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Drug-like (grouping)

Aethusa cynapium
Agaricus muscarius
Anhalonium lewinii (anh)
Banisteriopsis caapi (Bani-c)
Bovista lycoperdon (Bov)
Bufo Rana (Bufo)
Camphora (Camph)
Cannabis indica (Cann-i)
Cocaerythroylon coca (Coca)
Convolvulus duartinus (Convo-d)
Convolvulus stans (Convo-s)
Helleborus niger (Hell)
Hydrogenum (Hydrog)
Lactuca virosa (Lact)
Laurocerasus officinalis (Laur)
Lithium carbonicum (Lith-c)
Nabalus serpentaria (Nabal)
Nux moschata (Nux-m)
Opium (Op)
Penthorum sedoides (Pen)
Piper methysticum (Pip-m)
Psilocybe caerulescens (Psil)
often used for anesthesia reason or spiritual reasons
psycho-benumbing - to make the inner world more free, move from subconscious to conscious. Allowing the person to explore their inner world in a different way often a cultural addiction to these substance versus personal addiction. Usually only used 1-3 times in whole
life of the users
INTENSITY of experience
Opening a door
The possibility of merging different perceptions
like smelling music
having a clear vision of music
moving from your subconscious ot conscious
mystical transcendent, zero - everything and nothing
Majority of mental symptoms

Drug-like (grouping)
a sense of yourself which is transcended
you belong to a larger dimension
clear sensation of a community
experiment with an experience that is forward, in advance of present
Drugs consider them a cage
Normal cage for our human mind, concepts
of space and time
i am able to perceive the real reality
can be pleasant or disastrous
a clear strong real experience that cannot be expressed with any word
so wonderful, so real, so visual that our words cannot explain
communication via words is extremely limiting for them
there is a strong creativity - it is gigantic - it is the only told they can use to over come this
thru music, thru drawing, thru sculpturing
not religion at all
the idea of being compressed, blocked, caged, is intolerable for these drugs
the idea of being in contact with something bigger, the reason for your existence, your suffering, why you are the person you are - is extremely important.
It is mandatory to move somewhere else
To explain the suffering, the loneliness
this is fundamental for them - something connected with divinity
closer to the idea of god as nature and of being around us
Inner enlightenment
something inside yourself, but not rational
A clear feeling of what is right and what
is wrong
in contact with what is deep in our soul
and be able to do that is an easy way
before Jung died, there was a beautiful
interview. In which is said - i know that
God exists. When there is an absolute
clear explanation for something. For you
it is a fact. For other people it is not so

Drug-like (grouping)
something and almost the opposite can exist
thinking in a dual way
something black and white, light and
in the mind, in the way of thinking of the person, ideas that are the opposite can actually
live together within the person's mind
In the same moment, in the same person, can
live together
for them - absolutely evident - no problem with
a clear perception, a certain moment of your life something happened that changed your life
not always a trauma
from that moment on, something was opened in their mind
They are never the same
this experience is so full of noetic, ineffable, paradox, etc. and it is so special to them that it is
not easily explained
in case of witches - used Solenacea family - after these drug experiences the witches did not
remember anything of that experience - after this experience - everything was gone
This is the opposite of what happens with these drugs
with this - your life changes completely forever, with no chance to come back
Like in OPIUM - nothing is the same afterwards
(not necessarily forsaken)
With forsaken - there is a relationship
with Drugs we see an isolation - when this relationship never existed
it is not possible to feel isolated when there was a relationship
As if they were born alone
zero = totality
so this experience is the complete opposite of this isolation - complete totality
can be a sense of communion with everything around you
a part of the tree, a part of the world
otherwise, you are alone in the universe, absolutely nothing around you
no possible contact with anything
living in a context, in a body that is not supporting them
Common strategy is avoidance - to project yourself into another dimension

Drug-like (grouping)
a deep dramatic lack of connection, needing to withdrawal because world is so painful
an overwhelming world around you - so overwhelming that you were almost not recognized at all, over
protective family. Projects on to you and you are
never seen. A a result of living with someone that
is unable ot recognize you. It's a similar kind of isolation.
it's very common in these remedies
When they suffer - they have to isolate completely
not talking to anybody, not seeing anybody
just being in contact with your inner dimension. without arriving in a schizoid state
allows you to withdraw
the headaches could explain the relationship between the inner body and their real corpus
how disconnected these drugs are from their body
this benumbing attitude, this avoidance, isolation - a disconnection from their body.
these headaches that are benumbing
like in Opium - a passive, bowels are not moving, not sleeping, not going to a toilet, all the basic functions that allow a body it exist - are stopped
as if to live into this body is so painful
easier to go somewhere else
this head only- not connected to the body
most of these drugs are very effective pain killers
Technically - they don't give you any energy - they allow you to squeeze out your existing
So you are over expressing your power
so typically - strategy of not coping with your nullity
I don't need anything from this body
SO after remedy - they will encounter their suffering for the first time - you will move them
back into contact with their body
you might think it is aggravation - but it's not suffering - its just coming back
Like OPIUM - is also known for gigantic anger or rebellion or suffering
the first reaction can be painful
usually they are pretty suspicious, they don't have a lot of trust, this first relationship was not
there or not seeing them
usually they are extremely difficult to be hooked
this good remedy can be scary for them

Drug-like (grouping)
DRAMATIC sense of coldness
like with Agaricus - it is very chilly
The coldness of the drugs is tremendous - is internal - into the
bones, a kind of chilliness with no hope
an inner dimension
related to the sense of isolation
can be extremely chilly people but they may not cover themselves that much
can be the poor relationship that they have with their own
like in asylum - patients that escape into the snow and are
This cold is very characteristic of these remedies
Doing something completely different than rest of the world is
how unique and special their behavior is
how original
like with Art, Gaudi - was a consumer of mushrooms - allowed him to express his genius in a
remarkable way
As if no connection to any other artist out there
it was unique - it was crazy, out of context, beautiful