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Copyright 2010 Sheldon Salzberg

Published by Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel


Rabbi Alfred Cohen

Congregation Officers

Leonard Mann ....................................................................President

Gerald From ................................................................Vice President
Morris Meisner .................................................... Financial Secretary
Ari Markowitz...................................................... Recording Secretary
Marilyn May................................................. Corresponding Secretary
Menachem Ickovitz.................................................................. Gabai
Mordechai Kushner ................................................................. Gabai
Ira Schwartz ................................................................Past President

Board of Trustees

Stuart Cohnen .......................................................... Robert Goldfarb

Willie Goldstein ........................................................ Seymour Kerner
Noreen Mann.......................................................... Sheldon Salzberg

Sisterhood Board

Kathy Perles .......................................... Communications & Treasurer

Chana Cattan ............................................................... Reva Epstein

Roz Kerner .................................................................. Noreen Mann




Rabbi’s Message

The Jewish community in America in the twenty-first century

is blessed with a veritable proliferation of printed and educational
material on religious matters. There are Torah tapes, Daf Yomi
tapes, Talmud in English—all are available for our study. And truth
be told, if the only purpose of Torah study is to transmit
information, these modern communication methods are quite
adequate. One might therefore ask—why do I need to attend a
shiur? For what reason do I need to seek out a teacher—what is he
going to add that the Artscroll editors did not already

The truth is, if the only function of a teacher is to

disseminate knowledge, we could undoubtedly garner the same
information from a book, or a video, or a tape/CD.

However, a real teacher is much much more than just a

disseminator of information. When a person attends a shiur, he is
amassing a great deal more than just knowledge. Coming to a
shiur offers an opportunity for an interchange of ideas. It allows
one to see—sometimes in surprise—how others approach the same
issue that we thought was so simple. But there is more than that:
attending a shiur allows one to see the Rebbe in action, to see how
the Rebbe treats each person with dignity, listens with patience and
interest to the questions raised, considers the pros and cons of the
text in light of considerations raised by others. It allows one to
witness that a rebbe is able to say “I was wrong” or “That’s a
wonderful insight, better even than the one I myself taught.”



In short, attending a shiur offers us experiences that are not

possible when merely reading a book. We learn not just from the
book or sefer under discussion, but from the very personality and
behavior of the teacher. This is a form of enrichment which is
intangible, and yet possibly the most valuable aspect of learning
Torah with a group.

The following is reported in the name of Rav Yecheskel

Sarna, who was Rosh Yeshivah of Chevron in Eretz Yisrael: The
Torah states, !"#$% &'##(), “you shall teach [the Torah] to your
children”, and the Rabbis explain that “children” means “students”.
So why does the Torah use the word children when it means
students? To indicate that a rebbe who is not like a father is not a
rebbe, and a talmid who is not like a son is not a talmid.

We are most fortunate in Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel to have

many people anxious to learn Torah, and the shul offers an
abundance of classes for men, women, children, people at all levels
of proficiency. I personally find it a great privilege to join with my
colleagues in this marvelous endeavor. I have great admiration for
their dedication, their warmth towards all who come to learn, their
love for Torah and their talmidim and talmidos, and for the
erudition they bring to this holy task. May G-d reward their efforts
with success and bless them to be able to continue their wonderful
work for many years to come.

Rabbi Alfred Cohen



President’s Message

It is my privilege to welcome you to the Thirtieth

Annual Journal Dinner. We have had a very
successful fund raising campaign thanks to all of our
members and mispalilim. A special thank-you to our
Chairmen, Sheldon Salzberg and Gerald From, and to
our Treasurer, Moish Meisner. Also, a special thank
you to all who participate in our Shul’s activities and to
those who work to maintain and enhance our Shul.

Every morning, prior to Birchos Hashchar,we

say an excerpt from Masseches Shabbos which details
several mitzvos. The mitzvos the Gemara lists are:
honoring our parents; attending Shul punctually
morning and evening; welcoming guests into our
home; providing for a bride; burying the dead;
concentrating while davening; bringing peace between
people. The final statement of this Gemara is: !!
-and the study of Torah is equivalent to all of them.

