Book of Thaumaturgy 1.

Compiled by tom2957 from the Creative Thaumaturgy Thread 1.2 Hide the Spark, Hide the Thunder, Fae Shield, Bulwark of Fate, Flash of Omniscience, Knowledge Familiar, Fortune's Favor 1.1 Added the New Paths section, corrected a few mistakes, some other minor changes.

Death O Death OO
@Agnostus Disperse Energy (Death 00) The mage focuses the power of the Death Arcana on an existing source of heat or energy, causing it’s strength to be leeched away and dispersed into the surrounding environment. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Covert Cost: None The intensity of the energy is directly opposed by the number of successes scored on this spell’s activation roll. @Agnostus Grasping Sticks (Death 00) The mage may reach out with his will and rule over the discarded limbs of dead plants as he will soon be able to control human corpses, bringing them some of the animation they never knew in life. Under the influence of this spell, sticks, dead vines and other lifeless plants move to the mage’s desire. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None This is an area-affecting spell. @Agnostus Slay Plant (Death 00) Plants are a lesser form of life then even insects; they possess no life, no ego, no vim. The same powers that cause an inanimate object to decay may be turned against a living plant, immediately snuffing it’s lifeforce, causing it to slowly wither. This spell is generally used in preparation for other Deadwood spells. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None Plants killed by this spell do not immediately change in appearance, but rather wither as would a normal plant with it’s life-functions halted.

@Agnostus Video Vortex (Death 2, Forces 1) Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell grants a ghost the ability to manifest itself through the medium of a television set or other form of visual media, such as a movie projector. The ghost’s appearance is altered to mimic one of the characters on the tape and is given substance through the spontaneous manifestation of ectoplasm, as per the Ectoplasm spell (pg. 136). The Forces Practice of Compelling draws colors from the television screen and imparts them to the ectoplasmic body; five successes means the form’s appearance is exactly the same as on the film, where as fewer mean that the image flickers and degrades unevenly, like an old tape. A similar Forces 1 spell can be used to alter the content of a video tape, where as Matter 1 can alter a DVD to contain whatever images the mage desires. Free Counsel Rote: Hollywood Horror Dice Pool: Stamina + Science + Death Some terrifying Moros delight in compelling their spiritual servants to manifest in the form of TV-land’s favorite baddies, scaring the life out of nervous moviegoers.

Death OOO
@Agnostus Chill (Death 000) A more potent application of Death magics, the mage may draw the energy away from an object, freezing it to far below room temperature. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant, resisted by Stamina Duration: Transitory, Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell drops the temperature of an object by one degree Celsius per dot in the Death Arcanum per turn, living targets resist with their Stamina. This spell's primary factor is Duration, which advances along the Transitory chart, provoking a resistance roll each turn; once the spell is completed, effected objects thaw at their normal rate. Each turn in which the target's temperature is lowered by at least one degree, it takes 1 level of Bashing damage. @tk241 Rider of the Dead (Death 3, Mind 2) Zombies make useful servants, but they are rarely intelligent enough to accomplish complex or delicate tasks. With this spell, a willworker can overcome this difficulty but mentally inhabiting the shell of a zombie, using its rotting body as if it were her own. Practice: Weaving

Action: Instant (minus target’s Resistance) Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana For the duration of the spell, the caster’s body reverts to a state like a deep slumber and her mind takes residence in a zombie’s corpse. This spell cannot be cast on a dead body, as it does not provide locomotion, simply control. While the spell lasts, the caster can mentally control a zombie, accomplishing tasks too dangerous for her own body. The zombie’s stats are still used for all physical tasks. When the spell expires, the caster relinquishes control, or the zombie is destroyed, the caster returns to her body with no ill effects. If used on a zombie that the caster did not create, subtract the target’s Resistance from the casting roll. Successes determine duration of the spell. Free Council rote: Frankenjack Dice Pool: Presence + Medicine + Death The mad scientists of the Free Council use this rote to accomplish daring raids on enemy stronghold without risking life or limb or to aid in dangerous but delicate construction projects. @Agnostus Withering Aura (Death 000) The mage surrounds himself with a halo of anti-life, killing plants and causing decay all around him. Practice: Fraying Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage is surrounded by an invisible aura that’s size is determined by the area-affecting table. Within the area, all inanimate objects are effected by a Decay spell of the appropriate Potency, and all plants are effected by a more potent version of the Slay Plant spell, withering instantly.

Death OOOO
@Silopolis Cheat Death (Death 4, Life 3) The mage's power over life and death is so great that he can stave off his own death. Practice: Patterning Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 2 Mana, 1 Willpower (optional: 1 Willpower Dot) The mage can look death in the face and laugh. When the mage feels his death from old age is imminent, he can perform this ritual, which rewrites his pattern so that his death will be delayed. At Death 5, he may use Advanced Prolongation Factors; this requires the expenditure of a Willpower dot.

When this spell expires, the mage dies. A mage who has gone past his normal lifespan with this spell is living on borrowed time and can only survive through repeated castings of this spell. If the mage spends his last Willpower dot to remain alive, then he cannot cast this spell again to save himself. @Cerealkiller Devour Ghost (Death 4) For someone with sufficient knowledge in the Arcanum of Death, the powers of the departed are theirs to be reaped. Practice: Patterning Casting Time: Extended Aspect: Covert Duration: prolonged(one scene) Cost: 1 Mana The Mage can infuse himself with the energy of the ghost, temporarily gaining a numen to use. The ghost must be present during the whole ritual and must be reduced to 0 corpus within 15 minutes of the completion of the ritual. Upon the 'death' of the ghost, the Mage gains an Essence Pool equal to his intelligence and a single numen, chosen from the numen the ghost possessed. The Essence pool contains as much essence as the ghost possessed (up to the maximum). Each use of the numen uses at least 1 essence, see the relevant books for more details. The use of a numen is not a spell and is therefore not subject to paradox and disbelief. This spell is a Wisdom 2 sin. People looking at the Aura of the caster see black pulsating veins for as long as the spell last and 6 months thereafter. Silver Ladder Rote: Diablerize Ghost Dice Pool: Presence + empathy + Death This spell can easily be converted to a Spirit 4 spell to deal with Spirits. This may allow a Mage to learn a single Werewolf Gift. @Tucker Rote: Suffocating Shroud This highly practical Rote tears apart the vitality that sustains volatile reactions such as combustion, depriving them of the driving enthalpy that keeps them going. With it, a Necromancer can bring a swift end to raging infernos, bubbling acids, and glistening toxins, snuffing them out before their time. Arcana: Death 4 Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: None Mysterium Rote: The Breath of Death Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Death

Fire has been a powerful tool and obstacle since before history was written, valued for its power, and treasured by those who can harness it. With this rote, a mage can exhibit a limited, but still valuable control over all forms of flame. For every success gained, decrease the intensity of the fire by one degree(See Fire, WoD Corebook) in a space equal to the Area Factor of the casting. Once the intensity has been reduced to zero, that fire is totally snuffed, its existence worn away and its fuel source made impotent. Once snuffed, that fire's fuel source cannot be relit by mundane means for the duration of the effect as its potential to combust is suppressed. To a limited extent, this rote is also useful for toxins and harmful chemicals such as bleach, HCL, or even venoms. To be used in this manner, however, there are caveats. As usual, the Necromancer must be able to see the material, (with Matter, perhaps) and it must be outside his body (as internal poisonings are the purview of Life). Every success towards Potency decreases the Toxicity of the compound, rendering it less toxic (or inert, if reduced to 0 toxicity) for the duration of the spell. At the end of the spell's duration, the toxin resumes its former toxicity. Note: once a toxin has been ingested or has entered the body it can no longer be affected by this spell, but if the spell is cast before the toxin enters the body then it continues to affect that toxin until its duration runs out. At the end of the spell's duration the toxin resumes its former toxicity. Since the spell does not alter the toxin's material structure, merely its ability to cause harm, the appearance of the toxin with Matter sight is unaffected by this rote. Example of Play: The Necromancer Herod is pursuing the Sleepwalking servant of a rival through an apartment building. Unfortunately, the Sleepwalker has set the hallway ablaze to slow Herod down. On his first turn, Herod casts ‘Breath of Death’, taking a –4 to try and snuff all the fire at once. He gets two successes, knocking the fire down to Intensity 1. His next turn, he casts again, gaining another success. The fire flutters, and gives one last gasp before going out completely, allowing Herod to continue the chase. @MacMonster Tenebrous Tentacles(Death 4) Practice: Weaving Action: Instant, and Special(see below) Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None(or 1 to cause Aggravated damage with Death 5) Adamantine Arrow rote: Kraken's Shadow Dicepool: Wits+Occult+Death Upon successful casting of this spell, tendrils of solid shadowstuff appear from where you designate and lash out at your targets. A number of tentacles equal to your Gnosis+Death come into existence, although this does not change the amount of damage inflicted, though a crafty willworker can find many other uses for them than just brute force. The tentacles have a reach of Gnosis+Death+the spell's Potency feet, and can be used to deal Bashing damage, or they can be used to impale targets and deal Lethal damage, and at Death 5 and by spending 1 Mana they can drain the very life from a target and deal Aggravated damage. Any Defense or Armor that the target possesses applies to attempts to damage or grapple

them with the tentacles, and the tentacle's Strength applies normally. The mage rolls Brawl+Tentacle Strength, in the same manner as regular unarmed attacks. The mage must declare before casting whether successes apply to the tentacles Strength (their lifting ability) or Dexterity (their fine manipulation ability). The lesser Attribute has a default score of 1 dot. Each success gives the shadow tentacles Strength or Dexterity 1 (used to lift objects or attack) or Durability 1. The tentacles are not material objects, so they have no Structure. Material weapons cannot harm the tentacles, although weapons and effects that can interact with Twilight objects can deal damage to reduce the Durability. Upon reaching Durability 0 the tentacles fade away. The mage can direct the tentacles as a reflexive action during his turn, he can use the tentacles to grapple his foes, batter down a door, or lift or hold an object. In certain cases he can use the tentacles for other tasks, such as driving a car, provided he has enough tentacles for the task at hand(4 for driving a car with a stick shift.). In this case, he uses either the tentacle's Strength or Dexterity + the relevant skill. Example(a long one), Umbra, a self-styled shadowcaster, is chasing the neonate vampire Kramer across the docks. Kramer runs to his small inflatable boat and starts the engine. Umbra is only seconds behind him, and summons tenebrous tentacles to grapple the boat and prevent it from moving away from the dock. Since his Gnosis is 3, and he has 4 dots in Death, and he is casting the spell improvised, he rolls 7 dice and gets 4 successes, he has already decided to devote the successes to Strength, and so uses 1 of the successes to boost the Strength to 2, and the last 3 success go to Durability. Thus, the tentacles have Strength 2, Dexterity 1, Durability 3, and a reach of 7 feet since he did not boost the Potency. Seven of them are summoned. Kramer has Dexterity 2, 3 dots in Drive, and the boat has 2 handling, and his acceleration is 12mph, he rolls 8 dice from being moving more than 10 mph. Through some bad luck he fails to break the hold of the tentacles, and Umbra has enough time to catch up. Kramer desperately tries to break free of the tentacles, and succeeds. Umbra summons another batch of tentacles, this time having them emerge from the boat itself, aiming for them to impale the vampire. These tentacles have 4 Strength, 1 Dexterity, and 1 Durability. Kramer has 2 Defense, and is only wearing casual clothing which offers negligible protection. The tentacles strike and deal 1 Lethal damage to him, leaving him with 6 health left. He guns it, trying to escape, although he still remains in sensory range at the end of his turn. Umbra directs the tentacles to attack again and deals 4 Lethal damage this time, enough to reduce Kramer to 2 health and cause a -2 wound penalty, he then summons a second group of tentacles on the ship, these ones with Dexterity 3. Kramer can only spend 1 vitae per round, and uses it to heal 1 point of Lethal damage. Since he can't seem to escape the tentacles, Kramer opts to leap overboard into the water. Several of the tentacles lash out but fail to grapple him. He disappears into the dark water. Umbra uses his tentacles with 3 Dexterity to steer the boat back to the dock, although by the time he reaches the spot where Kramer jumped into the water the vampire is nowhere to be found. @Ophidimancer Undead Resilience Death (OOOO) Life is a fragile state of being. Relatively small interruptions of homeostasis such as a change in internal temperature of more than a handful of degrees or tiny physical

disturbances in crucial organs is all it takes to kill a living being. Not so with the living dead. Vampires and zombies exhibit a toughness that allows them to shrug off wounds that would be instantly fatal to a living person. This gruesome spell grants the caster that same supernaturally tough flesh though it is accompanied by an equally gruesome demeanor. After casting this spell, the caster's skin becomes pallid and gaunt, as if drained of all blood. His eyes become sunken and his hair loses its luster. Cuts do not bleed, but instead expose the mummified tissue beneath the skin. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana While this spell is in effect, the caster gains the toughness of an undead being. Bullets cause Bashing instead of Lethal damage (except for headshots) and all Bashing damage is halved. The caster is not rendered unconscious when all of her health is filled with Bashing damage, staying conscious until all her health boxes are filled with at least Lethal damage. Natural healing does not occur while in this state and the mage can only be healed through Pattern Restoration or through the use of the Death Arcanum. The Life Arcanum cannot be used to manipulate or heal the body of a mage in this state. Any means of detecting a living target are foiled by this state of living death. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Vigor Mortis Dice Pool: Stamina+Survival+Death Sometimes the VeilKeepers need to be able to sustain great injuries while safeguarding the Mysteries. Some Guardians use this Rote to impersonate vampires in attempts to infiltrate their clandestine societies.

@deaddude Consign to the Void Death OOOOO This frightening spell engulfs its target in a pall of seemingly corrosive shadow. Most victims vanish into the darkness, completely consumed by the void. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration:Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 mana Even the most hardened Arrows shy away from this rote, for there is some conjecture that the void not only consumes the flesh but also the victims soul. Roll Resolve+Intimidation +Death, each success equalls a point of aggravated damage. The speel ignores Armor though the victim still gets her defence. @Paddon Craft Shade (Death 5) A Master of Death shall fear no evil, for wherever the light of their enemies comes, so do the shadows the willworker summons as his allies. With this spell the willworker crafts fearsome allies from the very stuff of night to bring doom upon his enemies.

Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana A basic success produces a manifested spirit with two in each Attribute and five Essence who acts at the command of the willworker. Each additional success raises an Attribute by one, or grants the shade one point of Essence. Two points of success can be spent to grant the shade one Numia from the following list: Blast(Crippling Pain), Harrow(Terror), Possession, or Drain. The Shade can move in any direction at a speed equal to the caster's Gnosis + Death, and can slip through cracks in doors and walls as long as there is a passage air is able to pass through. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Calling for Backup Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Death When a willworker is alone is when they are the most vulnerable. With this rote, an Arrow is never far from reinforcements. Possession: The spirit can attempt to possess a living human being and control his or her body for a short time. Spend one Essence point and roll Power + Finesse in a contested roll versus the victim’s Resolve + Composure. If the spirit wins, it gains control of the victim’s body for the duration of a single scene. Use the victim’s available traits (except Willpower points, which are equal to the spirit’s current Willpower points) and dice pools for any action the spirit wishes to take. If the mortal wins or ties the roll, the spirit fails its possession attempt. As long as the spirit has Essence points remaining, it can continue to take possession attempts against a target. If a possessed body is killed or knocked unconscious, the spirit is forced out and must possess another victim if it still wishes to act. Blast: The spirit is able to strike opponents at a distance. When applied to the Shade, this numia allows the Shade to inflict crippling painon its victim. The range is equal to 10 yards per point of Power, and the spirit suffers no penalties for range. Power + Finesse is rolled to hit and two dice may be added to the roll for every point of Essence spent to fuel this power. The damage is lethal. Harrow: This Numen is typically associated with spirits of negative emotions, such as fear or wrath. The Shade can focus its negative resonance to create a crippling attack of abject terror in its victim's heart. Spend a point of Essence and roll the spirit’s Power + Finesse, minus the victim’s Composure. The target is overwhelmed by sheer terror for a number of turns equal to the number of successes won for the spirit. Mana Drain: The Shade can siphon away Mana from mages who are fearful (this is typically used after the Harrow(Terror) numen. The spirit must touch the mage to use this numen. Roll Power + Finesse in a contested roll against the mage’s Resolve + Gnosis. If the Shade wins, it drains three points of Mana from the mage and converts it into Essence. If the mage’s player rolls as many successes as (or more than) you do, the Shade receives no Mana from the attack. @Goatstein Destroy Sunlight (Death OOOOO)

The mage can destroy all of the special properties of sunlight within a radius while not actually decreasing the level of light. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None The spell's primary factor is Area; one success is enough to remove all of the special properties of sunlight (sustaining plants, damaging vampires) within that area for the spell''s Duration. In the case of attempting to destroy these properties in magically-created sunlight, compare the spell's Potencies. The higher Potency takes effect. Silver Ladder Rote: Daywalker Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Forces A Ladder mage with this rote can offer a vampire the chance to experience a day of sunlight in exchange for some favor. This is a powerful bargaining chip when offered to certain vampires. @Ophidimancer Slay Presence Death (OOOOO) Invisible death comes to the enemies of a Master of Death. This potent spell destroys the very idea of the mage's presence, rendering her and all her equipment completely impercievable. Light still reflects off of her body and she still leaves footprints, but no one can even concieve of the idea that there is anyone there because that thought has been destroyed before it can even begin to form. While this spell is active, no evidence of the mage's presence will ever lead to the conclusion that a person is or was present. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell renders a mage completely impercievable in a way that foils almost all detection methods. Gifts or Disciplines meant to detect someoe's presence do not, nor do Mage Sight spells. Only Prime or Death magics will be able to sense anything. A sensory spell using one of these Arcana must gather more successes than the Potency of this spell to break the veil and even then the only thing that will be detected is the presence of this spell. Automated defenses will still react to the presence of the mage as normal, but any sentient being manning those defenses will be puzzled as to why they are responding to "nothing". Guardians of the Veil Rote: Closing Shiva's Eyes Dice Pool: Resolve+Subterfuge+Death This is the most powerful stealth spell known to the Order, only used when there is an absolute need for secrecy and stealth. @Goatstein Touch of Death (Death OOOOO)

The mage can kill with a touch. Practice: Unmaking Action: Extended and contested; target rolls Stamina + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Lasitng Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage must touch the target for the duration of the spellcasting. If he loses contact, or loses even one roll, he loses all accumulated successes. (With Death 6, he may cast this spell at sensory range.) Needless to say, it's easiest to cast this spell on a target who is unconscious or otherwise unable to escape. Relying on a grappling hold is unpredictable, since the target gets a chance to throw off the hold every turn and it might take a while to complete the casting. The target number is equal to the subject's Willpower. Only a limited number of rolls are allowed for the caster, however. He is allowed a maximum number of rolls equal to his Resolve+Composure. If he fails, he may not attempt this spell on the same target within 24 hours. Success means that the target dies instantly. The Prime 3 and Spirit 3 spells that protect against soul theft also provide benefits against this spell. Use of this spell counts as a Wisdom 2 sin. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Reaper's Embrace Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Death vs. Stamina + Gnosis Sometimes people just have to die. With this rote, the Arrow mage can slay any troublesome creature that may be in his way.

Fate O
@Troy Danger Sense Fate O + Death O Arcanus Mundi can be a hazardous place and exploring the mysteries of the Realms Invisible carries a heavy price, the lowest of which is a mage’s safety. This spell gives the caster a “sixth sense” when it comes to dangerous people or situations, even those with which the mage may be unaware. Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None For the duration of the spell, the mage gains a +2 modifier to reflexive Wits + Composure rolls for her detect an impending ambush. These rolls are typically made the turn prior to an attack. This ability also applies to situations in which no other person but the mage may be involved, enabling her to realize that solving that puzzle box or going into that abandoned house on the hill may not the wisest thing to do. This special sense applies only to the mage who casts the spell. She cannot use it to sense the impending doom of her family or cabal mates. Furthermore, she cannot know what danger awaits (without Time magic, of course) only that she will be in danger very

soon (within a turn or two). Adamantine Arrow Rote: Clear and Present Danger Dice Pool: Composure + Survival + Fate Forewarned is forearmed, or so mages of the Arrow have come to believe. This rote has saved the life of more than one soldier since its inception. Mages of all orders have engineered this very rote out of Darwinian necessity. @stealth_monkey Sense Destiny Fate 1 This spell allows a mage to view when a person is protected by the strands of fate themselves Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant subtract target's occulation (if any) Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None With this spell a mage is able to view whether or not a target has points in the destiny merit. This does not necessarily show the mage how strong this destiny is. In order to detect destiny strength, treat it as scanning resonance, with 2 successes needed to identify each dot of strength of the person's destiny Silver ladder rote: Things to come Dice Pool: Manipulation + empathy + fate This rote allows mages of the silver ladder to ensure those they surround themselves with are destined for great things

Fate OO
@stealth_monkey Alter Probability- Fate 2 Action: Instant Duration: One scene Aspect: Covert Cost: none With this spell the mage can set the probability of an event occuring to whatever they wish. For example, A coin may be set so that it comes up heads 75% of the time rather than 50. As the mage gains understanding of the fate arcana he gains the ability to effect more complicated processes Fate 2- Event may not have more than 2 outcomes Fate 3- Event may not have more than 6 outcomes Fate 4- Event may not have more than 10 outcomes Fate 5- The mage may use this power on the most complex of events, the mage can affect events with 100 outcomes or less Note- This spell may never create a probability of 1 (or close enough as the gm interprets it) @Troy

Beginner's Luck Fate OO Many mages earn a reputation for having uncanny talent, being miracle workers or just lucky sons of bitches. This spell is but one reason a mage may prefer to rely on raw talent over skill. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Covert Cost: None A mage may cast this spell the turn before attempting to accomplish a task in which he has absolutely no proficiency (no dots). On the next turn the character may make the roll using his Attribute alone without taking any penalties from having no dots in a particular skill. Additional successes actually add dice to this roll and only this roll. Using this spell consecutively to augment the same roll may cause the spell's Aspect to become Improbably (see page 112). The storyteller is the final arbiter on when use of Beginner's Luck begins to accrue paradox. This spell cannot be used to affect spell-casting rolls. Example: Indigo is attempting to impress a member of her order at the archery range. In actuality, she has never fired a bow in her life and has no interest in learning how to use one. Her Dexterity is 2 and her Firearms is 0. Normally, she would suffer a -1 penalty to the roll for being unskilled which would reduce her to a single die. She casts Beginner's Luck and scores three successes. She takes no penalty to her roll and adds two dice to her base, rolling four dice rather than one. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Right Thought, Right Action Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Fate Karma always prevails. Every Arrow understands that when their cause is just and their duties upheld, destiny can guide their hand through even the hardest of times . Many apprentice soldiers learn this rote out of necessity, performing impressive feats in defense of their allies. Silver Ladder sorcerors learn a similar rote (Manipulation + Occult + Fate) in order to appear competent under any circumstance. @Charon Fortune's Favor (Fate 2) The mage can grant himself a favorable boost in whatever he chooses to apply himself with. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Special Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The mage grants himself a bonus equal to the number of dots he has in the Fate Arcanum, to be applied to the next attempted Instant action. With Fate 3, he can bestow this blessing on others. With Fate 5, he can expand this blessing on all attempted Instant actions with a Prolonged duration.

Free Council Rote: Fortuna's Kiss Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion + Fate @Malfeasance Getting the Mood Right (Fate OO, Forces O) This spell takes a cue from 'The Perfect Moment' as a foundation and goes from there. Sometimes it's hard to work from zero, and it can be hard to catch the perfect moment when there's nothing to work with. The lighting is wrong or the club is just too loud. This rote can be used to alter the warp and weave of reality in a number of not exactly subtle ways in order to further enhance a social situation for a mage. The mage can be heard at just the right volume, regardless of the background noise in the room. The light in a place seems to fall on the mage in such a way that it highlights his presence. Despite how close everybody is standing, the mage isn't sweating up a storm. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None This rote functions mechanically like the rote 'The Perfect Moment' for the most part, and as such is mainly a roleplay consideration. The difference lies in the fact that 'Getting the Mood Right' mitigates certain environmental factors that would hamper social interaction while keeping the functionality of 'The Perfect Moment'. The mage has no control over the exact effect the spell will have over lighting, sound, or temperature, and only knows that Fate (and Forces) is working for him to provide the ideal social situation (hopefully). Silver Ladder Rote: I Can Hear You Fine. Dice Pool: Presence+Occult+Fate There are times when when a Silver Ladder mage must conduct his business in the noisier, darker, or dingier parts of town, and sometimes a Silver Ladder mage may just want to get down funky. Whatever the reason for subjecting himself to such an environment, this spell ensures the mage's success in most first time social encounters despite how loud the 90s cover band on stage is. @Silopolis Karmic Bargain (Fate 2) The mage may make a deal with Fate, sacrificing success in the present for a spectacular success in the future. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: None During the duration of this spell, the mage may sacrifice dice from any of his dice pools to contribute to a Karma pool. He may then decide to spend the entirety of his Karma Pool to

add that number of dice to a single roll. Doing so extinguishes the spell. The Karmic Pool cannot exceed the mage's Gnosis + Fate. At Fate 3, the mage may spend his Karma Pool to add to another character's dice pool. Free Council Rote: Pay it Forward Dice Pool: Resolve + Persuasion + Fate Sometimes it's wise to accept failure on the little things to win Fate's favor for the big ones. @Red Bushi Mugan Reservation Fate (OO) , Mind (OO) When the mage casts this spell on a place of business such as a restaurant or library, he arranges the sub-conscious actions and tugs of fate that affect that business so that, for the duration of the spell, any time the mage decides to go, a specific table, favourite comfy chair or other seat will always be available to him. Servers will subconsciously seat people elsewhere prior to the character's arrival, students will finish their business and coffee and vacate the chair right as the mage walks in the door and so forth. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: None This spell subtly influences an area no bigger than a two or three story building, though its effects are focused on one particular seat or table – ensuring that that area of the building is completely unoccupied when the Mage decides that he wants it for himself. The spell’s primary factor is duration, extending the number of visits a mage can make before the spell’s hold on causality begins to loosen. This rote requires a visual line of sight on the specific seat or table that the mage wants to protect and that the table be currently unoccupied or occupied only by the mage and any social companions he may possess. Silver Ladder Rote: Connections Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Mind Sometimes it pays to make the right impression and among a certain set of people, a table at an exclusive restaurant can do just that. With a little forethought and planning, a Silver Ladder mage can ensure that he’ll get into any place, no matter how many months in advance it is currently booked. @Ophidimancer Reverse Entropy Fate (OO) Sometimes a busy or absent-minded mage just doesn't have the time to tidy up. This spell is a pragmatic utility spell that makes sure that a Sanctum just happens to stay neat. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: None This spell reverses the natural tendency of things to become disordered and messy. The natural random movement of things and people serves to put things into a more and more

ordered state instead of chaos. Most mages cast this spell on their Sanctum with a particular Imago of where things belong, Fate takes care of making sure they get there. This spell is not strong enough to resist a deliberate attempt to disorder an area, but it is capable of neatening up after such an attack. By itself, the spell provides no impetus, but any random even that occurs in the area serves as fuel for this fussy spell. Books placed at random will just happen to stack themselves in an orderly fashion while clothes thrown about tend to sort themselves into separate piles for whites, colors, towels, etc. The Primary factor of this spell is Duration. If the casting mage does not take dice penalties to expand the area of effect it only affects the caster. With Fate 3 this can be cast with the Advanced Prolongation factor. Mysterium Rote: Blessing of the Domovoi Dice Pool: Intelligence+Occult+Fate A Mystagogue in the depths of his studies should not be interrupted to see to the duties of mere housecleaning. This spell insures that a researcher will not look up from studying one day to find himself buried in clutter.

Fate OOO
@stealth_monkey Alter Probability (Fate OOO + Time OO) Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: 1 round per success Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 mana With this effect, the mage peers forward in time and twists fate to ensure an event comes to pass. At this level, only simple events may be determined (2 possible outcomes) and the change must still be probable. For example, the mage may influence the toss of a coin or whether a bartender spills a drink but not whether or not a gas main explodes etc. Each success allows the mage to influence an event an extra round in advance. With fate 4, more improbable events can be influenced, and at fate 5 almost anything is possible Free Council rote: Lucky break Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy + Time A dropped glass sometimes provides all the distraction a mage needs to slip away unnoticed. A Free Council mage with this rote ensures that such distractions are always close at hand @Ophidimancer Bulwark of Fate (Fate •••) The eldritch powers of the Fae and the creatures of Faerie depend on agreements made with natural powers of the Fallen World. A disciple of Fate has enough skill with the twisting and manipulation of magical contracts that she is able to call into question the terms and conditions of such powers or otherwise intuitively find loopholes, weakening their effect. Practice: Shielding Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene)

Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana (Optional) The mage gains one point of armor per dot she possesses in the Fate Arcanum. By spending one Mana, the Duration can be made to last for one day. This armor works against only powers of Faerie such as the Contracts and Pledges of Hobgoblins, Changelings and the Fae. A Bulwark of Fate requires one Mana each time it contends with an incoming power. If the mage does not (or cannot) allocate the Mana, the bulwark provides no armor against the attacking power, although the bulwark remains until its Duration expires, so it can be activated later. Among other things, this spell allows a mage to use a Bulwark of Fate selectively, blocking hostile powers but allowing friendly powers through. Mages often invest their bulwarks with charges, spending Mana during the casting so that each charge already stores its own energy. In addition, the mage can use a counterspell to prevent a Faerie power from taking effect. See "Counterspell," pg. 123. If the mage broke a Pledge with a fae creature with consequences including a Vulnerability to that creature, this spell provides no benefit against the powers of that being and uses no Mana. Mysterium Rote: Saving Clause Dice Pool: Resolve+Occult+Fate Mysterium mages researching the existence of Fae often run afoul of creatures who would rather not give interviews. Luckily, a lawyer like skill with words and attention to detail has gotten many an intrepid Mystagogue out of scrapes with wrathful fae creatures. The Silver Ladder, in their dealings with Changeling Courts have also found it useful to use their version of this spell (Composure+Occult+Fate) when things become heated. Bonus Factors: Wearing an iron nail on the body gives a +1 Potency Factor. Being the wronged party in a broken promise of any sort (whether or not it was a mystically enhanced Pledge or Oath) grants a mage a +3 Potency to Counterspell the violator of the promise. @Troy Bypass Armor (Fate OOO) Mush as a Disciple of Matter can begin to ignore armor protection, so to may a Disciple of Fate. This spell allows a Mage to strike an opponent for maximum affect. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert/Improbable Cost: 1 Mana Each success allows one roll to ignore a set amount of armor or durability, as per the Matter 3 "Armor Piercing" spell. However, a mage may cast this upon himself, allowing unarmed attacks to posess this quality (doing so makes the the spell Improbable, and may

result in Paradox). Free Council Rote: Anime Combat Dice Pool: Wits+Athletics+Fate Libertines, with their penchant for embracing pop-culture, developed this rote after realizing that heroes in anime rarely fail to strike an opponent. @Gyromancer Debt of Luck (Fate 3) A last resort for a desperate mage, the caster forces the weave of destiny to conform to her wishes, at the cost of a future disaster. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana After the spell is cast, the mage can during the following scene skip any number of rolls equal to successess rolled, gaining an exceptional success in them (five successes, if applying damage). However, destiny has a price; in this case, the mage's future is clouded by disaster, for every roll so skipped the mage shall some time in the future cause a dramatic failure -or his enemies shall gain an exceptional success, or the mage simply suffers some other calamity- often at the worst possible time. Silver Ladder Rote: Balancing the Scales Dicepool: Presence + Intimidate + Fate Lady Luck is a fickle mistress, dealing out misfortune when She should be bestowing great blessings upon the worthy. With this rote, a forceful Silver Ladder mage can bully Her into yielding to his wishes for a moment. Of course, She is no demure and wilting maiden, and She always gets Her revenge in the end. Example: Caleb has only barely managed to drive off a Tremere sorceror, but the confrontation has left him beaten within an inch of his life. Even worse, a stray spell has left his wife slowly bleeding to death. After several unsuccesful rolls of Medicine, Caled realizes that without desperate measures she shall probably die on him. He casts Debt of Luck and musters enough luck to stabilize his wife, via an exceptional success on his Medicine roll. Some time later Caleb, not knowing any Life mages, has turned himself to a hospital for treatment. At this point the GM applies the disaster; due to medicinal malpractice, general incompetence and over-all bad luck, nobody at the hospital notices the lethal necrosis Caleb has developed in his left foot. The doctors are left with only one option: amputation. Of course, Caleb could seek out a Life mage and get them to heal him (setting him in serious debt), but the doctors are convinced that the amputation must happen now, or Caled will die. So it's not only a matter of finding a Life adept, but also one escaping the hospital and the well-meaning doctors before they saw his leg off. @Cerealkiller Destroy Destiny (Fate 3) Even an apprentice of Fate knows that every single being has a destiny. Image this destiny

as a single thread that pulls them through time and space towards their ultimate goal.This destiny is their goal and their purpose in the world. It also defines them. By cutting away that thread, that purpose but also their place in reality is gone. When they have no place in reality, they fade into nothingness. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant; subtract target's Resolve Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert By tearing away the target's destiny, he no longer has a place in reality. He starts fading away. At this level of mastery, the Mage can only slightly unravel the thread of destiny, causing Bashing Damage. At 4th level, he may start cutting at the thread, causing Lethal Damage. As a Master of Fate, by spending a Mana point, he may take scissors and cut the thread of Destiny, causing Aggravated damage. If the target is killed by this spell, he leaves no body as he has just faded into nothingness. Occlude Destiny protects against this spell. Free Council Rote: Uncertainty Principle Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult +Fate @Charon Fae Shield (Fate •••) The mage creates a shield against fae powers. Practice: Shielding Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana (optional) The mage gainst one point of armor per dot he possesses in the Fate Arcanum. By spending one Mana, the Duration can be made to last for one day. This armor works against fae powers, such as Contracts, pledges, and oneiromancy. A Fae Shield requires one Mana each time it contends with an incoming power. If the mage does not (or cannot) allocate the Mana, the shield provides no armor against the attacking power, although the shield remains, unil its Duration expires, so it can be activated later. Among other things, this spell allows a mage to use a Fae Shield slectively, blocking hostile powers but allowing friendly powers through. Mages often invest their shields with charges, spending Mana during casting so that each charge already stores its own energy. In addition, the mage can use a counterspell to prevent a fae power from taking effect. See "Counterspell", p. 123. Silver Ladder Rote: Nullify the Contract Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult + Fate The Silver Ladder uses this rote to good effect when dealing with the Good Folk, never allowing the fae to get the better of the mages. Guardians of the Veil use a similar rote (Manipulation+Occult+Fate) to restore whatever changes the fae causes in their wake.

