You will find your public profile URL that you will customize by clicking this hyperlink.

It is
desirable to capture your own name so you can turn it into brand by placing it on a
business card or in email signature. And you have right to give this website to others to
look for it.
If you see a check mark, you can use chosen name.
If your name is common (like Brad Smith) you will need to search for an other solutions
like initials or middle name but try to own it.
For Jane we will use janesalvez. We can see that her link is now,
and after clicking on this it will drive to her public profile URL.
You have to be careful because sometimes LinkedIn turn off your profile content when it
comes to changing your profile public. In that case you will notice that after Google your
own name, there is no picture of you. Main reasons for that is because the check mark is
unchecked and there is no headline or maybe summary. So when someone Google name,
the most important parts are missing. Be sure that checked these off, and when someone
searches your name that can see every part of your profile.
Background summary
This section is here to represent your overall profile. To write a good background
summary ask yourself following questions:
Which skills do you own?
What knowledge you have acquired? Which are your education achievements?
Try to explain with a passion, from all possible careers why did you choose that one.
Here is an example of background summary for an accounting graduate.
Here's another example of a background summary for a marketing student in college.
Those examples contain the information such as: developed skills, acquired knowledge,
educational achievements etc. I’m glad that I can help by giving you to use those
examples as your reference for a writing LinkedIn background summary. So do not worry
about copyright, I will not sue you.
Make sure that you double checked everything on LinkedIn and that you are well
prepared for searching a new job.
DO not forget to write major accomplishments related to career you’ve chosen.
Also do not forget about contact details so that you allow a hiring managers and
recruiters to contact you when they find out your potential.
Interests and projects
It’s very simple to fill this field. There are no many options, just to write down what do you
like to do in your free time and on weekend. But, project section is a little bit complicated.
You can add here any major projects like group assignments, individual assignments and
presentation that you did.
You may find it irrelevant, but many employers want a strong team player which likes to
cooperate. This is a good place to write any school project that you did, even if you think
that is small and trivial.
To add projects to your profile
Here is how you can add projects to your profile.
First, go to edit profile, scroll down your profile and click add project.
If you are still studying, write student and the date you started this project. If you have a
website it would be good to link to the project, if not, just leave it blank.
Do not leave out anyone that worked with you. And for description, I’ll just write this.
Here is another example.

all you need is to write everything important about this group projects. This is how I did it. but everything is worth of mention it. student council representation. When you appear on search results. Write all your accomplishments in this description. You can have it by using LinkedIn SEO. They invest millions every year for marketing and your LinkedIn headline is your personal commercial First thing to do is to draw attention with your picture and headline which will introduce them in your 100% completed profile and other information. just complete as many fields as possible. who did you with and what was his purpose? Education section When it comes to any current. language studies. Check my own description for references. Keywords optimization You probably already know about importance of Keyword optimization. thesis topics. In fact. and after finish it click save. that is also important. Write the dates of graduation or expected dates. Because of a fact that you need job. This is very simple step. assignment topics. overseas studies. Take for an example a recruiter who is searching a graduate accountant on LinkedIn by using advanced search. To reach 100% complete you need to complete the field such: . You can always edit this section but I would recommend you to start with all courses taken in a bachelor program. If you received a any scholarship. Don’t miss a chance to mention your good grades and all brag with all the activities that you have participated. exchange program. everything matters. You need to market yourself like a company or product or services. and you can do it too. Keywords optimization is critical in getting recruiters and hiring managers. your goal is to appear constantly in job search results as a candidate with a set of qualifications. completed or unfinished education degree program as well as certification or seminars.So. your picture and headline are most important. and write the name of your university. In order to add your education section. Maybe you think that being president or vicepresident of comitee of the club is irrelevant. so if you don’t have suitable picture or good headline most of them will not even take you in consideration. you want to be ranked higher than others. go to Edit profile. you need to write anything that prepare you for your future carrier even ac academic honors. List any other activities because you never know when is one of them a key for your future carrier. Description Write all the courses that you’ve studied. list everything that is connected with your studying in bachelor program. You can never tell when will your future employer find some of those information are crucial for hiring you. select the degree and field of study.they search for people with a specific set of qualification and keywords in the profile. scroll down to Profile education section. And of course. It is crucial for getting contacted by recruiters and hiring menagers. most likely you will not appear in search results. If you do not have that in keyword. community services.

