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Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program

Harbor Park Project
Mike Roth
Grand Marais City Administrator

December 2006

Project No. 306A-04-07

Contract No. A79125

This project was funded in part by the Coastal Zone Management Act, by NOAA’s
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, in cooperation with Minnesota’s
Lake Superior Coastal Program.
The primary feature of Grand Marais has always been its harbor. Still a working harbor
for commercial fishermen, it has become a scenic haven for visitors and residents alike.
The City of Grand Marais took the opportunity to purchase the old Standard Station
property in 1999 with a combination of community raised funds and a grant from the
Minnesota DNR. The $600,000 purchase was made with the intent of cleaning-up the
heavily contaminated site and creating "Harbor Park".

A substantial amount of contaminated soil was removed from the site by the Minnesota
Pollution Control Agency this past year, and clean-up will continue for some time. We
worked cooperatively with them to get approval to begin construction on the site. The
reclamation of this site and its restoration to public property is part of a larger effort to
protect the environs of the harbor for future generations. This larger effort includes
maintaining harbor adjacent property in trust, acquiring easements from private
landowners, and removal of the old power plant.

Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program helped fund Harbor Park Phase I. This
allowed us to hire an architect and initiate a public design process. Hammel, Green, and
Abrahamson, Inc. was selected to work with the community in designing a park that will
serve citizens and visitors alike. The final design was arrived at after an extensive series
of public meetings. The design acknowledges the proximity of the site to the downtown
while creating a passive garden park that complements the harbor and its natural
surroundings. The park design incorporated the use of quality, durable materials that
reflect the local environment and ample public spaces for community events, including
green spaces. The natural beach area is enlarged and enhanced by removing old concrete
structures and rotted wood barriers. Most importantly, the design preserves the
panoramic viewshed of the harbor and Lake Superior beyond.

Work Completed and Results
In the last quarter of 2005, we received our grant contract, the architect completed the
final draft construction documents, and our design committee met with the Park Board to
review the preliminary plans and discuss the construction schedule next summer. In
particular we considered working around the schedule of festivals in the summer.

Construction documents were finalized in February. In February and March of 2006, we
included some changes in the design to better serve our festivals. The final construction
documents were printed and sent out for bids. We received one bid, from local contractor
Edwin E. Thoreson, Inc. for $351, 855.

In April, we finished negotiating with the contractor and awarded the bid. Thoreson was
extremely helpful in reducing the scope of work and finding other cost savings to help
bring the total project cost down to $275,000. The biggest cost savings came from using
local assistance to coordinate, purchase, and install all of the plant materials (more on this
later). Other cost savings were realized in removal of some concrete work and a

reduction in the plumbing costs. The City would use its own utilities, parks and golf
course crews to install the water, sewer, and irrigation.

In May we evaluated two proposals for construction administration services and decided
to use HGA, the park designer, for assistance with some of the more complex
installations, but do the majority if the administration in-house with City and Park staff.

June, July and August was an exciting
quarter for progress on the park. Edwin E.
Thoreson Inc began construction in May.
The site was cleared, and it became
apparent that we were working with a very
large area. There is ample space for all of
the uses we plan for the park.

We completed most of the concrete work,
including all of the seat walls and the plaza
area near the intersection of Wisconsin
Street and 1st Avenue West. The different
Park site cleared in June surface treatments on the concrete add a lot
of interest to the project. A coloring agent
was added to the concrete to slightly darken it, giving it an aged appearance. The crushed
rock pathways were also installed, and they work as we intended, providing a flat, stable
surface for travel, but also with a softer feel than asphalt or concrete.

All of the electrical conduit was placed for
outlets and lighting. The outlets were
installed and put to use in July for the Art
festival and later on for the Fisherman’s
Picnic. Outlets were added on the far west
and south areas of the park, and larger
outlets were put in select locations for
larger voltage users like rides. The Lion’s
used our water and sewer connection for
their fishburger stand.

