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Repertoire for Solo Contests

ITG Youth Suggestions for High School Advanced Solos

Song by Richard Lane

Tenebrae by David Sampson

Remember Forward by James Stephenson

Fantasy for Trumpet by David L. Walters

A Song from the Heart by Eric Ewazen

Six Esquisses by Julien Porret

Melancholy by Jeff Smallman

Petite Rhapsody for Trumpet by David Uber

Caprice by Joseph Turrin

Florida List:
Level 3

Concert and Contest Collection: Rene Maniet

Rubank Book of Trumpet Solos (Intermediate)

Trumpet Stars, Set 1

Fantasy for Trumpet David Walters

Concerto for Trumpet published by Sam Fox

Carnaval Bellstedt, Herman arr. by Hunsberger, Donald

Sonata published by Warner

Level 4

Level 5

Sonata, Op. 51 published by Peters

Maryland Go to Solo List under Band
Washington WIAAWMEAStateSoloEnsembleRepertoireResource2015.pdf
Texas Level 3
Classic Festival Solos, Vol. 2 published by CPP/Belwin Master Solos Intermediate Level published by
Hal Leonard

Links to organization websites

International Trumpet Guild:
ITG Youth:
National Trumpet Competition:
Historic Brass Society:
International Womens Brass Conference:
Links to warm-ups Trumpet.pdf

Hear B flat = Write C
To write a note for trumpet - raise by a whole step
Write C = Hear B flat
When a trumpet plays there note as written, it sounds a step lower.
Dr. Wielands Transposition Tutorial for B Flat Instruments
Hear to Write: trans_b2.htm
Write to Hear: trans_b1.htm
Transpositions for trumpet can also be applied to these common instruments: soprano clarinet, bass
clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, and euphonium in treble clef.
Method Books
Beginner Methods and Etudes

Rubank Elementary Method for the Cornet or Trumpet

Beeler Method for the Cornet

Edwards-Hovey method


Sigmund Hering Progressive Etudes

Pro: challenging, technical, can be used with band methods Con: Advance quickly, not fun music

Intermediate Methods and Etudes

Gower and Voxman: Rubank Advanced Methods

Hering: 32 Etudes

Hovaldt: Lip Flexibility

Schlossberg: Daily Drills and Technical Studies

Trumpet Routines: Vacchiano
Advanced Methods
J.B. Arbans Complete Conservatory Method for the Cornet - Trumpet Bible

My First Arban -recommended once students can reliably play a high G

Original: can be somewhat limiting
Develop a trumpet players basic foundation

Herbert L. Clarkes Technical Studies for Cornet

scale based; contains the same set of exercises in all major keys in
all registers
( advancedmethodbooks/)
Advanced Methods
Max Schlossberg: Daily Drills and technical Studies for
exercises to develop a trumpet players basic foundation
Earl D. Irons: Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises good book for lip slurs
Giuseppe Concone: Lyrical Studies for Trumpet or Horn both by him are good for developing a warm
and resonant sound
Giuseppe Concone: The Complete Solfeggi
( advancedmethodbooks/)
Advanced Etudes

34 Orchestral Etudes (Studies on

Orchestral Motives): Vassily Brandt

H. Voxman: Selected Studies


Ernst Sachse: 100 Studies

Intermediate Trumpets
Bach TR200: $1299

smooth valve action, quick response, excellent


difficult to master upper register--just need more

Getzen Capri or Eterna Series: $1120

biggest problem is the adjustable third valve ring

good sound for jazz too

light weight=easy to bend

Intermediate Trumpets
King Silver Flair: $1149

smooth and rich tone

larger bore than most trumpets

Stomvi Zenith: $1399
Yamaha 4325: $1199
Yamaha YTr-4335GS

perfect for developing students

affordable choice: professional sound without
professional price
Conn 52BSP Connstellation
rich dark sound
Professional-level trumpet
General advice
Do not buy if student:

practices rare to none,

takes poor care of instrument already,

used for marching,

no interest in playing after high school

Consider this level if:



hindered by current quality of instrument,

financially possible
Minor details can make a big difference for personal preference--a student should try out as many
instruments as possible with the assistance of their lesson teacher before making a final decision
Student Upgrade
Bach Stradivarius 180S Series
Bach 37 in this series is the standard

