Requirements Document

Stock Tracking System

Shridharshan R R

Stock reviews. User should be able to filter stock scrip based on custom constraints. Administrator should be able to suspend users based on user activity. Allow overdrawing in case of emergency. Stakeholder requirements           User should be able to maintain multiple watch lists. Administrator should be able to deal with different Data providers on demand. Features 3. Watch list with sector-wise grouping. Features         Portfolio manager. Stakeholder requirements 2. Administrator should be able to view vital site statistics. Keep information about current holdings confidential. Use Case requirements 5. Should be able to get stock alerts even when user is off-line. IPO alerts. Advanced querying with SQL like syntax for customized querying. SMS based alert for offline users.Requirement types: 1. Supplementary requirements 4. Glossary requirements 1. See currently tending stocks based on the community usage. Trends with sector wise segregation. View information such as fundamental and technical analysis about stocks. .  Scale site resources according to user load. Graphical monitoring of site traffic with individual user stats to detect malicious user activity. 2.

.  Funds transfer should be quick.  Information displayed should be real-time or delayed by a maximum of 2 seconds.prompt the user find his login id by using account number and otp. Use Case requirements 1)login page should be highly secured cases: 1) if user enters wrong login id .revert the money back..  Login using multi factor authentication. .accno and otp. prompt him to set new password by using login 3) if user enters wrong password for a repeated no of times limited time( ex: 30min). 2) if ifsc code is wrong .. browser friendly. block login for 2) all the transactions should be done only after a thorough checking of details. 4) if money is not transferred but deduction is done from user account( revert the transaction back). cases: 1) if wrong account number . make sure that server will recheck after some time and based on transaction status process the request. 3) if any network problem occurred during transaction time . 2)if user forgots password id.  Should be certified by the SEBI 4..  The application should be always up or uptime should be 100% during market trading hours. Supplementary requirements  Client application should be lightweight.3. revert the money back.

also called a user role. 6) user: a customer who will interact with a system either directly or indirectly (for example. software system. 4) process: a sequence of activities performed for a given purpose. a process description is a documented definition of those activities. or hardware device that interacts with a system to achieve a useful goal. . 8)dashboard: a entrance frame where all basic data is available. 5) stakeholder: a person. 9)imps :instant money transfer serice ( instant transfer of money) 10)revert:undoing the transaction.3) account’s security should be high cases: 1) if login has been done on a new system for first time . is affected by its outcome. also called end user. 7)window: a separate pane or area which contain information refgarding the searched item. if same thing is going on every time (block it). glossary: 1)payee: a person or account whose account is going to get credit by money. save the network ip address (or) gps address and send that to users mail id. or organization that is actively involved in a project. 5 . or can influence its outcome. 2) actor: a person. group. 2) if not properly logged out send a message to user mobile no to logout properly. 3) constraint: a restriction that is imposed on the choices available to the developer for the design and construction of a product. using outputs from the system but not generating those outputs personally).