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Summary statement of Recruitment and Retention Target Setting, Action Planning and Investment

OBJECTIVE 1: To recruit and retain high calibre staff for the College at its current site and in the context of the planned relocation to Greenwich
in 2009-10, especially in those areas where strong linkages with industry are required and which focus on enterprise and innovation as well as
academic disciplines.

Organisational strategy links:

(i) Strategic Plan – Aim 1, Action point 1.5.1
(ii) Communications Strategy – Strategy Objective Com 2

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

1.1 To recruit and Development of a Retention Draft Retention Policy prepared by August HR Director Within
retain high Policy 2008 existing
calibre staff resources
across the Policy approved by the Finance & General
institution with Purposes Committee and the Board of
a view to Governors by December 2008
reducing the To reduce the number of staff
risk of vacancies to10% by December By the end of March, to prepare for
poaching by 2008 Management Committee, Recruitment
competitors Schedule and Paper scoping out milestones
for achievement
1.2 Staff Updated Staff Recruitment Policy reviewed and revised as appropriate HR Manager Within
Recruitment Policy by August 2008 existing
Policy which resources
continues to be
fit for purpose

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
1.3 Enhanced Updated Induction DVD [see Review and revise DVD content asap for HR Director HEFCE HR
Staff Induction also objective 10.6] approval by the Learning & Teaching Review funding
Programme Committee, for immediate use thereafter [£5,000]
Updated Induction Programme
Review and refresh the College’s new
employee Induction Programme by
September 2008

1.4 To reduce the Address sickness absence Preparation of termly reports for Senior and HR Director Within
cost of through consistent Middle managers existing
absenteeism implementation of the resources
by a further 2% procedures Offer refresher training for managers in the
annually until it use of the Sickness Policy and Procedures
is down to 4%
Annual progress report to Finance & General
Purposes Committee
1.5 Brief new staff Incorporate Relocation To brief all new staff on the purpose of HR Coordinator in Within
on the Induction slot into the College’s relocation and project progress conjunction with existing
Relocation Induction Programme the Director of resources
Project Resources
1.6 Encourage Engage staff in the relocation To conduct an initial staff satisfaction survey HR Director HEFCE HR
staff to move process by July 2008, to better understand staff funding
easily and with opinion in relation to the move Head of [£21,400]
enthusiasm Marketing and
To produce an action plan by September Communications
2008 identifying priorities for improvement in
the management of staff perceptions in areas
where change would bring about the greatest

Deliver timely, accurate and To undertake a 2nd staff satisfaction survey

reliable communication on the following the move to Greenwich and analyse
transformation, to internal data to gauge how staff attitudes have
audiences that informs and changed / improved since the 1st staff
engages satisfaction survey

The production of regular updates on the
relocation progress - on-going until the move

Refresh the Relocation Community Forum

and Wiki with content to encourage
discussion between colleagues

Create a section on the Ravensbourne

Intranet for new stories, press cuttings and
frequent updates on the relocation

By the end of the Spring term 2008, to

organise regular staff visits for new and
existing staff members to the new site

Use of termly staff conferences to provide

relocation updates to the community

Regular internal meetings with managers to

review and progress relocation activities

Summary statement of Staff Development Target Setting, Action Planning and Investment

OBJECTIVE 2: To ensure that staff possess the skills, both general and specialist, needed for the future success of the College, at its current
site and in the context of the planned relocation to Greenwich and GuildHE sector requirements

Organisational strategy links:

(i) Strategic Plan – Aim 1, Action points 1.5.2 and 1.6.1
(ii) Learning and Teaching Strategy 2006-07 to 2011-12, objective B2
(iii) E-learning Strategy 2006-2008