The Magidei Shiur in our Shul have helped all of

us to live by this Gemara. Each of them has
generously extended themselves to teach shiurim on



all aspects of Torah. Thanks to their efforts, we

have shiurim in Chumash, Ramban, Navi, Talmud,
Halacha, and Philosophy, This barely scratches the
depth of our shiurim.These shiurim have helped all
of us to apply the lessons of our eternal heritage to
our daily lives.

Tonight, we are recognizing the contributions

of our Magidei Shiur. We thank them and urge
them to continue imparting to us their knowledge.

We are also recognizing a true giant among

us. Stuey Perles has served our Shul as Gabbai for
what seems forever. He has always fostered an
atmosphere of Kedusha and made our davening
function smoothly. Besides that, he has worked
quietly to maintain our Shul’s physical plant. All of
this has been accomplished with a willing heart and
good humor.

I hope you all enjoy the evening.

Dr. Leonard Mann, President





Thanks for all your hard work!

Sheldon Salzberg, Chair
Yehuda Itzkowitz
Chani Max
Hillel Max
Kathy Perles
Shaya Rotbard
Moishe Meisner

Gerald From, Chair
Ben Brawer
Chana Cattan
Yossi Cattan
Paula From
Rob Goldfarb
James Katz
Noreen Mann
Marilyn May
Debbie Ohana
Shimon Ohana
Rachelle Salzberg
Seth Yedwab!



With special appreciation to

our Magidei Shiur

Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel is

proud to present

The Marbitz Torah Award




Rabbi Alfred Cohen

Yitzchak Friedland
Rabbi Yoseif Yechiel
Rabbi Larry Katz
Rabbi Dr. Ira Schwartz
Dovid Wiener




Mr. Stuey Perles

With sincere -.)!+*%)!we thank you Stuey
for all your years as Gabbi Rishon and
guardian of our Shul. !
Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel honors you with
this Parchment Page in recognition of your
dedicated service to the #)/.

Shlomo & Ahuva Berkowitz & Family Mayer

Family Merys & Michael Mechlin
Shlomo Breiner Moishe Meisner
Joseph & Chana Cattan Avi & Esther Moeller
Shulamith & Ruvain Chait Levy & Esther Moeller
Pamela & Stuart Erdfarb Fran & Norm Nissel
Gerald & Paula From Shirley & Nat Oberman
Dovid & Naomi Greenwald Dorothy Perles
Yoseif Yechiel & Sara Gruenebaum Rachelle & Sheldon Salzberg
Jacob & Esther Hauptman Arlene & Ira Schwartz
Lydia & Jerry Isak Rabbi & Mrs. Shlomo Schwartz
Ellie & Ed Katz & Family
Ada & James Katz Lynn & Dov Silverberg
Seymour & Roslyn Kerner David & Aliza Simons
Mordechai & Penina Kushner Sasan & Earl Zeitlin
Morty & Esther Lempel Etta & Izzy Zimerman & Family
Leonard & Noreen Mann




In honor of

Rabbi Alfred Cohen

To a Magid Shiur like no other.
Who is able to open minds and issues,
who loves to learn
for the sake of learning
whose Wednesday night Shiur
is hard to miss

In honor of
Rebbetzin Miriam Cohen
for her understanding, support and

Toby & Abraham Kalker




In honor of

Rabbi Alfred Cohen

Mr. Yitzchak Friedland
Rabbi Yoseif Yechiel Gruenebaum
Rabbi Larry Katz
Rabbi Dr. Ira Schwartz
Mr. Dovid Wiener

and the entire Kehilla of Congregation Ohaiv

Yisroel, partners in our kiruv activities of the
Rockland Jewish Community.
We thank you for your ongoing friendship,
support, and hospitality.
May Hashem give all the Magidei Shiur and the
Kehilla the kochos to continue to be Marbitz

The Jewish Education Program of Rockland

Yehuda Schwab Yeshaya Rotbard Naomi Greenwald




In Honor of
Stu Perles
Kathy, and your wonderful family.
In recognition of your
avodas hakodesh
on behalf of
Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel,

Maintaining the ruach in Shul

with a smile in your caring way…

We are honored by your friendship

and association,
and recognize the care you take in
everything you do.




