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Inspection & Test Plan for Concrete Works

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Inspection & Test Plan for Concrete Works
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1 SP1279 PartD.3 AFC drawings/Standard drawings Store Keeper/Civil Supervisor/ Civil QC Inspector Store Keeper/Civil Supervisor / Civil QC Inspector Stack Height =< 1500mm Cover with Visual Polythene/Tarpaulin Store on 150mm high raised platform. Inspection & Test Plan for Concreting Sl No.3. 2 SP1279 PartD. BS5328 Parti Table9 Other Grades as per BS1881 20mm RCC. including the sulphate ion in the cement Page 1 of 3 Design Mix Test Report X X .cvl.size of aggregate 40mm mm 75mm hevy reinforcement foundation 50mm min-other concreting works SP1279 Part D Table D5 All cases 4.Sec.Sec.Sec2. : Rev No. 1 Min grade C-35.4 QC Inspector Stacking in groups.5.5. LLC. clear off ground and labeled Civil Qc Inspector/Civil Supervisor SP1279 PartD. 2.Sec2.Sec2.0 Material Storage 3.3.Sec2.2 SP1279 part D. ACTIVITY Varified by REFERENCE DOCUMENT ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA Doc No.7 Source approved by Client Store SP1279 part Keeper/Civil D.wi . 2.Sec2.Sec. 2 BSEN197 or ASTM C150 SP1279 PartD.2 SP1279 part D.5. -Base of storage area: polythene or Lean Visual concrete -Provide dividers for separation from mix-up -Under shade -Storage and use as per manufacturer's instructions. : Date : Page : Varifying Document H HJB W R Total 1+3 pages Client M H W R Remarks M CONCRETE WORKS 1 Review of drawings 2. min 375 kg/m3 for grade35. SP1279 part D.3.2 3.4 Mix Design Approval Grade Maximum size of aggregate Permitted Type of Cement Minimum Cement content Target Slump Chloride content in concrete Sulphates in concrete Aggregate/Cement ratio Civil QC inspector OPC.2 AFC drawings /Standard drawings Material approval sheet X X X X X X X X X X HJB/Qsp.2. 2.5.5 SP1279 PartD.5. 2. min 300 kg/m3 for grade-35.1 Cement 3.cvl.0.max. 40mm for mass concrete BS8110 SP1279 Part Dsec2. 2 SP1279 PartD.max.Sec2.Hasan Juma Backer Trading & Contracting Co.3 4 Aggregates Admixture Reinforcement bars Civil Supervisor/ Drawing control QA Engineer index & AFC drawing Material SP1279 part Engineer D. -Weather proof shed for storage.CI.Sec.0 Material approval 3.Sec.1 Supervisor/ Civil HJB/Qsp. of aggregate 20 OPC.

