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Behaviour Based Safety Specialist

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JOB PURPOSE: To facilitate design, implementation and measurement of
Behaviour Based Safety programs for ORYXGTL facilities, departments and
contractors. This role also facilitates the development and implementation of
appropriate recognition and incentive programs related to HSE performance
throughout the company. Department Strategy Formulation: 􀂃 As a senior
member of the HSE department team contributes to the formulation and
implementation of Behaviour Based Safety strategy and plans appropriate to
department needs and objectives. Safety, Quality & Environment: 􀂃 Ensures that
all relevant safety, quality and environmental procedures, instructions and
controls are adhered to so that the safety of employees, quality of
products/services and environmental compliance can be guaranteed. BBS
Assessments and Inventories: 􀂃 Conduct leadership assessments to determine
management commitment towards safety and recommend areas for improvement. 􀂃
Evaluate organisational systems as they relate to safety behaviours; conduct
analysis of data and report on findings including recommending actions for
improvement. 􀂃 Establish inventory of critical behaviours and facilitate the
customisation of ORYX GTL’s BBS program in partnership with line disciplines
in order to ensure consistency of the same within the organization. BBS
Awareness: 􀂃 Identify and deliver appropriate safety training, workshops and
skills development in order to develop leaders within ORYX GTL who are
committed to safety. 􀂃 Conduct training with pre designated ORYX GTL
employees on BBS issues ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary
skills to sustain and maintain BBS programs on a permanent basis. 􀂃 Develop
and implement behavioural accident prevention processes to be communicated to
all employees to enable them to be aware of the correct safety behaviours when
faced with hazards and exposures. Data Management and Reporting: 􀂃 Maintain
computer based system for recording BBS program data ensuring at all times data
integrity and validity; conduct data analysis, prioritise, track recommendations
and produce formal reports to be shared with senior management. 􀂃 Conduct
sustainability reviews, annual planning and strategic sessions for continuous
improvement of behavioural processes. BBS Consulting: 􀂃 Advise the HSE
manager and facilitate the development of recognition and incentive programs
related to HSE performance ensuring compliance with recommended behaviours.
Policies & Procedures: 􀂃 Abide with the implementation of operational policies,
procedures and controls covering all areas of HSE Operations activity so that all
relevant procedural / legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering a

Skills Job Specific Skills: 􀂃 Health and Safety Systems 􀂃 Computer Skills 􀂃 Operations Systems Knowledge 􀂃 Data Collection and Analysis 􀂃 Planning and Organising . Minimum Qualification: 􀂃 Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in HSE related subject 􀂃 Certification in Safety Minimum Experience: 􀂃 8 years in Health. Qualifications Safety and Environment in the Oil and Gas industry 􀂃 2 -3 years in BBS programs in a petrochemical plant environment.quality. cost-effective service to customers.