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One Door

Another Door

One Door Closes,

Another Door
Copyright January 2010 By Dan C. Okpara
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Special Thanks
Chapter 1: When You Cant Explain Why
Chapter 2: Creating Room For Open Doors From Within
Chapter 3: Understanding The Power Of Today
Chapter 4: Some Doors Require Plenty Of Knocks To Open
Chapter 5: Opportunities Come To Those Prepared
Chapter 6: Sometimes You Need To Break Rules And Take Risks
Chapter 7: Critics And Faultfinders Are Unpaid Advertisers.
Chapter 8: How to Naturally Attract All Kinds Of Open Doors In 72 Hours
Or Less
Chapter 9: Business And Moneymaking Ideas: Experience Money Flow
Into Your Life In 72 Hours Or Less
Chapter 10

A work of this nature could not have been possible without the contribution
of many great people, directly and indirectly. I appreciate
from the depth of my heart all those who have made various contributions
toward the success of this book. Several books and magazines have helped
in no small way to make this a reality. I owe a depth of gratitude to these
great publications.

My special thanks goes to the Almighty God whose love and power has
been seeing me through the battles of life. And also to the man of
God, Bishop David Oyedepo, whose unflinching faith, daring works, bold
teachings and impact God has been using to mold me.

This book is dedicated to four categories of people who are great gifts in my
life: First, to my treasure of inestimable value, Doris, my wonderful wife,
who has brought so much joy and peace in my life.
Secondly, to my close mentors, Rev. David Dick Nwolisa, Will of God
Outreach Ministries and Rev. Patrick Philip, Friends of Jesus Holy Ghost
Chapel. God has used these men to prune the call of God in my life.
Thirdly, to Dr. Kingsley A.O. Ojie, the M.D, Chinwendu Hospital,
Awomamma, Imo State, whose love for God and magnanimous spirit has
been very instrumental to my growth in the ministry.
Finally, to all of you my friends and readers.

Tunde (not his real name) was the first child of his parents. Having suffered
from poliomyelitis (an infectious disease, caused by a virus, that affects
the central nervous system and can cause temporary or permanent
paralysis) as a child he had enormous challenges growing up. However,
with the support of his loving parents he was able to muster courage to go to
school and build a desire to be successful within him. His plan was to
become an accountant. He ate, talked and slept with the idea.
However, the unfortunate happened. Towards the end of his secondary
school education he lost his parents in a rather mysterious way.
Consequently, that dream was prematurely quashed. That door was closed.
But thank God that is not the end of the story. Its always said that as long as
there is life there is hope. If one door closes there will always be other doors
that open if we look well.
With his siblings to look after Tunde had no option than to forfeit his
secondary education and learn a trade. But as an invalid as well there was
little or no chance for him in most of the very active trades and
merchandising. So he learnt the art of shoemaking.
Here in Nigeria shoemaking is considered a very low producing occupation.
But with the help of God Tunde has turned it into something else. His
warmth, zeal and exceptional skill in the work has endeared him to many
clients and they keep increasing in number everyday and keep coming back.
From the same trade he is able to take care of his siblings and adequately
provide for them. And just recently he got married and as you read this now
the family is blessed with a beautiful daughter, and I know more is in the

Who says you cant turn disabilities into exceptional success stories? Who
says you cant turn life setbacks, disappointments and frustrations into huge
opportunities and eventual testimonies?
The truth is that in life when one door closes another door opens. This
book is a compilation of prevocational thoughts and ideas that will move
you from where you are right now to where you ought to be. As we journey
together in this book you will find yourself throwing away all forms of
excuses holding you hitherto from making progress as you ought to. At the
end we will together smile and share success stories out of what seems rough
today. Please give a copy of this book to someone dear to your heart. You
would make a great difference doing so. Good morning!

Food For Thought

There is something you can do today to start moving your life forward.
It may be small but start it. Every big thing starts small.
Search for the seed of good in every adversity...OG Mandino.
Others can stop you are the only one who
can do it permanently. Zig Ziglar


When You Cant

Explain Why
Culled From Daily Sun, Sat., June 12, 2010

He lost four kids and his wife in a row, sent parking by his own parents, lost
his job and lived in the streets, attempted suicide three times, but today he is
living like a king.
Most people you see enjoying and laughing today, may possibly have had
some rough sides in their history.
James Folorunsho Ajao, is a District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic
Church, in Ajeromi area of Lagos. This man of God may be seen by
watchers as one that has seen no problem or someone whose life has been
rolling smoothly on the conveyor belt of goodies, but he has actually tasted
the bitter side of life.
He went through an overdose of it and nearly sank in the mire of trials of
life. At a stage he felt it would be better to end his life and actually tried to.
But a hand stronger than him kept keeping him till the day the storm was
Sometimes the journey of life could be so rough that at the moment of
darkness one would almost certainly think all hope is lost. Mr Ajao (now a
pastor ) lost almost all that make life worth a living to an extent he never
saw the reason to hang on till tomorrow.

Save for an invisible hand, his suicide attempts would have The things that
happened to him are indications that most times it takes tough times to make
one grow.
Below is an extract of his story granted to Daily Sun some time ago.
Chains of Calamities
I never had a formal marriage with my first woman. We met while in
secondary school and she had a baby for me. I later went home to marry
another wife who also had a baby for me in 1981 and died ten days after.
Barely three months after I returned from her burial, my only son died. In
fact, it was a chain of tragedies.
When I returned from the warfront in the late 60s, I had married a wife who
had three children for me, but unfortunately all died in succession.
The first one died and others followed. Muyideen Olawale, the fourth child I
lost, was crushed by a vehicle on his way to school.
Life became so difficult and bitter, as I had not even a place to stay. I lost
almost everything I had. So I did not know what next to do.
When the going became so tough and unbearable, I wanted to commit
suicide on three occasions. The first time was when my mother was unable
to accommodate me, when I had no job.
I had no job in Lagos and was afraid to travel home due to the kind of
mother I had. For 30 years, I did not travel home due to frustration and

His story is easier told than experienced.

Losing four kids and a wife in a row, and rejected by your own parents, and
no family is easy to talk about but believe me not easy to bear.
The second attempt at suicide was when my wife died ten days after
childbirth. I never knew, God would provide another wife for me. I spent all

I had then. Her death led to several other hardships and near calamities. It
was more or less a taboo in my town for ones wife to die. My case was talk
of the town, and I was stigmatized and the challenges were so much on me,
so, I decided to leave my residence at Ladega Street, Olodi Apapa to get
drowned at a nearby lagoon. But (un)fortunately, a taxi hit me on my way
and I was rushed back to my residence.

That was the first church I attended, before becoming a planter. In 1983,
three years after the death of my son, I saw his picture in dream. I asked him
why he did not go to school, but before he could respond, a voice told me to
leave the boy and take my Bible. When I Iooked back, the boy had
disappeared. Later, my religious mentor took me to the church. From there, I
became fully committed in Christian religion because there is nowhere to
run to any more.
When my father heard that I had become a Christian, he did not believe it
because to him, as a good Muslim, coping with a Christian child would be
very difficult. However, I tried to convince him and we coped well with each
other. The only area I found difficult cooperating with my father was buying
ram for Ileya. I told him that he should expect another thing from me, but
not Ileya ram and he accepted it.
At a stage, my father began to identify with Christianity. Even when he was
ill and about to die, he called me to pray for him, and I did. In fact, I made
my people to know the power of my new faith.
In fact, I do not know what actually took the lives of my children or made
me encounter the series of struggles. All I know is that all would have been
signs of my salvation. After the death of my four children and last wife who
had another child for me, I was helpless. Since my people so much believe
in herbs and fetishes, I had no option, than to try God in Christ Apostolic
Church. Because of my peculiar situation, after Sunday service I was given
part of the offering for my up-keep. I was able to cope very fast, because
99% of the worshippers were Yoruba who did not understand English
language. So, due to my knowledge of English, I was made an interpreter.

