This paper aims to discuss and analyze te future inventions. Moreover, I will focus on the
development of flying cars that will help with the reduction of traffic jamp in big cities . Also,
roads is so lousy and transportation is very difficult in some countries. That’s why , we need
to design a new transport route.
In the second paragraph; I will discuss the benefits of flying cars for people and the
environment , such as time-saving , lack of traffic problems and car accidents and lack of
populationin the cities. Today , transportation is difficult because of traffic problems and road
contitions due to population growth. For example, while the normal drive 120 km distance in
3 hours, flying drive can be reached in less than 1 hour. Meanwhile , the problem traffic
accidents will be reduced to a minimum. Recently, gasoline isn’t cheap anymore. This new
design flying cars can be solar energy or electricity.
The third paragraph gives more details about the production of flying cars ;
1. Solar –powered will be
2. Giving the command will work (with voice)
3. Sensor will be
4. Direction finding ability will be (like GPS)
5. It can fly from a height of more than 10 or 15 meters
6. The wings of the plane will be closed in the normal way when needed and can go
7. It will be for 2 people
8. It will have a carrying capacity of up to 250 kg
9. Lightweight aluminum and plastic materiels will be used
10. It will be resistant against the circulation of air, stor or flash of lightning
11. It can adjust the distance of departure and destination.
12. Able to work with electricity when the sun is not the source
13. It can get easily the distance of 200 km
The design will improve the quality of life and life-saving for people.
In the concluding paragraph , I will draw a comparison between the disadvantages of modern
cars and numerous benefits of flying cars. Design new cars can fly throught the building
without cutting trees , it will not launch dirty exhaust waste the environment , it can produce
its own energy and it can take longer distances in less time. Disadvantage , being passed in
series production. In prototype stage , it can lead to high costs because the creation of specific
engineering calculations in accordance with the project , material supply, instalattion and
testing will take a certain period. In many places and many condititions of testing will
increase the cost to the series production stage so the cost will increase a lot from other cars.
According to the demanding requirements , designs developed , the next series will also be