TKT Training for EF Quito

Lesson One
Module 1 Unit 9 Motivation from Background to language learning
1. Define motivation and explain it’s importance in the language learning
2. Identify at least 2 reasons people are motivated to learn a second
3. Give an example of how to motivate a particular group of students
Introduction and warm up
From a conversation donut (see accompanying instructions)
Topics as below

Give your reasons for attending this course to your partner
Move partners and share previous person’s reasons and your own to
your next partner
Give an example of a teacher you have had in your learning (whether
in a language or any other subject) who was motivating for you and you
were motivated during his her lessons. Explain why.
Move one more time and share previous partner’s responses and your
own to next person

Form groups and brainstorm what motivation means. Come up with a
definition and at least 4 reasons why motivation in the classroom is important.
Present this to the rest of the class. (Provide paper and markers to do this.)
Learning Outcomes 1 and 2
(Give out handout from TKT book with definition and key concepts)
Groups discuss and add to this if needed
Learning Outcome 3
Key concepts and the language teaching classroom
How teachers can motivate their students
In groups give out the examples from TKT with the example groups of
students and ask teachers to match these.
Discuss and add to these with own personal experiences

reading websites and books for ideas. using new resources relative to your students Putting yourself in the place of your learners. make the course feel relevant to the learners lives) Increase the learners’ awareness of the goals (i.e.g. what they want to achieve) Familiarize learners with the target language culture Giving learners a story about skateboarding because you know many of them like it Encouraging learners to meet some first language speakers of English Giving learners a test which is quite easy for most of them Asking learners which of four texts they would like to listen to next lesson Giving learners reading tests about working in an English speaking country Teaching with enthusiasm and interest Present language to learners in small bits which they are able to learn easily Talking to a learner after the class about the problems in their last homework and how they can make better progress Encouraging and praising learners even weak ones Making sure your lessons are varied and well paced Your learners love doing crosswords – you find another one for them to do .e. Resources to use for teaching motivation unit Set a personal example with your own behaviour (i.e. help learners feel good at learning the language) Make the language classes interesting Promote learner autonomy Personalize the learning process (i. try to prevent anxiety in yourself or the learners) Present tasks in an interesting way which makes the tasks seem achievable to the learners Develop a good relationship with the learners Increase the learners self confidence about language learning (i. be motivated as a teacher) Create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom (i.e. peer observation.e.Reflection Discuss and exchange ideas with others about ways of increasing your learners’ motivation and how you can increase your own in your teaching e.

) Exchange ideas with others about ways of increasing motivation or ask other teachers if you could watch all or part of their lesson to see how they encourage motivation Plan lessons that are interesting for your learners so find out what their interests are and vary these each lesson to cater for all interests.learnenglish.eslpartland.html www. www.englsih-zone. Pearson Education Ltd 1999. 1992 and Communication games (Beginners’. Intermediate) by Jill Hadfield.Follow up activities Look at resources on the web www. Put yourself in the place of your learners and be self critical about whether you lessons are motivating for them Materials Needed Copies of handouts photocopied and pages form TKT book in case people don’t have theirs Large pieces of paper and markers Copy of follow up and notes for personal reflection and or homework .com/teachers/nov/music.