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“Vedic astrologers” read dharmashastras upside down!

A common question I am often asked is, “Why are you against ‘Vedic astrology’ and not against other predictive methods like palmistry, Tarot etc. etc. Do you believe in them"?. The answer is an emphatic no. Then why am I against “Vedic astrology” alone?   “Vedic astrology” and Vedic calendar have an inherent mutual conflict!  As is common knowledge by now, there is a direct conflict between Mesha, Vrisha etc. rashi based jyotisha, whether sayana or nirayana, and the real Vedic calendar, since there are no Mesha etc. rashis (nor Mangal, Shani etc. planets) but only Madhu, Madhava etc. months, tithi, nakshatras and Udgayana etc. phenomena in the Vedas, Brahnmanas and the Vedanga Jyotisha etc. whereas “Vedic astrology” cannot survive without Rashis and Mangal, Shani etc. planets. “Vedic astrologers” are imposing those very imaginary rashis -–zodiac means an imaginary “circle of animals!”---on the Hindu calendar dictating simultaneously that even if there are no Mesha etc. Rashis in the Vedas or the Vedanga jyotisha etc., we must celebrate all the Vedic, Pauranic and geographic/seasonal festivals like Uttarayana, Vasanta Navratra or Sharadiya Navratra etc. on days suggested by “Lahiri jyotishis” and not the Vedanga Jyotisha or the Puranas or even geographical phenomena etc.!  “Vedic astrologers” never quote the exact references in spite of repeated reminders!  To continue their opposition to the real Vedic calendar because of its conflict with “Vedic astrology”, these “Vedic astrologers” are claiming that predictive gimmicks through Ashvini, Bharni etc. nakshatras which, according to them, are subsumed in Mesha, Vrisha etc. rashis vis-à-vis Mangal, Shani etc. planets have been advocated/permitted/sanctioned by our dharmashastras! Some moderators/owners of astrology forums even claim that the Atharva Veda has given results of being born in different nakshatras! Another "Vedic astrologer" says that "the sun went to meet the Bull" means the astrological sign Vrishaba as per the Vedas! As they are not quoting the relevant shlokas/mantras in support of their arguments, in spite of being asked to do so repeatedly, they are liars and are obviously making a fool of everybody!   A “Vedic astrologer” had even claimed "The Manu Smriti is the oldest Dharmasashtra and the fact that it permitted astrology means that astrology was permitted from the beginning of the Hindu civilization." But, as is the habit of these “Vedic astrologers”, he also has not quoted any shloka in support of his “declaration”!   The facts of the case, however, are:  “Nakshatra-jeevis i.e. jyotishis must be debarred from performing any religious rites”-Manu  I request these "Vedic astrologers" to do some introspection after reading as to what the Manu has said actually about "nakshatra-jeevis" (jyotishis!) in shloka 162 of third adhyaya, and I quote:  "hasti go ashva ushtra damako NAKSHATRAIR YASHCHA JEEVATI,   pakshinam poshako yashchai, yudhacharyas tathaiva chai.." 



