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Photo by Richard J. Stamper.

The rice growing areas in the hills around Sapa,Vietnam also have considerable amounts of hemp growing too. It’s used for making cloth and clothes.

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Clare 49 VAPE MEASURE The Vaporizer Assessment Project Words by Jeff Jones 51 GREEN LEAF Compost the Leaf or Consume it? Words by William L. 1 JULY/AUGUST 2009 FEATURES 22 THE FIRST ANNUAL THC EXPO SHOWGUIDE Los Angeles Convention Center 14 WELCOME TO THE RESISTANCE The War against the War On Drugs Words by Joe Rogan 17 A HEMP SPORTS CAR The Lotus ECO Elise 20 THE RESOLUTIONARY Q&A with Julia Butterfly HEMPIRE STASH 9 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Words by Todd McCormick 27 A TRANSDERMAL CANNABINOID PATCH Words by Lawrence Brooke 28 CANNABIS CROP REPORTS The Economics of Legalization Words by Richard Cowan 34 GOING BACK TO CALI Words by Stephen Deangelo 40 THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD Smoking Cannabis DOES NOT Cause Cancer Words by Fred Gardner 42 CANNABINOID LEVELS Words by O’shaughnessy’s News Service 46 OAKSTERDAM UNIVERSITY The Highest Degree Words by Dale S.D. Courtney. . M. Hemp cultivated for the paper and textile industry. Photo by Ideeone.PREMIER ISSUE TABLE OF CONTENT VOLUME 1 NO.

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We agree. become exposed to information that not so long ago was an almost unspeakable part of our history. Cannabis literally is safer than aspirin and less addictive than caffeine according to the United States government. we believe it is high time for change and we are bringing together the community so that we can all be the change we want to see. Lester Grinspoon from Harvard University was once quoted as saying that “While marijuana per se was not addictive. Cannabis was since the dawn of man an agricultural empire unto itself. which is known within the Cannabis community to be useful as an analgesic) naturally created only by Cannabis. Not too surprisingly. for of all things medical use! Take a look at the patent on the opposing page and tell me what you think! We at the THC Expo are looking to clear up this confusion. When I first learned of that fact I sincerely did not believe it to be true. and we hope that the information we present to you in the pages of this magazine and in the halls of our THC EXPO convinces you to demand re-legalization of one of nature’s greatest gifts. Cannabis has also one great distinction in the plant kingdom that separates it apart from most. Take Over! HEMPIRE MAGAZINE! 9 . our federal government seems to be a little confused on the subject as it also states that Cannabis has no medical value and that its users should be locked up for its mere possession. now with the help of Google. HEMP was a long-lost part of history that more people had forgotten then remembered. learning about it soon becomes”. and then at the exact same time our federal government owns patents on the chemicals (in this case Cannabidiol: CBD.Welcome to the THC Expo and HEMPIRE Magazine! Thank you very much for taking the time to pick up this magazine and for attending the First Annual THC Expo being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Dr. Tune In. the winds of change move quickly as the ease of information dissemination touches us all. in fact. in that it has never in-recorded human history taken a human life. now there’s not an environmentalist among us who cannot elegantly espouse the environmental benefits of this age-old plant. no single plant even comes close. I chose the name HEMPIRE for our new magazine because it exemplified Cannabis’s true place in history. no single plant has ever given to humanity as many gifts as has Cannabis Sativa L. a person only has to mistype HELP with one keystroke of the letter “L” and change HELP to HEMP and in doing so. Turn On. Just 25 years ago. This is an exciting time in history for all of us who have been working in the Cannabis reform movement. but even now our own United States government has acknowledged it as fact.


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even dangerous ones should be illegal. and I don't blame them. total insanity. is just plain fucking nuts. The positive effects of cannabis and the hypocrisy of the organizations fighting against its legalization can be researched almost instantly by anyone with an internet can build a house with one.. my friends. and it's schedule 1 illegal substance classified as more of a no-no than heroin.Welcome to the We live in a very strange time in human history. material-driven society that we're currently trapped in is primarily a prison of the mind. nonsensical TV ads and call themselves "A partnership for a drug free America" have received millions of dollars from alcohol and tobacco companies? Pharmaceutical companies are still to this day sending fat checks to help fight the good battle against the evil weed. expanded my consciousness. Pot is just like a hammer . there's got to be a lot of other people that bought into the propaganda too. it's like hookers that beat you up or kill you making commercials against strippers you fall in love with and marry. There are a host of natural. That. psychedelic substances that humans have been using for thousands of years that are currently illegal for no reason other than fear. gentler and more introspective person. Fear that the counter culture will rise up like it did in the 60's. This past November in Los Angeles I did see a woman protesting against gay marriage while breathing from an oxygen tank. you can be "legally" locked in a cage. and yet when it comes to cannabis we still find ourselves under the influence and rule of laws that were formed by lies and disinformation over 70 years ago. and it needs to stop.000 in this country alone) do you ever hear politicians talk about making it illegal? I can't remember a single one ever. All I could think of was there's a woman who at one point in her life could have really used a joint and a hug. It can end right here with the internet generation.000 people die from the effects of alcohol every year in this country.. and even the jailers themselves are being held captive. For most of my adult life I thought that pot was for losers and burnouts. peyote. Did you know that the folks that make those wacky. Every fucking few years the nonsense debate on gay marriage gets bigots inflamed and politically active. Just stop for a minute and think about how fucking crazy that is.all of which are true. fear that profits for synthetic pharmaceuticals would drop and companies would lose money and have to cut employees. brain-altering anti-depressants can be had by virtually anyone willing to complain to a doctor. alcohol and tobacco companies making commercials against pot is like hookers making commercials against strippers. and during that same time pot will have killed 0. It wasn't until I was 30 years old that I started smoking it and realized how misled I had been. It's a very important aspect of my life and I think that this information can help a lot of people. ayahuasca all of these things are tools for expanding your consciousness. and all of which are good. I know that if I had it wrong. and no tools. because for a long time I was one of them. but if you're caught with an incredibly beneficial plant that grows naturally and kills no one. I firmly believe that all of these natural substances. mushrooms. Even worse. and that's one of the reasons why I'm so vocal about the subject. and made me a kinder. marijuana. and it's not like any of this information is a secret. yet I can't remember the last time I saw a demonstration against the cigarettes that are silently killing their families and loved ones. We have more access to information today than any other culture ever by a long shot. Marijuana has enhanced my creativity. 14 . Not even including drunk driving some 70. For all the people that tobacco kills every year (around 400. fear that white women will start having sex with blacks and Mexicans .. This empty. The nonsense and propaganda that we've been subject to our whole lives does not have to be passed down to our kids.. Most of the United States at the time I'm writing this still operates under the astonishingly hypocritical guidelines where cigarettes and alcohol are available at grocery stores and potent. or you could just hit yourself in the dick if you're fucking crazy. There are plenty of people that still think there's something evil and life-sucking about marijuana. Now ain't that some shit? It is complete.

The war against drugs isn't really a war against drugs. and made me a kinder. In southern California alone hundreds of marijuana dispensaries have opened up. and when the same logic is applied to responsible adult use of cannabis there's no rational argument against that either. 15 . and it's not going back in. is just plain fucking nuts. and it's schedule 1 illegal substance classified as more of a no-no than heroin. “ That doesn't mean hammers should be illegal. This current generation of activists and artists has opened many eyes to the benefits of the sacred plants. gentler and more introspective person. The genie is out of the bottle.ironically by the very people in our culture that could benefit from these drugs the most. That. my friends. it's a war against the drugs that grow naturally.. It is high time (no pun intended) that this shit came to an end. Welcome to the resistance. Words by Joe Rogan “Marijuana has enhanced my creativity. and the movement is growing daily.. It's a war against consciousness that's being waged for profit . expanded my consciousness. This is the war against the war on drugs.resistance. and it needs to stop.

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driving Lotus to become the world's green automotive consultancy. showcase new affordable green technologies. Sustainable materials. 17 . one which does not revolve solely around tailpipe CO2. combined with hi-tech water based paint solutions. This holistic approach is in keeping with the progressive Lotus culture.ECO-FRESH REVIEWS LOTUS ECO ELISE The Lotus Eco Elise project promotes a different perspective on "green". eco wool and sisal have been developed for body panels and trim and. hemp.

compared to 2006. A green gear change display has been integrated into the dashboard to promote greener driving as well as a weight reduction program. . eco wool and sisal providing natural. The technology used aims to offer lower emissions of both solvents and CO2 in the lifecycle of the vehicle. with 57% of waste product now being recycled. Dramatic improvements to the culture and operations at Lotus has rewarded the company with staggering reductions in energy (Electricity 14%. Re-use and Recycle. 18 With the use of locally farmed hemp. The project displays affordable green technology that is intended to be feasible and production viable in the near term future. Using this paint system saves energy and reduces emissions of solvents from the paint shop. We are keen to ensure that Lotus as a company and its products offer an ethical. In keeping with the "performance through light weight" philosophy. and high performance are more relevant today than they ever have been. during the production stage. Mike Kimberley. greener driving. with reductions in energy consumed during manufacture. working to the 3R's . Solar panels have been set into the hemp hard top to help power the electrical systems and give a means of renewable energy generation. The Lotus Eco Elise will be displayed in the Greener Driving Pavilion at the 2008 British International Motor Show from 23rd July until 3rd August. The energy expended to manufacture the car has been evaluated. These advances have coincided with improvements in recycling.. The Lotus brand values of lightweight.The green credentials of the technology on show in the Lotus Eco Elise have been analyzed throughout the lifecycle of the car. biodegradable engineering materials. The Lotus Eco Elise puts an emphasis on efficient driving techniques by using an "economy" gear change display to improve fuel efficiency and promote greener driving. Cleaner manufacturing processes have been sought. We are at the cutting edge of environmental technology and are determined to push forward with our green agenda. The car has undergone a weight reduction program to add a little extra lightness. illustrating the holistic approach taken. The life of the components has been analyzed. green option that appeals to our customers". The new green materials sourced for this car have been carefully studied to ensure that each technology used reduces the environmental impact of the vehicle. assisting in more economical. The renewable materials have been incorporated into the project. in-use and at the end of the vehicle's life. in keeping with the holistic approach to this vehicle. fuel efficient.5 lbs) less than the standard Lotus Elise S. with hemp. utilizing the latest water based paint technology. CEO of Group Lotus plc commented. the carbon miles to produce the Lotus Eco Elise are reduced. which means that the efficient Elise S engine in the Lotus Eco Elise will give higher fuel economy figures and even better performance. the Lotus Eco Elise weighs 32 kg (70. "This Eco Elise is a great example of the advanced and affordable green technologies Lotus is developing.Reduce. Gas 30%) and water (11%) consumed across the Hethel headquarters in 2007.