In Honor of

Ira Schwartz

Thank you from your

grateful Talmidim

Joseph Cattan
Ernie Frenkel
Willie Goldstein
Yankel Hauptman
Avrumi Klein
Mordy Lempel
Leonard Mann
Moish Meisner
Izzie Zimerman




With gratitude to our

Magidei Shiur who bring
substance and focus to
our community.

A special thank you to

Rabbi Cohen
for his warmth and caring
leadership and superb
sense of balance and

Leslie and Charlie Ackerman




Mazel Tov to all the

honorees and a special
Rabbi Cohen
For his )*$+!leadership and
Stuey Perles
for his years of dedication
as Gabbai
of the Shul

Dr. & Mrs. Joel Allen




Rabbi Cohen &
all the
Shaina and Ari


In recognition of the

Magidei Shiur
You give of yourselves in order
to benefit the Klal.
Your efforts are greatly
With Hakoras Hatov.

Mark & Jeanie Adler



Mazal Tov to
the Honorees



Congratulation to all the Honorees

Rabbi Alfred Cohen
Mr. Yitchok Friedland
Rabbi Yoseif Yechiel Gruenebaum
Rabbi Larry Katz
Rabbi Dr. Ira Schwartz
Mr. Dovid Weiner
We appreciate all your devotion and
inspirational words throughout the

We have learned much from your

wisdom and are glad to see you
being recognized.

Joseph & Chana Cattan



Mazal Tov to
our esteemed Rabbi,

Rabbi Avraham Cohen

upon receiving this honor.
Mazal Tov to

Rabbi Dr. Ira Schwartz

Rabbi Yoseif Yechiel
the other honorees on this deserving

Ruvain & Shulamith Chait



Thanks to my Chavruses

Stu Perles and Morty Lempel

for inspiring me to fill snippets of
time with Learning.


Congratulations to all the

Guests of Honor

Miriam & George Fleischman



To Our Dear Father

Yitzchak Friedland
Mazal Tov
on this most deserving award.
May you continue to inspire your children
and the Klal with your broad knowledge
of Torah and Hashkafa.

With deep admiration and love,

Iyta and Yidel Bulman

Tova and Chaim Levinger
Meir and Chaya Leah Friedland
Chaim and Faige Friedland
Yisrael and Malki Friedland
and Mort



Our sincerest gratitude to all the

honorees for helping us fullfull the -)., of

&%)/ 01#/ -2)' 0),%'

A personal tribute to

Rabbi Alfred Cohen


Yitzchak Friedland
for enhancing our individual Torah

May Hashem give all the honorees the

strength and good health to continue to
improve and teach us all.

To Stuey Perles - Our Gabbi Emeritus

Thank you for all the years of dedication
to the Shul.

Gerald & Paula From



Mazel Tov
to the




With appreciation to those who really deserve

• All the wonderful attendees of the

"0*$102!whose presence and participation
make the *$102

• My wife and famiy who encourage and

enable me to continue.

Yoseif Yechiel Gruenebaum



We are very proud

Of Our Beloved Son and Brother

Rabbi Larry S. Katz

Who is being honored tonight

Dotty and Harold Katz

Lynnie and Dr. David Mirvis
Barbara and Alan Kutner
Memphis, Tennessee



Wishing )3#4) to

Rabbi and Rebbetzin

Alfred Cohen 2“$,1!
And all the Mispallelim

Amy and Warren Katzman



In recognition of
the distinguished honorees
May you merit to continue being
Marbitz Torah

Mordechai & Penina Kushner



to all the honorees.
May they have the strength to continue
their work on behalf of the Shul.

Esther and Morty Lempel



Thank you to all those who help

maintain our Shul as the special
makom kodesh that it is.

A special thank you to all our

Magidei Shiur who enhance our Shul
with the wonder and beauty of the
Torah knowledge they so willingly
share with all of us.

Leonard & Noreen Mann




The Library Boys



Congratulations to the
Honorees. Keep up the good

Hillel & Chanie Max




Mazel tov
Best wishes
All the worthy Magidei Shiur
upon receiving this well deserved
tribute for your outstanding
dedication to
Harbotzas HaTorah
Much appreciation to

Rabbi & Mrs. Alfred Cohen

For your dedicated and inspired
leadership of the congregation
Bevirchas Kol Tuv

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Mayer

Eli & Feige Mayer



To our Magidei Shiur

A long overdue and well deserved

Moishe Meisner



Mazel Tov

Uncle Yitzy
on receiving a truly well deserved award!!
You are not only Marbitz Torah to the
outside world, but to your family as well!!
From your laining, to your inspiring
davening, to your insights in Tanach!

