Michele Scaciga Artwork

Michele Scaciga was born in Domodossola on the 1968. Since 1991, he has published various comics, created illustrations and paintings. He moved into the world of multimedia in 1997, where he has matched new and old expressive techniques. His natural artistic talent does not stop at paintings, but also spreads into the creation of sculptures and videoart. He has exhibited both in the North and South of Italy, as well as Switzerland, Osterreich, Spain and the Netherlands. After his higher education Michele attended the Scuola Del Fumetto and the Art and Message Institute at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. In these institutions he mastered a knowledge in academic design and visual communication. In 1999 Michele created “La Passione Di Artaud” an artistic cd rom which contains 180 drawings.
1998 Trapani -Mostra collettiva, "200 artisti per la pace" (200 artists for peace) a collective art exhibition 2000 Vogogna (VB), Galleria D'Arte Surian, exhibition 2001 Verbania, Palazzo Viani Visconti-"Numero 1 Horse" (Number 1 Horse) 2002 Baceno (VB), -"Opere 2001-2002", own art exhibition 2003 Verbania, Estremadura Cafe-"Inno alla Vita” (Ode to Life) own art exhibition 2004 Trapani- DI.ART, museo diocesano d’arte sacra contemporanea (diocesan museum of sacred contemporary art) 2005 Domodossola, “mostra di primavera”( springtime art exhibition) 2006 Briga,Alter Werckof, “Ich bin da”, ( guest in Brig for the centennial celebration of the Sempione tunnel.Exhibition organized by the cultural association Kunstwerein Oberwallis. 2006 Villadossola, La fabbrica, “Oltre le fiamme” ,(Over the Flames) own exhibition 2007 Villadossola (VB)- Provincia in arte: NUOVE PRESENZE ( NEW PRESENCE) 2007 1-te Mallnitzer symposium fur moderne kunst, D. Fleiss east west artists Mallnitz 2007 Austria 2008 Delft, Holland .Symposium Recycle Art at WAD (World Art Delft). 2009 Ornavasso. PANTA REI videoinstallation 2010 “Gelsomino nel paese dei bugiardi”, art performance for the opera, Baveno italy 2010 Domodossola Face to Face solo art exhibition 2010 Brig REEF, Videoinstallation, Exhibition organized by the cultural association Kunstwerein Oberwallis

Argento e oro Silver and gold

“Il trionfo dell'amore, sopra ogni cosa: gli uomini, la società, il tempo” “the triumph of love
above everything: men, society, time”

2003 Argento e Oro Awarded first place as the best Italian short at Malescorto.Awarded fifth place in Venice at the Circuit off, also selected by the Maremetraggio Festival as one of the best european shorts. In Trieste. Exhibited at the Primordial Art Show in Verbania. In 2005 it was exhibited in Novara, Brig and Turin for the inauguration of the Regal galleries 05 the paper of the world

Medea media Medea media

“Ovvero dell'umana tragedia e dell'inumana eco”
“Or about the human tragedy and inhuman echo”

2005 Medea Media Shown at the Vth international symposium of contemporary art Con-Texture at Villa Giulia, Verbania, Italy

Recycle Faith Recycle faith

“Permutazioni e sfibramenti nel senso del sacro”
“permutations and dissolutions into the holy meaning ”

2008 Recycle Faith Created into the i. laboratory of the university of Delft (Holland) during the WAD Recycle Art symposium.

Panta rei Panta rei

“L'evoluzione e le vicende del bello estetico”
“Evolution and stories about aestetical beautiness”

2009 Panta Rei, A video installation requested by the Major of Ornavasso for the historical marble quarry of the duomo of Milano.

Reef Reef

“Una drammatizzazione, una semplice proiezione futura basata sull'oggi”
“A dramatization, a simple future proyection based on the nowadays”

2010 Reef Shown at the Stockalper Castle, Brig, Switzerland, selected by the swiss cultural association Kunstwerein