This shloka in the Manusmriti is actually in the context about as to which people are to be debarred from performing diava and pitrya karyas i.e. yajnyas etc for gods and oblations etc. for the Manes, and the Manu has said unequivocally "Trainers of elephants, cows, horses; ANYONE WHO EARNS HIS LIVELIHOOD BY DINT OF NAKSHATRAS and one who puts birds into cages are not allowed to perform any daiva or pitra karya"  The Hindi translator of Kshemraj Shri Krishendas, Bombay, edition of the Manusmriti has translated the above shloka as follows, “haathi, bail, ghoda aur oont – in sabko sikhane wale aur JYOTISH SE JEEVIKA KARNE-WALE—yeh sab shubha karya main varjit hain”. Is this the permission that the Manu is supposed to have granted?  The same “Vedic astrologer” who had said that the Manu had “permitted astrology” had said further, "If Avtarji has not read what the Manu Smriti says about astrology he has no right to say that astrology is not sanctioned in the ancient past." It means, thus, that he, like all his counterparts, has read the Manusmriti upside down!  “One must forget bhagya and only stick to purushartha”---Manu  The same “Vedic astrologer” had also said that the Manu has advised that a king must consult a jyotishi. However, again, he has not quoted any shloka in support of his argument and it appears that he is confusing, because of his Tamoguni budhi, the Manu with Varahamihira! It is the latter according to whom a king must definitenly have a "samvatsarika"! The Manu was not a fatalist. He was a scholar extraordinary with practical knowledge of statecraft besides the Vedas etc. and what he has actually advised the king to do, instead of consulting soothsayers, is:  “bakavat chinatayet arthan simha vat chai prakramet  Vrika vat cha avalumpeta shashavat cha vinishpatet” Manusmriti 7/106 

i.e. "Like a kingfisher eager to hunt some fish in the river/sea/lake, a king must concentrate on increasing his wealth (a kingfisher does not consult soothsayers before pecking at the fish!). A king must jump on his enemy like a lion jumps on its prey (lions do not consult ‘Vedic astrologers’ before jumping on their preys). Like a wolf a king must kill his enemy even if it is hidden in a fort (No astrologer has as yet claimed that he was consulted by some wolf!). Like a hare, a king must know how to extricate himself from tricky situations (Does anybody know if any rabbit has consulted some jyotishi?)"   In 7/182-83, the Manu has said, "A king must wage a war in the month of Margasheersha or Phalguna or any other suitable period when he is sure of his victory by dint of the opponent king having got addicted to some bad habits etc.”  Consulting fortune tellers is definitely a fad, a bad habit, an addiction and has been proscribed by shastras since it makes one very unsure of himself/herself and leaves him/her at the mercy of soothsayers, most of whom are liars and quite a few of whom call themselves "Vedic astrologers" these days. Example is better than precept and that example is: BJP was sent into wilderness as jyotishis had assured them that by advancing the elections, Shri A B Vajapayee would be the PM, come what may! Poor Vajpayeeji has all along been bedridden, after having lost his throne! No jyotishi had “foreseen” that!   Regarding "bghagya versus purusharth", this is what the Manu has said,  Naatmanam avamanyeta parvabhir abhisamridhibhih 



Aamrityoh shriyam anvishyet nainam manyeta durlabam,… (Manusmirit 4/137) i.e.  "If in spite of making efforts, one is not able to earn the desired amount of wealth, one must in no case feel himself/herself unfortunate but continue to make efforts till the end of his/her life, since it is not that difficult to earn wealth (by making proper efforts)"   The Manu has not advised that one must consult soothsayers to do some remedial measures or wear some gem to remove non-existent and imaginary kalasarpa doshas and ashtama shani and what not to get rid of penury!  The real crux of fate versus efforts has been described by the Manu in 7/205  Sarvam karmedam ayattam vidhane daiva manushye  tayor daivam achintyam tu manushe vidyete kriya  "What good or bad deeds have been done in our past births are in the hands of 'daiva'. What (good or bad deeds) we are doing now in this birth is up to us. Since what is past is past. It need not be pondered upon. But the present can certainly be taken care of (and as such, we should forget the past janmas and concentrate on good deeds in this janma---and certainly making a fool of the gullible public by making correct predictions from incorrect data is not a good deed at all, nor is it a “good deed” on the part of “clients” to run after soothsayers!).  To remove any doubts further from the minds of astro-buffs, the Manu has defined purushartha as follows:  “alabdham chaiva lipsyet labdham rakshyet prayatnatah  Rakshitam vardhayet chaiva vridham paatreshu nikshipet  Etachchaturvidham vidyat purushartha prayojanam   Asya nityam anushthanam samyak kuryat atandritah” 7/99-100  “One must attempt to obtain what he/she has not obtained yet. He/she must preserve what he/she has already earned, and keep on increasing it further. After having increased it, he/she should utilize (invest) it properly   “These are the four limbs/types of purushartha and one must always keep them in mind and act accordingly (and not waste his/her time and wealth and energy by running after nakshatrasoochis!)”.  Bhishma also has castigated nakshatra-soochis!  Let us hear what Bhishma had to say about “nakshatra-soochis”  “ahvayakah devalakah naakshatra gramayajakah  Ete brahmana chandalah maha-pathika panchakah”….. Shanti Parva 76/6  i.e. “Court bailiffs, pujaris of temples for the sake of money, those who study naksahtras (jyotishis!)…are chandalas even if they are Brahmins (and must be excluded from daiva and pitrya