@Troy Fortune’s Footsteps Fate OOO While use of the Space Arcanum is the most direct and efficient way for mages to travel from one place to another, mages who have an affinity with the secrets of Fate have created this spell. The willworker casts this spell and forges a path through virtually any obstacle or environment, walking the threads of destiny, trusting Fate to guide his path. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Special Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The spell is largely a roleplaying consideration. After the spell is cast, the mage uses inutition to guide his footsteps rather observing landmarks or obvious direct routes. A mage with many errands to run can trust Fate to guide him to places where he can accomplish his tasks in the most efficient mannor. On the other hand, mages in dangerous situations can allow Fate to deliver them from harm. In any case, each success on the casting roll enables the mage to name one condition of this path. For example, Indigo is trapped in a burning warehouse surrounded by her Banisher attackers. With no obvious means of escape in sight, she casts Fortune’s Footsteps, trusting the Universe’s guiding hand to keep her from harm. She scores 3 successes. She may now choose three conditions of her path. She chooses to 1) find a way out of the building, 2) that the path she takes keeps her harm and 3) that her she avoids the notice of her enemies. The mage cannot know the route she is taking and many times will not know her final destination (Space 1 can be used to overcome this limitation). Her path may not even be the safest or most direct route possible unless she names these as two conditions of the path she is hoping to take. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Divine Intervention Dice Pool: Wits + Survival + Fate In the protection of their charges, many Arrows have decided that the safest course of action is a swift retreat. In these cases, they trust their lives to destiny and lead their wards to safety. Mysteriums mages use a similar rote (Intelligence + Survival + Fate) in order to extricate themsevles from precarious situations. @Silopolis Karmic Curse (Fate 3) The mage may accept greater chances at failure in his own actions in order to give a foe a greater chance of failure. Practice: Ruling (advanced) Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: None During the duration of this spell, the mage may sacrifice dice from any of his dice pools to

contribute to a Karma pool. He may then decide to spend dice from the Karma Pool to inflict dice-pool penalties on another player on a one-to-one basis. The Karmic Pool cannot exceed the mage's Gnosis + Fate. The mage can spend these dice however he likes, be it one by one or all at once for a one-time major whammy. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Deal With the Devil Dice Pool: Resolve + Empathy + Fate Guardians often find it worthwile to hinder their foes, even at the cost of their own success. @Goatstein Limit Potential (Fate 3) Luck becomes more rigid for the mage's enemy, whether human, magus, or, eventually, even the Abyss itself. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resolve + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana A subject of the mage's choosing loses the 10-again quality (re-roll 10s) one one future die roll per success gained on the casting roll. The player may choose which rolls are affected by this reduced luck (declared before dice are rolled) and they can include any action or task. The effect lasts for one scene (unless additional duration factors are added during casting), after which time any unused luck rolls are lost. Note that this spell does affect a chance die. With Fate 4, this reduced chance can be applied to Paradox rolls. Silver Ladder Rote: Seizing Fate's Hand Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis The Silver Ladder realizes that a rival's sheer dumb luck can be the undoing of years of planning. This rote removes that chance, making their behavior more predicatable. @stealth_monkey Lucky Toolbox- Fate 3 Action: Extended Duration: 24 hours Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 mana This spell ensures that a mage always has the correct tools at his disposal. This spell enables a mage to dip into his toolbox whenever presented with a task that could best be accomplished with a particular tool. For each success, a mage may draw a tool to give a +1 bonus to a specific diceroll. Additional successes on the roll allows the mage to use this spell for an additional roll. Alternately, a charge may be used to withdraw a tool required for a roll, but this gives no bonus. For example, A mage with this spell finds his way barred by a chain link fenced locked with

a sturdy padlock. He may have been just lucky enough to pack a good set of lockpicks, giving him a +1 bonus to pick the lock, or might have packed a set of wire snips, allowing him to attempt to cut through the fence. It must be feasible for the character to own any of the items he pulls out of the kit as well as easily carried, so while lockpicks are certainly feasible, a blowtorch with fuel tanks is not, nor are military grade breaching charges. The ritual for this spell usually is as simple as the mage going over his possessions and picking out the items that strike him as important @Silverthread Quantum Mantle (Fate••• + Space •••) The mage scales up the ability of small objects to jump from place to place without crossing the intervening space to the macroscopic level. The mage appears to stutter randomly through space while faint shadows of the mage's movements both precede and follow his movements. These shadows are quantum probable locations that almost come into being, barely becomming visible. This has two effects: First, the mage adds his dots in Space to his Speed. The mage is constantly skipping over small bits of space, increasing his effective movement rate. If the mage runs at a wall, he has a change of passing right through it. Roll dexterity +gnosis. If he succeeds, he times it just right, and passes through the wall unharmed. If he fails, he misses his timing and bounces off, sustaining speed-gnosis bashing damage. On a dramatic failure, the mage partially materializes in a wall, and the damage is lethal. Additionally, the mage is stuck in the wall and requires additional time and effort to free himself. Second: The mage gains his defense against ranged attacks. The constantly shifting nature of his form makes him very difficult to aim at. Even when standing still, the mage's position is constantly changing due to the whims of quantum probability. Practice: Sheilding and weaving Action:Instant Duration:Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost:1 mana Free Council Rote: Discretionary Valor Dice Pool: Dexterity+Science+Fate Free Council mages prefer diplomacy to fighting, but when hostilities break out, being able to avoid bullets and/or quickly leave the scene is always handy. @Goatstein Stack the Deck (Fate OOO) The mage may stack a deck, deciding the outcome of any game of cards. Aspect: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Lasting

Aspect: covert Cost: None This spell must be cast during the shuffling or other randomization a deck of cards. Upon success, the mage may declare the activies of up to a maximum number of cards equal to his dots in Fate. These affected cards can be as specici as the mage wants, distributed in any fashion the mage wishes, and may appear at any time during the game the mage desires. The mage can ensure that the 8 of Clubs comes up on the River in Texas Hold'em, get Blackjack every time, give a Vegas poker dealer an unsuited 2,3, and 7, or stack his Magic: The Gathering Deck to ensure a first-turn kill. Persistent blatant use of this spell causes it to become Vulgar. In the evnt of two mages attempting use this spell at the same time, compare spell Potenices. The highest Potency takes effect. Additionally, depending on its use, this spell may count as a Wisdom 6 or 7 sin. Silver Ladder Rote: Ace in the Hole Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Fate A quick way for a budding Ladder mage to get up to the big-winners table, this spell is prized by gambling Fate mages of all orders.

@Mobles Arcadian Aura (Fate 0000) The children of Arcadia are not used to failure. Nevertheless, one must once in a while remember that failure is something which is manipulated, like all other things. The mage is able to wrap himself within an aura of infallibility, making him sure that in the unlikely event that the wanted action does not proceed as planned; it will at least not be disastrous. Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covered Cost: 1 Mana Each success on the spellroll is allocated to the spells potency. While under the influence of this spell, the target is unable to botch at all during the duration. All botches translate into zero successes. However, the mage may choose to release the spell in order to receive an instant boost at the cost of the spell. If he chooses to do so, each success on the original spell roll is divided by 2. This number is then applied as automatic success on the next spell roll that the mage undertakes. However, the numbers of successes are limited by the gnosis of the original caster. If the caster had gnosis 3 and got 8 successes on the spell roll, the release of the spell will only grant 3 automatic successes as this equals the gnosis level of the caster, the remaining success is wasted. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Calm and Collected Dicepool: Composure + Expression + Fate While in the heat of battle, this rote will offer the Arrow certainty in one thing – he or she will be able to fight to the best of their abilities and still have a trick up their sleeve if the situation should warrant it.

@Goatstein Cripple Chance (Fate 4) Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resolve + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana As the Fate 3 "Limit Potential" spell, except that not only does the subject lose the 10again quality (re-roll 10's), any 1's the subject rolls detract from successes. With Fate 5, this spell can be applied to Paradox rolls. Adamantine Arrow Rote: The Foolish Enemy Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis An enemy who cannot accomplish anything is no threat. An Arrow mage realizes this and uses this rote to cripple his enemy without laying a hand on him. @Troy Hex Fate OOOO Crude yet effective, the mage expels a blast of pure chaos to brutally maim his foe. Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant and aimed Duration: Lating Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Each success inflicts one point of lethal damage. With Fate 5 and the expenditure of 1 Mana, this is attack inflicts aggravated damage. At Fate 3 this spell is capable of inflicting bashing damage only. Free Council Rote: FUBAR Dice Pool: Intelligence + Brawl + Fate There comes a time when negotiations end and placating one’s rivals in a peaceful manner becomes impossible. When disagreements come to blows and disputes over resources take a violent turn, mages of the Free Council become a force to be reckoned with when they decide to unleash streams of unadulterated chaos during battle. The Adamantine Arrow uses a similar rote (Presence + Brawl + Fate) in their martial pursuits. @Silopolis Postpone the Final Breath (Fate 4, Life 3) The mage who knows the exact moment of his death can rework the strands of Fate to postpone that moment. Practice: Patterning Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana, 1 Willpower (optional: 1 Willpower Dot)

This spells is very much like Cheat Death above, but it works by reworking the strands of Fate rather than affecting the moment of death itself. This spell can be detected by spells meant to detect changes in Destiny, and skilled masters of Fate can Dispell it by reworking the strands of Fate to restore the mage's original destiny. The bonus to this spell is that it can avoid death by accident or in combat for the duration of the spell, whereas other similar spells only stop death by aging. The mage might still be hit by the car meant to kill him, but the accident simply will not kill him. The spell is subject to Disbelief if he walks away from an accident that was obviously bad enough to kill him. When the spell expires, the mage dies. Mages who cheat death this way must recast the spell repeatedly to survive, since their natural death-time has already passed. With Fate 5, the spell can use Advanced Prolonged Factors, but this makes the spell Vulgar and costs one Willpower dot. If the mage spends his last Willpower dot to cast this spell, he cannot cast it again. @stealth_monkey Siphon Destiny Fate 4 This spell allows a mage to tear the destiny from a living soul and transplant it temporarily into themselves, using it to their own ends Practice: Patterning Action: Instant, target rolls resolve + gnosis reflexively Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 mana A successful casting of this spell transfers all dots of the destiny merit belonging to the target into the mage, where it can be used at will. Casting this spell is a morality 4 sin. Also, if the target dies while this spell is active the destiny is destoyed and the spell fades. Due to this, the caster automatically knows of the target's death, and makes a degeneration roll as if they had committed a wisdom 3 sin, as this is a type of magical manslaughter Guardians of the veil rote: Sever fate Dice pool: Manipulation + occult + fate Guadians of the veil who are less morally stringent than their peers often use this rote to prevent an awakened target's escape from capture, however even the most callous of guardians attempts to ensure no permanent harm comes to the target while this spell is active

@Ophidimancer Curse of the Sun Fate (OOOOO), Forces (OOOOO) It is said that mages of old were incredibly powerful beings. Crossing one of the Awakened was akin to incurring the wrath of a god. This is a spell of such antiquity that none know who originally created it, though some believe that it came from the days before the Fall, when some arrogant magi walked as deities among the unAwakened. The Guardians of the Veil have a copy of this spell, which they claim the Visus Draconis recovered when

they destroyed this magus for his hubris. The only other copy resides in a heavily guarded Mysterium Athenaeum. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant and Contested; target rolls Stamina + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The target of this spell is damaged by exposure to sunlight. The damage is Lethal and is caused per turn of exposure to sunlight according to the following chart. Another Mana can be spent during the casting of the spell to make the damage Aggravated. Intensity or Exposure: Health Points/Turn Faint, filtered sunlight: 1 point (Example: light through heavy, closed drapes; cloud cover; twilight) Filtered or weak sunlight: 2 points (Example: light through thin drapes; outside on cloudy day; daylight through a window; reflection of sun in a mirror) Direct sunlight: 3 points Exposure: Damage Small part of body exposed: +0 points (Example: one hand; part of the face; wearing heavy clothes, sunglasses, gloves and a broad-brimmed hat or balaklava) Large part of body exposed: +1 point (Example: a leg; an arm; whole head) Much of body exposed: +2 points (Example: whole torso; wearing thin clothing) Note: If this spell is cast on a vampire, ignore the chart above. It causes them to simply take one additional point of Aggravated damage per turn of exposure to sunlight. Mysterium Rote: Ra's Vengeance Dice Pool: Resolve+Occult+Fate Legend speaks of a magus who clothed himself in the raiment of divinity and strode among men as a god. Those who worshipped him were blessed with bounty and health, while those who opposed him or his trusted followers were cursed to never again feel the gentle touch of sunlight on their skin. @Silverthread Divine Grace (Fate••••• ) The mage taps into the magic of fate to reach an otherwise impossible goal. While this magic is in effect, the mage will not be affected by any random evils that could harm him or slow his progress. The mage can walk through a battlefeild or a burning building completely unharmed.

Practice:n Patterning Action: Instant and contested; combatants who wish to target the mage or those he protects must roll wits + gnosis as a reflexive action to even notice them, and then must roll resolve + gnosis as an instant action to actually attack them. Duration: Prolonged (one scene or less) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage must set a goal to be acheived that ends the effect; in any case it lasts a maximum of one scene. Goals can be making across a battlefeild alive, or retreiving an artifact from a burning building. The mage can protect a number of additional beings equal to his gnosis. All beings under the protection of this spell must walk to their destination; any being who runs or deliberately enters combat breaks the effect for himself, or for all if it's the mage who cast it. The mage and those he protects seem to be at the center of a moving bubble of calm. Enemy combatants charge around them as if that spot didn't exist; burning timbers falling from the ceiling always miss; hail and rain falling from the sky doesn't get them wet. Fate conspires to change the direction of each drop of rain, each gust of wind, each bullet, and the attention of those who are actively fighting. Note this does not provide immunity from those who are actively seeking the mage and his charges, it only protects them from becomming the target of violence. A mage could walk unharmed through a fight between two forces who are busy with each other, but someone who is after the mage specifically will have to be dealt with by regular means. ( Though they might find it difficult to follow him) Mysterium Rote: Eye of the Storm Dice Pool:Composure + Survival + Gnosis The Mysterium heavily used this rote combined with portal magic to save many relics and rare books from harm during the mass bombing campaigns of World War II. It allowed them to navigate through the burning ruins safely and retreive their precious possessions. @Goatstein Destroy Luck (Fate 5) The Master of Fate is not to be trifled with. With this rote, he can nearly destroy any chance an enemy has of doing anything. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resolve + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana A subject of the mage's choosing suffers the reverse of the rote action. That is, he rolls his dicepool normally, then re-rolls all the dice that came up a success. Any successes on that roll are considered the final total. Note that this automatically removes the ten-again quality from any dice.

The player may choose which rolls are affected by this reduced luck (declared before dice are rolled) and they can include any action or task. The mage may modify a number of rolls equal to successes on the casting roll. The effect lasts for one scene (unless additional duration factors are added during casting), after which time any unused luck rolls are lost. This spell cannot be "stacked" with the "Cripple Chance" spell. The spell with the higher Potency takes effect instead. With Fate 6, this spell can be applied to Paradox rolls. Free Council Rote: Rigging the Odds Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persausion + Fate vs. Resolve + Gnosis One of the most powerful tools in a Council mages' arsenal, this spell can make even the strongest magus or most ancient spirit into an ineffectual kitten. All orders have similiar rotes, however. @Goatstein Forego Luck (Fate 5) The Mage has become so in tune with the workings of Fate that he can sidestep random chance altogether. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Instead of rolling, the mage may instead accept a number of automatic successes equal to his dicepool divided by three, rounding down. The player may choose which rolls are negated (declared before dice are rolled) and they can include any action or task. The player may negate a number of rolls equal to successes gained on the casting roll. The effect lasts for one scene (unless additional duration factors are added during casting), after which time any unused roll-negations are lost. Mysterium Rote: Demise of Lachesis Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult + Fate A mage's work is too important to leave to chance. The mages of the Mysterium realize this better than anyone, and so this rote is a godsend to their efforts. @Ophidimancer Foregone Conclusion Fate (OOOOO) The mage guarantees great success in any event in which he would normally suceed even marginally. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana

The mage gains a number of extra successes equal to the amount of successes rolled in the casting of "Foregone Conclusion" which he can add to future rolls. The player can choose which of his rolls to add these successes to, and they can include any action or task, although he must decide how many of his pooled successes to dedicate to the action before the dice are rolled. This effect lasts for one scene (unless additional Duration factors ared added during the casting), after which time any unused Foregone Conclusion successes are lost. Successes are added to any successes gained in rolling the action, but if no successes are gained the extra successes from this spell which were dedicated to that action are lost. This spell cannot be "stacked" with "Exceptional Luck" (p.151), "Superlative Luck" (p.156), or "Probable Cause" (p.157); only the most potent spell takes effect. @stealth_monkey Sharpshooter's Blessing Fate 5 This spell gives a mage the assurance that a bullet will complete its grim task, creating a destiny linking the bullet and a target together Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None When this spell is cast on a bullet, the mage must specify a single living target to become the focus of the spell. The target must be in sensory range, but the mage does not need to know the identity of the target. "That man over there" is an acceptable use of this spell. If the bullet is fired at the target, the weapon's damage rating adds automatic successes to the roll rather than increasing the dice pool of the shot. Note: When firing, it must still be possible for the bullet to hit the target. If the target is out of range, behind an inpenetrable barrier or otherwise protected the spell fails Adamantine Arrow rote: A bullet with your name on it Dice Pool: Dexterity + Firearms + Fate This spell is the ultimate tool in the arrow sniper's arsenal. Whether in the darkest night or most ferocious of storms, a target can not run from destiny @stealth_monkey Touch of Midas Fate 5 With this spell a mage need never worry about where his next meal is coming from, he'll most likely be more concerned as to where his next BMW will be coming from Practice: Making Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (uses advanced prolongation factors automatically) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell must be imbued into a small item (A coin, four leaf clover, ring etc). A month after this spell is cast, the subject gains a resource dot for every five successes of the spell as any endevour he invests in pays out, and every gamble he makes turns out to be a

winning one. However, a power of this magnitude is not without cost. The mage must keep the charm on his person permanently. If he is ever seperated from his charm for 24 hours, he immediately loses a dot of resources as his stocks crumble, his assets suffer accidents and all manner of unseemly acts occur. For every week after this that he is without his charm, the mage loses another dot of resources and this continues until the mage is left with nothing. Note to storytellers that this may cause legal problems for the player such as IRS agents questioning him, Important assets being repossessed and possible police involvement. Also, the charm is overwhelmingly charged with fate magic. Anyone with with fate 1 using the practice of knowing around the character can not help but notice the charm and anyone with fate 3 immediately recognises its specific nature Free council rote: My precious Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts (don't entirely know which skill works best) +fate Free council masters use this power sparingly, as no few mages have been so overwhelmed by this power that they become creatures enslaved to their charm, protecting it from all threats both real and imagined, hence the naming of this rote.

Forces O
@Agnostus Activate Device (Forces 0 or Matter 0) Do-dads, gadgets, toys, devices are begging to be used. This spell grants them there wish, allowing a mage with a basic understanding of the Arcana of Forces or Matter to activate those machines that fall within their purview. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage has but to be aware that a device is designed to perform a function and he may will it to do so. This is, in the case of electronic devices, a very simple application of Forces, sending the activation code without anyone touching it. Mechanical devices spring into action with a minor use of the Matter Arcana, seeming to suddenly engage in the behavior they were intended for; pistons pump, levers pull and breaks apply themselves without human intervention. This may be a little overpowered in the Matter version of this spell, but I think the fact that the machines are created entirely to perform a function that activating them is a pretty clear case for the Compelling Practice, which specifically used the word “activate”. @Ophidimancer Enhanced Shot (Forces •) Though mages hail from an ancient legacy of occult and mystery, they still live in today's world. The power to bend the laws of reality can be applied to the wepons of today as well as they can to arms of yore and Forces is the Arcanum of choice when it comes to the manipuation of ballistics. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene)

Aspect: Covert Cost: None Understanding of Forces allows a mage to increase the efficiency of a gunshot, so that less of the killing force of a bullet is wasted in heat, sound, or light. Each success garnered in the casting of this spell let's the mage add one die to her firearms attacks. Any unused die is wasted when the Duration of the spell expires. Free Council Rote: Precision Dice Pool: Wits+Firearms+Forces @Goatstein Magnify (Forces O) With this spell the mage can focus the light in his retinas to seemingly enhance the size and detail of objects. Practice: Knowing Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage can choose to enhance his vision of things that are very small, very far away, or both. In the case of looking in detail, the mage's perceptions must be no farther than 1 yard away from the object. At storyteller's discretion, use of Magnify may help with Science, Computer, Crafts, or Investigation rolls (to notice a speck of blood on a business card, to notice an imperfection in a masterpiece or to find a fried circuit board, for example.) In the case of distance, the object appears as though it was standing right next to the mage (about 1 yard). Consult the following charts to deteriomne the maximum of how far the mage can reliably see: Distance: 1 Success: 50 yards 2 Successes: 200 yards 3 Successes: 800 yards 4 Successes: 1 mile 5 Successes: 4 miles (add 1 success per x4 distance. Six successes would therefore give a distance of 8 miles.) Adding Space 2 to this spell allows a mage to affect targets he is viewing within the spell's range as though he had an Initimate (-2) connection. Additionally, each success on this roll decreases range penalties for Firearms by 1, although this effect has no benefit for firearms that were no designed to fire long distances (such as shotguns.) Detail: 1 success: 10x (a plant's cellular structure) 2 successes: 100x (large cells)

3 successes: 1000x (small cells) 4 successes: 10,000x (bacteria, mitochondria) 5 successes: 100,000x (virsues) 5 successes is the maximum for detail with Forces 1. With Forces 2 and 6+ successes, the mage can view things that are even smaller, such as: 6 successes: Molecules 7 successes: Atoms 8 successes: Protons/Neutrons/Electrons 9 successes: Gluons 10 successes: Quarks In the case of using Magnify to look at object in detail, the storyteller may decree that the mage must succeed at a reflexive Intelligence + Science or Investigation roll to gain any useful information. Viewing a hair folice would impose no penalty, whereas viewing a quark would impose a -5 penalty. Successes can be allocated to either distance or detail. Thus, with four successes, the mage could look at cheek cells 200 yards away. With Forces 2, the basic version of this spell can be cast with a Prolonged Duration. Free Council Rote: Shattering Galileo's Lens Dice Pool: Wits + Composure + Forces This rote eliminates the need for a lot of the clutter around a Council mage's labratory. With it, he can view the etchings in both the planets in the sky and the grass at his feet.

Forces OO
@Goatstein Alter Frequency (Forces OO) This spell allows a mage to alter the frequency on which any wireless device operates. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: None This spell can leave a walkie-talkie useless, can make a cell phone broadcast to a police radio (or vice versa), allow a laptop to open a frequency-keyed lock, or anything else the mage imagines. Free Council Rote: Guerilla Radio Dice Pool: Wits + Science + Forces With each passing day information frees itself from the clumsy bonds of wires and travels through the air. With this rote a Council mage can seize and manipulate that power. @Ophidimancer

Kinetic Efficiency Forces (OO) Whether one is running, fencing, or throwing a punch much of one's effectiveness is lost in undirected, undisciplined movements. This level of Forces gives the mage a mystic ability to direct and focus the kinetic energy of one's whole body toward a task. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage adds his level of Forces to Strength related rolls as well as increasing his effective Strength for the purposes of running, jumping, and throwing objects. Each success allows one Forces-enhanced action during the Duration of the spell. Free Council Rote: Biokinetics Dice Pool: Wits+Athletics+Forces Through rigorous biofeedback training, a Council mage is able to monitor and control her body with greater efficiency. Arrow mages of also employ a version of this rote using Strength+Athletics+Forces. @DragonWise Kinetic Strike (Forces 2) Focusing kinetic energy into a broader, heavier "hammer" than the slicing force used by "Kinetic Blow," a mage can strike with a much greater impact than conventional physics allow. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None The spell lasts for one strike per success on the casting roll. The caster's unarmed strikes then gain the Knockdown special quality, with a bonus: the mage's Forces rating is subtracted from the target's Size for purposes of achieving knockdown with damage. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Shatterfist Dice Pool: Strength + Athletics + Forces No Arrow avoids battle. With this rote, the Arrows really put the "knock down" in "knock down, drag-out fight." Tactical considerations aside, sometimes, when there are no Sleeper witnesses, this rote reassures the Arrow that yes, it is okay to punch that bastard through a wall. @Goatstein Mighty Leap (Forces 2) The mage can jump with more force than usual. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert (for running jump) or Vulgar (for standing jump)

Cost: None The dicepool to jump, as noted in page 66 of the World of Darkness Rulebook, is Strength + Athletics + Equipment. When using Mighty Leap to jump, the character's Forces dots are added to the number of feet lept per success. On a vertical leap, the a character leaps (Forces + one foot per success rolled.) For a standing broad jump, the character leaps (Forces + 2 feet per success rolled.) On a running jump, the distance is Size + (Vigor + 4 feet per success rolled. For example, a character has Strength 3, Athletics 3, Size 5 and Forces 2 and initiates a vertical leap. Six dice are rolled and three successes are achieved. The character leaps nine feet upwards (2 Forces + 1 Foot, multiplied by the successes rolled.) Now say the character makes a running jump. The character covers a base of 5 feet + another 6 (2+4) per success rolled. If he gets three successes, that's 23 feet (6 more than he would have had without Mighty Leap activated) Adamantine Arrow Rote: Jump of the Sky Dice Pool: Strength + Athletics + Forces A good soldier knows how to use his enemy's methods against him. After studying vampires, Arrow willworkers learned how to imitate their legendary jumping prowess. @Agnostus Passkey (Matter 00, Forces 0) Alter a key- or credit-card to contain different personal information. Forces 0 may be used to alter the magnetic signature on the card. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None @JamesDMarr Predict Weather (Forces **) Weathermen are some of the least trusted professionals who are, nonetheless, relied upon by many people. Mages who need more accurate results can sense the local weather patterns, which may make it easier to manipulate them with more advanced practices of Forces. Each success allows the mage to have a rough idea of the weather for the next two hours, e.g. three successes would give an idea of the weather over the next six hours. Practice: Knowing Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: None Mysterium Rote: Meterologism Dice Pool: Wits+Survival+Forces Mystagogues on archeological digs often need to protect them from inclement weather. This rote gives them more time to cover up the camp before rain or winds would damage any discoveries. Possible modifiers: +2 Powerful weather system approaching area (tornado, hurricane) -2 Currently experiencing powerful weather system

@BouncyPherret Telekinetic Barrier(Forces 2) This spell gathers the ambient TK forces in an area, and surrounds the target with a veritable wall of force. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None The mage creates a barrier of force surrounding the target, that is treated in every way as an interviening object. It has a size equal to the target, with a durability equal to the caster's dots in Forces. Any attacks that target the person protected by the barrier must go through the barrier, as per the rules for attacking an object. At Forces 2, you must touch the target, Forces 3 allows you to cast at sensory range, with the prolonged duration chart.

Forces OOO
@Goatstein Absorb Electricity (Forces OOO) Her hair standing on end and hair fingers sparking and crackling,a a mage may store electricity within her, ready to be emptied into a deserving target. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Special Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None The mage must first physically touch the un-insulated source of electricity he wishes to draw from. He may only draw a maximum number of levels of electricity equal to the potency of the electricity of the source. See "Electrocution," page 177 of the World of Darkness rulebook, or consult this chart: Minor; wall socket: 4 Major; protective fence: 6 Severe; junction Box: 8 Fatal; main line or subway rail: 10 Extreme; main power transformer: 12+ However, the mage may safely only absorb a number of levels of electricity per turn equal to twice his Gnosis. if he chooses to draw more, each level of electricity drawn above his limit inflicts one level of bashing damage. The mage may continue to draw power from the line until he is interrupted or he reaches the limit of the energy he can store, which is equal to twice his Gnosis + Forces. If the mage wishes to transfer this power to another source, such as to a dead battery or

enemy target, it takes an instant action and a successful Dexterity + Brawl. Mundane armor does not apply to this roll, nor does any Mage Armor that does not protect against a grappling hold. The mage may safely release a number of levels of electricity damage equal to twice his score in Forces per turn; if he wishes release more (such as releasing his entire store at once,) every two levels released above his safe limit inflict one level of bashing damage upon the casting mage. Releasing this spell cannot be combined with another attack such as a punch or swing of a sword. Example: Zona, running from a bloodthirsty werewolf in a subway, has precious few seconds before the beast is upon her. She grips the third rail and casts "Absorb Electricity." The third rail has an electrical potency of 10, and Zona has Gnosis 3, so she can safely absorb up to 6 levels of electricity this turn. Knowing that this is her bets hope of surviving, Zona instead absorbs the full 10 levels, and takes 4 levels of bashing damage. She now has 10 levels stored within her. The werewolf is still a bit away, so Zona tries to safely aborb another six levels, but cannot; the maximum she can hold is 12, as that is twice her Gnosis + Forces. The werewolf is upon her now. Zona wins Initative, and successfully rolls Dex + Brawl, placing her hands on the werewolf's chest. She can safely release six levels of electricity this turn (twice her score in Forces) but instead decides to go all-out, releasing the energy in one massive burst. All twelve levels od electricity explode out of her, inflicting twelve levels of bashing damage upon the werewolf and three upon Zona. As all of her Health boxes are now full of bashing damage, her player rolls Stamina + Survival, and fails. Exhausted and fried by the effort, Zona falls unconscious. She'll have to wait to see if she wakes up to determine if the spell was effective. Electricity stored in this manner can be stored for one minute per dot of Gnosis at Forces 3, five minutes per dot at Forces 4, and half an hour per dot at Forces 5. If the energy is not released somehow by this point, the mage takes all the levels of damage stored within her. With Forces 4, this spell, both the drawing and releasing, must be cast at sensory range, although to draw power the mage must be able to see an uninsulated electrical source (unless he also has Space 2.) Free Council Rote: Touch of Dillion Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Forces A popular rote among council Mages for both frying their enemies and restarting engines, this rote is also prized by the Adamantine Arrow for its sheer power. @tk241 Electronic Veil (Forces 3) Surveillance technology is becoming more and more common in the modern world, and this spell is one means mages use to cope. The willworker reaches out to the invisible threads of ambient electricity and causes them to spike and fall at random intervals. This manifests as distortion and interference on any type of electronic recording device in the spell’s range, leaving them blurry, dim, and utterly unreliable. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant

Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Successes determine the radius of effectiveness for the spell. All video cameras, audio recorders, or recording media of any kind that rely on electricity will suffer massive distortion while in the radius of the spell. A video camera’s recording, for example, will be jumpy, fuzzy, and out of focus; a viewer might be able to discern figures that were recorded, but certainly not who (or even what) the figures were. Guardian of the Veil rote: Mask the Unblinking Eyes Dice Pool: Wits + Stealth + Forces Reportedly stolen from the Free Council, this rote allows the Guardians to safeguard their own indiscretions when they are forced to use Vulgar magic in the open. One can never be too careful in the electronic age. @Goatstein Feather Fall (Forces OOO) With this spell, the mage has no need for a fear of falls, no matter how high they might be. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Each success reduces the damage from a fall by two degrees. The mage can continously cast this spell each turn until he hits the ground; note that this is an exception to normal spell rules. Free Council Rote: Breeze Step Dice Pool: Intelligence + Athletics + Forces A rote made popular by extreme-sports mages in the Council, this has gained wide acceptance among all orders. @teloric Gemini's Aid (Forces •••, Mind •••) For those to whom the mind is of import, what is what helping hand without another? This spell allows the mage to create two Autonomous Servants Practice:Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Using the powers inplicit in (Mind 3: Multitasking Mind) the same way the lesser version of the spell uses (Mind 1: One Mind, Two Thoughts) The mage creates and controls 2 autonomuous Servants. Mysterium Rote: Indispensable Staff Dice Pool:Composure + Survival + Gnosis

"Now I can cook 'and' clean without needing a book mark" @deaddude Influence Radiation Forces ooo The mage can redirect the flow of radiation. Creating a safe path to a nuclear reactor. Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: none A single succes allows the mage to ignore all damage from radiation for the spells duration. Additional successes may be used to protect others. Rarely does this spell ever see use as a weapon. If one is in an irradiated zone, not offering protection is generally enough to ensure that the radiation takes its toll. Free Council Rote: Walk the Three Mile Island Dice Pool: Intellegence + Science + Forces The rote is most often used in a labratory setting, though more pessimistic councilers suggest that it may become far more useful in the near future. @lunaVoco Siphon Effort (Forces ••• + Death ••) With this spell mages siphons off small amounts of effort from everything the mage does. Later, this energy can be released as raw energy to vulgar and dramatic effect. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana While this spell is active, the mage sacrifices one dice from every roll that he makes. This can reduce a mage’s pool to a change die. These sacrificed dice are tracked as the Force Pool. When the mage so desires, he may use an instant action to expend this pent up energy as a line of force directed at anything within sensory range. This ends the spell. This force expelation may be strong enough to knockdown an move objects. To determine the size of object to be knocked over, roll the Force Pool - target’s defense. If Force Pool successes exceed the size of the target by 1 the target is knocked down. The number of successes in excess of the first is the distance in yards the target is thrown through the air. To throw living beings, the target rolls Strength and adds successes to its size. The effect is then determined normally. If the spell ends before the mage has expended his Force Pool, roll the pool. The mage takes successes/2 bashing damage as his body is racked with invisible energy from all directions. Armor grants no protection against this spell, neither for the target nor the fool of a mage that lets this spell end un satiated. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Snuff the Candle Forest Dice: Stamina + Brawling + Forces It never hurts to discreetly carry around a little extra Oomph, should negotiations go south.

Naturally mages of all orders find this rote handy. I’m thinking of a cross between Dresden’s force rings and an overpowered Asian Martial arts punch that snuffs a candle. I am having difficulties with some of the specifics of this spell, especially Aspect. If it’s vulgar (and I’m pretty sure it should be), when and how would the paradox be triggered? @Agnostus Shape Object (Forces 000, Matter 000) The mage uses the force of his soul to transform objects at his whim. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar (oh so vulgar) Cost: 1 Mana Force 000 grants telekinetic control over objects, Matter 000 makes the objects pliable, as per Plasticity (Matter 000). @SanityFlaw Sterilize (Forces 3, Matter 2) Practice: Weaving(based on control fire) Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Using forces and matter, the mage creates a superhot steam that sterilizes every surface in a given room. The steam lasts for less than a second, thus causing no damage on a macro scale. One Success 1 yard Two Successes 2 yards Three Successes 4 yards Four successes 8 yards Five Successes 16 yards Rote: Free Council- Clean Room Intelligence + Science or Medicine + Forces The Council mages use this rote to sterilize a room before performing new experiments with magic.