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

2.1 Enabling staff to Provision of appropriate Annually, to ensure that institutional training Senior Within
meet the opportunities for the and development planning incorporates Academic staff existing
challenges of a development of staff skills, appropriate activities to enable the in conjunction resources
multi-platform, knowledge and expertise enhancement of staff skills base with: and HEFCE
cross- Training Officer HR funding
disciplinary The development of multi- Annual In-house Training and Development
professional skilled creative teams, Programme to be distributed to all internal
working underpinned by enhanced stakeholders prior to the start of the new
environment knowledge, competence and academic year to enable day-to-day activities
skill in the use of changing to be planned around developmental events
technologies in the delivery of
2.2 To maintain a To ensure continuing To continue to ensure through staff appraisal, Director of Within
stable and professional development of that training and developmental needs are Information existing
motivated LRC staff, professional training captured Services resources
staffing and accreditation
resource, able
to respond
positively in a

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
2.3 To make By 2009, all established staff To ensure that all newly appointed academic Senior Within
provision for to have a PGCE and / or HEA staff hold a PGCE or equivalent or, are Academic Staff existing
continuing accreditation enabled to achieve one in conjunction resources
professional with the and HEFCE
development By 2009, 50% of all Line managers in conjunction with the Training Officer funding
and career established staff to have an Training Officer to identify relevant CPD for
progression for MA or, be registered or a staff annually and arrange for them to receive
existing higher qualification, and are appropriate training
academic staff fully enabled to inform their
and technical teaching with research Consultant to facilitate process and report to
staff the HR Director
[See also, sub-objective 10.4]
To continue to make institutional funding
available for the payment of individual HE
accreditation applications

2.4 To continue to To continue to maintain an To continue to develop annually specific HR Director

ensure that annual level of 5% sessional training and development initiatives for
sessional staff staff participation in sessional staff Training Officer
are equipped to appropriate training and staff in conjunction
understand the development annually Develop standard core package of training for with senior staff
education sessionals
context within
which they work Quarterly Training Evaluation Report to the
Learning and Teaching Review Committee
2.5 To ensure that Inclusion of ICT training in the Take-up of ICT training monitored by the Training Officer Within
staff continue to annual Training and Staff Training Officer existing
have Development brochure Impact of training assessed by the Training resources
opportunities for Officer
relevant ICT
training Production of monthly training report for the
Learning and Teaching Review Committee

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
2.6 To support and To deliver bespoke training To develop a “staff technical tutor” role within Head of Within
empower staff and open training workshops ICT [complement/ outsourced TBA] Information and existing
in the efficient to an agreed timetable Communication resources
use of core throughout the year To identify the training requirements and Technology
electronic implement a technical training schedule
resources and Director of
hardware, Undertake training assessment Resources
production, To support the development of departmental Director of
communication “Super-users” Human
and Resources

2.7 Implementation By 31 March 2008, to have To draft a robust Policy and Procedure HR Manager Within
of a robust developed a Qualified Teacher existing
Qualified Status Policy and Procedure Policy and Procedure to be approved by the resources
Teacher Status Learning and Teaching Review Committee
Policy and
2.8 To continue to To continue to ensure that staff Training Officer to source appropriate trainers Training Officer Within
produce are made aware of legal for external training activities in conjunction existing
annually a obligations affecting the way in with: Senior and resources
focused in- which they work Draft Staff Training and Development Middle and HEFCE
house Staff Programme completed annually by the end of managers, and HR funding
Training and To continue to ensure that July Learning and
Development annually all academic staff Teaching
Programme participate in appropriate Staff Training and Development outline Review
pedagogical and learning and programme made available on-line for all staff Committee
teaching developments by the end of July
Staff Training and Development Programme
To continue to provide Support approved by the Learning and Teaching
Staff with appropriate Review Committee annually by June
opportunities for developing Impact of training assessed by the Training
their professional expertise Officer and preparation of termly Report to
the Learning and Teaching Review