Julia Butterfly The Resolutionary 20 Interview & Photos by Todd McCormick .

so thank you. and hemp can and should play a very important. is there any hemp on board and can we smoke it? JB:Our “We The Planet” bus has hemp fabric curtains and mattress and cushion covers.  Being a joyous vegan is one of the most important things we can do for the health  of the planet and our bodies—not to mention a more compassionate choice. beautiful and beyond sustainable.  It is a vital solution to the problems of mal-nutrition. as well as tasty. Way better to smoke marijuana with THC if you want to get high.  I had seen some hemp jewelry and things like that. but it only speaks to a small segment of society.  You could smoke it if you were looking to get a big-ass headache. You are known as quite the vegan chef to your friends. and water/nutrient/ chemical-intensive cotton. our communities. Have you found a health benefit to using hemp foods in your nutritional plan? JB: Hemp is so important as a powerful protein source.  Sadly. fuel.  Also.  I use hemp seeds in a vegan. Do you wear or use any hemp? JB: I have some hemp clothes.  I use hemp lip balm and a few other hemp personal care products as well. You have been one of the most recognized voices in the mainstream environmental movement and one of the few to actually speak up and out about the benefits of hemp as an alternative resource. not only is hemp history hidden. As you know.  And the oh so yummy list of hemp in food goes on and on. get HEMP!!!!! 21 .Thank you very much for sitting down with HEMPIRE Magazine and being part of our first issue and lending your time and support to the THC Expo.  The greatest changes in history (and herstory) have happened when people put their bodies where their beliefs are and took risks in order to create a lot of the rights many of us take for granted today. get healthy.  I have made hemp-crusted tofu. do you use hemp in your recipes? JB: I love making hemp milk. Not too long ago you built an environmental bio diesel bus for touring and educating people about the environment called ‘We The Planet’. paper. petroleum. clothes and so much more.  I call us “resolutionaries”!  It is shameful and highly destructive that hemp is illegal.  I actually want to work with a hemp clothing company to design my own line so we can get hemp clothes on the market that people like me will wear. raw parmesan-like sprinkle for salads and pasta.    We need to stand up loud and proud for Hemp and declare we are not an alternative culture. Because hemp history was literally hidden from the public. many of us have a story about how we first found out about the connection hemp had to the development of humanity and its connection to cleaner industrial solutions.  Being a joyous vegan requires paying a little more attention and intention to what we eat.  We have our work cut out for us to first undo the misinformation as we work to educate people about how vital and wonderful hemp truly is. there is also a lot of misinformation in our society.  We need to branch out and communicate more effectively to mainstream society. role in our dietary needs. What do you think the hemp movement can do to make more progress? JB: We need to make “consciousness cool” and “sustainability sexy”!  Hippy is cool. get active.  Although this is where I have to complain a bit. Do you think Cannabis will be re-legalized for industrial use? JB: Cannabis will be re-legalized for industrial use when enough people speak out and take risks and get active. the environment is very important to most Hempsters and you have been an inspiration to many of us.  Hemp is a VITAL SOLUTION to the current crisis facing humanity.  Hemp is a solution for food. rather we are the solution culture. do you remember how you first came across hemp’s many benefits? JB: I actually knew very little about hemp until shortly before my two year tree-sit.  Most of the hemp clothes on the market just don’t work for me.  Get involved.  but it wasn’t until I went to California for the first time that I started to learn about all of its properties and benefits. our world and our planet called the ‘alternative’?”  Hemp is not an alternative. Would you comment on why you think it is important for stewards of the planet to speak up in favor of hemp? JB: First thing I like to ask is “Why is everything that is GOOD for our bodies. we need to be willing to take more risks on behalf of what we care about. deforestation.

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We have divided the floor into two groups. The second side is 18 and over. of exhibition space dedicated to your favorite plant you will see our Hemp pavilion which highlights the many qualities of Hemp environmentally and industrially. where we are highlighting the environmental. We are proud to present to you the widest array of Cannabis products ever offered under one roof. it is our goal at the Expo to bring that industry back. Totally Hip Culture. while showcasing the many available products made from or available for.C. one is all ages. professional and media related side of the Cannabis. We have divided the rows from row 100 to row 1800 with the booth numbers starting at 01. only in the past century have we seen the decline of the industry. As you roam the 96.000 ft. Please look for the auxiliary bulletin being handed out around the Expo floor specific times and appearances. We will have wide array of speakers as well as guest appearances throughout the day. or simply T. Hemp has been a mainstay and industrialized society through out humanity.H. Our goal at the THC Expo is to represent to society how beneficial Cannabis is and bring together the community. the Cannabis lifestyle. Vaporizing or Consuming Cannabis while inside of the Los Angeles Convention Center. so that you can easily find whatever you’re looking for. The all ages stage will be run by Oaksteram University. which we have dedicated to the more psychedelic and inspirational side of Cannabis. 24 . more information about that section you can find on the other side of this magazine.HEMPIRE THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ATTENDING THE FIRST ANNUAL THC EXPO BEING HELD AT THE LOS ANGELES CONVENTION CENTER! Please help us by keeping this event hassle free by not Smoking. where we will be highlighting the various topics they cover throughout the day.

1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 230 330 421 229 329 420 228 328 419 227 327 226 326 225 325 224 324 415 223 323 414 222 322 413 221 321 412 121 220 320 120 219 DOCTORS / ATTORNEYS 132 MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT 1901 1902 1903 GROW 621 719 821 921 1021 1127 1228 520 620 718 820 920 1020 1126 1227 1325 519 619 717 819 919 1019 1125 1226 1324 1423 518 618 818 918 1018 1225 1323 1422 517 617 716 817 917 1017 1124 1224 1322 1421 1519 516 616 715 816 916 1016 1123 1223 1321 1420 1518 1617 515 615 714 815 915 1015 1122 1222 1320 1419 1517 1616 1714 514 614 713 814 914 1014 1121 1221 1319 1418 1516 1615 1713 1812 513 613 712 813 913 1013 1120 1220 1318 1417 1515 1614 1712 1811 512 612 711 812 912 1012 1119 1219 1317 1416 1514 1613 1711 1810 18 & OVER 1118 1218 1316 1415 1513 1612 1710 1809 319 1117 1217 1315 1414 1512 1611 1709 1808 218 318 1116 1216 1314 1413 1511 1610 1708 1807 217 317 1115 1215 1313 1412 1510 1609 1707 1806 216 316 1114 1214 1312 1411 1509 1608 1706 1805 215 315 1113 1213 1311 1410 1508 1607 1705 1804 214 314 1112 1212 1310 1409 1507 1606 1704 1803 114 213 313 1111 1211 1309 1408 1506 1605 1703 1802 113 212 312 1110 1210 1308 1407 1505 1604 1702 1801 111 211 311 411 511 611 710 811 911 1011 1109 1209 1307 1406 1504 1603 1701 110 210 310 410 510 610 709 810 910 1010 1108 1208 1306 1405 1503 1602 109 209 309 409 509 609 708 809 909 1009 1107 1207 1305 1404 1502 1601 108 208 308 408 508 608 707 808 908 1008 1106 1206 1304 1403 1501 107 207 307 407 507 607 706 807 907 1007 1105 1205 1303 1402 206 306 406 506 606 705 806 906 1006 1104 1204 1302 1401 205 305 405 505 605 805 905 1005 1203 204 304 504 604 704 804 904 1004 1103 1202 131 130 129 128 127 126 125 124 123 CULTURE 521 418 417 416 118 117 116 115 ART 119 ADVERTISERS 122 VIP AREA UTENSILS 404 403 FOODS 104 HEMP 105 COMESTICS 112 106 CLUBS 203 303 503 603 703 803 903 1003 1102 1201 102 202 302 402 502 602 702 802 902 1002 1101 101 201 301 401 501 601 701 801 901 1001 103 1301 25 .

A brief History of the Transdermal Cannabinoid Patch
By – Lawrence Brooke, President, Patchtek Inc.
Founder and President - General Hydroponics Inc.

