Desk Pilot 1.4.

3(Free) PMDG 737NGX User Manual

PMDG is not involved with Desk Pilot. If you need support please contact me via avsim or email.

This manual was compiled for use only with Desk Pilot for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and PMDG Simulations 737 NGX

This manual is not to be used for training or familiarity with any aircraft.

This Manual is not assumed to provide operating procedures for use on any aircraft and is written for entertainment purposes.

Most of the UI features have been disabled to incorporate shared cockpit, those features will be added in a later version. (1.4.4 or 1.4.5)

Desk Pilot is external and uses a world class networking engine. For a very stable & reliable shared cockpit experience! Why look any further?

Shared Cockpit Requirements & Check List
1: Both users must have the same Airac,Scenery,Livery and panel states.
2: Both users must change their default start up state to NGX CLDDRK before hosting/joining a fsx multi-player session.
3: Both users must also have the same weather. If one user updates their weather then other user must do the same. It's best to load your weather simultaneously.
4: Both users must have PMDG's SP1c Installed.
5: Both users must add the following to the bottom of their 737NGX_Options.ini file.


So it looks like the image below:

file:///C|/Users/Mick/Desktop/Desk%20Pilot%201.4.3%20Free%20User%20Manual.html[31/12/2013 11:15:40 PM]

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders

LastPosvali d=l
LastPosLatLon:S3741.1£14450. 5
IRS_Qui ckAlign=l
syncstbyAlti meters=O
showrhrustLeverPosi tion:l
showPi 1ots=l
servicesasedFai lures=l
TABforcoui nput=l
FPSl i mi t_PFD_EFIS_2D=15
FPSli mit _PFD_EFIS_VC=15
FPSli mi t_ND_MAP_2D=l5
FPSl i mit_ND_MAP_VC=l5
FPSl i mit_Engi ne_2D=15
FPSl i mit_Engine_VC=15
FPSl i mit_HUD_2D=15
FPSli mit_HUD_VC=15
showFODi splaysinVC=l
PlaysoundsinExt vi ew=l
soundoevi ce=speakers (Realtek Hi gh Defi nition Audi o)
soundMastervolume=O. 50
soundGroupvalue.O=l. OO
soundGroupval ue. l=l. OO
soundGroupval ue. 2=1. 00
SoundGroupval ue. 3=1. 00
SoundGroupval ue.4=1. 00
soundGroupval ue. 5=1. 00
[Aircraft config]

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders

DP Server & FSX Starting steps
1: Run Flight Simulator X
2: Go to multi player
3: Host a session
4: Choose your preferred preferences.
5: Change your aircraft to the pmdg 737 ngx, Choose a location and gate.
6: Enable voice if you wish.
7: Select the Share my aircraft option.
8: Click Fly Now and let the flight simulator load up and initialise the ngx.(Count Down)
9: Run the NGX Desk Pilot(Server) v.1.4.3 Free.exe
10: Press the “Start Server” button.
11: Wait until the other user has joined the session,loaded their flight simulator,initialised their ngx and the DP Client has connected.
You will receive a fsx notification after starting the server. DP Server Connected[Waiting For Client]

You will receive another fsx notification after the client connects. DP Client Has Connected, Waiting For Shared Cockpit Activation.

After the other users flight simulator has loaded and their ngx has initialised you may press the “Enable Shared Cockpit” button, located on the servers user interface.

You will receive one more fsx notification after pressing the “Enable Shared Cockpit” button. DP: Shared Cockpit Enabled!

DP Client & FSX Starting steps
1: Run Flight Simulator X
2: Go to multi player
3: Join the fsx multi player session created by the captain.
4: Don't choose your aircraft. Just click ok.
5: Click “Join Aircraft” and then “Join Session”.
6: Let your flight simulator load up and initialise the ngx(Count Down)
7: Ignore the flight simulator prompt, click ok.
8: Run the NGX Desk Pilot(Client) v1.4.3 Free.exe
9: Enter the servers ip address and password. It is best to enter those details within the ClientSetting.ini before starting the client
10: Press the “Connect” button, located on the clients user interface.
The captain can now press the “Enable Shared Cockpit” button, located on the servers user interface.
You will receive the final fsx notification after the captain has presses the “Enable Shared Cockpit” button. Shared Cockpit Operations[ENABLED]!

After the final notification has been received, shared cockpit operations will be enabled and ready for use. Have a good flight!

