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IN this informal book, I try not to portray 3a BEYOND / ARCHITEC TURE homogenous style Of 3 “Portfolio”. My aim is to emphasize the importance of maturity THrOUGHN QradUal steps of theory, methodology ond practice in 9 Fragile field thet is Architecture. THE QUALITIES THAT MOVE AND INSPIRE ME TODAY BUILDING / SURROUNDING LANDSCAPE / BODY itis a reflection Of my progress, Jdevelopmert, Qrowtn, experience and heard work thet INTERIOR / EXTERIOR heave translated into passion for MATERIAL / SOUND Architecture TENSION 7 INTIMACY SPACE / PLACE RANGE 7/7 FORM Architecture: ate beoutirt It ts thoughtful Ais precise Atle @ process of dlscovery Crucial issue, we Cleary Need fo Mtensiy our Use of the City ond strategically create buildings that have ¢ mink mel Impact On the oven site, With an ever Increasing RoAUIatON, a2 architects we have fa design win a akect) Solution The Ideal Condition to this, is @ proposal of 2 29g shenpINe. This Is how the City Centre Is Bom. A SUCceSSfU buIdING Is One that can be adapted to Bay Cesred envKORMENt. The City Contre Is SPIES 10 many Various Urban conaitions sewing Ife BuleaNG 72 site retationsnia.