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From Pastor Chris…

A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance

The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us there is a time for everything, and what hits home are the words, “a time to
mourn and a time to dance”. This month with Holy Week and Good Friday gives us cause to mourn—to enter the
depth of the agony of the cross and the loss of hope in death. We have had a lot of “Good Friday” experiences this
past year, a lot of causes to mourn the suffering of this world and the loss of hope in death. The difference is that we
do not mourn without hope. There are only 3 days between Good Friday and Easter, only 3 days between mourning
and dancing, only 3 days of sorrow compared to an eternity of joy.
Death is real, its pain is real, its loss is real. That includes death of loved ones, death of a relationship, death of a
marriage, death of a dream, death of life as we have known it. Mourning and grieving are our normal and human
reaction. There is no greater loss than the death of the Son of God, than the pain of hope extinguished, than the
guilt of our participation in his crucifixion every day. But what I have learned is that the darker the night, the brighter the stars. The deeper the grief, the greater the joy on the other side.
Death is real, but life is even more real. Life is real, its joys are real, its gains are real! And, there is no greater joy
than the hand of God reaching down in irrational and miraculous forgiveness and grace, taking the worst that we can
do, and turning it around into the best that God can do. God raises Jesus from the dead, and with him—all of
us—ALL of us! We are not stuck in our despair, in our grief, in our mourning. Instead, we join all of creation in
dancing. We have been joined into the dance of the Trinity, the circle of perfect love, now and forever. Grief and
death and sin and mourning have no hold on us—remember that all
Midweek Lenten Meals
of our Good Friday mournings are turned into resurrection dancing!
Look around at the celebration God prepares for us—the dance of
and TaizeWorship
new life as daffodils and tulips break forth through the death of winMeal at 6:00 pm...Worship at 7:00 pm
ter, as Easter lilies trumpet the good news of the King of love alive,
March 2 @ St. John
as God’s people around the world gather in a shout of worship and
March 9 @ St. Paul
praise! May the brightness of Easter outshine any darkness left in
March 16 @ St. John
our souls, and turn our mourning into eternal dancing. Amen!
Holy Week
Maundy Thursday...March 24...7 pm @ St. Paul
Good Friday...March 25..12 pm @ Lakeside United Methodist Church; 7 pm @ St. John
Easter Sunday...March 27...7 am @ St. Paul...8:45 am @ St. John...10:30 am @ St. Paul
Easter Breakfast at St. Paul 8 am—10:15 am


March 2016

St. John History Happenings
St. John Lutheran church women decided to form a choir to bring the joy of song to this congregation. It was organized in October 1954 under the direction Mrs. H. Lindeman with Mrs. Edward Dress as organist. The officers were: president, Mrs. Robert Anderson, secretary, Mrs. Norman Waldecker and treasurer, Mrs. Wm. E. Storrs. The original members were Mrs. Robert Anderson, Mrs. Norman Waldecker, Mrs.
Wm. E. Storrs, Mrs. Wesley Oglesbee, Mrs. Charles Biers, Mrs. Joseph Krynock, Mrs. Lois Miller, Mrs. Brabson Miller, Mrs. Marin Crossley, Miss Pat Hammon, Mrs. Edward Dress and Mrs. H. Lindeman.
In addition to singing each Sunday this group of ladies took their sounds of music to other functions.
They caroled each December in our community and in Green Springs. They also sang at member’s funerals.
The choir enjoyed performing at the local Music Mother’s talent show to help that group raise money to
support the music programs at Lakeside High School.
St. John choir worked hard throughout the years to raise money to purchase items for the church
and to give to others. Choir members, themselves, donated money to their treasury and held fund raisers
too. The go-to fund raiser was of course bake sales. Their biggest fund raiser was the annual card party. It
seems that most of Marblehead turned out for that. This money was used to send flowers and cards to
members who were ill or in the hospital. Flowers were given in honor of the confirmation classes. The ladies held bridal and “stork” showers. Their choir gowns were purchased at a cost of $209 with the funds.
One special item purchased for the church was the lectern. The ladies traveled to New London to place the
order and it was dedicated on Easter Sunday 1955 in memory of Rev. Eckhoff. In June of that same year the choir purchased chimes for the organ in
memory of Rev. Lindeman.
These ladies were a strong and vital group that worked hard to provide joyful music, spiritual support and needed items to the congregation
of St. John Lutheran Church, Marblehead, Ohio.
This article was written using the original choir secretary’s ledger
book dated 1954-55. At the time of this writing it is not known when the
choir disbanded.