Here is two step by step guides, with screen shots. Captain & First Officer

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders




First Officer

*INOP = Inoperable


Pilot Flying

#DP Menu = Within fsx add on menu

Captain or First Officer

*PF = Pilot Flying
*NT = Not Tested

Desk Pilot 1.4.3 Shared Cockpit Crew Manual


L/C/R FWD Panel

Aft Electric Panel

Control Stand

Captains EFIS

Altitude Dial

Air Temp Sel Switch

AFDS Flood Brightness Dial

ADF Dials & Switches ( L-R ) *INOP

Flaps Lever

Baro ( In-Hpa ) Switch

ALT HLD Button

Air Temp Cont/Fwd/Aft Dials *INOP

Auto Brakes Switch

Aileron Wing Down ( L-R ) *INOP

Parking Brake #DP Menu

EFIS Mode Switch


Alternate Flaps Off/Arm/Up/Off/Down

Background Brightness Dial

Cargo Det Sel Fwd & Aft ( A-Norm-B )

Speed Brake Lever ( Arm Only )

EFIS Range Switch


Anti Col Light

Fuel Flow Switch

Cargo Fwd & Aft Arm *NT

Stab Trim ( Main – Auto ) Switches

Mins ( Radio-Baro ) Switch

Auto Pilot Disengage Bar

APU Gen Switches #DP Menu

Flap Inhibit Switch

Cargo Test Switch

Start Levers ( IDLE–OFF ) #DP Menu

Vor 1 & Adf 1 Switch


APU Bleed Switch

Gear Inhibit Switch

Engine 1-2 & Apu Ext Discharge *NT

Throttles *PF

Vor 2 & Adf 2 *INOP


APU Start Switch

Inbd & Outbd Brightness Dials ( L )

Ext Test 1-2 Switch

Trim *PF


Battery Switch

Inbd & Outbd Brightness Dials ( R )

Flood & Panel Brightness Dials


Cab/Utility Switch

Landing Gear

Mic Selector Switches ( L-R ) *INOP

Course CRS ( L )

Circuit Breaker LTS Brightness Dial

Lights Test Switch

NAV ( L-R ) Dials & Switches

Course CRS ( R )

Control Panel (Both-1-Normal-Both-2)

Lower Brightness Dial

Ovht Det Eng 1-2 ( A-B ) Switches

First Officers EFIS

Flight Director ( L )

Dome Light Switch

Lower DU Display Switch ( L )

Rudder Trim *INOP

Baro ( In-Hpa ) Switch

Flight Director ( R )

Drive Disconnect ( 1-2 ) *NT

Lower DU Display Switch ( R )

Stab Trim ( Override-Normal )

EFIS Mode Switch

Heading Dial

EEC Switches

Main Panel Du's Switch ( L )

TCAS Dials & Switches

EFIS Range Switch

HDG SEL Button

Electric Amp/Volt Display Switches

Main Panel Du's Switch ( R )

Test ( Inop – Ovht ) Switch

Mins ( Radio-Baro ) Switch

IAS Dial

Electric & Engine Hydraulic Switches

MFD ( Eng-Sys-Clr ) *INOP

VHF COMM ( L-R ) Dials & Switches

Vor 1 & Adf 1 Switch


Emergency Exit Lights

Nose Wheel Steering Mode Switch


Engine Anti ice Switches

N1 Set Switch

N1 Button

Engine Bleed Switches ( 1- 2 )

Panel Brightness Dial ( L )


Engine Gen Switches #DP Menu

Panel Brightness Dial ( R )
Spd Ref Switch


Engine IGN Switch ( L-Both-R )


Engine Starters ( L-R )

Sys Test *INOP


Equip Cooling Exhaust #DP Menu

Terr Inhibit Switch

Equip Cooling Supply #DP Menu
Fasten Seat Belt Switch
FLT Control ( A-B )
FMC ( Both-L-Normal-Both-R )
Fuel Pump Switches + X Feed Ground
Power Switch #DP Menu IFE/Pass
Seat Switch
IRS Switches ( L-R )
IRS ( Both-L-Normal-R ) Switch
IRS Display Sel Switch
IRS SYS Display Switch
ISO Valve Switch ( Auto Only ) Logo
Light Switch
Landing Light Switches + Bar
No Smoking Switch

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders

Upper Brightness Dial

Vor 2 & Adf 2 *INOP

Packs ( L-R )
Panel LTS Brightness Dial
Pass Oxygen Switch
Pilot Probe Switches #DP Menu
Pressure Flt Alt & Land Alt *INOP
Pressure Mode ( Auto-Altn-Man )
Pressure Valve ( Open-Close )
Service Inter Phone Switch
Source ( All-1-Auto-All-2 ) Switch
Spoiler ( A-B )
Standby Power Switch
Trim Air Switch
Recirc Fan Switches
Runway Turn off Switches ( L-R )
Taxi Light Switch
VHF NAV ( Both-1-Normal-Both-2 )
Wheel Light Switch
Window Heat Switches
Wing Anti ice Switch
Wing Light Switch
Wiper Switch ( L )
Wiper Switch ( R )
Yaw Damper Switch

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders

Hints & Information

Flaps and landing gear are controlled by the first officer only. Although the captain can use them its best to let the first officer control them.
Note: Flaps are synced via the flap position indicator and not the flap lever. Flap position data is not sent until the flaps are set.

There is a big delay while using this method but its the only way provided by the SDK. But hey, it works.

The fmc is not synced between pilots there are many reasons to why but that's not to be covered here.
Any changes the captain makes to the fmc must be also done by the first officer as well.

