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Philip Neri Parish
The Northwest Paulist Center
For Evangelization & Reconciliation
2408 SE 16th Avenue  Portland, OR  97214

Parish Office 503-231-4955  Fax 503-736-1383

Guided since our founding in 1912 by the missionary vision of the
Paulists’, committed to the mission of Jesus, and dedicated to be
welcoming to all, we, the community of St. Philip Neri, strive to
reach out, to reconcile and to promote unity for all God’s
creations through worship, education, and service toward the
common good.

Fourth Sunday in Lent  March 6, 2016
Next weekend: School subsidy collection for our children
attending Catholic schools.
Mar. 19/20: Catholic Relief Services – will help provide
humanitarian aid, resettling displaced individuals and
families, and advocating on behalf of victims. For more

Wednesday, March 9, at 7pm in Carvlin Hall. We will
be joined by Fr. Todd Molinari, Archdiocesan Vicar of
Clergy & Fr. Eric Andrews via Skype from New York City.
This is an opportunity to address questions and concerns
about the transition from Paulist staffing to a diocesan
priest on July 1. It will also be an opportunity for Fr. Todd
to learn about the parish. Plan now to attend this very
important meeting as we begin the transition process.

Today, 1-4pm in Carvlin Hall. A panel of women speakers
from Christian, Judaism, Islam, and Native American will
discuss God as Mercy from their religious traditions.
Goodwill offerings will be donated to Mercy Corps. Open
to all - women and men.

1st Seating Sold Out!
Tickets to the dinner must be purchased by March 9 –
deadline. Because seafood is both delicate and
expensive, we will only purchase enough to match ticket
sales. NO tickets to be sold at the door. First seating is
now sold out, so please hurry to reserve your place at
the 6:30pm seating. Buy a ticket after Mass or in the
office.. Salmon cakes are an alternative for those who
don’t eat crab. Please advise at time of ticket purchase.

Order TODAY! Boston Clam Chowder is on sale for $10 a
quart. Pick-up your order on Saturday, March 12th at the
Lenten Seafood Dinner. You can purchase before the
dinner: after Mass at the Ticket Sales table or call the
office. Pre-orders will help us determine how much extra
chowder to make, so consider pre-ordering yours today.

Be surer to share good wishes with Fr. Charlie as he
celebrates the 46th anniversary of his ordination to the
priesthood on March 7.

If you are new to the parish, visiting from across town, across the country, or other parts of the world, welcome & thank
you for worshiping with us! Fill out one of the Welcome Cards in the pew racks and drop it in the collection basket or
give it to one of the priests. Stop by after Mass and introduce yourself.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please call the office, 503-231-4955.

Fourth Sunday in Lent  March 6, 2016
Saturday, March 5th:
Sunday, March 6th:
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Tuesday, March 8th:
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Sunday, March 13th:

8:00am Mass
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Stephen Chang-eop Oh
Rose Antrosio
People of St. Philip Neri
Deaf Community
Joanne Scafidi <A>
Eulalia Johnson
John & Carmella Martinotti
Grandfather, Great-Grandfather,
& Grandmother
Marian Morgan <A>
Bonaventure Oh
Mary Brugato <A>
People of St. Philip Neri
Deaf Community


If you would like a Mass celebrated for you, for an anniversary of death, birthday, marriage, or other special event,
please fill out a Mass Intention form (located in foyer of the Church) or call the office.
Parish Office Hours
Monday 9am – Noon
Tuesday – Friday 9am – 4pm
503 231-4955
Parish Staff
Pastor & Director of NW Paulist
Fr. Charlie Brunick, CSP ………….x118
Parochial Vicar
Fr. Michael Evernden, CSP ……….x114
Parochial Vicar
Fr. Bill Edens, CSP ………………..x113
Director of Faith Formation
Barbara Harrison ………………….x107
Business Manager
Jeanne McPherson ………………..x103
Office Manager
Rose Wolfe ……………………….x101
Maintenance & Grounds
Ed Danila

Mar. 7:
6:30pm, Healing Relationships, Carvlin
Mar. 8:
9-5pm, Adoration, Chapel
1pm, Altar Society
7pm, Building & Grounds, Center
7pm, Discipleship Training, Church
Mar. 9:
Mar. 11:
12:45pm Stations, Chapel
7pm, Open Sanctuary, Church
Mar. 12:
5pm, Seafood Dinner

Church Cleaning, March 7-13, Florence Katrena & Marie Tedesco


“A particular truth can be properly estimated only in the light of the general
truth of which it is a part. By the light of a more universal synthesis of truth
members of a new community will find the true solution of the problems of the
age, disarm its prejudices and antagonisms, and supply the great needs of
society. This is the way to gain the souls of those who are sincere, to disarm
the opposition of those who are insincere, and to advance the cause of religion
in the world.” [On the Mission of New Religious Communities, 1876]
If you have asked Father Hecker to pray for you or another person who is ill, and you
believe something miraculous has happened, please phone Fr. Paul Robichaud, CSP at
202-269-2519 and tell him your story.

Please pray for:
Mary Ellen Doshas Meucci  Virginia O’Connor
John Henkle  Rose Wolfe
Paulist Seminarians  Vocations  Paulist Fathers
Our parish community in transition

[Know someone we should pray for? Contact Rose in the office.]


