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FEBRUARY 15, 2010
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colorado’s premier cannabis lifestyle magazine

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features inside
24 Bud Huts 10 | Marijuana Regulatory by Noelle Leavitt
Looking for a getaway on the slopes where you can escape for a recre- 14 | Strain Review: Blue Dream
ational smoke – ‘bud huts’ will provide shelter from the cold and more!
18 | Grower’s Grove by Josh Kaplan
34 Cooking It Up 22 | The New MMJ Ordinance by Noelle Leavitt
St. Patrick’s Day and yummy snack edible recipes from Chef Herb. 30 | How to Roll a Joint with Slightly Stoopid by Maggie St. Thomas

42 Coachella Music Festival 50 | About Me by James Vester

Warm up with the desert heat and hot musical line up at one of the best 62 | Q&A with Mason Tavert by Noelle Leavitt
concert festivals of the year!!
66 | Holiday Partying for Legalization by Noelle Leavitt
48 Legislature 72 | Colorado Live Music Preview
Featuring Colorado’s ongoing legislative attempts to deal with medical
78 | Off-Roading By J Mark Sternberg
marijuana, legal limits of possession and the control of dispensaries.
86 | We Dig This By Josh Kaplan
54 Patient’s Relief 90 | Dispensary Directory
Surviving with HIV and struggling to maintain a positive lifestyle, medical
marijuana’s role in Morgan Gale’s battle to overcome health hurdles.

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from the editors
m edical Marijuana Patients in Colorado are now over thirty-five thousand
strong with cardholders rapidly increasing by thousands each week. Dispensaries,
which now number in the several hundreds throughout the state, are doing their
colorado’s premier cannabis lifestyle magazine

A Division of Dbdotcom LLC

Publishers | Dbdotcom LLC & Michael Lerner

best to keep up with this hectic and fluid growth. This is all part of the Colorado
Green Rush -- adding jobs, opportunities, and much needed money to an Editor-in-Chief | Michael Lerner
otherwise stagnant and suffering economy. But is this new influx sustainable? Editor | Lisa Selan
Associate Editor | Josh Kaplan
The state legislature and many cities statewide are scurrying to write and pass
medical marijuana ordinances to nip in the bud what some legislatures feel is a Business Operations Manager | Bob Selan
runaway industry, but at the same time, tap into this goose that lays the golden Business Development | John Thomas Wiegman
eggs. And with the lifting of moratoriums and the new laws come substantial fees
Director of Marketing | Michael Lerner
and costs to the medical marijuana providers here. In Denver for example, the
new ordinance, which goes into effect on March first, requires dispensary owners Director of Sales | Audrey Cisneros
to now pay new fees of over $5,000 to stay in business. Traffic Manager | Rachel Selan
Account Representative | Denise Mickelson
The state is already charging patients $90 a head for the privilege of having their
constitutional right to possess and smoke their meds. Art Director | Robb Friedman
Senior Designer | Coco Lloyd
So where is all of this money going? Well the answer is not clear, and medical
Design & Layout | Dave Azimi & Cristine Moonan
marijuana proponents are crying out. In a recent letter to The Colorado
Department of Health, Rob Corry, a leading medical marijuana lawyer here, asks Copy Editor | Jason Middleton
just that. According to statistics dating back to September of 2009, that state had Contributing Writers
collected over $1.7 million from patients, and Mr. Corry wants to know where it
Chef Herb, Ryan James, Josh Kaplan, Noelle
all went. Similarly in Denver, and other cities where dispensaries proliferate, there
will soon be a lot of additional money changing hands. Leavitt, J Mark Sternberg, Maggie St. Thomas
Accounting | Diana Bayhill
Administration / Office Manager | Lisa Selan
The government needs our
medical marijuana revenue base General Manager | Randy Malinoff
and we want them to have it. Team | JT Kilfoil & Houston

Although Amendment 20 to the Colorado Constitution may be one of the more

liberal medical marijuana laws in the country, as with most if not all of the other
KUSH Magazine is also available by individual
13 legalized states it is vague and ambiguous.  In other words, it is full of gray subscription at the following rates: in the
areas. The law has a complete disconnect when it comes to getting the harvest United States, one year 12 issues $89.00 surface
from the grow to the patient.  There are no provisions for distribution or point of mail (US Dollars only). To Subscribe mail a check
purchase sales anywhere in the law. for $89.00 (include your mailing address) to
Isn’t is about time that patients, caregivers, dispensaries and growers come CALABASAS, CA, 91302
together and support workable state and local laws that not only provide safe KUSH Magazine
and sane access for all involved, but are transparent putting everyone on a level and are
playing field? Tradenames of Dbdotcom LLC.

There are hundreds of millions of dollars at play here. The government needs our Dbbotcom LLC
23679 CALABASAS ROAD #386,
medical marijuana revenue base and we want them to have it. But it has to be on CALABASAS, CA, 91302
terms we can all live with. 888.958.7452 Fax 818.710.9799

The medical marijuana industry is sustainable if new laws are written that don’t To advertise or for more information
just tax sales, charge patients registration fees, and dispensaries un-precedented Please contact
or call 888.958.7452 ext. 0
license fees, but require full accountability and reinvestment in the industry, so at
the end of the day the patient’s rights are intact and protected! It should truly be
a win win! Printed in the United States of America. Copyright ©2010. All rights reserved.
No part of this publication may be reprinted or otherwise reproduced without the
written written permission of Dbdotcom LLC.
Kush Editorial Board,

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Marijuana Regulatory Bill Wends
Through Colorado Legislature
By Noelle Leavitt

A new Senate Bill hit the legislative floor in Colorado on Jan. 20,
proposing new policies and restrictions regarding the way
physicians prescribe medical marijuana to patients.
Senate Bill 109 states that — if approved by the legislature — new
rules and standards will be set forth on how doctors issue registry
identification cards to medical ganja patients, and it will also
create more strict sanctions against physicians who violate the
bill. Additionally, the bill would create a medical marijuana review
board, required to review medical marijuana requests from
patients under the age of 21, to determine if the patient has
a medical condition that would prompt them to use cannabis.

This bill is current as we go to press. It will be amended several times before it

is potentially approved by Colorado’s General Assembly.
“I think there are some positives and negatives to the bill. Generally we
applaud the legislature for trying to regulate the industry. Our main concern is the
welfare of patients,” said Brian Vicente, executive director of Sensible Colorado,
a non-profit organization that lobbies on behalf of medical marijuana patients.
“Our primary concern is making sure patients have access to medical marijuana.
At the same time, there is a broad local and national discussion about the need to
re-examine our marijuana laws for patients and non-patients.”
Vicente feels that the current law does make it pretty easy for those seeking
recreational use of cannabis to access the drug, therefore he thinks tighter
regulations aren’t necessarily a bad idea. Yet, he also thinks the bill needs some
major amendments before he completely supports the legislation.
“We are absolutely opposed to that board. My understanding is that it will likely
come out of the bill in committee. That board would add an additional hurdle to
patients in need of medical marijuana,” he said.
For example, if a 20-year-old AIDS patient needs access to medical pot, the
review board would further complicate the patient’s quest to obtain the medicine.
“I think it fundamentally weakens the doctor-patient relationship,” Vicente said.
Essentially, the bill is trying to create ways to limit the recreational use of
marijuana. Many feel that marijuana should be legal across the board. Colorado
Attorney Rob Corry told Kush-Colorado that pot should be accessible to everyone,
otherwise it creates a gray area that will always be questioned by the government
— an issue that might also be addressed throughout this year’s legislative session
and the amendment process.
Advocacy groups still have ample opportunity to lobby for their initiatives. For
now, Senate Bill 109 is the only bill concerning medical marijuana that’s hit the
desk of Colorado legislatures.
The bill has several House and Senate sponsors including Sen. Chris Romer,
D-Denver, who has long advocated stricter sanctions regarding medical marijuana.
To view the bill online, visit

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kush 11
Strain Review:

Blue Dream
Life’s A Dream, Smoke It Up
It’s the perfect A high from the Blue Dream strain makes you feel like you’re up in the
clouds. Above all the BS in life. You’re getting work done and making stuff
happen. Putting life in motion. Living the dream, with nothing but clear
setting: sunny day, blue skies ahead.

headphones on, Blue Dream is a member of the sativa species of Cannabis. A sativa high
tends to involve more thinking, productivity, and increased energy in
joint in hand, general. Significant levels of pain and nausea are usually also curbed. And
while an indica strain will help you to relax, de-stress, chill out, and/or
daydreaming about overcome insomnia, a pure sativa like this should inspire exercise, a deep
conversation, or an ambitious to-do list.
everything and Fits of laughter and an overwhelming sense of well being are some other
nice side effects. (Why is this stuff illegal again?)
nothing at the
The physical characteristics of this strain consist of copious red hairs and
same time. crystals with a moderately sticky and dense feel. The smell is pungent and
dank, a smell that almost gives you a high on its own. Blue Dream is very
That is where Blue sweet, both before and after ingestion. It has an undeniable fruitiness.

Dream will take you. The blue part of its name likely comes from its partial roots in the blueberry
strain. Dream is a somewhat odd choice of words, considering sleep is not
Pure bliss. often a part of the package. Day dreaming was probably the inspiration.

14 kush
Alternatively, with an indica you’re likely to dream while
sleeping, although you probably won’t remember those
dreams upon awakening.

On the darker side of the Blue Dream, and sativa for that
matter, many people become overwhelmed with paranoia,
anxiety, and an increased heart rate. This can be a bit
frightening, but shouldn’t last more than 10-15 minutes.
An indica’s negatives would likely point towards laziness,
forgetfulness, and a lack of motivation. Depending on
what you’re needing, these negatives can quickly become
refreshing positives.

Marijuana is a person-to-person, situation-to-situation,

strain-to-strain experience. Your high will often depend on
the mental state, physical condition, and environment you
bring to the table. And of course, one’s genetic makeup and
health are undeniable factors. But when everything is right
and you know it, it’s alllll good... and you know it.

Overall a very pleasant experience is in store for the Blue

Dream toker. It is a fairly cheap sativa, averaging around $45
for an eighth at most established dispensaries.

