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Alabama Counties Organize 1944 War Chest Victory Appeal

Mr. Simpson And . Alabama Awarded Institute Trains Governor Sparks
Mrs. Bradley Are Salvage Pennant In Leadership Praises Type Of
Signally Honored As State Chairman of the Ala- And Recreation County Leaders
bama Salvage Committee, Director
Mr. Morton Simpson, Advertising Haygood Paterson has been awarded The Recreational and Leadership Alabama's War Chest Victory Ap-
Director of the Burger-Phillips Com- a pennant by the War Production Institute sponsored by the Council peal organization has been formed
pany, Birmingham and Mrs. Delmar Board for "Meritorious services ren- for the Coordination of Community in every county and the 1944 cam-
Bradley, the "Dear Brad" of WAPI dered the war effort in the salvage Services was held in Montgomery paign was officially launched Octo-
were presented with the Alabama drive". It was presented by Colonel October 2-6 under the direction of. bel' 17th.
State Service Award on October 5th James Barnes 'of Birmingham, who Miss Helen M. Dauncey of the
for full cooperation and support of National Recreation Association. "With the type of leaders that
heads the War Production Board The opening session was devoted we have in every county and the
the war effort through Civilian De- offices in Alabama.
fense activities. to introduction of recreational ob- fine preliminary work, which they
Mr. Paterson is very prOUd of this jections and registration. The sec- have done, we can state with con-
The presentation was made by pennant, which will be hung from
Mrs. George Lewis Bailes) Director ond day'S agenda provided for an fidence that the Alabama War Chest
the front of the building housing outline of program planning for all quota of $1,100,368.40 will be raised
of the Jefferson County Citizen Ser- the Alabama Defense Council and
vice Corps at an appr'opriate cere- ages; active games for young and in full," campaign leaders told the
Salvage drive. old; and study of leadership meth- governor.'
mony over WAPI on the "Dear
Public" program, which is the' ex- ods. PubliciZing of the recreation Voicing his appreciation to those
clusive feature of the Burger-Phil- program and game and party tech- conducting the campaign in each of
lips Company. Post War Program niques were discussed at length.
Presentation of balanced commu-
Alabama's 67 counties, Governor
Sparks said,
Immediately following the attack
on Pearl Harbor, Mr. Simpson
Planned By State nity programs was the feature of "I want to take this opportunity
the closing day. to express my deep appreciation to
placed "Dear PuJ:lic" a daily pro-
gram of 15 minutes sponsored by
Health Officer In her endorsement of the Insti- each and every county chairman
his Company at the disposal of all tute, Mrs. James Fitts Hill, Chair- who is so generously sacrificing his
local war agencies. This was given Plans for restoring all activities man of the Youth Club Committee time and devoting his energies to
without restriction and without ad- of the State Health Department, and the Parent-Teacher Council this patriotic and important task.
vertising of any nature, the name which have been discontinued tem~ said: "Alabama is fortunate to be able
porarily as a result of the war to command the type of leadership
of Burger-Phillips seldom being "Montgomery is fortunate that
designated as donating the time. emergency and for the launching for the second year there is be- which has assumed this responsi-
of new activities in the postwar ing held a Recreational Institute, bility and can be relied upon to
Through the careful planning of period were discussed by Dr. B. F.. The city, with its new expanding carryon until our part is done.
Mrs. Bradley, who supervises the Austin, State Health Officer at a "Alabama can take pride in being
programs, each organization has one recreation program, will need sym-
two day conference of county health pathetic the first state to organize a State
day a week to present its program and trained leaders. The
officers and public health nurses War Chest. Our chest inspired for-
and its needs to the Dear Public. institute offers a splendid field for mation of the National War Fund
recently held in Montgomery. this need."
These organizations would have It was announced that all who on the pattern of the Alabama plan.
been greatly handicapped for pub- The pullic health fields specially
licity due to the shortage of news- in need of expansion, according to attend four of the five sessions will This makes it the more imperative
print, had it not' been for this the State Health Officer as soon as receive a certificate from the Nat- that we lead the field in raising our
splendid gift of radio time. additional personnel becomes avail- ional Recreation Association. quota in our Victory appeal for our
able are sanitation, venereal disease own and for our allies."