Written by Maryanne Laubner

Developmental Disabilities Month—March 1-31
The Ottawa County Board of Developmental Disabilities is celebrating Developmental Disabilities Month with some Community Fundraising Activities:
-Community Basketball Tournament on Monday, March 7th from 6:00-9:00 PM, at Oak Harbor High School. Admission is
a freewill donation, there will be silent auction, concessions and a 50/50
-Pancake & Sausage Breakfast on Sunday, March 13th from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM, at the Knights of Columbus in Port Clinton. Tickets are $8 for Adults, $4 for children ages 3-12, free for children 2 and under. Tickets will be available at the
door, or call 419-898-0400 or 419-734-1858


March 2016

Family Care Team
St. John and St. Paul have approved the organization of a “Family Care Team” to assist Pastor Chris in watching over the needs of our congregations. An on-call staff list of 2-3 people will be created which may include
both ordained clergy and qualified lay persons. Pastor Chris may call on this staff as the need arises for extra
help. This on-call staff will be called on for help with hospital and other visitation of the sick, and also for help
with the care of families during times of death, including the actual funeral service, if necessary. The councils
are working hard to ensure that Pastor begins to receive the equivalent of 2 days off per week, which is not
possible without extra help. The councils have set a maximum budget of $1,800, paid by the congregation for
which the needs arise. Any questions, please ask a council member or Pastor Chris.

Bible & Discipleship Studies
1.) Adult Bible Study:
2). Women’s Bible Studies (WELCA – All women are invited to participate! )
St. John Women meet on second Wednesday at 2:00 pm
St. Paul Women will meet 3rd Thursdays at 1:00 pm
3.) Weekly Wednesday Bible Study – Meets every Wednesday at 11:00 am at St. Paul. All Ladies are welcome.

Directory Updates
Meet New Members of St Paul
St John



Durst, David & Patricia


Married in February

Keller, Ruth


Died: February 11, 2016

St Paul



Gary and Peg Hopp

Beasley, Mike


Insufficient Address

5499 E. Mistic Bay Blvd.

Humphrey, Stuart and


Stuart, not Susan

Lakeside/Marblehead, OH 43440

Rhodes, Jerry & Jean


Mentor Zip: 44060

Ruppert, Skip & Cathy


Florida Zip: 32162

Smith, Jaclynn


Zip: 43452, not 43440
419-341-2710 (Peg)
419-270-3800 (Gary)


March 2016

Side-by-Side Youth Page
“In St. Paul Youth Group we will try to help others and ourselves grow in their faith while promoting a
nice environment to share our thoughts and ideas.” -Senior High Youth

First Communion
First Communion – We will celebrate First communion on Sunday, March 6th, at both congregations.
Please let Chrissy or the Church office know if your child will be receiving their first communion that Sunday, so we may make preparations and provide certificates.

Home Run Parenting
Monday, March 14, 6-8 pm
Ida Rupp Library
Join Pastor Chris, Linda Waters, and Kim Perkins
as our congregation collaborates with Heartbeat
Pregnancy Center to provide support for parents
of young children. Includes meal, children’s activities, learning, and family activity

Easter Breakfast: Youth and their
families are asked to help with the
Easter Sunrise service and the Easter Breakfast. Thank you to Ruth
Scott and Vicki Doski for overseeing
the breakfast!

7th and 8th graders
Confirmation Class
Classes meet Sundays at 9:00 a.m.,

Senior High
Side-by-Side Youth
Youth Sunday

Wednesdays in March, for youth and families:

1st Sun. of each Month

Lenten Meal Table Talks, 6:00 pm

Sign up on the easel on the ramp at church to help
with greeting, ushering, lecturing (reading). Watch
for texts and calls from Chris and Helmi. See Pastor
Chris if you can help with Special Music.

Lenten Worship, 7:00 pm
March 2—at St. John
March 9—at St. Paul
March 16—at St. John

Maundy Thurs., March 24—St. Paul, 7 pm

VBS 2016

Good Friday, March 25—St. John, 7 pm
Please contact Chrissy French (419) 341-4653
with any questions.


March 2016

Internship Update
You are the miracle!

As of this writing, we have reached our minimum goal for being able to say “yes” if there is a match
for an intern for our congregations! The need for at least $10,500 in addition to what was already
saved, was announced to the congregations on Sunday, February 21st and by Thursday (less than
a week later) you made it happen!!! Thank you for your amazing generosity and support of this
learning/serving ministry for raising up future Pastors!
God is full of surprises, wanting to show us that, together, we can make the impossible possible!
Your continued support of this Seminary Fund will help us say “yes” to future interns, and also
to members of our own congregation who may desire to enter ministry and who could use help with
seminary costs. God has blessed us to be a blessing!

Pastor Aaron and Patty are hoping to be on the peninsula March 1-3ish. Maybe we’ll get to see them at
midweek Lenten worship on March 2nd? If you couldn’t make the baby shower in Cleveland, this could be an
opportunity to share in the joy of preparing for the coming of the new little Baughman!