Go ride the Blue Dream wave!

kush 15
“Tips for pruning Tips”
When pruning, keep these simple steps in mind:

1.) The beginning stage

Pruning a growing marijuana plant is an easy way of
controlling uneven growth without seriously harming the
plant. Ideally developed from a clone, you’d want to wait until
by Josh Kaplan at least two weeks, or until after the first five-bladed leaves
With any landscape, tree or shrub, pruning have formed (this is when the vegetative stage begins). Many
growers choose to wait until the fourth or fifth week to prune
can be advantageous to the growth of the plant.
the growing tips, to allow development of lower branches, thus
This holds true for our favorite plant in this wild filling in horizontal space.
kingdom - marijuana.
2.) Have a game plan
Pruning is the removal or reduction of certain
It is always better to plan a pruning strategy for your
plant parts that are not required, that are no
developing plants, rather than haphazardly clipping off growth
longer effective, or that are of no use to the plant. on an irregular basis. Each time a growing tip is removed, the
It is done to supply additional energy for the plant takes a few days to recover before its growth resumes.
development of flowers, fruits, and limbs that The marijuana with the greatest potency is found in the
remain on the plant. growing tips, and by the three month mark, they should make
a high quality of smoke. So again, try not to mess with them
Each time a growing tip is clipped, the stem too much, and your patience should pay off. Pruning is fine
branches into two shoots, which begin to grow at any stage of the plant’s development, just don’t overdo it.
from the nearest leaf axils (the area where the Severe pruning can harm the growth of your plant. Remember,
leaf and stem join). By pruning your plants, you you just want to eliminate the excess dead leaves that are
potentially sapping all the light, and blocking other leaves in
will be improving its health, while increasing its
the process.
value. And let’s face it, the better your plant, the
better its value - right? 3.) Be patient and understanding with your plant
(‘node’ what we mean??)
So now that we have our objectives and a few
The amount of new growth formed with continued
basic principles down, let’s keep in mind the
pruning is limited by the genetic structure of the seed, and
most important factor in all of this - common the conditions of the environment. It’s not recommended that
sense. Basically, use your head, and don’t get too you prune every node in a developing plant. Try to prune
overzealous with the scissors. every second or third node to allow the plant time to recover.
Wait for the new node to start growing before clipping the

18 kush
young branch a few millimeters above the previous node’s
newly formed leaves. It’s also advisable to use small scissors as
opposed to simply plucking off the growing tips by hand.

4.) Know what you’re pruning

Never prune more than the single growing tip, or upper-
most node, from any branch on the growing plant. The upper-
most growing tip of an un-pruned marijuana plant will always
be more potent than that of the top of a pruned plant grown
in similar conditions. But let’s not get caught trippin’ on
just the top. Let’s think about the whole plant. Pruning the
tallest branches ensures that the lower branches grow upward,
forming a larger surface area for the light to cover. The clear
fluid that often flows from the end of a newly pruned branch
contains substances which seal the wound and aid the healing
process. Although it is recommended that you remove all
dying leaves from the plant, you should resist the temptation to
prune too many healthy leaves. Keep in mind that even though
it may be better developed, a pruned marijuana plant does not
always produce more buds than an un-pruned plant. Another
good reason for pruning is to take healthy cuttings from a
strong growing, or favorite plant, for further hydroponic
development (cloning).

5.) Use “if needed” as your pruning rule of thumb

Marijuana growers often prune their plants in an attempt to
limit their height and prevent unwanted detection. If you have
that type of operation, all of this is probably old hat for you. If
you are the average “home grower,” remember that by pruning
a growing tip, you are removing the most potent part of the
plant, thereby spoiling its chance of reaching full maturity. By
pruning all the buds at harvest time, rather than cutting the
stem off above the ground, you could easily harvest your plant
a second time. One great advantage to pruning your marijuana
plant is that you’re lowering their resistance to harmful natural
enemies such as insects, fungus and temperature fluctuations.

Do not prune any growing tips if you notice that your

plant’s health is declining or has started losing leaves. Although
smoking your pruned tips is ok, plants should be pruned to
develop their growth, rather than for smoking purposes.
While it may be tempting to prune female buds during early
flowering, your harvest will be severely reduced by doing
so. Cannabis indica is genetically smaller and bushier than
cannabis sativa, and usually requires less pruning.

So remember, be patient and concise when pruning. You

know when you need a haircut don’t you? Well the same
patience and concern should be taken with your little babies.

Good luck, and

happy growing!!
kush 19
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New Denver Medical
Marijuana Ordinance:
City Council sets parameters on dispensaries
by Noelle Leavitt

Break out the tape measure if you plan on opening a medical marijuana dispensary
in Denver, as you’ll want to calculate at least 1,000 feet between you and the nearest
school, daycare center or competing medical pot shop.

In January, Denver’s City Council changed the licensing procedures for medical
marijuana dispensary owners, restricting them from opening cannabis shops
within 1,000 feet of schools, childcare establishments and other dispensaries. And
if you currently operate a dispensary that violates the new specs, you must relocate.

The new law goes into effect on March 1, 2010, along with a slew of other
requirements outlined in the council bill, including tighter regulations surrounding
criminal background checks for dispensary owners. That means if you’ve spent
time in jail in the last five years for convicting a felony, you’re application to open
a dispensary within the city and county of Denver will be denied.

“We don’t want drug dealers to run dispensaries within the city or county,” Denver
city councilman Charlie Brown told Kush-Colorado. “If they think they can come
in here and have no regulation, they’re crazy.”

Another stipulation states that medical marijuana cannot be smoked, eaten or

ingested inside or around the premises of dispensaries.

“I think that’s another important piece. You don’t go into a liquor store and have
four drinks when you buy alcohol,” said Candace Gill, manager of Alameda
Wellness Center, a dispensary located in Denver. “I think proper licensing is
important. I don’t have a problem with someone needing a criminal background
check. It’s a sticky market -- it’s viewed as drugs. I have patients that are old vets,
and we’re not dealing with your basic pothead. So I’m excited to see that there’s
going to be some basic guidelines.”

It costs $2,000 to apply for a medical marijuana dispensary license, plus additional
costs for a background check for each partner with at least a 10 percent stake in

22 kush
Additional requirements related to a medical
marijuana dispensary license include:
• Dispensaries must be closed to the public from 9
p.m. to 7 a.m.
• Licensed establishments are required to have
24-hour surveillance on the premises with either
security cameras, security guards or safes for
overnight storage of marijuana.
• Only dispensary owners listed on the license
and managers listed on the application can
manage the property.
• Displaying marijuana sales products in
windows is forbidden, and must not be visible
from the exterior.
• Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed on
the premises.

the business. But, wait, there’s more — a medical marijuana

dispensary license tallies $3,000 a year. Denver’s Department
of License and Excess approves or denies medical marijuana
dispensary licenses.

The new bill is in compliance with Amendment 20 — a state law

approved by Colorado voters in 2000, allowing them to legally
sell medical marijuana. Yet, a federal law restricting the medical
marijuana industry pre-empted the state law until last October
when the federal government lifted the sanction, opening the
flood gates in Colorado for new dispensary business.

The original bill, proposed by Brown, stated that dispensaries

were restricted to open within 500 feet of schools, daycare
centers or other pot shops to eliminate clusters of dispensaries
around the city, but other council members amended the bill to
state 1,000 feet.

“I thought the 1,000 foot was excessive,” Brown said. “It

was a compromise.”

kush 23
A mere 75 miles west of Denver, down the I-70 corridor, and
over Berthoud Pass is the Winter Park ski resort. The area around
the West Portal of the Moffat tunnel was renamed Winter Park in
1939 and has been serving recreational skiers ever since.
If you are looking for your typical family-oriented “winter wonderland
of snow,” you have found it. But if you are looking to get away from the
families, the hoards of ski school sketchies and, possibly to enjoy some
recreational smoke ... well traveler, you went one left turn too far.
You want to take the earlier left-hand turn – the one that leads to Mary Jane. This mountain’s name sake, Mary Jane, was a land
owner and woman of ill-repute, having supplied certain age-old services to the railroad workers – and not an overt reference to

While it is technically part of the Winter Park ski resort, “the Jane” is a totally different animal. As the cruel and remorseless
Mr. Hyde to Winter Park’s smart and friendly Dr. Jekyll, Mary Jane is home to pristine glades, tricky trees, and of course, world class
Nevertheless, if you look hard enough, there is a softer side to Jane. While you’re shredding bumps that make local phenom Jeremy
Bloom sweat, there are a number of man-made shelters that can offer a much-needed respite from the grueling repetitions.
If you are constantly reminded of every nagging injury you’ve sustained since junior high, there is a place to ease your pain. Deep
within and between the legendary runs on Mary Jane Mountain, you can find a shelter for the weary. As you unclick your sticks, it
occurs to you that this isn’t just a pit stop for your burning quads... hey, did someone just run over a skunk?

This is a “Bud Hut”. There are rumored to be as many as two dozen of these Kind Cabins scattered about.
Most smoke shacks are very simple shelters. Usually made with hand tools, these shelters are made from whatever’s clever. Boulder
clusters, large tree clusters, downed trees ... everything is fair game.
Styles include the simple lean to, A-frames, and log cabins. Others are built with a little more creativity, likely by powder-hardened
local gnar-dogs who have built huts before.
The cave hut, the swing hut, the Jane hut, and the patrol hut (out of bounds) are among those special chronic closets that display
By Ryan James in the 303

the kind of craftsmanship that has shaped these hills for Many are happy to their share stories, secrets, and stashes ...
the past 70 years. others, not so much. Either way, they’re all die-hard Jane’rs and
know this system of hidden gems like their backyards.
The truth is, these resin rooms aren’t really “supposed” to be
there. Good luck getting Winter Park/Mary Jane employees to And in case you want to program a Bud Hut or two into your
admit that they even exist ... and don’t ever ask the ski patrol either. GPS, keep in mind the culture you’re “invading.” Like George
Clooney tells Quentin Tarantino in “From Dusk Til Dawn”:
The concept of the occasional clandestine sesh-shed has
“Everybody be cool. You, be cool.”
evolved into a system of mid-mountain landmarks. Once privy
to this underground network, your regular mountain routes are Call it paranoia, or lame, or elitist ... that’s fine. Just don’t tear
forever altered ... just in case you feel the urge. down my “Villa de la mota”. In fact, if you’re even worrying
about this, you should probably just go to Summit County.
Most cannabis cottages aren’t much to look at. Through
them though, you can gain insight to all the Jane has to offer. As ski seasons pass, new huts are built. What of the older ones?
Most are small, not tall enough to stand or hold more than three Well, let’s just say it’s safer for everyone that some are removed.
people. Others are larger, accommodating as many as ten. All are
thoroughly tagged by the frequent visitors. One candidly notes Proper hut maintenance can be difficult as they average
that you are pondering your existence at 11,420 feet. Another 350 inches of fresh snow during the winter. As I write this, I’m
“artist” shares his/her emotions for knuckle-draggers. reminded of huts from the past. The Sunnyside hut? Collapsed.
You can tell that it’s all in good fun. The Cliff hut? Air-lifted out. The Tee Pee hut? Casino.