The recruitment of Marines, control, maternal and child health Haygood Paterson, Director of the
V,raves, Spars, and Wacs, all phases
of Civilian Defense work, Red Cross
work, and industrial hygiene. Fat Salvage .still State Defense Council is serving as
President of the AlaJ:ama War Chest,
programs, War Service information
Among' the speakers of the con-
ference was Dr. M. S. 'Whiteside,
Vitally Important Major Harwell G. Davis, of Bir-
from committees of the Alabama Cullman County Health Officer, mingham, State Appeal Chairman
Federation of vVomen's Clubs and The American Fat Salvage Com- and J. L, Bedsole, of Mobile, Appeal
who served as Deputy State Chief, mittee urges American housewives
Parent-Teacher Associations, and Emergency Medical Service of the to realize that fat salvage is still Co-Chairman.
Office of Price Administration or- Alabama State Defense Council. Chairmen and Co-Chairmen who
ders have all been widely publicized urgently necessary, regardless of will head the campaign in their re-
throug'h this generous' gift of radio viCtory in Europe. After the de- spective counties are:
time. feat of Germany there will still be Autauga - Judge F. L. Gaddis,
In addition to the "Dear Public" Selective Service needed a vast amount of munitions Prattville, Allen Stewart,· Prattville;
and medicines to defeat Japan, and
period, every phase of Civilian De-
fense has been featured on the air
To Aid Veterans these all need used fat.
Baldwin-Kirby Wharton', Fairhope;
Barbour-A. 1. Grubbs, Eufaula,
by Burger-Phillips: War Stamps and Machinery and manufactured Clinton Jones, Clayton; Bibb-J.
Bonds, salvage drives, cadet nurse Col. Gordon Snow, regional Se- goods will be required in increased Fred Wood, CenterVille; James L..
(Turn to page 3) lective Service field officer, declared amounts for the rehabilitation of (Turn to page 3)
before a recent gathering of Ala- Europe and used fat is absolutely
bama Draft Board clerks that Se- essential for these.
1944 QUOTA OF THE lective Service in the demobilization Fat salvage must go on not only YOUR GIFT TO
NATION AL WAR FUND period does not intend to compete until after the defeat of Japan but THE ALABAMA WAR CHEST
IS $115,000,000 with existing employment agencies until the production of fats and oils IS A HELPING HAND
ALABAMA'S QUOTA IS but rather to utilize them as helpful in the Paci:wc Island areas can be THAT GOES AROUND THE
$1,100,368.40 channels when the veteran returns brought back to prewar production ENTIRE WORLD
to civilian life. levels.

Fire Protection State Defense Council Employee Marshall Studies

Afforded Schools Physical FItness
All rura{' schools in Alabama, I ~ Demonstrates Tank Extinguisher ..l Marshall County was the first
which have no fire protection will county in Alabama to exhibit inter-
be given pump tank extinguishers est in the nationwide plan to have
by the State Defense Council. war memorials in the form of parks,
H. Burton Andrews, Chief Civil- playgTourlds and recreation centers.
ian Protection has turned over a Judge Oscar Horton has been fur-
supply of pump tanks to the De- nished all of the information on the
partment of Education for distribu- subject by Haygood Paterson, ad-
tion. visor for the 7th dis.trict of the
These tanks orig"inally designed United States for the Commission
to put out incendiary lombs in case of War Memorials for Physical Fit-
of air raids will be excellent to ex- ness of which George Trautman of
tinguish small fires or grass fires Columbus, Ohio is the national
when first started. They hold five chairman.
gallons of water, have ajudstable Advisor Paterson, answering pro-
nozzle, and can readily be operated bate Judge Horton's request for in-.
by a school child. formation, enclpsed ·i.hree pamphlets
explaining this' nationwide plan.
From all over the United States,
Air Raid Wardens according to Chairman Trautman,
Given Instructions inquiries are rolling in at national
headquarters in Columbus seeking
For V -1 Day details of the Physical Fitness plan.
It is taking like wildfire all over
When Germany capitulates the the Nation because of the fact that
Jefferson County' Auxiliary Police so many American young men were
and Air Raid Wardens of the Pro- found so unfit upon examination
tective Corps will be ready to assist for the Army.
governmental authorities maintain
order. Captain John H. Atkinson.