Concrete seat wall with outlets; Plantings mulched
with bark From Hedstrom’s Lumber

The plantings are a major portion of the park.
The initial price for the plantings in the bid was
over $90,000. Through the generous assistance
of the Cook County Master Gardeners and
Buck’s Hardware, we decided to remove
plantings from the contract and complete them
ourselves. Buck’s agreed to supply all of the
plants at their cost from Bailey’s. The Master Volunteers unload plants for park
Gardeners coordinated the planting and with an
enormous amount of volunteer effort, we are getting it done. Hedstrom’s Lumber has
donated all of the bark mulch we will be using. The planting effort really demonstrates
the way the community has come together to make this park a reality. Your generous
grant has leveraged a lot of donations of time and materials.

Our architect visited the site three times, first to help us select the appropriate rock for
landscaping, then later in June to help build a large rock landscaping area, and finally in
August to complete the rock landscaping including the boulder retaining wall along the
beach. People really enjoyed the rock landscaped area.

A new rock garden surrounds the bear tree sculpture

In September, the Park was finished, and it looks great. The plantings were finished with
an amazing amount of volunteer labor coordinated by the Cook County Master
Gardeners. Park and utility staff installed irrigation piping, and park staff has been
watering all of the plants to get them established.

The festival season gave the park a good test and we are extremely happy with the

Our final construction costs were higher than originally budgeted, but working with a
local contractor who was interested in the civic good involved with the project we made
substantial reductions in the costs after bid opening. The construction administration was
mainly done in-house, saving some money on that line item. Fund raising slowed until
construction began, and then picked up again. Our many festivals provided good fund
raising opportunities.

This project was completed with the assistance of countless volunteer hours from the
community. Both during the project and after its completion, people couldn’t help
comment on how terrific the site looks. Please come up and enjoy this new public space
on the Grand Marais harbor, and remember all of the support and effort that made it