You always make everything exciting

and interesting
and inspire us to learn more!!

Love, Your Nieces and Nephews

Dov, Gittel, Rena, Adina,

Menachem Shlomo and Shmuel



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+,#-.$ /,$#0 .12&( 3$4, .0.
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&/,). &&7&$

inrhb kzhhr vhju hcm cuegh



Carlton Contracting Corporation

Electrical Services & Lighting Design Specialist
10 Carlton Road Monsey, N.Y. 10952

In gratitude to all the honorees

Usher & Eliza Pantierer



In honor of

Rabbi Cohen
and in honor of all the Shalosh Seudos
especially our Zaidy,

Mr. Willie Goldstein

from Aharon Y. and Frydi Pressman

Shoshana Raizel, Yechiel, Avromi and Rochelle



Mazel Tov to all the Honorees

Philip & Channie Rosenthal



With great appreciation and

admiration to all the Honorees

Rachelle & Sheldon Salzberg



We express our gratitude to our Magidei

Shiur for making our Shul a Makom

Arlene & Ira Schwartz

Thank you to all who attend the Tuesday
and Shabbos Ramban Chaburah. Your
desire to understand Chumash through
the eyes of this great parshan has
provided the inspiration for my own
enhanced study of Chumash. May we be
-/)+ to celebrate a &)"3 on completion of
the entire Ramban, )”51-.

Ira Schwartz



How lucky and blessed we are that

is not only our father, but also our rebbe
par excellence.

We are so grateful to you and Ma for

modeling for us how to live a rich,
dedicated Torah life.

May Hashem grant the two of you the !

"0(2$!"0,0!+$%0*7 to enjoy your
!"0&0,#+!<!"0(- in great health and

Shlomo, Shulamit, Yehuda, Chezky and
Aliza, Avery, Eitan, Uriel, and Kelila
Rina, Chaim, Yitzy, Dovid, Meir and



Best Wishes to
all our Honorees

Sara & Marty Shapiro



Best Wishes
to our
Magidei Shiur

Your efforts on behalf

of our community
set an example
of leadership and service

Molly Shulman & Family



We congratulate the honorees on

this well deserved honor.

Rabbi Alfred Cohen • Yitzchak Friedland

Rabbi Yoseif Yechiel Gruenebaum
Rabbi Larry Katz • Rabbi Dr. Ira Schwartz
Dovid Wiener

Thank you for the service you provide

our Shul.

Lynn & Dov Silverberg

and family



Congratulations to all of the

worthy honorees

Mr. & Mrs. Yerachmiel Simins



In appreciation to

Rabbi & Rebbitzen

and all the Magidei Shiur who fill
our Shabbosim with education
and inspiration.

Paul & Beverly Weber

Dr. Paul Weber

Chiropractic of Rockland County
(845) 406-3118



David B. Simons, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice
2 Crestview Terrace
Monsey, NY 10952

In honor of the Magidei Shiur

Recipients of the Marbitz Torah Award

Bracha V’Hatzlacha!

Dr. David & Aliza Simons

Mazal Tov from

your friend in Israel
Sterling Silver at Golden Prices, Platinum Service



In honor of all those who maintain
Ohaiv Yisroel of
Blueberry Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Weiskopf



In recognition of all members for

attending Shul Shiurim and for
ascribing such esteem to Torah

Also in honor of all the Magidei


Dovid & Trudy Wiener



Congratulations to

Sir Stuart Perles

on his Lifetime Achievment Award.

For nearly 85 years you have worked

quietly, tirelessly and thanklessly behind the
scenes at Ohaiv Yisroel without so much as
a hint of a smile (the ultimate poker face)
- a true "avodas hakodesh."

And while you may have retired from the

Gabinate, to your fans and admirers you will
always remain the consummate Gabai and
"baal chesed" (by the way what time is

Thank you for your sincere dedication to the

shul and its mispalelim.