Forces OOOO
@Frunk Aerial Smiting Forces 4 Practice: Fraying Aspect: Vulgar

Duration: Prolonged Cost: none (1 mana for Agg at forces 5) This spell is simply an application of Control Weather and Friction knife. The mage focuses his telekinetic power and weather control abilities to create a pillar of vertical wind that goes downwards on the target. The wind strenght increases gradually... at first, the target only laughs at the mage's attempt to hurt him. Then the wind increases by 30 mph every second, until the target is pinned to the ground by hurricane winds... But this is only the beginning. The wind quickly becomes as a knife, inflicting nerve-wracking friction burns. With a point of mana, the friction is sufficient to inflict third degree burns and ignite certain flamable items, like say, any bullets stored on the person. @Goatstein Chill (Forces OOOO) With a wave of his hands and incantation delivered with a puff of frosty breath, the mage drains the heat from his target. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant and contested, target rolls Stamina + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Upon living targets, each success inflicts one level of bashing damage. Against non-living targets, every success reduces the target's Durability by 1 for the duration of the spell. An object reduced to 0 Durability in this manner is highly brittle and breaks easily. Note that the Duration is Lasting, and the spell's duration may be anywhere from less than a minute (in the Sahara desert) to indefinite (in Siberia.) In living targets, each success in excess of the target's Stamina subtracts 1 from either the target's Strength or Dexterity score (caster's choosing) as his muscles freeze up and he shivers uncontrollably. Any attempt to use any skill that depends upon an attribute of 0 is automatically reduced to a chance die. Attributes reduced in this manner regenerate at the same speed as the bashing damage inflicted by this spell. Once a target has been reduced to 0 in both stats, he is considered frozen solid, immobile, unable to take any actions until he thaws, which may be the result of natural conditions or careful application of other magic. Additionally, a target can only remain conscious in this state for a number of minutes equal to half their Stamina. When frozen solid, a target takes an additional level of bashing damage every minute; however, no matter how long they have been frozen, the victim is considered "alive" in regards to magical effects (such as healing) until they have been allowed to fully thaw, at which point they take their final level of aggravated damage. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Deep Freeze Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Forces vs. Stamina + Gnosis A relatively non-lethal rote, this is a favorite among Arrow mages who wish to bring dangerous subjects to trial for their crimes. @Cthulhu4President

Choke Forces 4 The mage telekinetically squeezes the target's throat, causing damage and preventing the target from speaking for the duration. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Each success inflicts one point of bashing damage per turn. With Forces 5, the damage can be lethal. The spell is resisted by Stamina + Gnosis and the target does not get to apply his Defense or Armor. Targets of this spell can not normally speak or make more than a rasping or gurgling sound for the duration of the spell. Silver Ladder Rote: Crush Enemy Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Forces. Nothing says "obey me" like a crushed larynx. Silver Ladder mages sometimes have to take a direct approach when getting someone to show the proper respect. @Goatstein Fireball (Forces OOOO) The mage can summon up an explosion of fire. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana (Optional) One success inflicts one level of lethal damage in a one-yard radius. Additional successes can be allocated to increase the spell's radius or the damage inflicted, or to make the spell also inflict the Knockdown effect. This spell acts as an explosive, described in page 178 of the World of Darkness Rulebook. That is, the damage of the spell is calculated normally, and then the damage inflicted is rerolled as a dice pool, and any additional successes inflict additional levels of damage. The mage may also spend a success to make the spell inflict the Knockdown effect (see p. 168 of the WoD Rulebook.) Every additional success beyond the first allocated to this effect imposes a -2 penalty on the reflexive Dexterity + Athletics roll to avoid being knocked down. Additionally, the mage can take normal penalties on his casting roll to increase the radius, as opposed to spending successes towards this purpose. See "Area-Affecting," page 118, for these modifiers. Example: Athelios is being menaced by a crowd of thugs. He casts "Fireball." His player's dice pool for this action would normally be 13, but he chooses to subtract 2 dice from his casting roll to give the spell a default Radius of 2 yards. He rolls 11 dice and scores 5 successes. Deciding that two yards isn't quite big enough, Althelios' player allocates one of the successes to Radius, giving the spell a new Radius of 4 yards. He also decides that he'd like to make the thugs fall over, so he uses one of his sucesses to make the spell inflict the Knockdown effect. The rest of his sucesses are allocated to the spell's damage.

Since the spell inflicted a base of 3 damage, 3 additional dice are rolled due to the explosive effect. 1 additional success is scored. 4 levels of lethal damage are inflicted to all thugs in a 4-yard radius and each must make an unmodified Dexterity+Athletics roll or be knocked down. At Storyteller's discretion, this spell may also set fire to certain things in the blast radius. With Forces 5 and the expenditure of 1 Mana, this damage can be made Aggravated. Free Council Rote: Evocation 3 Dice Pool: Dexterity + Occult + Forces Dungeons and Dragons exists in the World of Darkness too. With it, Free Council mages have found the inspiration for a powerful attack spell. Adamantine Arrow mages use a different version of this rote (Dexterity + Athletics + Forces) to much the same end. @Goatstein Influence Magnetism (Forces OOOO) The mage can magnetise or de-magnetise metal. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert or vulgar Cost: None One success is enough to magnetise a target of size 20 or less. This magnetism extends for a one-yard radius around the target, and has a Strength of 1, which affects only metallic objects. Additional successes can be allocated to increase the force's Strength, the radius of the field, or the Size of the target. Any affected metal in the radius moves towards the magnetised object at a Speed equal to the force's Strength + caster's Gnosis + 2 per turn the object has been travelling towards the magnetised object. (For example, a mage with Gnosis 3 who gives the spell 3 Strength means that any item affected moves towards the magnetised object at a Speed of 6 the first turn, 8 the second, 10 the third, and so on.) Attempting to hold onto a metal object affected by this spell requires an opposed Strength roll, although the force's Strength is considered one less while in the radius. Attempting to remove an item that is already stuck to a magentised object also requires an opposed Strength roll, although the difficulty is normal. At storyteller's discretion, certain unremovable objects (such as gold fillings) may be small enough to give the character resisting the spell a +1 or +2 bonus to his effective Strength. Conversely, a mage can de-magnetise a target of size 20 or less. With most natural magnets, this only requires one success. In the case of magical magnetism, compare spell Potency. The more Potent spell takes effect. With a covert aspect, the mage can only affect metals that are naturally magnetic: Iron, (and steel,) cobalt, and nickel. With a vulgar aspect, the mage may cast this spell to affect any metal. With Forces 5, this spell may be cast with Advanced Duration and AreaAffecting factors.

Example: An unwitting police officer looking for drug dealers walks into the Sanctum of Yevran. Pointing his gun, he comes within 8 yards of the steel statue in the center of Yevran's living room (the spell's radius.) Since Yevran cast the spell to give the magnetic force 4 Strength, the police officer now must roll his Strength of 3 against the spell's Strength of 3 (4 -1 for being in the spell's radius.) The cop fails the roll and his gun slides out of his hands, clanking against the statue along with the keys and nickels from his pocket. His handcuffs and belt are also pulling towards the statue, but are not lost as they are firmly attached to his pants. Mystified, the cop tries to yank his gun free. He must now roll his Strength of 3 against the spell's Strength of 4. If Yevran had instead cast this rote with a Vulgar aspect, the cop's badge, sunglasses, and all of his spare change would also have been affected. Any mundane electronic item or compass does not function properly within the radius of the spell, although they return to functionality once they leave the radius. With Forces 5, any electronic item that enters the radius is ruined. Free Council Rote: Magnetic Personality Dice Pool: Wits + Science + Forces Free Council mages use this rote for a variety of purposes, from building items to disarming their opponents. The Silver Ladder uses a different rote (Revolve + Science + Forces) to achieve a similar end. @Kenoshi Kinetic Battery Forces •••• This spell works as a modified form of Unseen Shield (Forces ••), storing kinetic energy that was absorbed by the mystic shield. While this spell is in effect the caster, when attacked, rolls as many dice as what were deducted from his attacker’s dice pool as a result of his mystical armor; for each success the caster adds one point to his Kinetic Battery’s pool. As many points of energy can be held in the pool as the caster has dots in Forces; an additional point can be added to the pool for each additional point of mana spent. The caster can hold the pool of charges as long as he desires. When he so chooses, the caster can release all of the energy in his pool upon making a successful melee attack; the energy must be released all at once and doing so will change the spell’s aspect to Vulgar. The released energy is delivered to his target in the form of bashing damage in addition to whatever damage has already has been done by the attack. Once the charge is expended the spell ends and would have to be recast. Practice: Patterning Action:Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Adamantine Arrow Rote: Fist of Retribution Dice Pool: Presence + Brawling or Weapon + Forces Sometimes one can't avoid being hit in a fight, but through this rote a mage can take some of his foe's fury and turn it back on him.

@DragonWise Kinetic Conduit (Forces 4) Adepts of Forces can learn to channel kinetic energy through their entire bodies and into the ground beneath them. Rather than focusing their own energy to cut or smash, the mage directs all kinetic energy in his body away, to a more durable target. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (one turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell lasts one turn. For its duration, the mage cannot be harmed by physical attacks. Fire and electricity still burn, but anything powered by kinetic energy will inflict no damage--to the mage. With this spell the mage becomes wholly a conduit for kinetic forces. This has the effect of rendering him immune to physical attack, but it also roots the mage in place, still as a statue. Since all kinetic energy is channeled through him, he cannot move or take action. His mind still works, but he can't so much as twitch. Kinetic forces directed at the mage actually impart all force into the ground beneath him. This can be dangerous, as sufficiently powerful attacks might rupture whatever he's standing on at the time. The spell provides no defense against such collateral damage; it works only on direct attacks, and then only when the mage has something to stand on. If the surface is broken, any leftover damage does not harm the mage, but the spell ends. Mysterium Rote: Shift Burden Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival + Forces Adventurous Mystagogues know they have great destinies. Shift Burden ensures that, for a little while at least, they have greater destinies than the doorsteps of Atlantean ruins. @AndreusWolf Kinesis (Forces ****) This spell projects a small object at supersonic speeds, much like a gun. Practice: Unravelling Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Each success inflicts one point of lethal damage upon the target, consuming an object of no larger than Size 1 while doing so. This attack is affected by range penalties - the mage is considered to have a "short range" for this attack equal to twice his Forces + Gnosis. Free Council Rote: Pop Gun Dice Pool: Dexterity + Firearms + Forces A simple and effective rote, used by many footsoldiers who can turn anything from loose

change to balled-up chewing gum into a bullet. Recent reports from Mexico show a disturbing trend where objects especially transmuted or enchanted to cause significant internal damage to a target are launched using this spell. @RalireDarkmoon Telekinetic Assualt (Forces ****) Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 mana The mage telekinetically lifts objects and uses them to attack enemies. Successes are allocated between Strength and number of objects to be manipulated, to a maximum of his Gnosis rating. Each object grants an additional attack, each attack suffering a cumulative -2 Dice penalty beyond the first attack. The mage makes attack rolls using the Telekinetic strength + his Weaponry. For example, Arden casts Telekinetic assault and gets 4 successes. He assigns 1 to strength and 3 to weapons(swords), his maximum number of objects he can manipulate due to his Gnosis rating of 3. Arden arranges these swords to hover arround him and attacks next round with all three swords. He adds up his dice pool for the first attack: 3 for the weapons rating, 1 for the telekinetic strength and 2 for his Weaponry for a total of 7. His second attack is made at -2 dice pool penalty for a total of 5 dice and his third attack is made at a -4 dice pol penalty for a total of 3 dice. With Force 5 he can cast the spell with a default duration of Prolonged (one scene) in which case the objects stay where he left them even levitating in the air. Objects can be moved at a Speed per turn equal to his Gnosis + Forces. As with any other concentration spell he loses his Defense while maintaining it. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Eye of the Storm Dice Pool: Strength + Athletics + Forces An Arrow is rarely caught without several weapons on hand and this rote allows him to make of all of them. Gathering them around him as if he is the center of a deadly storm, he becomes a truly formidable opponent. Though strength is sacrificed for speed, the spell can be used to attack multiple opponents or to unleash a barrage of attacks on one opponent. @Frunk Unstoppable Force (Forces 4) Practice: Er... I really don't know Aspect: Vulgar Duration: Prolonged (Determined by successes) Cost: 0 or 1 Mana The mage augments his regular force armor so that it can be used as a weapon. Tackling humans and ramming objects does not slow him down one bit, they just crash on his force armor and are repelled, so he just keeps going, and going, and going. In technical terms, the spell's potency is added to tackle rolls and the 8 again and 9 again rules are applied. If sucessfull, the target is knocked to the ground and takes four bashing damage. Extra damage may be added if he is knocked into a concrete wall, off a cliff, etc.

In the case of objects, the spell inflicts its potency as damage on the item's durability. If one mana is spent, structure is attacked directly. If the roll does not destroy the item, the mage bounces off the object/wall and suffers bashing damage with a durability - potency dice pool. With an few minutes of extended casting, it is quite possible to get enough successes to burst through a concrete wall. Free council rotes: ''The Juggernaut, B**ch'' and ''Kool-aid Man'' Because sometimes those free councilors really need to burst through walls in style. Both of these rotes are actually the same, but invented at different places, at different times, by different Force masters with the same sense of humour. They are activated by screaming the words of power ''Don't you know who I am?'' or ''Hey, Kool aid!'' at the top of your lungs. ''I'm The Juggernaut, B**ch'' and ''Oh yeah!'' are sometimes added, but it's purely for show, obviously. @RalireDarkmoon Wall of Lightning(****) Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (one turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 mana (optional) The mage conjures a wall of crackling energy. This wall may be shaped as desired within the area allotted, from a line to a circle around the mage. One success is enough to form a wall that does 1 lethal damage and shaped in a 1-yard radius. Additional successes are allocated between damage done by the spell and area the wall may be placed. Successes ----- Radius Affected 2 successes --- 2-yard radius 3 successes --- 4-yard radius 4 successes --- 8-yard radius 5 successes --- 16-yard radius Anyone passing through the wall takes damage accordingly. With Forces 5, the caster can spend one Mana to inflict aggravated damage with this spell. Note: With this a wall in place, the mage could then use Influence Electricity (Forces 2) to direct lines of electricity towards foes unwilling to pass through. Also, the wall's energy type need not be lightning. The energy type could just as easily be fire, heat or even light(though heat and light would not do damage normally). Adamantine Arrow Rote: Lightning's Fury Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult + Forces (Hmm...not to sure about the Dice pool suggestions appriciated) Arrows sometimes find themselves out-numbered and with few options left available to them. This spells allows them to conjure forth a barrier most adversaries would think twice before going through, buying the Arrow time to flee or perhaps recollect himself. Many

arrows find this rote particular useful in narrow hallways.

Forces OOOOO
@Goatstein Aegis (Forces 5) The mage can make a magical shield that can be made nearly impregnable. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana (optional) As the Forces 2 rote "Unseen Shield," except that the mage may gain a number of points of Armor up to a maximum of twice his Forces dots, and that the shield does help against attempts to grapple (but not overpower) the mage. If the mage attempts to give himself more Armor than his Forces rating, the spell becomes subject to Disbelief. This spell cannot be stacked with "Unseen Shield," and it is no help against anything other than physical attacks (such as soul theft.) With the expenditure of 1 Mana, this spell can be last to last an entire day. Silver Ladder Rote: Walk Without Fear Dice Pool: Stamina + Intimidation + Forces A Ladder mage understands that a leader cannot project confidence if he fears assassination. With this rote, he can do business anywhere he chooses, sure that he is safe from random riff-raff. @Goatstein Annihilate Flesh (Forces OOOOO, Life OOOOO) The mage can cause a target's flesh and blood to smolder and boil, destroying their Pattern on both gross and subtlel levels. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant and contested; target rols Stamina+Gnosis reflexively Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 mana Each success inflicts one health level of Aggravated Damage, and reduces one of the target's Physical Attributes of the caster's choosing by 1. For the purposes of healing, this Attribute loss is treated as lethal damage. If a target is reduced to zero dots in any Attribute, any skill rolls involving that attribute are automatically reduced to a chance die. Use of this rote counts as a Wisdom 4 sin. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Boil the Blood Dice Pool: Presence + Medicine + Forces vs Stamina + Gnosis

A popular rote among more powerful and disturbed Arrows, this spell cripples even the strongest oppopent. @Ophidimancer Blast (Forces •••••) One of the most powerful and primal expressions of the wrath of a Master of Forces. The unbridled force of a mage's will releases an explosion of energy. This devastating attack has been used in the past to level small towns. This usuall resulted in the death of the mage casting the spell, however. Practice: Making/Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Treat successes in this spell as the Blast Area and Damage of an explosive. The casting mage can choose to be at the center or the outer edge of the explosion. Everything caught within the blast takes the caster's successes in Lethal damage automatically and then also rolls the caster's successes in dice to see how much more Lethal damage is taken. The caster is unharmed by the blast itself, but it not protected against secondary effects, like the collapse of the floor or ceiling. Free Council Rote: Combustion Dice Pool: Presence+Occult or Science+Forces Some situations just call for explosions. Though Free Councilors may be the only ones who think of this spell in terms of movie special effects, it actually is one of the simplest, most brute force things that Obrimos have been doing since antiquity. @Goatstein Chain Lightning (Forces OOOOO) Powerful lightning flies from the mage's hands, and can be made to arc from target to target. Practice:Unmaking Action: Instant; subtract target's Stamina Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The first success on the casting roll does a base of 4 levels of lethal damage to a single target. Additional successes can be allocated to increase the damage on a one-for-one basis, or to add additional Target factors. Conversely, the mage may subtract dice from his casting pool to add additional Target factors during casting. In the case of multiple targets, subtract the highest Stamina present Example: Anthelios is surrounded by a gang of 8 thugs (this tends to happen a lot.) However, there is also a little girl present. Realizing that he cannot cast an area-of-effect spell, he instead casts Chain Lightning. He subtracts 6 dice from his dice pool so that he can affect all the thugs, then an additonal 4 dice for the toughest thug's Stamina, and rolls. He only scores one success, so all 8 of the thugs take 4 levels of Lethal damage.

The spell may affect targets that are a maximum distance apart equal to the mage's Gnosis rating. . With Forces 6 and the expenditure of an additional 1 Mana, this spell can be made to deal Aggravated damage. Mysterium Rote: Dance of the Heavens Dice Pool: Intelligence + Survival + Forces - Stamina Occasionally, in the search of the Mysteries, the mage is greatly outnumbered. Wih this rote, she can slay a dozen enemies in an instant. @Neo of the Dark Lanterns The Eternal Gaze of the Sun (Forces 5, Space 5, Fate 2) A mage creates a gigantic labyrinth of space trapping all those within its invisible walls in its eternal light. For every success that a mage makes with this spell he can send one foe into this eternal labyrinth of pocket space. This labyrinth, thanks to forces, shines eternal natural sunlight causing any vampire that gets trapped to have its flesh burned to ash for as long as it stays, which is usually forever. This spell, thanks to Fate, is designed to last as long as those that are imprisoned lives. Once a foe, usually a vampire, dies the spell unravels and the remains of the foe are expelled. The only known way for anyone to escape this fate is to use awakened magic to unravel the magic that binds them, and for a vampire this is impossible. This spell is used to enhanced arrows and bullets using prime 3 so that a mage can destroy any amount of vampires he or she may need. So destructive is this spell that it has been known to completely wipe out an entire city's worth of vampires within days. Death of the Undead Rote: Composure+Occult+Space This rote is used by the Adamantine to destroy and imprison the greatest of threats to Awaken and Sleeper society. It is designed to cull the corruptive embraces of the vampires and to out right kill them if need be. @Goatstein Force Field (Forces OOOOO) The mage can create a telekenetic force field. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana A single success creates a force field with Size 5 and Durability 1. Each additional success can increase the Size by 2 or or the Durability by 1. This force field is barely visible, appearing as a shimmering wall of light, and can be used to make walls, imprison subjects, or shield the mage. It can make any basic geometric shape (cube, plane, sphere, cylinder, etc.) but cannot make complicated shapes, such as

swords or armor (that requires Prime 4.) In the case of shielding, each point of Durability automatically subtracts one success on a damage roll. Once the force field takes its Structure in damage, it disintegrates (although it can be re-cast.) This spell can be stacked with a Mage Armor spell. Free Council Rote: Green Lantern's Light Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts + Forces With this handy rote, a Council mage can erect barriers between himself and his opponents, or make himself virtually invulnerable. The Silver Ladder makes use of a similiar rote using Resolve + Occult + Forces. @Goatstein Ignite (Forces OOOOO) The mage can cause a target to burst into flames. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant and contested, subtract target's Stamina or Durability+flammability factor (see below) Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana (Optional) One success is enough to ignite any target. In the case of living targets, subtract the target's Stamina. In the case of inanimate objects, subtract the target's Durability, then consult this chart: Extremely Flammable (Oily rags, puddle of gasoline, styrofoam): +2 Very Flammable (Plastic, Paper, Dry Leaves): +1 Flammable (Wood, Cloth, old corpse): No modifier Non-Flammable (Human body, living plants): -1 Very Non-Flammable (Steel, glass): -2 Extremely Non-Flammable (Stone, ceramic): -3 The first turn the target is on fire, it takes 1 level of Lethal damage. The second turn it takes 2 levels, and for all consecutive turns thereafter it takes 3 levels of Lethal damage per turn until all of its Structure or Health points have been lost to aggravated damage. If the mage chooses to affect something adjacent to the target, such as a tree next to a house or a person's clothing, the adjacent object takes 1 less damage per turn unless it, too, catches on fire. (So a mage who ignites a target's clothing only does damage to the clothing for the first turn.) The fire may spread, at the Storyteller's discretion. The flames can be extinguished normally, or with other magic. A target can attempt to pat out the flames with an extended Dexterity + Composure roll with a penalty equal to the spell's successes. Successes on this roll reduce the fire's damage on a one-for-one basis. Even a single success keeps the fire from upgrading in damage, and when the fire's damage is reduced to 0, it is extinguished. While attempting to put out the flames, the mage may move up to his Speed and still gains his Defense, but may take no other actions. Alternatively, the target may "Stop, drop, and roll." Doing so adds +3 dice to the Dexterity + Composure roll, but the mage loses his Defense and can take no other actions

until the flames are out. With Forces 5 and the expenditure of one Mana, the damage can be upgraded to Aggravated. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Kiss of Helios Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Forces - Stamina or Durability + Flamability Factor. Arrow mages use this rote when fighting multiple enemies; while one is distracted attempting to put out his flaming body; the mage can deal with the others. Guardians occasionally use similar version of this rote to destroy evidence of the occult. @Goatstein Improved Flight (Forces 5) The mage learns to fly with great speed. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana As "Flight," but the mage's Speed while flying is equal to Gnosis x Forces x successes, and the Mage gains a +1 bonus to Defense while flying, and the mage can carry 25 pounds per dot of Forces that he has. Each additional 25 pounds levies a -5 penalty to his Speed while flying. Mysterium Rote: Angels' Wings Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics + Forces With this rote, a Mysterium mage gains the useful benefit over the Forces 4 version of this power in that he can now fly faster than a child can walk. @deaddude Magnetic Bubble (Forces •••••) The mage raises a sphere of extremely powerful electromagnetic force, centered around the caster. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana A single success is enough to a 5 cubic meter volume of full cover against attacks made with metallic weapons (i.e. bullets, swords, metal baseball bats etc) with a Durability of 2. Each extra success increases the Durability of the barrier by an additional two. Free Council Rote: Traveling in Magneto Sometimes it pays to be able to walk through a hail of gunfire unscathed. The creator of this rote, known simply as Statgen, is well known for his humorous rote titles.

@Goatstein Purge (Forces OOOOO, Prime OOOOO) With an eruption of ethereal white fire, a subject subject of the mage's choosing burns away both his form and his very essence. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant and contested, target rolls Stamina + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Each success either inflicts two levels of Aggravated damage or deals one level of Aggravated damage and steals one Mana point, which is added to the casting mage's pool. This rote causes Rotscheck in vampires. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Kiss of Helios Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Forces vs. Stamina + Gnosis One of the most powerful rotes at the command of any mage, this rote is used by an Arrow to both destroy an enemy and steal his power.All orders with powerful Obrimos make use of similar spells. @Frunk Tidal Shear Forces 5 Practice: Unmaking Aspect: Vulgar Duration: Prolonged Cost: none (1 mana for Agg) A clever application of gravity control, used to cause direct damage to the opponent. The mage creates an area of reverse gravity shaped like a cylinder with a diameter of less than a foot. Gravity outside the cylinder is amplified. The two opposing forces of gravity create a thin film of extreme tidal shear at the point where they meet... If cast on a living target, this has the effect of draging their inner torso up while their skin, limbs and body parts desperately try to go down. This can break limbs, tear the muscle and ligaments and destroy organs. If a point of mana is spent, the spell's power goes beyond this and messily rips off limbs and turns the target inside out. Truly an unenviable way to die. At archmaster level, instead of using gravity reversal, the spell creates an amplified gravity source inside the target. This goes beyond aggravated damage... the target simply tries to resist the inner pull of gravity and suffers intense pain, until her heart and other organs are torn apart. Then, her muscles fail her and she collapses into an unrecognisable globe of flesh and gore orbiting the source point of the gravity. Given its distance from that point, the brain is the the last organ to stop functionning. The effect of this spell is so despicable that most right-hand paths, orders and legacies refuse to use it. There are therefore no common rotes for this.

Life O

@DementedElf Heritage (Life 1) The mage can trace lines of descent, scenting the similarities in the living Patterns of people with enough accuracy to determine parentage, and even distant bonds of blood. Practice:Knowing Action:Instant Duration:Concentration Aspect:Covert Cost:None The mage must cast this spell while touching the subject, and "scent" them. Then, while maintaining the spell, the mage must touch the one suspected of being an unknown relative of the subject. One success reveals parentage, siblings. After that, one extra success is needed per degree of separation, thus, two successes gets you confirmation of grandparents and cousins. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Black Sheep Wits+Investigation+Life The motto of the Mysterium may be, in fact, is, Knowledge is Power, but it is doubtful that they meant this kind of knowledge, or, indeed, this kind of power. Many a man has his indiscretions come back to haunt him decades later. The fact that such men are often wealthy has nothing to do with it. Justice is blind, after all. @Cybersushi Synesthesia (Life •) The mage can substitute one sense for another, allowing him to see sound, hear light, or swap any other combination of senses in order to make up for any deficiencies in his perception. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration Prolonged (one scene) Aspect Covert Cost None One of the Mages' five senses can be exchanged for any other sense. He could smell light if his eyes are somehow blinded. He could see sound if, for some reason, his ears become deafened. He could also hear tactile vibrations in order to "see" an invisible object or opponent. Each success negates the penalties applied to perception rolls due to blindness, poor lighting or deafness. It also allows the mage to pick up other things that may be overlooked with another sense, such as the ability to "see" an invisible object or person with a sense other than sight allowing him to directly pinpoint the direction of the object, negating the call for a chance roll when attacking blindly. See "Fighting Blind," pp. 166-167 of the World of Darkness Rulebook. @Gillacatan Vital Strike (Life O) A mage can strike down a foe from afar with the skill of a seasoned sharpshooter. Practice: Knowing

Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (one turn) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success eliminates one penalty die to ranged attacks against specific bodyparts (hands, legs, head, etc.). Note that while this may eliminate target penalties, it does not take into account environmental factors (darkness, rain, cover and the like). It should also be noted that excess successes cannot be transferred into bonus dice. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Assassin's Eye Dice Pool: Intelligence+Medicine+Life Guardians must on occasion eliminate people who get too close to discovering the Mysteries. This rote allows them to do so quickly and efficiently. The Adamantine Arrow also uses this rote in the defense of their brethren.

Life OO
@Ophidimancer Contact High Life (OO) Before radical alterations of one's body can be made, one first has to learn to manipulate the various substances that inundate the body. With this spell, the Disciple of Life can excrete chemicals that he has partaken of in his sweat, tears, saliva, and other bodily fluids. This can lead to a literally intoxicating touch. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None For this spell to take effect the target must be touched on an area of bare skin, or otherwise exposed to the mage's bodily fluids. In all cases it takes one turn to apply one level of toxin, up to a maximum of the toxin level imbibed by the casting mage. Therefore, a mage who has taken a dose of poison with a rating of 3 will apply one level of poison to a touched target each turn until the target has the full poison. Alternately the mage can take 3 turns applying saliva to a bladed weapon, which will then apply the full poison to a target struck during the duration of the spell. Free Council Rote: Transcutaneous Transfer Dice Pool: Stamina+Science or Occult+Life Having a hard time getting your straight-edge friends to loosen up? Get yourself wasted on this spell and watch what a little transdermal alcohol can do to inhibitions! @Agnostus Enhance Pheromones (Life 00) Boost the output of natural pheromones within the mage, increasing his attractiveness to members of the opposite sex. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant

Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage gets a bonus of +1 per success to a max. of his or her Life dots to any Presence or Manipulation roll used to distract, subvert or otherwise influence a member of the opposite sex through sex-appeal. At Life 3, this spell may be used on another person. @Goatstein Wasteless System (Life OO) For the duration of this spell, the mage gives off far less physical waste product. This is both useful as a way to get out of tricky social sisutations and an effective defense against the Space arcanum. Action: Instant Practice: Ruling Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None For the duration of the spell, the mage does not: -Urinate -Defecate -Leave fingerprints -Shed hair or skin -Bleed externally from wounds from scrapes or bruises (i.e. bashing damage.) -Sweat -Blow his nose -Ejaculate -Leave drool on objects (such as cigarette butts) ...Unless he consciously desires to do so. Note that any attempt to gather parts of the mage's body actively (such as taking a cheese grater to his arm, chopping off his hair or pulling out a fingernail,) are still resolved as normal. This spell only govers pasive loss of body parts. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Living Ghost Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine + Life With this spell, an Arrow is like a ghost to mortal invesrtigators, and beyond, leaving no physical evidence of his presence in his wake.

Life OOO
@Deimos_Masque Accelerate Healing - (Life 3, Time 3) Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Aspect: Covert Cost: None This spell reduces the healing rate in half of one wound level per success starting with the

most severe wounds. Additional successes above the amount of wounds may be used to further shorten the time of healing. Once cast on a person it cannot be used again on the same set of injuries even if all wound levels were not shortened in healing time. Free Council Rote: He'll Be Fine Diceroll: Intelligence + Medicine + Life Sometimes just telling some one that they are okay after they've been looked over is enough to make some one feel better. Libertines will usually fake paramedic or doctor training in order to further placate the subject. Bonus Factors: Full "Medical Check Up" +3, Doctor or Paramedic credentials +1 @Cerealkiller Avian Flight (Life 3, optional Mind 2, optional Matter 2, optional Forces 2) An adaptation of the “Transform Self” spell. This spell allows the mage to grow fully functional wings extending from his shoulder blades. These wings have a span of 16 m (+/- 53 feet) and allow the mage to glide through the air and ,with the aid of other Aranca and training, to fly. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage grows wings on his shoulder blades that allow him to glide through the air. Performing aerial manoeuvres requires a succesfull Dex + Athletics roll and counts as an instant action. Particularly difficult manoeuvres impose a penalty on this roll. Gliding through the air has a Strenght requirement of 4 to keep the wings steady. Each point of Strenght the Mage lacks, imposes a -1 modifier on the manoeuvre roll. A succes on the casting roll can be converted to 1 dot in Strenght for purposes of this spell only. Because the Mage lacks a bird’s instincts for flying, the roll is further penalised with a -3 penalty. This penalty can be avoided if the caster adds a Mind 2 component to the spell. A Forces 1 effect to see air currents lessens this penalty to -1. Due to a lack of training, the aerial manoeuvres are performed as if the Mage is untrained unless the Mage has an Athletics speciality ‘Flight’, which represents training. Unless the Mage uses a Forces 2 effect to create thermals (even small ones just below the wings), the gliding mage will drop 1 meter per turn. A gliding Mage cannot use his arms, as he has to hold them next to his body for aerodynamic reason. He can, however, hold small items in his hands. The Mage is limited as to what he can carry because of weight and aerodynamics. Particularly heavy or bulky items should impose a penalty. Mage under the influence of this spell cannot use a backpack and must make sure his shoulder blades are exposed or the wings will tear his clothes apart, unless a Matter 2 component is added to the spell. A gliding mage moves his Speed per round, unless he decides to climb then he moves only half his speed and maintains his altitude for this turn. Each consecutive turn spent climbing gives -1 penalty on the next aerial manoeuvre roll.The Mage can also decide to dive, then he adds his Speed to his current velocity. The Mage can choose to dive consecutive rounds, each round adds his Speed to his current velocity. Diving causes the Mage to lose 2 extra meters of altitude per round and is considered an aerial manoevre. The mage can cast an improvised spell (or a rote that does not require hand movements), but doing so requires a succesful reflexive aerial manoeuvre roll and levies a -3 penalty on

the spellcasting roll. Some Mages can use this spell to achieve actual flight. Flying has a Strenght requirement of 6 and requires the Mage to have the Flight speciality in Athletics. All relevant modifiers for gliding also apply to flying. Flying with this spell means that the mage does not lose 1 meter (3 feet) of altitude per turn. Some manoevres can only be done if the mage is flying. Flying also lessens the penalty on all manoeuvre rolls by 1. Suggested manoeuvres and penalties: Turning: -1 Climbing: -1 Diving: -1 Land: -3 Break fall: -3 Cast spell: -3 These manoeuvres can only be executed while flying (these penalties are not lessend) Take flight while running: -2 Vertical take-off: -5 Hover: -3 (This manoeuvre also allows the mage to use his hands for 1 turn) Adamantine Arrow Rote: Angel’s Wings Dice Pool: Stamina + Athletics + Life @Durance Blood Never Lies (Life •••) Every mage instinctively knows that blood is life, not just in a physical way, but in a mystical way as well. Blood contains imprints of one's Pattern in every cell, and through powerful Life magic a willworker can access element's of another person's Pattern with only a few drops of blood to work with. This spell creates a facsimile (entirely out of blood) of the person whose blood is being analyzed (a sample is needed, though a few drops will do. A reproduction of their face appears in the air in front of the mage, making it incredibly useful for identifying spilt blood. Often the face can be difficult to properly identify, but with skill and training this spell can be refined to an excellent identifier. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (1 turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Every success on the spell roll means that the blood image conjured from spilt blood resembles the person it belonged to more accurately. 1-Success: general shape of face and gender 2-Success: refined shape of face 3-Success: suggestions of hair and eye color 4-Success: small details (facial tattoos, scars), further refinement of image 5-Success: perfect reproduction, immediately recognizable if the person is known Every success on this spell roll will grant a +1 to an Intelligence + Composure check made to identify the person (provided, of course, that the person is known to the mage).