PAR K/from At deNt). he .aid, enl rllnCea wUl he ma<.!~ Inore
I' Ute nlOSt \-;s,ble prommen!. ElectriCIty. and
The orl~ i""J plans [0' th~ change is that a ,etal/lIng"o1I ...... l(1 and ..,we, hook.upiI ilIe
44,OOO-s.juare ·f<>o t ~'te call~d nle""t to sepllnte the de·;e1· locludo!d In the revIIOed plan ...
for In'p,o\,e,n.nts t<>lahll~ oped palk fro,,, tho beach will well
about $500.000. b~ "I""" fo'med," and he emn· Rolli said the.e are three
Features Ihat ~ to be In prb<!d of nanu'lIl bou lders ",th [,nns whic h loa,·" up,e9$ed
the l'bJ~ but an;m1 any looger. nat tops thaI prot rude about i"I0!,~ in doing tJoe work. and
Include /I. centeTJHeee in (he 1\00 rttl aho,'e pound Ie\'el on UM: city e:q>eCb to conduct and
Im e"",ctioo that '10 .... becornes the upper (Park) side Theil: open bids in Mar<:h, willi ""n·
a lnrje pa"ed paHo area~ ~ ",II also ~ erusM1l stone atrucUon be"nnlng In sprlng
(O"Plam, and a ,ocky gar dell palllw3Y'" and 1es.'I relil!rin the ~ hop<>fully btlnl cornpltted
ntt m;uorit)' of the vlantm~ p",,,,,. !! co ncrete .echOl1.S by the end oflllc ~ar
w~1 be shrubs (no annU.>! gar· where called fo •. and two " ,Ie
News Briefs
Harbor Park ~;"n~ h i ~( $3() l, OOO. t~, I "'i !L E "'''"w, !"fv""",~ ber <to",
7ho.c$O", Inc IIaa worked MnDoI 11 "" bu<lgcted more
wilh the City 10 nrHl signolicanl thM s.lSO,OOO t<> seal the road_
construction to c .... , ....,..lng measurrs The
planhngs wlU ~ PIVI'~ al
>ny cra<ks fio", Gr.ond Mar.Iis
to the F\geon Ilh'"
cost by Buck Ber\SOfl and reu had ....'I]lten 10 the com-
begin May I InslaUe<I by voh,,"e<:. labor
Howard A\>rnh:u",on and th~
ml5!rionu ."rile. this wintu
protesting lh~ rough ,olnc on
On Ap<11 I Z, lhe Gr..... d Cool< Cou nty ) ! ast~r G.rd en_ I!1l1ll",'ay 61 !.>«"B"", I)f
C(lun~Ll "",,,, ded
Motnl!! City ~I'§ are "'3~nizlni a punting ~" ... ""ntlllg" 01 frO!!! heav-
th~ conslrueliM f)f Harbor ~"'w lor ~ .. Iy ""'.... Ing OIl the ,oath, nlakir'8 trave l
Park to fAwln E. l1>ornon 'We atP ~:aremdy nClled 10 It normal highway spttds
Inc Cot1$lf1,lctioo will tx:I'n romple~ 11u, imI)ortant rono- Impossible.
May \. roun)ty p«\ieCt: ""-ld 'dayor "Cook Counl)' Inl\'~le", ,....,
The Harbor Park proJr.ct Mark S<Uldbo_"'Than"" are dU<! llOt alone in t/,ur ""rift)' with
belIan wlll\ 'h~ ""quis111on of to aU of th . comnlL1nity mCm- ,,,ugh [{lads !hi. Winter: Mol-
the E~kson Standard SUllO" bers who l\\ad~ lhis project nau wrote to l'etz, ' Indeed,
properw In 1999 (lI,oul" • happen through th~j , ~ignifl­ Too.UWllyS all o~r NOllheastem
oombvWlon <If grant5 lIlId lori . ~"111 conuibliti""" of Ii""" and ~hnne!lOl a art roua,her than
vate dOnaliQrlS A design COfI'I. """""rcu 1I",1ng local cOlI- ,WnnaJ this year, due primarily
min"" IA,¥"" w,,, ), ., 2000 ;o1U, t"",wr~ lou!l,1 u.., )kU k ",1<1 ru .. 'OJ rh~ 1"'<',,10 .. w~"''''', ..-.<1
t h ~ selccUon 91 Hammel, i.hing il of! ""1th a vol"nteff I'1l1n condlliolls ulI"nen<"l!d
GTf'(>n ""rl Ahrammoo" (IIIlh. p lantillg c~w .. a fi UiI'lll <0[\ thrOOJgh dlil! pM of the IW><Jn •
prujtd archi'«l- Their design elusion" John B~, Mn Dot
procEV Included sigI'lr't~nl bll$ed ill Dulut h,
public P"""1>5S 11...[ led to Ih@
pM$1\~ p...-k MSla" thaI
MnDollo spend "",id in a (.I~phone interview
1",,( "'''''k trot plans had
entWl«S !lIe property ..11hou1 already bun tlet 1Il place last
t:lJdng away from the foe...,. !he $450,000 10 seal fan to..eal the C~ ksoo Hwy.
harbor itself 51 from Gnnd Maron. to lIMo
The (owstructbn bud~.l of
I2:Xl.OOO i.'I primarily gntIlI!I and
HII),.61 Canad,an border. Work IS
expected to ~g", this '"D1ll1er,
priVJIlc donat>ons, Indl,Mli", Itovlantl ruidenl MaW f>el~ h e said.
5100.000 from Minnesota'. ~~Ived a "uer [r<>m Carol Pet>; 3ald she Is greatly
We ~ Coa.slaI pros""'" MoInau, I.l. ~OOUll'.­ ,eh",~d to lour of the road
8IId 520,000 froo, th BUller- I)llh~ D<opamt"~'" of
.iOller "'pai r and hopes It .501\'tS th~
f'o lmdatJon. Altl",uilh IIle bid 1hrn~o"""on eanl.T ulis protol~m.
Construction begins on Harbor Park