If you’re looking to make friends, save your brown frown for Have fun if you discover your own friendly chalet de
the car ride home. Here, it’s all about quality medicine. cheeba – just keep it in the family.
Like with most social experiences, occupiers of these hash havens
are a mixed bag.
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NA MIL rated for BLE
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with w patie
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– further
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Slightly Stoopid ha e- fu nk flavor that has earn
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honing their stony,
worldwide fan ba M cDonald and band
ad si ng er Ky le
fore le et at the
Just a few hours be es fo r K R O Q’s Loveline, we m
radio ai rw av rview …
chat it up over the in H ol ly w ood for a chill inte
ck M us ic
lounges of Silverba
lling tutorial.
and an exclusive ro esn’t
why do
us et ts is going to legalize it,
“If Boston, M as sa ch esome. The
“L oo k at Denver, they’re aw
be gi ns . to be,
where people need
California,” McDon n ge t pe op le to
ijuana ca e
legalization of Mar n’ t go in g to le t th at happen is becaus
e government is ing money
the only reason th n’ t w an t to se e other people mak
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“We went to Germ m st erda m for the Cannabi
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Kyle shows some ro
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a blun t, bu t th ey ’re actual rolling pa
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“They are just as bi G- 13 and W arlock for his joint,
int. It’s discreet,
breaking up the
he said. He began ay to m edicate is with a jo
y fa vo rite w
grind the buds: “M ue to exterminate.”
k with it, use tong
portable; I can wal cookies,
inue s, “you can ta ke weed and make
As for edibles, he co d toast.”
r, an d pu t it on your vegetables an
brownies, butte

30 kush
and photos
-- Interview
. Thomas
by Maggie St

Slightly Stoo
-Stoopid’s E ss enti al s for Rolling a Joint- wants to tha
their loyal
Always use a grinde
with the grinding.
1. Everything starts
2. Pack it good
3. Get that nice tuck
. cigarette fans for thei
d it out like a big fat d
support, an
ed gi ng ou t, roun
4. Instead of in pre-roll).
als o be do ne with the paper
(th is can
Kush Magaz
5. Baba crutch is es (or sticks if
ng / sta bb in g de vi ce like a chopstick
6. A poki weed down.
, etc.,) to pack the
your outdoors, keys
7. Light up and en
pr oj ec t – a blunt -- Kyle uses the Sh
For his next adds, “You
ap ef ru it H az e buds to grind, and
and Gr
lick the blun t more than you
definitely need to a blunt takes
y fat joint. Rem ember that rolling
do an shed.”
that cannot be ru
time and is an art
ppid’s E ss enti al s for Rolling a Blu
-Sto there and picking
really no fun sittin
1. Grinder, cause it’s
away at it.
2. Baba crutch
to poke.
3. Stabbing device
4. Time. Don’t rush the blunt, always
ha pp en to get a hole in
5. If you should nes.
repair it, like Cyclo
have something to
6. Light up and en

their generous dona
’ Green P.C.A. for
*Special thanks to Go ’N session.
bis for this rolling
of medicinal canna

kush 31
Medical Marijuana • Hash • Edibles • Tincture • Vaporizers • Glass • and More!
2000 W. 32nd Ave | Denver | 303.458.LEAF
7 Days a Week | 11am ~ 7pm

Jack G13

32 kush
kush 33
HER B Saint Patrick day
and great winter
party food
Corned beef and Cabbage
3 pounds corned beef brisket with spice packet
10 small red potatoes
5 carrots, peeled and julienned
1 large head cabbage, cut into small wedges

Chef Herb whose nickname is Mota, which is Spanish for marijuana, Directions
knows the benefits of medical marijuana and has decided to incorporate his two Place corned beef in large pot or Dutch oven and cover
passions: cooking for people’s pleasure and creating gourmet medicinal food. In the with water. Add the spice packet that came with the corned
Basics, Chef Herb teaches us how to create THC butter and oil that can be used in beef. Cover pot and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer.
countless recipes from party food hors’dourves to sweet desserts. Simmer approximately 50 minutes per pound or until tender.
This month of March Chef Herb will have another birthday. If you would Add whole potatoes and carrots, and cook until the vegetables
like to send him birthday wishes you can contact him at his web site are almost tender. Add cabbage and cook for 15 more or email him at: minutes. Remove meat and let rest 15 minutes.
Place vegetables in a bowl and cover. Add as much broth
If you are interested in learning more about cooking with cannabis or want to order (cooking liquid reserved in the Dutch oven or large pot) as
his great DVD series call: 310.462.1649 you want. Slice meat across the grain.

34 kush
Creamy Colcannon garlic. Spread each slice of bread with some of the butter.
Arrange 6 slices, THC butter side down, in a 9 by 13-inch
Ingredients baking dish.
1 pound cabbage In a medium bowl, combine the shredded cheese, chopped
chives, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Evenly sprinkle
1 pound potatoes
the cheese over the bread in the baking dish. Top with the
2 leeks remaining bread, THC butter side up. In a medium bowl, beat
1 cup milk the eggs, half and half, milk and chicken broth. Pour over the
salt and pepper to taste bread. Cover tightly and refrigerate overnight.
1 pinch ground mace Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Uncover the fondue and
1/2 cup THC butter bake it for 1 hour, or until the top is lightly browned and the
inside is fairly firm.
Cooking Instructions Remove the fondue from the oven. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
In a large saucepan, boil cabbage until tender; remove and Cut into 8 or 10 wedges.
chop or blend well. Set aside and keep warm. Boil potatoes
until tender. Remove from heat and drain.
Chop leeks, green parts as well as white, and simmer them in Kick Ass Irish Bread Pudding
just enough milk to cover, until they are soft.
Season and mash potatoes well. Stir in cooked leeks and milk, Ingredients
salt a pepper to taste, and mace. Blend in the kale or cabbage 2 cups granulated sugar
and heat until the whole is a pale green fluff. Make a well in 5 large beaten eggs
the center and pour in the melted THC butter. Mix well. 2 cups milk
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
Irish Fondue Casserole 3 cups cubed Italian bread , allow to stale overnight in a bowl
1 cup packed light brown sugar
INGREDEINTS 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) THC butter, softened
12 slices firm white bread 1 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup THC unsalted butter, softened For the sauce:
3/4 teaspoon dry mustard 1 cup granulated sugar
1 clove garlic, finely chopped 1/2 cup (1 stick) THC butter, melted
1 egg, beaten
1/2 pound (2 cups) shredded Swiss cheese
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
2 teaspoons chopped fresh chives
1/4 cup brandy
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper to taste Directions
4 eggs Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a 13 by 9 by 2-inch
1-1/2 cups half and half pan. Mix together granulated sugar, eggs, and milk in a bowl;
2/3 cup milk add vanilla. Pour over cubed bread and let sit for 10 minutes.
1/2 cup chicken broth In another bowl, mix and crumble together brown
sugar, THC butter, and pecans.
Cooking Instructions Pour bread mixture into prepared pan. Sprinkle brown sugar
Cut the crusts off the bread slices. mixture over the top and bake for 35 to 45 minutes, or until
In a small bowl, stir together the THC butter, mustard and set. Remove from oven.

kush 35
For the sauce 1/2 teaspoon salt
Mix together the granulated sugar, butter, egg, and vanilla in 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
a saucepan over medium heat. Stir together until the sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
is melted. Add the brandy, stirring well. Pour over bread
pudding. Serve warm or cold. Preparation
Preheat oven to 250°. In a large roasting pan combine the
popcorn and nuts. Place in the oven while preparing glaze.
Irish Soda Bread In a medium saucepan combine brown sugar, corn syrup,
THC butter, and salt. Bring to a full boil over medium heat,
Ingredients stirring constantly, then continue to boil for 4 minutes
3 cups all-purpose flour without stirring. Remove from heat; stir in baking soda and
1 tablespoon baking powder vanilla, then pour over the warm popcorn and nuts, tossing to
1/3 cup white sugar coat well. Bake another 60 minutes, stirring freqently, about
1 teaspoon salt every 10 minutes. Cool and break apart. Store in an airtight
1 teaspoon baking soda container.
1 egg, lightly beaten
2 cups buttermilk Eggs Benedict Herb Supreme
1/4 cup THC butter, melted
Three recipes in one, think of the Eggs Benedict recipe as
Directions toast and ham topped with a poached egg recipe, topped with
Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Grease a 9 x 5 inch loaf pan. a hollandaise sauce recipe.
Combine flour,baking powder,sugar,salt and baking soda. 4 English muffins, split, toasted and buttered or 8 crumpets
Blend egg and Buttermilk together,and add all at once to the 8 1/4-inch slices ham, warmed and cut to fit
flour mixture. 8 poached eggs
Mix just until moistened. Stir in melted THC butter. Pour into 1 1/4 cups (about) Hollandaise Sauce
prepared baking pan.
Bake for 65 to 70 minutes or unit a toothpick inserted into Poached Egg Recipe
center of loaf. Comes out clean. Cool on wire rack and wrap Water
in foil over night for best flavor 1 tablespoon salt
2 tablespoons vinegar (any variety) 8 eggs

Fun Food Bring 2-3 inches of water almost to a boil in a large sauté pan.
Add the salt and vinegar. One at a time, crack the eggs into
a cup and then slip the eggs, one at a time, into the barely
THC Carmel corn simmering water. Reduce the heat, if need be, to maintain that
low simmer.
Ingredients Cook just until the whites are set and the yolks are glazed but
3 quarts popped popcorn still very soft, about 3 minutes. (Wait until the eggs are set to
dislodge any that may have stuck to the bottom of the pan.)
3 cups dry roasted mixed nuts, unsalted
Using a slotted spoon, transfer the poached eggs onto a dish
1 cup brown sugar, firmly packed towel to drain. Trim the edges of any streamers so they’re
1/2 cup light or dark corn syrup nice and tidy. (If the eggs get too cold, slip them back into the
1/2 cup THC butter simmering water for a few seconds and drain again.)