Thereafter, I was appointed the Ogo Oluwa District Superintendent of CAC,

Oke Igbala, Ajegunle Lagos were I am presently.
Blossoming once again
After the death of my former wife during child birth, I married the one I am
now living with. The only surviving child of my late wife is now studying at
the College of Education, Oyo. My present wife has three children, Bosede,
Isaac and Victoria. They are all doing well. So after all I passed through, I
am now one of the leaders in Christ Apostolic Church. I also have four
children and hope to have more by Gods grace, not minding my age at
53.How many times have you heard the statement that you are responsible
for where you are today? Obviously, more than you can count. As a
motivational speaker myself I say it everyday and I agree that 80% of the
time we are responsible for where we are and what happens to us; but what
about the other 20%? It is also true that if we do the 80% work on ourselves
we would be successful; but sometimes the other 20% could cause some
terrible blows to our lives.
For example, Blessing was dating Emmanuel and they were making
arrangements to get married. Every observer called it a perfect match. But
one day everything changed. Blessing introduced her friend, Anita, to
Emmanuel while the latter visited. However, unknown to Blessing, Anita
afterward cornered her and blackmailed her before Emmanuel. As Blessing
was making efforts to unravel the cause of the sudden lost of love in her guy
she got the shocker of her life. She got wind of the date Emmanuel and
Anita would be officially wedding.
Imagine that! What can you make out of it? We hear stories like other every
other day. The question is, how is Blessing or those in her situation
responsible for the perils they found themselves in?
The truth is that there are so many things we cant explain why they
happened to us. We cannot explain why certain doors closed and why they
had to close against us when they did. We just found the doors closed.
However, whatever is the case weve found ourselves in, lets look beyond
them and look for the doors that open after the other doors closed. Our

biggest problem would be dwelling so long waiting for the closed doors to
open. Some times they re-open, but most times they dont.
When you find doors closed at youlook beyond. Pick up what is left of
you and move on, always remembering that when one door closes, another
door is open.

Food For Thought

Nothing in life is so hard that you cant make it easier by the way you
take it. - Ellen Glasgow.
I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to
please everybody. - Bill Cosby.
If at first you dont succeed , try, try, and try again. - Thomas H.


Your Open Doors Starts

From Within
If you see a person who complains of no money, giving him money
immediately is good, but Ive found out most of the time that the problem is
actually beyond that. Without first helping such a person see how his
thoughts and actions could have brought him where he is, he will spend the
money as fast as he can and need more sooner or later
The foundation for every change in life is our thought pattern. Nothing
destroys the destiny of a man faster than having wrong and destructive belief
system. No matter how you try to assist a man whose belief system is wrong
he will remain where he is.
I heard Uma Ukpai say sometime ago, until I can change the way you think
I cant change the things that happen to you!. From experience, I have
listed a few highly destructive personal belief systems you have to reject
with every strength youve got. You have to get rid of these ideas to be able
to move forward in your life.


As at the time of this writing, His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is the
acting president of our country. He emerged the acting president after a
series of political events thats not necessary in this project. The point is
those of us following events have all seen how the man emerged from
nowhere to reach the highest office in any nation, practically filling positions

he never struggled to earn. Most of us have jokingly said we would name

our sons Goodluck when we talk about the rise of the acting President.
You see, I acknowledge the fact that in a few cases people do enjoy extreme
favors they never struggled or worked for. Sometimes without thinking we
call these extreme favors in life luck and when we dont have things that
way most people conclude they are not lucky. Try as much as you can to
discourage them from such views, youll find out its almost impossible.
They have hundreds of reasons and experiences they could share with
anyone why they cant expect much from life.
You need to know that the best things of life dont come on the platform of
luck, but on the platform of sowing and reaping. You are what you are today
because of the past things you have thought and done not due to luck. I
have read experts saying that luck only has one percent input to our overall
success. The fact is that if we do what we ought to do we will always be
lucky. So you do not have bad luck!


Many fellows have the notion that the economy have not given them a
chance to succeed and be what they should be. However, thats not true! I
agree that our Government has not treated us nicely. Things could have been
a lot easier if the necessary social amenities are in place. All the same, the
responsibility to make a better life out of what is available is all yours.
We all need to get out of the government blame game and look for ways to
make useful contribution within our environment. For instance, the
unavailability of certain resources is an opportunity to provide those things
and make profit.
So many people have become rich selling inverter and solar powered
devices, as these instruments are good supplements to the power problem in
the country. While others only make complains and see what they cannot do,
others are using the problems as footage for big profit making. Our economy
closed some useful doors for us but those closed doors also provide so many
open doors for those who can think.

So concentrate on looking for things you can do to move your life forward
with what is available. Change your thoughts, says Norman V. Peale,
and you change your world. If you believe you can never succeed under a
certain prevalent economic situation, you invoke natural obstacles to stop all
your efforts from yielding fruit.


Another common false belief that most people have allowed to remain with
them is that Its Impossible To Succeed Without Being A Cheat. But the truth
is that people still make it being right. Students still make first class without
compromise. People still make money without playing games. Its taking
place everyday.
I know most people will say, Well, youre not in my shoes. You dont
know what is happening here. However, I dont need to be where you are to
know that theres so much pressure to join the bandwagon of cheats and
corrupted fellows. In as much as cheats are all around us its not true that
everybody is cheating, neither is it true that honest men dont make it in life.
Heres an important point you should not easily forget: whatever a man gets
by tricks and crooks will not better his life in the end. Ask students who
got their certificates through crooks. The certificates dont take them
anywhere after all.
You can make it being right. So kill that idea that only crooks succeed
otherwise you will remain where you are. Such tiny belief is so powerful
that it can close all genuine doors that should have been your lot. What you
think will always find ways to materialize in your life.


Most of my Christian brothers have misinterpreted the Bible to say the
money is the root of every evil. But thats wrong! The Bible did not say that
money is the root of evil. It says the LOVE of moneyIt is the
uncontrollable desire for money at all costs, no matter whose ox is gored,

disregarding common virtues and value, all to grab moneythats what is

the root of evil (1Timothy 6:10).
Money in itself is not evil because it is also required to achieve any form of
good in our world. The Bible states that money answers all things. God
wants His people - and that includes you to have money, enough to do
good to our families, the church and community. So you have to do away
with that idea that money is the root of every evil. This kind of belief has a
way of evoking natural obstacles against anyone.


It looks like in this part of the world when people encounter some form of
difficulty and setbacks that persist for some time they make conclusions that
they are under some kind of curses, and afterwards spend a major part of
their lives chasing after witches, wizards and curses.
Most of the prayers in our Churches actually take more time talking about
what enemies and the devil are doing and can do, instead of spending more
time in what God is doing and can do. Too bad!
Do not recline to your situation with the idea that you are under a curse or
that one witch from your village is the reason things arent working. It is true
that curses exist because blessings exist. We know that witches and wizards
and wicked men exist, but they are not your problem. You need to
understand and convince yourself that there are more angels willing to make
good happen to you than there are enemies willing to cause bad in your life.
This kind of conviction will help you command the many angels of good to
stop the few angels of bad in your life
Try dealing with theI Am Under A Curse. I Have Many Enemies
syndrome and see what good you will release in your life. You are not
destined to be poor or miserable. No curse or witch is enough to stop you
unless you accept that opinion. You are cursed only as long as you keep
saying you are.


