Naturopathic Treament Can be Safely Combined with TMS for Treatment of Depresssi on by Dr.

Fruitman Dr Fruitman, Board Certified Psychiatrist practicing at South Shore Neuropsychia tric Center located in Hewlett, Long Island, New York, offers TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatment of Depression, which can be successfully combine d with naturopathic remedies prescribed by naturopathic practitioners. Patients no longer are forced to choose between Naturopathic and Allopathic treatment. Hewlett, NY - April 20, 2010 -- Depression is a common illness. One in six adult s will suffer from depression in their life time. Unfortunately, not all suffere rs of Depression are able to benefit from anti-depressant medications. Some pati ents do not believe in taking medications, some patients can not tolerate anti-d epressants, yet others do not find them effective. Frequently, the treatment of Depression is split: a patient either receives traditional Anti-Depressants from allopathic Psychiatrists or Naturopathic remedies from Naturopathic practitione rs. Now, there is a way to combine both approaches into one successful treatment . Now, there is a new treatment for Depression, that is free of Psychotropic medic ations, FDA-approved, safe and effective. Dr Fruitman, Board Certified Psychiatr ist, is offering TMS treatment for Depression in Hewlett, NY at South Shore Neur opsychiatric Center. South Shore Neuropsychiatric Center is the first to offer T MS (Trarnscranial Magnetic Stimulation) Depression is a common illness. One of the major benefits of TMS is that unlike medication, TMS does not circula te through the body, therefore there are no adverse side effects such as weight gain, dry mouth, upset stomach, or sexual dysfunction typically associated with traditional anti depressant regimens. And unlike other treatment, such as electr o convulsive therapy (ECT), TMS does not cause cognitive side effects or memory problems. No anesthesia or sedation is used, so you can drive yourself to and fr om treatment and even go back to work or school right after treatment is finishe d. A course of TMS is expected to help patient achieve remission of Depression, whi le continuing to be under the care of naturopathic practitioner. Once TMS treatm ent is finished, patient s mental and physical health is maintained by Naturopathi c physician. During treatment, the patient relaxes in a chair, similar to that used at a dent ist s office. During the first session, patient relaxes in a comfortable chair sim ilar to first-class airplane seat, while Dr. Fruitman and trained TMS coordinato r , K. C. Levitan, LMHC, properly locate the stimulus site (Dorsilateral Prefron tal Cortex, an area implicated in Depression). During the following sessions, th e magnet is placed over the stimulus site and the magnetic pulses are administer ed at scientifically-determined frequency and strength. Over a period of about 4 0 minutes. TMS is typically administered five times a week over the course of fo ur to six weeks. Dr. Fruitman is a Board Certified Psychiatrist. He is nationally recognized as a n expert in the field of psychopharmacology. Dr. Fruitman specializes in the tre atment of Anxiety and Depression. He is the first psychiatrist to use TMS in the Five Town area of Long Island. Contact : Edward Fruitman, MD South Shore Neuropsychiatric Center 1451 Broadway Hewlett, NY, 11557 (516) 295-4867 Long Island TMS, TMS Long Island, TMS hewlett, Psychiatry Hewlett, Psychiatry Wo odmere, Depression

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