karya)”. Bhishma also did not believe in bhagya (and therefore nakshatra-soochis!) but in purushartha:   Let us now hear Bhishma’s views about bhagya versus purushartha:  “utthanenna sada putra prayatetha yudishthira  Na hi utthanam rite daivam rajnyam artham prasadayet” Rajdharmanushasana parva 65/14  “Dear son Yudishthira, you must always rely on your own efforts since without your own efforts there is no question of any daiva (bhagya) bestowing any riches on any king”   “vipannam vai samarambhe santapam ma sma vai krithah  Ghattasvaiva sadaatmanam rajnyam eva paro nayah” Rajadharmanushasana parva 65/16  “If you are besieged by miseries, do not feel despondent. To struggle with adversities (without consulting soothsayers!) is the only way out for a king to come out of those adversities.”  Vishnugugupta Kautileeya a.k.a. Chanakya has no good words for nakshatra-soochis and astro-buffs!  The world famous statesman Chanakya (4th century BCE), in his Arthashastra, has dissuaded a king about consulting nakshatra-soochis in no uncertain terms:  “nakshatram ati prichhantam baalo artham ati vartate  Artho hyarthasya nakshatram kim karishyanti tarakah”  i.e. “ The objective (artha) eludes the foolish man (baalam) who enquires too much from the stars. The objective should be the nakshatra of the objective, of what avail are the stars”. We must not forget that Chankya destroyed the last king of Nanda-Vamsha, who was an astro-buff. It means thus that to destroy a powerful enemy you have to shun and not embrace nakshatra-jeevis!  Vasishtha Muni, the preceptor of Bhagwan Rama, also has chided astro-buffs and jyotishis:  Yoga-Vasishtha Maharamayana has nothing but sarcasm for jyotisha, jyotishis and also their clients in no uncertain terms when he has said:  “kaal vidbhir vinirneetaa yasyasti chira jeevita,   sa ched jeevati sanchhin shiras tad daivam uttamam  kaal vidbhir vinirneetam pandityam yasya raghava  anadyapita vidyash-ched vidvan tad daivam uttamama” Mumukshu vyavhar prakran 8/18-19  “Destiny may be said to be efficacious/effective, if some one for whom the jyotishis (fortune tellers) had predicted a long life survives even after he has been beheaded. 



