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Miami, Florida 33143


MANAGER: Logistics, Distribution, & Warehousing Operations.

Highly successful logistics and supply chain manager with 20+ years of experience in providing exemplary
customer service, driving productivity, and promoting overall operational excellence, in a fast paced
transportation environment, while increasing revenue and reducing costs, through effective management.
Grow account base through strategic prospecting, needs assessment, solution selling, and unsurpassed
customer service for domestic and international shipping clients.
Drive performance excellence through expert logistical planning across a range of functions and modalities,
including supply chain management, freight forwarding, distribution, and multimodal transportation.
Evaluate operating procedures and institute modifications as needed to optimize service quality while
managing operating costs.
Exceed ambitious operational and revenue targets through strategic planning, budget analysis, employee
development, and operational streamlining.
Expertly lead cross-functional teams across multiple sites, promoting customer service, organizational
cohesion, and employee effectiveness by standardizing best practices institution-wide.
Ensure compliance with rigorous state and federal regulations, including CBP, FDA, USDA, DOT, and

Transportation Manager
Manage start-up truck brokerage operation, including quoting, operations, billing, and vendor rate negotiations.
Managed & quoted all inland transportation including LTL, FTL, Oversized, & rail shipments directly to
customers & internally to the pricing dept.
Coordinate all inland transportation for domestic & Intl. shipments, including document preparation, and
coordination, while ensuring customer requirements and deadlines are met.
Provide assistance to sales, & pricing to determine the best way to quote and handle the client's special
shipping needs.
Operations Manager
Managed the daily freight forwarding operations, including air, ocean, and ground transportation for our clients.
Provided sales support to our account managers, while managing client accounts to ensure customer
satisfaction through needs resolution, and exemplary customer service. Implemented procedures to streamline
the operational processes, while managing operating costs, and vendor performance.
Lowered operating costs by 20 percent,
Brought on profitable warehousing & distribution business
Managed all export and import operations including warehousing and supply chain accounts.
NYK LOGISTICS AMERICAS, Doral, Florida 2007-2009
Logistics Services Coordinator
Coordinated the day-to-day operation of transport and warehousing business modules. Provided effective
customer service through client needs assessment, logistical planning, and problem solving. Oversaw the
urgent transportation of goods, via FTL, LTL truck and rail. Coordinated the time-sensitive handling of air and
ground shipments. Reduced costs and maximized profits through expert carrier negotiations.
Managed a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse for various high-profile distribution accounts.
Spiked branch revenue by 35% and overall transportation revenue 25% by promoting and up selling
additional services, including warehousing, and trans-loading facilities into their mix of services offered.


Miami, Florida 33143


Pharmaceutical Distribution Manager
Oversaw more than 60 owner /operator routes of the pharmaceutical distribution division. Coordinated timesensitive specialized deliveries. Directly interacted with clients, third parties, and stakeholders to resolve issues,
streamline operations, while meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Evaluated employee and
operational performance, instituted modifications as needed to secure business objectives by cutting operating
costs and boosting on-time performance by 25% through process reengineering and new policy development.
Drove account growth through outstanding service, securing client loyalty for urgent and special orders.
Spiked operating performance and customer service in client organizations through strategic routing and
procedural modifications.
Ensured rigorous regulatory compliance with Department of Transportation (D.O.T.), Occupational Safety
and Health Administration (OSHA) training, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
DHL WORLDWIDE EXPRESS, Miami, Florida 2001-2003
Import Supervisor
Coordinated all aspects of the import operations in compliance with federal regulations. Oversaw performance
of more than 20 agents, instituting process modifications as needed to optimize productivity. Orchestrated
human resources activities, including recruiting, training, scheduling, and payroll management. Drove
exceptional customer service by providing comprehensive employee training and mentoring. Promoted
efficiency and quality through process innovation. Cultivated lucrative relationships with third parties, including
negotiating and upholding carrier contracts. Administered warehouse inventories.
Accelerated same-day shipment processing and release rates by 25% through strategic planning, problem
solving, process optimization, and operational streamlining.
Reduced transportation costs 30% by launching truck transport as alternative to airfreight for heavy freight.
Supervised customs clearance procedures for up to 20 inbound flights daily.
EMERY WORLDWIDE / UPS, Miami, Florida 1983 - 2001
Special Accounts Manager / Gateway Supervisor
Oversaw the warehousing, de-consolidation, and segregation of orders for vendors and suppliers. Defined
revenue targets and managed profit and loss (P&L). Ensured inventory accuracy through cycle counts and the
definition and execution of key performance indicators (KPI). Administered receipt, processing, and distribution
of high-profile clients. Provided exceptional customer experience through needs assessment, service
innovation, issues remediation, and regular status updates. Retained, trained, and managed office and
warehouse staff. Coordinated warehouse and trucking operations.
Reduced operating costs by $50,000 per month company-wide, with the development of a process to
identify mis-routed shipments quicker, reduce shipment turn-around time, and minimized the inventory
processing time.
Spearheaded successful project to automate operations with U.S. Customs and trained carriers to use
Automated Manifest System (AMS), resulting in decreased processing times, service quality, and client
Administered import / export operations for key wearing apparel accounts.


Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program Certification (IACSSP)
Customs-Trade partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
Transportation Workers Identification Credentials (TWIC)
Dangerous Goods Certification