Robert - Graphic Design Alumni

Attending UNF was easy for me because of the student life, quality education
and affordable tuition. After learning about the design profession, my
decision to major in Graphic Design was clear. At the beginning, my plan was
to attend UNF for my AA degree- then transfer to a specialized university.
However, once I spent a year at UNF I was hooked. The professors were
overwhelmingly caring and put students’ education above everything else.
After graduating from UNF, I moved to New York and worked at various
design and advertising agencies in many different creative roles. Currently, I
am living in New York working at Unilever as a principal design strategist in
global marketing. My mission at this company is to empower and equip our
internal community to make the most out of design. Unilever is a
powerhouse with a lot of different brands such as Dove, Axe, Ben & Jerry’s
and many more. I am lucky to be able to apply what I learned at UNF to my
field today.
I have benefitted from the program’s integration of hands-on teaching of
practical tools. This has allowed me to graduate with a portfolio of projects
that reflected my passions. I was fortunate to have joined the Spinnaker,
award-winning student media center on campus. At Spinnaker, I was the
graphic designer for the weekly paper for three years then worked my way
up to chief art director. This taught me first-hand what it is like to collaborate
with professionals from other fields.
My time at UNF made a huge difference for me both intellectually and
socially. I value the various friendships I made with my fellow students and
professors. UNF provided me with the mental and tactical tools that helped
me get to the position I am in now. Those tools were critical thinking skills, a
mastery of liberal arts, and a determination to make a difference.

Claudia - Graphic design faculty
Our Graphic Design and Digital Media program is one of the best in Florida. Teaching graphic
design has allowed me to bring my experience as an industrial and graphic student and designer
to UNF. I incorporate culture and different teaching methods into my classes with my skills as a
professional designer having clients in the U.S. and Brazil. I have offered a course called Art,
Design and culture in Brazil, Sao Paulo, Salvador and Bahia during the summer. This has been
an amazing experience for the students to work with international clients.

I enjoy teaching all of my classes, one being Package Design and Portfolio. This class allows me
to use the skills I learned in Industrial Design and Portfolio. I have the opportunity to get to
know my students and that is extremely important to me. Our classes consist of between 18-20
students in each course that last six hours a week. By the time students take Portfolio, it feels like
we are family.
A clear evidence that our program is preparing our students is by seeing students getting jobs
sometimes as early as during their last semester. Our students have been in first, second and third
place in the AIGA Portfolio Review event competing with students from Flagler, Jacksonville
University, SCAD and University of Florida.