Serving in Christ’s Name
Noisy Offering on March 13—Noisy Offering will be for the Northwest Ohio Synod’s campaign emphasis for 2016 on
HUNGER. Donations this month will be designated for Lutheran World Hunger.
Blessing Cup Teams—Traveling Easter Blessing Cup Ministry visits as a group will be the week of March 7th.. Sign up
on the sign up sheet on the board, or see Marge Bridgett. There will be a May meeting scheduled or all those who are participating in future Blessing Cup visits. The meeting will be regarding the small groups visiting just one or two shut ins every couple of months.

Celebration Chorus - Practice following Lenten worship each Wednesday. All are welcome!
Community Garden - If you are interested in knowing more about our garden, about helping, or about reserving a plot,
direct questions for 2015 to Emily Glynn 314-517-2402 or Betsy Deer 419-310-4406.
All Council Night—March 17, St. Paul Council at 6:15, St. John Council at 7:00—at St. Paul
Danbury Food Pantry—For March 19th, St. Paul is to bring canned soup and St. John is to bring Peanut Butter & Jelly.
Prayer Shawl Ministry for St. Paul and St. John – Will meet Wednesday, March 2 at 10:00 am at St. Paul
Prayer Chain—Both churches may contact St. Paul office, or St. Paul contact Joan Harris at 419.734.3971 or
419.341.6373 or
Outreach Ministry—(Supporting Native African Pastors) For info. go to (Welcome. to Home).

American Red Cross Bloodmobile
The Bloodmobile will be here on March 7th from 12-5
PM. Call 1-800-RED CROSS, or schedule your appointment on-line.

Building Friendships
“Not Older, Just Better” - Not Older, Just Better is meeting at 1812 in Port Clinton on Monday, March 14 th at 11:30 a.m.
Call Marge at 419-798-8816 if you have questions or need a ride.


March 2016

St. john beacon light
For March, 2015
***Please make a note that Daylight Savings
Time starts on March 13th Set your clocks
ahead the night before. We don't want to
miss you!***
Special dates:

1-Linda Merckens
2-Chuck Keller
9- Sue Vyrostek
11- Paul Lee
12- Joan Benya
19- Margaret Stellhorn
20- Anna Povlick

23- Samantha Lee

St. John Council Highlights

St. John council met following the joint councils
meeting. Due to lack of a quorum in January, the
reports of the secretary and treasurer were from
December of 2015. Both were approved. The financial secretary reported that the total income
from January was $4366.87.
Other items discussed were that the AED will be
installed in the Narthex soon. A “wish list” of improvements around the church and parish hall was
also discussed. Plans are in the works to celebrate
Pastor Chris’ 10 year Anniversary in 2017 at St.
John and St. Paul.
Our annual congregational meeting will be Sunday
May 15, 2016 following worship. All 2015 year end
reports will be due in April.

26- Jackson Lee
29- Bob Vyrostek

January 26 - David Durst and Patty Isaman were married at St. John in a private ceremony. We rejoice in
their new life together1
February 28th we welcomed new members David Dust and Cheryl Laubner at St. John.

Ruth Keller of St. John passed away February 11th. Her funeral was February 18th at St. John. May God comfort those who mourn
her passing.

Thank You from the family of Ruth Keller
Thank you for your contribution to making our day nice. Julianne Lee, Margaret Stellhorn, Carol Kubit, Iantha Grove,
Janice and Glenn Beachy, Brenda Rettig, Linda and Russ Merckens, Myra Prokop, Cindy Plottner, Cheryl Laubner.
During a time like this we realize how much our family and friends really mean to us...Your expression of sympathy will
always be remembered.
Thank you! Charles Keller, Chuck Keller, Linda Keller, Karin Cecil, Rob Cecil


March 2016

St. Paul Lutheran Church Messenger
January 2016 budget highlights:
General Funds

Restricted Funds









St. Paul Lutheran Church “Messenger” Feb. 18, 2016
-Council accepted the Pastoral Help Task Force recommendation to create a Family Care
Team. They will receive a budget up to $1800 per year to be shared with St. John. St. Paul
will be responsible for $1200 (2/3 of the $1800). Council will review this Team in October of
this year to determine its continuation.
-Deb White has been hired as St. Paul’s administrative assistant. She will work up to 80 hours per month starting February 29, 2016.
-The internship was discussed, and the finances were reviewed. Congregation members are encouraged to help meet
this monetary need.
-A motion was made to have a congregation meeting on March 13th to approve AT Emmit to replace the outdated electrical panels at $4630.
-The garden committee will get a garden shed from the remaining grant money. A proper permit for this shed will be

Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

Please remember in your prayers:
Barb Agne, Barb Batcha, Cleo Bodi, Karen
Carpenter, Ben Chapman, Gary Cover, Rebecca Dress, Betty Dubbert, David Heinzl, Bill Hirt,
Steve Hosko, Nelf Kimerline, Joyce Linder,
Rev. Sarah MacDonald, Alice Peroni, Kathy
Stine, Sarah Tanner, Pat Thursby, Gordon
Wahlers, Sally Willis
Nancy Young, Steve Young’s mother,
passed away on January 31st. Her
funeral was held on February 5th at
Grace Lutheran Church in Fremont.
May God comfort all who mourn her
Margaret Newman, Jan Hirt’s mother,
passed away on February 1st. Her
funeral was held on February 6th in
Sandusky. May God comfort those
who mourn her passing.

-The regular March meeting and Bible Study will be on the 17th at 1:00 pm.
Louise Rogers is hostess. Please join us. The Bible study is in the magazine
“Gather”. We will be doing the study for March.
-The Monthly Project Contributions for March are: soup, toothbrush, blunt
scissors, unsharpened #2 pencils, cloth diapers and pins.
-The Easter visits will be March 7-11. If you want to join us please see
Marge Bridgett.
-Looking Ahead - Ladies of the Church - The All Daughter Dinner will be
held at church on Sunday, May 1st.

Altar Guild
-Meeting on March 15th at 6:00 pm to polish brass. The Flower orders for
Easter flowers start March 6 and end March 20. March 19 at 8:30 am assemble cookie plates, and cookie sale after Worship on March 20.

On February 6th Amelia Ann Dunn, daughter of
William & Sara Dunn and granddaughter of Jim &
Betsy Deer was Baptized into the Christian faith.
Her sponsors are Erin Henry and Emily Dunn.
February 14th we welcomed new members Louise
Berhent, Gary & Peg Hopp, Robert & Evelyn
Sorgenfrei at St. Paul.

***Please make a note that Daylight Savings Time starts on March
13th Set your clocks ahead the
night before. We don't want to
miss you!***


March 2016

St. Paul March Special Dates

Wedding Anniversary

1 Nolan Chapman

4 Charles and Ruth Scott

2 Hayley Doski, Mason French

14 Cleo and Evelyn Bodi

4 Dennis Coles, Joel Lowien

24 Bob and Valerie Glovinsky

7 Jacob Freeh
8 Christina French

Baptismal Anniversary

9 Anne Beasley

1 Debra White

10 Joseph Bartzen

5 Rebeca Fuerstenberg

13 Melissa Widmer, Courtney Kihlken, Sarah Beasley, Lauren Mooney

8 Alijah Christiansen

14 Linda Dubbert

9 Dale Dubbert, Natalie Lambert

16 Francine Chapman

13 Andrea Tibbels

17 Robert Monti

14 Leighanna Bartzen

18 Charles Deluca, Rebeca Fuerstenberg, David Rayle

17 James Boss

19 Brad Biers

18 Graham Bartzen

23 John Tibbels, Nelf Kimerline

21 Isaac Miller

24 Jennifer Ringeisen

23 Robert Glovinsky

26 Linda Goff

25 Penelope Sandvick

27 Bernell Lowien, Benjamin Lowien, Daniel Lambert

27 Lauren Indorf

28 Justin Chapman

29 Shelley Seamon

30 Perry Geller, Sr., Levi Coles, Mason Kihlken

30 Tom Sandvick, Steve Young



March 2016

Mutual Ministries
March 6

March 13

March 20

March 24

March 27

March 27

7:00 PM

7:00 AM

10:30 AM

Norma Kihlken

Linda Dubber

Vicky Doski

Tammy Davis


Rose Marie Arn

Nancy Kihlken


Tammy Davis

Shirley LaCumsky Chrissy French

Dave Hirt


Tammy Davis

Shirley LaCumsky Tammy Davis

Shirley LaCumsky Shirley LaCumsky Chrissy French

Janet Strauss

Sharon Allen

Betty Kovach

Dave Hirt

Vicky Doski

Jim Kovach

Chrissy French

Coni Ann Limpert

Nate Ahrens

Zeke French

Will Tibbels

Larisa Kerik

Brendon Mullins

Natali Lambert

Abby Walker

Kenneth Kerik

Abby Cameron

Nicki Geller

Ryleigh Lerch

Mason French


Easter Breakfast

Easter Breakfast


Jack & Betty

Jack & Betty


Jack & Betty

Jack & Betty

Jack & Betty

Jack & Betty



Fran Chapman


Kirk Gangl

Altar Guild Shelley Seamon
Shirley LaCumsky

Nancy Kihlken
Ginny Kihlken

Diane Wadsworth Betty Easton

Marge Bridgett

Seth French
Coni Ann Limpert


March 2016


March 2016