Most times in the course of counseling folks Ive had to deal with people
who believe their problem and failures all stem from the fact that they Came
From Poor Family Backgrounds or that they Dont Have Sufficient
Education or that they dont t Have The Brain, or that they have no one to
assist them. But experience has shown us that people can and do overcome
these difficulties to make their lives better
You are not the only one who came from a poor family. For instance, some
people talk about those born with silver spoon. For me, I was born without a
spoon at all, but I am trying to see how to earn my own spoon. The man who
invented the electric bulb came from a poor background and did not have
much of formal education per se.
You see, success in life is not much of a certificate issue, as it is with doing
something with your skill. Many certificate people end up being employed
by the non-certificate people.
This is not to say that getting a certificate or studying for degrees is
worthless. Of course not. They do have their place and do give their own
edge in life. What Im trying to say is that even those who did not have the
privilege of being sent to school still have equal chance at life with those
who had.
After all, your education is what you make it and how you go about it. For
me, I could not attend regular school but I had to find ways to get educated.
The woman who is today my wife did not have it rosy going through the
University. At a time she had to struggle and do menial labors to cater for
her educational needs.
Your education is what you make it. If you did not have the privilege of
being sent to school, you can have school come to you. With so many
opportunities these days you can take courses while you still go about your
normal work activities.
If you think there is a door you cant fully maximize due to limited
education why not take some part-time courses and fill that gap and make
something better with your life? If you know what you want to do you can
get the necessary education that will help you do it successfully.


Task No. 1: Speak
As we have seen above, there are some false beliefs that have the potential
of making doors perpetually closed on us. You have to do away with these
thought patterns and ideas and build the right mindset that attracts good
A man can only go as far as his thinking permits him, says Napoleon.
Our thoughts dictate the events of our life. So convince yourself that you are
destined to succeed. Lets see a few ways you can try to work on yourself.
You see, God has designed your mouth to be the president and secretary of
your life. You can use it to correctly program your thoughts and direct the
events of your life. Your mouth is a destiny molder, said Dr. David
Oyedepo. It is the construction company of your life.
Your today is a product of the combination of your yesterdays thoughts,
words and actions. Your tomorrow will be the resultant effect of your belief,
words and actions today. Learn to have a positive approach to life. Say good
words to yourself and before you know it you would develop the kind of
confidence that attracts good things and open all forms of doors that was
hitherto closed on you.
It doesnt matter what you are going through today, tell yourself everything
is working out for your own good. You dont need to wait for things to
change before you starting talking good to yourself. You start talking good
for things to start changing.
Practice this alone every night before you sleep off in your bed: Tell
yourself out and aloud for at least twelve times:
I am born to excel in all that I do. I have success, health and peace of
mind. I cannot be stopped by anything or by any force. Every thing and
every person is working for my good from today onwards

Write the above statement out and memorize it. Say it to yourself often.
on your way to workwhile in the officebefore attending a meeting. Do it
for the next 30 days. Youll discover unusual confidence and favors flowing
into your life.
Doing all you can to build faith in yourself no matter what is happening to
you is your first step to change. Convince yourself you are qualified for the
best things of life (Numbers 14:28).
You may not have cash today. That is not a sign that you are poor or that
you are a failure. You are a failure when you think you are. Every disability
carries with it a special advantage. Fanny Crosby was blind. Yet she
composed nine thousand songs in her life and became a respected voice.
Do not look down on yourself any day, anytime. And never allow yourself to
be caught in the sin of self-pity. You have everything it takes to succeed in
life. Just keep on, keeping on. The rewards will surely come.

Task No. 2: Imagine

Picture before you three great men you admire most in life. Always ask
yourself, How would these men behave? How would they talk or relate
with issues? What kind of people would they always move with? How
would they always dress and compose themselves? What kind of music
would they always enjoy? What would they always do?
Sometimes when I find myself stuck with some very difficult issues I ask
myself, if this were Dr. David Oyedepo, what would he do. He is one of my
role models. I keep asking myself questions until I could get some ideas
about the issue at hand.
If you want to be a success in life, start now to behave, think and talk like
the successful. What you behave you become. Let your character and daily
activities portray you as one who knows where he is going.
Deepak Chopra said, It is yourself that must be constantly transforming,
you cannot bring the same old self to the world, and expect the world to be
new for you.

Food For Thought

Others can stop you temporarily -you are the only one who can do it
permanently - Zig Ziglar.
Men and women are not limited by the place of their birth, not the
color of their skin but by the size of their expectation (hope) - John
Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things
turn out - John Wooden.
Assume responsibility for the quality of your own life - Norman Cousins


Understanding The Power Of

One of the ways to establish doors of great opportunities for yourself is by
understanding the power of today. Living to maximize today is your
guarantee to a great tomorrow. Big success is a collection of little successes
realized daily over a long period of time. What you do daily said Mike
Murdock, determines what you become permanently
Life has taught me that Tomorrow Does Not Exist. Every tomorrow ends up
becoming another today. Think about it. Today is the tomorrow you talked
about yesterday. If you cannot make use of today very well, youll be
programming yourself for disaster.
Let me tell you how to know what will happen to you tomorrow. Its not by
having someone read your palms and prophesy over you. Its not also by
reading of stars or what planet you come from. It is by observing what you
are doing today. Todays seeds are the harvest of tomorrow. If your life
makes no concrete input to a purpose daily you can be sure you are heading
for bad end.
When do you intend to write those letters? Make those business calls?
Tomorrow, right? Well, tomorrow does not exist! Start them today.

When do you intend to write and submit your application for a job? When
you see a vacancy? Tomorrow? Well, tomorrow does not exist. Do that
today and go in search of it TODAY.
When do you intend to start doing that assignment? Tomorrow? Well,
tomorrow does not exist. Start it today. Now.
When do you intend to begin that project? When do you intend to start
writing that book? When do you intend to start taking steps towards your
calling and vision? When do you intend to start doing something about that
business you have in mind? When do you intend to attend that business
seminar you have in mind? Tomorrow? Next year? Next Time? Huh?
Well, tomorrow does not exist. Start today.
You will never really know what you can do until you try. Waiting for the
perfect time equals waiting till eternity. Every thing will never become
perfect for you to start. Just begin. Take the first steps today. Other things
will start opening up.
When do you intend to look into the matter of your salvation, hell fire and
those preaching they give you everyday? Tomorrow, right? Well, tomorrow
does not exist. Next time is the devils time. Do it today. Ask Jesus to come
into your life TODAY. RIGHT NOW.
To reach somewhere you have to start somewhere! And the best way to start
is to start where you are with what you have. Dont worry about things
you dont have. What you already have will create what you want if you
put them into use. Dont forget, what you cannot start, you cannot achieve.
When do you intend to start fasting and praying about those terrible dreams
and attacks in your life and family? Tomorrow? When God speaks? Well,
God has spoken. Tomorrow does not exist. Start today anyhow. Maybe 610AM. Just start somewhere. Do something.
If you see a grave against your life, start closing it today immediately. If
you leave it for tomorrow, by then it would have widened.
Whatever you can do to better your life, dont put it for tomorrow
Tomorrow does not exist start today towards it.


24 hours! Thats what you have everyday. Thats what everyone has. The
rich does not have more; neither do the poor have less. How you mange
these hours determine the outcome of your life and future. These tips will
help you to maximize each day of your life.

Always Start Each Day Of Your Life In The Presence To God

No day is dark when you live it in the presence of God. Never step out of
your house without having enough time in prayer each morning. Any
activity intended to stop you from this most honorable meeting is not worth
it. You need heavens backing and support everyday to always have a happy
day. Commit the days activities into His hands and ask Him to help and
direct you (See Proverbs 3:6)

Always Have A Plan Of Action Each Day Of Your Life

Never step out of your house each day without a written plan of things to
accomplish for the day. In fact, always plan your tomorrow today and
specify the major activities that take you to your dream clearly on a paper.
And go out with a determination to accomplish your task.
Solomon said, Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly
before you. Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that is firm.
Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil (Proverbs
That means you should always know what you must do daily that move you
forward. And always go about it seriously. Avoid time wasters and time
wasting activities. Any meeting, discussion or visits that is not part of your
days plan, control it.