Raizel & Daniel Yaniv



In recognition of our devoted

Ba'al Koreh

Reb Yitzchak Friedland

for all you do on behalf of
Klal Yisroel
Your friends at

Young Israel of Spring Valley






In honor of the Marbitz Torah

Award Recipients

In memory of
Dr. Mark Tischler

Susan & Earl Zeitlin & family



In appreciation of

Rabbi & Mrs. Cohen 7”.0#2!

Stuart & Annie Cohnen & family

Thank you, thank you all

Honorees. As it states in Tehilim

Mordachai & Marcia Fastag


Mazal Tov to the other recipients of the

Marbitz Torah Award –

Rabbis Cohen, Gruenebaum, Katz,

Schwartz and Weiner.
It is a privilege to be in your company as a Magid
Shiur in Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel.

Yitzchak Friedland

A special thanks to

R' Cohen, R' Wiener

and all the other honorees.

Yudi & Miri Itzkowitz

and Family


In recognition of the contributions all of you have

made to our community, may you continue to
serve your communities in good health and have
much Nachas from your families.

Seymour and Roslyn Kerner

Mazel Tov
to the

Aryeh & Sandra Lazarus


Thank you Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel for being a

welcoming Shul for all to come.

Levitz Family

To Yitzchak Friedland

Thank you for the wonderful and informative

shiurim that you give each Shabbos.
May you continue to give many more.

The Women’s Group Members


Mazel Tov to all the Magidei Shiur

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Salzman

In honor of

Rav and Rebbetzen Alfred Cohen,

best wishes for continued success of the
Ohaiv Yisroel Shul.

Ruth Simons


Best wishes to

Rabbi Cohen and all of the honorees.

Hildy & A.J. Straus

Best wishes from

Yaakov & Shoshana Youssian


Mazal Tov and many thanks to

Rabbi Larry Katz
Rabbi Yoseif Yechiel Gruenebaum
on their well-deserved honor.

From the Koolyk family

Mazal Tov to all the honorees.

May you continue to )%$5 to Marbitz Torah.

Susan Rein


Thank you for the

usage of the Shul


Tzivi & Yoni

Mazel Tov to all the

Rachel & Joshua Ilan
Many thanks to Rabbi
Cohen for his post
mincha Halacha shiur.

The Herbst family


Mazel Tov to
In appreciation of the
Larry Katz enlightening shiurim of

on your receiving the Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi

Marbitz Torah Award. Gruenebaum

From your wife Malkie and Mazel tov to all of the

your children Avigaille and worthy honorees
Dov, Judah and Ariella,
Aliza, and Eli, and Mo. Stu & Kathy Perles

In honor of

Rabbi Cohen In honor of

Dr. Moshe Meisner;
and our >53 for 7*,5&!0/$68!
of the Shabbos
Rabbi Gruenebaum
-,4(- minyan.
with appreciation and
gratitude Eliyahu and Adina
Prero and Family
Meir & Shulamit


Mazel Tov to the >$7')!-*)!
Honorees !>)%)!>)%!")*-7!‘*!
Gary Sternfield )*$+!+4-*)-!


Congratulations to

Rabbi & Mrs. Cohen

Bubba's and Dr. & Mrs. Lenny
Catering For All Your Simchas Mann
"The Taste You've Been Missing!"
Wesley Hills Plaza
455 Route 306 Molly Chapman

A special thank you to the

honorees for all that they do
for the Shul. Complements of
Pinchas Swaitycki
Menachem Ickovitz

Greetings to the Honorees

Aaron and Helen Adler
Shlomo & Ahuva Berkowitz
Glauber's Catering
Marilyn and George Hamada Congregation Ohaiv Yisroel
Dovid Itzkowitz acknowledges other
Rhoda Koegel donations and contributions
Seth & Chana Lazarus to the Shul
Stanley & Corine Levine
Fran & Norman Nissel Allstate Insur - John P Dineen
Pinchus Rapp Yosi Dahan
Shaya Rotbard Ezra & Rose Lazarus
Esther & Yitzchak Vorchheimer Joel Pachman
Isi Weiderman Zishe's Home Made Bakery
Shmuel & Shulamis Weiner
Rabbi & Mrs. Z. Zager
Richard (Touvya) Zamler