Director of the Protective Corps is Boys And Girls
widely putlicizing the following
Memorandum designed to instruct Must Return
certain units of the Protective Corps To Classroom
on V-I Day:
1. It appears that throughout One of the important.. problems
the United States programs' have right now is getting children back
been arranged to allow the citizens to school after the farm work of
to give vent to their feelings the the present season is over, accord-
day that Germany capitulates. ing to Director Haygood Paterson.
2. It is not the province of this State Children In Wartime com-
office, nor has it the authority to I mittee, an official organization of
set forth any plan for the cessation I the State' Defense Council is mak-
of work in the industrial plants, ing great effort to secure wide-
nor ·state that any business estab- Mrs. Carrie K. Andrews, efficient SEcretary to the State Defense spread cooperation from parents,
lishments should close. That is a Council Director shows just how easy. it is to operate a pump tank employers, and the children them-
matter solely for the decision of the extinguisher. These extinguishers, originally designed to put out selves in getting boys and girls back
management of each individual en- incendiary bombs in case of air raids have been turned over to rural into the classroom.
terprise. schools that have no fire protection. "Figures for 1943-1944 school term
3. Properly constituted govern- were short 21,000 from those of 1942-
mental authorities having requested 1943," said Martha Smith, Chairman
ceive instructions as to their duty of Birmingham for the purpose of of the State Children in Wartime
assistance from the Auxiliary Po-
in cooperating with the Auxiliary Regular Police protection. Committee. Since only 6,000 of this
lice and Air Raid Wardens of the
Protective Corps the following plan and Regular Police. 2. In the event a Regular Police loss could be placed in the Senior
set forth in the subsequent para- (c) In these districts above men- Patrol car or Auxiliary Police offi- High School category its seriousness
graphs have been agreed upon by tioned. the Senior Unit Commander cer are needed the request should cannot be minimized.
the requesting authorities, the Co- (Sector and Block Wardens) will te made direct to Auxiliary Police According to Miss Smith, figures
ordinator of Auxiliary Police and contact and remain in close touch Headquarters in each area in the for the past school term indicate
the Chief Air Raid Warden and with the Senior Auxiliary or Regu- event Auxiliary Police are not im- that non-attendance is more preva-
approved by the Director of· the lar Police officer in charge of each mediately available. lent in rural schools. "Though there
Protective Corps. under authority block or sector. 5. All Civilian Defense personnel may be equal opportunities through-
granted by the Jefferson County (d) It is recommended that the are requested to wear helmets, arm- out the State for all boys and girls
Defense Council. bands and provide themselves with to have eight months school." she
4. The following directions are Area and Precinct Wardens make a night stick. (Night sticks are continued, "rural children are the
for the benefit of the Air Raid War- their headqua-rters with the Senior available at 313 Courthouse at no worst losers in the use of this op-
Auxiliary Police Chief or Captain of cost to the individual). portunity. The percentage of en~
den Division: their respective areas.
(a) Upon definite knowledge that 6. The regular prescribed air raid rollment in ··average daily atten-
Germany has capitulated all Air (e) The conduct in the protec- signals will not be sounded, as it dance in rural areas was 79.2 against
Raid Wardens will report to their tion of life and property by Civilian would result in confusion within the 84.8 in cities for white children and
posts of duty and place the area un- Defense volunteers is purely a police defense plants. All Civilian Defense 82.7 in rural areas against 83.2 in
der their jurisdiction under strict problem and all effort should be volunteers will be called as far as cities for negro children. Can it be
surveillance for the purpose of pre- made to assist the Regular and practical over the chain of com- that rural children's school oppor-
venting· looting or nuisance against Auxiliary Police in the discharge of mand. tunity is being sacrificed to agri-
private property. their duty. 7. Any details not c~vered in this cultural labor?"
(b) In certain areas in the con- 1. Radio police cars will be sta- memorandum can be obtained from Children, according to Miss Smith
gested business districts of the tioned at each Auxiliary Police' the Auxiliary Police Coordinator or have been valiant workers in their
County, Air Raid Wardens will re- Headquarters within the city limits the Chief Air Raid Warden. effort to help in all labor shortage.