“Destiny may be said to be something to be reckoned with, if some one for whom jyotishis had predicted great scholarship becomes a scholar without reading even a single alphabet himself/herself”  It is clear that after the nakshatra and/or utpata-soochaka works like “Atharva-Veda Parishishta” or “Parashara Samhita” etc. had been spawned, the real well wishers of Bharatavarsha like the Manu, Bhishma and Vasishtha and even Vishnugupta Kautileeya etc. had warned the Hindus in no uncertain terms about the pernicious effects of running after “nakshatra soochis” who are actually "chandalas" even if they are Brahmins!   Gautama the Budha also has warned about omen-mongers in no uncertain terms:  “Some brahmanas and shramanas earn their livelihood by taking to beastly professions and eating food brought to them out of fear; the say, ‘there will be a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, occultation of the stars, the sun and the moon will move in the correct direction, the nakshatras will move in the correct path, in the incorrect path, there will be precipitation of meteors, burning of the cardinal direction, earthquakes, roar of heavenly war drums, the sun, the moon and the stars will rise and set wrongly producing wide distress among all beings etc. (Just do not be taken in by their pranks!)” Digha nikaya, Vol I, p 68, Pali Text Book Society  All the dharmashastras are against nakshtra-schoochis/jeevis:  It is not only the Manusmriti and the Mbh or Yogavasishtha but every dharmashastra has castigated vociferously such “brahaman chandalas”  Let us see what Atri Samhita 383-385 has to say  “jyotirvido hyatharvanah keerah pauran-pathakah  Shradhe yajnye mahadane na varneeyah kadachanai   Shradancha pitaram gauram danam chaiva tu nishphalam  Yajnye cha parihanih syat tasmat tan parivarjayet  Aavkashchitrakarashchai vaidyo nakshatra pathakah  Chatur vipra na pujyante brihaspati samah yadi  “A JYOTISHI, AN ATHARVANA, ONE WHO NARRATES PURANAS FOR A LIVELIHOOD, ALL THESE ARE TO BE AVOIDED IN A SHRADHA AS WELL AS A YAJNYA AT ALL COSTS. IF THESE PEOPLE DO PARTICIPATE IN SHRADHAS ETC. ALL SUCH SHRADAS AND ANY CHARITIES TO THEM WILL BE NISHPHALA I.E. FRUITLESS. THEY WILL DO MAXIM HARM TO ANY YAJNYA IN WHICH THEY PARTICIPATE. THEY MUST THEREFORE BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS……A BRAHMIN WHO IS A NAKSHATRA PATHAKA I.E. ONE WHO READS NAKSHATRAS OF HIS CLIENTS HAS TO BE SHUNNED AND AVOIDED EVEN IF HE IS AS LEARNED AS BRIHASPATI, THE PRECEPTOR OF GODS ”.  It is worthwhile to note that the “Atharva Veda Parishishita” has advised to utilize the services of an Atharvana without fail whereas Atri Rishi has advised that an Atharvana, even if he is as wellread and intelligent as Brihaspati, has to be shunned like a “chandala”  I wonder if there can be anything more damaging/castigating for nakshatra-soochis---who call themselves “Vedic astrologers” these days---than Atri’s admonishments! 