36 kush
Make-ahead directions Easy Crab Cakes
Cook as above but remove the eggs from the water after 2 2 pounds lump crab meat
minutes. Immediately place them in ice water to prevent them
2 tablespoons THC olive oil and/or THC butter
from cooking further. Cover and refrigerate the eggs and
1/2 cup green onions, minced
water for up to 12 hours. To reheat, slip them into simmering
1/4 cup red bell pepper, diced
water for about 30 seconds.
2 teaspoons fresh garlic, minced
Hollandaise Sauce Recipe 2 eggs, beaten
4 egg yolks 1/2 cup THC mayonnaise
4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon water 1/3 cup fresh parsley, minced
1/8 teaspoon salt, or to taste Salt and ground black pepper to taste
1/8 teaspoon ground white pepper, or to taste 2 1/4 cups toasted bread crumbs (more or less)
1 pinch of cayenne pepper 4 tablespoons THC butter and/or THC olive oil
1 cup THC melted butter
How to Make Crab Cakes that Don’t
Combine the egg yolks, lemon juice, and water in a small, Fall Apart
heavy saucepan. Whisk the mixture constantly over very low First, thoroughly pick the crabmeat over for shell fragments
heat until thickened. Immediately remove the pan from the and set aside.
heat but continue whisking for 1 minute. Add the salt, pepper, Sauté the green onions, bell pepper, and garlic in THC olive
and cayenne. Cool slightly. oil and THC butter. Cool.
Scrape the mixture into a blender. With the motor running at In a large bowl, combine the crab meat, sautéed mixture,
medium-high speed, add the melted (but not hot) THC butter beaten eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, parsley, salt, pepper, and
in a slow, steady stream until it is well-incorporated. Taste and 1/4 cup of bread crumbs.
adjust the seasonings, if necessary. Pour the remaining (2 cups) bread crumbs onto a plate. Line a
To keep warm, place the Hollandaise Sauce in a bowl over (but baking sheet with wax paper or plastic wrap.
not touching) hot water, stirring occasionally, or simply place Form the crab cake mixture into 1/2-inch thick patties, 8 large
the blender container in warm (not hot) water. or 12-16 small ones.
Press both sides of the patties into the bread crumbs, and
Now put it together place them on the baking sheet. Cover with plastic wrap and
refrigerate for 3 to 6 hours, until firm.
How to make Eggs Benedict
In a large, non-stick sauté pan, brown the patties in THC
Start by preparing the Hollandaise Sauce. Keep it warm.
olive oil and/or THC butter over medium-high heat, about
Start the water for the eggs. Warm the ham slices, and toast
4 minutes each side. Drain on paper toweling.
and butter the muffins or crumpets. Keep them warm in a
Serve with lemon wedges or tartar sauce. Makes 8 large or
warm oven.
12-16 small crab cakes.
Finish preparing the Poached Eggs.
To assemble, place a slice of ham atop an English muffin half
or crumpet, place a poached egg on the ham, and spoon a little
Hollandaise Sauce over the top. Serve immediately.
Makes 8 servings

kush 37
38 kush
By Josh Kaplan

Coachella Music and Arts Festival known in short as

“Coachella Fest,” is the Mecca of Music and Art Festivals.
It’s also the benchmark by which most festivals are com-
pared, worldwide. Started in 1999 (missing one year in 2000,
due to lack of ticket sales), Coachella has come back strong
as the West Coast Festival to attend each Spring. Along
with three main stages and multiple DJ tents, there
are also large art installations set up all over the complex.
For those dance-crazed, rave-minded attendees, there is a
special area devoted just to dance music - all weekend.
The hit list of bands who’ve played in years past is a who’s
who of contemporary rock ’n’ roll. With such headline acts as
Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Radiohead, The
Cure, Roger Waters, Prince, Madonna, Rage Against
The Machine, Paul McCartney & Daft Punk, it’s evident
that these promoters are in tune with what the people want.
After months of message boards and blogs post, the long-await-
ed reveal of the highly anticipated lineup has been released.
It seems that the heads at Goldenvoice/AEG Live have once
again put together another kick-ass lineup for 2010.

42 kush
Being that this show is in the desert, it can be a long, grueling
weekend. It gets hot, and with all the partying going on, some
people forgo the Sunday wrap-up in exchange for a relaxing day
at the resort pools. This is a great option to have, but this year
FRIDAY AND SATURDAY might find those pools empty, as Sunday’s lineup is just as strong
as Friday’s and Saturday’s.
Coachella is back to being a three-day festival, this year finds
every night filled with great acts from across the musical dial. Starting with the reunion of Sunny Day Real Estate, even the
Among the Friday night eclectic acts is the robo-Diva, Grace Emo kids will be out at Coachella - all lathered up in sunscreen.
Jones - sure to put on a show, given her magnificent performance Ol’ skool hip-hoppers De La Soul will be on hand with their
at the Hollywood Bowl last year. quirky lyrics and jazzy beats, while electronic pioneer Gary Nu-
man plugs into the desert sky with his often imitated synthesized
Also on Friday, super-group Them Crooked Vultures (featur-
ing John Paul Jones from the mighty Led Zeppelin on bass and
Dave Grohl from, well, you know) brings its ass-kicking rock Among other notable legends – and the requisite throwback
back to the masses. DO NOT MISS THIS!!!!!! band -- is the slightly unpredictable, but always great Sly and The
family Stone. Sunday night also has the reunion of indie, lo-fi
Friday night also features the reunion of the oh-so-sweet
faves Pavement. Thom Yorke, of Radiohead fame and outstand-
Johnny Rotten back to the stage with his post-Sex Pistols group
ing solo work, will be paired up with bass master Flea for what
Public Image Limited (PIL), but most notably, headliner Jay-Z
promises to be a great set. These two are a truly kismet pairing.
(Hova, Mr. Shawn Carter) will be poppin’ bottles into the desert
Head over there early, as this will surely be high on everyone’s
sky, bringing hit after hit into the late night. So far so good, right?
watch list.
Well, save your energy kids -- it’s a long three days. Whether
Closing the weekend is a pop-art project called Gorillaz, de-
you’re partying or not? And let’s face it, Coachella Fest is not only
signed as a “virtual band” composed of four animated characters.
a haven for great live music and art, but it has also become a safe
In the past, Gorillaz have performed live, using video screens to
haven for those who “….like to partake in mind-altering sub-
project their animated counterparts as the main act, further sell-
stances…..”. Along with the well stocked VIP tent with food and
ing their audience on their storyline. What’s in store for this set,
mixed drinks, there are plenty of concessions and friendly staff to
we’ll have to wait and see.
make the whole Coachella experience great.
Coachella has become a favorite weekend for serious concert-
Saturday night is chock full o’ great bands too. Favorite
goers, bringing a friendly atmosphere and good vibes to all who
spudboys, Devo, are making the scene, as well as MGMT, and
attend - so whether you’re a first timer planning a one day outing,
a reunion by Faith No More - should be great. Musical genius
or a diehard weekend warrior ready to plunge into the full three-
Jack White is presently drumming in his latest venture The Dead
day commitment, make sure you get your tickets early, as years
Weather – and he’s always a treat.
past have sold out.
Saturday’s late-night roster promises to be great -- one side of
Come early - stay late - kick off your shoes and enjoy the
the giant Polo field finds DJ extraordinaire Tiesto returning from
greatest Music and Arts Festival in the world. Once you go to
the Netherlands, filling dance tents with hordes of loyal follow-
Coachella, you’ll be hooked for life. So remember, have a “Happy
ers – and on the other side, British darlings Muse attack the main
Coachella”, and pass it on…….
stage with their worldly and grandiose sound.
Coachella Music and Arts Festival takes place 4/16,4/17,and
4/18 at the Empire Polo Field in Indio CA. You can find out more
by visiting www.Coachella.comor see what the people think
about it at

kush 43
44 kush
kush 45
MEDICAL Monday-Friday (11-9)
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kush 47
Cannabis rally
By Noelle Leavitt

Denver, Colo. — The air was filled with clouds of pot smoke
outside the State Capitol January 14, as medical-marijuana
proponents toked on pipes and joints moments before they
marched into the State House to address legislators about the
need to keep the drug legal in Colorado.

Medical marijuana is a hot topic at the state capitol this year,

as legislators prepare to discuss the issue at length in the coming
months. Cannabis users, dispensary owners and local lobbyists
wanted their voices heard by their elected officials, who they
feel have long-ignored the importance of medical, as well as
recreational, use of marijuana.

“This is the day that we restore the voice to the American

people, to the Colorado people and to the Denver people. It’s
been ignored by our city councils, our leadership at the capitol,”
said Miguel Lopez, who organized the rally.

Lopez, who works with the Cannabis Therapy Institute

based in Boulder, put together the event in response to several
bills slated for discussion at the State Capitol this year, all which
address restricting and regulating the use of marijuana.

The bills come on the heels of a new federal policy implemented

by President Barack Obama on Oct. 19, 2009, which states that
law officials will no longer take legal action against medical
marijuana users and dispensary owners if the drug has been
legalized by state governments.

Yet, if Colorado legislators go to the extreme in restricting the

use and distribution of medical marijuana in the state, Obama’s
new policy could no longer apply to Colorado.

“What I’d like to say is thanks to our president of the United

States, who actually freed medical marijuana. It’s a shame that
our local leadership doesn’t see this, because if our president
recognizes and acknowledges it, then so should our leadership all
the way down,” Lopez shouted into a microphone at the rally. “If
our national leaders can now acknowledge medical marijuana,
that’s the first step to decriminalization for responsible adults
and protection for the patients who absolutely have a need for

Rep. Larry Liston, R-Colorado Springs, said he’s willing

to hear what proponents have to say, yet he still has personal
reservations about pot use in Colorado. “I went to college, and
we’ve all been exposed to it,” Liston said.

“But I had my reservations in 2000 when it was on the ballot.

It passed, and now the industry has grown from a tiny cottage
industry into, gosh, dispensaries have sprouted up all over the
place in the last couple of months.”

48 kush
at Colorado State Capitol fuels
fire for legislative support
Liston supports the use of medical marijuana, but opposes
recreational use, fearful that it will increase drug-related crime
across the state. He has yet to see the legislation, so he declined to
comment on what might happen at the capitol in coming months
regarding medical marijuana reform.

“There are going to be some drastic steps that are going to

have to be taken to regulate it,” Liston said, noting that he does
think it can help cancer patients who are prescribed cannabis, but
he does not necessarily support recreational use.

Attorney Rob Corry represents those in favor of using the

green substance, which is now distributed to more than 15,800
registered patients in Colorado, according to figures released by
the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in
December 2009.

“It’s not completely safe until it’s legal for everybody because
patients are always going to get caught up in this gray netherworld
where it’s always partially legal and partially not,” Corry said in
an interview with Kush, after publicly backing full legalization
at the rally. “You’ll always see the government second-guessing
and questioning physicians’ judgment if it’s truly medical or not.
You’re always going to see growers and caregivers who are guilty
until proven innocent. I mean, that is still the prevailing law
enforcement paradigm.”