An D elling Iitno in Gr8IId ......i. _ ~ tUlly !'laS
lor ........"".01 all • . , ~
sons. o...~ .
_,ed """'' '.....
<YI HMIor PItt end III ..... week, ........... .......,.. _ .
end.,.,.. ...
..,.ots "' ....... f*k PICIInd, IP(IrfIII/I. ... 00-0\1<I, 1Il0l.,.
R_CiIoon. a... '-":0 ...... w,q RollI. oe,. -..-.... , ondJlm~
Olson: Everybody's park, used by everyone
--""'-.." _."t_
bo ...... pIua ...II!'N • ...,..
.... Iool, ...... ,, _ _ _ . _ bo ... ..." 01><1 pr""" MIl
~ _1/1>«.'<0 ,"ioOllOt ,I..
_ ....... _ .. ><It>o)>>M
AIle< .... ,... of offoto.
.Xtt_-" ,.....
P'0If« ........ ..
_lei _ "
--- ...--
.... ,_<0110. ............. ~ la' , ~
or>d <<lII0I_ d,~oe Th. _ _ 10 b,,¥ II,.

'--.~ -"" . - . "-&1, .. >4 tNIk'
II " v<<>-
iK< ... __ 1\_ ..... '0\00
,- ......~
1Iw-. ........... " " ' _
lalo .......... _ ..... ... _ <he 'c. , ...
.hO" _"'Ii, kit ...........
......, ,hi. w""" _..-
.... . - . I _

",u...- ' '" fti .. ' 0:;,000
_ ..... _ " " ' ... 1..- .... _ ..,....~ , ... <on-
pWoo ..... prdmf; - ..;.
IV""'" !No J*1< .. _
_<he w.t.o. Por ~ ca_ !
mQlob< .. l>opo ..... 1'
........,"'" I)(C.-!II.....
.... j<"~1
I• .....:, ... "OVftJbG<II ', pari<.

~, .. 110 ...." " " _

~ off"", I<l< .... port
U.., r... "",y, '" U.u. <MO,
........ ,hal ,... p.vk .,U "" ...
.... _ ..., _ """'" 10

0 ..._ _ . - . """'"
tho <IQ'\ _ _
'I"loo I*~ .... 11 _ fiItooIY I)(
.~<> I ,. n as
."", ......."."
WlIeIO . . .

MI~RQClo, < ll¥_.
..., _",_rom-
........ ___ bt_
_ I N d,.-1na ......... .~
.~ " .... ..
. . . <-.. .. Woe ..0 NMIcy ~rIsoo. ...", _ """"'" ~.,. CCI'I'>
,_ n(,,_ Tl-M'"_ c..- .. 3Ir.-2I'lo? .nnryb . . ~Iy.,.;l~-*. ~~
eo! $7.(101)1(>'" Harbol ~_
PIICIIO 1O\'.Iom ~
Th~ week. Hafbof Palk came alive w~h shr.os and Irees, day Woes and other flow·
ers U maSlllf oa,rdeflefs, loe Grand Marais Garoen Club and volunteers pianled
live gardeos in !he park. Pictured, above. are Masler (3a(de0ef5 Gail GoodeI, Doll
Goodell, Nancy Carlsoo. M,ke Carlson, Ann RosenqUISt Howa rd AbrahamsOfl,
Errma Bradley, Joan Atwahamson, Patty Ralelie and Nancy Daly.

Planting Harbor Park
Jim S~ lnner.
plants b,,;ng place d on gmup of volun~~.., who
G.......,I'" beth for lasl S ~ l urda y·. han ,e~y """"d '0
pbn.;ng Coo k Co unty do Ih~ work
Friday. June 30 b~lan Mas.e. Gardeners have Appru)(\<l\at<!ly 30 ""Iun·
tht fin~1 phase of •..., UIl<k.rtaken!he ""bsantia.l Ite" from a '·.rie'y ..,f
dtvelopn,ehl of Harbo. USk 0( I..,;nl out Md~, Orplllu.lIoos helpt"d OUI
P .... k WIth Ih~ r;",. ~padt­ p...-pari"i thetn for plant!
ful of d irt turned and nl, and ,upel"\1,lng .l' ~ See PARK/AS
.. Co<>k c-.. _, .... ,aIoj, Gr.......,010, _ ........ >IlOl

PARKIr,omAl ...... ""'" "" rhr .... on<! 01 tho PKk C~. ~ .. lhoy O)p\.