Capitol Heights Pupils Of Capitol Heights School. Lt. Col. Sheahan
School Cited For Praises Alabama
Salvage Program P6~e On Tons Of Baled Waste Paper
Lt. Col. Paul R. Sheahan, Indus-
The opening of school finds the trial Protection Officer of the
Junior Service Corps like the tra-. Fourth Corps Area of the ·Army, At-
ditional seven dwarfs whistling while lanta, Ga. was recently in Mont-
they·work. With redoubled effort, gomery conferring with H. Burton
they are trying to excel their very Andrews, State Chief Civilian Pro-
excellent record of last year. Every tection in regard to the States War
afternoon you will see these busy, Inspection Service program in Ala-
little workers-in fact, a thousand bama.
of them-proudly wearing their arm Colonel Sheahan congratulated
bands collecting paper, tin, and the civilian, volunteer inspectors on
grease. the outstanding work they had done.
The Capitol Heights Elementary To date they have inspected 157
School, of Montgomery, aware of its plants in the State of Alabama and
distinction as the winner of a Na- are making plans to inspect 32 addi-
tional Award for the best salvage tional plants recently turned over
program in the State is determined to them.
to maintain its record. When the Army personnel relin-
At the close of school last term a quished this special duty, the State
special exercise was held in the au- Defense Council selected men for
ditorium at which the student body ability, integrity, and loyalty as
was presented with a certificate of Americans. Their service has been
merit by the State Defense Council strictly voluntary. Plants are in-
and a citation by Governor Chaun- spected to ascertain whether they
cey Sparks. Group representing the Capitol Heights Elementary School in are maintaining adequate protective
The Certificate and Citation were Montgomery are posing on waste paper they collected and baled. measures against hazards of fire,
given in the presence of the entire Front: Sallie Flynn. Back, Left to Right: Barry Poe, Thomas Cook accident, sabotage, and unauthor-
school, with Phyllis Cardwell, a fifth and Sandra Fowler. Last school term, this school collected 40 tons ized entry.
grade pupil accepting in behalf of of paper, exceeding by far collections in other schools, thereby winning
the student body. a National Award for the best salvage p·rogram among schools in
The pU1)ils of the Capitol heights the State. Mobilization Order
Elementary School collected thirty For Training No. 1
and one-half tons of paper in this GOVERNOR SPARKS ferson-George Mattison, Birming-
particular contest. Under the di- (Continued from page 1) ham, W. H. Pitts, Birmingham; La- 1. Certain branches of the
rection of Mrs. Elizabeth Zachry, Jefferson County Civilian De-
mar-W. B. Wheeler, Sulligent;
teacher, they baled it for shipment. Meigs; Blount-W. J. Nash, Oneon- fense Protective Corps have been
The award for the best program ta, Luther D. Bentley; Bullock-J. Lauderda,le-W. H. Mitchell, Flor- requested by properly constituted
on salvage was made by the War W. Chappell, Jr., Union Springs, W. ence, Fred W. Os1:orn, Florence; authorities to assist in the pro-
Production Board on the "Truth or C. Blount, Midway; Butler-L. B. Lawrence - Robert B. Henderson, tection of life and property dur-
Consequences" nationwide eroadcast. Haygood, Greenville; Calhoun-Ju- Moulton; Lee-Sam Morgan, Ope- ing a contemplated celebration
lius P. Hagerty, Anniston, Dr. W. lika; Limestone--'.W. A. Owens, Ath- by the community on the day
J. Calvert, Jacksonville, J. Frllrik ens; Lowndes-T. S. Coleman, Fort that Germany capitulates.
MR. SIMPSON Howell, Piedmont; Chambers-John Deposit, W. B. Woodall, Hayneville; 2. The Units affected by this
A. Simmons, Lanett; Cherokee-J. Macon-H. A. Vaughn, Tuskegee; order will receive detailed in-
(Continued from page 1) O. Jordan, Centre; Chilton-Donald Madison-C. B. Ragland, Huntsville; structions as to the scope and
recruitment, Victory .gardens, etc. L. Blacketter, Clanton, A. Reedie Marengo-Jerome Levy, Demopolis, nature of the duties required of
All JEfferson County war agen- Taylor; Clanton; Choctaw - C. C. T. D. Boggs. Linden; Marion~Clyde them from the chiefs of their
cies have been warm in their praise Pittard, Butler; Clarke-Sen. Ger- Nix, Hamilton, C. J. Weathers, respective commands.