The spell pool suffers a -1 for every 24 hours that the blood has been separated from its originator, as the Pattern it contains fades over time, even if its sympathetic connection to the person does not. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Ianima's Bloodseeking Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation (or Medicine) + Life A fledgling Guardian of the Veil named Ianima developed this spell on the fly during an investigation into the murder of a prominent necromancer. Blood that can identify its owner can, at times, speak volumes. @Ophidimancer Enhanced Healing Life (OOO) Mages sometimes achieve their objectives through pure mystic force, but there are times when it is more efficient to simply encourage natural processes along, bolstering the laws of the Fallen World with hints of the Supernal. This spell amplifies the natural healing process of an organism to supernatural heights, letting the body do much of the work on its own. Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana While this spell is in effect, the target is granted supernatural rates of healing. Damage is healed at the following rates. Bashing - 1/turn Lethal - 1/15 minutes Aggravated - 1/week If the recipient is capable of spending Mana, a Reflexive action can be taken to heal one Bashing or Lethal, up to the maximum amount of points the character can spend in a turn. In addition, lost limbs and organs can be regrown with great effort. To begin healing of a lost limb or organ a permanent Willpower dot must be spent. After this an extended healing action begins, with the target's Resolve forming the dicepool and each roll representing six hours in which the character may not perform any extraneous efforts. A lost finger requires three successes, an arm severed at the elbow costs 15, a leg at the hip needs 40, Losing an eye takes a great deal of complicated nerves to rebuild and requires 10 sucesses to heal; spleens livers, and most other organs only require seven or eight success to completely regrow. This roll may be condensed to one hour with the expenditure of a point of Mana. If this spell ends before healing is complete, the new limb is stunted and incomplete, though the target can begin again where they left off if the spell is recast. Limbs lost and healed in the past cannot be regrown because the body already thnks that healing is complete, but if the area where the stump ends is wounded again this spell will cause the wound to heal "past" the old injury. This spell accelerates the metabolism of the target, inducing the need to eat more often. The Primary Factor of this spell is Duration. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Vigorous Tenacity

Dice Pool: Stamina+Medicine+Prime Armed with this spell, warriors of the Arrow earn a frightening reputation for being almost impossible to put down in a fight. @nbkbruce1 Heightened Senses(Life 3) Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Aspect: Covert Duration: Prolonged Cost: None With this spell a mage bolsters his mundane senses through Life magic. While this does not grant him new senses(i.e., he can't see heat if he doesn't normally), it does increase the capabilities of his natural senses many times over. Successfully casting this spell grants the mage an equipment bonus equal to his Life dots on all perception rolls, as all five senses are honed to superhuman levels. Colors are sharper, the mage can see and hear clearly at greater range, tastes and smells are more acute. This can occasionally prove troublesome for the mage, but generally provides a greater degree of warning or information. These changes can't rival the more specialized abilities of animals, such as eagle vision or a bloodhound's sense of smell, but for the mage who doesn't want or need such drastic changes they work just fine. Mages with active Heightened Senses can track by scent, but it is a crude ability when not paired with senses truly designed for tracking and the instinct to go with it. Tracking rolls suffer a -1 penalty in addition to any other modifiers. @Jared Thaler Lesser Sleep (Life 3 or Life 5) Through manipulation of the body's hormones, a Life mage can cause any base or median life which has a sleep cycle to shut down temporarily. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant and Contested; Target Draws and adds Resolve Reflexively. Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Rote Pool: Manipulation + Animal Ken + Life Any sort of damage will automatically wake the target out of this state, as will excesive enviromental noises (explosions, screams, etc) At Life 5, the mage can cast this spell so strongly that it can work as an anestetic, keeping the animal under even while being operated on (or, for that matter, carved up) This spell requires the mage to physically touch the target, either through a successful Animal Ken (to convince the animal to allow itself to be touched) or through a Dex or Str + Brawl check (to grab ahold of the animal.) An additional level of life is required to cast this spell at sensory range (Life 4 or Life 6 for the anestetic level) @Gillacatan Pigmentation (Life ***) A mage can color individual parts of his skin.

Practice:Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar, though probably not subject to Disbelief Cost: None A variation of "Two Faces," this spell allows a mage to change the pigmentation of parts of his skin, much as an octopus can camouflage itself. The more complicated the change, the more successes required. for example, a mage can give herself flawless face makeup that won't rub off (one or two successes), or create a tattoo of a fully colored Chinese Dragon that will never lose its brilliance (five +). Silver Ladder Rote: Keeping up Appearances Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression + Life Thearchs realize more than any other order that a good first impression can go a long way to getting what you want. With this rote, they can give themselves a makeup job that would make supermodels jealous. @Silopolis Slow Aging (Life 3) A mage skilled with perfecting his own form can command his cells not to degenerate, staving off the effects of aging over time. Practice: Perfecting Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage conducts a ritual in which he imparts instructions to his body's component cells, strengthening them against the ravages of time and entropy. For the duration of the spell, the Mage does not age, though his hair and nails grow, and all other biological functions work as normal. Since his cells do not die and thus do not slough off, he leaves no dead skin behind. This spell has little visual effect, but if recast diligently over time, it can significantly retard aging. When the spell's Duration ends, the mage ages quickly as the cells degenerate and attempt to replace themselves as per the body's normal funcitons. The spell can be refreshed, or recast before the Duration expires. With Life 4, the mage can use Advanced Prolonged Duration Factors. This costs 1 Mana and changes the spell's Aspect to Vulgar. The spell is subject to Disbelief if the mage encounters a Sleeper who has reason to believe the mage should appear older than he does. The is spell does not protect the mage from death from old age; that is the purview of the Death or Fate Arcana. @Deimos_Masque

Smooth Scars - Life 3 Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None With this scars left from wounds, tattoos, burns, and similiar physical trauma can be wiped away as if they had never existed. Each success can remove one physical mark the size of a piece of paper. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Flawless Form Dice roll: Stamina + Crafts + Life Many Adamantine Arrow are combat veterens, but not all of them like carrying the scars of such, with this rote they learn to wipe away the scars of old battles as if it were the dirt and blood picked up during it. @Cerealkiller Supernatural Healing (Life 3) The mage supercharges his own metabolism to enhance his own healing proces. Mages under influence of this spell heal just as fast a a werewolf would. This spell unfortunately has a few side effects: during the course of this spell, the mage ages at an advanced rate. The mage metabolises food at a vastly increased rate, causing extreme hunger in most of the cases. The hair of the mage grows rapidly and he becomes very tired when this spell wears out. Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar The mage heals 1 Bashing Damage per turn. If the Mage reflexively spends a Mana point, he heals a Lethal Damage instead. The mage also become a lot more resistant to toxins and diseases, resulting in a +5 modifier to resist them. The mage’s increased metabolism has the following side effects: - For every 15 minutes that the mage is under the effect of this spell, his body ‘lives’ through a single day. This means that he has to shave, eat a very decent meal and have a rest when this spell wears off. - The Mage’s lifespan stays the same, this means the mage lives just as long. This doesn’t mean the Mage can’t become bald sooner or develop wrinkles at a younger age. With Life 4, the Mage may cast this spell on others with a touch range. With Life 5 the range become sensory. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Accelerate Healing Dice Pool: Stamina + Athletics + Life @Agnostus Transmute Least Ally (Life 000) Not all mages possess permenate familiars or servants, and instead conjure them as needed from plants and insects. These creatures are no more intelligent then the base

lifeform of origin, so the Mind Arcana isn't invoked, but may possess certain complex, but reflexive behaviors. Such creations certainly have abilities beyond most base lifeforms; a mage may choose to grant his creation the ability to recite anything said near it when a command phrase is spoken, or spite a mild toxin at movement within it's ability to detect. Practice: Weaving Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage may implant one extraordinary ability or behavior per success, so if the mage wanted to create a plant that would hiss an alarm and spit acid when someone besides the casting mage approached, he would require 3 successes (one for the hissing, one for the acid and one for the senses to determine when someone beside the mage is near). In addition, successes must be spent on Potency to determine the amount of damage an attack inflicts. Silver Ladder Rote: Conjure the Pixie Horde Dice Pool: Wits + Academics + Life The Acanthus of the Silver Ladder sometimes feel the need to summon up a number of their lesser bretheren to aid them in times of need. This rote, rather then effecting a single base lifeform, effects a swarm of insects as per the Transform Base Life spell, turning them into minature winged humanoids. These fabricated pixies have the ability to record everything they see and act it out in a minature pantomime of what occured. In addition, these pixies understand the commands of their creating mage, but will only understand very simple instructions and will not understand descriptions. For example, if a mage points at a set of keys through a window, he can command the pixies to get it for him, but if the keys are hidden, the mage cannot instruct the pixies in what they look like and where they might be found. This spell requires 3 successes: 1 to remember what it sees, 1 to act out what it sees when commanded to and 1 to follow the mage's instructions. Further successes are often used to extend Duration, as well.

@nbkbruce1 God of Thunder Life 4 + Forces 4 Among the oldest forces in the cosmos, electricity is ever-present and long held a symbol of power. A cunning mage might turn this force to his advantage, modifying his Pattern such that an influx of electricity from an outside source supercharges his healing ability. This spell is used to heal where normally electricity might harm. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged(one scene) Aspect: Vulgar as hell Cost: 1 Mana The mage with this spell forces an elemental change on the Pattern level. When his

physical body is struck by electricity, the magic channels it into his Awakened soul and diffuses it as electric Mana throughout his Pattern. This energy causes the mage's system to heal at the frantic speed of dancing electricity. The bashing damage inflicted is instead turned into bashing damage healed. Once all bashing damage is healed, the mage may heal himself of lethal wounds. Aggravated damage is not affected. In addition, the mage suffers no risk of muscle-lock while in contact with a source of electricity. A mage may only "absorb" an amount of damage equal to his Forces dots each turn. Excess damage is dispersed without further effect from his body, possibly damaging bystanders... or at least giving them a shock. Any mage who heals lethal wounds via this spell finds that he delivers a painful "static" shock to anyone he touches for the duration of the spell. Mysterium Rote: Super-Conductor Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival + Forces/Life Mystagogues find this spell handy when plumbing ancient ruins guarded by magical traps, or when sticking a fork in an outlet sounds like a good idea. @Goatstein Intangibility (Life OOOO, Prime OO, optional Forces OOO) The mage becomes a being of pure ephemera, and while technically not a spirit, is incapable of being touched by the crude material. Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage moves at a Speed equal to her Gnosis while in this form, and can travel in any direction. The mage can even travel through solid objects, although their Durability ratings are subtracted from her Speed (minimum 1.) While in this form, the mage is immune to all physical effects. Bullets and fireballs pass through her with equal ease. Neither may the mage interact with the matieral world while this spell is active, and may not use spells from the Forces, Life, or Matter Arcana. Additionally, magical dispellations such as "Dispel Magic" or "Quell the Spark" inflict Aggravated damage. Finally, if the mage loses concentration while within a solid objct, she becomes trapped. The mechanics of this are bets left to the Storyteller. If the mage wishes to be invisible as well as intangible, Forces 3 must be added to the casting. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Break the Ties of Flesh Dice Pool: Stamina + Occult + Life Guardian mages use this rote for a variety of purposes, from breaking in to running away. Mysterium mages have a different rote (Stamina + Medicine + Life) used for many of the same ends.

@Goatstein Revert Shapechange (Life OOOO, optional Death OO) The mage may force a target who has shapechanged, either through Life magic or through other means, to return to his natural form. Practice: Unweaving Action: Instant, target rolls Stamina + Gnosis reflxively Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None If the casting mage wins the contested roll, the target reverts back to his normal state. Werewolves affected by this spell return to their Hishu forms. It requires Death 2 to affect a vampire (such as one who has grown deadly claws or has changed into a bat.) This spell only covers physical transformations. Mysterium Rote: Force Humanity Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Life vs Stamina + Gnosis Some of the most terrible weapons an enemy can hold may not be made of matter, but rather extensions of his own flesh. With this rote, a Mysterium mage can cripple some of the offensive or espionage capabilities of these creatures. @Jared Thaler Sleep (Life 4) Through manipulation of the body's hormones, a Life mage can cause a higher lifeform which has a biological sleep cycle to shut down temporarily. This includes Supernaturals such as Mages and Werewolves, but not Vampires, whose sleep cycle is supernatural, not biological. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant and Contested; Target Draws and adds Resolve + Gnosis Reflexively. Duration:Transitory Aspect: Covert (though if used in a stressful situation such as combat, probably improbable.) Cost: None Rote Pool: Manipulation + Science + Life Any sort of damage will automatically wake the target out of this state, as will excesive enviromental noises (explosions, screams, etc). Merely Loud Noises, such as ongoing combat, will allow the target to make a fresh resolve check each round, accumulating successes each time. While the spell is transitory, a target that was already fatigued may simply slip from magical slumber into mundane slumber (at storyteller discression) At Life 5, this spell can be cast with prolonged duration. At Life 6, the mage can cast this spell so strongly that it can work as an anestetic, keeping the target under even while being operated on (or, for that matter, carved up) This spell requires the mage to physically touch the target, either through a successful social manipulation (to convince the target to allow itself to be touched) or through a Dex or Str + Brawl check (to grab ahold of the animal.) An additional level of life is required to cast this spell at sensory range

@Twist of Silver

Body of the Swarm Life 5 With this spell the mage transforms a body into a swarm of insects that act on an instinctive level. If no magical control is imposed, it acts like a normal swarm. At this level of Life, a mage casting the spell on herself has just enough know-how to give slight guidance to the swarm: what direction the insects fly or crawl. However, she cannot make the swarm do anything it would not normally do (for example, form words in the air). With an optional Mind 4/5 the mage retains his intelligence, giving the phrase "hive-mind" a new meaning. With this, the mages control of the swarm is nothing short of perfect, adopting any form, doing anything the mage wills. When the duration is about to run out, the mage forces the swarm to re-group in a humanoid form. The swarm then melt into each other, and in a turn (or or a few) the mage is once again in possession of her old body. If casting this spell on another, the mage must touch the target. (See below). Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Res + Gno reflexively Duration: Prolonged(?) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 mana @eldritch_wizard Clone (Life ***** + Mind *** + Prime ***) This spell creates a living, breathing, thinking duplicate of the subject of the spell. The mage may clone himself or another. The clone does not automatically know that they are the duplicate, but has it's own opinions and thoughts seperate from the original subject of the spell. In conjunction with Mind 5 the mage may create a clone with an all new mind or a blank slate. Practice: Making Action: Extended; possibly Contested (see below) Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The target number of successes is determined by the subject's Size (on a one-for-one basis) and Physical Attributes (also on a one-for-one basis). If the subject of the spell wishes to resist, they must engage in a contested Gnosis + Resolve roll with the mage casting the spell. Casting this spell on an unwilling or unconscious subject is a Wisdom 3 act of hubris. @Luxifer Doppelganger (Life ••••• + Mind ••••• and Prime •••) Creating a duplicate of your own self, complete with the story of memories and independent thought is a powerful achievement. Those who become Masters of both Life and Mind may endeavor to do so, though it is not an easy task. A clone created in this fashion is a physical and mental replica of the Mage from the instant of the spell. The clone, will have all the Attributes, Skills and memories of the Mage, but will be unable to perform Awakened magic. There are rumors and lines of thought that suggest that if the mage would also become a Master of Spirit that they might be able to forge an Awakened clone, however, since the most likely candidate for such a role would be a Thyrsus to be both Master in Life and Spirit, few opportunities for such a study exist as Mind is their Inferior Arcana.

Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana These clones of the self will usually degrade in a quick fashion. With each success, the Mage may extend the duration of the clone’s existence by one duration factor. At the end of this period, the clone disintegrates into nothingness. Archmasters of Life may allow the clone to exist at a longer duration even permanent, but unless they are also Archmasters of Mind such a creature will become mindless by the end of the scene. True replication of the self is not an easy thing. Furthermore, without Archmastery, this spell cannot be used to target anyone else. Free Council Rote: Cloning Vat Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine + Life This rote exists in a number of varieties, as the Masters capable of learning it are few and far between. Instead many have simply adopted the Free Council version, which seems to be the most reliable. The typical use of such a creature is either to create a body double to fake a death, or to simply have a set of hand and an equal caliber of mind at hand for whatever experiments are needed. @Goatstein Return Life (Life OOOOO) A mage may ressurrect any creature. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana A mage may restore life to a creature that has been dead for less than a day. The corpse must be mostly intact, so a corpse that was disembowled and missing its arm may be resurrected, but one immersed in acid cannot. The subject returns to life semi-conscious with all of its Health boxes marked with Lethal damage, which can be healed with other magic or as normal. The subject returns to life with its Willpower and Mana or Essence at the level it had when it died. This spell cannot be cast upon vampires, even with Death as a conjunctional arcanum, as a vampire turns to ash as soon as it reaches the Final Death. Note that at this level of mastery, the spell cannot be cast with an Indefinite duration. The mage may, however, re-cast this spell before the duration expires, giving the target more time to live. This is an exception to the normal spell-control rules. Rumors persist, however, that with Life 6 this spell can be cast Indefinitely. This spell has no effect on those who have died of natural causes, such as old age. Silver Ladder Rote: Rob the Underworld Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion + Life The Silver Ladder casts this rote for two reasons: Two restore life to those who have died too young, and to bind fallen mages to service, holding their very lives as collateral.

Life Archmastery

@Aenru Destroy Advanced Life (Life 7) The mage disintegrates the pattern of life in an advanced lifeform (human, werewolf), literally stopping life. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The target dies immediately, and the cause of death appears natural. No scarring or brain damage occurrs, and can easily be excused as a heart attack or nervous shock. A -2 Modifier is imposed for every health dot beyond 7 that the target has while the spell is cast. The target rolls Stamina + Gnosis reflexively. The mage must touch the target to cast effectively. At Life 8 he may cast at sensory range, and at Life 9 he may add Space 2 to cast sympathetically. @Aenru Destroy Median Life (Life 6) The mage disintegrates the pattern of life in a median lifeform (animal), literally stopping life. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The target dies immediately, and the cause of death appears natural. No scarring or brain damage occurrs, and can easily be excused as a heart attack or nervous shock. A -1 Modifier is imposed for every health dot beyond 7 that the target has while the spell is cast. The target rolls Stamina reflexively. The mage must touch the target to cast effectively. At Life 7 he may cast at sensory range, and at Life 8 he may add Space 2 to cast sympathetically.

Matter O
@Ophidimancer Alter Adhesion Matter (O) Magic can be used for mundane uses as well. This spell allows the mage to alter the adhesive qualities of an object, creating a slightly sticky surface or rendering tape and weak glues useless. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None The Primary Factor of this spell is Size, which means that rarely is more than one success

needed, as one success is enough to render a Size 20 object slightly sticky. The strength of this adhesive is comparable to that of tape and thus incapable to trapping anything stronger than insects. Free Council Rote: Instant Tape Dice Pool: Intelligence+Science+Matter Many mages of the Free Council regard magic as no mote important than any other usefull tool. Like any discovery of science, it can be put to good use making the lives of people easier. The creator of this rote was obsessive about recording knowledge and spen much of his life compiling everyday rotes like this into Grimoire form.

Matter OO
@mutamonster Catalyst Matter OO Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage speeds a chemical reaction or process. Each success halves the the time it takes for the task to be completed. Example: Adam wants to speed the brewing of coffee, a task that normally takes 30 minutes. He rolls 3 successes, making a good cup of joe in 4 minutes. (note: not realistic, but you get the point) Free Council Rote: Meeting Demands. Science + Intelligence + Matter. Sometimes, the libertines find it neccesary to produce large quantities of the latest miracle solvent and they need it now. This rote allows them to reduce some reactions to minutes..rather than days. @Ophidimancer Control Adhesion Matter (OO) An Apprentice of Matter learns that certain qualities of matter and how it interacts with the rest of the world are now hers to influence. The opacity of matter, how it interacts with light, is simple to change. Another useful characteristic of matter is how it interacts with other matter. Mastery of this level of the Matter Arcanum grants the knowledge to drastically alter the adhesive quality of an object. Two objects can be stuck together as if they were the same, continuous mass or industrial strength glues can be rendered inert. Cunning thieves use this effect to climb otherwise sheer surfaces while those on the side of the law trap miscreants by plastering them against suddenly sticky surfaces or gluing their hands together. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Each success grants a dot of Strength to the adhesive surface. A mage wishing to walk on walls must garner enough Strength dots to support his or her weight according to the chart on page 47 of the World of Darkness Core Book, though this by no means assures the mage that the surface can support her or his weight. At this level the spell must be cast at

Touch range, though the effect can take place directly after the mage ends contact with the object. At Matter 3 this can be done at Sensory range. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Dice Pool: Intelligence+Science or Occult+Matter When conventional means of stealth detection are aimed at ground level, the Guardian thief or asassin makes sure to move in the shadows and be in unexpected places, even on the cieling. @Goatstein Intstant Shower (Matter OO or OOO, Life OO) The mage (or someone he casts this upon) is instantaneously clean. Oils run off the target's body, dirt drops off from and pushes out of his skin, and dead skin cells shed off. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None One success is enoguh to clean any target. With the Matter 2, Life 2 effect, the mage must be naked; with the Matter 3 version, he may be wearing clothes, which are instantly cleaned and pressed while he wears them. Note that this spell may become Improbable or even Vulgar if the target is incredibly filthy. Free Council Rote: Next to Godliness Action: Intelligence + Science + Matter Many Council mages have no time to go through all the trouble of the shower, what with the washing, scrubbing, and drying. This rote allows them to get their necessary cleaning done ina ew moments. Guardians of the Veil use a similar version of this rote (Intelligence + Occult + Matter) to look spiffy before any major social event. @Agnostus Moving Pictures (Matter 00, + optional) Pictures that change their content, be they paintings or photographs, are a common feature in urban legends and dark tales. Mages occasionally see fit to create such disturbing images, for a variety of purposes, from general creepiness to practical devices. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Lasting (Prolonged) Aspect: Vulgar (Covert) Cost: 1 Mana The basic version of this spell, a simple application of Matter 00, transforms the colors of a picture so it’s appearance is altered, to whatever degree the mage desires, and the Duration is Lasting. A more complicated version adds Time 0, which allows the picture to either go through several changes or appear to constantly move throughout the Prolonged Duration. By adding Space 00 and Forces 0, this spell may be paired with Scrying so the image always shows what’s happening at some distant location. Forces 0 alone can be used to cause the image to act like a mirror for the Duration. Death or Spirit 00 allows an appropriate entity to possess the picture and change the image as they desire for the

Duration. This spell is generally Vulgar, but the effect is Covert if the changes are subtle and Fate 0 is added, so that the picture only changes when noone’s looking.

Matter OOO
@Cerealkiller Control Device (Matter 3) By manipulating the weight, shape, roughness of the mechanical components of a piece of technology, the mage can cause buttons to be pushed, levers to flip, … in effect, use the device. For instance the mage could touch a car and start it or let a door swing open by touching the hinges. The device must have mechanical components to manipulate, otherwise the spell doesn’t work. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (one scene) Aspect: Covert The mage alters the various parameters( shape, weight, balance, …) of the mechanical components so he might exert his will on a device. In the example of starting a car, the mage could make the clutch cable shorter, make the contact turn and make the gas pedal heavier. He could them make the transmission stick heavier on the left side and then heavier to the front The stick slides into first gear and the mage can then bring the clutch cable back to it’s original shape. Another typical example of this spell would be “the piano played by an invisible man.” This spell requires a lot of practical knowledge about the operation and internal mechanics of a device. The ST should ask for an appropriate Science or Crafts roll to see if the mage knows how the device works. The Matter 1 spell: Craftman’s Eye can be of great help here. At this level the mage still has to touch the device, altough he doesn’t have to touch the specific components, at Matter 4 he may cast this spell at Sensory Range and at Matter 5 he may add a Space 2 component for Sympathetic casting. The mage can try to control a device someone else is allready using, in that case a contested roll is in order. The mage has a Strenght and Dexterity equal to 1 for this purpose, but spellcasting successes may be used to raise the Strenght or Dexterity at a 1 to 1 ratio. Mysterium Rote: Invisible Hands Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts or Science + Matter @Javert210 Curse of the User (Matter ••• and Fate ••, optional Prime •••) With use of this spell, a Mage can render an object abselutely useless to someone who doesn't know exactly how it works. An electrician will be able to turn on a light bulb while the curse is active, but someone who doesn't know the mechanisms of a light bulb (say, the C.E.O. who attempts to turn it on) will not be able to. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert

Cost: 1 mana This spell is cast on an object. For the spell's duration, the item is cursed with an inability to be used by anyone who does not know how it works. Whenever somebody uses the object, roll the user's Intelligence + Science. Specializations apply, as do penalties for attempting a skill without any dots in it. On a success, the object functions normally. On a failure, the device will not function as long as the user is trying to make it work. Computers won't boot up for those who don't know at least basic computer programming. A toilet won't flush for anyone who doesn't know basic plumbing. The phat hydraulics on the rich punk's car deflate. Naturally, this spell only works on objects which have complex/internal workings. Casting this spell on a simple machine such as a sword or a wheel do not give results, as it is blatantly obvious how they work. Prime 3 can be added for casting the spell on an enchanted/imbued object, or an artifact, barring anyone without the proper arcanum from using the object (Intelligence + Occult is used in place of Intelligence + Science for this purpose). Free Council Rote: Chautauqua Curse Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Matter For the old Atlantean orders, there's nothing magical about technology. But when the Free Council throws out a Chautauqua Curse, the arguments end. "If technology is so mundane, why is it your cell phone work, hmm?" @Agnostus Lesser Golem (Matter 000, Life 000, optional Spirit 00 or Death 00) There’s no substitute for a talented servant, but in a pinch and indestructible servant will do just as well; students of living and un-living carbon have determined a method by which they may create a dim ally to aid them in Awakened work. First, the mage constructs a form out of some hard, inanimate material; humanoid, animal or unnatural shapes are equally possible. The Matter and Life Arcana are then used to transform some of the mass into median musculature, nervous- and sensory-systems. The creature is completely devoid of any mental functions and natural instincts, being an entirely fabricated entity. Some mages use the Instill Instinct (Life 000, see below) spell to impart some reactionary instincts, allowing for the Control Median Life (Life 000, pg. 185) to be used. Other mages prefer to use the Lesser Golems as shells for their spirit or ghost allies; the rudimentary nervous system allows the golem to be possessed just like a human, and with no resistance. Practice: Weaving Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Lesser Golems have skin made of inanimate matter, so they tend to have high armor ratings; successes may be allocated to give the shell physical attributes at the rate of one attribute per success. Though Lesser Golems are not truly living things, they still can’t be given an indefinite Duration, because the organic portions of the creature have no way of restoring themselves, and gradually wear down. At Life 0000, a Lesser Golem can be created with features from advanced lifeforms, such as vocal cords. A popular rote creates a head with sensory organs, lungs and a voicebox,

perfect for speaking with spirits without granting them any power. @James the Dark Hemolysis Matter 000 Moros Magi often have a difficulty in dealing with combat situations, especially early in there development. This is mostly because causing harm to living Patterns is outside the perview of their Ruling Arcana. For a very long time, that meant practicioners of Matter magic were essentially out in the cold if a fight started. When the constitution of blood was discovered to be significantly iron based, a number of enterprising Moros discovered a way of creating appreacable damage, using solely the magic of shells. By unbinding the iron-based heme in the blood, the mage can make his victim suffer a a sudden and painful hypoxia as his blood cells burst. At first, only small amounts of blood can be effected at any single time, but with experience and added arcane proficiency, a Matter-based Mage can do significant and lasting damage. Action: Instant Aspect: Vulgar Duration: Lasting Cost: This spell is cast as an attack on the target's pattern, and is subject to target resistence. At Matter 000, successes are granted to the target at one bashing damage per success. At Matter 0000, this damage is lethal. Unlike other spells of its sort, Hemolysis cannot deal Aggravated damage, because blood regenerates too quickly in humans. If cast as Matter 0000 + Death 00, this spell attacks a vampire's Vitae, destroying one per success. This spell can not do damage to vampires otherwise. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Death From Within Wits + Medicine Or Science + Matter While spontaneous hemolysis is a fairly rare occurence, it is also hard to identify it by conventional means. For all intents and purposes, it seems that the person simply suffered a heart attack and died. Adamatine Arrows have a subtly different method of achieving the same goal, using Presence + Medicine Or Science + Matter.

Matter OOOO
@AT-XC32 Acid Bolt (Matter ****) By combining Shape Liquid and Transmute Water, the mage transmutes water vapor in the air into an powerful acid and hurls it at an enemy. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (1 success/turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: One mana Successes are devoted to duration. On a successful attack, the target takes damage equal to the mage's dots in Matter each turn. At three dots the damage is bashing (1st degree chemical burn), at four dots it can be lethal, and at five dots it can be made aggravated by spending an additional mana. If the target spends a full turn flushing the area with water or something absorbant, the damage can be halted.

Free Council Rote: Melf's Acid Arrow Dexterity+Science+Matter Certain nerdy mages find this spell indespensible for handling bullies. @Gillacatan Frictionless Bullet (Matter OOOO, Space OO or Forces O) A mage enchants a bullet with tremendous range. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar (oh so Vulgar) Cost: 2 Mana (one for the spell, one for sympathetic casting) Matter 4 gives the bullet a frictionless quality, doubling its mundane range for each success applied to it. Use the following chart: 1 success: range x2 2 successes: range x4 3 successes: range x8 4 successes: range x16 5 successes: range x32 etc... Space 2 is needed to view your target at that extreme range, though Forces 1 could be substituted (See "Magnify," pg. 14 of this thread). Guardians of the Veil Rote: Lone Gunman Dice Pool: Intelligence+Craft or Science+Matter Some threats must be eliminated from afar, lest their abilities be brought to bare against the unsuspecting population. This rote gives the Guardians the ability to do so quickly, safely, and with a minimum of risk to their personnel. @ZioFede Gaseous form (Matter 0000 + Life 0000 + optional Forces 000) I was inspired by the fifth protean power, and modeled this spell after "fiery transformation" and "shape air". Practice: Patterning Action: Istant Duration: Transitory (one turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None (I'm not sure if it is appropriate making this one cost a mana, suggestions?) The body of the mage melts into vapour. He's immune to physical harm, and can pass easily through gates, doors, cracks in the wall and everything that is not airtight. He cannot physically interact with anything, but can be harmed by purely magical attacks (like celestial fire and similar spells). At storyteller's discretion, the mage may receive a bonus when hiding. He can move at one yard per turn per dot of gnosis, or at ten yards per turn per dot of gnosis if Forces 000 is added to the spell.

@Cybersushi Material Transformation (Matter •••• + Life ••••) With this spell, a mage can transmute his body into living stone, metal, or any other purely material substance. The mage forfeits some of his natural mobility in order to take on the properties of a living golem. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The spell takes effect in the turn following casting. Since the mage does not transform into another form of life, he is in no danger of losing himself to an alien mindset. Instead, he becomes a creature of living earth. Planes of matter within his new shape allow him to maintain whatever Physical Attributes he possessed before the change. The successes rolled for this spell may be applied as levels of Durability (see “Objects,” p. 135 of the World of Darkness Rulebook) granted to the mage, up to a maximum of the caster’s Matter Arcanum dots. Each point of Durability in excess of the mage’s Strength applies a penalty to all movement-based actions (i.e. Running, Jumping, Swimming, etc.) due to the drastically increased mass of the mage’s form. Also, if the mage grants himself a Durability rating that matches or exceeds his own Dexterity, he becomes effectively inanimate. Each point of Durability reduces the mage’s natural defense on a one-for-one basis due to decreased mobility. The mage’s weight increases by 50 lb for each point of Durability gained. The caster can subsume his normal equipment into his body if he wishes, however, he cannot make use of those belongings if he does so. NOTE: The effects of this spell can be granted by using a similar Life spell in which the mage transmutes his body into living wood, bone, or other dense organic material.

Matter OOOOO
@Goatstein Cascading Destruction (Matter OOOOO) The mage may make matter destroy itself. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Special Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana

This spell creates a magical effect that destroys all non-living material within the spell's Area. One success is enough to eventually destroy all matter within a 1-yard radius. Extra successes work as follows: 2 Successes 2-Yd-Radius 3 Successes 4-Yd-Radius 4 Successes 8-yd-Radius 5 sucesses 16-yd-radius The spell lasts for as long as it takes to destroy everything in the area, or unless dispelled with either Prime 4, Death 5, or Matter 4. (Any dispelling spell must overcome the spell's Potency.) Each turn, the spell deals 1 Structure damage to every non-living thing in a 1yard-radius. After everything in that radius has been destroyed, the spell moves out one yard and continues. One it reaches the barrier of it's Area, it dissipates normally. Free Council Rote: Grey Goo Dice Pool: Wits + Science + Forces One of the Free Council's most popular attack spells, since it cripples an enemy without ever harming a living thing. An entire enemy Chantry can be dissolved with this spell, and the results are often breaktaking: A giant, half-spherical crater filled with roots, grass, and worms. @Sigul Enhance Computer (Matter *****, Forces ***, Fate *) The mage can greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of a computer. This rote changes the composition of a computer's circuit paths, causing it to transmit its data at truly impossible speeds as well as giving the logic gates the ability to partially register in the computer's command queues, giving it the ability to perform 'fuzzy logic'. Far beyond the abilities of modern science, such a computer yields great benefits to its user. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Each potency success may be used to either add an equipment bonus to the computer's base equipment bonus (maximum additional bonus equal to the user's Matter dots), or decrease the computational time of most tasks by ten. Code: Successes | Time Reduction | Equipment -------------+----------------+-----------1 Success | 1/10 | +1 2 Successes | 1/100 | +2 3 Successes | 1/1000 | +3 4 Successes | 1/10000 | +4 5 Successes | 1/100000 | +5 +1 Success | *1/10 | --

Free Council Rote: Overclock (Unique) Dice Pool: Intelligence+Computer+Matter This Free Council rote is designed to greatly enhance their computers to levels undreamed of by man; at higher success levels, these computers outcompute the greatest supercomputers, allowing the Free Councilor to crack encryption in times unheard of, or run extraordinarily complicated programs with ease. Often, Free Council magi use the 'Artificial Intelligence' rote to imbue the overclocked computer with an AI. @deaddude Forge the Golems Eye Matter 00000, Death 000 The mage puts a stolen soul to use by refining it into leaden substance (called the golems eye) with the power to awaken the inanimate. Practice: Makeing Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 mana, also requires the use of a soul One success produces a Size 1, Durability 1, lead like substance (which some theorise is the material of the lead coin of the stygian tower). This substance has the ability to bring inanimate matter to a simblance of life with 1 dot in all traits. In order to do this, the golems eye must be fastented, or otherwise securely attached to the golem. Additional succeses can be used to increase the durability of the eye or the physical attributes of the golem it creates on a one for one basis. The golem maintains both the Durability and the Structure it had prior to animation, and is intensly loyal to its creator. If the eye is distroyed, the golem loses animation immediatly and probably loses balance and shatters. Attempts to target the eye suffer a -3 penalty. Mysterium Rote: Emet Dice Pool: Intellegence + Crafts + Matter The Mysterium only recently rediscorved this magic, though its use remains rare, few are willing to get the neccesary component.