Say No to Procrastination.

I heard someone say sometime ago, Procrastination is a graveyard to

every good intention. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
advised Thomas Jefferson. A postponed assignment, which should have
been done today, increases the burden of tomorrow!

Guard Yourself And Your Family Against Negatives

How much of your time or that of members of your family goes to television
everyday? You see, I love those movie guys efforts. But if you want to be a
move forward in life beware how that box takes your time.
Always Have A Thanksgiving Feast With Your Family Every Day.
Always have a lovely time with your family members each day. Let your
suppers be a thanksgiving feast. Pray together with your family. The family
that prays together stays together. Never become so busy that you dont have
a godly sweet time with your family daily
Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestseller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said, Your
future is today. Do today what you want for your tomorrows. If you want a
healthy teeth in the future brush your teeth today

Food For Thought

Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. If you cannot make
use of today very well, youre definitely working against your
Big success is a collection of little successes realized daily over a long
period of time.
What you do daily determines what you become permanently - Mike
A postponed assignment, which should have been done today, increases
the burden of tomorrow.
You will never really know what you can do until you try. Waiting for
the perfect time equals waiting till eternity. Every thing will never
become perfect for you to start.


Some Doors Require Plenty Of

Knocks To Open


People tend to give up on their noble cause or idea when they encounter
some kind of defeat. But life has proved to only favor those
who stay long enough in the game that even defeat and failure becomes tired
of them. A great thinker once said, The law of numbers favors only those
who make many attempts. The fact is that we fail our way to success. I
have a friend who wrote JAMB eight times before he made his score and got
admission into the university. Imagine that. Thats eight years of failure in a
At a stage in your life you will lose friends, people who cant put up with
your rationale for continuing what you are doing will part ways with you.
Your family members may even come to a point of losing confidence in you
over your idea or direction. But if you know that something good will come
out of that direction, never quit.
Sometimes we have to hit many times at a door before it opens. We have to
keep making attempts and trying before we see signs of life in what we are
working at. The sad part of the game is that if we quit beforehand we wont
arrive at our goals.
We have to be misunderstood when we are still struggling to stand, so that
when we eventually stand, we can be understood. There will always come a
time or a season in your life when it will seem the best thing for you to do is
to quit your pursuit. But you can be sure its not. If my friend had given up
when it seemed the best thing for him to do he would not have had the
opportunity of going through the university.

Sometimes to open some doors you have to knock harder and keep
knocking. Life must first test you enough to see if you having a staying
power before it allows nature to deliver its goodies into your hands, along
that your field of pursuit. Only those who persist knocking will the door of
life open for!
No matter how many times you have failed in the pursuit of your goal never
quit. You may seek another route; you may seek another strategy, but by all
means, keep trying. All great success stories are punctuated with failures,
says Charles Poissant. Paths without obstacles only lead nowhere, adds
another wise man. Persistence is the beauty of existence!


1. You are Almost There
When you encounter your worst of defeat, life is just about delivering into
your hands what you seek, if you stay on some more. So its a waste of time
regretting your mistakes and failures. That is the only way to hurt your
2. Pray
Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal, according to Thomas Moore.
So when you seem to be faced with the worst, pray. Pray. Pray. I have learnt
that I can pray for anything, anywhere, anyhow.
3. Accept Responsibility
We have not failed except when we start blaming others as the cause of the
problem we are going through. Accept responsibility for any defeat or
failure you experience. Learn your lesson immediately and triple your efforts
in retaliation of that defeat. That is the way to bounce back better off. Never
blame anybody.
4. Re-Strategize
Failure after failure is a sign you need another strategy. When you have done
something a long time without tangible proofs, its a sign youre not doing it
right, its a call you must devise another strategy.

But let every strategy you devise be ones to move you forward. Remember
that anytime you look back you take a step backward and reduce a step
forward. John Mason said, You dont go forward looking backward.
You have heard philosophers say that change is the only permanent thing in
life. Things will not continue the way they are today. Thats a fact. So if you
must finish the race you must stay on track. The law of numbers will only
favor those who make many attempts.


Sometime ago, I read that Thomas Edison (the man who invented the light
bulb) answered a call one day and went out to discover that his laboratory,
which he labored many years to build, was engulfed in fire. Its a tortuous
sight to watch ones years of effort go down in few minutes. Seeing there
was nothing else he could do to save the situation he did something that
should encourage you.
The story has it that he called his son and shouted, Son, run, go call your
mother to come out and see this fire because you may never see another fire
like this in your life again.
They all watched the laboratory burn down to ashes and he was left with
nothing. But he was convinced that was not the end of his life. He looked
ahead and saw something beyond the present. He went forward, and right
from the next day he began to build another laboratory. He did not wait until
the government answered him. Today the electric bulb among other things
stands as a product of that mans persistent effort.


As at the time of this writing the Government of Lagos State in an effort to
make the state a city is demolishing a lot of buildings and structures. While
the plan of the Government is a great one that should be commended we
should not forget that those buildings and structures represent lifetime
efforts of some fellows. Many people have been kicked out of job and lost
their means of livelihood as a result of this government action.

If you are among those who were affected by this new direction of the state
it is easy for you to think that all hope is lost. But the truth is that it is not.
Look beyond and access the doors that are open for you and move ahead
with your life. Always remember that you have something leftover with
which you can rebuild your life.
God is good at using leftovers to create better turnovers. So no matter what
you have lost count what you have left and move on. You lost your job
thank God its not your life you lost. You lost your business thank God
you still have life. You lost your car thank God you know how to drive.
Quit bemoaning your situation and start over to build your life again.
You lost some part of your body thank God you still have some. You lost
someone dear to your heart and life thank God because its not all over.
Face your future and look for other ways to live a productive life. Mathew
Ashimolowo said, its not over until its over.
You lost your fiance or you just broke up after trying your hardest to make
things work out thank God it happened now that you arent married. Look
ahead and stop troubling yourself. When one door closes, another door is
either already open or is about to open, but you must remain positive to enter
When there is no one to encourage you, encourage yourself and go forward.
When there is none to comfort and motivate you fire yourself on and
move. When no one appreciates your efforts, appreciate yourself and do
more. In everything, in every situation, proceed!


The best way to think about a difficult time is, There must be a way out of
this. What must I do? God help me. I must get out of this mess. What is the
way forward? That type of thinking is called forward thinking. Backward
thinking on the other hand is, Im finished, why is all this happening to me?
Im drawn.
To make any progress or get the job we started done we must learn to be
forward thinkers.

...If you have started what is right and you are convinced in your heart
about it, dont abandon it or fold your hands, continue with it. Very shortly
what looked like a mirage will become a reality, says David Abioye. The
way will not always be easy, but look for ways to go on. Every journey has
a crisis junction. But always remember, a bend in the road is not the end of
the journey, according to Robert Schuller
Before you start a thing be convinced its right for you. And once you have
started fight through and see it finished. Only finished products attract
rewards! When you experience unusual delay, its not a sign you should
quit. Rather you should find out what is wrong with the whole process, put it
in order, and move on. Men who rule the world are those who think and
think and think and think until they get the job done.

Food For Thought

All great success stories are punctuated with failures Poissant.


We have not failed except when we start blaming others as the cause of
the problem. Accept responsibility for any defeat or failure you
experience. Learn your lessons immediately and triple your efforts in
retaliation of that defeat.
We have to be misunderstood when we are still struggling to stand, so
that when we eventually stand, we can be understood.
No matter what you have lost count what you have left and move on.
God is good at using leftovers to create better turnovers.