Relocation planning
2.9 To ensure By August 2009, 50% of Senior Management Staff Development HR Director HEFCE
relevant staff managers in the College to Programme approved by Management HR
possess the have participated in a Committee by December 2008 Training Officer funding
management management development
and other programme Senior Management Development
generic programme completed by August 2009
required by the Management Development training for middle
College managers by August 2009
2.10 Re-alignment To complete skill audits across To complete skill audits across the College Senior and Within
of staff skills the College faculties / faculties / departments by June 2009 Middle managers existing
profile with the departments by June 2009 resources
2008-13 To ensure that staff receive appropriate
Strategic Plan training and development appropriate to
deliver core business
2.11 To develop a To provide a targeted staff To include opportunities for appropriate HR Director Within
flexible development programme that development as part of the annual Staff existing
approach to supports the delivery of E- Training and Development Programme Training Officer resources
learning and learning under the Staff and
teaching that Training & Development HEFCE
exploits the Programme HR
potential of E- funding
learning and
and the
delivery of the
new College’s

Summary Statement of Equal Opportunities Target Setting, Action Planning and Investment

OBJECTIVE 3: To achieve a workforce that mirrors the community that the College currently serves, and will serve in Greenwich, and to
achieve equality of opportunity for all staff

Organisational strategy links:

(i) Strategic Plan: Aim 3 – indicators of success: 3.1.2, 3.1.3

(ii) ‘Proposal to develop a Single Equality Scheme [SES]’ – Diversity Paper DC08/02/06

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

3.1 Introduction of Production of a Single Equality Provision of a generic overarching statement Head of Within
a Single Scheme by December 2008 together with clearly identifiable separate Student existing
Equality strands, including religion and sexual Support and resources
Scheme orientation Access

Create a Single Equality Action Plan HR Director

incorporating the Equal Opportunities and
Race Equality action plans

Map to diversity and corporate strategies

3.2 Develop an Draft and approve an Equal Identify all strategies and activities within an Director of Within
Equality Opportunities and Diversity overarching document Information existing
Opportunities Strategy by December 2008 Services resources
and Diversity Integrate staffing diversity strategies within
Strategy the overarching document Head of
Identify performance measures and Support and
outcomes Access

Map to corporate strategy HR Director

Implement single annual review

Identify key responsibilities and reporting


Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
3.3 Review Equality To review and revise the Add Religion and Sexual Orientation to the Head of Within
Impact Schedule by August 2008 target groups by May 2008 Student existing
Assessment Support and resources
Schedule Refocus policy priorities in relation to key Access
relocation strategies and policies by June
2008 Director of
Produce a single review schedule clearly Services
indicating impact for each equality strand
3.4 To continue to To continue to review and Annual review of Race Relations Policy, Head of Within
ensure that staff update the various equality Equal Opportunities Policy and the Single Student existing
are treated in schemes, policies and codes Equality Scheme Services and resources
accordance of practice in line with Access
with legislation legislative and best practice Policy document made available in electronic,
and best paper and as requested, other formats i.e. HR Director
practice To continue to improve / adjust braille
the various equality action
plans and practice in light of Provision of updated Race Equality Policy
on-going experience and EO strategy statements to service
The provision of periodic
training events for all staff
3.5 To continue to Consistent implementation of Completion of internal pay audit by HR Manager HEFCE HR
ensure that staff the College’s HAY job December 2008 funding
are fairly evaluation system Training Officer
rewarded for Address any identified pay
their differential arising from the
employment Equal Pay Audit, over an
and that the agreed number of financial
process for years, if appropriate
evaluating jobs
is transparent

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
3.6 To ensure that Continued mandatory Inclusion of equality training in the annual Training Officer Within
staff continue to participation in training for new Training and Staff Development brochure in conjunction existing
participate in staff and those established with the: resources
staff staff have yet to participate in
development training which is appropriate to HR Director
focusing on their job roles Head of
good practice in Student
diversity and Services &
equal Access
3.7 To continue to By August 2010 an increase in To continue to annually review advertising HR Director Within
increase the the proportion of BME staff at campaigns in order to encourage more existing
number of staff the College from 9% to 11% suitable qualified individuals from BME HR Coordinator resources
from Black and groups to apply for jobs at the College
Minority [BME] Gain a wider
groups in the acknowledgement of To continue to monitor responses to
college to better Ravensbourne among the advertisements from BME groups
match the diverse communities in the
population of region To continue with membership of the Network
outer London for Black Professionals, until September
2009, in relation to opportunities for attracting
a wider selection of BME applicants,
particularly for academic job vacancies