Vridha vasishtha has called nakshtra soochis as papamoortih i.e. sin personified:  Nakshatra soochee kila papa-roopo, heyah sada sudharma kritye……. Vridha-Vasishta  A nakshatra soochi is sin personified and must be avoided at all costs in any good deed.   Was Varahamihira really a well-wisher of the Hindus or of the Greeks/Ionians, since he called the latter “mlechhas” but wanted the Hindus to worship them as Rishis because they knew astrolatory?  As everybody knows, Varahamihira, whom some “Vedic astrologers” address as “Parama pujya”--i.e. the “Most worshipful one”, has said in his Brihat Samhita 2/15   Mlechhah hi yavanas teshu samyak shastram idam sthitam  Rishi vat te-api pujyante, kim punar daiva-vid dvijah  ”Yavanas (Greeks and/or Ionians) are certainly mlechhas actually but as they know the shastra of astrology (predictive gimmicks!) they are worshipped like Rishis…”. However, all our shastras, as seen above, advise that even if a highly well read Brahmin like Brihaspati is a nakshatrasoochi/jeevi i.e. a jyotishi, he must be shunned like a chandala from all the religious functions!  Since it is those very “doctrines” that have been castigated by our Rishis that were later propagated/advocated by Varahimihira on the shoulders of Sphujidwaja’s Yavana Jatakam and Maya the mlechha’s Surya Sidhanta etc., we have to be extremely wary about the intentions of that Varahamihira and today’s “Vamadevas” and “Parasharas” who tell us that predictive gimmicks are “Vedic astrology” and who call those gimmicks as “Vedanga Jyotisha” which actually is a mathematical work for calculating tithi etc.  Since all the sages like the Manu, Vasishtha, Chanakya and even Gautama the Budha were of a pre-Varahamihira era, who was around in about 6th century AD, it means Varahamihira had either not read any of those admonishments---nay even our dharma-shastras---or ignored them deliberately. Most probably, it must be the latter, since that is what today’s “Vedic astrologers” are doing! It could also be that he read dharmashastras upside down, exactly like today’s “Vedic astrologers” who claim that the Manu had permitted astrology. It is, therefore, extremely doubtful that Varahamihira was a well-wisher of the Hindus, as he appears to have misguided them about his prowess of predictive gimmicks on the basis of a monstrous astronomical work viz. the Surya Sidhanta and advised them to treat even mlechhas as Rishis if they knew astrolatory!   It is worthwhile to note that the same “Vedic astrologer” who says that the Manu has “permitted astrology” goes on parroting that Varahamihira belonged to an era of 6th century BCE instead of 6th century AD, but, as is the habit of “Vedic astrologers”, he is not advancing any proofs for the same either!  Actually, some good for nothing Greek astronomer masqueraded as Maya, the father-in-law of famous Rakshasa king Ravana, at the fag end of Satya-yuga (sic!) and some “mlechhas” are masquerading today as “Vamadevas”, all teaching us “Vedic astrology” (sic!). You can draw your own conclusions about Varahamihira as well as today’s “Vamadevas” and “Parasharas” whose only aim is thus to derail the real Vedic calendar through “Vedic astrology”! That also reminds me that some jyotishis are sort of worshipping even Ravana for the astrological knowledge he is supposed to have bequeathed through his Ravana Samhita etc. works! I have seen that work also, and like Brihat Parashari, is the worst possible figment of imagination! 



Common-sense also demands to shun being a “kapurusha” (a fatalist eunuch!)  I remember having read, several decades back, a dialogue---perhaps--in Panchatantra. A shishya, after having met with failures in spite of his efforts, was disappointed and said to his Guru, “bhagyam phalati sarvatra, na vidya na chai paurusham” i.e. “It is only fate and neither efforts nor education etc., that work/frucitfy everywhere in case of a human being”. The Guru, however, retorted,   “udyoginam purusha simham upaiti lakshmi, daivena deyam iti kapurusha vadanti”---  “Only someone who acts like a lion i.e. one who makes Herculean efforts in spite of having met with failures, deserves the blessings of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. On the other hand, ‘bhagya will do everything’ is a pet dialogue of eunuchs”. That is also what Bhagwan Krishna advised Arjuna in the Gita:  “klaibyam ma sma gamah parthai naitat tvayi upapadyete  Kshyudram hridaya daurbalyam tektvotishtha parantapai”  “O Arjuna, don’t act like a eunuch! It does not behove you! Shake off your sloth and weak heartedness and get up and fight – act” Bhagwan Krishna did not ask Arjuna to consult any soothsayer nor did He advise Arjuna to “leave everything to your fate”. We also must, therefore, wake up and make every effort ourselves to save the Vedic calendar from the clutches of “Vedic astrologers”, instead of expecting some miracles!  “Try, try again”  I also remember having read in my school days a REAL STORY of some king, perhaps Rana Sanga of Rajasthan—I am not sure, that after fleeing from his opponents, he was hiding in a dilapidated house in ruins and was in utter frustration. There he saw a spider crawling towards its web but the ‘thread’ through which it was crawling snapped and it fell to the ground. The spider kept on trying again and again and it is said that it succeeded in going into its web after an eighth attempt. The king was amazed on the tenacity of the spider and got an inspiration, ‘Try, try again’ from that creature! Instead of running to some jyotishi, like today’s politicians, he made several attempts and ultimately succeeded in vanquishing his enemy. So if we really want to succeed in our efforts to streamline the Vedic calendar, the first thing we have to do is to shun “brrahmana-chandalas”.  Are our dharmacharyas aware of the damage that is being done to the nation by “Vedic jyotish”?  In a nutshell, all our shastras and common sense are against any sort of indulging in “bhavishyadarshan” especially as it is the greatest obstacle in streamlining the Hindu calendar. It is only “Vedic astrologers” who are putting the cart before the horse by trying to convey that our shastras have “permitted astrology” from the “beginning of Hindu civilization”!   Since these “Vedic astrologers” are not quoting any exact references in support of their arguments, it appears that they are completely enveloped in Tamoguni budhi and therefore interpreting every shastra in quite an opposite manner!   What is all the more surprising is that our dharmacharyas and jagadgurus and “his holiness of art of one thing or the other” etc. etc. are encouraging these “brahmana chandalas” in their anti-Vedic activities in the name of “Vedic astrology”! 