Right now, all across America, and throughout the world, people are
suffering f rom numerous disabling conditions that could be relieved
with Cannabis based medications. Ranging f rom acute pain to
congenital illnesses, these individuals suffer without relief. Why?
Because government regulations prevent scientists and doctors
f rom developing and administering the medications that could help
these individuals. I developed the Transdermal Patch, not as a
replacement for smoked or vaporized cannabis, but as a compliment
to the inhaled form of administration. Many individuals prefer not
to inhale cannabis so for them the Transdermal Patch is an ideal
way to administer medication. Physicians prefer the standardized
and dose-predictable pharmaceutical. Unique to the Transdermal
Patch is its ability to provide long-term low-level application of the
many specific Cannabinoids that can be extracted f rom Cannabis.
Developing technology - Though the accumulation of knowledge of
medical applications for cannabinoids has been slow, the vast array
of therapeutic benefits contains some surprises. Recent studies in
Spain and Italy indicate that THC appears to cause some types of
brain cancer cells to be destroyed by the plant extract through a
process called autophagy, essentially the cancer cells are digested by
the body.
One of the most significant applications for cannabinoids, the
active compounds f rom Cannabis, is the reduction inflammation.
This may be the most important use since it is indicated for so many
therapeutic applications. Significantly, it seems that the antiinflammatory treatment does not always require THC, the part that
gets people ‘high’ when they use marijuana. CBD and CBN as well
as many other active compounds are non-psychoactive and found in
significant quantities in some varieties of Cannabis. Applications
for these compounds include relief of neuropathic pain and even
Alzheimer’s disease according to some studies. Other discoveries
demonstrate that patients suffering profound pain and being treated
with powerful pain medications including morphine can greatly
reduce the amount of the addictive opium derived medication and
still get excellent pain relief when the patient is given THC plus
CBD and CBN. These patients become more lucid and are able to
enjoy a better quality of life when the opiates are reduced. Cannabinoids can also be used for appetite stimulation by AIDS and cancer
patients who are suffering f rom loss of appetite. By enhancing the
patient’s appetite, recovery f rom the debilitating affects of the
disease and the chemotherapy can be relieved.
The most important factor that differentiates the Transdermal Patch
f rom other methods of administering Cannabinoids is that a Patch
can be designed to provide a quick and powerful dose for a short
term to relieve pain, or to provide a lower dose for a long period of
time; days in length for applications such as preventing epileptic
seizures, where a consistent application of low dose cannabinoid is

indicated. The Patch can enable a long-term
constant level of medication instead of the
powerful spike and consequential drift-down in
blood levels of the drug that follows inhalation,
sub-lingual, injected or ingested use. This also
appeals to Doctors who prescribe cannabinoids
for psychiatric conditions including marijuana
withdrawal symptoms for those who are overcoming an addiction to marijuana, much like
the nicotine patch that tobacco smoker’s use to
break their addiction to nicotine. Collectively
the studies that have been undertaken indicate
that Cannabis contains a host of useful compounds that can bring relief to patients.
The underlying problem in the United States is
that a system of prohibitions, going back many
years, is overriding the ability of doctors and
scientists to do the fundamental research work
needed to better understand the science of
Cannabis-inclusive medications. The victims
are the many patients who suffer and are denied
relief for many conditions that can be relieved
though cannabinoids.
The logical and appropriate procedure that
must be done at the legislative level is to
re-schedule Marijuana f rom schedule I to
schedule II or III. Numerous studies worldwide have provided conclusive proof of the
therapeutic value of Cannabis based medications. The keys are good science, appropriate
regulation, seeking standardization in the
chemistries and developing modern tools for
physicians and patients. It is unconscionable
that in the 21st Century draconian laws and
ignorance prevail when so many people suffer
f rom a host of disabilities that could be relieved
by applying the natural extracts f rom an
ancient plant in conjunction with modern
medical tools.
U.S. Patents 6,113,940 and 6,328,992
European Patent - EP 1186298
Canadian Patent - 2356020
Australian Patent- 785275

The Economics of Legalization Versus the Economics of Prohibition.
Asking the Wrong Questions.


Given the current economic mess, and the
growing recognition that marijuana prohibition
is a counterproductive fraud, it is not surprising that people are looking at both the revenue
potential from legalizing marijuana and the
possible savings from ending prohibition.
However, such is the absurdity of prohibition,
it is easier to find good weed than it is to find
good numbers for any realistic economic
cost/benefit analysis on marijuana prohibition.

others it has been disastrous, and we are not
talking about “pain and suffering” – or death –
just the actual economic costs. And then how
do we quantify the damage being done to
Mexico by marijuana prohibition, and how that
cost spills over into the US?
In any case, calculating the obvious direct
costs of law enforcement resources used on
marijuana prohibition completely misses the
point. Frankly, it is very unlikely that law
enforcement budgets will be cut significantly
as a result of legalizing marijuana, but the
economic value of law enforcement resources
can never be determined by their direct costs.
If law enforcement resources are misused to
arrest marijuana users instead of going after
violent criminals – or terrorists – or fraudsters
– what did they really cost us?

First, estimates on the size of the current
contraband cannabis market in the US range
from $10 billion to over $110 billion! Similar
unworkable guesstimates have been current
in Canada, especially for “BC Bud”, which is
somewhere between a $1 Billon and $7 Billion
per year. And somewhere between 10% and
90% of that was supposedly exported to the
US. (And then there is the rest of Canada. But
so what?)
Even if we knew the size of today’s contraband market, we still would not know what
would be the future average selling price of
legal marijuana. How many people would grow
their own? And how much would be bought at
full retail, as in Dutch “coffee shops”? (They
supposedly pay The Netherlands about $500
million per year in taxes.) Consequently, we
cannot realistically estimate the revenue
potential from taxing legal marijuana.
Inevitably, prohibitionists have used the
uncertainty of these numbers as a reason to
continue prohibition, as if not knowing lost
revenue caused by a government program is a
reason to continue it! However, there are other
areas in which the costs of marijuana prohibition are truly incalculable. For example, Dr
Lester Grinspoon in his seminal Marihuana,
The Forbidden Medicine, argues that the full
medical potential of cannabis cannot be
achieved until it is fully legal. Unfortunately,
during the 15 years since he wrote that, the
medical establishment and law enforcement
have proven him all too correct.
So, what has the suppression of the medical
use of cannabis cost our already hugely
expensive health care system? What is the
cost of the human productivity lost because of
the disabilities resulting from the overuse of
opiates in pain relief? Similarly, “industrial
hemp” – cannabis not grown for its cannabinoid content – could contribute billions of



dollars to the economy, but it will take many years to
develop the infrastructure to grow and utilize large
quantities of hemp. Although we might guesstimate
the ultimate size of a fully developed hemp industry,
we cannot even begin to calculate the economic
costs of the suppression of this versatile plant over
the last 70 years.
Then there are the direct costs of marijuana prohibition, arresting over 800,000 people per year, but at
least we have some hard numbers here. For
example, Harvard economics professor Jeffrey A.
Miron estimates that "legalizing marijuana would
save $7.7 billion per year in government enforcement of prohibition."
I don’t doubt Miron’s math, but I am sure that he
would agree that the real economic costs go far
beyond his calculations. For example, we don’t
know the indirect costs of having a marijuana
possession arrest record have been on the average
future earnings of the 20 million Americans who
have gotten “busted” over the last 40 years. For
some, it has been a minor inconvenience, while for

Last January, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
carried an extraordinary article by Paul
Shukovsky about how the FBI was aware for
years of "pervasive and growing" fraud in the
mortgage industry that played a major role in
creating the present mess, because after the
terrorist attacks of 2001, “about 2,400 agents
were reassigned to counterterrorism duties.”
Shukovsky reported that even though the
Bush Administration “was thoroughly briefed
on the mortgage fraud crisis and its potential
to cascade out of control with devastating
financial consequences… (it) made the
decision not to give back to the FBI the agents
it needed to address the problem.”
Of course, the Feds still had the law enforcement resources to arrest, prosecute, and
imprison Tommy Chong for selling bongs.
While it is true that law enforcement resources
are not fungible, and any idiot could bust
Chong, and one did, it seems obvious that the
huge law enforcement resources used on
marijuana prohibition could have been better
used fighting terrorism and massive mortgage
fraud. The real economic value of legalization
will only become visible when the creativity of
the cannabis communities can be freely
exercised. If we pay protection money – AKA
taxes – in exchange for ending prohibition,
that may be a good deal politically, but we
should not think that it begins to count the
economic value of freedom.
(Richard Cowan has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University,
is a former National Director of NORML, and publishes

368 900.660 396. Top Ten Outdoor Marijuana Producing States California Tennessee Kentucky Hawaii North Carolina Washington Alabama West Virginia Georgia Arkansas Plants 17.126 Value ($1000s) $13.774.000 4 Hay $12.200 603.354 418.196 641.131 2.740 354.864 131..779.200.915 368.000 14 Sugarcane $942.745.395 $104.000 9 Apples $1.474.000 16 Cottonseed $821.781.drugscience.688 2.787.692.802 $569.546 $88.466.512 1.733.080.253 $593.706.000 8 Grapes $2.923.248 65.370.784 $127.349 998. visit: http://www.328 $473.607 Top Ten indoor Marijuana Producing States California Washington Florida Oregon Texas Alaska Indiana Michigan Kentucky Ohio Plants 4.787.972.406 $3.html 29 .886 Value ($1000s) $1.385 266.788 273.000 5 Vegetables $11.015 $672.299 2.502 295.042 $475.514 1.858 $422.446 $591.417 301.378. Ph.000 11 Oranges $1.000 17 Peanuts $819.434.831 595.093 6.494.262 262.000 2 Corn $23.057 6.671 599.000 For more info.846 $438.583 $637.383 $1.000 10 Rice $1.925 524.250 $4.000 15 Sorghum $840.299.801 295.267 $4.095.307 Production (lbs) 8.146 Top Ten Marijuana Producing States California Tennessee Kentucky Hawaii Washington North Carolina Florida Alabama West Virginia Oregon Plants 21.000 3 Soybeans $17.906 5.632 Production (lbs) 7.388 Value ($1000s) $12.280 248.078.353.980.159 $210.665.577 79.467.097 54.819.553 6.952 $3.667.803.093 351.991 300.583.239.000 13 Sugarbeets $1.421 $4.354.000 19 Peaches $474.445.551 307.000 18 Barley $653.000 6 Wheat $7.055 1.848.157 $565.236.314.Marijuana Production in the United States By Jon Gettman.991 $185.000 20 Beans $467.447.612.186 5.745 810.409 $494.591.237 66.617.835 797.000 12 Tobacco $1.588 369.396 2.176.853 2.907.986 967.043 2.601.450.870.655.467 $424.377 115.192.972 Top Cash Crops in the United States 2003 – 2005 Average Production Value (Billions) 1 Marijuana $35.633.786.638.171.236.994 $427.287 723.832 296.609 6.955 672.721.340.137 $4.962 Production (lbs) 930.204 834.254 $106.D.169 264.074.742.876.000 7 Cotton-All $5.729 359.622.922 $106.