y How you will learn how to approach them without waiting them to approach you. But anyway. scroll down the profile and then enter skill based keywords here. PHP. I would recommend you to give endorsement in order to receive it. Give an endorsement in order to receive it back and you have a better chance to succeed. recruiters and other LinkedIn users. account management. headline and your education section. this section is pleasent for an eye although it's not crucial. You can receive recommandation even from classmates with whom you worked on project together. It is ok to buy a product with more verification because you are more sure in your choise.Industry (career field) and postal code Current position with a description Confirmation of your current role Education A minimum of 5 skills Photo At least 50 connections And you must have a short and concise background summary You need to have clear job title and well written description of it. In that case you have a better chance to be endorsed. If you have more skill endorsement. You can give them as well as receive them. This field allows you to write your specific abilities. In case like this you are looking for a job that most people is not familliar width. It is a similar thing like with an endorsement. used in your descriptions. profile summary. You can place it on your job descriptions and working experience section. This section is not crucial if you are young graduate or student. With recomandation you have a higher chances to be contacted. And more profile views means more potential employers. Recommendation This section is not neccessary because if you dont have any. When you are searching for a job. Endorsements Endorsements became really important and I will explain why. I personaly call this hidden job search and it's also know as unadvertised jobs. . Words that you enter in this section are similar (almost the same) as keywords. If you don’t know what to write here. If you enter skills that you’ve already added. Make sure that you use keywords for a position that you want. make sure that you give someone a recommendation and to get one for your self. Go to tab here and click edit profile. you can compare yourself to a product and reccomandation is a verification of a quality. so that hiring managers and recruiters can aproach you to discuss for a job opportunit. list skills that you have posted for jobs. If you do that you will be more visible to employers. you have a greater reliability in specific field too. If you are confident with a quality of your work. Example of keywords could be: excel. If you are graduate you must fill your education section and list of courses. Those are your next action steps You should be known by now how to build good LinkedIn profile. That's how buying decisions are made. you will see them highlighted in your profile as well as other users who are also endorsed for this keyword. myob. recruiters will still contact you.

Imagine this. if you can reach out to 10 hiring managers for free. Hiden jobs are majority in this market. if you aproach 500 hiring managers you are worth 5000$. Once you found it. LinkedIn has four premium member plans and you need to choose one of them to be able to reach them. your industry or your specific career area and hit the search icon. It is quite expensive and it's limits you to a only few messages that you can send. about 70-80%. If your career is accounting and finance. Those are: Job seeker basic Job seeker subscription Business plus subscription Executive subscription The crucial feature that you should be looking at is inmail messages. The first thing you need to to is to join to one or few LinkedIn groups.95 AUD. Grab their attention by aproaching them. Maximal number of groups that you can join in is 50. click join and wait for an administrator to approve your request. That is one way to contact them . In a typical job search you spend hours online everyday competing with others and in a hidden job search you bypass others straight to the hiring managers. and you can only send a maxumum of 25 messages a month. probably 100 $. You can see here. more you aproach more values you will receive. With executive subscription. LinkedIn is best way to find these hidden jobs because lot of hiring managers have a profile here. organised and motivated in order to find more opportunities. look up accounting on this search bar and you will see recommanded group that you can join. But there is a way to contact them without paying a single cent. you have to pay 99. This section is perhaps most important section in this course If your goal is to enter hidden job market you need to be persistent in aproaching to a lot of hiring managers. and you can send only a maximum of 10 messages a month. In next video I will explain how to do accomplish that. You find groups to join by going to group search and typing keywords based on your job. You need to be proactive. You can also purchase inmaile messages from LinkedIn for the 9. Most of them have LinkedIn profile and it's possible that you already have them as your second and third degree connections. how much does this inmails worth. However. The harder you work. if you aproach 50 hiring managers it is worth 500$. with job seeker subscription you have to pay 29. . you have to pay 59. With business plus subscription.Main difference between a regular job search and a hidden job search is results.99 AUD each month and you can only send a maximum of 3 messages. In some of them you dont need to wait.99 AUD per month. This feature allows you to aproach hiring managers and ask them about for a job oportunity. you will get more of it. withing your free membership and completely legal. You will get the names of groups that is suitable for you.99 AUD per month.

Corporate Recruiters 5. Telecoms Professionals: LTE. Career Change central 3. After a joining of a group. OTT. On Startups .545 members) 7. But if your linkedin profile does not have a picture or is incomplete your chance of getting approved by the group manager is very little. Mobile VAS. I'll say 50. So make sure that your linkedin profile is completed before you start joining the groups. eMarketing Association Network (606. 1.106 members) 3.000. then click search.359 members) 5. Job Openings. For an instance: if you're accounting graduate your hiring manager's job title could be: Director of accounting accounting director accounting manager financial controller To find these hiring managers on linkedin advanced people search enter job title of hiring manager.627 members) 10.496 members) Even if you think that the name of group is not fiting in your carrer. Social Media MARKETING (999. because he could have many different job titles.799. the members in this group may now someone in connections who's looking to recruit someone in your field.947 members) 4.965 members) 8.816 members) 2.446 members) 9. Job Alert 8.No matter what is your career you should be join these groups because some of managers will post job oportunities here. You can reach some people without job title as director of accounting but you can still reach out to them because they maybe know the hiring managers. you membership to join group will most likely get approved by group manager or administrator. In next 24 hours. and I would really recommand to join. Apps & Telecom (442. Job Leads and Job Connections 7. M2M. Job Leads and Job Connections (1. 1. Digital MARKETING (622. If you ask me how many groups is enough. Harvard Business Review (1. you need to find out title of your hiring manager. there's never such thing as enough. in your job hunting.A job posted 2. on a principe of acquitanceship. You can be a member to 50 linkedin groups as part of free membership and I strongly recommend you to take advantage of that and join as many groups as you can.The Community For Entrepreneurs (443. The Project Manager Network (646. Personal Branding Network 10. Lnked:HR 9. .Unofficial (459. CareerLink Network 4. Executive Suite 6. Job Openings. Lnked:HR ($1 Human Resources Group) (952. Cloud Computing.045 members) 6. This is how LinkedIn works. Here's the list of people who are the hiring managers and might become hiring managers in future. A job needed . Positive Thinkers Here is the list of the largest linkedin groups. always go to the maximum limit. TED: Ideas Worth Spreading .