Opportunities Come To Those

I got what has proved to be an invaluable advice some time ago from Jim
Rohn. He said, the better you become inwardly and at what you are doing,
the more doors you will naturally attract to open for you. The more contacts
you will naturally expose yourself to and the more success you will enjoy.
Mark one of the keywords in those first two sentences. It is naturally. It
means it will just come on its own. For instance, you dont need to struggle
to make rainfall. It naturally falls in its season. That is the same way life is.
You wont need to struggle to enjoy certain and most great open doors that
will bring you to serious prosperity, love, fame, support and a lot of
friendship. Just take the time, invest the effort to be better at what you do.


1. Find what youre good at and concentrate on it: Spend much of your
time thinking and working on that area. You cannot succeed doing
everything. Everything (or even many things) is the road that leads to
obscurity. Be a man of few things or even one thing. In that field of life have
a big goal. Write down and state clearly what you want to accomplish in that
2. Divide your goal into different levels of ... accomplishment. Just as we
have Primary 1-6, Secondary 1-6, etc. Divide your goal into different levels.
If you have a plan to become an estate and land developer, you need to start
from somewhere. Identifying these stages you have to go through is what I
mean by somewhere. You need to ascertain the phases you would have to go
through to come to your desired end

3. Read as much as you can about what youre into: Gather materials and
resources. Buy books, tapes, software, whatever, invest and learn as much as
you can. Theres a better way to do anything. Find that way. Make contacts
with those already excelling in that field. Acquire the knowledge and skill
required to excel.
4. Do everything you can never to associate with failures in that pursuit:,
This is because they will kill your faith by always telling you ten thousand
reasons why it is difficult to succeed in that dream. In every field of life
there are failures and winners. There are pauper doctors and great doctors.
There are miserable pastors and enviable ones. There are quack lawyers and
very great ones. In every field of life there are those making money and
those losing money and value constantly. And sometimes the losers are
always more in number than the winners. But look for the winners, expose
yourself to them, their way of life and continuously learn from them.
5. Make sure your daily life is thoughtfully... planned in such a way that
every day adds a step to your dream. Dont forget that big success is a
collection of little successes achieved daily over a period of time.
6. Always maintain a close walk with God through daily prayer and
constant meeting with fellow Christians. This will help you defeat all forms
of evil darkness and know the transition of your dreams.


A couple of years ago, I visited a property of a very successful man. As I
knelt at the gate wondering and thinking about such a great feat this man has
achieved in his life I heard a voice from within me saying Whatever
any man has done another man can do it and even more. It is subject to
desire and hard work. I have never forgotten that lesson.
We can get to anywhere we want in life no matter where we are coming
from. You can do anything you want and rise to any level you want in life. It
all boils down to how we see and do things.
If another man can make so much money in this country, under this
economy, then anybody can make money and be rich as well. It doesnt

matter how much you have to start your life or how many people you know.
Once you get the basics right then you are on your way.
I read a very interesting piece in one of Bishop David Oyedepos books
sometime ago. Its so loaded I want to share it with you.
James and Peter are two wonderful friends. They were employed by the
Federal Forestry Department to fell trees. On agreement it was decided that
each person would be paid three naira per tree. They were given the same
brand of blunt cutlasses and left to go into action.
James said, Beloved I am off to the town to sharpen my cutlass. But Peter
being full of faith said, I will finish all the work before you arrive. To him,
all things are possible to him that believeth (even felling trees with blunt
James went to town to sharpen his cutlass out of the money he would be
paid. On his arrival brother Peter the man of faith was still on the first tree.
But James found it easy to fell the trees because he has sharpened the
cutlass. At the end of the day brother Peter with all the strength and zeal
felled only three trees, while James succeeded with ten trees. Peter would
have nine (9) naira, while James would have thirty (30) naira).
The lesson: Take time to prepare for anything you will do, youll gain speed
rising. Rushing into a thing without adequate preparation will reduce your
pace and increase your struggles. When youre struggling more and having
lesser results, its a sign youre not well sharpened for that task. Nothing
great is achieved in haste.


Before you venture into anything be prepared. Solomon said, If the axe is
dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring
success. In life, nothing great is achieved in haste. Planning is always
essential for good performance.

Jesus spent thirty years to prepare for a ministry of three and half years.
However during those three years He shook the world, and were still
enjoying the impacts of those three years.
Your secret preparation determines your public performance. Myles
Munroe said, The secret of appearing confident is preparation. Whenever
youre in a haste to do anything youll definitely multiply your mistakes on
the way and possibly prolong that thing more than you think. Preparation
time must precede doing time.
Abraham Lincoln once said; If I have ten minutes to cut down a tree, I will
use the first six minutes to sharpen my ax. The longer you take to train and
prepare yourself towards any goal or task the easier it would take to realize
that goal.
Many young ministers today are confused, beaten and ready to quit the
ministry. Many have already quit. The problem is not that God did not call
them. Most are called. The problem is poor planning and preparation. Most
will not take time to learn from their seniors
Life has taught me that the more the haste the less the speed! While Im not
a fan of over planning...because you can never get everything right to start
most times...I am an ardent believer in preparation. For the past 10 years I
have been writing and keeping manuscripts. As at present I have done over
20 books and have the manuscripts with some of my books over 600 pages
in length. Yet I have only published about 4 small books.
Am I cursed? I dont think I am. A wise man once said, If you jump up
youll come down, but if you climb up, youll stay.

Bear in mind that the better you become inwardly and at what you are doing,
the more doors you will naturally attract to open for you. The more contacts
you will naturally expose yourself to and the more success you will enjoy.
So the key is to take the time, invest the effort to be better at what you do.
And one of the fastest ways to become better at what we do and speed up
our life is by reading and learning.

Through reading we seek advice from and partner with great minds in our
pursuits. I might not have met Donald Trump, one of the worlds greatest
real estate billionaires to ask him for advice on real estate. But through
studying most of his books I have his advice and views about that. Can you
beat that kind of education?
I do not think I would be able to meet with someone like Warren Buffet oneon-one to have him teach me how to make investments that makes money.
But through reading his books I can have him do that. Imagine that!
As at the time of this writing I have not been able to meet Dr. Oyedepo oneon-one to have him tell me how hes been able to maintain a hitch free
marriage for twenty-something years. But through his books I know what he
does and would tell me to do if I meet him face to face about marriage.
Imagine! Here am I in my humble room and there you have Barrack Obama
telling me how he went through tough times to become the US
presidentthrough his book. We might not ever meet but he can teach me
and help me get to where I want. because of the power of books.
Underestimating the importance of books and reading is terrible. Most
Africans would prefer to hunt for witches and wizards all their lives than
spend a few hours reading and making discovery how to go about their
businesses, careers, marriage and money problems. No wonder they said that
if you want to hide something from a black man put it in a book.
Almost all ideas you need to move your business, marriage, ministry and life
beyond where it is now is in one book or the other. But most of us would
rather pray and fast and look for witches than go look for such books and
read them. How sad!


There is nothing new in life. Whatever you desire to do or become, some
persons have reached there and are already celebrated heroes in that field.
The only way you can reach that place faster is to become a diligent student
of the lives and works of such people.

Thats why we spend time and valuable resources to acquire and read books,
listen to tapes and attend life-building seminars instead of parties. Ignoring
this kind of education robs us the opportunities we actually need to achieve
our goals.
You will not live long enough to want to learn everything that will make
your life meaningful from your own experience. Thats why you have to
learn from the works and experiences of others who have done what you
desire to do. To ignore the role of this kind of education in your life or play
down on it is tantamount to failure.