"""'" .,.h - . . voI_,. pM< 1\ U.. 1\Mt>(Ir!'.k Pro;t<:t.

Volu~'",,'" flOl'll A"" ... h....t
.... ~ ............. Ior\arclllo Crond
M...... G...d<>n flub, put GOO
... ,1 "'" C'GnIt!1ICI:od ...... n<:<I
<'<1<11'" 01 _ ~ """,.
"""",,,oIIM Cf)II(t. . . wor k ..
1>1<1. u.. IlNI ~ .....k *Vf>oIIt In 10 """....It II\rt pro.
_ _ Floctnc .... 1:nI 10
pio<)f .... l'oraI ~ ~ Sotno ..... __ k • 1« 10 ~
~ .... .,11 • rrumbrr ot
To ..... "' __ f",...., ' ..........
EI.dnc. city 8<>""""""''''. 11>0
local Tht"~n~ C~. Cool< dto'........... .-.-tL......
doyl'l .... "' 1110 ...,...:I on irion- Iho ,,"", ...1",,1Ce
A!>,,,,,,, _ Don G0od- """'. pnor '" plant"" Evfly
_ ......... _Y<ill "'.... C'0IN<tIQr:, t, '''''''''''III ""'....,.,-
On"'......c(,I\f .... pw.u.., ..,..k, <all
tvrnoon. ~.23:!ll. To

...""'" U... WI.
t.oon • _ _ _ .o-...Iona.
Hoopo ..... '"'" - - - IIU 1\oW>od/llwal _ _ i0oi<
_1_ _ _ "". ",,_do
Iho «nplo<ood .... k ~
ell ha>" put II! _ _ _
_ dot ""'" - " <WwIinc _

,....... __ r... ""'"
~ ,t.. porrk fl'!)rn I~
,,"",,10. ThoI _ tbouIr;I b<&rn
_'-00'._1_. .
_ 10 01>0
.... tho P'M""- of .
prQJ<ct. ind.n.
""'~t ....14

M~'_",,",'- I/w> pl>NlIII of udo bed ..

t...aomM SoI .......y '" ~ tho '" """'" all 01 tho ~ ......."'"
,,_ Nod of"'" ,\Ark.
Ed_ E: n- ", In<- .... AI_ftfnn<aI
.... WIlIk . .1M
eonpIrtrd. 1M_.
... f\oraIIy. tndbed ....."re onII .,. Moke CorIoooo II; $..:!25~

... ....... uktw:d .... ,~ .. IN ....., ~ <»OOal"IOf. .... _ _ _ bo-Iood and roo ....1td on II 01

n..«n0Mr0l::ra. ..........
.... _ ..
,." _" .....
All 01Il>0l boeodIr had J><.on ".,... _ .. Iho !InfId _ _ 1Oon
"'" wal~ '"""" \hO park
IirIIl¥ laid _ on Ft>cIa.J... s.o.. A <k,p ~ .JIIt.. w~1

"--pl--.- a.Itobe ....... IH~1ho
< 4 t oIdoro~ Th:>
I<> _....,..." """'" """" !ito
no. n.or- .....
10 ...... 4
~ tu.o bad
tMor tf("""...u.
IrI tbo ""~ low .......... and tho:
lao!. ~ _ .... 1M! poll 110
t:o.nct-_ ..........
[1_ -*' Itto. 10 potUC..
01 a 1><... ,1\01 addaI"", '" our
Opinion 8r. Letters to the Editor

0- a Ih(ee.week period. more than 100 voIurlIeen and t.4aS1ef Garder.ers spent !.me planl·
ng rnooe!han 4,400 slwub$, trees and 1il1EI$'" Harbor P,uk-

