Linguistics assignment

A List of some words of the Yemeni dialect
their counterparts in standard Arabic and English

Supervised by

Ministery of Higher Education
Sana’a Univeristy
Education College
M A Program
Englihs Department
Prepared By:
Yasser Mohammed Al-Refaee

Prof: Ahmed Al-Quyadi
Associated Professor of Applied

I tried to write some of the words which I only know their
counterparts in standard Arabic and English, There are many
words used in Yemeni dialect, but due to time limitation and
the difficulty to find their equivalent in the standard Arabic and
English I removed all of them from the list. The words
mentioned are not only used in my village, rather many of them
are spoken in Taiz ,Thamar, Rada’a ,Aldale, Sana’a and Albedai
.I have kept them while studying and living with people from
the above mentioned areas. Such work is worth doing and
documenting such words is of a great importance as they are
widely used and known across the country. This also doesn’t
mean that their equivalent in standard Arabic are unknown
.Rather, the Arabic language is known to all people but it seems
ridiculous to speak using them social session and among family
members. Even educated people, politician ,writers tend to use
them especially when staying in the public session .I was
thinking of classifying the Yemeni dialect to their classes and
sub classify them also according to their types ,for example.
nouns ,verbs etc and dividing nouns to animals ,places, clothes
etc .For verbs which I have mentioned I have given only the
base form of a verb and not its dialectal derivation, e.g. -هذ
and not -ه---for future or ¸'ا·-- , .آ'-- .some of dialect verbs
are derived from the Arabic standard verbs ,this phenomena is
mostly used with verbs, for example ,ح·- is spoken as حا·---
and so on .Sometimes ,a speaker use one word which is a
combination of two in the standard Arabic .e.g. =--یا (what is
going on with you).I really find this area of study amazing and
important at the same time and I really appreciate Dr. Ahmed
for giving us such enjoyable assignment .
I am looking forward to seeing the book which you have told us
about, a collection of our work .I am waiting for your sign and
order to work together editing and publishing the book in
coming days .

Standard English Standard Arabic Yemeni dialect ª==`-
Shoe ءا-= .-·ر , ل--- , ش·-= , =-- با , ··- , ·''-'ا , عادر
Window --·'ﻥ ª·'= , ن'-ور ,
Pan ء'ﻥا , .=- ,
Sheep ª=·ﻥ ª--آ
Goat ·='- ª--=
Cat -·ه -را·= , ª-د , ¸--= , ª--ﻥ با , ··- , ·''-'ا , ª'-ﺝ
Ox .== ·---
Fox --ذ ·--= , با , ··-
Chickens ج'ﺝد ª=··
Check -= ª-== , ·ﺏ'-
=ﺏا .=ز
Breast -` ي ع·= ,
Shoulder --آ ª-=´-
س'· ª-··
Mountain .-ﺝ ·==- , .--ﻥ
Farm .-= ل·= , ªﺏ·ﺝ
Stick د·= .-د
Sugar ·´- ¸-ی·- ) عادر ( ) عادر (
Rope .-= ح·-- , -·-- , ª=·= ) عادر , ·''-'ا , با
Wheat ª-'- -رذ .-- , م'-
Nails’ cutter -·-=- ص'-· ,
Go -هذ ¸'و , ح·- ,
Mourn ءا·= -·ﺏ'=-
Love -=ی --=ی ,
Breakfast ح·-- ءاد·ﺏ
Sleep م·-ی -··ی
See ·=-ی ف·-ی , ج·-ی , -=·-ی , ·=-ی , ·--=ی , ·--ی
robber قر'- ر'-=
lizard -ء'== ¸ﻥد·=

sit .'=ی رز·-ی
Roof -=- --- , '-ﺝ
Cup ب·آ .'· ,
Road ·ی·= بو·-- , - = -'
I will be in process of enlarging this with the help of some
students of the college in Rada’a.

Tired ن'-·- ·-'· , ق-·--
Absent-minded ن'=-ﺽ .-=-
Bankrupt .'-- ن·-=- , فا·-=
Ant ª'-ﻥ ª-'-= ,
Mouse ر'· ي·-´= , يد·ﺝ , ¸'-= ··-و با , عادر , ª==
Sit .'ﺝا .ﺏ·--ا , ·--· , با , ء'·--
Speak »'´-ی ر-+ی
Women ء'-ﻥ نا·-ﻥ
Idiot .-ها ·-=ا
Smart ¸آذ ح·=== , ر··-· , --'ﺏ
Break ·=-ی ·--ی
Tomato -رو--ﺏ .-='-=
Stupid --'ﺏ .--=
Hat ª·-· ¸-···· , ª-··آ
Snake ن'-·` .-=
Wild animal ·-= .ه'=
Pregnant .-'= .یز·-
groom .ی·= -·ی·=
bride سو·= ·ی·=
Beautiful .--ﺝ .--=
Ugly ---· ª--=
Adept ·ه'- --'ﺏ
Pencil »'· ª--·-
Pen sharper ª=--- ª=---
Belt ما·= ---= ء'·--
Mosque ·-'ﺝ -=--
Neck ·-= ر ª-·
Girl --ﺏ ª--ﺏ
Grandfather ي-ﺝ ي---
Chocolates ªی`·´- ª''·ﺝ ء'·--
shall ل'- -·-=

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