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Many of the activists responsible for that change were inspired by their Amsterdam sojourns.first arrived in Amsterdam in the early 1990s. Positronics started the first cannabis university. and those of us who returned to the US came back full of inspiration and hope. and have taken leading roles in California’s medical cannabis industry—people like Debby Goldsberry. the legality of cannabis in the Netherlands seemed to be expanding. The trip became a rite of passage for US activists. and finally thousands of Americans traveled to Amsterdam for their own taste of freedom. . and see for first time in our lives what freedom looked and felt like. First dozens. We were amazed and delighted to visit coffee shops. 36 At that time. when it was city of light and hope for US Hempsters. Some decided to stay and formed the core of what came to be a vibrant expatriate community of cannabis refugees. then hundreds. and Dutch coffee shops began advertising in US magazines. More and more coffee shops and seed companies greeted us every year. and possibility for the future. We all assumed that progress would continue. and the burgeoning European hemp industry. I was one of wave of Americans drawn to Amsterdam by the High Times Cannabis Cup. California is now home to the world’s largest legal cannabis market. So let’s fast forward to 2009.

and strongly influenced our approach. the government had closed many coffee shops entirely. Many other early California dispensaries called themselves coffee shops and their interiors often emulated Dutch coffee shops. The people who had so inspired American Hempsters with their pioneering models of legal cannabis distribution were Stephen Deangelo now looking to our shores for positive news. Sadly. who had provided us safe refuge during our time of anguish. it in fact that was a beautiful thing. were now having the same anguish visited upon them. It was here. While this was a gratifying sign of the progress we have made in California. the light of hope had dimmed somewhat. Many of the strains of cannabis sold by California dispensaries were developed by Dutch seed companies and staples of the coffee shops like pre-rolled joints and space cakes can be seen in most California dispensaries. consulted the plant. and others feared it would soon happen to them. The light that had so sustained us through our time of darkness seemed to be flickering. So I sat down and had a good smoke. and tobacco was restricted to small cramped “smoking booths”—a major issue in a place where the most popular method of ingesting cannabis is tobacco-hash joints. Ironically. I found them looking to the US for hope. on my last visit to Amsterdam. well and alive in California. it also was terribly ironic and tragic. I found my Dutch friends who owned coffee shops and seed companies in a state of anxiety and depression. And it was bright enough to send some comfort to our friends in the Netherlands. and fearful that our own advances here might someday be pushed back. and the rumors I heard indicated that they were planning on closing still more. and expect light to be still and remain in one place. 37 . always in the process of transformation. The Netherlands provided us our first model of what legal cannabis distribution could look like. Some had already had their facilities closed. Rich Lee—and myself. Todd McCormick.Etienne Fontan. They were following developments here very closely—all of them knew about AG Holder’s announcement that the Obama administration would respect state medical cannabis laws. They hoped that a change in the United States would relieve the pressure they were suffering. And I realized that the light of hope that had inspired us in Amsterdam was still present in our lives. and gave the situation some thought. as they had comforted us in our time of darkness. It is easy to see the signs of this inspiration in California’s medical cannabis industry. And that was not a tragic thing. I thought about the nature of light. But I could sit with that sadness only so long—I was after all on my way back to California. I considered how silly I was to lose sight of those facts. and customers were limited to purchases of no more than five grams. and Tom Ammiano’s legalization bill--and they were eager to learn everything they could about California dispensaries. Alcohol could no longer be sold in coffee shops. It is reflected most obviously in terminology such as the Bulldog Coffee shop and Oaksterdam University. including espresso bars. about how it is always moving. Worst of all. It made me sad and depressed. I found coffee shops being squeezed by government pressure: new regulations strictly limited the amount of cannabis they could have in stock. Our friends.



something in marijuana exerts an anti-cancer effect! Tashkin has special credibility. Expanded versions of these stories can be found in the summer 2009 issue.O'Shaughnessy's News Service O'Shaughnessy's publishes material of special interest to pro-cannabis doctors and their patients. at a conference organized by "Patients Out of Time. It was Tashkin who published photomicrographs showing that marijuana smoke damages cells lining the upper airways.somehow prevent them from becoming malignant. matched for age. or at PCMD4U. we are told by the government (as if it's our immutable fate and somehow acceptable). disproved their hypothesis.212 cancer patients from the Los Angeles County Cancer Surveillance program. It was Tashkin's data showing that marijuana smokers are more likely than non-smokers to cough.040 cancer-free controls. and neighborhood with 1. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U. whereas tobacco smokers were at greater risk the more they . wheeze. gender.S. 40 Donald Tashkin The National Institute on Drug Abuse.) Tashkin's team interviewed 1.") The Greatest Story Never Told Tashkin Reiterates: Smoking Cannabis Does Not Cause Cancer of Lung or Upper Airways Words & Photos by Fred Gardner One in three Americans will be afflicted with concluded that it wasn't there. It turned out that increased marijuana use did not result in higher rates of lung and pharyngeal cancer. and reported his results. It was the Tashkin lab's finding that benzpyrene . In other words. Marijuana use was measured in "joint years" (number of years smoked times number of joints per day). Managing Editor Fred Gardner is a former editor of Scientific American and public information officer for the District Attorney of San Francisco. and produce sputum. Tashkin reviewed his findings in April. on the Monterey Peninsula. 2008. (Tashkin is to marijuana as a cause of lung cancer as to what Hans Blick was to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction-an honest investigator who set out to find something. now available at doctors' offices and dispensaries. case-controlled study that would prove definitively that heavy. population-based. (That's PC as in "Pro-Cannabis. and lung cancer the leading killer among cancers." a reform group devoted to educating doctors and the public (as opposed to lobbying politicians). 2005 when UCLA medical school professor Donald Tashkin reported that components of marijuana smoke -although they damage cells in respiratory tissue. He was the lead investigator on studies dating back to the 1970s that identified the components in marijuana smoke that are toxic. What Tashkin and his colleagues found.a component of tobacco smoke that plays a role in most lung cancers. long-term marijuana use increases the risk of lung and upper-airways cancers. readily gave him a grant in 2002 to conduct a large. Some 30 MDs and nurses got continuing medical education credits for attending the especially prevalent in marijuana smoke. which was held at Asilomar. So you'd think it would have been very big news in June. however. which supported Tashkin's marijuana-related research over the decades.

" Tashkin spoke from the stage of an airy redwood chapel designed by Julia Morgan. What about marijuana? If they smoked a small or moderate amount there was no increased risk.smoked.. He is pink-cheeked... 70ish. A 24-fold increase in the people who smoked the most. The Tashkin scoop is still there for the taking! Tashkin Defends His Findings. Times that he write up Tashkin's findings -UCLA provided the local angle if the anti-cancer effect wasn't enough. Donald P. and lung cancer. Investigators from New Zealand recently got widespread media attention for a study contradicting Tashkin's results. But if they were in the upper third of the group. the small New Zealand study was given much more coverage by the corporate press than the large UCLA study that preceded it. prostate. The very small size of the study -79 smokers took part." He deemed it "completely implausible that smokers of only 365 joints of marijuana have a risk for developing lung cancer similar to that of smokers of 7. As if scientific inquiry were some kind of tennis match and the truth just gets truthier with every volley.compared to tobacco smokers. Their small sample size led to vastly inflated estimates. I think this has to do with the belief model among the investigators and -I wish they were here to defend themselves.' But 88 percent of their controls had never smoked marijuana." is how BBC News summed up the New Zealanders' findings. The New Zealand study was portrayed as the latest word on this important subject." Tashkin said the New Zealanders employed "statistical sleight of hand. Why did so few of the controls smoke marijuana? Something fishy about that!" Strong words for a UCLA School of Medicine professor! As to the highly promising implication of his own study -that something in marijuana stops damaged cells from becoming malignant--Tashkin noted that an antiproliferative effect of THC has been observed in cellculture systems and animal models of brain. Tobacco smokers who also smoked marijuana were at slightly lower risk of getting lung cancer than tobacco-only smokers. Bailey said his editors wouldn't be interested for some time because he had just filed a marijuana-related piece. In fact.000 tobacco cigarettes. wears wire-rimmed spectacles.. then their risk was six-fold. Hal Morgenstern. in fact slightly less than one. breast. Mack and Sander Greenland was a blockbuster story.. Other antioxidants in cannabis may also be involved in countering malignancy. THC has been shown to promote known apoptosis (damaged cells die instead of reproducing) and to counter angiogenesis (the process by which blood vessels are formed -a requirement of tumor growth). They had said 'it's ideal to do the study in New Zealand because we have a much higher prevalence of marijuana smoking. whereas 36% of our controls (in Los Angeles) had never smoked marijuana. Yan Cui.. "For tobacco they found what you'd expect: a higher risk for lung cancer and a clear dose-response relationship. Thomas M. These findings were not deemed worthy of publication in "NIDA Notes. A rather surprising finding. Zuo-Feng Zhang. Tashkin. "Heavy cannabis users may be at greater risk of chronic lung disease -including cancer. Wendy Cozen.the integrity of the investigators." Without a press release from NIDA calling attention to its significance..A.was not held against the authors. 41 .. and one has to be cautious about interpreting the results because of the very small number of cases (14) and controls (4)." Tashkin reported them at the 2005 meeting of the International Cannabinoid Research Society. Tashkin criticized the New Zealanders' methodology in his talk at Asilomar: "There's some cognitive dissonance associated with the interpretation of their findings.. They actually published another paper in which they mimicked the design that we used for looking at lung function. said Tashkin. the assignment editors of America had no idea that "Marijuana Use and the Risk of Lung and Upper Aerodigestive Tract Cancers: Results of a Population-Based Case-Control Study" by Mia Hashibe. I suggested to Eric Bailey of the L.. They were published in the October 2006 issue of "Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. 21 of whom smoked cannabis only.