Give credit where it's due
Harbor p.,.k Iookl "eal This would b~ lit ftIOOih, MMI~r G""I ....... and ~
~.e ~ ~ • ..-..lkl"l 1/•• but l~ CT'O""I\II'II ICMOCtI haa leftS ~r"'e Iht ~ pr.-
p;ulw. li1\11\i on! \ooIa&'11 ""I :>I ~n 1M pi"",,!1&' 1\te. and. 1111<1 ~ 1hanIaI Ie.- t-wtr
the bl, III"" IIok., walthlllil n "wel'll mBl<e .n., pt.'" ~alty u'S .., aIn-ady -.ufuI """""""
~ and <loM:b. pdII and kids louk hk' a park - as n~ ~
••~\'ll l'Icn,c "..n
~ park 11M had a lone and
lMlfnet,mes rocky """"Y. bm
anytlllllg in an!' cny. And il'~
brand ........ 1lunk 01 wNI il1II'lI1
look lake In W Y'tW'S torna,,"-
w«kend ".. d " " think retum·
. . f.......... ~_.......,.,.,
vol"",_ oopn ........, rol\rribu- n,i$ . . ,11 be Iht' 1t'pCY 0 1 alilt~ will be pIe-.l, pruud ....
1il(3, jdlllMprlled crtI:ton!I and many h, rd wotkin&. dediuled irop~ WIth IIIUbot I'Iork. In
city g<l\... rnmetJl o&tp(M:d up 10 voJunlt(cI'J ".tIl
the ~ \Iur oplnioll everyone f.omtllt
1M chloJlffi&" and or\tII ,00<1 thWilbs you1J fllld 1/1 an) """.. 1Int.,.~ who ... ~ 1M
"'00 by 1oeroI ...... ""KlOO:O' ..,.,.. ~.., park 10 the Ia'II pdmeT PImInI
pI<:ted Ihf".,., n..,. art 10 be Howard ~ and ... the Ia9t IIow", art Indy 011'
corrm,..,<If<! for III...,. \UIon. Do" O""d~1l and thMt CTtw 01 <ffOt of w 1JoIo<"~''''
A celebration of Harbor Park
Jo~" Fa rnam
Fe.lUte editor

Harbor Par k, which
has already become one
of the most popu la r
places In downtow n
Grund MaraIS lor vi;i l<>rs
and reside nt s ailke, was
offiCially fe~ognized in
dedication ceremonies
on Sunda}'.
A small, but enthusias-
tic crowd attende d the
dedication whic h Ind ud-
ed a review of the chal -
lenge5 and history of the
Harbor Park project by
Richard Olson and the
presentation of a plaque
to Mayor Mark Sandl>o.
"We nte hel'. to cele _
brate thIS l>eautiful gift to
residents and ,"sitor; to
the North Shore, ' Olson
..aid , • And we are here to
honor In dividua l people P!>olO by Joan FarMm
who shared the vision
and stepped up an d dId Rk:hard Olson, rntOdle, presents a mock bronze plaq lJ8 to Mayor Mark Sandbo during ded·
whallhey could.- ication ceremon ies of Harbor Park on Sunday. The real pla que will be arriving soon. PIC-
tured ..... ilh them are commun ity memoors who helped make the park a rea lity and include,
from left, Jim Shinners, Mike Carlson, Betle McDonnel , Mike Roth, Carol Forstad and FMtz
See PARKlA3 Sobanja.
PARK/from AI
n,1o)' not be til" par k eliot 1""
o. J w. " ted 0' ""v'sioaed
<;an _re 1"" .t>" u I>e", in
lH patk will\ III today: h.