The department of health also reported that, as of Dec. 15,

2009, a total of 820 physicians had prescribed cannabis for
medical purposes in Colorado.

Medical marijuana proponents are also fighting a battle

against those in their movement who would seek to legalize it
across the board.

“There’s also the mentality that all use is medical, that

every single use of marijuana is medical and confers physical,
emotional, spiritual and mental benefits on the user — and that’s
why people desire it and that’s why people benefit from it,” Corry
explained to Kush Colorado while standing inside the marble-
floored State Capitol rotunda.

“I do think there’s a recreational component to it. I think it

can make a person more open-minded, it can make a person a
better conversationalist ... there is that recreational part of it, but
no one can dispute that there are medical benefits.”

As the legislative session wears on, senators and representatives

will have much to discuss and debate concerning medical
marijuana, its regulation and its role in Colorado.

kush 49
U.S Marine Veteran
and Medicinal Marijuana
My name is James Vester. And I am not afraid of telling my name.
I am proud of using medical marijuana. It has change my life.

So lets start with who I am. I am 23 and I live in Berthoud, Colorado.

I’ve been here for the past year now. I just moved from Chicago where I was
in the United States Marine Corps. I served almost 6 years in the Marine
Corps and did a tour overseas in Iraq.

During my time in the Corps I was diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic
stress disorder) insomnia, personality disorder, blown-out knees, a broken hip,
torn ligaments in my ankle, severe anxiety and severe anger.

I was an alcoholic and was getting locked up a great deal for drinking and
fighting when I got back from overseas. When I left the Marines they left
me with 12 medications: I was taking from Percocet, Oxycontin, Trazadone,
Seroquel, lithium, and much more. In total, about 32 pills a day. I was like a
zombie on all this ... I mean think about my liver. All those pills.

One day my father and I were driving around town and my PTSD was
kicking in and he had some medical marijuana. He said “Son, I think you
should try medical marijuana I think it would really help you.” I forgot what
I was stressing about and why my PTSD was kicking in but I said “Fine!
Give me that glass and let me try it.” So I went ahead and medicated.

About five minutes later I forgot about everything that was on my mind and
was not stressed. I felt happy and great. I think it was a sativa/indica blend.
So I decided to go get my license. I went to see the doctor and gave him my
medical record and he looked at me like “How is this guy standing?” once he
realized how jacked up I am after reviewing my 869 page medical record.

Well, of course I got approved due to my disabilities. Since then my life has
changed. My little sister who is 16 comes to my house to visit every once in
awhile and if we are hanging out and I have not medicated she would be able
to tell. She would say “Jimmy, have you medicated yet?” and I would say “no.”
Then she would reply “You need to now because you are all angry and short
and not looking good.” I would go and medicate and come back and she would
thank me, since it would make me a better person to be around.

Since then I began studying medical marijuana and really wanted to

help people like me. Now I work in a medical marijuana wellness center in
Berthoud called Herbs Medicinals Inc.

James Vester

50 kush
kush 51
52 kush
kush 53
By Noelle Leavitt

We could all learn

something from Morgan
Gale. He likes to live in the
present and not get too
wrapped up in the future.
He chooses to savor every
moment with his friends
were born, and they’ve been battling the lethal disease for more than 20 years.
and family and doesn’t
waste time on the little Born in Grass Valley, Calif., they were tested for HIV shortly after their mother
became relatively ill when Gale was just three-years-old and his sister was five.
stuff, for he is infected with “Basically we found out that I was HIV positive. I got it from my mother from
HIV and never knows what either birthing or breast feeding,” Gale explained. “But my father, luckily, was not
tomorrow will bring. positive, and I would probably not be here today if it wasn’t for him being able to
stick around.”
The 21-year-old construction worker would
Gale doesn’t know how his mother contracted the disease. It’s something his
rather focus his energy on the big stuff -- stuff like
family doesn’t discuss. Currently, he, his father and his sister all live in Boulder, Colo.
educating the public on how medical marijuana
helps him function on a daily basis. He’s really
good at explaining his stance on important “She became more and more sick, and basically wasn’t
issues, which he’s had to do his whole life. Gale my mother anymore. She was just a body. I would change
and his sister were infected with HIV when they

54 kush
her oxygen tanks when I was five years old, such as pancreatic infection,” he said.
and wipe sweat off her face. But as she became He would often have severe nausea, dementia and personality
more and more sick, she wasn’t really my mother anymore, and changes.
that was really a hard thing to see,” Gale said, noting that the
experience made him grow up faster than most kids.
“A lot of my family friends saw me go through
Unfortunately, Gale’s mom wasn’t able to get the proper states of mind that just weren’t me,” Gale said,
medicine she needed to fight HIV. It was the late ’80s, and it was
noting that he had no other choices. He had to take the medicine
difficult to obtain antiviral drugs to battle the immune deficiency
to survive.
disease. Gale’s mother passed away when he was seven, exposing
him to the harsh realities of AIDS at a very young age.
He was 15 years old when he first tried
The situation forced Gale’s father to take a more holistic
approach to treating Gale and his sister when they were children.
marijuana recreationally with friends and
Very little pediatric medicine was on the market for HIV positive found that the drug made him hungry.
children at the time, and the antiviral drugs that were available
had harsh side effects, especially on kids. “I started eating more food ... I was able to hold down
more food and also hold down my medication. Some of these
Desperate to keep Gale and his sister healthy -- they were still medications, they not only look like chalk, literally, they start
living in California at the time -- his father took them to Chinese to taste like it and they’re hard to ingest. Unfortunately, if you
herbalists in San Francisco and several different psychic healers don’t start taking one medication with food and one without, you
for alternative treatments. start losing the benefit of the medication. Sometimes I wouldn’t
be able to take another pill. And sometimes when I smoke it
“They would help alter my diet and align shakras and visualize alleviates that feeling. It helped me stick to medication that was
healing pictures for myself to try to help boost my immune so crucial to survive,” Gale said.
system,” Gale said. “We would also go to different herbalists.”
It took him a few years before he found a good balance
It was a constant battle trying to find the between his antivirals, marijuana and a healthy-organic diet. His
hope is that the government will continue to look at cases such
right form of treatment, which was one of as his when reviewing medical marijuana legislation. He doesn’t
several battles the family fought during that think most politicians understand its medical benefits.

time. Gale and his sister were also exposed “When I smoke, I literally see my immune
to rejection. system stay at a plateau, if not slowly climb,”
Elementary schools didn’t welcome their attendance, Gale said.
concerned that other children would catch the disease by being in
Although there is no hard evidence that marijuana helps
the same room with them. At the time, no one truly understood
control HIV, Gale credits the drug for helping him stay alive.
the disease.
His mom never smoked pot. The family was too afraid that
“I ended shutting down an elementary school just because of
the government might barge in and take Gale and his sister away.
my presence. They were so worried that they were going to get
But times have changed since the ’80s and ’90s. Much of society
it from me, all these parents were like ‘Oh, we’re taking our kids
now embraces cannabis for medical treatment, and people aren’t
out of the elementary school, this kid’s got HIV, he’s going to give
so afraid of those suffering from HIV, making it easier for Gale to
it to everyone else’,” Gale said. “They wanted me to stop taking
live a healthy life without all the politics.
Judo when I was a very young kid, because they thought that I’d
bleed on another kid or the kids would get it through the air. So “I don’t think of it necessarily as a cure. For some people if
that restricted a lot of social stuff for a little while, and we had it works for them, that’s incredible, that’s awesome,” Gale said.
to really educate the community from the ground up, even if we “But for me it’s just something that helps me supplement my well-
were being threatened and (had) to leave the town.” being, personally and adhere to my medication. If I don’t adhere
to my medications I can easily die. I guess it has a very big impact
As time wore on, holistic medicines weren’t controlling the
upon my life.”
disease, and Gale eventually had to start taking antiretroviral drugs.

“I was about eight years old. It got to And that’s the message Gale wants
the point that I was getting pretty sick government officials to hear.
from the virus. When I first got on those
medications, I had some severe reaction,

kush 55
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60 kush
Mason Tavert
By Noelle Leavitt
Mason Tvert knows how to
get things done at the Colorado
State Capitol. The 28-year-old
runs a pro-marijuana organization
called SAFER (Safer Alternative for
Enjoyable Recreation), that focuses
on educating the public about the
safe use of cannabis.
Tvert has strong opinions on
how the public feels about medical
marijuana, and recently shared his
views with Kush Colorado.

Q. What is the biggest misconception about

medical marijuana?

A. The biggest misconception surrounding

marijuana is that it is so harmful and that it
must remain illegal. Yet every objective study on
marijuana has concluded that it is far safer than
alcohol, which is available on just about every
corner in virtually every city in the country.
This begs the question: why is it such a problem
for adults to obtain and use marijuana? It’s even
more perplexing when it comes to those with
serious medical conditions whose physicians
have recommended they use marijuana to treat
their conditions or symptoms.

62 kush
Q. What are the most dramatic challenges currently facing Q. What’s next in the medical marijuana industry?
the medical marijuana industry?
A. The rapid emergence of dispensaries around Colorado
A. It ultimately boils down to an issue of perception versus was a huge step toward a more sensible approach to marijuana.
reality, and how effectively the reality of marijuana is being As could be expected, it is now facing the hysteria typically
conveyed to elected officials, the media, and the public. Too many associated with something unknown or misunderstood by a
people are still fearful of marijuana, which is irrational in light significant fraction of society. Thus, the next step for this new
of our society’s general acceptance of alcohol as a recreational industry is to establish sensible rules and regulations, and --
substance and pharmaceutical drugs as medical treatments. perhaps most importantly -- follow them. As the public adjusts
For example, Colorado is one of just a handful of states where to the concept of marijuana being made available in such a public
prescription drugs are now the number one cause of unintentional fashion, it is critical that the industry set a good example for
death, surpassing even traffic accidents. Yet there is far more broader reform and regulation that is sure to follow.
hysteria surrounding the growing number of medical marijuana
patients and dispensaries, despite the fact that marijuana use
alone has never contributed to a single death in history. If we
Q. What’s next in your career?
want to see comprehensive changes in our marijuana laws, we
must inspire comprehensive changes in the way people think
A. At this point I am focusing on just the next couple
years and what steps must be taken to bring about significant
about marijuana. reforms in terms of public policies and public attitudes, both in