" emboldened by the election of President Barack Obama. Addison Demara 42 . the founders of a lab in the East Bay doing business as "Steep Hill Medical Collective.and something everyone wants to find out about -THC and CBD content. notified dispensary operators that they had begun testing cannabis samples for something no one wants to find on their medicine -pathogenic mold. a breakdown product of THC that indicates time in storage). The lab also reports levels of CBN (cannabinol.O'Shaughnessy's News Service Lab Starts Testing Cannabis Samples For Pathogens & Cannabinoid Levels Words & Photos by O'Shaughnessy's News Service Dand Lampach In December 2008.

Wash your hands.32% 5.16% 25. "It can't be the whole family and friends sitting around with all the dogs in the living room.40% 7. remember that your product is medicine and treat it as medicine. you've got to get ready for inspection by public health authorities. has backed the project from its inception. Set up a clean room and put on different clothes when you go in. In other words. Running the lab are two former growers. 35.27% 7. The hold-up has been development of a software program that will enable the lab to handle 100 or more samples per day.32% 10.14% 27. area that's exposed to animals. he says.66% 9.90% 25.Steep Hill is gearing up to add tests for pesticides -which many indoor growers use.Aspergillus Fumigatus that bear witness to unsanitary production methods.25% 25.77% 11.05% 4. Promoting quality assurance is a goal shared by the "Clean Green" organic certification program. DeAngelo says.90% 11. who decided to find a different niche within the industry. Lampach operates the gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC/MS) and flame ionization detector (GC/FID). whose proprietor. Steve DeAngelo. do not have cannabis curing in an David and Addison check samples for mold. clean up your storage areas. We're putting out the message: 'Clean up your trim areas. There is an emerging consensus among researchers that aromatic terpenes work in concert with THC to create the characteristics and effects of a given cannabis strain.69% 7. the Medical Cannabis Safety Council and other industry groups. many of whose operators are eager to take part in the testing program.58% 9.90% 11. THC and CBD.11% 24." DeAngelo says.14% 24. "If you're calling for regulation. About 3% of the tested samples were found to contain pathogenic mold and Harborside returned the pounds from which they came to vendors with instructions to clean up their acts.97% 4. and Addison DeMoura.34% 25.16% 9.61% 5.51% 11.41% 24.'" TOP 10 HIGHEST THC NAME THC OG KUSH STRAWBERRY COUGH SUPER SKUNK HEADBAND PURE KUSH LEMON JACK PURE KUSH THE WHITE SUPER DIESEL OG KUSH 28.51% 25.14% 5. 43 . Wear gloves. David Lampach.12% TOP 10 HIGHEST CBD NAME THC CBD NYC DIESEL GANJA MA GANJA MA NYC DIESEL SHAKTI SOMA A+ GANJA MA SOMA A+ SOMA A+ SOMA A+ 9.90% 7. They spent a year learning how use the sophisticated testing apparatus and refining their procedures under the tutelage of a sympathetic university-connected chemist. 32.23% 7. To date the lab has been testing eight to 10 samples a day provided by Oakland's Harborside Health Center.and terpenes. DeMoura is liaison to the dispensaries.95% The lab has found levels of mold .notably .01% 7.



and class seems to continue with an increased sense of awareness. cooking. first understand where we have been and respect what might set happen you choose to cavort with cannabis.” After 2. OU does not offer your typical student encounter. “I am actually sitting in a room with over fifty other people to learn about pot. . rather than continuing to flirt with the Black Market. In June.Does Oaksterdam University run on Standard Stoner Time? Words by Dale S. The uncomfortable silence is only broken by the restless students shifting in their chairs as they look around for the Narc. Oaksterdam University is about to kick off Law Enforcement Sensitivity Training to assist cops with identifying qualified patients and understanding the changing community expectations. Clare Photos by Todd McCormick Not quite. OU also attracts business owners who want to train their current staff. and the Harmony Festival in Sebastopol. Both landmark events are the first time cannabis and hemp has been welcome within mainstream venues. during simultaneous events across California. you can almost see the thought cross their faces. The many motivations to learn about this controversial plant create an interesting blend of individuals and opportunity. Horticulture is the popular anchor for all of the current courses. The “welcome” was won through the diligence and political savvy on the part of organizers. politics and history classes. The Advanced Course is focused on starting a business. concentrates and extracts.500 students sat in OU chairs. Students learn how we arrived at the current political landscape. the question for officers and media to identify themselves will likely cause every student in the room to respond. during school. The school asks the question to remind students that you do not really know whom you are talking to. The classes continue to become more specific to medical applications. 46 Richard Lee Soon. Oaksterdam University will have a strong presence at both the THC EXPO at the LA Convention Center. folks who want to open their own business. and patients trying to understand their rights. We will be filling the room with officers and officials for select dates. Cannabusiness. no one has stood up to identify themselves as a cop. including working as a Budtender. at lunch or in life. or simply brush up on horticulture skills. and knowing your rights during law enforcement encounters. Oaksterdam University Michigan (OUMI) just kicked off May 23 & 24th in Ann Arbor. This educational alliance brings new meaning to the mission statement to “provide quality training for the cannabis industry” and will help garner understanding and respect. Class begins on time. As the situation sinks in. The Basic 101 Course covers core issues on how to help patients by providing better knowledge about cannabis. Oaksterdam University welcomes many students who are looking to change careers. with an earnest request for any undercover law enforcement officers to please identify themselves. Several concerned parents have decided to send their young adult children to learn how to involve themselves with cannabis safely and responsibly. ingestion methods. Our front row seats fill first. Required study includes the legal. MI with a 300 person educational symposium. The Harmony Festival will mark the launch of OU Sebastopol (OUSB) offering the original weekend courses for Northern California.

In 2007. supplying cannabis to the Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Club and researching efficient and environmentally friendly cannabis Oaksterdam University Executive Chancellor www. located on the first floor) www. Jeff Jones Sarah Diesel Dale Clare Los Angeles Campus (OULA) is hosted by the Patient ID Center • 323-852-1039 • 470 S. the PAC that passed Oakland's Measure Z making private sales. He manages several other Oaksterdam companies. Oaksterdam University.000.The Hemp Store in Houston. Become a freedom fighter at Oaksterdam University and earn a living while helping to end cannabis prohibition. His dedication to ending cannabis prohibition continues to play a crucial role in the revitalization and economic growth of Oakland.RIpatients. which was created after Measure Z passed with 65% of the vote 2004.michiganmedicalmarijuana. one of the first hemp products retail outlets in the United Michigan Campus (OUMI) is hosted by Michigan Medical Marijuana Association www.peaceinmedicine. contact Oaksterdam University at 510-251-1544 To enroll. cross street is Drexel. Oaksterdam University was founded in 2007 to provide students with the highest quality training for the cannabis industry. current circulation 30. CA 90048 (Between La Cienega and Wilshire Blvd. creating thousands of new jobs and millions of tax dollars. Richard Lee has been working to end cannabis prohibition for 17 Medical Cannabis Association (MCA) Director of Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy www. Lee has been serving on the City of Oakland Cannabis Regulation and Revenue Ordinance Commission. In 2008 he funded the startup of the monthly magazine West Coast Cannabis. In 1999. San Vicente Blvd. including the Oaksterdam Gift Shop and Rhode Island Campus (OURI) is planning with the RI Patient Advocacy Coalition www. There are already over 500 medical cannabis dispensaries in 47 . From 2005 to 2007. In 2003 Lee founded the Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance. Southern California Education & Research Committee Chair www.Plans are germinating for Rhode Island (OURI) and beyond. the second cannabis outlet in "Oaksterdam". You can be a part of this budding industry. The original Oakland campus is located on the corner of 19th and Broadway in revitalized downtown Oakland. he founded the first cannabis college in the United States. south of the Beverly Center. cultivation. Los Sebastopol Campus (OUSB) is hosted by Peace in Medicine www.CannabisSafety. Texas.oaksterdam. The faculty is comprised of the most recognized names in the California cannabis movement. Lee published the Oaksterdam News quarterly newspaper with a circulation of over Medical Cannabis Safety Council (MCSC) Regional Coordinator. Since 2005. In 1992 he co-founded Legal Marijuana . adjacent to the renovated Fox Theater with convenient access to BART. he opened the Bulldog Coffeeshop. Lee moved to Oakland in 1997 and co-founded the Hemp Research Company. and possession of cannabis the lowest law enforcement priority and mandating that Oakland tax and regulate cannabis as soon as possible under state law.patientidcenter.MedicalCannabisAssociation.