Ignorance is deadly. Its only cure is a search for knowledge through written
works of people who have the testimonies of what we aspire to do or have.
An illiterate is not a man who cannot read or write; an illiterate is rather one
who assumes he knows enough. To be a success in life we must remain
students even after school.
Every outstanding personality in life is a lifetime student! The more
informed you are concerning what you are doing the better results you will
have. So invest in information materials, especially towards your area of
focus. Be crazy about information. That is the only way to be ahead.
Although not every reader is a leader, every effective leader is a reader. You
actually stop leading when you stop reading. Anyone who stops learning is
old whether at twenty of eight. Said Henry Ford. Anyone who keeps
learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.
The day you stop learning new things in your life and field you start losing
the color of your calling and destiny because only one thing will separate
you from the crowd: the information you have! So you must upgrade what
you know every day. You are as great as you are informed!
Every attack of witches, wizards, demons or whatever influencing your life
is actually capitalizing on your ignorance. Take time and read about them
and get informed and they will get deformed.

Food For Thought

You will not live long enough to want to learn everything that will make you
from your own experience. Thats why you have to learn from the works of
others who have done what you desire to do.
Take time to prepare for anything you will do, youll gain speed rising.
Rushing into a thing without adequate preparation will reduce your pace and
increase your struggles. When youre struggling more and having lesser
results, its a sign youre not well sharpened for that task.
Nothing Great is achieved in a haste.
If you have ten minutes to cut down a tree, spend six minutes to sharpen
your axe


Sometimes You Need To Break

Rules And Take Risks
There is a short story in the Holy Book that I have always admired and
learned a lot from in my life. The story poses a great challenge to anyone
who wants to be more successful in his life or get better results than he is
getting now in his endeavor. Its found in 2 Kings 7:3-11. Those lepers
broke all available rules and created tremendous open doors of prosperity for
themselves and the entire community.
I suggest you spend some time and study that story. Youll find a new fire
burning in your bones. I believe there were several other lepers at that city
gate who were resigned to their situation and waited for death. Those other
lepers must have thought and said....
The constitution says this is where lepers must stay. By our condition we
can only live on the leftovers of the society. Well, this is the way life has
made us. We have no option. Well wait and see whatever tomorrow
They did not know that even if a whole community rejects you, you can
and must create a new community and move on with life. Life becomes
tired of you when you become tired of it.
Never resign yourself to your situation. No matter how bad everything have
become for you dont resign from life. There is something you can still do.
The four lepers in question refused to be useless. They took the bull by the
horn, damned the consequences and history will never wash their names

Every thing was against them. People were against them. Animals were
against them. Trees were against them. The constitution was against them.
But they tapped themselves and told each other, Men, we cannot just stay
here, bound by this leprosy rule and constitution of the land and die. Even
though men rejected us, even though we must die, lets not stay here. Lets
go find something to eat. Who knows, God might help us. Lets march out
and give our lives a meaning. If we die in that process, better
They did not die!
That story proves that a mans God only gets into action when that person
rises to confront his situation with a determination never to turn back
without evidence. It proves that it is not your outlook that determines what
life delivers into your hands, but your mind look. It proves that nothing
happens unless you do something.
So many prophecies of success and blessings has gone ahead of you, both
from your parents and preachers. But nothing will happen until you get up
and seriously start thinking of how to get out of where you are now to a
better place.
Unless you get up from where you are now and begin to make continuous,
positive, determined, radical, mad moves towards your deepest desires
heaven wont come in. Youll remain where you are and even die there.
Your situation cannot change unless you do something even if it means
taking some risks.
If you must break your head, break it while in the fight to give your life a
meaning and not from a slippery ground. If you must die, die while in the
genuine pursuit for a better life.
It requires big risks to get big result!
1. Know where you are going in life. Know what you are aiming at per
time. Know what you want to do.

2. Be convinced in your heart that your plan, your idea, your business
aim is right and that it will improve your life and help others too.
3. Make your plans. Devise your strategies. But bear in mind that
perfect plan does not exist.
4. Pray for your aim with all your heart. That way you involve God and
the universe of unseen angels to work for your favor.
5. Then go for that aim. Dont just fold your arms and expect God to
move. You move. Start doing something about your desire. God
moves with those who are moving. If the Holy Spirit doesnt move
you, move in the Holy Spirit.
6. Dont bang that goal and go for something else because of obstacles.
Go forward. If you fail, make another plan, devise another strategy
and move again. If you fail again, replace your plan with another and
then another and another, and keep moving until disappointment
becomes tired of you and life begins to deliver what you want.
7. David Oyedepo said, Life does not give you what you deserve, life
gives you what you demand. Make life pay you what you want.


Four men brought a sick friend who was paralyzed to Jesus. There was no
way to get the patient to a comfortable position where Jesus could see and
give him the desired attention. The crowd was much. And there was no way
they could book an appointment with Jesus because He would be staying in
that town just for that day.
All this was enough for them to consider and go home. They could have told
their friend, Boy, were sorry. We cannot change the situation. Weve tried
our best. Brace up and lets take you home. Well try next time.

But that was not what they did. Instead they made an opening in the roof
above Jesus and after digging through it, lowered the mat the paralyzed man
was lying on (Mark 2:4).
Can you imagine that! They threw the paralyzed man down from the roof
and caused a commotion, thereby getting the attention they needed. That was
faith in action. It was a proof of their determination to succeed. It was proof
they would never accept anything like no or next time (which have never
existed in the world). It was proof of their vow to succeed. And what was the
result? They made it!
Many people actually go back from their pursuits when they are very close
to their solution because they wont break protocols or take risks. I
remember in those days when I was desperately searching for a job. There
was this vacancy I filled an application for even though I did not have the
required certificate and years of experience. You know what I mean
I knew I would not be called for the interview because I did not meet up
with the requirements so I devised a different way to have a meeting with
the management. Not knowing the meeting was for the job the man in
charge gave me an appointment. It was there I told him I was the best person
for this job even though I didnt have the required certificate and experience.
I narrated to them why I should be given the job. I did not tell them its
because I need their money to survive (but you know I do), rather I gave
them a plan of things I intend to do that will move their business forward.
They saw the desperation and willingness in me and gave me the job. So I
Obviously, thats not a normal way to get a job. I broke the rules and all the
protocols. But it was worth it. Be willing to dig through the roof above and
lower down your mat instead of living without a meaning. That is, take
positive risks. Do unusual things to get to your goal. Break some rules
break some limiting protocols!
Men who strike gold do not dig with shovel, spade or knife. They dig with
something harder. You cannot follow conventional approach and arrive at
GOLD STREET. Never. Dont follow the as usual street because it ends at

The crowd (pubic opinions...this is the way it has always been done) is very
good at stopping one from getting through. Only men of concrete
determination beat them by following UNUSUAL STREET and
Analyze the vision or goal you have and picture if the prize is good enough
for a stake. If its good enough, embrace and pursue it with a vow to
succeed. When the going gets too tough you are just about getting through.
Just take some break and come up with better strategies.
Never abandon your goal, vision or project because you discover that some
risks are involved, or because the game became tough. Tough games often
attract better rewards
Someone noted, It is risky not to take risks. He that observes the wind
does not sow, according to Solomon. Step out and play your ball, and play
it hard, else life will kick against you. It is better to fail trying something
great, than succeed daring nothing. Do unusual things to get to your goal so
long as no one is harmed or cheated. Great men take right risks.
God will keep silent until He sees enough desire, push and desperation in
you towards the deepest desires of your heart and of His assignment for your
life. The door of Opportunity always and only opens for those who are
continuously making attempts.
Beware of that road called AS USUAL street. It ends at NOWHERE. Men
who just depend on the NORMAL WAYS of doing it always die losers. It
is the AB-NORMAL, yes, the UN-USUAL Road that connects men to
success Street. It was not normal when Faraday came up with the theory of
Discover all the normal ways of doing whatever youre involved in. But then
add a further step. Invent and use the abnormal ways. Thats what
separates one from the multitude.
Any mountain you encounter on the way which refuses to disappear when
you speak to it, dig patches through it, and climb it. He turns not back who
is bound to a star! Said, Leonardo Da Vinci. It takes a hard heart to make a

