committee perfected a splendid not expected to relieve the solid
so celestial an article as Freedom organization and scores of citizens fuels supply sufficiently to allow
should not be highly rated. of Demopolis are deserving of praise War Bonds are your stake in the any increase in the Winter's quota
for their co-operation and fine work. good thi~s of tomorrow-security. of anthracite coal and Eastern coke.
_War Bonds give you a chance to The boy scouts did an exceptional independence, travel, a decent old There will be only seven eighths ot
put your money into the fight. job in taking over the messenger age. the regular normal. supply,

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