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Informational Class for 2 hours Log book of 40 hours of student driving time Parents and/or guardian will be required to attend a two hour informational session on the driver educational process for their children. Parent and/or guardian will be required to sign-in by printing, then signing, their name as well as including the student name they are representing. The information provided will include the Junior Operator’s Law and the parent/guardian’s role in supporting the law. A list of driving skills their child must master. An overview of the book course curriculum including all requirements and expectation of Driver’s Education. The program will also guide parents/guardian on how to log the required 40 hours of driving. Parent/guardian will received a certificate of attendance that will be valid for five year from the date of the meeting. It will be the Parent/guardian responsibility to present a copy of the certificate for future children that will be going through this process within the five year time frame.

JOL & RMV Information
Passenger Restriction

Wareham High School Driver’s Education

1st Offense 60 Day Suspension $100 reinstatement

2nd Offense 180 day suspension Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course $100 reinstatement

Time Restriction Violation 12:30-5am

60 Day Suspension $100 reinstatement

180 day suspension Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course $100 reinstatement


90 day suspension Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course & SCARR $500 reinstatement FULL EXAM

1 year suspension Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course & SCARR $500 reinstatement FULL EXAM 180 day suspension Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course $100 reinstatement Reapply for Permit

Unaccompanied by Licensed Driver

60 Day Suspension $100 reinstatement Reapply for Permit

Driver's Education Certificate Lookup

Tel: 508-291-3510 x 394 E-MAIL

Fees, Payment Schedules

Book Course Requirements
Books Classes a total of 30 hours Minimum Age is 15 years 9 months Classes are run in groups of ten sessions. Students must fully attend all sessions and successfully complete the components of each session. Individual class sessions will/may consist of students completing book work with worksheets. Students will be involved in class discussion, watching a related video/DVDs, teacher lectures and note taking, as well as a post test of that day’s key points. Students are required to arrive at class on time, prepared to work. All students are to print and sign their name on the class sign-in sheet. Student are expected to show responsible behavior during class time. Failure to do so shows immature attitude towards driving and they will be removed from the program. Any tardiness will be considered an absent class. Students who are absent can make up the class by attending the same class the next time it is offered. Example : if someone was to be absent during class #3 they would need to make up class #3. Note: we typically offer 4 to 5 courses a year. It could be 2-3 month before the class you need will be offered again. Once all ten classes are finished, students will be require to take and pass a 50 question final exam provided by the RMV.

Driving Hours Requirements
Driving hours total of 12 hours Observation hours total of 6 hours Driving hours are offered throughout the year during after school hours and school vacation. Student should be prepared to be in the car for 30 min before or 30 min after their schedule driving hour. Students must have their permit, proper eyewear if necessary, and appropriate footwear, or they will not be allowed to drive. Students are not obligated to do driving hours with us. They may request a letter stating that they have successfully completed the book course part of the program and do driving hour with a local driving school. Due to insurance reasons we can only drive students who have taken the book class with us. Hours are available on a first come first serve basis. In the past we have had a backup of two months in scheduling driving hours. Our suggestion for scheduling hours would be that student should have logged 10-15 hours with parent or guardian before driving with us. Students should spread the next 10-12 hours of driving thought-out the next 5 months of having their permit. During this time the parent or guardian should easily be able to log the remaining hours. No students are allowed to be in the car for longer than 2 hour in any one day by law. If a student was to be driving during that entire time, they will need to do a longer observation time when they are in the car again.

Book Course Driving Hours (each)
12 Needed $480.00

$200.00 $40.00 $100.00

Road Test Car Service

Book courses must be paid in full before the start of the first class. The processing of the RMV certificate is included in the price of the book course. Class size is limited to 28 students. The parent/guardian informational class is included in enrollment in the book class. Driving hours paid by the individual hour or for the entire 12 before scheduling. $80.00 will get two hour schedule. $480.00 will receive 12 hours scheduled. The observation hours are included in the price of driving hours. 24 hour noticed is needed if a students is unable to keep a schedule appointment. Failure to do so will result in lost of payment. In the event of bad weather or car repair issues we will do our best to reschedule the hours ASAP. Road Test Services We can only offer road test services at 4:00pm or during school vacations. We require a two weeks notice of a schedule appointment so that we can make the appropriate arrangement.