When it comes to inputting the route it's best to setup a pre made co route file that you can send to each other.
Initial panel states must also be the same or major problems will arise!
Set your panel state to PMDG's cold and dark before attempting to share your cockpit!

Note: You may use or build a new cold & dark panel state, but it must be in a cold & dark state and you must share those changes with the other user.

Your custom panel state must also comply with the following:

Battery *OFF & Guard Open
Dome Light *OFF
Emergency Lights *OFF & Guard Open
Engines *OFF & Start Levers *CUT OFF
Flaps *0
Ground Power *OFF

7: ISO Valve *Auto
8: Landing Gear *Down

Aircraft fuel,load and weight must be exactly the same!
Before the captain turns on the ground power both pilots must connect ground power via the fmc. (FS Actions-Ground Connections-Ground Power)
Pressurization Flt Altitude & Land Altitude must be set by both pilots! *SDK Limitation!

Internal testing shows that while sharing cockpit's the aircraft's fuel becomes unsynchronised by -+200Lbs. Just to be safe, add extra fuel.+1000Lbs
It might be related to having a gremlin messing around with your fuel lines.. (^_^)

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders

FSX Menu System
After enabling shared cockpit operations you will be provided with a internal menu system.
Anything that resides within these menus must be controlled by this system and cannot be controlled within the aircraft or by any external hardware.

Note: The DPI(Desk Pilot Interface) Will solve this issue, you will be able to use external hardware via custom key assignments! And much more!

Desk Pilot Servers Internal Add-on Menu
Desk Pilot Captain MCP Overrides

Desk Pilot Captain OVH Controls

Desk Pilot Captain ENG Controls

Desk Pilot Misc

Altitude[Take Control]

APU Generator Switches[ON]

ENG Start Lever 1[ON] *Left: Idle

Ground Power Switch[ON]

Auto Throttle[Take Control]

APU Generator Switches[OFF]

ENG Start Lever 1[OFF] *Left: Cut Off

Ground Power Switch[OFF]

Heading[Take Control]

Generator Switches[ON]

ENG Start Lever 2[ON] *Right: Idle

Parking Brake[TOGGLE]

IAS/MACH[Take Control]

Generator Switches[OFF]

ENG Start Lever 2[OFF] *Right: Cut Off

Vert Speed[Take Control] *INOP

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders

Desk Pilot Clients Internal Add-on Menu
Desk Pilot FO MCP Overrides

Altitude[Take Control]
Auto Throttle[Take Control]
Heading[Take Control]
IAS/MACH[Take Control]
Vert Speed[Take Control] *INOP

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders

Desk Pilot Misc

Ground Power Switch[ON]
Ground Power Switch[OFF]
Pilot Heat Switch[ON] *L & R
Pilot Heat Switch[OFF] *L & R
Cool Supply Switch[ON]
Cool Supply Switch[OFF]
Cool Exhaust Switch[ON]
Cool Exhaust Switch[OFF]

First Officer

Client & Server Configuration

You may edit the "ServerSettings.ini" and "ClientSettings.ini" files located within the "Settings" folder respectively



ServerPassword = "yourpswdhere"


*Limit < 20

ServerIP = ""

*IP Address

ServerPassword = "yourpswdhere"


ShowSplashScreen = true


ShowDebugBoxByDefault = 1

2 = Show

HideMcpButtons = false





CaptainControlAltitude = false


FirstOfficerControlAltitude = true

CaptainControlAutoThrottle = true


FirstOfficerControlAutoThrottle = false

CaptainControlAutoPilot = false


FirstOfficerControlAutoPilot = true

CaptainControlLeftFD = true


FirstOfficerControlLeftFD = false

CaptainControlRightFD = false


FirstOfficerControlRightFD = true

CaptainControlHeading = false


FirstOfficerControlHeading = true

CaptainControlIAS = true


FirstOfficerControlIAS = false

CaptainControlLeftCourse = true


FirstOfficerControlLeftCourse = false

CaptainControlRightCourse = false


FirstOfficerControlRightCourse = true

CaptainControlOverheadLeftHalf = true





CaptainControlOverheadRightHalf = false





Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders

Additional Features

1: Desk Pilot is a external application it can be used on a remote pc outside of the simulator!
This can be very beneficial to the user because this allows you to monitor/use Desk Pilot while running your simulator in full screen. This also free's up cpu usage on the main pc running the sim.
2: It works together with the default shared cockpit mode that ships with Microsoft Flight Simulator X for the inital cockpit connection. Which controls the altitude,brakes,position,throttles,speed,yokes of the aircraft.
This means you can use the default shared cockpit features like control transfer! If you press SHIFT+T you can transfer control of the aircraft to the other user. So *PF can become *PNF when ever you want!
3: Desk Pilot takes care of the rest externally by using a world class networking engine for stability & reliability!
4: Desk Pilot also uses a 3d engine so anything is possible!

For information on how to setup simconnect over a network, you can refer to this guide here. Steps 1-5

Desk Pilot © Copyright 2013-2014 Michael Harders