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Oaks FC 0-2 RLWMFC

After the convincing 3-0 win over Ark Tavern a fortnight ago Lion made the ardous journey from Pitch
1 to Pitch 2 at Holmebrook Valley Park to take on Oaks FC who were riding high in Division 3.
Three changes from the previous game saw gaffer Lunn bring in skipper Robley, Cavey and Ad Brear
between the sticks. Leigh Brear moved to centre back and Macca (pissed), Jack Wilson (falling out
with his shadow) and Olly (Backstreet Boys reunion gig) were all missing.
Oaks were put through their paces in impressive fashion before the game commenced by their Jason
Lee/Frank Rijkaard lookalike manager. Lion could barely pass the ball between themselves in a circle.
It didnt bode well. When the same ref from the Tavern game turned up it went from bad to worse.
Running between cones evidently didnt have the desired effect for the Oaks lads early in the game as
Lion set off like train. It was 1-0 Lion within 5 minutes as Scott Taylor got his first goal since his big
money move from Hopflower as he easily headed home from a Bushy long throw.
Lion were getting plenty of joy down the flanks, Oaks playing a strange system that reflected an under
6 game where everyone just runs towards the ball. Bushy, living up to his billing as the white Dani
Alves of the Sunday League, had the freedom of the right hand side. Only since moving to play under
the stewardship of Lunny and Foggy has his attacking flair been blunted. Prior to being castigated as
a defender, Bush was a mecurial number 10 for the Crispin Casuals and once downed the current
management team with a wonder strike on Badger Park. In a throwback to those heady heights, Bush
made a penetrative run into the Oaks half, looked up, assessed his options, and hit a thunderbolt of a
strike that was destined for the top corner. Had it not been for save of the century, somehow tipping
the shot onto the crossbar, Bush would still be swinging his shirt round his head in celebration now.
Anyway, a few other people played . . . .
The game became a turgid affair after that moment of magic, with both sides struggling to get in
behind either defence. Lion were comfortably the better side throughout the half but couldnt break
through for the clear cut chances their play deserved.
After the earlier success of the Rory Delap esque chuck which has seen a barren spell since the
retirement of Jody Lowe, it struck again in a moment of dejavu when Scott Taylor again had the
freedom of the area to head in another long throw. 2-0 with half time edging closer.
One moment of amusement to finish the half was when the Oaks gaffer, still putting his cones away,
barked at his keeper to stop kicking the ball out of play. You can only wonder how Ad Brear would get
on in that side!
The second half continued along the same lines. Lion were solid throughout and bossed the game
against a surprisingly poor Oaks side that showed no signs of the team that sat second in the league
prior to the game.
Coops continually got at the Oaks right back to the extent that everyone became slightly embarrassed
for the lad (more so when he was awarded man of the match after the game), Robley got bored a
couple of times going on his trademark mazy runs before coming up with his trademark horrendous
finishes and Jack Fletcher was now bombing on down the left at will. However, Nay Linacre was
remarkably quiet, but after the game it became clear that although his fan club had grown in numbers,
only one had shown the solidarity of the NFL bobble hat this week and Nay was understandably
effected by this.
After an horrendous groin high tackle that resulted in a booking for Bushy (somehow the only one of
the game), who was then substituted for the James/Jordan, Lion lost the majority of their attacking
flair. Young Foggy (Tim) got a run out for Coops but again not a sniff of a jelly babies bonus.
The game petered out finishing 2-0, an excellent result which sees Lion move up to 2 nd place. The
management team were ecstatic with the result, and kit man Andy Brear was proud as punch,
throwing high 3s out to all the lads after the game.

In some sad news, Matt Chapman has decided to leave the club. Although he was rumoured to be
returning to Shameless FC, he has unfortunately missed the deadline and will sit the rest of the
season out. The writing was on the wall ever since the RLWMFC tattoo never emerged.
MOM Scott Taylor (fucking travesty)
No match action photos this week as Im at work and googling dodgy shit like man with three fingers
and pikey playing football probably wouldnt go down that well.