To monitor and report on advertising and

recruitment statistics arising from institutional
membership of the Network for Black

To continue to prepare an annual report to

the Diversity Committee of race equality
statistical data and progress

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
3.8 To continue to To increase the proportion of To set up a Disability Advice Line with an HR Director Within
ensure the people with disabilities in the external agent (The Business Focus Team) existing
College meets College workforce from 9% to HR Coordinator resources
its obligations 11% by August 2010 To train managers in the use of the Disability
as an employer Advice Line Head of
of people with To complete a review of the Student
disabilities Disability Equality Scheme by To inform the College community about the Services and
December 2010 new Disability Advice Line through leaflets / Access
e-mail bulletin

To provide guidance to managers about the

use of the Disability Advice Line

To go ‘live’ with the Disability Advice Line by

the end of March 2008

To continue to incorporate appropriate

wording into job advertisements to encourage
more suitably qualified individuals with
disabilities to apply for jobs at the College

To monitor the responses to advertisements

and throughout the recruitment process from
disabled people

To prepare an annual report to the Diversity

Committee on progress to achieve the 2%

Annually, to update the Disability Equality

Action Plan

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
3.9 A more To continue to increase the To review the wording of job advertisements HR Coordinator Within
appropriate proportion of women who hold to encourage more suitably qualified women existing
gender balance academic posts from 31% to to apply for jobs resources
across the 35% by December 2010
institution Annual Report to the Diversity Committee
concerning progress towards targets
3.10 To continue to To conduct a 3rd review of the Revision of HR policies, Procedures and HR Manager Within
ensure that HR entire staffing policies by outcomes existing
policies and December 2008 resources
continue to
provide To complete the impact
Ravensbourne assessment exercise in
with the relation to staffing policies by
required December 2008
flexibility to
competitive in
the HE sector
and relevant
private sector

To continue to
ensure that
documents and
procedures do
not operate to
disadvantage of
staff groups

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
3.11 To continue to All sub-contractor and service To provide all sub-contractor and service Head of Within
ensure equality providers to work within the providers employed by the College with a Facilities existing
of opportunity is college Policy and the current copy of the College’s Equal Opportunities and resources
provided to all legislative framework Race Equality Policies
providers and All sub-contractor and service
contractors providers employed by the
employed by College adhere to the
the College College’s Equal Opportunities
and Race Equality Policies

Relocation Planning
3.12 To increase the Benchmark staff ethnicity Annual Report to the Diversity Committee on HR Director Within
number of staff statistics against London progress existing
from Black and Borough of Greenwich (LBG) To continue to place job vacancies with resources
Minority Ethnic ethnicity statistics by January specialised agencies and advertise in
groups at the 2009 appropriate publications in order that career
new site to opportunities reach the widest audiences
better match Set appropriate recruitment
the population targets for support staff based
of Greater on LBG ethnicity statistics
Set appropriate recruitment
targets for academic staff
based on Greater London and
National statistics

Summary Statement of Regular Reviews of Staffing Needs, Target Setting, Action Planning, and Investment

OBJECTIVE 4: To ensure that the staff of the College have the relevant skills and required flexibility to deliver the business objectives as set out
in the Strategic Plan

Organisation strategy link:

(i) Strategic Plan: Aim 5, targets 5.1 and 5.4

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

4.1 To continue to To ensure that the College’s Departmental and faculty strategies to be CEO Within
be a supporting strategies continue reviewed and priorities aligned in accordance All Senior and existing
sustainable to interpret and translate key with the Strategic Plan 2008-2013 Middle resources
institution with business objectives and managers
robust aspirations into achievable
arrangements action plans of targeted
for leadership, activities to deliver institutional
governance aims and objectives
4.2 To ensure that By September 2009, to have Staged completion of skills audit for Senior and HEFCE HR
the workforce reviewed the deployment of academic areas – by September 2009 and Middle funding
incorporates staff across the College to establish an annual process of review managers in
the appropriate ensure the provision of the right conjunction with
Devise and implement staff development
skill mix to skills in the right places at the the Training
action plan arising from the various skills
meet the right time Officer
current and Developed faculties and
future needs – departments that reflect current
both in content needs and are adaptable to the
and delivery changing needs of the sector

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
4.3 To increase the To respond to the 2007 QAA To annually identify and incorporate relevant Director of Within
College’s audit requirements ensuring training activities into the Staff Development Quality and existing
reputation and that the College’s capacity and Programme in support of the College’s quality Academic resources
competitive- systems for setting standards assurance processes and to increase staff Services
ness across and assuring and enhancing engagement with the national academic
both academic the quality of the learning infrastructure generally
and private opportunities offered, continues
sectors to be effective, efficient and fit
for purpose

Build on the judgement of

‘confidence’ in the institutional
audit by the Quality Assurance
Agency [QAA] and work
towards achieving taught
degree awarding powers and
achieve the confidence of
Office for Standards in
Education [Ofsted] if required

Relocation planning
4.4 To maximise To use the move to Greenwich Departmental and Faculty Strategy Action All Senior and Within
the advantage to continue to provide the Plans to be updated Middle existing
of the move, College with appropriately managers resources
by having experienced and qualified staff Assess staff competencies and capabilities
developed in line with the Strategic Plan
faculties and 2008-13 Organise appropriate training and
departments development activities as appropriate
that reflect
current needs
and are
adaptable to
the changing
needs of the

Summary Statement of Annual Performance Review Target Setting, Action Planning and Investment

OBJECTIVE 5: To achieve maximum productivity across the College’s workforce

Organisational strategy links:

Strategic Plan – Aims 1 and 5: Action point 1.5

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

5.1 To continue to To continue to appraise By July 2008, to have conducted a further HR Manager Within
ensure that annually all full-time and review of the Staff Appraisal documentation existing
Staff Appraisal fractional staff resources
Scheme has To update and implement the revised
continued To extend participation in the appraisal documentation by December 2008
relevance to Staff Appraisal Scheme to
staff and the hourly-paid staff who have
College, and achieved 4 years continuous
enables the service with the College
College to
excellent and
and deal with
any incidents
of poor or
5.2 To continue to To continue to implement To publish on the HR Intranet the policy and HR Manager £15,000
recognise consistently, the College’s procedures for rewarding performance and
outstanding policy for rewarding recognising achievement
individual or performance and recognising
team-based achievement To offer guidance in the use of the policy and
contributions procedure
during the
academic year

Relocation planning
5.3 To review the To establish a structure that By August 2008, to have defined the Director of Within
Estates Team compliments the demands of appropriate structure Resources existing
structure and the new site resources
roles By January 2009, to implement the
appropriate structure to ensure any changes
are implemented in advance of the move

Summary Statement of Poor Performance Target Setting, Action Planning, and Investment

OBJECTIVE 6: To address any cases of under, or poor performance in the College’s workforce

Organisational strategy link:

(i) Strategic Plan – Aim 1.5

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

6.1 To continue to To provide refresher training for Training to be included annually in Training Training HEFCE HR
ensure that managers in the use of the and Development brochure Officer funding
performance Capability Policy
related matters
are handled
consistently in

Relocation planning
6.2 Sub-objective
6.1 is relevant
to relocation

Summary Statement of Flexible Reward Systems Target Setting, Action Planning, and Investment

OBJECTIVE 7: To adapt and implement as appropriate, the agreed Framework for the Modernisation of the College’s Pay Structure and reward