Q. How hard was is to get SAFER off the ground? Colorado and nationwide. We will continue to build the SAFER
movement around the state, as well as on college campuses and
in communities around the country.
A. Launching SAFER was simply a matter of filling out forms
and establishing a non-profit organization. The real challenge
was capturing the hearts and minds of those who support
Q. What can we expect in the upcoming Colorado legislative
session concerning medical marijuana?
marijuana reform, the public, and the media. An organization is
only as strong as the support it receives, and SAFER is powered
by its supporters. Of course inspiring those supporters required
A. The legislature will be considering multiple bills
pertaining to the regulation of medical marijuana and the
a compelling mission and strategy, well-planned tactics, and growing dispensary industry. It is hoped they will review the
effective follow through. From there, success tends to foster evidence and act in a reasonable fashion that reflects the relatively
growth in support, thus continued success. benign nature of both the substance and the businesses providing

Q. You co-authored a book titled, “Marijuana is Safer, So

it in compliance with the constitutional amendment approved
by the voters. There are also likely to be several significant
Why Are We Driving People to Drink,” I have two questions, changes to Colorado’s broader marijuana laws, including the
1) Is Marijuana safer than alcohol? “de-felonization” of personal cultivation (up to 6 plants), the de-
felonization of possession of marijuana concentrate, and a host of
Marijuana is one of the most researched substances in the
other improvements to current state marijuana laws.
world, and every objective study on it has concluded that it is far
safer than alcohol both to the user and to society. It is less toxic,
less addictive, less harmful to the body (in both the short- and Q. Does your family support what you do?
long-term), and it does not contribute to the serious problems
frequently attributed to alcohol use, such as injuries, domestic A. Absolutely, and more so every day. In fact, my mother
violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. has become quite engaged recently, appearing on a television
news feature regarding her support of me and the cause, as well
2) And why does society drive people to drink? as a great story about moms who support reform, which was
Alcohol and marijuana are the two most popular recreational featured on the parenting Web site
drugs in the world, yet we live in a society that embraces the use
of alcohol, but criminalizes and condemns the use of marijuana.
Whereas it is viewed as perfectly acceptable to enjoy a cocktail
Q. Where can social media hounds follow you? Twitter,
Facebook, blogs?
at a party or a beer at a ball-game, it is a crime to enjoy using
marijuana in the privacy of one’s own home. We are also faced
with a laundry list of negative consequences that can result from A. The SAFER Web site -- --
a marijuana conviction or failed drug test, whereas employers see includes our blog, news, and other resources.
no problem joining their employees at happy hour after work. The SAFER Campuses Campaign site — —
The overall effect of laws that allow and promote the use of is geared toward students involved in or interested in starting SAFER campaigns.
alcohol while prohibiting and discouraging the use of marijuana Facebook —
is sending the dangerous message that people are better off Twitter —
drinking, when in fact they are far safer using marijuana instead.

kush 63
64 kush
kush 65
By Noelle Leavitt

Carl Wemhoff knows how to throw a party.

He’s the owner of Herbal Remedies,
a medical marijuana dispensary in
Westminster, and he organized an exciting
holiday bash for his employees in January,
treating them to an Italian dinner, a live
Cheech and Chong show and drinks at a
popular bar in Boulder to end the night.
The best part was the charter bus that
Wemhoff hired to drive employees, their
significant others and Kush magazine
publisher Michael Lerner around town.
About 35 people enjoyed the festivities.

66 kush
“I got a big, real nice coach bus. And the bus driver “I thought it’d be a real good idea to help further that,”
was fine with us smoking in it. We had a photographer Wemhoff said. “They were real gracious and real nice.”
there for the night and he could hardly get his camera
Herbal Remedies assistant manager Julia Sepulveda said
to focus throughout the night because the bus was filled
that Cheech and Chong’s message of the night really hit
with smoke,” Wemhoff jokingly said.
home with what dispensaries across Colorado are currently
After enjoying dinner and drinks at Buca di Bebbo facing — increased regulation.
Italian Restaurant, the party spilled onto the bus and headed
“It was really kind of appropriate for us because we’ve
north to Boulder for a Cheech and Chong “Get it Legal”
been dealing with so much resistance and tolerance,”
show at Macky Auditorium, where the veteran marijuana
Sepulveda said. “But I had a blast. Before, I had been
celebrities entertained the Boulder ganja community with
listening to their tapes and I listed to them on vinyl when
classic Cheech and Chong skits.
I was younger.”
“They are a little rounder, they’re a little slower,”
Wemhoff said of Cheech and Chong, noting that they were
a big hit among his employees.
The Boulder performance was the first of several shows
Cheech and Chong have planned across America, to rally
in favor of full legalization of marijuana. Wemhoff donated
$5,000 to Tommy Chong’s Marijuana Policy Project.

kush 67
68 kush
kush 69
70 kush
kush 71
Galactic Further
2.20.10 @ Fillmore Auditorium (Denver) 3.5.10 & 3.6.10 @ Odeum Colorado (Broomfield)
With influences from hip hop, electronic, rock, blues and jazz, What a long, strange trip it’s been, indeed, this Bob Weir/Phil Lesh
Galactic promises to get your toes tappin’. Drawing from a cast combo, or some incarnation thereof. The latest version of Further
of all-star friends, they often invite them on stage to enhance showcases Jerry Garcia “specialist” John Kadlecik from the Dark
and broaden their New Orleans vibe. Their diverse lineups and Star Orchestra (known as the best tribute to the Grateful Dead)
funky live sets have made Galactic a fave among Jam heads and who recreates full GD sets. Since 1994, many people have tried to
festival goers. Fresh back from Bonnaroo, they’ll be stopping by fill in that spot, and I’m sure all agree that Jerry’s shoes shall never
the Fillmore. Check it out. be filled. But let’s not get down on that. Bob and Phil, and friends
-- now known as “Further” –are sure to keep the legacy going. The
songs are still great. The sets are still long and groovin’. And if
you close your eyes, it’s almost like the good ol’ days. Don’t miss
Billy Joel/Elton John Further and its traveling circus when it skids into Broomfield, CO.
2.22.10 @ Pepsi Center (Denver) Two nights at the Odeum Colorado, 3/5-3/6/2010. Get there early,
and stay late. And if you see some grilled cheese out there, grab
What can be said about such a pair of legends? Individually you
could write volumes. When you put them together, forget it. The one for me please.
catalogs are sooooo deep, and the level of genius is sooooo great.
We should all be thankful that these two headliners are willing to Bon Jovi
share a stage for us. You’ll dance, you’ll sing, you may even cry? 3.8.10 @ Pepsi Center (Denver)
But it’ll be a good cry.... Go see this memorable show!
If you want to see one of the best rock concerts ever, go see Bon
Jovi. Whether you know one or 100 of their songs (and they have
over 100) you will not be disapointed in this red, white, and true
Los Lonely Boys arena-rock specialist. For more than 26 years John Bongiovi, (later
3.1.10 @ Boulder Theater (Boulder) changed to Bon Jovi) has stood the test of time. Through the big
hair years in the 80’s, to their recent album The Circle (2009),
Since the late ’90s, Los Lonely Boys have been touring the country John, Richie, Tico and David have been serving it up to adoring
bringing their own style of rock’n’roll, soul, country, and Tejano (a fans all over the globe. Like their New Jersey mentor “the Boss”
Texas style sound with Cajun influences). They they always take the stage ready to leave it all out there. There must
now dub their sound “Texican Rock’n’Roll”. be something in that dirty NJ water?
Usually touring with their homeboys Los
Lobos, this time they’re flying solo
into Boulder. Killswitch Engage
3.13.10 @ Fillmore Auditorium (Denver)
If you can’t tell by the name alone, Killswitch Engage are part of
a Heavy Metal subset known as Metalcore - a fusion of hardcore
punk and extreme metal. With 11 years, five albums, and many
lineup changes under their belt, Killswitch Engage are in this for
the long haul. They’ve proven that with appearances on everything
from MTV and WWE to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You might
be able to simulate the shredding guitars with dancing lights, but
don’t lose your voice trying to recreate the screams.

Left: Elton John & Billy Joel

Right from Top: Los Lonely Boys, John Mayer,
Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Killswitch Engage logo

72 kush
Jason Aldean
3.18.10 @ Odeum Colorado (Broomfield)
With three albums, nine singles, and three number one hits
on the Billboard Country Charts, Jason Aldean’s career is
headed in the right direction. Since he was a child, he’s had
a guitar in his hand, quick to pick up his favorite country
songs. He soon became a star, singing his original songs to
ever growing crowds. You could say that this star is still rising
because he’s that young. And seeing him before he’s really big
would be pretty cool, huh? Well here’s your chance.

Vampire Weekend
3.19.10 @ Ogden Theater (Denver)
Named after lead singer Ezra Koenig’s amateur film, Vampire
Weekend have become the darlings of the New York Indie
Rock scene, starting in 2009. Coming out of the XL Recording
stable and having running mates like The White Stripes puts
VW in good company. They received major accolades from
Rolling Stone in 2007, Spin in 2008, and hit the Top 20 singles
charts in the UK and U.S. in 2009. With their latest album
Contra (2010) just released, and a recent spot on The Tonight
Show with Conan O’Brien, the only thing left is their March
19th show at the Ogden Theater in Denver CO. Come see
what all the NYC hype is about....

3.22.10 @ Pepsi Center (Denver)
Jay-Z, the undeniable Top-Dog, Number One,
King of Hip Hop, and all that is cool in this urban
jungle is breezing into town. When Jay-Z wears it,
raps it or uncorks it, it somehow becomes a hit.
His hit list is so solid that it is only rivaled by the
laundry list of people he’s helped make into stars.
Did I mention his personalized diversions?
Things like a clothing line, fashion accessories,
champagne, cologne, or the NBA team he
owns (NJ Nets). Oh yeah, and he’s married to
the hottest Diva out there - Beyonce. Enough
said. I’m glad this guy’s in charge!