I will work to get your vaporizer reviewed in a future column. Storz and Bickel. I will also revisit the pro’s and con’s of industry leaders. without actually burning the plant material. You can also reload and use without much difficulty. offer the Classic or Digital heating base with a Solid or Easy Valve balloon collection kits. It is currently being made of sturdy material. To be clear.. however the Volcano vaporizer is not very information you would provide for a patient to purchase. To my knowledge. all units are manufactured in Germany and shipped worldwide. allowing the release of cannabinoids (the parts of the plant you benefit from) into a gaseous state. You must have a device that can consistently control the heat…temperature control needed to boil the resin of this plant. and will hopefully prove to survive some wear and tear out in the field during my rigorous assessment process. companies upholding the standards that are continuing to offer quality vaporizers for the marketplace. www. published in the early 1990's by NORML. but the quality and durability of their product is proven. I hope to highlight the different aspects of vaporizers to provide you an honest consumer guide with a connoisseur perspective. which makes it portable longer then most that Jeff Jones shows the THC Expo some love. potentially not so environmental friendly for long term use. www. let us familiarize ourselves with what is needed to accomplish vaporizing cannabis. The largest positive is the very lightweight and compact design. The Volcano vaporizer continues to stand strong in a growing field of products. The optimum choice for vaporizing devices can vary upon where and how you will be using cannabis. www. It will take a new and innovative approach to unseat this industry leader. If you are a vaporizer company interested in having your product reviewed. although efficacy fades over time. I hope to see another great product from this seasoned industry leader in 49 .my-iolite. as I have found them to be ready to use in less then one minute after starting up and can be recharged with any standard refined butane fuel.The Jeff Jones Vaporizer Assessment Project (The VAP) Words by Jeff Jones I have been a fan of vaporizing since I first located a do-ityourself guide. This capability is due to the patented balloon vapor collection system. The new and potential vaporizing assistive devices coming out on the market can be costly to assess www.vriptech. I have seen many different types of devices over the years used to accomplish this task. If you would like your favorite vaporizers reviewed or are marketing vaporizing technology drop me a email at thevap@patientidcenter. Next column I plan to analyze the Vripmaster line of vaporizers. considered the Mercedes Benz of the vaporizing. the Volcano is the first vaporizer that allows for "saving the vapor for later". stemming from true German craftsmanship. but did lessen the amount of plant material that was burned. where some vaporizers are not so easy to figure out or refill. But if you have to be portable this one gets a sure “buy” review.storz-bickel. The prices are steep for their current line of To begin. Because of my experiences. tar and ash. It was not perfect in design.gotvape. Things have come a long way since I first experimented with the technology in the form of this partially successful attempt at a personal vaporizer. this company has established the standard that all other vaporizers are judged by. and has limited portability due to necessity for a power source. and can fit into your pocket or coat for easy concealment before or after use. explaining a quick DIY version that could be built for less then $20. have batteries for the heating For your portable use. your device must simply be able heat the beneficial components to their boiling point. As the industry leader. The largest negative is that is made of a plastic type material on the outside. This new vaporizer utilizes butane as the heating method. releasing a vapor. a company from Ireland. and a way to contact you directly. an up and coming unit recently available is the “iolite” portable vaporizer made by Oglesey and Butler. varying from simple to very complicated. so I give the iolite a high rating. I encourage you if you to send us a demo to test. providing a chance for users to experience the benefits of vaporizing without having to immediately use what they prepare. the manufacturer of Volcano products. which produces smoke.

com/ChronicCandy .MySpace.

feed the vitamins to the animals while civilization enjoys white rice. Humans dissatisfied with the color and flavor of food alter it by preparation or cooking to elevate it culturally. 51 . white bread and a case of Beriberi (B1 deficiency). A classic example is our desire to grind off the outer cover of rice and wheat.Should we compost the leaf or consume it? Photos by Todd McCormick Human culture and its preparation of food markedly impacts the quality of the nutrition.

the terpenes have diverse medical functions. Leaf is not psychoactive so it can be used around the LeavesOfGrass. which are volatile at room temperature. In summary the raw green leaf is a balanced offering of primary and secondary immune modulators degraded by heat. one of the best parts of the plant. By report. are responsible for the unique odor that distinguishes one strain from another. steep our way to one desired endpoint. simmer. pesto. The green leaf was evolved to be eaten and will one day be recognized as a dietary essential. Don’t wait till it makes it to the food pyramid though. antibiotic and they are reduced if not lost in drying. toasting and smoking the food around us. cannabinoids and flavinoids found in raw. fire. Turns out these delicate Cannabinoids have unique medical properties that are lost after the plant is heated. salads etc. Since the cannabinoids are cleared rapidly from the blood. analgesic. DrCourtney@mcn. sauté. humans ate cannabis raw as did the deer. consume don’t compost the shade leafs.D. Raw green leaf gradually but powerfully modulates the immune system consequently it is not effective for acute symptom relief. M. it is clear now that we share in Prometheus’ fate to some degree. If we wind back the clock 10. A couple of hours spent with Wikipedia. store the leaf in one of those green bags. In addition the delicate cannabinoids. In Mendocino. frequent consumption of a small amount of juice is ideal. Humans stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom in our application of heat to cannabis. horses.It is rumored that fire was a gift to humanity. One is mildly psychoactive. None of them have the original medicinal value. will add significantly to one’s understanding of how cannabis. The terpenes. then the leaf is ground up and rolled into balls. At last years International Cannabinoid Research Society symposium attention was paid to the delicate cannabinoids that are destroyed by heat. helps the immune system maintain and restore health. by roasting. The terpenes are known act synergistically with the cannabinoids to restore optimal function to the immune system. William L. In addition to the aroma.000 years. Courtney.000 years we have been enjoying our purloined pleasure. grinding and in the application of heat. the increase of THC. two moderately and three significantly psychoactive. anti-inflammatory. Make sure there are no toxic miticides. the terpenes are driven from the plant with heat. rabbits and cats. Willits. salsa. For 10. use ten large fan leafs per day in juice. The particular profile of terpenes. Garberville & Arcata . Break through pain is nicely complemented by vaporization of your favorite high CBD strain. stolen from Zeus by Prometheus. 52 One cannot begin to appreciate the wide range of the medical benefits provided by cannabis until one understands the immune system. anti-oxidant. Prometheus paid dearly for his stealing of fire from Zeus. We smoke. green leaf represents 34 million years of evolution and it will be a few more years before we fully understand the synergistic actions of the 400+ molecules found in raw cannabis. Since the cannabinoids are fat soluble and stored in the fat tissue it can take 4-8 weeks to saturate for a given dose of leaf. the ultimate immune modulator. the non-psychoactive large green shade leafs of the cannabis plant are simmered for 10 minutes. drying or age.



VOLUME 001 PREMIER ISSUE JULY/AUGUST 2009 $4.95USD “I inhaled. that was the point!” -President Obama THE FIRST ANNUAL THC EXPO 2009 LOS ANGELES CONVENTION CENTER . frequently.

0820 . 310.7981 ® V E N IC E 1509 Abbot Kinney Blvd.208.3 8 9 0 WESTWOOD 1035 Gayl ey A ve. 3 1 0 .® W E S T H O L LY W O O D 7825 Santa Monica Blvd. 323.3 9 2 .848.

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We are proud to have a mix of businesses from all over the world from local medical marijuana dispensaries to European seed companies to Canadian cultivation equipment manufacturers. we will feature comics. We at the THC EXPO hope you have a wonderful time at this year’s expo and we hope to see you next year! . medication. Our 18 and older stage will have a more adult oriented theme and a focus on the more advanced side of the industry. Our new magazine is designed much in the same way as our Expo to best highlight the diversity of the subject matter. we hope you enjoy the concept. With medical marijuana becoming so popular in California and the talk of legalization on the tongues of sitting senators it is high time we acknowledged the Cannabis user as a demographic that is to be respected and not oppressed. Here you will find everything you’re looking for as well as things you never knew you needed. here you will find all of the cultivation. celebrity appearances and even a fashion show.Welcome to the 18+ side of the THC Expo. Please do your part to help us keep this event hassle free by not Smoking. Vaporizing or otherwise Consuming Cannabis while in the Los Angeles Convention Center. lectures. and paraphernalia accessories available to the industry.

1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 230 330 421 229 329 420 228 328 419 227 327 226 326 225 325 224 324 415 223 323 414 222 322 413 221 321 412 121 220 320 120 219 DOCTORS / ATTORNEYS 132 MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT 1901 1902 1903 GROW 621 719 821 921 1021 1127 1228 520 620 718 820 920 1020 1126 1227 1325 519 619 717 819 919 1019 1125 1226 1324 1423 518 618 818 918 1018 1225 1323 1422 517 617 716 817 917 1017 1124 1224 1322 1421 1519 516 616 715 816 916 1016 1123 1223 1321 1420 1518 1617 515 615 714 815 915 1015 1122 1222 1320 1419 1517 1616 1714 514 614 713 814 914 1014 1121 1221 1319 1418 1516 1615 1713 1812 513 613 712 813 913 1013 1120 1220 1318 1417 1515 1614 1712 1811 512 612 711 812 912 1012 1119 1219 1317 1416 1514 1613 1711 1810 18 & OVER 1118 1218 1316 1415 1513 1612 1710 1809 319 1117 1217 1315 1414 1512 1611 1709 1808 218 318 1116 1216 1314 1413 1511 1610 1708 1807 217 317 1115 1215 1313 1412 1510 1609 1707 1806 216 316 1114 1214 1312 1411 1509 1608 1706 1805 215 315 1113 1213 1311 1410 1508 1607 1705 1804 214 314 1112 1212 1310 1409 1507 1606 1704 1803 114 213 313 1111 1211 1309 1408 1506 1605 1703 1802 113 212 312 1110 1210 1308 1407 1505 1604 1702 1801 111 211 311 411 511 611 710 811 911 1011 1109 1209 1307 1406 1504 1603 1701 110 210 310 410 510 610 709 810 910 1010 1108 1208 1306 1405 1503 1602 109 209 309 409 509 609 708 809 909 1009 1107 1207 1305 1404 1502 1601 108 208 308 408 508 608 707 808 908 1008 1106 1206 1304 1403 1501 107 207 307 407 507 607 706 807 907 1007 1105 1205 1303 1402 206 306 406 506 606 705 806 906 1006 1104 1204 1302 1401 205 305 405 505 605 805 905 1005 1203 204 304 504 604 704 804 904 1004 1103 1202 131 130 129 128 127 126 125 124 123 CULTURE 521 418 417 416 118 117 116 115 ART 119 ADVERTISERS 122 VIP AREA UTENSILS 404 403 FOODS 104 HEMP 105 COMESTICS 112 106 CLUBS 203 303 503 603 703 803 903 1003 1102 1201 102 202 302 402 502 602 702 802 902 1002 1101 101 201 301 401 501 601 701 801 901 1001 103 1301 11 .