Registrations are now open for the Pentecost Retreat, April 8, 6pm – April 10,
1pm. We will have a wonderful experience at Oral Hull Retreat Center outside
Sandy. There are 3 participation levels: all-inclusive overnight $175, commuter
$100 – for those who don’t want overnight accommodations, and RV/trailer
$125 for the limited spaces available on the grounds. These prices are for
registrations received before March 15, after March 15, add $25. You can sign
up after weekend Mass or by contacting the office. Registration forms are
available for you to pick up and mail in. For more information, contact Rose
503-231-4955 or Let us know if you are
interested in carpooling. [For those choosing overnight lodging: each room has 2
twin beds & you can choose who to share a room with, just let us know at time of

Fourth Sunday in Lent  March, 2016

Pastoral Corner
Unconditional Love and God's Tender M ercy
Luke's parable of the Loving Father obviously highlights Jesus' teaching about God's unconditional love, and the
readings from Joshua and 2nd Corinthians fill out the picture of a God of mercy who not only forgives, but celebrate
that forgiveness with a joy filled banquet. Just as the Father orders the servants to kill the fattened calf to celebrate
the homecoming of the prodigal son, so too in Joshua, the return of the people to the Promised Land is celebrated
with a Passover meal. The people's years in exile and the son's years of wandering re over as God welcomes them
Jesus told the parable in response to the criticism of the Pharisees that he was too lenient and forgiving towards
sinners. They were meant to see themselves in the older son. For Luke the Pharisees' are the righteous Christians of
the first century community, for whom God's mercy to sinners seems unfair and scandalous.
In contrasting the actions of the two sons in the parable, the question must always be asked, Which son are we?, and
which son am I? The fact is that we are sometimes one and sometimes the other, grateful of God's forgiveness of our
own sins but sometimes resentful of God's forgiveness of others, especially perhaps of those who have sinned more
boldly than we.
In the Corinthians Reading, Paul stresses God's initiative in reconciling everything to himself through Jesus Christ.
The initiative is always God's. Even our ability to forgive others is God's gift to us.
A good Lenten prayer might be to ask for the grace to let go of whatever angers or resentments we may have
towards others and pray for the grace to forgive others as God has already forgiven us.

Fr. Charlie

Next Sunday’s Readings
5th Sunday in Lent
March 13, 2016


Have you checked the stories on the map
in the church foyer? We have some people
with interesting family histories and a lot of
diverse backgrounds. How did your family
come to be in Portland? Most of our
families emigrated from other countries
and then spread across the nation. Your
story is missing from the board. So take a
few minutes to share how you came to
Portland even if you don’t know your
immigration story.

Reading 1: Ezekial 37:12-14
Responsorial: Psalm 130:1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 (7)
Reading 2: Romans 8:8-11
Gospel: John 11:1-45


We journey with CRS Rice Bowl to the Central American country of
Honduras, where we meet students who are learning that it’s better to
help your neighbor learn and grow than to leave him or her behind. To
whom are we called to extend a hand this week?
Visit for more information and recipes.

“He has told you, humanity, what is good, and what Adonai is seeking from you; only to practice justice, to
love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8 [Tree of Life Version]

St. Philip Neri Parish & the Paulist Center presents:

God of Mercy:
Walking Humbly in the Footsteps of Pope Francis

April 8-10, 2016
Friday, April 8, 6pm to Sunday, April 10, 1pm

Join us for a weekend in the beautiful foothills of the Cascades at Oral Hull Retreat
Center outside Sandy, Oregon on the Sandy River. We will have large group
presentations, small groups, prayer, Mass, and ample time to wander the beautiful
gardens and grounds. Meals will be provided with a catered meal on Saturday
evening and social time around the fire pit in the evenings.
Bring your fishing gear to fish the stocked trout pond or relax in
the pool & hot tub. This will be the final retreat before the Paulist Father’s
withdrawal from St. Philip Neri and the Archdiocese of Portland.

Each room has two twin beds and a sink,
perfect for couples or rooming with a friend.
Rest rooms are at the end of the hall: men’s
& women’s plus a handicap shower for those
who need assistance with personal care.
Jacuzzi & game room
Swimming pool

Oral Hull is a foundation set up for the Blind and is
100% handicap accessible with paved trails and
ramps into buildings.

For more information: 503-231-4955 or
Directions & more information about the facilities can be found at:
Fr. Michael E. Evernden, CSP, is a Paulist priest, ordained in 1974. He is presently
Associate Pastor, St. Philip Neri in SE Portland and Vicar for the SE Vicariate. He has led
missions & retreats, provided spiritual direction and addiction counseling, and
preached at many parishes in the Archdiocese of Portland and the Northwest. His
interests are Spiritual Development and Photography. He has worked with alienated
Catholics and the un-churched for the past forty some years. His goal: To have people
come to a living experience of the Unconditional and Loving God of our Faith and

Total Cost:

Before Mar. 15 / after

Overnight: $175.00 / $200.00
Commuter: $100.00 / $125.00
RV/Trailer: $125.00 / $150.00
[3 RV/Trailer sites with electricity only]
Reservations must be received by April 4: ½ at time of
registration with balance at beginning of retreat.

Additional accommodations:
Best Western Sandy Inn
37465 Highway 26
Sandy, Oregon, 97055-7207
Phone: 503-668-7100