Mind O
@vitkiraven Continuing the Thread Mind 1 Forces 1 Sometimes in life, we just don't find the time to continue posting on forums like we want to. This rote was designed to automatically post on a thread in a forum, to keep it alive, until a new post can be created. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None

Successes determine how well the post is recieved by the individuals reading the forum. Successes also aid in how likely it is for another person to post on the forum to keep it alive. Free Council Rote: Bump Intelligence + Computers + Mind Sometimes there si just too much to do in a day, and you can't do what needs to be done online, that's why the Free Coulcil developed this rote. @Ophidimancer Sensory Visualization Mind (O), Space (O) When attempting to be stealthy it helps to know where people are looking. This spell visually delineates the sensory scope of any sentient being within the mage's sensory range, allowing the careful mage to avoid detection. Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None For most human beings, sensory scope extends in a cone all the way out to the end of their visual field with shorter cones originating from their ears. A small layer that extends a few centimeters to a few inches from the skin represents the range when disturbances in air currents may be sensed. Enhanced senses may change the shape of this field. The Omnivision spell, for example, very obviously extends this field all around the target. This spell will only detect changes in perception that rely on Mind or Space related abilities, not being able to detect senses that extend into the Shadow, for example. Mechanically, successes add dice to Stealth or Performance rolls, up to a maximum of the character's Wits score. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Beacon Gaze Dice Pool: Wits+Empathy+Mind The Subtle Ones enact this rote through a ritual of abject humility, destroying the ego of one who deigns to be noticed. They are so conscious of notice that the attention of even an animal blazes like a great beacon fire to them. The Silver Ladder utilizes a rote through the exact opposite means. A leader is almost always performing as if on stage and the best performers, using Presence+Empathy+Mind, are always conscious of where the attention of their audience is placed.

Mind OO
@tk241 Sight Follows Expectation (Mind 2) In stressful situations, a person will often ignore their senses in favor of preconceived notions of what they should encounter. Thus, when a threatening person pulls an innocuous item from their pocket, a nervous onlooker might see it as a weapon, though his senses tell him differently. This spell focuses on those reactions, bolstering even a calm person’s expectations to overpower their actual senses. Whatever the true nature of the object the caster reveals, the target of this spell will see whatever he expected (or was prepared) to see. Practice: Ruling

Action: Instant and Contested; target rolls Composure + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None The object the target is being influenced in reaction to must be something they cannot see before the beginning of the spell. The item must also be something that the mage is touching, though at Mind 3, the spell can be done with an object at sensory range. When the object is revealed, the target sees whatever he expected to see. If used on multiple targets, each target may see the object differently, depending on their expectations. Wise mages take steps to condition the target’s expectations to a particular effect (“My identification? Yes, here it is.” “You think that’s a big knife? THIS is a big knife.”). However, the ST ultimately decides what the target expects to see. If the target sees the object again after the spell’s duration has expired, they will realize that they were “mistaken” earlier. Guardian of the Veil rote: Expected Authority Dice Pool: Presence + Subterfuge + Mind To complete their objectives, Guardians of the Veil often impersonate figures of authority. Using this rote, any object in their pocket can become law enforcement credentials so long as that is what the target expects to be shown. @Jared Thaler Sooth The Beast (Mind 2) and Sooth The Greater Beast (Mind 3) By directing the minds of simple animales (or with Mind 3, even Median Animals) to go to sleep, the mage can cause the animal to enter a deep slumber. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant and Contested; Target Draws and adds Resolve Reflexively. Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Rote Pool: Manipulation + Animal Ken + Mind An animal that is agitated or guarding it's teritory automatically recieves a bonus on the contested draw. Animals in this state can still be woken by loud noises, especially unfamiliar ones, or by jostling. Loud noises or movement allows the animal to make additional resolve checks, accumulating successes each time. Actual damage will awaken the animal automatically. At one level of Mind Higher than needed for the initial spell, the animal is no longer awoken by loud noises or josteling, though actual damage will still wake them. The spell cannot be cast with Advanced Prolongation till one level higher than that (Mind 4 or 5). @Azel Steganography (Mind ••) For inexperienced and/or untrained mages it is necessary to write down information/data. Trained mages may make use of the "Trained memory" merit (Page 46, GotV), but even this merit has its limitations. A mage will hardly remember information flawlessly, especially when dealing with lots of data (e.g. large numbers). In such cases it is necessary to write information down in a computer or textbook. When dealing with sensitive and magical information, which is the case most of the time, it is vital to hide this data from sleepers and/or other mages. One way to achieve this is encription, but powerful encryption only works with the proper equipment (computers, software) or more sophisticated magic. In case of ordinary, handwritten text, data is better hidden than encrypted. The process of hiding data in text or drawings is called

steganography. While this may seems to be a somewhat conservative and slow approch in information storing, it is relativley flexible and makes the user independant of most equipment and electricity. A huge advantage of this technique is that it does not raise suspicions when read by other people especially sleepers. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: none The mage augments his mind by functions for hiding an decyphering information. With these functions she can hide the desired information in realtime. This means she writes text in normal speed and embeds the desired (hidden and unrelated) information at the same time. In addition to the realtime-hiding this spell also hampers the decyphering of information and adds one difficulty per succes scored at spellcasting (or one per dot in Mind?). As the Information is hidden but not encrypted, it is readable to anyone given enough time. A roll for Intelligence+Investigation (-2?) is needed to notice that information was hidden in the first place and to discern the pattern in which it is stored. If this pattern is known to the text can be decyphered with a roll on Wits+investigation (extended action, three hours per roll). After writing the text using this spell the information stays hidden and readable as long as the text can be read. For extracting the hidden information in realtime the spell must again be casted. The information density varies depending on the medium, writer and skill. As rule of thumb, the written text contains hidden information corresponding to half of its length. With Mind 3 an additional encryption may be applied to hidden text. Mysterium Rote: Read between the lines Wits+Academics+Mind (Crafts may be used for drawings) Young Mysterium mages use this rote to hide their (relatively unimportant) information from Sleeper eyes. More sensitive data is of course secured by other means with more refined spells. @Ophidimancer Ward Masking (Mind ••) For the inquisitive mage, the presence of a Ward usually implies the presence of something worth hiding. For the smart or paranoid mage, which some say is one and the same, this spell serves to camouflage a warded area. Instead of a "blank spot" to another mage's Space scrying, the area seems to be innocuous landscape that blends in with the rest of the area. Magical spies see only what should be there. Practice: Veiling. Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert

Cost: None This spell is an exception to the normal spell-control rules (see “Spell Control,” p. 128), allowing the mage to add Ward Masking to a pre-existing Ward. (Or he could combine this spell with Ward during casting; see “Combining Spells,” p. 128.) Any scrying effect trying to pierce an area protected by a masked Ward must first garner more successes than the Mask Warding in order to even recognize the presence of a Ward. Otherwise the scryer's mind fills in the gap with something innocuous and commonplace for the area. If, for some reason, the Mask Warding has more successes than the Ward itself and the scryer pierces the Ward but not the masking, the excess successes add to the difficulty to notice and remember the Ward spell. Guardian of the Veil Rote: Dim the Far Gaze Dice Pool: Wits+Subterfuge+Mind The best way to keep a secret is to not let anyone know there is a secret to be kept. The Guardians well know the value of disinterest in preserving the Veils. The tactical uses of this rote are also known to the Adamantine Arrows, who have their own version using Composure+Subterfuge+Mind.

Mind OOO
@tk241 Cure the Broken Mind (Mind 3) Even the greatest intellects can be brought low by the terror of madness. With this spell, a mage can attempt to silence his derangements, if only for a time. Practice: Perfecting Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana For the duration of the spell the caster does not suffer the effects of one of his derangements, which must be chosen at the time of casting. At Mind 4, the caster can use the Advanced Prolongation table. Note, however, that since this spell affects a living target, it can never be made indefinite. There is a version of this spell (also at Mind 4) which can alleviate the derangements of others. Silver Ladder rote: Cleanse the Seat of Wisdom Dice Pool: Resolve + Medicine + Mind “Madness in great ones must not unchecked go.” Willworkers of the Silver Ladder do not allow things such as mental defects to come between them and their duties. They developed this rote to ensure that they would always be fit to rule. @Luxifer Façade (•••) Sometimes it’s important for a Mage to portray a specific persona or identity. This Spell allows him to do just that. When using this spell the Mage essentially projects through his aura a subtle misperception as to the nature of his identity. It works through a combination of reworking the aura to demonstrate the correct emotional portrayal as well as making subtle changes to the Mage’s own psychology to think in a way appropriate to that identity. By itself, the spell does not grant the Mage access to new information or skills, but it will certainly grant the Mage the ability to convince others that he is the genuine article. In many ways, this power is similar to the spell Imposter, except that it doesn’t create an

overlayed illusion that others visually see (though it may be combined with this spell for enhanced effect), but grants them the appropriate mannerisms and emotions to fit the role. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None The specificity of the role assumed may levy dice penalties from a range of –1 to –3. With Mind 4 and Space 2, the mage can access information sympathetically to garner information from the collective unconscious that he would not normally be able to know and may also use Time 2 to access information not native to this time. Once again, the specificity of the information may cause a penalty from –1 to –3. Temporarily knowing another language is basic, while attempting to uncover the pass-code for a deactivation sequence may incur the full penalty. Silver Ladder Rote: Another Man’s Shoes Dice Pool: Presence + Persuasion + Mind Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The social necessities of the Silver Ladder sometimes require them to fill a role that they simply have no experience with. Being able to inspire through leadership, or simply coming across as a charming and glib person can require attributes that the Mage does not have. With the application of this rote, the Mage can effectively put on his director’s hat in one minute and his fellow comrade’s hat in another. @tom2957 Flash of Omniscience (Mind •••) Mastigos mages often claim that space is an illusion, that all of it is actually one point. Others have noticed a similar phenomenon within the Mind Arcanum - there is no lack of knowledge, they claim - everyone actually taps into a singular point of all-knowledge, and with enough skill, one can know all. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None For each success scored the mage learns one simple fact about any field of knowledge(for example "What is the speed of light?"). The question can also be rather broad in scope(like "How does mitosis work?") but the mage would be unable to act for one turn due to amount of information crammed into his head at once. The information cannot be considered secret(such as "What are the launch codes of nuclear missiles?") and it cannot be a personal question(such as "Who is Mary dating?"). No matter what question it does not actually bestow dots of any skills(and if it is broad enough to actually do so then the spell fails to provide an answer – such as “What is the known history of mankind?”) - other spells are suitable for that. The mage does not actually gain omniscience – the spell taps into totality of currently available knowledge. Therefore, questions that remain unanswered(such as - “What is Dark Matter?”) or are forgotten(“Where was Atlantis?”) cannot be answered by it. The flashes of insight slowly fade over the course of a day. Mysterium Rote: Knowledge is Power

Dice Pool: Intelligence+Academics+Mind The very philosophy of Mysterium is embodied within this rote - who but them would treasure knowledge more? @Ophidimancer Forceful Presence Mind (OOO) For a true warrior, a fight is won or lost before any weapon is drawn. An Awakened warrior demonstrates this by honing their very stare into a weapon capable of disarming their foes with a glance. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant subtract target's Composure Duration: Transitory Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The mage overwhelms the target with sheer force of will. The target is stunned (refer to page 167 of the World of Darkness Core book) for a number of rounds equal to the amount of successes scored on the casting roll. A dramatic success on the casting roll renders the target prone. The target either falls down or stumbles to their knees from the power of the glare. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Battle Aura Dice Pool: Presence+Intimidation+Mind Warriors of the Arrow debilitate their foes with powerful shouts or intimidation displays. Thearchs of the Silver Ladder also make use this spell, felling foes with their majesty. Rote Factors Kiaijutsu: +1 Potency With a powerful shout, Arrows of the samurai caste fell foes in their tracks. Clash of Arms: +2 Target The sound of ceremonial melee weapons clashed together, or sometimes instruments of warfare (Taiko drums, trumpets) can bring entire armies to their knees. @Goatstein Insanity (Mind OOO) The mage can cause madness in a target, or trigger an existing Derangment. Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resolve + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success is enough to either: -Instill a Derangement (see p. 96 of the World of Darkness Rulebook) in a target, including what is likely to trigger it. Target resists succumbing to the Derangement's trigger with a failure on a Resolve + Composure roll, or. -Upgrade an existing Derangment (including one given by this spell), or

-Immediately trigger a target's Derangement for one scene, including one created by this spell (the target is given no Resolve + Composure roll to resist, although they may still spend a Willpower to resist it's effects for one scene.) Example: Arctos casts "Insanity" on an irritating Sleeper, and gains three successes. Since the Sleeper already suffered from the Fixation derangment, Arctos chooses to spend one of his successes to uprgarde the Derangement to Obsession-Compulsion, another to immediately trigger the derangment, and the third to increase the spell's Duration to two scenes. The Sleeper, realizing he is losing control of himself, spends a Willpower. For this scene, the Sleeper controls himself, but should he run into something that originally triggered his Fixation in the next scene (in this case extreme filth,) he must succeed at a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll or suffer the effects of full-blown ObsessionCompulsion.) In the case of instilling a new Derangement, the caster picks what the trigger is. He may choose to have it trigger immediately (i.e giving the target an immediate Phobia of fighting during combat,) or any time during the spell's Duration (i.e. causing him to suffer severe Melancholia upon seeing his wife, or causing him to suffer Irrationality if cut off in traffic.) Any spell that wishes to break this spell's effects (such as "Break the Chains" or "Supernal Dispellation") must overcome the spell's Potency. With Mind 4, this spell can be cast with a Lasting duration against Sleepers, and with Mind 5 and Prime 3, it can be used to inflict a Bedlam derangment. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Mind Smash Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Mind vs. Resolve + Composure No one is likely to believe the word of a gibbering lunatic. Guardians make use of this rote to discredit those who would unveil the Mysteries - sometimes permanently. @Ophidimancer Killing Focus (Mind •••) Elite warriors speak of entering a state of mind in which nothing exists but the targeted opponent. In this frame of mind no distractions exist to blunt the focus of the mage bent on destroying her enemy. Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success gained on this spell adds one die to all of the caster's actions against the designated target, to the caster's Defense against actions made by the designated target, and reduces wound penalties by one, up to a maximum of the caster's Defense score. Each success also removes one die and one point of Defense from the caster's dicepools for actions against anyone other than the designated target. The entire focus of the caster is narrowed down to the target of her rage. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Duel of Honor Dice Pool: Resolve+Composure+Mind

The warrior mages of the Ungula Draconis use this rote when squaring off against a single opponent or when taking out a target is of the utmost importance. The Guardians of the Veil also make use of this Rote, though their emphasis is on quick and efficient assassination. Bonus Factors: Issuing a formal challenge to the target (+1 Potency) @Paddon Mental Camera (Mind 3 (opt. Forces 2, Matter 3)) This spell gives a willworker the ability to record in detail what he sees and show it to others. Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None For the duration of the spell everything you see, hear and touch etc. is saved in your head. If you want to show someone else what you saw use Telepathy to send it to him (this is better than sending him normal memories since a memory lacks details and you see only what the person really remembers and a lot of information has already been filtered out by your subconscious and lost forever because it gets saved for just a few sec.). With Forces 2, it is possible to transfer this information to an electronic medium, either a computer, tape recorder, or other electronic means of storing information. With Matter 3, it is possible to perfectly transcribe the memories however the willworker wishes onto a solid medium, in the form of narration, a picture, or other descriptive means. For mages with the Eidetic Memory merit, this rote simply allows the transfer of memories either to another human (via Telepathy) or medium (via Forces 2 or Matter 3). Mysterium rote: Portable Recorder Int.+ Investigation + Mind Members of the Mysterium sometimes find themselves without a mundane means of recording information they discover. With this rote, they are able to entrap the information within themselves until they are able to record it elsewhere. @Jared Thaler Mental Exhaustion (Mind 4) By direct control of the targets mind, the Mage can cause the target to temporarily enter a sleeping state. The Target must be capable of entering a sleeping or at least sleep like state at will. (To use this on vampires, the mage must include Death 3. Victims of posession may require (depending on the type of posession) Spirit 2 or Death 2 to prevent the possessing spirit from simply taking full control of the body while the possessee sleeps.) Practice: Ruling Action: Instant and Contested; Target Draws and adds Resolve + Gnosis Reflexively. Duration: Prolonged (for sleepers) or Transitory (for supernaturals.) Aspect: Covert (though if used in a stressful situation such as combat, probably improbable.) Cost: 1 Mana

Rote Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind Any sort of damage will automatically wake the target out of this state. Loud Noises, such as ongoing combat, or jostling will allow the target to make a fresh resolve check each round, accumulating successes each time. While the spell is transitory for supernaturals, a target that was already fatigued may simply slip from magical slumber into mundane slumber (at storyteller discression) At Mind 5, this spell can be cast with prolonged duration on supernaturals as well, though it still also requires any conjunctional realms as above. At Mind 5, Sleepers affected by this spell are no longer awoken by any amout of noise or josteling, though they are still awoken by damage. This spell cannot be cast with advanced prolonged duration till Mind 6 (The body simply won't *let* the mind sleep for a week at a time, let alone a month at levels less than that!)

@Bayne Borrow The Muse Mind ••• (••••?) With this spell, a Mage can reach into the mind of another and utilise their skills. Simply by being near another, a Mage can borrow someone's aptitude at almost any topic. Learn to play guitar in an instant, or "borrow" someone's creativity for that term paper. Every success gained on the roll allows the Mage to transfer 1 dot of any skill from the target. Only one skill, however. Multiple successes cannot be split amonst seperate skills. Note that the Mage is still limited by their own physical or personal limits. This spell can only compensate so much for low Attributes. Additionally, this spell cannot be used to permanently "learn" a new skill. (If it were used as a way to spend experience on a new ability, that would be another story.) @tk241 Break the Psyche (Mind 4) Many mages seek to exhibit total control over their enemies, even to the level of their foe's sanity. This spell, if successful, imparts a temporary derangement on the target. Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant and Contested; target reflexively resists with Resolve + Gnosis Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The number of successes determines the severity of the derangement: 1-2 mild, 3+ severe. The caster may choose the type of derangement but may not choose the specifics of the derangement (he may specific “phobia,” but what the phobia is of remains for the ST to decide). The only exception is if the caster chooses to inflict the same derangement he currently has, in which case the two are exactly the same. Guardian of the Veil rote: Never Mind the Madman Dice Pool: Presence + Medicine + Mind Sometimes extreme measures must be taken to silence someone who knows too much. The Guardians use this rote to accomplish things differently, undermining the subject’s credibility by inflicting derangements on him. No one listens to a madman, right? @Ophidimancer Create Willpower Mind (OOOO) In stressful situations, people use their reserves of mental energy to endure hardships and perform feats of heroism that are normally beyond them. At the end of the situation,

though, these people often feel attenuated from use of so much energy. In game terms, they have used up their Willpower points and cannot regain them without a self affirming act of Virtue or Vice. A Master of the Mind Arcanum need not be so dependent on such vagaries of personality. Instead she uses Supernal energy to replace her own flagging mental reservoirs. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Each success replaces one point of lost Willpower. This is not to exceed the maximum Willpower pool. At this level, a mage can only affect herself with this spell. It requires Archmastery, rank 6, to affect others at Sensory range and rank 7 to affect others sympathetically via Space magic. Mysterium Rote: Font of Animus Dice Pool: Resolve+Occult or Science+Mind Introspective mystagogues may seem at times to not be capable of much beyond their research, but in times of dire need, even a mild mannered librarian can draw on amazing reserves of energy to see them through dark times. While the Mysterium teaches its members to invigorate themselves with invocations of astral forces or Kether, the Crown of the Sephirothic Tree of Life, the Free Council utilizes a version of this rote that depends on advanced psychological and biofeedbcak techniques. @Charon Expert Skills (Mind ••••) The mage can learn an Ability he had no previous knowledge of, by accessing that knowledge telepathically from others. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Composure + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Prolonged (vs. Sleepers) or transitory (vs. mages and other supernatural targets) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success gives the mage a number of dots in an Ability that another character possesses. The number of dots learned in an Ability through magic cannot exceed the number of dots the mage knows in the Mind Arcanum. With Mind 5, the mage can cast this spell on a supernatural being with a prolonged duration. Alternately, the mage can cast this spell on Sleepers in a given area using Area affecting factors as opposed to penalties for Target factors. Finally, the mage can cast this spell on a single Sleeper with sympathetic magic. Mysterium Rote: Plumb the Well Dice Pool: Intelligence + Investigation + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis A mage who can instantly learn a vital Skill is invaluable in a crunch.

@Nikodemus Grim reaper (Mind 4+[Primary], Prime 1) This could also be referred to as a mind bomb spell. Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant; Individually subtract affected targets Resolve from dicepool (since area affecting) which means that the targets likely will take different amounts of damage in the targeted area. Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None Successes inflict lethal damage on a one-for-one basis. With Mind 5, one Mana can be spent to make the damage aggravated. The spell itself is a tweaked Psychic sword spell that affects targets with a specific NATURE (according to the casters will) of aura in the targeted area. Now, if someone in the area magically has changed the Nature of his aura when it otherwise would go under the spells targetparameters, he will be totally unaffected by the spell. This type of spell could of course be very abused if it's set up as an extended version, and perhaps stashed with a Time 2 trigger (p.260-261), according to the current rulesystem. But there will probably pop in a (gang of) chrono-mage(s) for a "nice" chat if the user intends to exterminate an entire population of some sort... Otherwise than that the spell will probably prove to be pretty useful from time to time... Adamantine Arrow rote: Cleaning the House Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Mind – Resolve @Goatstein Obfuscate (Mind OOOO) With this spell, a mage may hide an object, himself, or a group from prying eyes. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana A simple success is enough to hide the object from the senses of all observers. Note that the target does not become invisible, but rather that the minds of any who see the object simply fail to notice it. As such, it affects all five senses. The mage may choose to affect only one object, or include extra targets by taking standard dice-pool penalties. Note that since the mage is not invisible, objects affected with Obfuscate still appear on recording media such as video cameras, but anyone viewing the tapes still does not notice its presence until the spell's Duration ends. To break through the illusion, a viewer must first suspect that something is amiss, and succeed at a reflexive Wits + Composure roll, and obtain more successes than the spell's Potency. Viewers with active supernatural sensing abilities (such as the Mage Sight or a vampire's Auspex ability,) do not need to be actively aware that something might be occluded in order to make the roll. With Mind 5, this spell can be cast with the Prolonged Duration facor, and with Mind 6, this spell can be cast with the Advanced Prolonged Duration factor. Legends circulate of mages who have hidden their entire Sanctums permanently using this method.

Guardians of the Veil Rote: Touch of Shadow Dice Pool: Manipulation + Stealth + Mind Less brash than invisibilty, the Guardians use this spell in their work frequently. All orders treasure it, however. @Goatstein Programmed Mind (Mind OOOO) A lesser version of "Psychic Genesis," the mage partitions off a small portion of his consciousness to create an autonomous mind seperate from his own. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None A single success creates a simple mind that is capable of acting independently to perform a single task. The mind does not possess any Attributes, Skills, or a Virtue or Vice. As such, their Defense, Initative modifier, and Willpower are all zero. Minds created with this spell are capable of recognising and differentiating between objects, locations, words, times, and people, and are capable of operating any physical shells they might be attached to, but are not truly sentient and are incapable of thinking or acting outside the parameters of their programming. Commands must be simple "if-then" statements. Additional successes can be used to instill additional tasks or modify existing ones. Example: Morhas casts Programmed Mind on an animate golem, and gains three successes. He decides to program the golem thusly: "If anyone comes through this door who is not Morhas, then attack them with your axe. If the person attempts to flee, then move to continue attacking them. If anyone says the word 'Sunflower,' then become immobile." Free Council Rote: CEREBASIC Dice Pool: Intelligence + Computer + Mind Council mages enjoy the benefits of this rote for many reasons, from creating simple robots to autonomous data-mining AIs without the muss and fuss of hours and hours of programming. Silver Ladder mages make use of a similar rote (Intelligence + Empathy + Mind) to instill more arcane creations with uncomplicated commands. @Ophidimancer Sap Willpower Mind (OOOO) Willpower represents the reserves of energy that a person has to draw upon to meet unexpected to daunting challenges. When one decides to be one of those challenges it pays to make sure that one's enemies lack these reserves of energy to resist one's efforts. Practice: Fraying

Action: Instant subtract target's Composure Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success removes one point of the target's Willpower pool. If the target runs out of Willpower points, each success imposes a -1 die penalty to all actions for one turn per success due to the sheer lack of energy. An exceptional success imposes a -2 dice penalty to all rolls for a turn per success. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Mental Fatigue Dice Pool: Manipulation+Intimidation+Mind Enemies or targets of a Guardian of the Veil are usually approached or attacked at times when they are the most vulnerable. With this insidious spell, a Guardian is able to manufacture a period of vulnerability. Targets that are sluggish and tired are that much easier to dominate or destroy. Silver Ladder willworkers make use of an alternate spell that, through sheer force of presence (Presence+Intimidation+Mind), blunts the will of onlookers and can leave them exhausted from the glory of their audience. @Cerealkiller Scatter the Brainwaves (Mind 4, Life 3) By combining the telepathic assault on the brain of the Mind arcanum with the hormonal influence provided by the Life Arcanum, a Mage may knock someone unsconcious within seconds. Practice: Fraying Range: Sensory Aspect: Covert Duration: Instant [Attempt 1] Resist: Subtract Resolve The Mage causes 2 Bashing Damage per success on the spellcasting roll. Additionally, this spell penalises the first roll to remain conscious made by the victim, if made as a result of this spell, with a penalty equal to the successes rolled. [Attempt 2] Resist: as Poison The target must roll to resist as if he was hit with sleeping gas with a Toxicity equal to the number of success on the spellcasting roll. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Knockout Ray Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Mind @Ophidimancer Suicidal Meme Mind (OOOO) Some secrets are too valuable to trust to the vagaries of one's own memory, but too dangerous to let fall into the minds of those who are undisciplined or unworthy of them. With this spell, a mage can make sure that her secrets are not transmitted into any mind but her own. This spell is cast upon any recorded medium. During the duration of the spell, any information found in the recording will not stay in the memory of anyone reading or watching the message. Noone except the casting mage can learn the contents of the

message. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant subtract target's Resolve Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Mysterium Rote: Fleeting Secrets Dice Pool: Wits+Subterfuge+Mind Some secrets are dangerous. The Mysterium knows this and employs this spell to subtly erase knowledge from the minds of those who pilfer their libraries. The Guardians of the Veil also employ a variant of this Rote using Manipulation+Subterfuge+Mind. Strong willed individuals are baffled by their seeming inability to remember a certain passage, while those with weaker minds don't even remember the topic they were researching in the first place. After subtracting the target's Resolve from the successes garnered in the initial casting, the number of successes left determine the exact effect. 1 Success - The target is unable to grasp the message, but notices and can try to read/watch it again. This has been known to drive some to distraction and will invoke Disbelief if a Sleeper makes multiple attempts to decipher the message. 2 Successes - The target is unable to grasp the message and doesn't notice it, just continuing on and glossing over the experience. 3 Successes - The target is unable to grasp the message, glossing it over, and even forgets the presence of the book/file/tape, but notices this and can try again. 4 Successes - The target is unable to grasp the message and even forgets the recording medium. No memory remains of which book or tape or file the information was found in. 5 Successes - With an exceptional success, this spell makes the target forget even the line of questioning that led to the particular meme. The target forgets what question they were researching and why they would want to know that information in the first place.

@Erik_DawnBringer Between the Seconds Mind ooooo + Time ooo Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Sometimes in the thick of the fire "falling back and regrouping" is not an option. With the use of this spell a mage can bring together a meeting of the minds that takes place in a fraction of a second of real time. Although not allowed to act physically, the mages have time to trade ideas or come up with a course of action.

As with Network Mind the successes of the roll determine how many targetes can be brought between the seconds. 1 success- two 2 successes- four 3 successes- Eight 4 Successes- Sixteen 5 Successes - Thirty-two @Goatstein Body Swap (Mind OOOOO, Death OOO, Spirit OOO) A shortcut to immortality, this spell allows the mage to switch bodies, minds, and souls with another. Practice: Making and Unmaking Action: Extended and contested, target rolls Resolve reflexively Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage must be in physical contact with the subject for the duration of the casting, and must obtain a number of successes equal the subject's Resolve + Composure. In the casting of this spell, the mage may only make a total number of rolls equal to his own Resolve + Composure. If the mage does not achieve the required number of successes in this time, the spell fails and cannot be attempted again on the same subject within 24 hours. Success indicates that the mage and a Sleeper switch bodies. The two gain each others' Physical Attributes, as well as any Merits or Flaws tied up in each others' physical or social identities, but otherwise keep their own stats. It requires Mind 6 to cast this within sensory range upon a Sleeper, and Mind 6 and Death 5 to cast this spell at touch range upon a mage or other supernatural target. Casting this spell counts as Wisdom 1 sin. Mysterium Rote: Skeleton Key Dice Pool: Intelligence + Intimidation + Mind vs. subject's Resolve (+ Gnosis) A spell officially banned by the Mysterium, this spell still finds use among ancient mages who find terror at their coming deaths, or magic-using sociopaths who enjoy hopping from body to body. @Goatstein Forge Skill (Mind OOOOO) Forging a connection to the collective unconscious that connects all human minds, the mage draws specific knowledge for a period of time. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert

Cost: 1 Mana Each success adds 1 dot to any of the Mage's Skills. The maximum amount each skill can be boosted in this fashion is equal to the mage's Mind dots. At storyteller's discretion, this spell can also be used to add dots to certain merits, such as Fighting Styles. Free Council Rote: I Know Kung Fu Dice Pool: Composure + Academics + Mind A handy rote to become an expert in any subject instantly, Free Council mages use this rote for practically any purpose. Adamantine Arrow mages use a similar rote (Resolve + Academics + Mind) to remain fleixble in the field. @Goatstein Mindwipe (Mind OOOOO) The mage may cause a person to forget the skills they have learned. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant and contested, target rolls Resolve + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Lasting (vs. Sleepers) or Prolonged (vs. mages or other supernatural targets) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The mage may remove one of the target's Skill points per success. These can be split up in any configuration the mage desires (so a mage who scores five successes may remove 3 from target's Brawl and 2 from his Academics.) Guardians of the Veil Rote: Blank Slate Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Mind vs resolve + Gnosis A charismatic leader may plan to speak out against occult activies. A talented journalist may be poised to write a groundbreaking piece on the existence of magic. Whatever the cause, with this rote a Guardian can remove their skill, making them far less capable than they might have been. @Vargulv Place of Thought Mind 5 + Space 5 opt. Forces 3 and/or Matter3 This spell creates intelligent space. Practice: Making Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: vulgar Cost: 1 Mana As in the description of psychic Genisis, allocate successes between mental and social attributes. This spell is very useful cast upon a sanctum. It thinks for itself making a room larger if many guests are there or smaller if you want it to be moe comfortable. You need to get to someplace inside the house? the next door will definitly lead to th desired room(maybe you have to say it out loud, not sure about this).

If you´ve got intruders in your sanctum this spell makes sure that there not getting anywhere but out. It can also mutate the space inside your house in smaller ways, like if you´re sitting quite far from your coke. With Foces 3 in the casting the house can have a voice and turn the lights on and off, matter gives it the ability to show itsef in moving pictures keep everything nice and clean or reinforce the walls in case intruders come. Mysterium rote: uhm... Living Sanctum Int. + crafts + mind with this useful rote mysterium mages can make sure there sanctum is well protected while they travel and neat when they come back.

Mind Archmastery
@AndreusWolf Goetic Collapse (Mind ••••••) A truly twisted and terrifying spell, Goetic Collapse forces truly soul-wrenching visions of a person's darkest inner nature into his consciousness, causing almost invariably permanent mental trauma. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana and 1 Willpower Quintessence: A green glass bottle (no other colour of glass will work), such as those used to contain beer, with the label removed, filled exactly 50/50 with the blood of a homicide victim and their murderer. The blood from both parties must be fresh, of no more than two days old. The murderer must have had a motive that involved no altruistic, justifying or mitigating factors whatsoever - the murder must be committed out of sheer spite, jealousy, hate or selfishness, or the quintessence is useless for the purposes of this spell. The murderer may not be the archmaster casting the spell. For every two successes scored on the roll, the victim permanently loses a willpower dot. They must additionally win a Resolve + Composure roll against the spell's Potency to avoid falling into a catatonic, near-comatose state for a number of days equal to twice the Potency of the spell. What exactly the victim sees depends largely on what his Vice is and, perhaps even more distressingly, the Vice of the archmaster casting the spell. Casting this spell is grounds for an immediete degeneration roll if the mage is of Wisdom 2 or higher. If it is cast upon request, the mage requesting it must also make this roll, from the same Wisdom threshold. It is not known if even the scant few archmasters who are both known to exist and to have the proficiency in Arcana capable of casting this spell have ever been able to formulate it into a rote.

Prime O
@Ophidimancer Aura Record Prime (O) Almost everything has Resonance, or the subtle shadings of reality that those with Awakened senses can percieve. A knife that has been used to create culinary delights and bring joy to generations is somehow different from one that has been used to mutilate and torture innocents for years, even if they are of the exact same make and brand. This difference is real and affects reality even if modern science cannot measure it. This is one of the first things that an Initiate of Prime learns when she first opens her eyes with Mage Sight. This spell allows mages to record the auras and Resonance signatures that they have come across, either for posterity or to teach fellow mages. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None After analysing the Resonance of something, the mage can record her impressions into any medium that can store knowledge. She must gain the same successes as it took her to scrutinize a piece of information in the first place. (ie five successes for each Resonance quality) Later perusal with Mage Sight can then yield the same impressions back up, though after going through the recording once, the perciever becomes familiar with the signature and doesn't need to regain those successes each subsequent time. Free Council Rote: Kirlian Photograph Dice Pool: Wits+Expression+Prime The Free Council finds this rote useful in recording data for their experiments. In their efforts to study and catalog the arcane secrets of the world, Mystagogues also find this spell useful in keeping track of the unique resonance signatures of particular types of magic. Libraries of these primers can teach a mage about the "feel" of different kinds of magic and may provide clues about what to expect in the field. The Mysterium uses Intelligence+Expression+Prime.