Let's do a headline for example. marketing etc. who can continue with recommanding you until director. you'll have to pay linkedin 9. enter location. Write different types of job titles when you are searching them. If you are willing to find job anywhere in Australia. If you go to her profile. When you get enough of those people saying "I don't know this person".Hiring managers are someone who is CEO level and who can recommand ou to the hiring managers. So just focus on messaging them So let's assume that you find this person pretty interesting. and paste it on search . So there are only a few thing to do here Enter job title. chief or manager hear about you. to keep tracking I would advise you to write them in peace of paper. This will open up more opportunities for you. Now we seek Carly's name in search results and because it seems she's the hiring manager you want to aproach her. In order to send her a message for free you first need to open group link in a new tab by going to your profile. We recommand you to create an excell sheet for keeping track on the hiring managers you found and write here contacting them. who is the group director for sales & marketing. and click on members. interests. In this case it's Harvard Business Review group. You will have to modify your location. then linkedin will restrict your activity. then you can leave the postal code field blank. The number of search results is approximate number of hiring managers you can approach. Type possible job title of your hiring manager. Once you're done. She is one of the 1.99$ per inmail. you can message hr by clicking on send carly inmail. Trying to connect to all these people might sound as a good idea but it isn't Many of them will refuse you because they don't know you and some of them might even report you to LinkedIn. Carly Rogowski. After you found out identity and job title of the hiring managers. Copy and paste her headline from search results. click on group members under relationship. and specific group name. for an exaple if you live in Sidney select Australia as a country. Now you have two tabs open at the same time on your browser. where people can chat virtual and exchange their experiences. Perhaps you wanna look for a job within 40km. How it's time to reveal a secret to send a message for free. Maximal search result is 100 because you are as a free linkedIn member limited to 100 view of searching results.000. If he had more different titles for example five. You select them in order that you have messaging capability that you are going to need in next step. So you want to abort this option. Most important part is definitely to go to relationship and to select group members. and after joining group that is related to your career and other recommended groups. Now find them using advanced people search. and then enter the postal code. Lot of work is waiting for you. click search.000 members and you can search for her by the name a title or headline. Go to the group. LinkedIn groups are places similar to the forums. However if you do. The easiest way is her headline. you need to do five different searches.

imediately I went to spreadsheet searching for company name and it's realy helpfull for tracking throughout the process. After sending the message you will need to track her on this excel spreadsheet. Hiring managers will not spend their time on poor profile. her headline and a company she works for. And then click search. Without a photo you almost do not have any chance. I remember someone call me and I couldn't remember who he was. . Dont be afraid to follow those steps because soon you will see results and get a job you deserve. When she responds you with her email. For now you can access this send message button and ask as many hiring managers as you want. The send message link is real treasure for you. Otherwise you will be confused and you could forget about someone important. Leave this email address blank for now. this industry and group then you'll move to different industry in the same group. Just a quick reminder for you: best time to send this messages is on Tuesday. Make sure you keep track of every person you reach out on this excel spreadsheet. So don't worry too much about that. This is the key for getting around in linkedin system. This is how you can send as many free messages to as many hiring managers as you want for free. Now you can see Carly in this group search result. so all works well for me. Make sure that your profile looks as great as you can possibly make it and add your photo to your profile. Contact as many hiring managers as you possibly can. In begining you will do this slowly but you'll do it quicker later. Her first name and last name. It can happend that you approach to a person that is not a hiring manager for an example: I approached Melissa and she is not a hiring manager but she passed on my details to the Sean. Never message them on a weekend as they're having their break or public here with quotation marks. hiring manager. with strong subject line that introduces you and message that sells you value proposition in exchange for her email address. Until you finish with this group and then you move on to next group and repeat the whole process. This is just based on marketing research that you will get highest response during these 3 days. Over here is where you can click to send message to Carly. you will then copy and paste email address on this spreadsheet. That's how you gonna send first contact message to Carly. Type the industry and group name you filtered earlier. Do the same thing with other hiring managers. Most people will check their emails on Monday so they will not have time to reply you. but I know the company name. Purpose of this spreadheet is to help you to organize. and on Fridays most of hiring managers are looking for a weekend and they will remind themselves to respond you next week which will most likely be forgotten. Wednesday and Thursday. Once you finish sending messages to these people.