John Mayer
3.23.10 @ Pepsi Center (Denver)
Since coming onto the scene in 1997, John
Mayer seems to have become the torch bearer
for great bluesmen - we can only hope the
trusted sources handing off said torch are
correct. In 2003 he won the Best Male Pop
Vocal Performance Grammy Award. In 2005
he paired up with R&B legends B.B. King,
Eric Clapton, and Buddy Guy - pretty solid
references, to be sure. In 2007 he took home
more Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album
and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. John
may have sold his soul at the crossroads to
date Jessica Simpson, but he definitely earned his
bluesman stripes while dating Jennifer Aniston.
Check out his latest arm candy and musical muse
at the Pepsi Center.

kush 73
74 kush
kush 75
76 kush
kush 77
St ernberg
By J. Mark

- - t h e “ Tr u ck of the
b o u t o m in o us o v er tone N o r th American
Talk a e r e c e n t
a w a r d g iv en out at th d T r a n sit Connect.
Year” e F o r
S h o w w a s given to th m ic a l v a n built for
Auto n o
k ? It’ s an eco
What’ s th a t , y o u a s
v e m o n e y o n fuel costs.
t hat want to
b u s in e s s e s
t o r e - b a d g e Fiats. And
d in g t o t h a t, Jeep is se u t a s en vo gue as
Ad ar e a b o
l s u c k in g V -8 engines o m la s t y e ar’ s Ford
fue e fr
k b a n k s e c urities. Asid r a n o f f-roading
h ig h - r is ole lo t fo
r F - 1 5 0 , t h e re isn’t a wh
R apto x c it ed a bout.
t o g e t e
enthusiast m o d if y in g your own
r, the option .
T her e is , h o w e v e
s e o f f- r o a d ing extremes
er handle th
tr uck to bett d if ic a t io n s available t
m o
e r e a r e m a ny dif ferent s t im por tant step
Th .T h e m o
e o f f- r o a d in g enthusiast d is t o fi g u r e out what
th e
o u t w h a t p ar ts ar e need t o yo u. There is
fi n d in g ta p p e a ls
o f o f f- r o a d ing that mos in g , t railing and s
type n e d r iv
g , r o c k crawling, du y.
mud d in
y s t o ge t yo ur truck dir t
many other w

78 kush
There are events held all over Colorado for amateur off-
roaders, if you are interested in learning more about a particular
sport, the best thing to do is get involved. Professionals and
off-road veterans have a wealth of knowledge, and are usually
willing to share their (usually passionate and sometimes long-
winded) opinions.
Key to tricking out your off-road vehicle is the tires.
All the engine and suspension modifications in the world,
won’t accomplish anything if the tires don’t have any traction
on the ground. There are a multitude of options available for
these knobby beasts, and making the right choice can be a
daunting task.
As usual, a great place to start your research is online. offers a rating system for all the tires available It’s worth noting here that modifications often bring with
on their website, it also offers Yelp-style user reviews. them a drop in drivability. Some dedicated enthusiasts still
drive their heavily modified trucks daily, but at a certain point
An often overlooked off-road modification is the
it might be worth considering an alternate vehicle, or at least
differential. The diff, as explained so well in the movie ‘My
making compromises when modifying your truck in order to
Cousin Vinny’, controls how much power goes to each wheel
keep it somewhat civil on the road.
when one starts to slip. This can be a massive advantage when
off-roading because of the slippery conditions encountered Make a “goal list” before pouring yourself into the project.
on loose or uneven surfaces. Some 4x4 trucks offer a locking If it’s mud or snow, design your vehicle around your specific
differential from the factory, this will be more or less good wants and needs. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement
enough for most trails, but if you intend to get more serious, of building the ultimate off-road beast, but, in the end, what
an aftermarket differential might be in order. matters most is getting out there and enjoying yourself.
If you wallet keeps pace with your interest, and your Joining a club can not only be a great way to learn
desire to push the truck into more and more challenging areas more about your sport of choice, but is also a great way to
increases, an aftermarket suspension might be the next step. make friendships that can last a lifetime. (You can peek at
Lift kits vary in cost and quality, so doing your homework for a strong list of clubs.)
here can be essential. Some kits are designed for looks, and The bond among car enthusiasts is a constant from Honda
don’t really offer the performance needed for truly hardcore drag racers to 4x4s to European road racers. We are all bound
off-roading. Others still are designed to take a truck to hell by a common interest in the automobile and the freedoms that
and back, but often at a pretty substantial cost. come with it.

kush 79
80 kush
kush 81
82 kush
kush 83
84 kush
kush 85
By Josh Kapla
,” the Black Rebel
to rc yc le ga ng in “The Wild One
do’s mo
me of Marlon Bran
Taken from the na y since 1998.
(B RM C) ha ve be en doing it their wa
Motorcycle Club
g Stones, to the
s lik e Le d Ze pp elin and The Rollin
and blues influence a way to carve
With garage rock Di no sa ur Jr. , BRMC have found
e an d
ise pop of the Verv
neo-psychedelic no
out their own soun
ics are
s often religious lyr
rs, an d a so lid backbeat, BRMC’
al-resonating guita sed five albums sin
Combined with du thr ou gh ou t. BRMC have relea
eply ric h
g at times, and de their own label,
spiritually hauntin o, ” se t to be re leased in March on
’s Tatto
th, “Beat The Devil
2001, with their six
Abstract Dragon.
gle, “Done All
re co gn itio n wh en their recent sin
ir name
rofile boost to the
They got a high-p vie soundtrack.
in clu de d on the “New Moon” mo
Wrong,” was
ness of their
M ot or cy cle Cl ub live up to the cool
Black Rebel
the question: Does ny quite as cool as
So it bears asking ell , gi ve n tha t there aren’t too ma
d on ? W rolls
acters it was base urself when BRMC
name, or the char d ma ke tha t determination yo
me an
do, you ought to co
the late, great Bran the Gothic Theater, 3/
En gl ew oo d at
- stopping in
through Colorado
you to be sure.
r ja ck et an d so me smoke(s) with
t leathe
Bring your cooles

86 kush
kush 87
88 kush
kush 89
Dispensary Listing
ADAMS COUNTY BOULDER Canna Med Medican on the Hill The Mountain
1750 30th St., #8 1089 13th St. Medicine Group
Rocky Mountain BMMC Services Boulder, CO 80301 Boulder, CO 80302 2515 Broadway St.
Caregivers 2206 Pearl St. 877 420-MEDS or Boulder, CO 80304
(720) 329-5763 Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 477-2220 MediPharm (720) 542-9943
800 Pearl St.
ALAMOSA Boulder Alternative Colorado Care Inc Boulder, CO 80302 The Village Green
Medicine 2850 Iris Ave.
Sensitiva Hollistic Society
1325 Broadway St., Ste 213 Boulder, CO 80301 Mountain
Therapeutics 2043 16th St.
Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 250-9066 Medicine Group
451 Santa Fe Ave Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 210-4021 2515 Broadway St. (720) 746-9064
Alamosa, CO 81101 Crème de la Chron
(719) 589-0420 Boulder, CO 80304
Boulder County 2450 Central Ave. (720) 542-9943 Therapeutic
Caregivers Boulder, CO 80301
ALMA Compassion Center
2955 Valmont Rd. Natural Alternative 1501 Lee Hill Dr., No. 22
South Park Boulder, CO 80301 Medicine Boulder, CO 80202
Cananbis Club (303) 495-2195 1121 Broadway, Unit G-1 5370 Manhattan Cir.
99 S. Main St. Boulder, CO 80302 Boulder, CO 80303 Top Shelf Alternatives
(970) 485-5263 Boulder Kind Care (720) 727-0711 (720) 363-9877 1327 Spruce St., Ste 301
2031 16th St. Boulder, CO 80302
ARVADA Boulder CO, 80302 Evolution Medicine New Options Wellness (303) 459-5335
(720) 235-4232 Services 2885 Aurora Ave., Ste 40
Compassionate 4476 N. Broadway St.
Care of Colorado Boulder, CO 80303 Trill Alternative
Boulder Medical Boulder, CO 80304 (720) 266-9967
7777 W. 64th Ave. 2043 16th St.
Marijuana Dispensary (303) 588-3335
Arvada, CO 80004 Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 375-0319 2111 30th Street Unit A Ohana PC
Boulder, CO 80301 Flower of Life 918 University Ave. Trill Alternative
Special Kinds (303) 449-2663 Healing Arts, Inc. Boulder, CO 80302 1537 Pearl St.
4804 W. 60th Ave. 3970 N. Broadway, Ste 201 Boulder, CO 80302
Arvada, CO 80003 Boulder MMJ Boulder, CO 80304 Table Mesa
(303) 847-3238 1909 N. Broadway St., # 103 (303) 444-1183 Wellness Center Vape Therapeutics
Boulder, CO 80302 4730 Table Mesa Dr. 1327 Spruce St., Ste 300
ASPEN (303) 732-MMJ4 (6654) Green Belly Co-op Boulder, CO 80305 Boulder. CO 80302
Boulder, CO (303) 554-5399
Alternative Medical (720) 381-6187
Solutions Boulder Rx WELL Dispensary
106 S. Mill St., Ste 203 6560 Odell Place THC Ministry of Boulder 3000 Folsom St.
Boulder, CO Green Leaf Farmacy 1221 Pearl St., No. 10 Boulder, CO 80304
Aspen, CO 81611 1644 Walnut St.
(970) 544-8142 Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 993-7932
Boulder Rx Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 449-4437
Locals Emporium 1035 Pearl St., 3rd floor (303) 440-1323 BRECKENRIDGE
of Alternative Farms Boulder, CO 80302 The Bud Medicine Man
(L.E.A.F.) Healing House 2500 Broadway, Ste 100
1303 ½ Broadway St. 101 N. Main St., Ste 6
100 S. Spring St., Ste 2 Boulder Vital Herbs Boulder, CO 80304
Boulder, CO 80302 Breckenridge, CO 80424
Aspen, CO 81611 2527 N Broadway St. (303) 565-4019 (970) 453-2525
(970) 920-4220 Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 440-0234 High Grade Alternatives The Farmacy
3370 Arapahoe Rd. CARBONDALE
AVON 845 Walnut St.
Boulder Wellness Boulder, CO 80303 C.M.D.
Boulder, CO 80302
Tree Line Premier Center (303) 449-1905 1101 Village Rd.
(720) 375-3777
Dispensary 5420 Arapahoe Ave., Ste F Carbondale, CO 81623
40801 US 6 Boulder, CO 80303 Indigenous The Greenest Green (970) 306-3231
(970) 949-1887 (303) 442-2565 Medicines LLC 2034 Pearl St.
1200 Pearl St., #35 Sopris LEAF
Boulder, CO 80302
AURORA (Doctors) Boulder’s Unique Boulder, CO 80302 580 Main St., 3rd floor #300
(303) 953-2582
(303) 402-6975 Carbondale, CO 81623
Canna Health Dispensary
(970) 704-0420
3033 S. Parker Rd., Ste 720 900 28th St. The Medication Company
Aurora, CO 80014 Boulder, CO 80303 JTR Caregivers 4483 N. Broadway St.
(888) 420-4204 2714 28th St. Boulder, CO 80304
Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 635-6481