Prime OO
@Ophidimancer Aura Flare (Prime ••) There are times when a mage my want to make her Awakened state obvious to the unenlightened. Whether it is to awe or intimidate, an apprentice of Prime learns to stoke the own aura to full visibility. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None The Nimbus of the caster is uncloaked for an entire scene at full strength, as if caused by

the use of Vulgar magic. The caster benefits from his Prime rating in social dice in situations in which the aura would help, but this also imposes the same amount of dice as a negative modifier in situations where the aura would not be helpful. An frightening aura would benefit Intimidation rolls and harm Seduction rolls, for example. Silver Ladder Rote: Mantle of the Exalted Dice Pool: Presence+Occult+Prime Ever haughty, the thearchs of the Silver ladder enjoy bringing the full force of their Awakened nature to bear on Sleeper and fellow mage alike. The mages of the Mysterium have a similar rote (Intelligence+Occult+Prime) which they use to help their students in the study of auras and resonance. @Ophidimancer Cloak Spell Prime (OO) Given the acute arcane senses that Awakening gifts a mage, one might be surprised that all ancient enchantments haven't already been found, if not unearthed. It isn't so surprising once one discovers the existence of spells like this, wherein the Apprentice of Prime learns to weave an insulating layer about the threads of her magic, hiding her spells from prying eyes. Practice: Veiling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Mage Sight spells need to exceed the Potency of this spell to detect the presence of the target spell. Even Unseen Sense is dampened by this spell, now requiring a reflexive Wits +Composure-Potency roll to alert someone about the presence of an active spell. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Invert the Weave Dice Pool: Manipulation+Subterfuge+Prime The subtly placed illusions and mind control spells used by the Guardians to preserve the Mysteries from prying eyes are important to maintain. Secrets within secrets wrapped up in enigmas are the trade in stock of the Guardians of the Veil. The VeilKeepers make use of this spell to protect their subtle manipulations from the meddling of other Awakened. @Azmodael Change of control (Prime **) Sometime powerful mages must save their strenghts for their ultimate spells, while relying on their desciples for the defence. Sometimes a mage is too preocupied to continue controling some of his spells. Sometimes a mages asks another for a benefical spell to be cast upon him. When similar situation occur Change of control kicks in. Note: Only mages can control the newly transfered spell and it counts against their 3+Gnosis limit as usual. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None One success is enough for a mage to transfer one of his spells he cast upon another or

upon himseld to be supported and controlled by another mage. For example, David has a more powerful version of Magic Shield cast upon him by one of the elder mages in the cabal. After casting Mage armor the other mage uses Change of control to free this spell from his mind, burdening David's mind for controlling and supporting the spell. The new controler must pay all costs in mana, willpower and other things as usual, the spell is treated as if cast by him, but with the parameters set by the other mage. With Prime *** the mage can manipulate spells cast by other mages in this matter. Adamantine arrow rote: Exchange of Arms Int+Occult+Prime Adamantine mages know teamwork is crucial and often surprise their opponents with spells noone expected them to be able to cast at all! @Ophidimancer Dampen Magic Prime (OO) When dealing with beings capable of calling down mysterious and dangerous forces, it behooves the cautious mage to know how to counteract dangerous abilities. This spell allows the mage to "clamp down" on a being's source of supernatural power, blunting the force of an effect. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant subtract target's Gnosis/Blood Potency/Primal Urge Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Each success on the casting roll imposes a -1 dice penalty on the target's rolls to cast spells or activate any supernatural power as long as the mage is concentrating. If the mage includes extra target factors, successes have to be allocated between targets. If the mage includes an area of effect instead, each success imposes a dice penalty equal to the casting mage's level of Prime to one casting action tha takes place in the area of effect during the duration of the spell. Multiple mages casting this spell impose cumulative penalties. With Prime 3 this spell can be cast with a Transitory duration and with Prime 4, Prolonged. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Damming the Flow Dice Pool: Presence+Occult+Prime In the course of defending the Sancta of their fellow Awakened, the Arrows have found it a sound strategy to teach even their Disciples to interfere with enemy magic. The Guardians of the Veil use a variant of this spell (Manipulation+Occult+Prime) to silence errant mages before moving in to dispose of them.

Prime OOO
@Gillacatan Dampening Field (Prime ***) A mage can seriously hinder the capabilities of a foe with this spell. Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resolve + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Lasting (one scene) Aspect: Covert

Cost: 1 Mana The target suffers the caster's level of Prime as a dice penalty to all spellcasting rolls. Sucesses are used as Potency to overcome the spell. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Snuff the Supernal Flame Dice Pool: Resolve + Intimidation + Prime Sometimes impairing a mage's ability to exert their will on the Tapestry is enough to protect the Mysteries. The Mysterium's Censors also make use of this rote in their work of relieving forbidden or dangerous knowledge. @Ophidimancer Exposing the Subtle Prime (OOO) Wise mages use Covert magic when they can, to avoid the risk of Paradox, but the Seers of the Throne have devised ways to expose even cautious mages to the Disbelieving eyes of Sleepers, "staining" the resonance of magic and bringing it into clear relief against background resonance. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana This spell activates a target's Aura or Nimbus, making it obvious and blatantly supernatural even to Sleeping eyes. Covert spells become Improbable in the presence of Sleepers, while ongoing spells or magical creations are immediately subject to Disbelief. In addition, scrutinizing the target's Resonance becomes easier adding 1 die per Gnosis/Blood Potency/Primal Urge/Rank to attempts to do so. Attempts to scrutinize Covert spells cast by the target recieve +1 die while attempts to scrutinize Vulgar spells cast by the target recieve +2 dice. Beings whose powers don't rely on the Supernal Realms become easier to notice and scrutinize under the effects of this spell, but do not invoke Paradox, therefore Vampiree, Werewolves, and Mages using their Legacy powers still do not invoke Paradox, though they still draw attention to themselves, which may be damaging enough. These targets will activate the Unseen Senses of any mortal that possesses that Merit, no matter what specific supernatural phenomenon they are attuned to. Seers of the Throne Rote: Witch-Brand Dice Pool: Wits+Expression+Prime (I'm willing to take suggestions on the dice pool here.) A favorite tactic of the Seers of the Throne is to foment distrust of a rival mage or cabal, whipping a community into a frenzy and, using this spell, expose the "witch" at just the right moment to seal the fate of the hapless mage at the hands of a homocidal throng of Sleepers. @WordWeaver05 Magic Fetter (Prime 3) This spell hinders an enemy spellcaster. It is essentially a Magic Wall spell, but its direction of effect is reversed inward, so that the fettered mage is not protected, but hindered. Practice: Fraying

Aspect: Covert Duration: 1 scene Cost: 0 Mana (see below) Once this spell has been cast, all attempts by the fettered mage to cast spells have a penalty equal to the fettering mage's Prime dots, as long as the fettering mage pays 1 Mana for each attempted spell (it is also possible to "charge" the fetter with Mana during the casting, so that it will last for a few turns). By adding Fate 2 to the spell, the Magic Fetter only triggers when a specific type of spell is cast, thus preserving Mana (usually, such a fetter is set to activate when spells requiring Mana are cast). Silver Ladder Rote: Chains of Prometheus Dice Pool: Intelligence+Persuasion+Prime Sometimes it's necessary to restrain other mages, be it because of their recklessness, be it because of their intentions. This rote allows the Thearchs to restrain other mages' wills effectively. The Guardians and the Arrow use similar rotes in the execution of their duties. @Ophidimancer Node Link (Prime •••) One of the advantages of an Imbued Item is its mobility, allowing mages to bring potent magical effects with them wherever they go. Certain spells, however, are stationary and static, like the Wards on a mage's Sanctum. This spell allows a Disciple of Prime to anchor an Imbued Item into a Node, empowering it with the energies of the local ley lines instead of sacrificing a portion of her own will. Practice: Weaving Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The mage relinquishes an Imbued Item by anchoring it to a node instead of sacrificing a point of Willpower. Refer to the Ley Lines spell on page 226 of Mage the Awakening. The item to be relinquished must be physically anchored into the node and will fail if moved after being relinquished, which makes it worthwhile to secure the help of an accomplished geomancer. See pages 95-100 of Sanctum and Sigil for more information about nodes, ley lines, and geomancy. To relinquish an item into a node requires a node powerful enough to support the imbued spell. The node must be fed by one ley line per dot of the highest ranked spell in the item, plus one line per additional spell, and another line if the effect is persistent. While the node is being used to power an imbued item it cannot be used to provide fuel for anything else. The spell fails if the item is disconnected from the node or the ley lines powering the spell are severed. The target number for this spell is the number of ley lines required to power the item. The caster suffers a -1 dice penalty to her rolls if the resonance of the node opposes the intent of the spell and an additional -1 for any resonance qualities from the incoming ley lines after the first.

Mysterium Rote: Cairn of Power Dice Pool: Intelligence+Occult or Science+Prime In ancient times the rules of travel stated that travelers passing by such marker stones must stop and add to the pile. Locations of such significance almost always formed natural nodes and wandering mages would often anchor spells of safekeeping and sanctuary into these rest stops. Bonus Factors: The item is a standing stone or monument of size 8 or bigger. (+2 Duration) The node used is a naturally formed node. (+3 Duration) @MacMonster Pin the Threads (Prime 3) Through mystical means, the willworker can suspend the activity of an existing spell or magical effect. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant and contested; successes are compared to the target spell’s Potency Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None(possibly 1) In order to affect a spell, it's Potency must first be overcome. If the target spell is successfully affected, it is suspended, all effects of the spell are paused, and remain so until the spell has been unpinned. Any attempts to alter the spell must contend with Potency of the pins. Mysterium Rote: Archived Arcana. Dice Pool: Intelligence+Occult+Prime. In the instruction of new mages, having an example on hand of some of the more dangerous and exotic spells can be invaluable. @matt_b Restore Pattern (Prime •••) Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana (or more) A disciple of Prime can repair the pattern of a creature or object by infusing it with Mana. This is similar to the action of Pattern Restoration which any mage can use to heal himself, except the disciple of Prime can do so to any pattern (including those of spirits, ghosts, and other supernatural beings, objects, or his own), and with greater efficiency. Each success on the roll allows the mage to heal the target of one level of bashing or lethal damage, but the mage must spend one Mana for each level of damage so restored. If this spell is cast on an object, the mage may restore one point of structure damage per success. At this level, the mage must touch the target. With Prime ••••, the mage may cast the spell at sensory range.. A particular pattern can only be restored in this manner once per day. @Ophidimancer

Re-Threading the Weave Prime (OOO) Disciples of Prime learn that a spell once cast does not necessarily as static as they seem. This spell allows a mage to redefine the parameters of an existant spell. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Special (Lasting) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Once a mage has detected the presence of an ongoing spell a mage can cast this spell to rearrange the allocation of the spell's factors. Each success on the casting of ReThreading the Weave can exchange on success from one factor to another factor (ie a Potency success can be shifted to Duration). No factor can be reduced to zero successes. If the spell was cast by another mage or was relinquished earlier, the casting mage must first accumulate successes equal to the current Potency of the spell. Successes in excess of the Potency can then be used to shift successes around. After this alteration, the affected spell continues on for the rest of its new Duration as normal. The mage must posess at least one dot of each Arcana used in the target spell. At Prime 4, this will no longer be necessary. Free Council Rote: Variable Shift Dice Pool: Wits+Occult+Prime In the course of their experiments in metaphysics, Libertines often have to make adjustments to ongoing spells in order to test their hypotheses. Mystagogues of the Mysterium use an alternate Rote that utilizes Intelligence+Occult+Prime. @DementedElf Sympathetic Decoy (Prime 3, Space 2) The mage imbues an object as an "anti-wardstone", imparting the shape and "smell" of his Pattern into it, that it will attract any sympathetic magic directed at him, as long as he has made himself harder to reach. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success adds one degree of sympathy between the decoy and the mage, which fades away after the duration fails. Any attempts to reach the mage through the Space Arcanum with a lesser dgree of sympathy than the decoy has been imbued with will be drawn to the decoy. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Bait and Switch Many a person has been sure that the Arrow is safely at home, vegetating on the couch, before a strike team comes in through the windows. Should have been more paranoid @DementedElf Trap Spell (Prime 3, + Conjunctional Arcanum) Practice: Weaving Action: Instant

Duration: Special Aspect: Depends Cost: 1 Mana The mage weaves into the very Pattern of his spell a trap for any who would dare interfere with his work. A magical assault, from any conjunctional Arcanum, is laid, latent, into the spell as it is cast, and cannot be added to an existing spell. If any attempt is made to alter or dispel the working so protected, it is activated, and strikes at the careless meddler. Any required Mana for the offensive spell is spent when it is laid into the spell to be trapped, but it's dicepool is rolled when it activates. It is considered a separate spell from the main working. Silver Ladder Rote: Tripwire The Ladder will not suffer it's grand works to be impeded by those who would take blade to tapestry and hammer to sculpture.

Prime OOOO
@Ophidimancer Aggravate Paradox Prime (OOOO) One of the favorite tactics of the Seers of the Throne is to let rival mages destroy themselves with Paradox, justly destroyed by the Abyss for daring to defy the Exarchs. Using this spell, the Seers stack the metaphysical deck against foolhardy enemies who rely too much on Vulgar spells. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana As long as this spell is active every Paradoxical action within the area of effect accumulates extra Paradox dice for every mage within the area. The Paradox dice can quickly escalate, making Vulgar or Improbable magic very risky to cast within the area. The Primary Factor of this spell is Area of Effect. With Prime 5, this spell can be cast with the Advanced Area-Affecting chart on page 118. 1-Success: 1-yard radius 2-Success: 2-yard radius 3-Success: 4-yard radius 4-Success: 8-yard radius 5-Success: 16-yard radius* *Each additional success adds another x2 to the radius. Seers of the Throne Rote: Paranormal Destabilization Field Dice Pool: Intelligence+Occult(or Science)+Prime Seers of the Throne use this spell to prepare the a chosen site before confronting a cabal of mages known for using Vulgar magic, preferring to use an enemies strength against them. The Technocratic Union, modernists of the Seers use devices called Destabilizing

Field Emitters, or DFE's to enact this Procedure, and use Science instead of Occult to create their dicepool. @gray_goose Celestial Weapon (Prime ****) Practice: Fraying + Shielding Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 0 + 1 (see below) The Mage is able to manifest his Duel Arcane weapon in the physical world. The Mage forges Celestial Fire into a usable melee weapon, with which she is able to use applicable combat Merits. The weapon does lethal damage with an equipment bonus equal to the caster's Arcana proficiency. As with Celestial Fire, this spell affects beings and objects in the Twilight. At Prime Mastery, an additional point of Mana may be spent at casting to cause Aggravated Damage with the weapon. For the Duration of the weapon, she can also use it to cleave spells, as per Prime Counterspell, at the cost of 1 Mana and her Action. Successes upon casting are counted toward Potency and are the effective Potency of the Counterspell option. Sleepers who witness usage of a weapon composed of pure, white energy invoke Disbelief. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Primesaber Die Pool: Resolve+Weaponry+Prime Arrow Mages often find need of a weapon which cannot be destroyed or taken and used against them, as well as one whose sheer appearance is awe-inspiring. This rote is a close kept secret of the Arrow Order and is especially devastating in the hands of an Adamantine Hand practitioner. @Ophidimancer Continuing the Thread Prime (OOOO) Once a mage has reached Adept status in the Prime Arcanum she has achieved such a refined understanding of the flows of magic that she can add her strength to an existant spell, shoring up defenses or assisting allies in their studies. Practice: Perfecting Action: Instant Duration: Special (Lasting) Aspect: Special Cost: 1 Mana Once a mage has detected the presence of an ongoing spell she can cast this spell to add successes to the spell's factors. Each success on the casting of Continuing the Thread can add one success to the spell's factors. If the spell was cast by another mage or was relinquished earlier, the casting mage must first accumulate successes equal to the current Potency of the spell. Successes in excess of the Potency can then be added to the spell. After this alteration, the affected spell continues on for the rest of its new Duration as normal.

The mage must posess at least one dot of each Arcana used in the target spell. At Prime 5, this will no longer be necessary. This spell takes on the Aspect of the spell being reinforced. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Reinforcing the Veil Dice Pool: Manipulation+Occult+Prime The Guardians know how crucial it is to maintain the various illusions and controls that they have set in place, otherwise the subtle web they have woven over the years would have crumbled long ago. Some of the mysteries that the Guardians watch over have been sealed away for millenia and not even the wisest among the VeilKeepers know what horrors may be unleashed if the wards placed upon them were allowed to fail. Mages of the Silver Ladder use a variant spell to maintain the spells of kingship that they are heir to (Presence+Occult+Prime). @Ophidimancer Feedback (Prime ••••) A failed spell can sometimes recoil on the caster, it's energies twisted by Paradox to attack the mage. What an Adept of Prime knows, though, is that even successful spells can explode in the caster's face, given the right . . catalyst. With this spell, the mage picks apart a spell and initiates a chain reaction that makes a spell's energies backfire upon the caster. Practice: Unraveling Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Like Dispel Magic (see Mage, page 220) this spell allows the caster to unweave the magics of other mages. When the the caster achieves more successes than the target spell's Potency, the spell is destroyed. In addition, the spell's Potency in Lethal damage is done to the caster of the spell. If the spell has been relinquished, the damage is usually done to whatever person or object the spell was anchored to. Guardian of the Veil Rote: Spite the Maker's Hand Dice Pool: Intelligence+Occult+Prime When dismantling the blatant spells of careless willworkers, Guardians sometimes use this spell to teach the offending mage a lesson about discretion. Bonus Factors: When casting this spell, if the caster uses a ritual sword or knife to scribe the symbols of Prime and Unraveling into a surface or even the air, he receives a +1 to Potency. If the blade is made of thaumium, this bonus raises to a +3. @Gui_Will Hide the Spark (Prime ••••) Having acheived great understanding of how magic itself works, the Adept of Prime can fuel other spells in other to sync them with the Fallen World. Practice: Weaving Action: Special (see below) Duration: Special Aspect: Covert

Cost: None (or 1 Mana) This spell is supposed to be combined with another, vulgar, spell. If it is used on its own or with another covert spell, it fails automaticaly (See Mage the Awakening for rules on Combined Spells). When this spell is combined with a vulgar spell, it turns said spell's aspect into covert. It is still subjected to disbelieve and improbability, but other than that it works as any other covert spell. The dice pool used is always that of the spell being combined, and at least one success must be alocated in Hide the Spark (unless the 1 Mana cost is paid). Also, both the Action and duration of this spell are the same as that of the spell being combined. If the spell fails, Paradox is rolled with 1 extra die. @AT-XC32 Paradox Buffer Prime 0000 Practice: Patterning Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None The Mage creates a shield against Paradox using the life fore of another creature. The Mage must sacrifice a creature size 2 or larger, but instead of mana he gains one point of "armor" per success up to the health level of the creature killed. These points can be used to absorb paradox successes in the same fashion as a Backlash. Each point of "armor" absorbs one Paradox success and is negated. The Mage may spend a point of mana to extend this spell as per Mage Armor. This spell may cause degeneration rolls. Silver Ladder Rote: Scapegoat Presence+Intimidation+Prime Often used to insure the success of large rituals. The Silver Ladder will allow nothing so trivial as the retribution of the Abyss to interfere with its works. All the orders know some variety of this rote, even if they won't admit it. @Goatstein Tear Pattern (Prime OOOO + Life or Death O) With this horrific spell, the mage can create grotesque wounds that resist normal magical healing. Practice: Fraying Action: Instant; subtract target's Stamina Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None (or 1 Mana) Each success inflicts one level of Resistant bashing damage. This damage cannot be healed with magic or pattern restoration, or any spells that increase heling rate (although the Quick Healer Merit still functions normally.) It must be healed normally. With the Prime 5 and the expenditure of 1 Mana, this spell can be made to cause Lethal damage. Vampires and werewolves can heal this damage supernautrally, however, it takes them a greater deal of effort. In game terms, A vamprie must spend 1 blood per Resistant bashing wound or 2 per lethal, and a Werewolf must spend 2 essence per bashing or lethal wound. In the case of a werewolf's natural healing factor, a point of Resistant bashing is healed

every two turns, and a point of Resistant lethal is healed every 30 minutes. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Annihilate Dice Pool: Strength + Occult + Prime - target's Stamina It is annoying to fight an enemy who can instantly heal whatever damage you do to him. This rote removes that capability. @Ophidimancer Usurp Spell Prime (OOOO) Mages versed in the Prime Arcanum are dangerous for their ability to manipulate the very stuff of magic itself. No spell demonstrates this ability better than this spell, and no event is more shocking to a mage than having his own spells snatched from his control. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Special (Lasting) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell claims control of a spell from the mage that cast it. The mage usurping the spell must gain enough successes to match the Potency of the target spell. Once this happens, the spell comes completely under the normal spell control of the usurping mage. It no longer counts against the active spell limit of the original caster nor does it take up the original caster's concentration, these are transferred to the usurper. Taking control of another mage's spell can be tricky: not only does the Storyteller roll Paradox when a mage casts this spell, but another Paradox roll is made when control is usurped, degrading the Potency of the wrested spell and invoking potential Paradox effects. This spell requires the casting mage to have at least one dot in each of the Arcana used in the target spell. Prime 5 removes this requirement. Silver Ladder Rote: Sovereign Imperative Dice Pool: Presence+Persuasion+Prime As the aristocracy of mage society, the Silver Ladder reserves the right to command the spells of lesser mages. Ever quick with a rejoinder, the Free Council uses a variant spell that uses Wit+Persuasion+Prime.

@Goatstein Enhance Will (Prime OOOOO) The mage my focus his magical will, temporarily increasing his Gnosis. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Each success on the magic roll can increase the mage's Gnosis score (up to a maximum

of his Prime dots.) The mage may not increase his Gnosis above 10 in this manner. While this spell is in effect, the mage gains all the benefits (improved improvisational casting, improved mana storage and expenditure, greater number of potential active spells, and improved resistance to supernatural effects) and drawbacks (increased Paradox pool and Aura) of his increased Gnosis. If this spell ends and the mage has more mana than his Pattern can normally hold, that Mana explodes out of his body (inflicting one lethal damage per point of Mana over what his pattern could normally hold.) Additionally, if the mage has more active spells running than he normally could at the end of the spell, the mage immediately loses those spells. The spells with the lowest Potency are lost first, and in the cases of equal potency, the Storyteller decides which spells are lost. This spell cannot be made Indefinite under any circumstances. With Prime 6, this spell can be cast upon other mages or supernatural targets, increasing, for example, a vampire's Blood Potency. Silver Ladder Rote: Ascedence Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Prime With this rote, a Ladder mage can taste the power of the Gods themselves. Similar versions of this rote are highly prized among all orders. This devastatingly brutal spell targets the mana within a mage’s pattern, causing it to flare and violently release its energy, burning the pattern from the inside out. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant and contested; target reflexively rolls Resolve + Gnosis Duration: Instant Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The target of this spell must roll one die for every point of Mana in his pattern; each success causes one point of Lethal damage to his pattern. If the caster spends an additional point of Mana then the resulting damage will be Aggravated. Banisher Rote: Fight Fire With Fire Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Prime A banisher quickly learns that a Mana is a mage’s lifeblood, and that a most effective way to fight a mage is to turn the source of his power into a deadly weapon. @matt_b Phantasmal Form (Prime ••••• + Life ••••, optional Matter ••••) Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Stories of old tell of willworkers using the power of magic to metamorphose into all manner of strange forms. Many chose to become animals or to take on the shape of other people, while some assumed more fanciful skins. While the origins of most of these stories likely involved masters of the Life Arcanum, some of the more fantastic tales may spring from the use of this spell. With this spell, a mage transforms into a creature of pure magical

force capable of changing his form and appearance at will. The mage's body becomes a complex phantasm, able alter his form into anything he desires. In order to take a specific and convincing form other than his own of any Size up to his own normal Size, a reflexive Intelligence + appropriate skill roll is required. The mage may change his form in this manner as a reflexive action. Successes on the initial spellcasting roll may be used to increase the dice pool of the Intelligence + appropriate skill roll to take a new form, to increase the Size of the new form above the mage's normal Size, to increase the mage's Physical attributes, or to give the new form weapon or armor bonuses. These successes may be reallocated with each change of form. Example: Arctos casts Phantasmal Form, gaining three successes on the spellcasting roll, and wants to take the form of a cat in order to sneak past a security guard outside a mansion owned by a vampire. He makes a reflexive Intelligence + Animal Ken roll, and to ensure the form is convincing, adds the three successes from the spellcasting roll. Getting four successes on the roll, he is becomes a rather convincing cat, and so has no problem stolling past the guard. To hide from a second guard, he takes a form of a large statue with a Size of 6. He allocates one of the successes from the initial spellcasting roll to achieve the increased Size, and adds the remaining two successes to the Intelligence + Crafts roll to take the form of the statue. He only achieves one success on the roll, and the passing guard takes little notice of his employer's new statuary. Later, once inside the mansion, he decides to take the form of a vampire. He uses one of the successes from the spellcasting roll to give the new form claws with a weapon bonus of +1, and to increase the form's Dexterity by 2, and rolls Intelligence + Occult to try to make the new form somewhat convincing. He gets two successes, but unfortunately Arctos doesn't know about the Predator's Taint, so the vampire is sure to realize something's not quite right when Arctos enters the room. While in this form, the mage does need to eat or breathe, nor is he subject to other limitations and disadvantages of a biological body such as disease, poison, or aging. However, the mage also does not heal naturally in this form, and must spend one Mana to heal one level of bashing or lethal damage. Three Mana may be spent to heal one level of aggravated damage, but the may may only heal one level of aggravated damage per day. Of course, this is unlikely to become an issue unless the spell is cast using Prime 6, allowing it to use advanced prolonged Duration factors. By adding Matter 4 to the casting, the mage can cause all of her normal equipment (such as clothing or, say, a knife) to be included in the phantasmal form, so that she does not find herself naked and defenseless when the spell's duration ends. Such items retain only simple mechanical properties. Firearms thus altered, however, do not function for the duration of the spell. @Vargulv Reflect Spell (Prime 5) Redirect an incoming spell Practice: not sure here Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: covert Cost: 1 Mana

this spell can be cast at any time during the init. it uses up your turn. can´t be cast if you took any other actions that turn. To reflect an Incoming spell you must have an active mage sight. If the spell is vulgar and you´ve got at least one dot in the arcanum you´ll know about what you´re reflecting, otherwise not. Compare spell potency. If the potency of this spell matches (or exceeds? what do you guys and girls think) the incoming spells potency you can reflect it by simply chosing a new target. Adamantine Arrow rote: hm... no idea Wits + Occult + Prime @Kenoshi Resonance Replication (Prime ••••• + Time •••) With this spell a mage can duplicate any spell that she has witnessed during the scene. Practice: Making Action: Instant Duration: Instant Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana + The mage must achieve successes equal to the target spell’s Potency in order to duplicate the spell. Upon success she can manipulate the spell however she wishes as if she was the one to have cast it. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Breathe Upon the Embers Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult + Prime In the course of their duties, the Guardians sometimes find it to be very useful to turn an enemy’s power against him. @Azel Simulation (Prime ••••• + arcanum to be simulated ••••) When reaching archmastery in Prime and a very deep understanding for magic itself, a spell may be casted, that can simulate other spells. Practice: Making Action: Extended (A LOT of successes needed, around 50) Duration: prolonged (and thus advanced prolonged at Prime 6) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: lots of Mana + 1 Mana for every spell to be simulated (this point of mana may be spent later, when a spell is simulated) This spell is not sentinent but does cast magic itself. It provides a mage with an environment that works exactly like magic in reality but is in fact simulated. When simulating a magic effect the simulation-spell must, of course, cast magic and in this process risks paradox. The advantages of such a technique are that the simulation, and thus the spell that is simulated, can be controlled. It can for example be "paused" and reset, furthermore errors in the casting can be analysed, effects can be dampened. Paradox that would normally affect the caster does now affect the caster of the simulation. This rote may simulate any spell up to three dots of a single Arcanum (e.g. only forces spells). As per calculation it may be possible to simulate Spells higher than three dots, but the

inherent complexity prevents the creation of a more advanced Simulation (Prime 6+). The slightest error in such a spell will probably prove fatal to the caster. Free Council Rote: Magic Virtual Machine (Intelligence + Computers + Prime) Free council Mages use this rote to create a virtual machine for magic (as in "Java Virtual Machine"). Young mages can use this Virtual Machine as an educational aid. They can be supervised and need not fear negative consequences. Moreover new Spells and rotes and their effects can be "tested" using the virtual machine. @Gillacatan Wrath of the Abyss (Prime OOOOO) A favourite spell among both Seers and Nefandi, a Mage calls down Paradox itself to curse his foe. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Resolve + Gnosis Reflexively Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Note: This is a Wisdom 2 Sin Successes are counted as the spell's Potency. For the duration thereafter, all Covert magic a Mage casts is considered Vulgar, and all Vulgar Magic is considered Vulgar with Witnesses. Seer of the Throne Rote: Exarch's Fury Dice Pool: Presence+Intimidation+Prime The will of the Exarchs cannot be denied with this rote. Atlantean mages who have experienced its powerful affects often bear marks of Paradox's terrible retribution. Certain Nefandi also make use of this rote to strengthen the Abyss, allowing their demonic masters to gain a further foothold in the Fallen World.

Prime Archmastery
@Iron Syndicate Awaken (Prime ••••••••••, possibly the addition of Mind - see below) Legend tells of mages so versed in the control of magic itself they can force through a sleepers very being, causing him to experience an awakening. How the sleeper takes to the awakening is beyond the mages control, but as they say - the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Practice: Making Action: Instant, Contested Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: Not really sure... it should be a LOT The mage forces a Sleeper's mind to awaken to the Truth (hence the inclusion of mind) amd forces the power of the supernal realm to course through the Sleeper's body, thus awakening it.

The Sleeper's mind, however, resists this process with all its power, resulting in the mage rolling Prime+Gnosis vs. the Sleeper's (Composure+Resolve)*2. And needing 5 successes in orded to force the Sleeper out of his slumber. The pure magical force that drives this spell is so powerful that if the mage were to fail, the sleeper suffers a horrible fate ranging from extreme mental dementia, falling comatose or possibly even death. Were the spell to succeed, the Mage has no control over how the sleeper will handle the awakening, some manage to cope with the Truth, though some have becom Mad. The mage has no control over what Path the new Awakened will walk. @DrRavencraft Free Council Rote: Taking the Blue Pill Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Gnosis resisted by the targets (Composure + Resolve) * 2. Free Council members attempt to awaken sleepers to the truths of the world at any opportunity. This rote helps bring the greatest truth to the masses. Silver Ladder archmagi use a similar rote in their goal to recreate a new Atlantis and fight against the tyranny of the Exarchs. @Gui_Will Hide the Thunder (Prime ••••••, + The Arcana for the other spell) A step forward from Hide the Spark, tha Archmaster can now oparate how magic works much more eficiently. Practice: Weaving Action: Special (see below) Duration: Special Aspect: Covert Cost: None This spell is, honestly, only a more efficient Hide the Spark. Now, instead of casting this spell in combination with other vulgar spell, it is cast in conjunction with the spell, adding the effects to it. Like hide the spark the Dice Pool, Action and Duration are the same as that of the spell beeing cast in conjunction. But since they are now one conjunctional spell, the dice pool no longer suffers the -2 penalty and the arcana need not be one dot higher then the arcana needed by the spell (although the arcana of the conjunctional spell still must be equal or lower than that of the Prime arcana). The effects are the same, the spell being cast in conjunction is treated as covert, but still succeptable to disbelieve and improbability. However, the spell now needs one more success to be, well, successful. This means that, normally, the first success of the pool goes into activationg this spell, and the rest goes to whatever the other spell needs. If the spell fails, Paradox is rolled normally.

Spirit O
@Ophidimancer Find Ban (Spirit •, Fate •) With their eyes opened to the ephemeral realms, mages must learn to deal with a spirit ecosystem that is predatory and frightening. Knowledge of the particular weakness of the creatures of the Shadow is the first step in protecting oneself from them. Practice: Knowing Action: Instant and Contested

Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: None The successes required to learn a spirit's Ban are equal to the spirit's Rank. Each roll takes a minute and the spirit is aware of being scrutinized, though it may not know what the effect is or where it comes from. If the spirit leaves sensory range or manages to hide itself from the mage before the requisite successes are achieved, the spell ends. Mysterium rote: Dice Pool: Wits+Occult+Spirit vs Resistance In their vast catalogues of the spirit realm, mystagogues have filed away the specific weaknesses of entire classes of spirits.

Spirit OO Spirit OOO Spirit OOOO
@tom2957 Knowledge Familiar (Spirit •••• + Mind ••••) As an extension of the idea of tapping into totality of human knowledge to glean facts or gain skills is to imbue another with a continuous stream of facts originating from such spells. By another they usually mean their familiar whose nature is changed into a suitable vessel for such facts. Practice: Patterning Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage temporarily changes the nature of his familiar(or someone else's familiar with Spirit 5) into a Spirit of Knowledge(the mage may leave the spirit's nature unchanged, however if it's nature is unrelated to knowledge or facts it gains half the Essence; if its diametrically opposed to it – such as a spirit of ignorance – it will gain quarter of the Essence normally gained). Afterwards it is fed a steady diet of facts gleaned with the Mind Arcanum. For each successes achieved on the roll the familiar gains one Essence per 24 hours, as long as the spell is maintained on it. However the continuous stream of facts is very disturbing to the spirit. The familiar may not gain more Essence daily than its resistance score(or Resolve in case of embodied familiars). Due to the nature of the spell it is most often cast with Advanced Prolongation. Silver Ladder Rote: Diet of Facts Dice Pool: Presence+Expression+Mind Example: John wants for his familiar to gain 3 Essence per day(three successes). He wants for the spell to last as long as it can so he factors in +4 successes for a two-day duration(since he can't use Advanced Prolongation yet). The required Potency is only 1, so no more than one success is needed. He achieves the necessary 8 successes and for the next two days his familiar will daily gain 3 Essence. Thankfully his familiar's Resistance

score is 3, so it can handle the stress.

Spirit OOOOO
@Goatstein Consume Spirit (Spirit OOOOO) A mage may take a spirit's power, effectively becoming a living fetish. Practice: Unmaking Action:Extended and Contested, target rolls Resistence reflexively Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana A mage may cast this spell upon a spirit's dissolution. If successful, the spirit is permanently destroyed and the mage may choose to gain one of the spirit's Numen peramenently. The mage may not have more Numen than the lower of his Gnosis or Spirit, and must pay for them as normal.The may may also choose to relinquish a current Numen in order to make room for a new one. Mysterium Rote: Absorb the Ephemeral Power Dice Pool: Wits + Intimidation + Spirit vs. Resistence Mysterium mages make use of this rote to understand other beings' power. @Ophidimancer Create Locus Spirit (OOOOO) Shaman bargaining with spirits find it useful to be able to offer that most precious of energies, Essence. This spell allows a mage to give a spirit or even a werewolf all the benefits of those places of spiritual power, loci. Practice: Making Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The target number is the intended Locus rating and the Resonance of the Locus can be anything the mage wants, though the sacraments used in the ritual have to correspond with the desired Resonance. The effect lasts for one hour, but if it is made to last longer, the Locus does not yield up more Essence until the same hour as its creation on each day for as long as the spell lasts. This spell uses the following Duration factors, but cannot be made to last indefinitely. 1 sucess - One scene/hour 2 successes - 24 hours 3 successes - Two days 4 successes - One week 5 successes - One Month

The mage recieves a casting penalty of one die for every point of the local Gauntlet above one. Free Council Rote: Semiotic Node Dice Pool: Presence+Occult+Spirit Of the Free Council members that make a study of the spirit world, there is a camp that believes that the Shadow is a manifestation of the subconscious energies of living things. Formed from the stuff of nascent consciousness, spirits are symbols given form and life of their own. When studying this peculiar "memetic ecology" Libertines often find it useful to create hospitable conditions for particular types of spirits in their labs. @GRENDEL2882 Sacred Geometry (Spirit ••••• + Matter ••• + Space • (+ Prime •••)) By shaping and modifying the physical and spiritual nature of an object, the caster is capable of granting the target object an increased spiritual significance by heightening its significance in the Tapestry. Essence, and in extreme cases Mana, flow from this object modified with Sacred Geometry, attracting Spirits on either side of the Gauntlet. The version of this spell containing Prime ••• allows the caster to also change the resonance surrounding the object to whatever they desire. Practice: Patterning Action: Extended (target number = local Gauntlet) Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Success with this spell creates a Temporary Focus with a rating equal to [the number of successes gained - local Gauntlet rating]. Also, every two successes gained over the target number lowers the Gauntlet rating by 1 until the area becomes a Verge. The version of this spell with Prime ••• allows the caster to add, subtract, or otherwise alter the resonance around the object (one yard/caster's Gnosis). One alteration may be made per success over the target number. Mysterium Rote: Cairn of Personal Might Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult + Spirit Mysterium Mages create Cairns of Personal Might specifically to attract Spirits to an area with sympathetic resonances to help ease negotiations for knowledge, familiars, or favors. By lulling the Spirits into a false sense of complacency, Mages of the Mysterium have gained much from the Shadow.