Sec2.0 7.2.5 Civil foreman/ Civil QC Inspector Civil supervisor/ Civil QC Inspector Concrete grade .2 Civil Supervisor/ SP 1279 Part D Civil QC Sec.3.4 Hasan Juma Backer Trading & Contracting Co.2014 Total 1+3 pages HJB Client W R M H W R X X Remarks M CONCRETE WORKS Admixture addition 5 6.3 at 14 days.cl.5.10.4 Inspector HJB/Qsp.cl. All tying wire HJB/Qsp.3 at 28 days(No concreting shall commences on the contract until the test results at 14 days have been achieved Trail Mix report Concrete contact faces free from adherent HJB/Qsp.cvl.Sec2 . LLC. : Date : Page : Varifying Document X H X 0 18.2.5. ACTIVITY Varified by REFERENCE DOCUMENT ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA Design Doc No.0 Site Trail Mix (First Civil batch shall be supervisor/Civil discarded and QC inspector 9cubes of 150mm. 7 SP1279Part DSec2.cvl. Secl.0 9. Minimum concrete cover -As per SP 1275 Fixing Reinforcement Civil Supervisor Civil Foreman/ Civil QC Inspector SP 1279 Part As per approved drawing. BS 4483 HJB/Qsp.5 Concrete temp-max 30"c Weight Batch : As per design mix Volume batch: concreting<10m3 with Client approved procedure.3.max spacing -1 meter SP1279 Part D Design mix Ambient temp-max 46"c Sec2.4.5 grout.5 Prior Client approval required to use 3 from each set shall be tested at an age of 7days.4 "D"Sec.3.cvl.wi .wi .3. splits & other defects Joints sufficiently tight to prevent leakage 25 mm chamfer on exposed corners (if not specified otherwise) Deflection: < 3 mm on surfaces. 3 BS knots within cage and shall not be located 4449.4.3. shall be made from each of the three consecutive batches=27 cubes Mix details for mixing Testing of cubes Form work SP1279 PartD.0 8.4 Spacing of spacer blocks Cement mortar blocks Concrete Mixing Mix concrete as per the design mix SP1279 Part D Sec2.5.cvl.Mix : Test Report Rev No. BS 6744 & towards the surface. projecting nails. Admixture addition: as per design mix Minimum mixing time:2 minutes Page 2 of 3 X X X X X X Visual X X . Inspection & Test Plan for Concreting Sl No.

Civil Foreman SP 1279 Part D Client approved methods of statement for HJB/Qsp.Sec2.cl. ACTIVITY Varified by REFERENCE DOCUMENT ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA Doc No.2.10.5.fins and other Irregularities.cvl.2014 Total 1+3 pages HJB Client W R M H W R M X X Remarks CONCRETE WORKS 10 11. Page 3 of 3 X X X X X X X X .6 Form work removal SP 1279 Part D -Removal of Form work as per SP1279 D Sec.9 Compacting SP1279 Part D Immersion Vibrator.Hasan Juma Backer Trading & Contracting Co.wi . Hessian shall be kept thoroughly & permanently wet for not less than 7 days Curing period: depends on item. LLC.2 cubes Spare -1 cube (keep till end of contract) One slump test shall be carried out on the first batch of concrete mixed on the worksite on each day to set the standard for the day. Lateral dragging of Sec2.4.5mt use chutes.5.wi . SP 1279 Part D Dense smooth finish.Sec2 .5.2. 12 13 14.Civil Supervisor Surface Finish Civil QC Inspector Testing Concrete Lab.cvl.2.5.18 excess or insufficient compaction Curing SP1279 Part D. form marks . SP 1279 Part "D" BS 1881 & BS EN 12350 SP 1279 Part Test Reports Sec.5 parts).cl.6 combing.9 "D" Table D6 7 days test .cvl.18 Sec. : Rev No. Placing. Air holes filled with Civil QC mortar sand (1 part) + cement (1.2. free from honey HJB/Qsp.cl.5. : Date : Page : Varifying Document H 0 18. Compacting. Remove polythene sheet after hardening and cover with wet Hessian cloth.5. Inspection & Test Plan for Concreting Sl No. Techn.18 Civil Supervisor/ Sec.6 within 30min of mixing For lift more than Inspector HJB/Qsp.If required approved binding agent shall be used. Placement min area: Up to joints No segregation during discharging concrete Pumping not allowed without client approval Shrinkage as per SP1279D Sec 2. Civil supervisor/ SP1279 Part D Layer Depth: Max 300mm Placing time: &curing Civil QC Sec2.2 table D4 Civil Supervisor Civil QC Inspector Concrete Protection .5.10 repair of concrete.cvl.cvl.5 concrete using vibrator not allowed No HJB/Qsp. Cube Testing for 7 /Civil QC days curing and 28 Inspector days curing Slump Test Repair of Concrete HJB/Qsp.2 cubes 28 days test .18 1.18 Cover with polythene for not more than 24 hours or concrete stiffened sufficiently.5.