Food For Thought

A mans God only gets into action when that person rises to
confront his situation with a determination never to turn back
without a change.
Be willing to dig through the roof above and lower down your
mat instead of living without a meaning. That is, take positive
risks. Do unusual things to get to your goal. Break some rules,
break limiting protocols!
When the going gets too tough you are just about getting
through. Just take some break and come up with better strategies.
Tough games attract better rewards. Discover all the normal
ways of doing whatever youre involved in. But then add a further
step. Invent and use the abnormal ways. Thats what separates
one from the multitude


Critics And Faultfinders Are

Unpaid Advertisers
This book will not be complete if I did not say something about criticism
and faultfinding. Experience has taught me that it is a part of
everyday life. Sometimes most of us fear it so much that we walk away from
great and effectual open doors that God has opened for us.
Personally, I have always been afraid of what people will say until I realized
there was no way I would make them not talk. If I try to refrain from taking
great actions I would hear rumors that I am a no good, but a liability. When I
try to make great moves I hear rumors that I am a greedy and proud fellow. I
kept working against my aspirations in an attempt to please everybody and
prevent people from talking. But whatever I did, they talked.
Bill Cosby said, I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is
trying to please everybody. If you are actually trying to achieve
something with your life you will definitely have plenty of people who will
oppose you, castigate you, or even declare war against you. People will
misunderstand you. Even your family members might not get along with you
over the direction and idea you are talking about initially
Even those who do nothing worthwhile also dont escape opposition and
criticism, how much more those who are making attempts to achieve
something. But one fact remains clear, though hidden: critics and
faultfinders are only voluntary advertisers. We need to thank and appreciate
them for the publicity they give without pay.
A great statesman once said: It is not the critic who counts, not the man
who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the door of deeds
could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in
the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives
valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again; who knows the
great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself triumph of high

achievement; and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring
greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who
know neither defeat nor victory.
I have always advised people that it is better to fail while trying to do
something that will make your life and others better than succeed doing
nothing. He who withdraws from his plans because of what people will say
is already a dead man even though he lives because people will still talk.
You need to know that critics and faultfinders are secret followers. You need
them to validate your greatness. Successful men do not fight back at their
critics and faultfinders. People will always talk no matter what you do.
Thats the way life is. It will not start or stop with you.
There are two best ways to handle and respond to criticism and faultfinders:
Keep silent and produce more proofs. Success is the best form of revenge. A
runner with a purpose to get gold does not attend to mosquitoes on the way.
No matter how many bullets you have received, so long as youre still up,
keep running. Get the gold first; the mosquitoes will disappear.
On your part always mind your business. Bear in mind that any time spent
discussing the faults of others will multiply your problems and obstacles by
at least a hundred percent. You have enough problems to deal with. Dont
create more by discussing others faults. Stop giving conclusions and
judgment for anything you were not there when it happened.
Beware of anyone who discusses others faults with you. He will soon start
discussing your faults with others. Beware! Every mocker ends up a
I think everyone in any form of leadership should tell their followers to
avoid meetings and discussions targeted against other leaders, men of God
and other ministries, else they will keep having problems they cant help
them solve.

Critics and faultfinders are always small people beating about the bush or
just fighting the air. There are always more serious things to do than sit
down and discuss the faults and weaknesses of others.

Food For Thought

It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong
man stumbled, or where the door of deeds could have done better....
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is
marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly, who errs and
comes up short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great
devotions, and spends himself triumph of high achievement; and who at the
worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall
never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither defeat nor
There are two best ways to handle and respond to criticism and faultfinders:
Keep silent and produce more proofs. Success is the best form of revenge.


How to Naturally Attract All

Kinds Of Open Doors In 30 Days
Or Less


Whatever an open door mean to you at this juncture, would you please
underline it. If Ive been too partial that I did not state what an open door
might be to you please write yours in the three lines below. Lets define
exactly what you want and look forward to experience in the next 30 days.
This is very important because the first step towards any breakthrough is to
know exactly what we want. So get that done.
To some, open door means more business connection
To some, it means restoration of their marriage
To some, it means landing a dream job
To some, it means more contacts for ministry
To some, it means winning a contract they are applying for
To some, it means being promoted at the workplace
To some, it means meeting the right marriage partner.
To some, it means passing their exams
To some, it means getting admission into the university
To some, it means deliverance from demonic attacks
To some, it means a new business idea or more clients
To some, it means mysteriously getting money from someone
To some, it means finally securing papers to travel abroad.
Fill the form below if we did not state your line of expectation above
I expect to have an open door in the following areas.

Apostle Paul talks of doors of ministry open for him but adversaries would
not allow him access these doors without a fight ( 2 Corinthians 16:9
NKJV). Same way, I am convinced that there are effectual doors that are
open for you in whatever area it is you have noted above. But you will need
to put up some fight to access these doors.
People dont just walk into their blessings or open doors; they fight their
way into it. So lets examine how to put up your fight and enter into your
open doors in the next 30 days. .
Earlier on in this book, in the second chapter precisely, we noted that you
have to build the right kind of expectation; you have to kindle the right kind
of mindset to attract good things from God and the universe. I know you
dont have money. I know you have some carryovers. I know you have
enormous bills to pay and no good source of income. But believe that God
will cause the universe to bring good things your way.
I agree that it is not easy telling a man who does not have money to buy
baby food for his newly delivered baby to expect that he will hit some good
soon. I know from experience that there is a lot of war going on within us.
The status quo is always there confronting us face to face. Lots of bills, all
forms of inconveniences and responsibilities, coupled with failed
government. There are a million facts facing us with little or nothing to hope
on. However, it is important to look beyond the obvious.
To attract good things and exceptional open doors, we have to try and
convince ourselves that there are some good things ahead irrespective of
how hopeless things seems at the moment. Yes, something good is definitely
ahead of you. You are not the worst sinner that should be punished. God
desires to bring good things your way. The entire universe has good things
in store for you. Build your hope and expectation along those lines.

As I noted earlier, It doesnt matter what you are going through today, tell
yourself everything is working out for your own good. You dont need to
wait for things to change before you start talking good to yourself. You start
talking good for things to start changing. So get to work now.
Remember the assignment I gave you in that second chapter. We are going
to commence actions along that again
You are born to excel. You have success, peace of mind, health and
prosperity. You are enjoying blessings and open doors everyday. Nothing
can stop you. Everyone and everything is working out for your good.
Personalize the above statements and start using it on yourself. Life is
warfare. And the greatest war is the war within. If you dont win the war
within, then you will lose all other wars you face in life. So dont expect
your mind to corporate with you. It will tell you that you are lying to
yourself and that you need to face reality. But you have to fight it hard to
agree and align its expectations with the Love of God and the good of the
Write the above statement out and memorize it. Say it to yourself often.
on your way to workwhile in the officebefore attending a meeting. At
least say it 21 times to yourself before you go to bed, after your normal
routine prayers. Do it for the next 30 days and imagine yourself always
enjoying all kinds of open doorsyoull see whatll happen. (Read
Numbers 14:28).


If you want to enter into your open doors you have to brace up and exercise
yourself in forgiveness. When you do, you position yourself for new and
great things. Let me state it ahead of time: forgiveness is not what you have
to feel to do. It is also not easy to exercise forgiveness. On almost all
occasion you wont feel to forgive. You will have enough reasons not to
forgive. But you always have to let the past be completely gone to embrace
new things.
Who do you forgive?