Organisational strategy link: Aim 1 – Action point 5.1

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

7.1 To ensure Review all documentation Review and revise as appropriate the Total Senior HR Within
Regrading and relating to the College’s Total Reward Strategy by June 2009 Project existing
Promotion Reward Strategy Manager resources
Policy / December 2008 Review and revise as appropriate the Grade
procedures Progression Policy by March 2009
has continued Monitor national developments
relevance to in relation to the Framework To review and revise all other documentation
the College Agreement relating to the Total Reward Strategy by
and December 2009
individual staff
where this has
changed /
Relocation planning
7.2 Sub-objective
7.1 is relevant
to relocation

Summary Statement of Part-time and hourly paid fixed-term sessional staff Target Setting, Action Planning, and Investment

OBJECTIVE 8: To monitor the employment relationship with fixed-term hourly-paid sessional staff and continue to rationalise the College’s
sessional staffing component

Organisational strategy link:

(i) Strategic Plan – Aim 1, Action point 1.5.1

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

8.1 To continue to To further reduce sessional To offset, as necessary, the cost of new Director and Within
reduce the staffing costs by 10% by academic posts against the sessional staffing Chief Executive existing
College’s December 2010 budget resources
reliance on HR Director
fixed term
sessional staff
8.2 Assure the Recruit high calibre sessional Review and revise the Sessional Recruitment HR Manager Within
quality of staff Procedures by February 2009 existing
sessional staff resources
Implement robust and transparent
arrangements for the recruitment of sessional

Train managers in the use of the revised

sessional recruitment procedures by June

Introduce a probationary period By August 2009, to have drafted and had

for new long-term sessional approved, the new probationary document
To train managers in the use of the sessional
staff probationary procedure

To extend participation in the Ensure that training and developmental

Staff Appraisal Scheme to opportunities continue to be made available
hourly-paid staff who have to sessional staff

achieved 4 years continuous
service with the College

Improve sessional engagement

in the peer observation
8.3 To enable part- Updated Induction DVD [see Review and revise DVD content asap for Training Officer HEFCE HR
time and also objectives 1.3 and 10.6] approval by the Learning & Teaching Review funding
sessional staff Committee, for immediate use thereafter
to make the
best possible To annually review staff Annual Staff Training and Development Training Officer Within
contribution to development / training activities Programme to be aligned with Strategic Plan, in conjunction existing
the work of the for sessional and part-time staff Learning and Teaching Strategy with senior resources
College managers and HEFCE
Examine new modes of training delivery for HR funding
To ensure that future reviews of sessional and part-time staff
HR policies do not operate to
the disadvantage of part-time HR Manager to review staffing polices [see
staff in the workplace Equal Opportunities Action Plan 3.10]
8.4 Completion of Implementation of Framework Policy and procedural documents drafted by Senior HR HEFCE HR
final phase of Agreement in respect of hourly- September 2008 Project funding
the National paid sessional staff by the end Manager
Framework of January 2009 Policy and procedural documents approved
Agreement by Board by December 2008
Relocation planning
8.5 To review and Annual review of sessional Heads of Faculty in conjunction with Senior Within
adjust the requirements academic managers, FE Subject Leader to Academic existing
sessional review Managers and resources
staffing FE Subject
compliment to Leader
meet the
needs of the

Summary Statement of Professionalisation of Support Staff Target Setting, Action Planning, and Investment

OBJECTIVE 9: To provide an effective and efficient range of support services to both internal and external customers

Organisational strategy link:

(i) Strategic Plan – Aim 1, Action Point 1.5

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

9.1 To ensure that Annually, to review the Staff Training Officer to review and revise the HR Director in Within
the Staff Development Policy policy for presentation at the Learning and conjunction with existing
Development Teaching Review Committee the Training resources
Policy has Officer
continued Learning and Teaching Review Committee to
relevance to discuss and approve the updated Policy
employees and
supports the
9.2 To support Production of termly staff Training Officer to prepare termly training Training Officer Within
continuous training evaluation and evaluation reports existing
professional participation reports for line resources
development managers and the Learning &
for all staff Teaching Review Committee