May be even those dharmacharyas etc. etc. are reading all the shastras upside down, since the Manu has advised especially Vanaprasthis, which naturally includes Sanyasis and dharmacharyas and jagadgurus etc. etc., to desist from being nakshatra soochis, in no uncertain terms:  “na chaa utpata nimitabyam na nakshatranga vidyaya  Na anushasana vadabyam bikshyam lipset karhichit Manusmriti 6/50 

“A Vanaprasthi should never earn his ‘biksha’ (a mendicant’s livelihood) either by declaring the results of utpatas i.e. omens like falling of meteors or flying of swallows etc. etc.; face reading etc. nor by nakshatra vidya i.e. by checking the horoscopes of others…..”  I, therefore, request these dharmacharyas and “his holinesses” and yogis and tantriks galore to wake up to such travesty of dharmashastras and instead of reading them upside down, they must streamline the real Vedic calendar in accordance with the Vedic lore and not “Lahiri-lore” or “Ramana-lore” or “Chandra-Hair-lore” etc.  A friendly advice to all the “nakshatra-soochis” and “nakshatra-jeevis” who call themselves Vedic astrologers these days:  Since most of the “Vedic astrologers” and their “acharyas” are prospering by leaps and bounds at the cost of the real Vedic calendar by such anti-Vedic activities as “Vedic astrology” they feel that they are doing the right thing and they must continue to do so, as instead of losing anything, they are gaining name and fame and of course, wealth! But this is what Bhishma has said about such nouveau riche people.  Na adharmash-charito rajan sadyah phalati gaurivaa  Moolani chai prashakhaschai dahan samdhigachhati  Papena karmana vittam labdva papah prahrishyeti  Sa vardamanah steyena papah pape prasajyete  Na dharmo asteetimanvanah shucheen avahasan iva  Ashradhadanashchai bhavet vinasham upagachhati…. ….Mahabharata Shanti parva 102/17-20  “O Yudishthira, adhrma does not fructify immediately just as a seed sown in the earth would do! However, it burns the roots (parents!) as well as the branches (kith and kin, including offspring!) ultimately. A sinner, by amassing wealth by dint of his sinful activities feels overjoyed and commits more sinful activities (to earn more wealth)! On prospering thus through his adharma he thinks that nothing like dharma exists at all and even makes a fun of pious people, who are poor because of their piety. However, the sinner gets destroyed ultimately (together with his parents and offspring)”.  I do not think anything more pertinent and relevant could have been said by anybody else for these naksahtra-scoohis and naakshtraas and nakshatra jeevis and their dharmacharyas! We have a LIVING EXAMPLE OF “the greatest Vedic astrologer” of the previous century, who had literally built a huge empire through “Vedic astrology” (nakshatra-soochi!) profession, books and magazines but died himself a miserable death; his wife became a pauper who had to beg from her offspring for her hand to mouth living (in spite of the fact that the “greatest Vedic astrologer of the twentieth century” had foreseen “Rajya yogas” and “dhana yogas” in her horoscope and that is why