of Mr. Simpson and Mrs. Bradley )Jd D. Bradford, Grove Hill; Clay- Hamilton; Marshall- J. P. Willis, 3. The duty and service or-
for their interest and cooperation. H. L. McQueen, Ashland; Cleburne Guntersville; Mobile - Marion R. dered will come under the pro-
Their efforts have certainly made -W. L. Lancaster, Heflin; Coffee- Vickers, Mobile; Monroe-H. G. visions as set forth in O.C.D.
things easier· for the Birmingham Ed Shirling, Enterprise; Colbert- Greer, Monroeville; Morgan-Judge Regulations No.3, relating to
v'l!unteer workers, according to Mrs. George S. Lawrence, Tuscumbia; James H. Crow, Jr., Decatur; Perry Temporary War Civilian Security
Balles, whose entire organization is Conecuh-Maj. W. D. Lewis, Ever- --Sheldon Fitts, Marion, Ernest Program of the Federal Security
deeply appreciative of the contribu- green; Coosa-Charles Bentley, Rankin, Uniontown; Pickens-B. G. Agency as it affects certain Civ-
tion made by these unselfish citi- Goodwater; COVington-Luther M Robison, Carrollton; Pike - Harold ilian Defense Workers Injured on
zens. West, Opp; Crenshaw-Rev. W. B. Murphree, Troy; Randoloh-Jesse Duty, as set forth by the Presi-
Archer, Luverne; Cullman-O. B. C. Hearn, Roanoke; Russell-C. H. dent of the United States, let-
Hodges, Cullman; Dale-Judge F. Gunter, Phenix City; St. Clair-J. ters of February· 6, 1942 (Alloca-
"All Americans know it is a privi- O. Deese, Ozark; Dallas-Irving Ho- C. Odom, Pell City, Ray Gibson, tion No. 42-70) and October 5,
lege to contribute to the National henberg, Selma; DeKalb-H. C Ashville; Shelby-po B. Shaw, Co- 1942 (Allociation No. 42/3-56).
and Community War Funds in this Christopher, Fort Payne; Elmore- lumbia, Frank Head, Columbiana; John H. Atkinson
year of liberation. Complementing S. B. Reneau, Wetumpka, Ellis Aus- Sumter - Roland Adams, York, Capt..U. S. Army, Retired
our military campaigns the services Wetumuk'l. Ed Fain, Wetumpka, Thomas M. Tartt, Jr., Livingston; Director, Protective Corps
which flow from these funds reach John Law, Wetumpka; Escambia- Tallapoosa-S. H. Bradshaw, Jr., Jefferson County Civilian
out to friends and neighbors at
Joe A. Sowell, Brewton; Etowah- Alexander· City; Tuscaloosa-Judge Defense
home and abroad and to the op-
Paul Morrison, Gadsden; Frank E W. C. Warren, Tuscaloosa, Charles September 1, 1944..
pressed peoples of the world."
Wilhoit, Gadsden; Fayette - M. L. Boykin and Aaron Christian;
General Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Snow Hamner, Fayette; Franklin- Walker-Kelly Hyche, Jasper, Ike 1 . .- - - - - - - - - - - - - - _
Dr. Sam J. Snoddy, Russellville; Ge- May, Jasper, Lacey Brakefield, Jas-
1944 VICTORY APPEAL neva-Joel Johnson, Geneva; Greene per; Washington-Jesse L. Jordan, THE NEED THIS YEAR
WILL GIVE US AN -So D. Bayer, Eutaw; Hale-Virgil Chatom; WilCOX-Stanley C. God- IS GREATER THAN EVER;
OPPORTUNITY TO F. Crabtree, Greensboro; Henry - bold, Camden, A. C. Williams, R. H. VICTORY WILL BRING
SHARE WITH THOSE Rev. R. cT. Lee, Headland; Houston Liddell, W. P. Agee, P. D. Burford, MORE CALLS FOR RELIEF
WHO FIGHT· FOR US -J. A. Loque, Dothan; Jackson- .C. M. Watts; Winston-V. H. AI- FROM ALLIED NATIONS
Judge J. S. Benson, Scottsboro; Jef- bright. Haleyville.