1. Forgive yourself: You would have messed up so many times in the

past and missed so many opportunities. But forgive yourself. Tell
yourself and mean it: I forgive myself. I know I have not really done
well, but I forgive myself. Im not a failure. With Gods help Ill keep
2. Forgive God: Youd be surprised how many of us keep blaming God
for all the bad things that have happened to us. Even though God
never contributed to make our situations worse we sometimes find
ourselves asking, but why did God this and why did God that? No
need for long preaching here. Forgive God and move on. He actually
loves you more than you think. Tell yourself, God I forgive you and
Im sorry for actually blaming You in any way. I KNOW You love me.
I accept You as a good and loving father henceforth
3. Forgive The Government: I agree that our government has not
actually treated us well. But you have to move on. Forgive the
government, clear yourself of any form of bitterness towards the
leaders and create your open doors. Tell yourself: Well, this
government I forgive you. You have not really done well, but I forgive
you henceforth. I receive grace to quit blaming you people in
government and move on doing my own best within my own
4. Forgive Your Parents Or Children: In my life most times I have
blamed my parents for not doing their best to put my siblings and me
on equal standing with others in life. And apart from that my
childhood memory is filled with unusual wickedness meted out to my
parents and us by the extended family members. I was always keeping
these records praying to pay back at the appropriate time. But I found
out Ive got to let these things go if Ill have to move on with my life.
Whatever wrong your parents or family members, whether paternal or
maternal family members, has done against you in the past, forgive
and receive Gods peace and move on. Clear those records off your
5. Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You In the Past: Yes. Forgive those
guys who betrayed you. Forgive those people who made you lose the
contract or job and never cared. Forgive those people who took you

for granted. Forgive those guys willfully owing you money and not
wanting to pay. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Close your eyes and say:
LORD help me forgive this I forgive him/her for this Bless him.
Help him
Forgive and receive Gods peace in your life and an unusual open door.
Trying to carry out vengeance on your own will always give you more
trouble. Withdraw all plans and setups to avenge in that case. Pray the above
forgiveness prayer and let God and the universe come into the matter.
Youll enjoy the results better.
To enter into your open doors you need to make amends. Find out within
yourself if youve done things that hurt someone in the past. Take steps to
make amends. Few days ago, I had to call my family together and apologize
to everyone. Sometimes as men we want to exercise authority and even do it
to the unhappiness of others. I have discovered that most times when Im
broke Im often irritated and most times I allow this irritation to burn
towards others, especially my wife and immediate family members. So I did
have to say sorry to everyone of them.
Dont be too proud to call your family members together and say, I am
sorry. Ive not treated all of you well in the past. Please everyone forgive
me. It doesnt reduce you, rather it adds to you. As a woman dont be too
proud to say to your husband and family (children and house assistants) I
am sorry. I messed up. Forgive me everyone. As a leader or manager dont
be too proud to make amends with your juniors. Saying I am sorry doesnt
make you smaller than anyone. It is not saying it that actually makes you
small and closes your doors.
Those people you owe, call them and say sorry. Start making plans to repay
them. Look deep into yourself and desire to make amends with anyone or
group of persons that your actions of ignorance has hurt in the past. Those
people who helped you in the past that you did not say thanks to, call them
and apologize.
There is a great door that is open unto you. But you have to clear the roads
to enter into them. Will you?


Okay, if you want to attract open doors youve got to do something. Apart
from conditioning your spirit man for something good, you have to invest in
your environment. You have to look for opportunities to contribute to a good
cause. Get yourself ready and embark on some works of help in your
neighborhood or beyond. To the degree you help others get what they
want, will others naturally help you get what you want, said Bill Stillwell.
You should know that giving is not limited to the one you do in church.
While it is extremely important to give enormously to your church I am
talking about going out to do some works of charity this season of open
doorsgoing out to bless your environment.
Of course there are always people you are better than. Look out for your old
clothesyou dont have to keep them until they damage completely. Buy
some cartons of indomie. Ask your friends to make some contributions.
Then go out and look for the poor, the wretched, the fatherless, the widows,
look for the downtrodden and make contributions in their lives.
Look for a way to put a smile in some peoples faces. The exercise will open
you up to a new world of great things. Volunteer to do some community
service. You dont need to be recognized by the media to do it. You are
investing in nature. You are commanding the universe to bring you to your
In life we need to give before we get. Its easy for you to think you dont
have anything to give. But you do. Money is not the only thing we can give.
You can give your time. You can donate blood to a dying patient and save a
life. You can ask your friends to gather their old clothes, plates and whatever
and donate them to the less privileged. Embark on the exercise of blessing
your environment/society for the next few weeks and see what doors you
will naturally invoke to open for you. We must always include this in our
monthly and yearly plans.
People like to give where they can be rewarded back, but the kind of giving
and help that works great things is the one we do in places that we cant
naturally get back from. If I donate some clothes to orphans, theres no way

I can get any reward from these orphans back as compensation for my
kindness. But nature, the universe, heaven and all kinds of men will be
naturally attracted to solve my own problems and take me to my blessings.
The truth is that helping others get what they want is the only program that
will mysteriously attract others to help you get what you want. How many
people can point at you and say, he helped me stand, he helped me out,
without asking anything in return?
Even though things are not in their best for you now, isnt it good you are
not a beggar? Dont make yourself one. A proverb said, Help your
brothers boat across, and your own will reach the shore. Help others solve
their problems. Help others think well. Help others live well. Help others
become better. Use what you have at the moment.
To the degree you help others solve their problems, will others naturally
come to help you get what you want. An effort made for the happiness of
others lifts us above ourselves, according to Lydia M. Child. Let us not be
weary in doing well for at the proper time we will reap if we do not give up.
Therefore as we have opportunity let us do good to all people. (Galatians
Invite God, nature and the entire universe to get to work on your behalf and
bring you to your open doors. Will you take steps?

Food For Thought

To attract good things and exceptional open doors, we have to try and
convince ourselves that there are some good things ahead irrespective of
how hopeless things seems at the moment
Saying I am sorry doesnt make you smaller than anyone. It is not saying it
that actually makes you small and closes your doors.
Help your brothers boat across, and your own will reach the shore.
Chinese Proverb


Your Money Rain In 30 Days Or

For those of you who know my business outside the preaching ministry,
Money and Business education is what I do professionally, so there is
definitely much to be said about creating your money open doors. However,
I wont be doing much preaching but just giving you a push button to create
your financial open door.
A few pages ago I told you about the power of taking action towards your
purpose. Nothing happens unless you go out and do something and not take
no for an answer. Much as I applaud money miracle stories I know that the
major way God blesses financially is through the works of our hands. I am
one of those who stress that you can never make a living by what people
give you but by the fruits of your labor
It follows that if you are doing nothing then you cant have money. If you
need more money then look for ways to increase the volume and value of the
services or products you provide. And there are very many new business
ideas you can start to help you create multiple streams of income.
People are poor when what they spend is more than what they get. Thats
why you cant possibly remain with just your employment income source to

survive financially. Creating multiple sources of income is what I advice

every home to learn to do.
As a bonus for investing your time in this book and listening to the message
Ive got I would like to offer you a free copy of my ebook titled: FIRE
would like a copy simply text me your name and email address with the
message: Send me the free book - Fire Your Boss. And within 48 hours
my staff will try and send the download link to your email address. That
means the book is sent only through emails.

God and nature have entrusted much to us. Let us arise and do something. It
is our time and we must not fail. Right in this meeting we have uncovered
the seeds of wisdom required to win the battle of life. Now you have no
excuse. Step out and do something.
There is no battle free way to Canaan land. Confront the bulls on your way.
If they refuse to leave, damn the consequences and grab them by the horn,
and they will bow. I pray that you will be able to stand before God one day
and say, Lord, I used my gifts to make good profits. I did not disappoint my
Good morning!