For 1"...... everyone md
R_ln, ,no"t, U ,.'.11 ..
dey.tOplnl des! .... <'OII«pll
~ tho r"".. d thr ...... "
..... 010 .. 1, ( ... d _""'eo<

nn. Is what ~ ~Pp"ns l"\<'n th l,t wll ~n the Stan d ~.d 011 pu""ly) it all ron' • .."
kxaI """"""",ot 0Ild rid,..... . 1'0.1"" t~ .. ueed 10 !MIln U,ar 110 ..... 8 ~.1'8
la'.e •. •
. . - c Co worklnl ""~'"tr • ",,1 d _ . 1M a.u . h<lul J Park h"" lIJruoIy •• 0" lI, lint
10 ... ""'ItQIIi.h ... lMth, ... be " .. ,,<:<11"10' park. Drq"" ~ fUI;val "" d
Thll p;lrk II a ro.,plOmlR Then, In til. ~rtY.
nobody go! euctJy .. hal M« ,he. o .. n.... by GrM F.n<k fiM.""""s PIocIlk (lnd nnt
wedd'ng. _ At) ... ...n ...
.he "'""'ed. ~vr"nn@ .., •• "'11. um" 001 Ihe ...... k.....<1
""Ut. ally .. ,Ulnl 10 8"'~ ~p S,"",lon 1(,,,..,
,.nd McDohheU hund.otdo of ........ l& ...d ~i ·
IoOrnetllln, '"'" "oode, r,,1 be"", t:Uc\ll<lil'''' ho w lite city dent.! ali ke . '110 .pend •
m,nute or an II .. " . 10 .njoy
11u,,& II tIIa! 1M .... k works couId_,,,. 1M P"'!>"rt1
for IIlOIol of '''' iII~ndnl fun<, /obJo< GIIII £nilund. Cmdy tke ",ell' ""d the ..u.ian« uf
lio,," ."d 'lun .. ~"r)' ".U". lI1uttlo.d. R..,u Leo ....... d Graroot M.."II
~IIO "",,,'OS· I"nt 5UPPOIU!1'5 J~ann. 'w. <221" ~blr!funk",,1
0...,., "",d">.>O)' ~ are 1~ \l nkull and Sand", Il"U er or tt.. I'<"'ple ...1>0 t..vt 1'''''''
rupoMlb l" fOI "',,"" tile h.d a lIi"",n for ~" ... to I"" 0/ their tUtl., . b, I,IIOS and
park ~ , ~o",,,lec,,. IMI, " Iou .. th~ old Standard SM' ll1OOf)' 10 ",.ok, ,hI. proJ«t ..
Eku" )k Donn.U. Jim SIll;", ItOn .. il ll""t ;on) tU ~oll ...
.on>"'ttm ~nl u.. . ,,""...: Obon .... d ' t l'Ope
n(rs and iIIike C..-l""" sboukl hOllt <I cy. Ihal 1M ,,;vlt: uself II thank,
be stv.n >p"ClaJ f e~o ~"i~on "",d 1Il.0l (om."t..""t ront,n_
for all the hard wMk ,hoy did ...~ toda)', I", ,lIId enoudl rr- .... w ..~ryon<'
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Master Gardeners win awards for Harbor Park

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The Cook County Un,\le(s ity 01 M.nncsota Extension Masler Gardef1ers rece.w<l awards Irom
the 8th iJostrJC1 HofbCultU(e SoCIety tor their worJo; on lIle pLantlr'l9s in Harbor ParK Howard Abra ·
hamson and Don Gooc:teII won Ifldivldual beauW"teabOl1 awards lor ol.l1slaoding participation as
cOOfd inalofS II)( the plantll19 proteCt and the Master Gardene<s we<e awarded the "Outstaod-
ing SpeciaJ Gardens' awa rd Nominatoos 1<11 the distnc! awards were submitted by 'tie Grand
MaraIS Garden Club.
Poctured, Irom letl, are Howald Abrahamson, Nancy Da~. Joan AbraMmson, Bernie Gestel.
Nancy Carlson, Gan Messenbung and Emma Ekooley. Not pictured OIane Booth, Jeanne
Wright. An n RosenqlJlSt. [)Qn Goode •. Patty Ralelle and Ltlby Wilkes.