Space O
@NeoVid 4D Vision (Space 1) Just as you can see over a wall by the fact that you can perceive 3 dimensions of space, a mage could see inside a closed box by looking "over" the sides in 4 dimensions. Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None

A mage with this effect active forces his sense of vision into an extra dimension of space, normally incompatible with human senses. The human mind is capable of comprehending this information, though not easily. Wits + Composure rolls are likely to be neccessary to interpert such abnormal input, especially for a mage with little experience at such things. Guardians of the Veil rote: Asmodeus Sight Wits+Occult+Space The ability to see inside a locked room is of great use to anyone, particulary the Guardians in their duty, and this rote gives even the least skilled at Space a way to do so. The Free Council has found a version (Int+Science+Space) to be invaluble at more scientific pursits. @Derathil Blindsight (Space °) This rote, a favorite of blind mages as well as of rogues and assassins, allows the willworker to perceive the space around himself without need of any real sensory input, rendering this spell useful even when there are no electromagnetic/sonic waves to use as alternatives to normal light. Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Covered Cost: None A very old invention, this rote is an always popular resource for mages who want to go into the dark and still mantain some control on the environment. At Space 2 the duration becomes prolonged, and with Space 3 the mage can use the advanced prolongation factor. This blindsight extends as much as normal sight would, and is blocked by barriers as normal sight would. As Magic Sight, this spell can be cast on others as the prowess in the Space Arcanum grows, but this feat requires a different, specific rote. Guardians of the Veil rote: Devil sight Dice pool: Wits+Investigation+Space Guardians of all ages have made use of this rote, whether to spy a potential threat or to kill an enemy, covered by utter darkness. Adamantine Arrows are also known to have used this magic to launch devastating attacks at night.

Space OO
@DementedElf Bird's Eye Space 2, Mind 1 The mage casts his senses out as if he were scrying, except that the location he is sending his senses to is about fifty feet above his head, meaning that no-one can hide around corners from him, and no-one can lose themselves in a crowd. Practice:Ruling Action:Instant Duration:Concentration Aspect:Covert CostNone. (Note: This spell is not subject to sympathy, as it is cast within the mage's sensory range.) The mage can alter the height above himself which his senses go to, but not more than 200 yards. Mind 1 allows the mage to pay attention to what he's doing on the ground below, so that he doesn't trip on a half brick that can't be seen from a rooftop.

Mysterium rote: Aerial Survey Wits + Investigation + Space The Mysterium occasionally need maps for areas that aren't available, be they archaeological digs out in the wilds, or on a private estate where an Artifact needs to be "confiscated". @Agnostus Decrease Gravity (Space 00) This spell loosens the bonds of gravity, making an object significantly lighter then it would normally be. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Each success either adds a die to any Jumping or Climbing rolls the target makes while under the effect of this spell, or is added to the Strength roll of anyone trying to pick up the effected target. Range is touch until Space 000. @Agnostus Increase Gravity (Space 00) By intensifying the bonds of gravity that tie an object to the Earth, a mage can increase an object’s weight, slowing it significantly. Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None Each success reduces the target’s Speed and Initiative Modifier by one dot. Range is touch until Space 000. @Ophidimancer Induce Vertigo Space (OO) In order to hit a target, one must first be able to judge the distance to one's opponent. This spell robs an enemy of this crucial ability, throwing off aim and disrupting the ability fight effectively. Practice: Veiling Action: Instant subtract target's Composure Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success gained on the casting roll imposes a -1 die penalty to an enemy's attack roll during the scene and completely removes the ability to take a turn to aim an attack. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Archer's Bane Dice Pool: Presence+Intimidation+Space

With fierce looks and frightening mannerisms, Arrow warriors neutralize the threat of enemy snipers, their fierce demeanor throwing off the calm that is needed to aim at and hit a target properly. @DementedElf Locate Hallow (Prime 1, Space 2) The mage extends his senses through the locaal Tapestry, listening always for the subtle singing of a Hallow. Practice: Knowing Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene/Hour) Aspect: Covert Cost: None While the spell lasts, the mage can take an instant action to roll Intelligence+Investigation, with each success giving 200 yards to the range. In that range, the mage gets a rough fix on a Hallow, if any are within said range, but can't tell strength or exact location. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Watering Hole Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Prime Few things are as elusive as a mage who doesn't want to be found. Better, perhaps, to stake out a place they'll come sooner or later. Scholars of the Mysterium use a similar rote to look for possible signs of ancient Atlantean settlements. @Dreygeaux Perfect Path (Space 2, Time 2) The mage creates a non-stop path to his destination, reaching slightly into the future and tweaking space to garuntee no mundane obstacle will delay him. He can step off a curb at full speed, and not only will nothing hit him, they won't even have to slow down. People won't have to step out of his way. They never get in his way in the first place. The huge pane of glass passes just as he gets to it, and the train arrives when he does. Note, this spell does not prevent intentional interference. Anyone who actively tries to stop the willworker may do so. The mage must also know where he wishes to go and have some idea where it is relative to him. This spell won't clear your path from L.A. to London, but it will get you to the airport in record time. Practice: Ruling Aspect: Covert Duration: Prolonged (One trip) Action; Instant Free Council Rote: Clockwork Universe (Wits +Investigation + Space) The way the Free Council sees it, what's the point of being a mage if you actually have to pay attention at crosswalks? The Mysterium has a similar rote using Intelligence +Persuasion +Space to assure smooth overland journeys to exotic locations @Derathil Remote Vision (Space °°) Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant

Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: None Sometimes a willworker does not want to scry someone on a distant facility, but simply to expand his own senses and explore the surroundings. This spell enables him to do so without need of an Astral body. The mage is able to scry on the area he is currently in, and then move his point of view, to a maximum speed of Intelligence+Wits. By means of this spell the mage is able to exit the 'sensory' area. As with Scrying, the location currently viewed gets a sympathetic connection of 'Known'. Mysterium rote: eye og the explorer Dice pool: Wits+Investigation+Space Used by countless explorers of ancient ruins, this rote allows the wary Mystagogue to explore potentially dangerous areas beforehand, and therefore avoid ambushes. The Guardians are also fond of this rote, as it allows them to follow unknowing suspects even if they are currently missing any good sympathetic tie (provided that they begin the spell near the suspect, of course). Bonus Factors: a map of the location in which the mage is (+1 bonus factor) At level three, there exist another rote (have to come up with a good name) which allows the mage to perform a Multitask Remote Viewing - or simply, to go on a remote exploration while continuing to enjoy his own surroundings.

Space OOO
@Azmodael Blink (Space ***) Sometimes teleporting to one's sanctum may not be the best option, especially in the midst of someting interesting. Practice: Ruling Casting time: Instant Aspect: Vulgar Duration: Transitory (one turn) Cost: None (1 Mana optional) The mage vanishes in thin air and appears in the beginning of his next turn at a place he could see while casting the spell. At Space *** he can blink with companions at the cost of 1 Mana point and using the standart rules for increasing the number of targets. However, he can do this with characters only in touch range. At Space **** he could do it at sensory range, the 1 Mana cost still applies tho. Additional creatures appear next to the mage. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Regroup Athletics+Wits+Space Sometimes the balance of powers can be easily tipped over by a simple change of positions and willworkers from the Adamantine Arrow know it too well. @Agnostus Bonds of Gravity (Space 000)

Gravity is ultimately the attraction between two objects based on mass; all objects naturally pull towards each-other, but such pull is miniscule; this spell increases the power of those bonds. This spell draws two objects together with a force that feels magnetic, but need not be between ferrous objects. Mages typically use this magic to keep their personal possessions near at hand or to help them in gripping to a surface. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The number of successes is equal to the Strength at which the two objects pull towards eachother; this effect is constant, and every turn that Strength is applied to moving towards the other object or used to retain their connection. If this spell is used on two grappling people, the Strength is subtracted from any attempt to break free. Range is touch until Space 0000. @Goatstein Find Object(Space OOO, Fate OOO) The mage instinctively knows the location of the nearest general object, and instictively knows the best way to get there. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage can only search for general objects, so sympathy does not apply. Upon a success, the mage knows the object's position and the way to get there. "A gun" is fine, "Wild Silas Smith's revolver" is not. Smiliarily, "a woman under 40" is acceptable, but not "Janet Adams." The storyteller may levy penalties or bonuses depending on the specificity of the object. In the previous example, "a firearm" would levy no penalty, "a pistol" would levy a -1, "a 9mm pistol" would levy a -3, and "a black 9mm Beretta with a laser sight" would levy a -5. Alternatively, "a weapon" could give a +1 bonus, and "something made of plastic" could give a +3 bonus. The storyteller is free to declare that the requested search was too specific. In general, if there are less than five hundred of the specified object in the world, the spell automatically fails. The spell also automatically fails if the mage asks for an abstract concept (such as "an enemy,") rather than a physical object. Of course, knowing where the object is doesn't necessarily mean the mage has access to it. The nearest gun may be on a police officer's belt, and if the mage is in Hawaii, the nearest parka may well be thousands of miles away. If the object is not found within the spell's Duration, the instinctive sense is lost (although the spell can be cast again.) Mysterium Rote: Seeker's Eye Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Fate

The Mysterium finds this rote handy for numerous purposes, from obtaining food in the wilderness to finding an upscale coffee house in a new city to getting bus fare. @DementedElf Sealing The Portal Space 3, Prime 1 The mage smoothes the fabric of space after the opening of a portal, until barely a seam in the world is visible, even to Space or Prime magics. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success levies a -1 penalty to observing the portal or Space conduit, and hastens it's decay, as per the successes required to reopen it. Guardians of the Veil Rote: Cover Your Tracks Wits + Subterfuge + Space The Guardians occasionally need to make it so that none can trace their involvement in a locked room mystery. This rote also sees use by many a paranoid mage who thinks he's being followed. @Cerealkiller Spatial Acceleration (Space 3) This spell allows the mage to travel from A to B in a more efficient manner. By using wrinkles in space, he can cut corners in a straight line. Practice: Perfecting Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: / (1 mana) This spell allows the mage to move faster. By spending a Mana point the mage gains the following effects for 1 turn. These effects are obviously Vulgar and cause Disbelief in Sleepers. The mage has to move at least half his base Speed to be able to use these effects. - The mage multiplies his current speed with his Space arcanum rating. - The mage can multiply his jumping distances with a factor equal to his Space arcanum rating. - The mage gains a bonus on his defense equal to his Space dots. - The mage can use his speed a augment his Strength. Add his Space dots to his Strength because of momentum. If the mage uses this effect, roll a dice pool equal to his Space arcanum rating. Each success on this roll means the mage takes one Bashing Damage because of the impact. Certain armors may protect the mage against this damage. Free Council Rote: Life in the Fast Lane Dice pool: Dexerity + Investigation + Space @Cerealkiller Translocation (Space 3, optional Matter 2 and Forces 2)

Distance is an illusion. All places are the same, you’re just looking at them differently. This spell allows you to do just that: switch the place you are standing in with the place you are looking at. Practice: Weaving Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (one turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell is basicly a toned down version of Teleport. The range of this spell is Sensory Range. The Mage cannot bring anything with him except what he is wearing and carrying (ST discretion). The mage feels disoriented on the next round, this disorientation give a -5 penalty on all action the following turn. By adding a Matter 2 and a Forces 2 component, you can vanish in a puff of smoke and add a sound effect to your liking. Free Council Rote: BAMF ! Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Space

Space OOOO
@Agnostus Adjust Personal Gravity (Space 0000) The Earth’s gravitational field gives us a very distinct perception of ‘down’. A mage knowledgeable in the geometry of space may twist gravity in such a way that another direction is ‘down’ for that person, allowing the target to walk on walls, the ceiling, or just get flung straight up and out of the mage’s hair. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Making an object’s personal ‘down’ into what is generally considered ‘up’ doesn’t actually end up throwing the object into space, though it’s close. In reality, this spell is reliant on the Earth’s gravitational field, which is only coherent enough to support this magic to a certain point, causing the target to come to a median point somewhere a kilometer up, at which he just floats in mid-air until the spell expires. If, at this point, the target has not been sucked into a jet engine, he falls back towards the Earth. So, this spell doesn’t let mages shoot stuff into space, but it’s still pretty potent. At Space 00000 range is sensory, but until then it’s touch. @Ophidimancer Arrow Turning (Space ••••) Adepts of Space can manipulate spatial axes to turn aside the slings or arrows and even thrown fists or swung swords. Opponents find that the force of their blows are twisted and even turned back against them

Practice: Patterning Action: Instant (Special) Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell can be cast ahead of the mage's Initiative order like a Dodge action, but still counts as her action for the turn. Every success rolled on this spell negates a point of damage from the next attack. Only attacks that have a directional component like an aimed physical or magical attack can be turned, direct Pattern attacks cannot be affected by this spell. Once all damage points are negated by the spell, extra successes reflect the damage back against the attacker, but cannot reflect more damage than was originally scored in the attack. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Friendly Fire Dice Pool: Dexterity+Athletics+Space A defensive manuever used by unarmed martial artists of the Arrow, this spell allows the mage to twist the fabric of space just enough to turn aside blows. @ZioFede Seal hole (Space 0000) This spell enables the mage to close a hole by warping the space of its edges, pulling them near so that there's no more space to pass through the hole. The mage can close pockets, bags, doors, gates and everything that has solid edges to be pulled close. Practice: Patterning Action: Istant Duration: Transitory (one turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None The caster receives a penalty based on the size of the hole to be closed: 0 for a pocket or small bag, -1 for a big bag, -3 for a normal door and -5 for larger doors and gates. @DrRavencraft Slide (Space 4) Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Vulgar The mage slides through space, effectively levitating in any direction or orientation he wishes with a maximum Speed equal to his Gnosis +1 per success and is otherwise identical to Forces 4 Levitation. Generally, he will not experience a sense of flying or being upside down. In a way, this spell is the opposite of Space 4 Suspension. @justjack Transpose (Space ••••) A form of teleportation, the willworker can force two objects into each other's places in space. The affected objects will only change location, and are otherwise unaffected. The targets must also be in the mage's view. Transposing objects through a scrying window requires the proper dots in other arcanum (see apportation)

Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Mysterium Rote: Quick Swap Dice Pool: Wits+Occult+Space In order to acquire items covertly, mages of the Mysterium have been known to swap items of value with similar dummies, stand-ins, or forgeries.

@Goatstein Destroy Sympathy (Space OOOOO) The mage becomes almost immune to the effects of the Space Arcanum. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Special Aspect: Covert Cost: None For the duration of the spell, any and all attempts to target the mage with sympathetic magic are treated as though the caster had no connection to the mage, and are thus impossbile. The exception is if the caster knows the mage's True Name, in which case it is treated as a Described (-10) connection. Note that this spell uses the Advanced Duration factor. Mysterium Rote: One Man is an Island Dice Pool: Manipulation + Stealth + Space The Mysteries are best found without interference. A Mysterium mage who holds the power of this rote is free from the threat of other mages spying on his activities or harming him from afar. @Goatstein Nil Presence (Space OOOOO, Time OOOO or OOOOO, Mind OOO) The mage removes himself from existence entirely, blinking in and out of space in order to attack his enemies. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (One Turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana per turn Successes are put towards the Duration of the spell. While this spell is active, it is nearly impossible to affect the mage with any outside action. All attacks or other effects made towards him are automatically reduced to a chance die. He simply teleports too quickly to

be damaged. The exception to this is effects cast by mages that have a higher score in Space or Time than the mage using "Nil Presence." While the spell is active, the mage effectively exists in his own pocket dimension, coming out only for the split-second it takes to complete an action. (Obviously, the mage may only take instant actions while this spell is active.) The mage may appear up to ten yards away from his previous position in realspace per dot of Gnosis that he has each turn. With Time 5, this spell can be cast reflexively. Adamantine Arrow Rote: One Fights as None Dice Pool: Wits + Athletics + Space For defense in a fight, there is simply no better common spell known as this rote. Such mages are lethal and terrifying fighters, capable of slaying even the strongest opponent without even so much as a scratch. @Cerealkiller Multiblow (Space 5) By combining the magics of Ranged Blow and Co-location, even the slowest Mage (who is also a master of Space) may throw an unstoppable punch. The Mage tries to hit an opponent and a number of other copies of the original punch hit the target on different places. This spell can also be used with melee weapons. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: transitory(one turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The number of Successes rolled on the activation roll determines how many extra hits the mage can make on his next turn. The number of successes on those extra hits are added as dice to the original punch's dice pool. Since the extra hits are 'impossible to defend against', the defender is denied his Defense for those extra attacks. Example : Kenshin the Space Master, is fighting Aoshi and decides to use Multi-blow and scores 3 successes. The next turn, he first attacks with his 3 extra attacks, without subtracting Aoshi's Defense of 3 and gets 4,3 and 6 successes on his attacks. He now adds 13 dice (4+3+6) to his original attack dicepool and rolls to attack, subtracting Aoshi's 3 Defense. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Nine-Headed Dragon Dice Pool: Strenght + Investigation + Space Arrow Mages were quick to adapt the possibilities of being in 2 place at the same time into a direct attack form. @Goatstein Remove Organ (Space OOOOO, Life OOOO) The mage may teleport a target's body part out of his body and into the caster's hand.

Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant and contested; target rolls Stamina + Gnosis reflexively Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Although this spell can only be cast at sensory range (at this level), normal penalties for sympathetic spells apply. Additionally, the metaphysical weight of the the organ levies penalties: Spleen, appendix, tonsil, adenoid, tumor: No penalty Tongue, testicle, ovary, womb, fetus: -1 Intestine, stomach, eye, appendicular bone, lymph node, muscle: -2 Liver, kidney, pancreas, axial bone, skin: -3 Lung, heart, brain, skull, spine: -4 The spell does not actually cause any direct damage; organs taken in this way are removed cleanly, and any blood vessels or other ducts leading to them are sealed. The Storyteller should decide the what the effects of losing an organ are. A lost appendicular bone might reduce Speed or Dexterity, a lost eye might reduce Wits, a lost liver might reduce Stamina and cause a point of bashing damage at a consistent rate, a lost heart or brain might mean instant death. Note that this spell may have limited effect against vampires and other undead, who generally do not need their organs; however, removal of a vampire's heart or brain causes instant torpor. Depending on how this spell is used, the Storyteller may call for a Wisdom degeneration roll. With Space 6, this spell may be cast sympathetically. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Seizing the Heart Dice Pool: Intelligence + Medicine + Space vs. Stamina + Gnosis With this gruesome rote, an Arrow mage may cripple, emasculate or outright kill an opposing enemy in a moment. Mages of the Free Council use a less martial version of this rote to perform quick and efficent surgery. @nbkbruce1 Untouchable(Space 5 + Life 4 + Forces 3) Practice: (not sure, maybe Patterning) Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell renders a mage all but immune to physical harm. When struck, whether by edged or blunt weaponry, the mage nullifies the kinetic energy by becoming that energy. The mage dissipates into invisible, intangible waves of force that spread out with the impact, coalescing back into the mage at any point within (Space) yards. Note that, for the spell's duration, the mage can only move and dodge. While the act of walking or running doesn't activate the spell's effect, if the mage should bump into an object or strike an opponent he will dissolve and reform just as if struck by an enemy.

Time O Time OO
@Silopolis Forethought (Time 2) The mage can concentrate on the future and become aware of situations in which he will need a particular tool. Armed with this knowledge, he can enter any situation properly equipped for the job at hand. Practice: Knowing Action: Instant Duration: Lasting Aspect: Covert Cost: None Each success gives the mage a single situation in which he can declare that he thought ahead and brought a particular tool needed for the task at hand. The mage must cast the spell beforehand, but afterward he can react to a given situation by spending one of his successes and declaring a tool he needs and "had all along." Once the success is spent, the mage may reach into a pocket, holster, or pack and produce the tool. The mage must have been able to carry the tool into the situation without its absense being noticed, and he must have been able to obtain the tool to begin with. The mage can produce a hammer, lockpicks, or even a knife in this way, as long as he has the Resources to purchase it and access to a source, but he could not produce a claymore, chainsaw, or machine gun, or a diamond ring if he couldn't afford one before. If the mage could not have carried the object in unnoticed and could not have purchased or obtained it beforehand, then the mage cannot produce the tool as a result of this spell. Mysterium Rote: Be Prepared Dice Pool: Wits + Survival + Time Forethought is a valuable talent in the ancient tombs and mysterious places the Mysterium frequent. Sometimes all it takes to succeed is to have the right tool for the job. @Troy Head Start Time OO A mage entering combat with this spell gains a slight advantage over his foes, glimpsing a short time into the future in order to get the drop on his enemies if a fight should suddenly break out. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The mage can cast this spell before combat begins and add his dots in Time to his Initiative for the duration of the combat. Additionally, by spending 1 Mana the character dedicates an action to altering his standing in the Initiative order in the following turn and for all subsequent turns, choosing to insert himself at a new point in the roster, even if it

means going first when he went last before. For example, if your Initiative oll (see p. 151) resulted in a 9, but a rival whom your character wanted to waylay got a 12, your character can forfeit an action in turn one to get a fresh start and then act before that rival at 13 in turn two and afterward. Adamantine Arrow Rote: First Strike Dice Pool: Intelligence + Athletics + Time Every warrior must be ready for combat at a moments notice. Members of the Ungula Draconis developed this rote for exactly that purpose. These mages may not have started the fight, but they make sure that they will finish it. Guardians of the Veil use a similar rote (Wits + Athletics + Time) for exactly the same purposes. @Troy Perfect Recall Time OO (Clarification) The mage is capable of gazing inward, viewing any portion of her own past, even events she may not remember. Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage views events from her own point of view, as if through her own eyes. She can even view events which occurred while she was unconscious. Each success allows the mage to view up to one turn of time in that place, beginning at the moment declared during casting. Temporal sympathy for this spell is always considered to be Sensory. The mage suffers no penalties to her dice pool to view her own past, unless she or another willworker used Shield of Chronos (page 261) to occlude her past at the point in time she is trying to view. Guardian’s the Veil Rote: Drawing From the Well of Memories Dice Pool: Intelligence + Investigation + Time A Guardian often needs to report events she may have witnessed to her superiors in the Order. This spell enables the agent to recall the event with perfect clarity allowing her to relate details without bias. Adamantine Arrows use a similar rote (Composure + Investigation + Time) as a means of reflection in their pursuit of martial mastery. @Troy Postcognition Time OO (Clarification of core rules) The mage can experience postcognition. She can review the past of her current location and to focus this sense on something or someplace other that the mage’s current physical location, the mage must also use Space 2. Generally speaking, the past is much easier to read than the future (since the past’s variables are alrady locked into place), giving a more-or-less objective view of how things unfolded at a given time, in a given place. Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: None

The mage declares the time and place that she wishes to view, and the casting dice pool is modified by temporal sympathy (see page 259). Each success allows the mage to view up to one turn of time in that place, beginning at the moment declared during casting (such as “Midnight on New Year’s Day, 1999, at Times Square”). She review events in real time (it takes one turn to review one turn of past time) as if through a camera placed amidst the scene, but she can fast forward and replay any part o within the viewing period. With Time 3, the mage can view one minute of time per success, and 10 minutes per success with Time 4. The Duration of this spell is Concentration; as soon as the mage ceases to concentrat on viewing the past, the spell expires. Quote: Fate OO: If a mage also has Fate 2, she may add it to the spell to ignore declaring an exact time to view. Instead, the casting mage states the event she wishes to view and her knowledge of the Fate arcanum retraces the congruence of events leading that that event. For example, the mage may stumble upon a car accident involving her friend. She can cast Postcognition in order to review the events leading up the the accident in order to discover whether or not there was foul play involved. She can do this without knowing the exact time the accident occurred as long as she is currently at the site of the accident. Space 2 would still be required to view the event from another location. Mysterium Rote: Gazing Through the Sands (page 260) @Shadow_FF6 Predict the Mind (**) Mind reading is generally left to those who have control of the Mind Arcanum. However a Time Mage can have some basic control. In a sense the Mage sees the future, in which he makes attempts to get the knowledge out. Practice: Unvieling Action: Instant Duration: Special Aspect: Covert Cost: None At 2 dots, the Time Mage can get an answer to a question that the subject would readily answer, but the only real benefit is that the subject does not know that the Mage knows. Only really good for spooking the target. (Editors Note: Using this, I accidently caused a Wolfblood to become a full werewolf, when we revealed the supernatural world to the PI with only 1 Occult. Fun game that one) At 3 dots the Mage can learn an answer that would require co-ercing. Persuasion, bribes, ect... At 4 Dots the Time Mage can get an answer if the target would give it. This involves resorting to torture, tricking the target, ect. However if the target will in all circumstances available to the mage refuse to talk this spell does not work. But at least the Mage knows its a lost cause. If in the 4 dot application the Mage uses Torture, the Mage makes an Appropriate Wisdom degeneration roll. The Mage does not actually do it (And gain none of the stigma) the mage must be perfectly willing to do it to see this possible future.

Mysterium rote: Answering the Unasked Question Dice Pool: Manipulation + Investigation + Time - Composure Sometimes its good to get an answer without ever letting someone know it was given. Intrusions into the mind can be deteced, but an aborted future is much more difficult to read, even to Masters of Time. @Troy Psychometry Time OO (Clarification of core rules) With this magic the mage is capable of delving into the past of any object she touches. Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant Duration: Special Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The mage must hold or touch the object she wishes to read. One success allows the mage to ask one question about the item’s past and get an answer. Additional successes allow follow-up questions, allowing the mage to get more specific details. This information comes to mage in the form of hazy imagery which the mage must try to interpret. Events that occure around an object offer very cryptic, surreal clues such as a pieces of sound or a distinctive odor. On the other hand, events that occurred actually using the item read offer very solid, visual and tactile information. With additional magics (Space or Mind) the willworker can know exactly where an object came from or read the Resonance and emotional states of those who used the item in times long past. Quote: The mage’s casting roll is modified by her sympathy (page 115) to the object. The mage’s own possessions have an Intimate or Known connection to her depending on her feelings toward the object and how long she has possessed it. Items she may have seen or used once before the reading have an Acquainted connection (-6 modifier to her casting pool) while an item she is encountering for the very first time is an Encountered connection, levying a -8 modifer to her Dice Pool. Like the Space Arcanum, some of the sympathic connections can be touch calls, but it’s not an exact science and a little guesswork is expected in such situations. Myterium Rote: Stir of Echoes Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Time Mysterium mages use this rote to uncover the lost secrets of the past. Adamantine Arrow mages use the exact same rote for more stategic purposes in order to gather intelligence on their enemies. @Ophidimancer Reverse Time Time (OO) In some situations, when an exact time of an occurrence is not known or the the trail of evidence is fresh enough, an aspiring investigator might not want or be able to use Postcognition. This spell is used instead to meticulously follow an evidence trail backwards to the scene of the crime.

Practice: Unveiling Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: None The mage experiences time in reverse from the moment the spell is cast, everything happening exactly as it happened, but backwards. This replay is in real time and is experienced in full visual, audio, and olfactory input, but tactile sensations remain in the present. The mage is only peripherally aware of the present and needs to make a successful Wits+Composure roll to perceive the current state of his surroundings for one turn. Free Council Rote: Rewind Dice Pool: Wits+Science+Time Libertine sleuths use this spell to investigate the movements from friends and foes alike, figuring that, though certain places maybe warded against scrying they have to come outside sometime. Bonus Factors: A Free Councilor using a video camera with the timer rigged to go backwards benefits from a Bonus Factor of Target +1, allowing the replay to be witnessed and recorded on film. (The camera counts as the extra target of the spell). A video camera specially made in a Libertine laboratory outside of time gets a bonus to Potency +3 in any attempt to pierce through Time wards. @Troy Seer’s Boon Time OO The mage that puts himself under the influence of the Seer’s Boon is capable of observing the present at a pace of his own choosing. He may choose to “ignore” a boring speech so that time passes unbelievably quickly during the droll presentation. He may also choose to savor a moment so that a good night kiss seems to last for hours. Seer’s understand that it all just a matter of perception. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Many of the benefits of this spell are roleplaying considerations and in the hands of the Storyteller. Once this spell is active, the mage perceives the present as she sees fit allowing her to pause or slow down events they occure. Time continues to move at its normal pace, only the mage’s awareness has changed. Each dot of Time the character possesses adds a +1 modifier to any roll where paying attention comes into play. This could be anything from aiming a gun to noticing the license plate on a passing car. Additionally, the mage’s defense becomes the higher of either Wits or Dexterity for the duration of the spell. Normally a person cannot act faster than she thinks or vice versa. Seer’s Boon bypasses this limitation and allows the mage plenty of her own subjective time to process information and avoid assault.

Adamantine Arrow Rote: Eye of the Tiger Dice Pool: Wits + Composure + Time It is known that the creatures of the animal kingdom have powers of perception beyond mortal ken. The Ungula Draconis extrapolated upon that lore to create this rote, giving their warriors a hunter’s edge in almost any situation. Mages of the Silver Ladder use this exact same rote to give themselves the advantage in all their dealings. @Agnostus Temporal Veil (Time 00) Time is not typically the Arcana people turn to when they think of invisibility, such practices are more commonly left up to the Arcana of Mind and Forces. However, any mage can see the benefits of being unseen, however limited, and to that end certain adept sorcerers have developed this spell. There exists, in any moment, moments before and after where what is occurring now is not, in fact, occurring. This rather confusing theory is translated into practical application when one realizes that when a person is moving, there exists a time immediately before and after when the person was not, in fact, there. This spell allows a mage who is at least moving at a jogging pace to conceal himself with a time in which he was not there; in other words, his presence, both his image and the noise he makes, are hidden behind a slight shift in time. Think of this like causing a camera to loop back the past hour of footage to it’s monitor, except on a much smaller scale. This spell does have a few limitations, in that if the mage stops moving he immediately becomes apparent, as he exists in a location for more then a moment, moving beyond this spell’s ability to mask. In addition, when moving in front of moving objects, the motion appears to ‘pause’ as the mage moves by, as the past is translated to the present, and so an active observer can detect the mage’s passage. Practice: Ruling (because if veils the target, not time) Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana If someone is actively watching an area, and not distracted, he can roll Wits + Composure at -3 to detect the phenomenon of the mage’s movement, though even after detection he may not know what’s happening. In a location with a great deal of movement, like in a crowd or in front of a movie theater, this effect becomes quite obvious, and will in fact attract attention. At Time 000 the mage may cast this spell on other people and things. Guardians of the Veil Rote: The Unexpected Wizard Dice Pool: Dexterity + Stealth + Time A good murder in the privacy of one’s own home is a thing of beauty; the Guardians who make use of this rote tend to be very quick on their heels, getting in and out of the scene of the crime in the least time possible, knowing that while moving, no-one can see or hear them.

Time OOO
@Cerealkiller Delay spell (Time 3) Sometimes an incoming spell is inconvenient, sometimes it is life-threatening. This spell allows the mage to buy some time, by delaying the spell for a few seconds. Practice: Shielding Action: Instant Duration: Special Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana The mage causes the supernal energies that make the spell to flow more slowly. This makes the spell go off with a delay. Subtract the Spell Potency of the target spell from the spellcasting dice pool of this spell. Each success causes a one turn delay. Silver Ladder Rote: Hang on a Second Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Time @AT-XC32 Re-Inflict Injury Time 000 Practice: Weaving Action: Instant; Subtract targets Stamina Duration: Lasting Aspect: Vulgar Cost: none The Mage reaches back into his targets past and draw forth an injury or injuries to the present. At Time3, the Mage re-inflicts minor wounds (paper cuts, stubbed toes, minor sprains) for one bashing damage per success. Don’t, however, underestimate the effect of twenty-two years of stubbed toes all experienced at once. At Time4 the Mage can draw forward gunshots, stabbings, and surgeries for lethal, or multiply the minor injuries until they too become lethal. At Time5 the Mage may spend a mana to reach forward in time and inflict the cause of the victims death upon him now, causing aggravated damage. This spell can be as dramatic or subtle as the targets own life, causing burns, gunshot wounds, heart attacks, and in at least one case a clumsy man died of thousands of small bruises. It has caused countless hours of debate as to the paradox of killing someone with a death they will now never reach the cause of. Mysterium Rote: Scourge of the Sands Intelligence+Occult+Time Mysterium Mages know that those who do not learn from their past will repeat it’s mistakes. This spell insures that this platitude takes a most literal turn. @deaddude Delayed Reaction Time OOO Much as Space can transfer attacks over distance, so can a mage with this magic transfer an attack over time. The mage effectively sends all of the effects of an attack a few second forward in time. Action: Instant Aspect: Vulgar Duration: Prolonged

Cost: One per attack Within the scene following the casting the mage may spend a point of mana and cause a Brawl/Weaponry/Firearms attack to yield no immediate results: no damage, no bang from the gun, no physical evidence that any harm was done. In the case of weaponry or braw attacks, the victim does not feel anything, and weapons exit the body without leaving a scratch. Succeses indicate how long the damage can be delayed on a one turn per success basis. After the time has expired the victim takes damage from the delayed attack normally, the results of which can be very dramatic and unsettleing, ( it is after all disturbing to see someone develope knife or bullet wounds for no apparent reason.) Gaurdians of the Veil Rote: Secure Aliby The Gaurdians use this rote to remove a threat to the mysteries without implicating themselves, if the Gaurdian is good she can use it to implicate another threat, killing two birds with one stone.

