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Finance Department, Civil Secretariat.
Srinagar, t h e 3 \ ~ b u l ~ , 2 0 1 2 .
I n exercise of the powers conferred by proviso to
section 124 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, the
Governor is pleased to direct that the followirlg amendments
shall be made in the Jammu & Kashmir Subordinate Judicial Pay
Rules, 2011, Issued vide SRO-244 dated 5thAugust, 2011.


I n the said Rules:I n serial No 6 of Rule 06, in the Column Revised ACP,the
following shall be added as a proviso:"Provided that, if any super time pay scale has been
awarded to district judges, equal to 10% of the cadre
strength, instead of 10% of the selection grade
strength, in contravention of the above rule, the same
shall be allowed to continue in their personal capacities.
The future strength shall be maintained strictly @ 10%
of the Selection Grade strength of District Judges and
the relevant, recruitment rules be modified accordingly.


I n Rule 7, the following amendments shall be made in
respect of payment of arrears through the GPF Route:a. I n sub Rule-"A", the portion from the words ' with lock
in period to Goverment employees" be deleted.
b. I n sub Rule 'B, the portion, from the words "with lock
in period to the date of its drawl", be deleted.
By order of the Governor.

(Iqbal ~ h a n d e ~ )
Principal Secretary to Government
Finance Department

Copy to the:-

Advocate General, J&K High Court SrinagarJJammu
Principal Resident Commissioner, 5-Peithvi Raj Road New, Delhi.
All Financial Commissioners.
All Principal Secretaries to Govt.
Principal Secretary to Hon'ble Chief Minister.
Chief Electoral Offlcer, J&K Jammu.
All Commlssioner/Secretaries to Govt.
Divisional Commissioner SrinagarJJammu.
Accountant General Srlnagar/Jammu.
Secretary to Chief Justice J&K Hlgh Court SrinagarIJammu.
Registrar General J&K High Court Srinagar/Jammu
Head of
Departments/Managlng DirectorIChief Executive of
StatPSUs/Autonomous Bodies.
Secretary to GovernorIChief Minlster/public Service Commissioner Legislative
Assembly/Legisiative Council.
All District Development Commissioners.
Director Budget, Finance Department
DirectorJDy. Director Audlt and Inspections Finance Deptt.
DirectorJDy. Director Accounts &Treasuries SgrJJammu.
DirectorJDy. Director Fund Org. SrinagarJJammu.
FA & CAO Flood Control and Hydel Projects Sgr.
Director Information J&K SrlnagarJJammu.
Principal Northern Zonal Accountancy Tralnlng Instltute Jammu.
Principal Acpuntancy Training School Srinagar.
All Financial Advisors & CAO's
All Treasury OfficersIDistt. Treasuries Officers.
General Manager Govt. Press for publication in Govt. Gazette
Chief Accounts Officer Examiner Local /Fund Audit Cell.
Prpl. Pvt. Secretary to Chief Secretary
Pvt. Secretary to Mlnisterl State Mlnistersl Dy. Ministers for inf. to the Hon'ble
All officers/Sectional Officers of Finance Deptt.





(Dr. M. Ishaq Wani)