Blackburn trumpets

custom built,

high price tag,

players who use them love them

pretty new brand,

Good reviews thus far

price is similar to other leading brands so most people just

stay with the standard


Yamaha Xeno (or any model in the professional Artist

Bachs main competitor
Mouth Piece review
Standard Beginner: 7C Advanced Players: 3C
Narrower: sharper, less endurance, better low range Wider: less flexible, more endurance

Cup size:
Large cup: increases volume, dark tone Small cup: relieves fatigue, brighter, easier
Bach Standard Trumpet
link: specs_bach_trumpet.html
Suggested Mouthpieces
Bobby Shew Lead

high note clarity

Best for lead parts

16.54 mm-inner diameter

shallow cup

semi round rim

narrow backbore
Yamaha 14a4a

rock, jazz, pop

very bright sound
upper register
small cup
small tight backbore


focused sound
Best for pros
Bach 1c
bigger cup
bigger sound

Marching Trumpets

thicker metal

stronger bracing

looser valve casting

allows the instrument to withstand the elements of marching band

Brands: King

1117 Ultimate Series (highest rated on Woodwind & Brasswind)

KB12 Series Large Bore

KB10 Series
5000 Quantum Series

French Horn
Repertoire for Solo Contests
Moderately advanced
Morceau de Concert (Concertpiece) - Saint Saenz Concerto No. 1 in D, K. 412- Mozart
Nocturno Op.7- Fanz Strauss

Concerto No. 2 in E-flat, K. 417 - Mozart Sonata for Horn- Paul Hindemith Partita- V. Reynolds
Recommended by Corey Henke, Professor at Winona State University
Maryland List: Level 3

Traumerei: Schumann (12 F. Horn Solos)

Rubank Book of French Horn Solos (Intermediate)

Scherzo (Concert and Contest Collection)

March in Canon Bradford

Nocturne Frederic Chopin

Russian Dance Kopprasch

Romance Lefebvre

Level 4

Level 5

Concerto Rondo Mozart

Repertoire for Solo Contests

Links to Organizational Web Sites Horn Society
Horn Matters
Horn Planet

Warm-Ups up.pdf French_Horn_101_files/French%20Horn%20Warm%20Up
%20Book.pdf EmbouchureBootCampHorn_Fogderud.pdf

Hear F = Write C
To write a note for French Horn - raise by a fifth
Write C = Hear F
When a French Horn plays their note as written, it sounds a fifth lower.
Dr. Wielands Transposition Tutorial for F Instruments
Hearing to Written: interval/trans_f1.htm
Written to Hearing: interval/trans_f2.htm

Method Books
Beginner Methods and Etudes
Rubank Elementary Method for the French Horn Standard of Excelence, French Horn
Essential Elements: French Horn
Getchell Practical Studies
Pottag-Hovey Method for French Horn
Intermediate Methods and Etudes

Rubank Intermediate Methods

60 Selected Studies for French Horn

Two Hundred New Melodic and Gradual Studies

Melodious Studies for French Horn

Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work for French Horn

Moderately Advanced

Rubank Advanced Method - French Horn in F

G. Concone, ed. John Shoemaker. Legato Etudes for French Horn (Belwin)

J.-F. Gallay. 12 Studies for Second Horn, Op. 57 (International)

Hermann Neuling. 30 Spezial-Etuden fur tiefes Horn, volume 1 (Pro Musica Verlag)

Kopprasch. Ibid, volume 2

Maxime-Alphonse. Ibid, volumes 2-3

J.-F. Gallay. Prludes masurs et non masurs,
Op. 27 (Sansone or International)
Maxime-Alphonse. Ibid, volumes 4-5
Neuling. Ibid, volume 2
Verne Reynolds. 48 Etudes (G. Schirmer)

Yamaha UHR-567 Geyer Series Holton H379
Hoyer 6800 Series Professional
Yamaha YHR-667 Geyer Series Holton H179 Farkas Series

Beginners: Yamaha 30 C4, Schilke 30
Braces: Neil Sander 17M
Mature Players: Laskey 75G, Moosewood B12

FRENCH HORN Playing test comments

- Practice long notes to get a better tone

- There is nothing wrong with playing slow

Double horn models do vary in tubing arrangement. The main slide on a double horn will always
be the first one you come to if you follow the tubing in from the mouthpiece. You will have at
least one additional slide (besides the valve slides) that controls only the F side. Tune the side
that is connected to the main tubing first.

Buzzing on the mouthpiece can be a great way to work on many issues