Missions Of Mercy Alabama's Only Men In Uniform Defense Director

Your War Chest Woman Serving May Now Vote To Help Plan
Dollars Provide As Commander The Alabama War Ballot Com- War Memorials
mission advises that everything is
Here are some of the services per- Mrs. Fred Smith, Commander of ready now for getting absentee bal- Haygood Paterson, Director of the
formed by, National War Fund agen- the Baldwin County Citizens De- lots to qualified electors of Ala- Alabama Defense Council has teen
cies, thanks to the generous gifts of fense Corps at Daphne enjoys the bama in the armed services of the appointed on the War Memorials
the American public. signal honor of being the only wo- United States. Commission as advisor for District
For USO: USO operates 3,000 man Commander in the entire Ala- 7 which includes the States of Ala-
bama State Defense organization. On October 3rd, the Office of Sec- bama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi;
clubs and units in the Western
She arrived in Montgomery, an- retary of State announced that all South Carolina, and Tennessee.
Hemisphere from Alaska to Brazil
from Newfoundland to Hawaii. swering the call for competent men applications for absentee ballots had The War Memorials Commission
For Prisoners of War: "Barbed- -when Civilian Defense was yet in been forwarded to the respective is a National org~nization which
wire sickness" they call it, the empty its infancy, and was welcomed into probate judges and that these judges has, for its purpose the establish-
boredom that comes to prisoners of the Defense School conducted for were giving the matter prompt at- ment of war memorials in the Na-
war. War Prisoners Aid furnishes special training, returning to her tention. tion in the form of athletic and
own town with the knowledge and Some of the probate judges have recreational centers for young men
them with sports equipment, musi-
cal instruments, textbooks, other enthusiasm to organize competent advised that the ballots have already and women instead of marble monu-
books, and games. groups of Air Raid Wardens, Fire been mailed out. ments.
For Aid to Merchant Seamen: Fighters, Repair Crews, Messengers, The War Memorials Commission
etc. in requesting Mr. Paterson to serve
This service provides men with
"convoy nerves" with rest and recre- Mrs. Smith arranged for Standard What Price as Advisor of District 7 declared,
ation homes for rehabilitation and First Aid instruction for all groups Rationing· "We need your leadership in stimu-
psychological first aid. and went about systematically s'et- lating the program in these States
For Food lor Starving Allies: Five ting up a complete Defense Corps In America and hope you can find it possible
thousand Greek children have no Center to meet community needs. to accept because we know you will
As there was no physician avail- Lest we sometimes lose our do an excellent job."
homes except the canteens in Ath-
ens where they are fed once a day able she established a group head- perspective in viewing the very Mr. Paterson is accepting, wel-
by Greek War Relief. ed by a Graduate Nurse and made necessary problem of rationing coming an opportunity to stimulate
arrangements with Fairhope for for the benefit of all the follow- interest in the physical welfare of
For Seeds for the Scorched Earth: ambulance and hospital service in ing is reprinted from the current Southern youth. He calls attention
In many countries the devastated case of need. copy of OUTPOST, a monthly to the woeful lack of physical sta-
land is ready to grow food again. paper published by Americans in mina of the men of this Nation
The farmers have been so busy Trial Black-Outs were held and Britain:
the Defense Program carried out called for war service.
fighting that they have had no "Because it involves the ex- Twenty five per cent of the teen
chance to raise seed. A part of meticulously as outlined by the
State Council. Wardens are now change of bacon, even the Dun- age draftees were found unfit; 70
what they need will be supplied by
the National War Fund. assisting the schools with Salvage. mow Flitch, known in Great per cent of those from 38 to 45; and
For Medicines: Medicines are In fact, Daphne was among the Dunmow and the vicinity since 50 per cent of all of those between
first communities to hold demon- the twelfth century and men- 21 and 35.
needed to fight typhUS, tuterculosis,
and all the other dread plagues that stration of gases and train men and tioned by Chaucer, has come un-
women to distinguish between the der the steely-eyed Ministry of
follow the wake of war.