9.3 Provision of Annually, to continue to To work within and monitor expenditure HR Director Within
financial prioritise budgetary provision to against the Staff Development Budget for the existing
support for enable staff to enrol on period 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11 resources
staff to obtain professional programmes

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
9.4 To continue to To continue to provide good Training Officer to continue to publicise Training Officer Within
encourage access to development internal and external training opportunities for existing
Support Staff opportunities staff resources
to obtain and HEFCE
relevant To maintain high rates of HR funding
development participation in training and staff
development activities

9.5 To develop a To develop a new College CPD To provide new College CPD opportunities for Deputy Director, TQEF
College CPD framework for academics that academic staff in the areas of pedagogy, Post Graduate funding and
framework that compliments the College’s knowledge transfer and research. Development existing
addresses the Grade Progression Policy and Enterprise resources
issues of
progression in
a small HEI
Relocation Planning
9.6 To ensure that Review, revise and implement a Initial proposals in respect of Business Director of Within
Support new structure for academic Support unit presented to Management Quality and existing
service support services by August Committee in January 2008. New process Academic resources
functions are fit 2008 and associated job descriptions to be Services
for purpose in presented to Management Committee in
the new Review, revise and implement a March 2008. HR Director
College new structure for the directorate
secretariat August 2008 Informal discussions of proposals with staff
affected have taken place. Formal will follow
Management committee approval of new job

Summary Statement of Learning and Teaching Target Setting, Action Planning, and Investment

OBJECTIVE 10: To review, redefine and reposition learning and teaching so that it is fit for purpose in the new Ravensbourne, demonstrating
innovation and enterprise

Organisational strategy links:

(i) Strategic Plan: Aim 1, target 1.1

(ii) Learning and Teaching Strategy 2006-7 to 2011-12, objectives A4, B1, B2, B3, B4

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

10.1 Supporting the To continue to provide an Annual Staff Development Programme to HR Director Within
strong link appropriate level of continue to include specific activities in Training Officer existing
between developmental Learning and relation to generic teaching skills resources
teaching and Teaching activities as part of development, practitioner based learning and
professional the annual Staff Development action-based research
practice Programme

10.2 To prepare the To develop staff capability in To develop a range of “designs for learning” Deputy Director, With the aid
academic design and pedagogy of to support staff using the College’s VLE Post Graduate of existing
community & student-centred learning Development JISC funding
related support experiences on the basis of a fit To further develop the role of blogging in the and Innovation and within
services for for purpose approach, including undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. existing
relocation to face-to face learning, e-learning resources
the new site at and blended learning, including To build on the recent collaborative project
Greenwich in those suitable for delivery with Kingston on the “critique” and to review
2009-10 through a VLE in detail the delivery of the “critique” at
Ravensbourne with a view to moving towards
“group critiques” (as opposed to individual
critiques) and providing appropriate support
for academic staff

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
10.3 To promote To map the elements of the To develop a framework by December 2008 HR Director Within
professional Framework of Professional Training Officer existing
standards and Standards onto College To implement the framework and monitor Quality Team resources
continuing provision in order to evolve a progress annually
professional College Framework
for teaching
staff in Further
and Higher
10.4 To make By 2009, all established staff to To ensure that all newly appointed academic Senior HEFCE HR
provision for have a PGCE and / or HEA staff hold a PGCE or equivalent or, are Academic Staff funding
continuing accreditation enabled to achieve one in conjunction
professional with the: Existing
development By 2009, 50% of all established Senior Academic staff, through appraisal and resources
and career staff to have an MA or, be faculty meetings to encourage and support Training Officer
progression for registered for a higher staff to achieve accreditation
existing qualification, and are fully HR Director
academic staff enabled to inform their teaching To continue to make institutional funding
and technical with research available for the payment of individual HE
staff accreditation applications
10.5 To engage fully To continue to draw on To support academic staff in participating in Senior within
with the Higher knowledge, expertise and HEA and Subject Centre activities e.g. Academic Staff existing
Education opportunities offered by the funding applications, conference resources
Academy HEA for enhancement of higher presentations, applications for Teaching Training Officer
[HEA] education teaching, for Fellowships
research-informed teaching,
and for the dissemination of See also 2.3
good practice