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We ask you now Mr. as we can no longer afford your cheap tree paper. tree. Bibles and clothing that the sailors wore and used were also Hemp. all of the maps. upon your inauguration you united billions of people worldwide with your breaking of racial boundaries and doing what most people said could not be done in our lifetime. to free us of the ignorance of past presidential decisions and implement a future based on what is right for the many instead of what is profitable for the few. “Yes We Can” was a motto that many of us related to. We applaud you for telling the truth about your past Cannabis use. past presidents that you quote so eloquently. Cannabis/Hemp was such an important commodity at the founding of our nation that for over 200 years the federal DC 20500 Letter to the President THC EXPO Los Angeles Convention Center June 13 and 14th. We were however very dismayed when you so easily dismissed the topic of re-legalization of Cannabis on change.The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington. they had to look towards Mother Nature to provide them with their bare necessities and in doing so. The topic of legalization of marijuana was your most voted on question and the fact that more people voted for marijuana legalization on your website than any other question posed should tell you something. We need Cannabis/Hemp now as a nation just as we did in 1619 when our federal government passed the first laws that stipulated that all residents had to grow it least 10% of their land as Hemp because it was such an important commodity in society. You alone have the power to make the changes that are needed to save our economy and to save our environment and to give back a history that has been stolen by corporate lies and government propaganda. All of the feral Hemp that grows across the Midwest was planted there by the settlers of this great country. all the canvas that covered all the canvas-wagons that crossed this country settling the West was made from only one plant. or your foreign oil at the expense of human lives. THC EXPO 21 . and history also tells us that the fiber matting called ‘oakum’ that was pressed between the boards of the hull and kept the boat buoyant. was made of primarily Hemp fiber. fibers and medicines and we hope you will take the time to acknowlege our history and do what’s right and give back to the people their right to utilize this God-given gift. Because they lived before nylon. quite arguably. It’s time the federal government legalizes adult use of Cannabis and re-legalizes Cannabis/Hemp as a commodity for our foods. And we can most certainly not allow our friends and family with cancer/AIDS and other debilitating diseases to stand by and suffer while we contemplate the ethics of denying them beneficial medication. We all realize that you have the opportunity to rebuild America. We at the THC Expo wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on succeeding to the highest Office in America. were in fact. they found an organic and sustainable solution: Cannabis/Hemp. Cannabis. petrochemicals and synthetic-based paints. By doing so you inspired us all to dream our own personal. that maybe this topic is long overdue for review and that the people are ahead of the politicians and that this plant prohibition is long over in the eyes of the American people. President. Your wonderful speeches and amazing optimism inspired us all. In doing so. you proved to the world that responsible adult use of Cannabis is no big deal and that people who use Cannabis can go on to become anything they want in life. Hemp farmers out of sheer necessity. Sincerely. it was a vital necessity to any seafaring culture. We can no longer afford to have you lock up our citizens for choosing to use a benign plant instead of the other available poisons that are available on every corner at any convenience store. President to acknowledge history. if ever. We Cannabis users have been plagued with the stereotype that is completely falsified by the propaganda surrounding the current prohibition and your elevation to the office of President is the shining example that makes all these allegations clearly false.based paper. What worked then will again work now. accepted raw Cannabis/Hemp as payment for taxes because it was indispensable to the military. we certainly hoped that you would be the difference that we the people have not seen for so long in Washington. dream and we thank you. that you now preside over. for without Cannabis/Hemp they could not sail the open seas: Cannabis/Hemp alone was responsible for all of the ropes and all of the sales. for when Columbus arrived he brought with him on all of his ships Cannabis/Hemp. 2009 Dear Mr. as well was the paint they used to seal the hull was processed from Hempseed oil. fuels. albeit sometimes seemingly impossible. We at the THC Expo would also like to remind you of your history.



was to wipe out the cannabis plant from the face of the earth by the year 2010. In reality this is far from being achieved. In most people's perception. and each plays a unique role in the perfect design of nature. published years ago in official reports. is facing a very real threath of extinction. Cannabis.Our planet is home to millions of species of animal and plants with their own habitat. used in every civilization all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes. Nevertheless most governments of cannabis-producing countries are implementing drastic measures to destroy crops. because man keeps using the cannabis plant for religious. one of the goals of the United Nations. Most cultures cannot comprehend how a plant can be made illegal. one of the most ancient plants known to man. medicinal and recreational purposes no matter what the law says. plants and animals stand above a status of legality or illegality. Besides the threath posed by human development. 24 . Unfortunately many species of plants and animals are victim of uncontrolled human development. they just exist in a higher design of nature that goes beyond human laws and regulations.

Communities that are isolated in remotes areas in the poorest regions of the planet are often the keepers of very special landraces. one that involves social skills. and the poorest people of the planet are the ones paying the highest price for cultivating a plant that does not kill. Strain Hunters is a brand new series of documentaries. But in the economy of scale. in a quest for a better future. nevertheless they could be of enormous help in the future. One of these cannabinoid profiles could be hiding the next miracle drug for the treatment of very serious diseases. real-life reports of the search for the greatest lost cannabis strains. has been devoting a great deal passion. The concept of strain hunters stems from the need to preserve nature's gifts to man. 25 . These strains. In these landraces there are hundreds. costantly inbreeding. a passion. time and resources to this task. a travelling-oriented mindframe and a pinch of crazy. the poorest people of the planet have no choice but to cultivate cannabis as a cash crop to feed their children and send them to school. Strain hunting is a very delicate task. Besides being physically fit. the strain hunter has to speak several languages. The logistical challenges involved in strain-hunting are quite considerable. successful seed makers in the world. it is now time to show the world what the hunt is all about. a deep insight in the typical "day at the office" of the most Words & Photos by Greenhouse Seed Co. After two decades spent strain hunting for the breeding programs of the Green House Seed Company. are at the origin of all the thousands of variations that we know today in the cannabis industry. the strain hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man. maybe thousands of unique cannabinoid profiles that have never been evaluated by the pharmaceutical industry. From the jungles of Africa and Asia to the mountain ranges of South America. but Arjan. when the knowledge about the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant will advance further. be able to blend and socialize in different environments. where demand dictates supply. Being a strain hunter is a personal challenge.Dangerous chemicals are sprayed over fields and over the farmers themselves in most of the third world countries. and a way of life. isolated for decades and sometimes for centuries. owner and founder of the Green House empire. and has to be willing to commit to a lifestyle on the fast-lane. The worldwide prosecution on the cannabis plant generates the need to go hunting for the real landraces that are left in the most remote corners of the planet.


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while sieving is much more efficient collecting technique. others are intentionally added adulterants. smoking marijuana is more than twice as efficient as efficient as smoking hashish. Cannabis plant. In terms of total THC consumed. The relative amounts of THC and non-cannabinoid constituents determines the texture. Resin collection for hashish making only extracts THC contained within and on the plant tissues. While labor intensive. One common misconception is that hashish is made by grinding dry Cannabis flowers into a powder and pressing 29 . The non-psychoactive components of hashish are derived from plant matter. Even simple forms of sieving our high tech compared to hand rubbing. The resin gland containing psychoactive THC can either be rubbed off living plants with the hands. or the resin glands can be collected by sieving after the plant has been harvested and dried. rather than being contained within the resin glands. Some of these substances are naturally occurring contaminants. Rob Clarke. HEMPIRE saw the need to explain this much discussed mind-chocolate. In our quest to take the mystery out of life’s simple pleasures. water and other substances. There are some simple physical tests that can be done to determine the quality of hashish. purity and potency of hashish. hand rubbing requires no tools other than fingers and palms and was told was the first method of making hashish.I. The remaining THC is trapped within or smeared upon the plant tissues. and sieved resin collection offers greater control of hashish purity and potency. Collecting small amounts of resin by hand is easier than sieving. Words by Robert C. and production of larger quantities of resin powder in shorter periods of time. Photo by Manxman Hashish is a psychoactive drug prepared from the isolated resin glands of the female. Clarke Part one: Constituents and Quality There are two mechanical (nonchemical) methods for collecting cannabis resin to manufacture hashish (or charas). Neither method extracts much more than one-half the total THC contained in the flowering tops. best known for his book ‘Marijuana Botany’ will be our guide in a series of articles excerpted from his book ‘Hashish’. What is Hashish? This Cannabis plant was growing in a field of Poppies in Southern Afghanistan and was taken by an American G. Hashish smoking has other advantages that will be discussed in later editions/ hashish or charas is composed of psychoactive and nonpsychoactive compounds.Hashish is easily the most misunderstood part of the Cannabis plant. seed-bearing.

it is actually the resin glands that are being described. hashish always contains the same containments such as airborne dust particles and pulverized plant tissues. The sticky oily liquid terpenoids and cannabinoids serve as the glue to hold the matrix of particulate vegetable matter and dust together and form a solid but pliable mass. containing the gland and the attached balloon of resin it secreted. water-soluble compounds. account for differences in the integral adhesive structure of a piece of hashish. Terpenoids are largely responsible . Resin is secreted from the glands and accumulates under a waxy cuticle that enlarges like a blister until it is nearly spherical. or are wiped off of the flowers on to the palms during handrubbing. Hashish makers never use male pollen-producing plants to make hashish. a piece of hashish in its purest form contains nothing but Cannabis resin glands and their contents. The higher the content of alcohol soluble compounds. A basic knowledge of the physical properties of the various hashish constituents is key to an enlightened approach to hashish preparation and use. Hashish actually contains no pollen at all. 30 Hashish Constituents In theory. fall off when dried flowers are threshed and are collected as resin powder. Cannabis resin glands are highly specialized plant cells that secrete resins and essential oils consisting mostly of cannabinoid and terpenoid compounds. Rather. the idea is to sieve out (and thus concentrate) the THC-containing resin glands in order to make a more potent Cannabis preparation. Another common misconception is that Cannabis resin powder is pollen. When Cannabis consumers speak of the sparkly ‘crystals’ on marijuana. insoluble dust and dirt. with varying chemical makeup and physical characteristics. Resin glands are most well developed and numerous on mature. Hashish contains a mixture of the primary psychoactive compound THC. with non-psychoactive constituents of both Cannabis and non-Cannabis origin. and volatile matter.the powder into solid pieces. vegetable matter. terpenoids must be responsible for the bulk of the other aromatic characteristics of hashish. (cannabinoids and terpenoids). Hashish is made up of alcohol soluble constituents Hashish varies just like cannabis. and a host of other cannabinoids and terpenoids. Given that THC is relatively neutral in aroma. THC. Pollen is produced only by male flowers and only female flowers produce the resin glands that are collected for making hashish. The spherical balls. the higher the quality of hashish. In real life. female floral bracts (the green tissue encasing the flower and seed). A host of terpenoid compounds. The resin glands of Cannabis are the primary site of synthesis for the principle psychoactive cannabinoid. Lebanese or Moroccan hashish is “polm” or “pollen”. The idea is not simply to grind a lot of Cannabis and make marijuana powder. The most common name in the Netherlands for sieved Dutch.

