Present Tense
Simple and

. .tt-group. 9. Diploma paper). . Elicitation.Lesson Plan 1.practise their language using Present Tense Simple and Continuous. .http://www. Situational Method 11.reactivate the previously taught material.NLP for Teachers. Pair work. Teaching aids: Post-it notes. Group work 12. Simulation (Game: The Mime) 13. course notes). Robo-Present Drawings.recognize the usage of Present Tense Simple and Continuous. . Methods: Direct Method.Old and New Techniques in Teaching English at Intermediate Level (Elena-Diana Luncaş Time: 8. 2011 . 2008 . Making a World of Difference (British Council. Bibliography: . Techniques: Discovering techniques: Matching. PhD). Procedures: Individual work. Drills. Level: 5.Primii paşi în carieră (Constanta Dumitriu. Teacher’s name: 2.htm . students will be able to:  Cognitive objectives: . Topic: 6. Date: 3.mes-english. By the end of the lesson. Raising Questions. Practice techniques: Conversation.have fun. 2009 . Worksheets. Form 4. .use English while playing. coordonator). Stickers understanding of the properties of language. Approach: Communicative Approach 10.create interest in the topic. Type of lesson: 7.  Affective objectives: . 2010 . Hat templates.www. Objectives: Iloiu Roxana 5th Grade Pre-intermediate Present Tense Simple and Continuous Revision lesson 50 min. Folded .facebook.English Teaching Methodology (Elena Bonta.

leaves. 1. Teacher offers feed-back and encourages students to participate in the following activities. 1. work individually T-SS Listening Writing 5 min .to let ss know how well they performed. create a context for the following activities. 2. Teacher announces the objectives and the “plan” of the lesson 1. Teacher greets the students and introduces herself. but it is only mentioned twice in the lesson plan Skill Time Listening 1 min 2 min Listening 1 min Purpose . Lead-in 4. .to draw attention to something important which is going to be listen SS-SS SS-T T-SS Speaking The feedback is constantly offered throughout the draw T-SS . they report their answers.Stage listen Interaction T-SS . they have to pair up and discuss their answers with their desk create a pleasant atmosphere in the listen T-SS Listening 1 min . Warm-up 2. etc) in order to emotionally detach from bad emotions and thoughts before starting the write T-SS SS-T Writing . Announcing the objectives report their answers .to create a context for the following activities. Students’ activity . Feed-back1 1 Teacher’s activity 1. . diamonds. . . . she asks students to write what they expect from the lesson. Teacher offers Hat templates (Appendix 1) to all students and asks them to draw whatever they have in mind ( reinforce knowledge . in work in pairs SS-SS Speaking Writing . After their individual work. Teacher describes the next activity called Think – Pair – Share and gives instructions: Students have to think about The Present Tense and report what they know about it. On the other side of the paper. .

Teacher asks students to form two groups story-tell using Present Tense Simple: .ss use Present Tense Simple SS-T T-SS Listening Speaking Writing 2 min . Revising the already taught material 1. . T-SS SS-SS Writing Speaking 5 min . Feed-back 1. proper for revising the taught material.they share work together in groups .to let ss know how well they write T-SS SS-T Speaking Writing Listening . .to make sure ss concentrate upon the whole meaning of the 5 min message. T-SS Listening 1 min T-SS Listening 1 min 6. .they decide the topic of the story called “My Daily Activities” . .students pick a folded note from a bag and mime what is written on it (Appendix 4) make sure ss use the language. Teacher invites students to the blackboard to write their listen 7. Teacher makes a chart (Appendix 2: Robo-Present) on the blackboard and with the help of the students fills it get ss communicating.the group with the most funny story gets to call the tune on the others. Teacher briefly revises the lesson . Listening 3 min Writing . .ss call the tune 10 min . make sure all . . Teacher offers mime SS-SS Speaking 10 min .ss listen and .they choose a team leader to tell their story. Teacher corrects the mistakes if make sure ss practise the language. report their answer .to make sure all ss have understood the revised material. Evaluation 1. Teacher offers students a worksheet (Appendix 3) and allots time for them to complete the tasks of the first two correct their mistakes . 4.the other students guess the create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. Teacher invites students to play The Mime: Talking about here and now . .to stimulate ss’ begin to solve the exercises SS-SS . using Present Tense Continuous . . . use Present Tense Continuous .ss tell their stories . 2.

ss listen and offer feed-back on the lesson . Homework and asks students if there are any pieces of information they did not understand. listen Speaking SS-T Speaking 1 min T-SS Listening 1 min Listening Writing 1 min students have understood the revised material. answer review ss’ aims for the lesson. by handing them let ss know what they have to prepare for the next lesson . 1. Teacher grades the students. 3. .to make ss aware of their work . . Teacher picks up some hat templates from the bag and checks if students’ expectations were reached. Teacher announces the homework and explains what is to be done: exercise 3 from the worksheet.

 On the other side of the paper. students are asked to write a sentence about their expectations for the lesson. .Appendix 1: HAT TEMPLATE  Teacher invites students to draw whatever they want and like on the hat so that they leave aside any bad emotion concerning the lesson.

(BE) Negation Question Usage - Adverbs - Question Exceptions Usage - Adverbs - .ing Present Tense Simple Present Tense Continuous “DO” Spelling Negation They speak . Spelling She is writing her homework.Appendix 2 THE ROBO-PRESENT -s .



Watching TV (in the middle of the garden) .Taking pictures (to a crying baby) .Singing (in the rain) .Eating (in a spaceship) .Brushing your teeth (at the cinema) .Appendix 4 THE MIME Talking about here and now   One student picks a folded note from the bag and mime what is written on it.Dancing (at the dentist) .Sleeping (in a restaurant) .Writing your homework (in the forest) . The other students guess forming sentences with the Present Tense Continuous .