he had married her)! All those “Vedic astrology” books and “magazines” are now being sold as waste paper and his offspring are fighting among themselves like Kilkenny cats for the spoils! Ill gotten is ill spent! And as per our shastras, there is nothing more ill gotten than what is “gotten” through being a ”brahmana-chandala” i.e. a “nakshatra-scoohi”, as has been proved above.  No Rashi has been mentioned at all in the Manusmriti or the Mbh or Arthashastra or Atri Samhita etc.:  Absence of Mesha etc. rashis at the time of the Manu is evident from the following shlokas about creation:  ”kalam kala vibhakteeshchai nakshatrani grahas tatha  Saritah sagaran shailan samani vishamani chai” 1/24  “The creator created Time, kal, nakshatras, grahas, oceans and mountains etc...(but not Mesha etc. rashis!)”.   “Daive ratri ahanee varsham pravibhagastayoh punah  Ahas tatra udagayanam ratrih syat dakshinayanam” 1/67  “A year has two ayanas, Uttarayana is the day of gods and dakshinayana their night”.  It means the Creator had not created any Mesha etc. rashis by the time of the Manu though He had created naksahtras and grahas! Dimensions of Time also were in Ayanas and days etc. sans Mesha etc. Rashis.  Similarly, we do not find Mesha etc. rashis in the Mbh. nor in the Arthashastra of Chanakya but only nakshatras!  What is also noteworthy is that in all the admonishments of the Manu, the Atri Samhita and the Mbh or Gautama the Budha, “Vedic astrologers” have been addresses as “nakshatra-soochis” or “nakshatra jeevis” or “shamanas” or even “naakshatras”. It confirms the fact that prior to the advent of Surya Sidhanta by Maya the mlechha, predictions in India were made on the basis of nakshatras (and not Mesha etc. Rashis!) vis-à-vis planets, as advocated by “Atharva Veda Parishishta” etc.---–but not any Veda or Vedanga Jyotisha etc.! Such “jyotishis” whom the AVP calls Atharvanas etc. were called nakshatra-jeevis by our shastras. And those very naakshatrajeeevis have been castigated by all the shastras as “brahmana-chandalas” etc.!  A nod to wise and….  I could quote hundreds of “pramanas” from the Vedas, Brahmanas, Upanishadas, Itihasas and Puranas and other shastras where the Hindus have been advised to believe in their efforts (and not in soothsayers!) for chaturvarga i.e. dharma, artha, kama and moksha. But I think that is belabouring the issue, and “Vedic astrologers” like the one who said that the Manusmriti permitted astrology, would say that my posts are “verbose”! Thus if these jyotishis are really wise, they will take this hint as more than sufficient and stop making fools in the name of Vedic astrology and also creating obstacles in streamlining the Vedic calendar!   Celebrating festivals/muhurtas on wrong days is literally killing our dharma ourselves!  “Darhma eva hato hantih dharmo rakshayati rakshitah 



Tasmad dharmo na hantavyo, maa no dharmo hato avadheet” Manusmriti 8/15  “If you kill your dharma, it will kill you and if you protect it, it will protect you. As such, dharma has to be protected at all costs lest it kills us if we betray it for selfish motives”. And there is no better or worse way of killing/betraying one’s own dharma than by celebrating festivals on wrong days!  The net result of this mess known as Vedic astrology is that we are celebrating all our festivals etc. on wrong days like marriages in shdardapaksha and Pitra amavasya on the day of actual Dipavali and so on!  All I can do is to pray to God to save Hindu dhamra from ‘brahmana-chandalas” and their dharmacharyas and yogis and tantriks so that Hindus can start celebrating festivals and muhurtas on correct days!   With regards,  A K Kaul  Om Tat Sat Brahmarpanam Astu 




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