@Malfeasance Duality (Time OOOO) The mage is able to look sideways in time, bringing himself in tune with another pattern of Self in an alternate version of the same Time. The mage brings himself so finely in tune with the co-existing self that he may borrow knowledge in the form of dots in a skill that the alternate him may possess. This attunement is only temporary, and the mage may only borrow skill dots from one skill. Practice: Patterning Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana With this spell, the mage may effectively use the skill points of another version of himself by attuning to that other mage through the web of Time. Each success allows the mage to increase the rating of *any* one skill equal to the amount of successes gained up to the mage's dots in Time. This may not increase a skill beyond the trait limit as dictated by gnosis. Before the newly acquired dots in the specified skill can be used, each success requires a turn of pure concentration as the mage brings himself in further attunement with the alternate him. The mage must declare the amount of turns to be spent attuning; therefore if the mage garners five successes, but only decides to attune for three rounds, he will only gain three dots. If the willworker breaks concentration before he has reached attunement, all dots are lost and the mage may not cast this spell for the rest of the scene. The mage may only enhance one skill per scene in such a manner. The Fifth level variant of this spell allows the mage to reduce all total attunement to one round. That is, the turn after casting this spell must be spent in attunement, but will require no further attunement afterwards. Free Council Rote: Your Own Best Friend Dice Pool: Composure + Investigation + Time

Masters of Time have theorized that *somewhere* in Infinity, there is an idealized version of anything any sentient creature can imagine. This spell only further fuels that argument. The Adamantine Arrow have been known to capitalize on knowledge from another self by using a similar rote, Wits + Investigation + Time. @Cerealkiller Duality (Time 0000) This spell allows a Mage to return in time for a few seconds and coexist with himself for a short while. Practice: Weaving Aspect: Vulgar Duration: transitory(one turn) Cost: 1 Mana Casting of this spell happens in four phases. First the Mage casts this spell. Then in the next round a duplicate of the Mage appears. This duplicate (which is actually the Mage from the next turn future) acts just after the present mage in the initiative roster. In the following turn the now present Mage vanishes (to become the future Mage of last turn). The next turn the Mage reappears. Since both Mages are real, both can be damaged and the mage could very well suffer damage twice for the same source. If one of the Mages dies, then the mage is dead when the spell is over. This spell be cast with a longer duration, but the mage vanishes for the same duration as he gets help from himself after the spell expires. Adamantide Arrow: Temporal Backup Dice pool: Resolve + Occult + Time Sometimes the only help that will do is your own help. Arrow Mages use this rote to even the odds at greater peril for their own health. After all, sometimes you have to give a 200% effort. @Silopolis Duality (Time 4) Sometimes the mage needs a little help, but there's no one free to help him. So, who better to assist you than yourself? Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Transitory (one turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage sends himself forward along his own timeline to a point of his choosing. The mage chooses (at the time of casting) the time at which his present self will appear in the future; he may choose any time within the next scene, but his predictions of what he'll

be doing may not be relevant as the future changes under him. The mage is removed from play for the time between casting this spell and arriving in the future. When the predetermined time occurs, the mage blinks into reality at the predetermined location. At that point, the mage may benefit from Teamwork with himself on any rolls made during the Duration of the spell. At the end of the spell, the mage returns to the present (now the past), and the "future" version of himself becomes the real version of himself. For example, if Bob sends himself forward two rounds to help "Future Bob" for a round, then after two rounds Bob appears, gains Teamwork for one round, and then disappears, leaving the player playing Future Bob from then on. Returning to the past means that he did experience anything that happened in the rounds while he was missing, even if he wasn't there to participate (meaning that the mage doesn't need someone to catch him up on what he missed). Adding Fate 2 to the spell allows the mage to indicate an event trigger, such as "I will return when Asterix comes through the door." Sleepers seeing two versions of the mage acting together trigger Disbelief, eventually forcing the past-version to return prematurely. @Ophidimancer Delay Wound (Time ••••, Life ••) In dire circumstances, a mage simply has no time to suffer the pain and inconvenience of a wound. When he simply must complete whatever task he is on, a mage versed in the msyteries of Time can delay the onset of a wound for a certain amount of time, moving it forward in time, hopefully allowing him to complete a crucial task. Practice: Patterning Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The next wound the mage takes does no damage until the Duration of this spell expires. With the expenditure of a Willpower point, this spell can be cast reflexively, even out of Initiative order. Multiple castings of this spell expire in the chronological order the wounds were recieved. Mysterium rote: Suffering in Abeyance Dice Pool: Stamina+Survival+Time Even if interrupted by an attack, a mystagogue with this spell can finish the last steps of the spell to guard and preserve the Mysteries. The Guardians of the Veil also have their own version of this spell. (Dexterity+Survival+Time) @DementedElf Delay Wounds Time 4 Sometimes, in stressful situations, a mage just doesn't have time to be injured. This spell is a dangerous way of keeping going. Practice: Patterning

Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (one scene) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana This spell shunts any injuries the mage may sustain forward, keeping that damage suspended until the spell ends, at which point it all hits the mage like a ton of bricks. For each success on the casting roll, one point of damage may be shunted forward in time. These successes affect damage as it occurs, the mage cannot pick and choose which damage to take. Wounds cannot be healed pre-emptively before the spell ends, the mage must take his lumps. If, when the spell runs out, enough damage hits to knock the mage unconscious or kill him, then he was foolish. Adamantine Arrow rote: Too Busy Dice Pool: Resolve + Composure + Time This rote has a certain reputation among the Arrow. Specifically, it is known as a last stand spell, and some of those who cast it never have to worry about the wounds waiting for them. The extra time granted, however, may have been enough to save a life...or fell an enemy. @Horus_ Twisting the Future (Time ••••) The mage can study the outcome of another persons action. The willworker can quickly scan the immediate future and determine whether that persons next action will go well or not, and chooses the outcome beneficial for himself. Effectively, the mage watches that person perform an action in the immediate future in an instant and then decides if he has to do it over and maybe fail. Practice: Pattering Action: Instant; subtract target’s Resolve Duration: Transitory (one turn) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Success allows the player to force an oponent to roll twice for a single instant action his character performs in the following turn, taking the better or worse of the two results, depending on the casters will. With Time 5, this spell can be cast reflexively, applying it to an instant action taken in the same turn in which the magic is cast. @Hazeroth Unaging (Time •••• + Life ••) For those mages intent on immortality, but without the want for siphoning off the life of others or selling their souls, this rote allows them to temporarily enjoy more time on Earth. Practice: Patterning Action: Extended Duration: Prololonged Aspect: Vulgar Cost: None

While the spell is active, the mage ages at a rate slower than normal, depending upon the number of successes. Rate of aging: Successes: 1/2 1 1/3 2 1/4 3 1/5 4 1/6 5 The maximum target number the mage can achieve is goverened by the mage's Gnosis or Time, whichever is highest. With Life 3, this spell can be cast at other targets. Free Council Rote: Halting the Sands In conjunction with the rote Seven Breaths in an Instant, this spell makes sure only your mind ages, while your body ages at a normal rate. It is also seen as a much better shot at immortality than stealing lifespans or souls of others, like powerful Moros or Tremere Liches can do. It has also been used in conjunction with Fate to bless certain people found worthy of a longer life.

@Goatstein Clarity (Time OOOOO) The mage enhances his reaction time to an incredible degree. Practice: Making Action: Reflexive Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana Each success scored on the casting roll adds +5 to the mage's Initative score. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Of Lightning Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics + Time It is a simple fact: Mages must fight. And with this rote, the mage virtually guarantees striking the first, vital hit in any combat. @Vargulv Fountain of Youth (Time 5 + Life 3) The mage can expires what it was like to be young for some time. Practice: Unmaking (of years) Action: Extended Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: vulgar Cost: 1 Mana (per year maybe?) For each success on the spellcasting roll the mages personal clock turns back for one year making him one year younger. This spell can only be cast upon self with Time 5 and Life 3. It requires Time 6 and Life 4 to turn back someone else's clock. The spell CANNOT be recast before it expires to increase duration... If sleeper friends see you in extremely altered way they sury will unravel this spell with their disbelief.

Silver Ladder rote: The Power once faded: Comp. + Med.+ Time sometimes it can be very useful to not only look but actually be younger than you really are. @Goatstein Preternatural Speed (Time OOOOO) The mage may take multiple actions in a round. Practice: Making Action: Reflexive Duration: Transitory (1 Turn) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1-5+ Mana The mage may make one extra instant action in this turn per success, up to a maximum of his Time dots or amount of Mana he can spend per turn, whichever is lower. These actions must be mundane in nature and cannot include spellcasting, although the mage may activate an enchanted item, Dodge or move up to twice his Speed. Each extra action the mage takes in this turn also costs him one point of Mana and every extra action after the first suffers a cumulative -1 dice penalty. Example: Zeno has Gnosis 4 and Time 5, and casts Preternatural Speed, achieving three successes. He attacks Rebrerto with a katana. His first attack is normal, but his second suffers a -1 penalty and his thirs suffers a -2 penalty. Since he took three extra actions this turn, he spends three points of Mana. Additionally, each success on the mage's roll gives him one point of Armor and +1 Initiative. The mage does not have to take all of the possible extra actions he is allowed, but his Initative and Armor bonuses still apply. The mage may cast this spell at any point in the Initiative order, but any extra actions must be taken immediately after each other. This spell cannot be stacked with the Time 3 rote "Acceleration," but it can be stacked with any mage armor spell. Adamantine Arrow Rote: Dance of Lightning Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics + Time An Arrow mage realizes that sometimes death must be done with the speed of thought. With this rote, a mage may crush his opponents within but a few seconds.

@Shadow_FF6 Timeless Barrier (*****) Most Acanthus never even bother thinking about imparting forces on the Tapestry, they just have no talent for it. However a clever Time Mage can create a barrier stronger than the strongest force. The Mage freezes the flow of Time on the ambient substance (Usually Air or Water). What Time cannot act on cannot be acted upon by anything else. Practice: Unmaking Action: Instant Duration: Transitory Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana Success go to the size of the barrier and/or Additional Duration. (Insert appropriate chart I don't feel like making here) The barrier is completely impenetrable. The Matter Arcana cannot be worked upon the frozen ambient substance.

An exception to this spell, is that it can be cast in reverse to dispel it, if the potency is matched. Because of conservation of Energy anyone contacting the wall has all force that would have been applied to the wall apllied back unto themselves. This spell is different from Time Stop as it affects only ambient matter, and if anything that could not be classified as an ambient substance is caught in the area, the spell fails. Free Council rote: Dividing by Zero Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Time In science, all change is measure by its relation to change in time. This spell allows a Free-Council Mage to effectively remove the Delta Time from the bottom of any equation. Without Time there is no change.

Other spells
@Goatstein Preserve [Health, Object, Undeath, Temperature] (Life, Matter, Death or Forces OO) Practice: Ruling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (One Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None Life Version: As long as this spell is in effect, the subject's rate of physical aging is cut in half, and they gain a number of bonus dice equal to the caster's dots in Life to resist poison or disease. Additionally, the rate at which poison or disease inflcits damage is halved. If the target for some reason does not wish these effects, they can resist with with a reflexive Stamina + Gnosis roll. Rote: Wits + Medicine + Life Matter Version: As long as this spell is in effect, the object the spell is cast upon does not degrade due to basic environmental effects. A soda does not go flat, a plucked rose does not wilt, bread does not grow mold, and a blade does not rust. This spell offers no protection from attacks or extreme enviromental conditions. Rote: Wits + Science + Matter Death Version: As long as this spell is in effect, the mystical properties of a target's undeath work better. A vampire with this spell cast upon him requires a blood point upon rising only every other night. A draught of vampire blood does not lose its mystical potency while this spell is in effect. A zombie with this spell gains a bonus to its Resistance for the purposes of avoiding rotting damage equal to the caster's dots in Death. An intelligent undead may resist this spell with Stamina + Gnosis. Rote: Manipualtion + Occult + Death Forces Version: As long as this spell is in effect, an object with this spell cast upon it maintains the same temperature it had at the time of casting. Soup always stays warm, ice never melts, and beer stays cold. This spell offers no protection against extreme environmental conditions (such as soup left open in the Antarctic or a unmelting ice cube tossed into a blast furnace.) It is up to the storyteller to decide what constitutes "extreme conditions."

Rote: Wits + Science + Forces

@WalkerBoh Gnothi Seaton Life •• + Mind •• + Fate •• + Prime •• + Space •• (+ Matter •• or Time •••) Know Thyself. These simpe words echo down through history as beacons of wisdom. And yet, how does one come to truly know one's self? To answer this, a mage might try to push aside the Tapestry and view the reality beyond... Practice: Unveiling Action: Extended (Target equals Gnosis + Total Arcana dots) Duration: Prolonged Aspect: Vulgar With this spell, the mage looks both outward and inward, taking stock of the truth of his existence. Upon successfully completing the ritual, the mage gains complete access to his character sheet for the scene. This does not apply to any other ooc knowledge, though with Matter ••, he can analyze any items he carries. With Time •••, he may spend unused Experience Points during the scene. The mage must have all prerequisite Arcanum at one dot higher to cast this on another being (though items not in his possession may be targeted if he has a sympathetic connection to them at the basic level). He cannot spend another being's Experience Points for the creature. Also, for spirits, the mage must have Spirit •• while for ghosts, vampires, or other undead, the mage must have Death ••. Also, he may now cast the spell with the advanced prolongation factors. With an Exceptional Success, the mage also gains insight into the Storytelling System. Casting this spell is a Sin against Wisdom if the Mage has a Wisdom Trait of 4 or higher. @nbkbruce1 Enhanced Mage Armor(Mage Shield?) Any Arcanum 4+ Practice: Shielding Duration: Prolonged(scene) Action: Instant(maybe Extended?) Aspect: Vulgar Cost: 1 Mana The mage can cast an enhanced version of a Mage Armor spell that provides an armor rating equal to the spell's Potency, rather than the limit of the mage's Arcanum level. The effects of the spell are easily visible even to Sleepers, and can wear away quickly if used in their presence. Enhanced Mage Armors have similar appearances to the regular Armor spells, but far more pronounced. One can see blows bouncing off a transparent wall of energy with Forces, or the "skipping" effect of someone constantly moving a second in the future and then back again with Time Armor. Enhanced Mage Armor spells use the same rote skills as their weaker counterparts. With mastery of an Arcanum, this spell can be cast on others. @cerealkiller Opposite reaction (arcanum: varies, * to *****)

Every reaction has an opposite reaction. In Magic the same law applies. For every spell you can think of another mage can do the exact opposite. The net effect is that nothing happens. Mage with the Prime arcanum point out that this is simply called Dispel Magic, but this is something else: Dispel Magic blows away the entire seesaw, you merely push the other end. Practice: Varies Action: Instant Duration: Concentration Aspect: Covert Cost: 1 Mana To use Opposite Reaction, the caster must first succesfully identify the spell he wants to use this spell on, this requires active Mage Sight for Covert spells. If the caster is able to cast the spell himself then he can use Opposite Reaction. To affect a Portal (Space 3) cast by a master in Space, you would still only need Space 3. To affect a combined spell, you must have all the arcana of the spell at sufficient level and have enough gnosis. The spell uses inverse magical energies to suppress an active spell. Each turn the mage gets to roll (something) while he remains concentrating. Successes on this roll remove spell potency of the target spell on a 1 to 1 basis. Once the spell potency is gone, the target spell is suppressed, while the caster keeps concentrating. Note that the spell keeps existing, so it is possible to suppress a spell until the duration runs out. The original spellcaster can concentrate on his own spell (if he knows what is happening, either he sees it happening or he has sense the threads active) to keep it active. He rolls (something) to add spell potency to his spell. This cannot raise the spell potency of a spell beyond the original value. If the caster of Opposite Reaction stops concentrating, the spell becomes active at full strenght immediately. @WordWeaver05 Dud (Death 3, Fate 3, Forces 3, Matter 3, or Time 3) Practice: Fraying Aspect: Covert Duration: 1 Scene Cost: none This handy little spell is essentially mage armour turned the other way. It is cast on an explosive, and will then lower that explosive's damage by the mage's dots in the Arcanum used, in addition to the effect of armour worn by those in the blast radius. Free Council Rote: The Bomb Squad's Little Helper Dice Pool: Intelligence+Science+Arcanum The Free Council is notorious for messing around with dangerous materials. This rote allows for the safe storage or handling of such materials. The Adamantine Arrows use a similar rote. @Jakeybkz Biokinetic Efficiency, Life (O) + Forces (O) Whether one is running, fencing, or throwing a punch much of one's effectiveness is lost in undirected, undisciplined movements. This level of Life and Forces gives the mage a

mystic ability to direct his own voluntary movements through awareness of the kinetic energy of one's whole body and focus it toward a task. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None; but with 1 Mana a mage can make it last all day The mage adds his level of Life to Strength related rolls as well as increasing his effective Strength for the purposes of running, jumping, and throwing objects. Each success counts against counter magic to remove the spell during the Duration of the spell. Once cast the mage may activate this effect 1x/turn with mana expenditure as per Time 3: Accelerate. As the mage advances beyond the basic level this spell becomes subject to advanced prolongation rules. And with the expenditure of 1 mana, the effect lasts for 1 scene (it can never really last much longer than that). Free Council Rote: Biokinetics Dice Pool: Wits +Athletics +Life Through rigorous biofeedback training, a Council mage is able to monitor and control her body with greater efficiency. Arrow mages also employ a version of this rote, which they call Heroic Force using Strength +Athletics +Life. @Jakeybkz Hyper-kinesthesia: Life (O) + Space (O) + Time (O) Keeping track of and knowing exactly where everything around you is and where it is going and how you are moving (or not) in relation to your surroundings can be more than just a little helpful in combat and other especially stressful physical situations. Further, being able to precisely adjust your position in relative space-time to all of these factors can turn the tables in ones favor very quickly. This spell amplifies the mage's ability to comprehend and calculate the position of his body in relation to nearby objects (or people), or the feeling for distance, location, and movement and the ability to control his own voluntary movement with well-nigh superhuman acuity. Practice: Compelling Action: Instant Duration: Prolonged (Scene) Aspect: Covert Cost: None; but with 1 Mana a mage can make it last all day When active the mages Life dots are added to Dexterity based rolls for Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, Stealth, and Weaponry. The mage can also abort any failed action involving the afore mentioned skills. Also, when active, Life dots apply to the mage's Defense and possibly to Initiative. Each success counts against counter magic to remove the spell

during the Duration of the spell. Once cast the mage may activate this effect 1x/turn with mana expenditure as per Time 3: Accelerate. As the mage advances beyond the basic level this spell becomes subject to advanced prolongation rules. And with the expenditure of 1 mana, the effect lasts for 1 scene (it can never really last much longer than that). Adamantine Arrow Rote: Heroic Grace Dice Pool: Wits +Athletics +Life Through rigorous training, an Arrow mage is able to monitor and control her body position with greater and greater efficiency. Other Order mages also employ similar versions of this rote.

New Paths
@Namacuix Aristos, Alchemists on the Path of Sublimation Scions of the Hollow Spire in the Realm of Eutopia Kingdom of Perfection and Abode of Archetypes Those who Awaken inside the Hollow Spire are consumed by something completely unlike the sheer awe that the Crataeids feel or the strange fatalism that affects the Pythoi. The Aristoi's soul is granted something that burns for something: An answer. They catch but a glimpse of the Supernal Eutopia, and are struck with a question: “Why can't it be like this?” They have grasped perfection and have lost it, and are left almost as hollow as the Spire itself when they return to the Fallen World from their journey to the Watchtower. This driving urge is the cause of respect, fear, and pity from others; as well as great works for better and for ill from the Aristoi, and sometimes madness. Such is the burden the elect of Eutopia must face. Eutopia has many shared themes but is sometimes completely different from one Alchemist to the other as their definition of what “perfection” is changes, but the fact remains that no matter what it is Eutopia is indeed the representation of that perfection, and perhaps it is suiting that the Aristoi do all within their capabilities to emulate and become that image of perfection. Whether their perfection is changing the laws of society, creating the most dazzling masterpiece of art, or simply living humbly and saintly is what defines one Aristoi from the next. The Alchemists receive their namesake not only for their talents at manipulating and transmuting gross Matter, but the process by which they lead their Awakened lives. Each moment is a new process by which they can transmute not only the stuff of the physical world but their very souls. Alchemy is not an art of the external, but of the internal. The exchange of one type of matter to the other is simply a metaphor for the spiritual enlightenment within the alchemist, and the Aristoi are the ideal representation of that process of Sublimation. Their connection to this realm often causes them to become obsessed with flaws, both in themselves and others. They can fixate on them and this often makes them, in the eyes of others, compulsive perfectionists at best and utterly mad at worst. While not all seek to impose their image of perfection on others, those that do are numerous enough to cause the reputation that the Aristoi must bear whether they enjoy it or not. Ruling Arcana: Prime/Matter. The Alchemists sublimate gross Matter and the very stuff of

magick itself through the application of Arcanum Prime. The realm of Eutopia is the ideal representation of everything, and their resonance with this tower allows them to strengthen what is there and make it closer to their Platonic idea of what is perfect. Inferior Arcana: Fate. For an Alchemist there is no such thing as fortune or chance. An application of willpower is sufficient to overcome any obstacle, and the whims of Fate is the excuse of a weak-minded fool. Thus most Aristoi find it difficult to grasp the basic concepts behind the Fate Arcanum. This is considered by some ironic as Fate can be worked to make things operate in such a perfect fashion, but the Alchemists haughtily respond that a true craftsman makes sure the work he makes works perfectly despite the pithy influence of Fortune. Watchtower: The Hollow Spire. In the sublime realm of Eutopia sits a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of mankind, a tower that goes on forever built with the very hands of the Archons. The Kingdom of Perfection symbolizes all that is idealized and sought by humankind, and the Archetypes that inhabit it are exemplars and Platonic shapes that further give the example by which the Alchemists strive for, to Move the World. Praxis: Within the Atlantean Mythic paradigm and its Greek influences, Platonism and the search for reason above natural human impulses seems a perfect fit for the Aristos path, and they seek inspiration in the great geometer Archimedes, who spoke the words of their Watchtower in the Fallen Realm and many Aristoi believe to have been Awakened himself. There are just as many mages, however, that cleave to different methods of perfection. Many follow their namesake and follow Hermeticism and alchemy, using their material transmutations to seek transcendence. Those fascinated (or native to) Eastern cultures find peace through Taoism and Zen philosophies, in which internal alchemy can be achieved through the movement of Prime energies and immortality (a famous goal of alchemists the world over, but truly a metaphor for enlightenment) achieved. Symbology: The compass dictates the dimensions of an object and measures it for the Aristos geometer, but some Alchemists prefer the symbol of the alembic which distills their souls under the sublimating influence of fire. The Theban Sphinx told a riddle that no one but Oedipus (another hero of the Aristoi) could answer, and the Aristoi in turn seek the answer to the questions that burn inside them. They are represented by the tarot card of The Chariot. Orders: The Aristos often choses their order based upon what his image of perfection is, thus it is hard to generalize among all Aristoi which order they would favor about all. Still, recurring themes amongst the scions of Eutopia allow there to be some similarities. There is no doubt that the Collegiate of the Silver Ladder holds a slim majority of the Alchemists' number. The Collegiate praises adeptness in all things and scorns the lessers' concept of humility. The Alchemists in turn appreciate the hierarchy the Collegiate provides, seeing each rung on the Ladder as a new opportunity to test themselves. This same competitive personality and strength through adversity attracts the Aristos mage to the Fellow-Soldiers of the Adamant Arrow. Battle is a baptism of fire that sublimates the form, and the dedication of the Adamant Arrow to its task can cause envy in some of the most tenacious of Alchemists. For the Aristos mage who finds the systems of the status quo to be unfitting of perfection, who would change not only himself but a political system to his image find fellow minds in the Free Council of Minds, and the lack of hierarchy among the Libertines means the Aristos would be unfettered in his pursuit of the answer to his burning question.

While perhaps less so than the other Orders, the Sodalicium Mysteriorum provide the insatiable curiosities of the Aristoi something to chew on, although many are frustrated by the many levels and Mysteries that one must pass through to truly grasp the secrets that the Mysterium hides. Yet those who find the dedication and the patience oftentimes become some of the most influential and knowledgeable Mystagogues. The Grand Lodge of the Manifold Veils does not have a lack of Aristoi, and to those select few who decide to join it is a perfect fit. The Guardians say that their task is to protect others in the Pentacle from themselves, to keep knowledge where it belongs, and to become what they must fight in order to fight it. Those Alchemists who chose to join the Lodge tend to be those who believe less that they themselves can achieve perfection, but those who would prefer to subtly guide others towards it while they themselves subject themselves to their own imperfections for the greater good. Appearance: Running the gamut from each individual, much like their philosophy there is truly only one theme that unites the Aristoi in their appearance, and that is perfection. Whatever they look like, whether it is a high-powered CEO, a robed master of a Labyrinthe cult, or a homeless man making symbols in the sand, they oft attempt to be the definite archetype of what they consider to be perfect, or at least what they consider themselves to be. Background: There is one other common thread that unites many of the Alchemists. Before their Awakening all at some point incomplete, imperfect, or at least insignificant in the grand scale of things. Most were simply ordinary people who were chosen for some reason to become what they are now by the unfathomable will of the Hollow Spire. Some were those who were unsatisfied with their position completely and tried to change it whatever it was, whether it was mutilating themselves or deprivation or allowing themselves to be abused. More than one Aristos Awakened during an episode of attempted suicide. And all who experienced the Awakening either felt before or during it the dangerous lingering sensation of obsession. Character Creation: The Aristos path exists through the unfettered will and wish to overcome, and thus Mental Attributes, especially Intelligence, are often a priority, but this is hardly certain. An equal number of Aristoi exhibit prowess and power through Presence and the Social realm. It is a relative few that dedicate themselves to the Physical form, and those that do are often respected just as much as those masters of the other aspects. Willpower is often high, and often the Aristoi neglect their Finesse attributes. Whatever their Attribute focus was, the Aristos will find that Mental Abilities are by far the most effective. Hoarding knowledge to answer their questions, in the vast majority of cases the Alchemists cleave to a primary focus on Mental Abilities, even those who are dedicated to the honing of their physical bodies. Fortitude to the Aristoi is the most sacred of Virtues, it is the representation of the dedication to the perfection they seek and thus admired. Pride strikes the Aristoi all too often, and often of a subtle kind; the kind that prevents them from seeing that their image of perfection can be flawed. Favored Resistance Attribute: Resolve Nimbus: Refinement. The most common elements of the Aristos Nimbus involve the

perception of all things in their most idealized form. Shapes, lines, sounds, and even thoughts become sublimated and more and more akin to what one might imagine them to be, fitting either the individual or the Aristos's concept of perfection. Many variations exist, but this common theme provides a baseline by which the others can be compared. Notable Legacies: The Daksha, the Pygmalian Society, Uncrowned Kings Concepts: Abused housewife, body modification enthusiast, modern-day Paracelsus, ostracized physicist, science-fiction writer, transhumanist, Utopian socialist, would-be philosopher-king Stereotypes: Crataeis: They would rather worship perfection than become it. They speak of omnipotent unchanging beings but are afraid of emulating them. Why? Enodius: They find their own form of perfection in the movement of the stars, but you can't drag the Heavens to Earth just because you aren't able to get there yourself. Nestos: They think themselves gentle shepherds, but on the other side of the coin is the gentle euthanist. Nature can be imbalanced, it is up to the Awakened to perfect it. Pythos: The future can be changed if you have the fulcrum and lever upon which to move it. @Namacuix Diactorus, Messengers on the Path of the Open Road Ruling Arcana: Fate/Space. As their name suggests, the Messengers bridge the gaps between worlds and words. Their mastery of the Fate Arcanum leads them to be inclined towards "hermeneutics", the interpretation of hidden meanings as well as astrological and tarot based divination of chance and fortune, and their affinity for Space means that no distance will keep them from their destination, the ability to map the heavens and travel between them. Inferior Arcana: Prime. Their watchtower lies in the primordial Khaos, a realm of void and detachment. The Messengers also tend to represent this in some detachment from the Supernal Reality, and find magicks dealing with the core essence of magic difficult to learn. Watchtower: The Perpetual Orrery. A massive planetarium that watches in the boundless primordial void that is Khaos, mapping the movements of the Celestial Bodies that inhabit that great nothingness. This is the Kingdom of Dreams and the words written on the Orrery are As Above, So Below. Philosophy: Each of the paths tend to be connected to an ancient tradition of philosophy. The Diactori tend to be associated with the syncretic god of Hermes Trismegistus and his Hermeticism. Yet less vain Messengers tend to connect to the more mundane philosopher and astrologer Hipparchos, with his pre-Socratic brand of naturalism. Symbology: The Hermetic staff of travellers, the caduceus, is a potent symbol of this path. Each of the paths also choses one of the great monsters of Greek tradition to represent their path, and the Messengers chose Aethon, the tawny eagle that eats at Prometheus's innards each day, to show their oftentime position as punishers and enforcers of the spoken law. They are represented by the tarot card of The Magician. Notable Legacies: Talons of Aethon (Fangs of Mara), the Thrice-Great, Walkers in Mists Closest Equivalent: Acanthus @Namacuix Hyperius, Demigods on the Path of Thundering Ruling Arcana: Spirit/Forces. The Demigods are masters of base elemental forces and the world due the the mandate given to them from their Olympian forefathers. Their

respect and veneration for ancestral spirits (which are defined more as concepts and thus are spiritual rather than entropic, like ghosts) and supposed "divine" aspect grant them power over the patterns of the Spirit Arcanum. This same skill allows them to affect the gross pattern of the world itself in summoning Forces to aid their crusade and journey. Inferior Arcana: Entropy. Ouranos is a place where nothing ends and there is no such thing as decay or dying. The concept of Entropy and the end of all things eludes the Hyperii for they cannot see things in that manner. When you "die", you go on to become an ancestor, or part of the Henod, or some other concept in the Demigod's Praxis. The idea of "ends" is anathema to the Hyperius path. Watchtower: The Shining Summit. A burning mountain stands in the center of Ouranos, the great sky and Heaven above reality where the Olympians sit on their laurels, unending and undying. The Kingdom of Heroes preaches its holy mandate from this Summit, the words of Through Labor Glory. Philosophy: The Hyperii oft associate themselves with the bard Orpheus, who developed the Orphic Mysteries and told the tales of the god. To many of the Hyperii and those they emulate, storytellin is akin to something holy, and they often call their philosophy theogony after the names for creation myths among Greek tradition. Veneration for something more powerful than oneself and the celebration of it is what usually defines the Hyperii. Symbology: The mace is often used to symbolize the Demigod's path, as it is a development of the club that Herakles used as well a symbol of kings and authority. The Hyperii represent themselves with the Nemean Lion, the first of the Twelve Labors, a magnificent and terrible beast of the Gods. They are represented by the tarot card of The Emperor. Notable Legacies: The Daksha, Scions of Henod, Sodality of the Tor Closest Equivalent: Obrimos @Namacuix Malophus, Shepherds on the Path of Serenity Ruling Arcana: Prime/Life. The Shepherds are connected by soul to the Supernal Realm of beginnings and origins. They devote themselves to guiding creation above all things, be that magickal or mundane. The Prime Arcanum allows them to connect the Fallen World to the Supernal for just a moment, to create something truly wondrous for a short time, and through Life they birth something within ourselves to try and create something more. Inferior Arcana: Forces. The Kingdom of Creation birthed what lead to these Forces, but the Serene do not take action against them. Phusis is a realm of unfettered growth and fecundity, and it is not the place of gentle and humble Shepherds to change the path of these Forces. Watchtower: The Bleeding Tree. In the every growing ever shifting realm of Phusis stands a tree which constantly bleeds red crimson blood, and each drop births a new life and new possibility for the Kingdom of Creation. The mysterious earthly beings of the Cthonians, the primordial beings from which all else spring, boom the words that are written on the Tree: Sow the Seed. Philosophy: Diogenes of Sinope, a beggar of Athens, acted like a dog to show the folly of man. The Malophi are inspired by his Cynicism in gently and passively questioning all, depriving themselves of the fetters of civilization to truly question the point of creation, to try and tear away the Fallen World so the Supernal may bleed through. Symbology: The wooden bowl is not a glorious symbol, but a fitting one for the Shepherds, although some instead chose the Grail as a more recognizeable symbol. Those familiar with the usually gentle nature of the Shepherds are surprised that their monstrous patron is the Lernean Hydra, a nameless serpent with endless heads that bleed forth and rancid, poisonous breath. They are represented by the tarot card of The Hermit. Notable Legacies: Dreamspeakers, the Fallen Pillar, Orphans of Proteus

Closest Equivalent: Thyrsus @Namacuix Morus, Keepers on the Path of Ending Ruling Arcana: Death/Time. The Keepers know the secret truth that others, in their eyes, are unwilling to admit. Everything in time is broken down and becomes nothing, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. While many take this in different ways, all Morus, because of their connection to the inevitability of the Aion are competent in the arts of Entropy as well as Time. They are at once euthanists and seers. Inferior Arcana: Matter. When you know that nothing lasts, why focus your time denying the inevitable? This puzzles many Morus, as Kingdom of Transition will hold no permenancy. Thus Morus have difficulty with magicks trying to affect the patterns of permenant, physical objects in the Fallen World. Watchtower: The Unmoving Dial. Whether it is the gears of a great clock or an onyx symbol, the great tower of the Aion is frozen in stasis in a Kingdom of Transition. The replaying images of the past, present, and future create the Eidolons, shades of what was, what is, and what will be. The words are simple and stark: All Things End. Philosophy: The philosopher Zeno of Citium created a philosophy of Stoicism, of abandoning one's irrational thoughts and facing reason and truth. Through dedication to this truth, it was theorized, one can truly become enlightened. While not all Keepers can claim to be Stoic, this philosophy has a definite influence on their soul. Symbology: The scales suit the Mori quite well as a symbol of their understanding of the truth in this world. It comes as no surprise that the creature chosen to represent them is Cerberus, three-headed hound of Tartarus. They are represented by the tarot card of The Hanged Man. Notable Legacies: Cult of the Doomsday Clock, Stone Scribes, the Thread-Cutters Closest Equivalent: Moros @Namacuix Zelatus, Alchemists on the Path of Seeking Ruling Arcana: Mind/Matter. Do you not see? The world around you can bow to your unfettered will if you simply apply it. A Zelatus engages in the arts of alchemy not only to transmute gross Matter but to sublimate and hone their Mind as well. It is through dedicate and sheer force of personality that they connect themselves to Utopia and rule the Fallen World's laws through the application of magick. Inferior Arcana: Fate. For an Alchemist there is no such thing as fortune or chance. An application of the Mind and its psychic willpower is sufficient to overcome any obstacle, and the whims of Fate is the excuse of a weak-minded fool. Thus most Zelati find it difficult to grasp the basic concepts behind the Fate Arcanum. Watchtower: The Hollow Spire. In the sublime realm of Utopia sits a testament to the dedication and ingenuiety of mankind, a tower that goes on forever built with the very hands of the Philosopher-King Oracles. The Kingdom of Perfection symbolizes all that is idealized and sought by humankind, and the Platonic Shapes that inhabit it are exemplars and archetypes that further give the example by which the Alchemists strive for, to Move the World. Philosophy: Platonism and the search for reason above natural human impulses seems a perfect fit for the Zelatus path, and they seek inspiration in the great geometer Archimedes, who spoke the words of their Watchtower in the Fallen Realm and many Zelati believe to have been Awakened himself. Symbology: The compass dictates the dimensions of an object and measures it for the Zelatus geometer, but some Alchemists prefer the symbol of the alembic which distills their souls under the sublimating influence of fire. The Theban Sphinx told a riddle that no one

could answer, and the Zelati in turn seek the answer to the questions that burn inside them. They are represented by the tarot card of The Chariot. Notable Legacies: The Austere, the Pygmalian Society, Uncrowned Kings Closest Equivalent: Mastigos

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