a room or building, especially in a factory etc where construction and repairs are
carried out.
outdoor current of air.
3. WET
containing, soaked in, or covered with, water or another liquid.
moderately, or comfortably, hot.
an apparatus for
a person from
the rain,
afolding covered framework attached to a stick with a handle.



(on) the night of this present day.
(on) the day after today.
any of various creative forms of expression.
to happen.
to be one of a group of people doing something, to take anactive share in
(eg playing a game, performing a play, holding adiscussion etc).
filled with sunshine.
to lie or sit in the sun, especially wearing few clothes, in order to get a suntan.

usually used for a particular purpose. games. SONGWRITER a person who writes songs (usually pop songs) for a living. 23. railroad station. RUN (of a person or animal) to move quickly. RECORD (in races. 18. round. RAILWAY STATION A train station. forms of worship etc of a religion. 27. faster than walking. 17. 21. or depot. PUT ON to switch on (a light etc). crumbling biscuit. SCOTCH BROTH is a filling soup. something which has never yet been beaten. 25. is a railway facility where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers or freight. 15. SHOW to allow or cause to be seen. 26. shapes etc. SPECTACULAR impressive. SLIP to slide accidentally and lose one’s balance or footing. or almost any activity) the best performance so far.13. ROOM one part of a house or building. . SUGGESTION the act of suggesting. 22. dramatic. originating in Scotland but now obtainable worldwide. 14. thick-skinned yellow fruit. 24. eaten as food. PUMPKIN a kind of large. 16. 19. SCULPTURE the art of modelling or carving figures. SHORTBREAD a kind of crisp. 20. RELIGIOUS following the rules.

28. 29. LIGHT the brightness given by the sun. LUCKY having good luck. 39. PRODUCE to make or manufacture. PONY a small horse. some event. PRIZE something won in a competition etc. MAYPOLE a decorated pole for dancing round on May Day. 30. LENGTH distance from one end to the other of an object. POET a person who writes poems. LAST most recent. POETRY the art of composing poems. . NEXT nearest in place. 34. a flame. 36. 38. PAVEMENT a paved surface. PARADE a line of people. time etc. vehicles etc moving forward in order often as acelebration of 37. period oftime etc. 42. PARTICULARLY more than usually. enough. 40. 41. 31. lamps etc that makes things able to be seen. 32. next before the present. PLENTY a sufficient amount. especially a a road for people to walk on. 33. paved footpath along the sides of 35.

53. 48. 56. GET TOGETHER to meet. HARVEST the process or period of gathering in crops. GLOVE a covering for the hand. and seasoning and boiled in a bag. 44. HIRE (often with from) to get the use of by paying money. which has a strong taste and smell and is used in cooking. 55. HAPPEN to take place or occur. ICE frozen water. ICY very cold. IN ADVANCE Before (hand). to occur by chance. KID a popular word for a child or teenager. GET to receive or obtain. oatmeal. HEAR OF ___________________________________________________________________ 49. GOOD LUCK an expression of encouragement made to someone who is about to take part in a competition. traditionally one made from the animal's stomach. HAGGIS Scottish dish consisting of a sheep's or calf's offal mixed with suet. GARLIC a plant with a bulb shaped like an onion. 45. 51. 52. 54. 47. sit an exam etc. 50. 46. .43.

ENTERTAINMENT the act of entertaining. 62. fog. 67. DRY having little. 70. ENTERTAINER one who gives amusing performances professionally. eg fancy dress. DRESS UP to put on special clothes. 68. moisture. FACE PAINTING is a fun way to dress up—no costume required. value etc. 60. rain etc. 63. FOURTH one of four equal parts. 61. DRAWING (the art of making) a picture made with a pencil. or covered with. 64. DUO two people who perform together 69. FIND OUT to discover. FESTIVAL an occasion of public celebration. 72. FOCUS the point at which rays of light meet after passing through alens. FUSION the act of melting together. FOGGY full of. DIVIDE . sap. 71. EQUAL the same in size. crayon etc. amount. 66. or no. 59.57. FOLK people in general. 65. 58.

77. having. 86. COMPETITION people competing for a prize etc. 79. smoke etc. 80. 82. 74. COOKERY the art or practice of cooking food. COMING OF AGE In much of the world the age at which an individual is considered fully capable is usually between 16 and 21 years. 73. CROWN a circular. DEMONSTRATION to show clearly. 75. COME ALONG to progress 84. 85. or covered with clouds. CLOUDY full of. 81. CRAFT an art or skill. DANCE to move in time to music by ma-king a series of rhythmic steps. DISPLAY to show. striking etc. CLEAN free from dirt. head-dress. COME BACK TO LIFE __________________________________________________________________ separate into parts or groups. amark of royalty or honour. (something) to make more 76. CELEBRATION . often jewelled. DECORATE to add some kind of ornament etc to beautiful. especially one worn as 78.

ANNUAL happening every year. 94. AS USUAL something is repeated. 90. for giving light. 93. AUTUMN the season of the year when leaves change colour and fall and fruits ripen. BOWLING the game of skittles. . BIRTHDAY the anniversary of the day on which a person was born. activity. BY AIR by plane. anxious. 98. 89. 96. 97. 88. 100. CAMPING the activity spending a vacation living in a camp. BEGINNING the point in time or space at which something starts. ARRANGE to put in some sort of order. 91. typically social. walrus. 87. bowls or something similar. elephant etc. AVAILABLE able or ready to be used. or impatient. BULL the male of the ox family and of the whale. BLOW a stroke or knock. CAN´T WAIT Be very eager. 92. 101. CAMPSITE a piece of land on which tents may be pitched. 95. or camper. tent. CANDLE a moulded/molded piece of wax with a wick in the centre.the action of marking one's pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable. 99.

ACCOMMODATION room(s) in a house or hotel in which to live. from. 104. 114. AHEAD in front. 108. . APRIL the fourth month of the year. and the shortening of the days on their gradual march to winter. SCOTTISH usually refers to something of. 110. the month following January. 103. JUNE the sixth month of the year. 107. the month following September.102. or related to Scotland. MIDSUMMER´S DAY the festival is primarily a Celtic fire festival. ABROAD in or to another country. ACTIVITY the state of being active or lively. OCTOBER the tenth month of the year. a country in Northern Europe. the month following May. 106. INDEPENDENCE DAY it is a national day of remembrance. the month following March. 113. 105. in advance.. 109. 112. HALLOWEEN a Christian festival on 31 Oct. FEBRUARY the second month of the year. 111. especially for a short time. SWEDISH anything from or related to Sweden. when children dress up and play“trick or treat!”. representing the middle of summer.