ARTS 195: Digital Photography

Summer 2016
July 18-August 12
Mondays-Thursdays 1-4:45 pm
Thomas Brennan
ARTS 195: Digital Photography is a flexible introduction to contemporary
photography and digital imaging methods. There are no prerequisites. The course is
appropriate for non-majors who wish to develop an understanding of visual
concepts while using a camera, those individuals who have used other artistic
media and would like to experiment with cameras and digital approaches to
imaging, and those majors/minors in art who are looking for a course that is the
equivalent of ARTS 138: Color Photography. Those with prior experience will be fully
engaged at a level suitable for their level of experience; thus, this course will meet
major/minor requirements for a 100-level studio art course.
The course covers use of digital and film cameras, Adobe Photoshop for editing and
printing workflows, and high-quality inkjet printing. The course takes a traditional
approach to photography in that prints on paper will be emphasized as an
expressive medium. We will examine the history of color use in photography and we
will discuss contemporary practitioners of photography in a variety of genres. There
are plentiful opportunities to make productive use of the Vermont summer and our
Lake Champlain location during field trips and while taking photographs for
Equipment and Materials
You should have a digital camera that will allow you to adjust exposure and focus.
The Department does have a few digital cameras, which may be used as available,
but you will be better served by bringing your own digital camera. There are film
cameras available for those who wish to experiment by shooting with film and then
scanning the film into digital files. There are a number of tripods available for your
use. You will have 24-hour access to a sixteen-station print lab. The lab fee covers
the use of all lab equipment and printing ink. Standard-size printing paper will be
provided although you will likely want to purchase your own large-format or
specialty papers to supplement provided paper.
Local Stores
LeZot Camera on Church Street in Burlington is an excellent local choice for
purchasing cameras, papers and film. LeZot does offer a student discount.
PhotoGarden on Dorset Street in South Burlington provides 24-hour turnaround on
film processing (ask for Develop Only-Do Not Cut-Index Print, when you drop your
film off). PhotoGarden also offers a student discount.
-Work must show attention to technical, visual, and conceptual intentions.

-You must be present, prepared, and fully engaged for all classes (1 unexcused
absence allowed). 30%
Obsessive Object

6 prints
6 prints
10 prints