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources
10.6 To enhance Enhanced new Staff Induction To review and revise the College Induction HR Coordinator Within
staff induction Programme by February 2009 Programme existing
and ensure Training Officer resources
appropriate Updated Induction To review and revise the Induction DVD for
support is approval by the Learning & Teaching Review
available for all Committee and immediate use thereafter
new members
of staff
Relocation planning
10.7 Sub-objectives
10.1 to 10.6
are all relevant
to relocation

Summary Statement of Widening Participation Target Setting, Action Planning, and Investment

OBJECTIVE 11: To develop approaches which enable the flexible delivery of learning opportunities and which facilitate the participation of non-
traditional learners and under-represented groups

(i) Strategic Plan – Aim 3, Action points 3.1, 3.3

(ii) Learning and Teaching Strategy 2006-07 to 2011-12, Objectives E1, E2 and E3

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

11.1 To make a Promote equality of To continue to promote equality of opportunity Director of Within
significant opportunities within the College through staff development and training Information existing
contribution to and to embed this across all Services resources
the diversity of relationships with our To continue to embed processes that collect,
practitioners stakeholders through analyse and monitor baseline data in order to
within the community relations identify and remove any practices that may
Creative partnerships links and regional be operating to the disadvantage of different
Sectors collaboration student / staff groups
increasing the
diversity and
progression of
the College’s

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

11.2 To continue to To increase the proportion of Continue to develop and monitor internal and Heads of Within
widen students from lower socio- external compact agreements Faculty existing
participation in economic groups and those resources
a supportive studying vocational Continue to develop approaches to student Head of
learning qualifications support which respond to the implications of a Student
environment differentiated student body Support & Within
To provide an environment that Access Existing
enables them to gain the right To continue the provision of staff resources
mix of creative, vocational and development in diversity, focusing in Training Officer
commercial skills particular on equality and diversity issues
including disabilities, gender and race
11.3 Achieve Ensure good and effective To continue with widening participation Progression WP funding
widening relationships with the lifelong initiatives Manager in
participation learning networks [NALN, conjunction with
key Thames Gateway Lifelong the Head of
performance Learning Network, Creative Faculty
indicators and Way and the South London Communication
internal targets Lifelong Learning Network] Media
for diversity

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

11.4 To continue to On-going development of Progression Manager to maintain and foster Progression WP funding
develop projects with schools and other new links with appropriate organisations Manager in
appropriate organisations to encourage conjunction with
routes by which participation by non-traditional Continued promotion of WP activity through the Head of
secondary level learners the media Faculty
students and Communication
non-traditional Continued implementation of Media
learners can the Fair Access Policy
progress onto a Head of
Ravensbourne Raise aspirations for HE within Marketing and
course and to the community comms
11.5 To continue to To continue to review student To continue to gather pre-entry student Head of Within
provide learning support opportunities information on disability / learning difficulties Student existing
appropriate and any other support needs Services and resources
learning Access
development To implement and monitor reasonable
and support to adjustments for learners where appropriate
all learners
according to To annually monitor and evaluate
need participation and feedback from students on
additional learning support opportunities

Number Sub-Objective Target Action Accountability Resources

11.6 Staff Annual Training and See Staff Development Objective 2.7 Training Officer Within
development Development and Programme in conjunction existing
activities to to incorporate relevant with all Senior resources
continue to activities Managers
ensure that all
staff develop
skills to teach
students with
diverse learning

Relocation planning
11.7 All stated
learning and
teaching sub-
objectives are
relevant to