For Clothing: In many countries various kinds. Food. By this ancient custom War Service And
where there has been no great pro-
on Whit Monday married couples
Since World War I, Mrs. Smith who can prove that they have Relief Agencies
has lived continuously in Daphne, never quarrelled and have never,
duction of civilian clothing for years,
the need is acute. This winter will taking an active interest in all civic wlj,king or sleeping, wished them-
Aided By Chest
bring hardship and suffering if and philanthropic movements. She selves single since their wedding The twenty-two War Service and
great supplies of clothing are not was born at East Gilead, Mich., are awarded a "flitch of bacon" War Relief Agencies that will share
sent abroad. Feb. 1883, spending her childhood -defined by Webster's Diction- in the fund raised by the Alabama
in Ohio and Illinois, receiving her ary as a "side of cured hog.' War Chest are:
education in Chicago. Claims are tried before a jury
Volunteers Assist Coming to Alabama in 1901, she of six bachelors and six spinsters
USO (United Service Organiza-
tion) , United Seamen's Service, War
Agencies In All has resided in Daphne intermittent- amidst a certain amount of hi-
ly for the past forty years. For larious mock solemnity. This year
Prisoners Aid, Philippine War Re-
lief, Belgian War Relief Society,
Types Of Work seventeen years, this very unusual candidates who successfully con- British War Relief Society, United
woman traveled throughout the vinced the court that they had China Relief, American Relief for
The Volunteer Office of the Jef- United States, Canada, and Mexico come unscathec: through the
Czechoslovakia, American Denmark
ferson County Citizens Service Corps with circuses and wild west shows, "fiery furnace of Domestic tribu- Relief, American Relief for France,
rendered able assistance to the Of- training and exhibiting horses. She lation" had to bow to an un-
Greek War Relief Association,
fice of Price Administration, Gas is recognized as a most expert horse- sentimental Government Food
American Relief for Italy, United
Division during September in issu- woman and is a familiar picture in Control and hand back their
Lithuanian Relief Fund, Friends of
ing gas coupons. the saddle. prize unsampled.-From Oregon Luxembourg, American Relief for
By means of volunteer help an The success of the Baldwin Coun- State Defense Council. Norway, Polish War Relief, Queen
A-gas tooks were issued in the rec- ty Defense Corps is due largely to I:. ~
Wilhelminia Fund, Russian War Re-
ord time of 2 weeks. the efforts of its Commander and
VOLUNTEERS ASSIST lief, United Yugoslav Relief Fund,
Mrs. H. p. Thetford, Chairman, the contagion of her enthusiasm. American Field Service, Refugee
volunteer office, contacted a wide Commander Smith attributes the (Continued from Col. 3)
Relief Trustees, U. S. Committee for
number of women's clubs and or- success of the Baldwin County De- Council of Jewish Women furnished the Care of European Children.
ganizations and each group pro- fense Corps to the capable and all volunteers on two days of each
vided workers on specified days. whole hearted assistance of her co- week. A colossal task confronts the
The Order of Eastern Star and workers. Among those, who have In addition to volunteers who as- world in getting thirty million peo-
(Turn to Col. 3) rendered able assistance are Gus sisted O. P.' A., others have been ple back to their homes
Bertagnolli, head Qf Transportation, solicited for work with the Com-
Fred Smith, director of Air Raid munity Chest, the Anti-Tuberculosis
22 WAR RELATED Wardens, J. J. Andrews, Chief of Association and the Protective MEDICINES-FOOD AND
AGENCIES WILL BE Police, Repair, and Construction, Corps, O. C. D. CLOTHING WILL BE
Hazel Council, in charge of the First
THE 1944 ALABAMA Aid Station, Tumpsie Trione, Chief War Priso~ers Aid has been a YOU CONTRIBUTE TO
WAR CHEST APPEAL of Messengers, A. J. Smith, Mayor Godsend in helping keep active THE ALABAMA WAR CHEST
and his Council. young men busy.

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