An adulterant is any non-Cannabis containment purposefully added to Cannabis resin. sand. dust and dirt collected along with resin glands. unintentionally included containments mentioned above.resin hashish constituents that arise from plant debris. Contaminates are non. As soon as hashish is removed from the freezer and warmed to room temperature it softens. Both contaminates and adulterants alter the natural physical state and texture of pure cannabis resin. Only after the intial physical test is it time to fire it up and really check it out. Containments and Adulterants Pieces of commercial hashish always contain contaminates and often also adulterants. making it more suitable for marketing.for the aroma. Much of much of the variation in the characteristics of hashish from different regions (such as texture. The softening is a function of the most volatile terpenoids melting and turning to their liquid state. Frozen hashish is very hard and the cannabinoid and terpenoid levels remain nearly stable for long periods. The physical characteristics of hashish change as it is heated from the frozen storage state (less than 0° C) to normal temperature (22. The mixed cannabinoid and terpenoid compounds produce a dense viscous solid that is brittle at room temperature (22 ° C) or below. the most volatile terpenoids boil and vaporize first producing the characteristic vapor and aroma of hashish. Eventually (above 500° C) the solid vegetable matter and other flammable containments catch fire and completely burn. and soft and pliable at body temperature (39° C). vaporized ad eventually burned. Adulterants are substances that are intentionally added to hashish during its manufacture in order to change its basic physical character and lower its potency. volatile aromatic compounds. Adulterants do not include dust. When hashish is heated during smoking (100°-300° C).5 ° C). Opium. aroma. henbane. and the other natural. Any other consistency at these two temperatures is an indication that the hashish is either contaminated or adulterated. The canabinoid and terpinoid constituents of hashish range in constancy from soft solids trough oily liquids to thin. plant tissues. Only a few degraded terpenoids and cannabinoids remain in the hashish ashes. flavor. As the temperature climbs between 200 and 300 the THC vaporizes along with the higher boiling point terpenoids. The hashish becomes even softer as more and more of the solid terpenoid constituents reach their melting points. and datura are psychoactive adulterants and would add their own effects to the high 31 . During hand-pressing a piece of hashish is warmed to near body temperature (39° C). pressed. and flavor) result from variation in terpenoid content. and general appearance of hashish.

The criteria only express general rules. if most of the physical criteria are satisfied. What is the texture of the resin powder? Fine. then the product is most likely low-quality and will also be of low potency. What color is the resin powder before pressing? Lighter colored resin powders are almost always of higher purity and quality. an exception can always be found. The answer to the following questions will give the smoker a good idea of the quality of any given piece of hashish. are much less dense. The extra effect of the adulterants may have been necessary to market low potency hashish made from low-quality resin powder. fluffy resin powder. and ought to be potent. The next best grades of resin powder are transparent and amber-colored or milky translucent-white. than darker colored resin powders. they only serve to make poor resin powder salable. Quality Determination For the casual hashish smoker is important to assess the quality of each purchase. Cannabis resin is very dense. while hard and dry texture is indicative of old stale resin powder. However.produced by hashish. The debris that contaminates Cannabis resin powder provides a matrix that keeps the resin glands physically separated. Pure clean fresh resin powder of the highest quality is nearly clear. Some contaminates are necessary in a piece of hashish for it to burn correctly on its own. and in most rules. If few of the criteria are satisfied. If resin powder contains dust and dirt it will usually be a darker brown color or it will be tinted green by pulverized plant matter. allowing them to burn more easily. If hashish is too pure it will melt and bubble but not produce an ember. while contaminants such as dust and powdered plant material. and are therefore more potent. None of the adulterants make hashish more potent or more pleasant to smoke. dense. The following physical criteria are commonly used for determining the quality of Cannabis resin powder and pressed hashish. When resin glands melt together into a lump they have less surface area and will not burn properly. Soft and moist texture is a sign that the resin powder is fresh. resin powder is of higher quality than coarse. . Only after the initial physical tests is it time to fire it up and really check it out! A close up of hashish. then the resin powder or hashish is probably high-quality. Without chemical analysis the only way to determine the potency of Cannabis resin with any certainty is to eat or smoke it.

The glands in high purity resin powder burst and melt together easily making a denser and darker piece of hashish. the faster it will soften and darken. than darker colored resin powder. air. Cannabis resin begins to oxidize and darken as soon as it is directly exposed to light. and therefore more potent. 33 . and do so much faster (when thoroughly kneaded) than do lower quality resin powders. the faster it will soften and darken. air. and heat. Cannabis resin begins to oxidize and darken as soon as it is directly exposed to light. What color is the piece after it is pressed? Higher quality resin powders turn darker. The higher of proportion of resin in the sample. and do so much faster (when t h o r o u g h l y kneaded) than do lower quality resin powders. The higher of proportion of resin in the sample. and heat. What color is the piece after it is pressed? Higher quality resin powders turn darker.Lighter colored resin powders are almost always of higher purity and quality. The glands in high purity resin powder burst and melt together easily making a denser and darker piece of hashish.

when dropped on a hard surface. even if the resins are soft. Smell can give al clue as to the cause of softness in hashish. Mineral impurities can make a piece of hashish hard and brittle. What does the resin powder or hashish smell like? Both fresh resin powder and fresh hashish smell clean and spicy. If hashish tastes like vegetable matter or dirt it is contaminated. the piece will usually be more potent than hashish that tastes flat. The freshly broken edge of a piece of high quality hashish will be sharp and clean. What does hashish taste like? If a small piece of hashish is placed in the mouth and chewed. If the piece is so hard that it will not reform when heated in the hand then the piece is old and stale. However. Often hashish with mineral impurities will not get very soft in the palm. Pure hashish is dense and solid. and turpentine smells of pine. very soft texture at normal room temperature is always a sign of lower potency and quality. The body of the hashish fails to stay lit 34 . Does the hashish stay lit? Cannabis resins are highly flammable because they contain many extremely volatile terpenoid compounds. then it usually contains a fat or oil adulterant. If either smells musty or dirty than the product is probably stale. spongy pieces of hashish such as blonde Moroccan hashish that are often contaminated with plant debris. can also be soft. A piece of high quality hashish will often flare up in flame on the first few attempts to ignite it. In any case. If the piece pulls apart rather than breaking and the edge is fluffy and stringy. it is probably either very old or contains little resin. it will often produce a peppery taste. If a piece of hashish is very soft even when it has not been warmed. and /or may have molded or spoiled. but are not adulterated. If the hashish lacks aroma all together. rather than a dull thud. Cannabis oil smells of chemical solvent. Vegetable oils and butter often smell rancid. Pure hashish makes a sharp click. so a soft texture at room temperature is not always a sigh of contamination by fats or oils. If hashish is spicy and peppery tasting. it usually stays lit on the second or third try. then there are pieces of plant tissue or other debris contaminating the resin. A fresh piece of high quality hashish is soft when it is warmed in the hand for a few minutes.What is the texture of pressed hashish? When plant impurities are present a piece of well-pressed hashish will still be soft and spongy. When lighting a good piece of hashish. or both. contains contaminates. Is hashish smells like anything other than Cannabis. then there is some containment or adulterant in it.

Each smoker must judge the potency of a Cannabis product for themselves. If a smoker feels that hashish is potent enough to satisfy. How does the smoke smell and taste? When Cannabis resin burns. a good piece of hashish will stay lit and carry the coal like a piece of incense. or wet. the most important criteria to the smoker are the potency of the hashish and nature of its effects. just as the potency and nature of the high produced by each batch of hashish varies. it may be composed mostly of plant material or contain flammable but non-volatile binders such as paraffin wax. If the embers give off brown smoke it is a sign of contaminates. it produces aromas and flavors that are pungent and spicy. What color is the smoke? The embers of high-quality hashish give off a milky-white to slightly blue-grey tinted smoke. Los Angeles 35 . decisions concerning the quality of any given piece of hashish rest with the individual consumer. Flaming resins give off black smoke because the aromatic terpenoids are vaporizing faster than they can efficiently burn. old.because all of the energy of ignition is consumed by the flaming aromatic terpenoids. it may not have been pressed sufficiently. Every persons idea of both potency and pleasure varies. then the hashish is highly adulterated. Very dark grey or black ash is a sign of adulteration. Hashish smoke smells sweet and rich. Ultimately. After a couple of attempts. Darker grey ashes indicate the presence of contaminates. Is the hashish potent and are its effects pleasurable to you the smoker? While entirely subjective in nature. © All text are copyright 1995 Robert Connell Clarke and are excerpted from the book HASHISH published by Red Eye Press. If the smoke from the embers is very dark brown or black. or the resin powder may be dirty. Upcoming articles of Hashish Enlightenment will bring you ‘Super Stashes’ from around the planet. If the piece lights on the first try and stays lit. it probably contains very little resin. how to make ‘Holland High Quality Hashish’ and much more! Stay Tuned Earthlings! A close up of tricombs. What does the ash look like? When pure resin buns completely it leaves a white to light grey ash. like fine incense. and also feels that the hashish produces pleasurable physical effects and a desirable mental state. If the piece must constantly be relit. then it is ‘good’ hashish to them.

Classic Boondocks Strips By Aaron McGruder CATCH AARON MCGRUDER AT THE THC EXPO. 2009 AT THE LA CONVENTION CENTER 36 . JUNE 13-14.




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