"Is your listing here? For new listings or corrections please contact us at:”
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90 kush
Dispensary Listing
CASTLE ROCK Cannabis Therapeutics Pikes Peak Cannabis CRESTONE DENVER (Central)
Mile High Medical Caregivers Cooperative Caregivers
907 E. Fillmore St. 3715 Drennan Rd. High Valley Healing 985 Dispensary
Gardens Center and CannaTea 985 Santa Fe Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Colorado Springs, CO
880 Happy Canyon Rd., # 145 400 Galena Ave. Denver, CO 80204
(719) 633-7124 (719) 216-5452
Castle Rock, CO 80108 Crestone, CO 1131 (303) 446-0420
(720) 203-5450 Care West, LLC Pikes Peak Compassionate (303) 877-7452
1351 Pecan St. Care Center All Green Health
The Lil Green House Colorado Springs, CO 80904 Alternatives
2845 Ore Mill Rd. #6 DACONO
518 Wilcox St. 2757 Bryant St.
(719) 459-5532 Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Castle Rock, CO 80104
(719) 633-8499 Dacono Meds Denver, CO 80211
(303) 993-3070 Colorado Cannabis 730 Glen Creighton Dr., Unit C (303) 868-4753 or
Caregivers Springs Health Alliance Dacono, CO 80514 (303) 955-6552
CENTENNIAL 2203 N. Weber St. 3470-H Chelton Loop N. (303) 833-2321
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Colorado Springs, CO 80909 Alternative Medicine on
Canna Mart Capital Hill
(719) 634-7389 or (719) 574-1742 DENVER
8006 E. Arapahoe Ct., Ste 30 1401 Ogden St.
Centennial, CO 80112 (719) 440-4124 Sunshine Wellness (Delivery Services)
Denver, CO 80218
(303) 771-1600 Colorado Cannabis Center 303 Delivery Service (720) 961-0560
Center 31 N. Tejon St., Ste 400 Denver CO, 80224
(Doctors) Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (303) 993-7022 Back to the Garden
1905 N. Academy Blvd.
(719) 632-6192 Wellness Center
Cannabis Centers For Colorado Springs, CO 80909 Chronic Express 1547 Gaylord St.
Alternative Wellness (719)-574-4455 THC (The Highland (Delivery Service) Denver, CO 80206
6590 S. Broadway St. Epic Medical Caregiver Collective) (303) 656-7300 (720) 877-3562
Centennial, CO 80121 3631 Galley Rd. 332 W. Bijou St., Ste 101
(720) 223-5551 Colorado Springs CO, 80905 DENVER (Doctors) Cannabis Medical
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 762 Kalamath St.
(719) 638-4596 CannaMed USA Denver, CO 80204
CLIFTON The Green Earth 6855 Leetsdale Dr. (303) 912-2013
God’s Gift Front Range Alternative Wellness Center Denver, CO 80224
571 32 Rd. Medicines 519 N. 30th St. (877) 420-6337 Capitol Hill Medicine
Clifton, CO 81504 P.O. Box 60744 Colorado Springs, CO 80904 Shoppe
Colorado Springs, CO 80960 (719) 633-6337 1410 Grant St., #B104
(970) 609-4438
(719) 213-0118 1211 S. Parker Rd., #101 Denver, CO 80204
Herbal Medical Center The Healing Canna Denver, CO 80231 (303) 993-5777
3258 F Rd., Unit B 3692 E. Bijou St. (720) 747-9999
Medical Marijuana Caregivers for Life
Clifton, CO 81520 Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Connection of Cherry Creek
(970) 433-0399 (719) 637-7645 DENVER (Smokeshops)
2933 Galley Rd. 310 Saint Paul St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 The Highlands Blown Glass Denver, CO 80206
COLORADO SPRINGS Cooperative and Accessories (720) 536-5462
A Cut Above Natural Advantage 420 332 West Bijou St., Ste. 101 4815 E. Colfax Ave.
925 W. Cucharras St. Colorado Springs, CO 80905 Cherry Creek Health
1150 E. Fillmore St. Denver, CO 80220
Colorado Springs, CO 80905 (719) 442-6737 155 Cook St., #150
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (303) 388-1882
(719) 533-1177 Denver, CO 80206
(719) 434-1665 Tree of Wellness Head Quarters (303) 388-0086
Canna Care Nature’s Medicine 1000 W. Fillmore St., Ste 105 1301 Marion St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Denver Metro Medical
1675 Jet Wing Dr. Wellness Center Denver, CO 80218
(719) 635-5556 Cannabis Couriers
Colorado Springs, CO 80916 11 S. 25th St., Ste 220 (303) 830-2444
Denver, CO 80203
(719) 596-3010 Colorado Springs, CO 80904 Trichome Health (720) 227-6939
(719) 213-3239 Consultants Heads of State
Canna Caregivers 3015 W 44th Ave. Denver Relief
2117 W. Colorado Ave.
3220 N. Academy Blvd., Ste 4 Old World Denver, CO 80211 1 Broadway St.
Colorado Springs CO, 80904
Colorado Springs, CO 80917 Pharmaceutical (303) 433-6585 Denver, CO 80223
(719) 635-6337
(719) 597-6685 6347 E. Platte Ave. (303) 420-MEDS
Canna Med (doctor) Colorado Springs, CO 80915 COMMERCE CITY High Fashion Glass
42 S. Broadway Discount Medical
2935 Galley Rd. (719) 393-3899
Colorado Coalition Denver, CO 80209 Marijuana
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 of Caregivers 970 Lincoln St.
(877) 420-MEDS Pikes Peak Alternative 303-766-5473 or 303-766-5437
7260 Monaco St. Denver, CO 80203
Health and Wellness
Cannabis Science, Inc. Commerce City, CO 80022 Mary Jayz Cool Stuff (303) 355-9333
6946 N Academy Blvd, Ste B #254 1605 S. Tejon St., Ste 101 (720) 987-3669 4014 Tennyson St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918 Colorado Springs CO, 80905 Denver, CO 80212
(719) 641-1188 (719) 575-9835 (720) 855-7451

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Dispensary Listing
Front Range Dispensary Pride in Medicine Denver Patients Group Summit Wellness Green Medical Referrals
Denver, CO 80203 731 W. 6th Ave. 2863 Larimer St., Unit B 2117 Larimer St. Clinic -- Denver
(720) 620-4463 Denver, CO 80204 Denver, CO 80205 Denver, CO 80205 5115 Federal Blvd., #9
(303) 999-0441 (303) 484-1662 (720) 407-8112 Denver, CO 80221
Green Cross of Cherry
Remedy Care Center Discount Medical The Farmacy (303) 495-5000
128 Steele St., Ste 200 1850 S. Federal Blvd. Marijuana 1400 Market St. Nature’s Choice
Denver, CO 80206 Denver, CO 80219 2028 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80202 2128 S. Albion St.
(303) 321-4201 (303) 935-2694 Denver, CO 80206 (303) 260-7036 Denver, CO 80222
Rocky Mountain Farmacy (303) 355-9333 The Happy Harvest (720) 447-3271
Green Karma Medical
1115 Grant St., Ste G2 1719 Emerson St. Dr. Green Genes 2324 Champa St. The Healing House
Denver, CO 80203 Denver, CO 80218 1400 16th St., Ste 4067 Denver, CO 80205 Pharmacy
(303) 815-1585 (720) 389-9002 Denver, CO 80202 (303) 997-4425 123 W. Alameda Ave.
The Grasshopper (720) 932-8004 Zen Dispensary Denver, Colorado 80223
Green Werkz (720) 389-6490
907 E. Colfax Ave. Alternative Medicine Elevated Medical 26th Ave. & Ogden St.
1728 East 17th Ave. 3660 Downing St. Denver CO, 80205
Denver CO, 80218 Denver, CO 80205 (303) 297-1466
(303) 647-5210
303-388-4677 (303) 530-4338 Alive Herbal Medicine
Health Star Medical DENVER EAST 4573 Pecos St.
Zen Cafe GreenDocs L.L.C.
Evaluation Clinic Delivery Service 1550 Larimer St., Ste 309 Colorado Care Facility Denver, CO 80211
710 E. Speer Blvd. 5130 E. Colfax Ave. (720) 945-9543
Denver CO, 80203 Denver, CO 80202
Denver, CO 80203 (720) 306-8339 (303) 339-0214 Denver, CO 80220 Altitude Organic
(303) 586-1200 (303) 953-8503 Medicine
Herbal Health Flavored Essentials 1716 Boulder St.
3462 Walnut St.
419 W. 13th Ave. 24/7 Health Care Centers 3955 Oneida St. Denver, CO 80211
Denver, CO 80205
Denver, CO 80204 3535 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80207 (970) 691-1661
(303) 284-5610
(720) 542-8364 Denver, CO 80205 (303) 377-0539 B*GOODS MMJ
(720) 479-8756
Herbal Wellness Inc. 1444 Wazee St., Ste 115 Herbal Care Apothecary
771 Santa Fe Dr., #204 Alternative Medicine On 2866 N. Colorado Blvd. 80 S. Pennsylvania St.
Denver, CO 80202
Denver, CO 80204 The 16th Street Mall Denver, CO 80207 Denver, CO 80209
(720) 974-3109
(720) 299-1919 910 16th St., #805 (303) 321-4433 (303) 803-8256
Denver, CO 80205
Mahooka Meds or (303) 777-5239
Herbs 4 You 2400 Larimer St. Med Stop
(303) 623-1900 5926 E. Colfax Ave. BC Inc.
20 E. 9th Ave. Denver, CO 80205
Apothecary of Colorado Denver, CO 80220 4206 W. 38th Ave.
Denver, CO 80203 (720) 536-0850
1730 Blake St., Ste 420 (303) 573-6337 (MEDS) Denver, CO 80212
(303) 830-9999 Mile High Cannabis
Denver, CO 80202 (720) 988-3184
Lincoln Herbal 899 Logan St. Supreme Care Strains
(303) 296-5566 Biocare
424 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203 and Wellness Center
Ballpark Holistic 6767 E. 39th Ave., Ste 105 2899 N. Speer Blvd., Ste 105
Denver, CO 80203 (303) 955-6203
Dispensary Denver, CO 80207 Denver, CO 80211
(303) 955-0701 Mind Body Spirit (303) 455-3187
2119 Larimer St. (720) 877-5216
Mile High Alternative 3054 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205
Denver, CO 80205
Chronic Wellness
Medicine (303) 953-7059 DENVER NORTH 3928 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80203 (303) 297-2273
Botanico, Inc. Affordable Medicine for Denver, CO 80211
(720) 289-9654 Natural Remedies Colorado Patients (303) 455-6500
3054 Larimer St.
1620 Market St., Ste 5W
Mile High Green Cross Denver, CO 80205 5650 E. Evans Ave., #405 DenCo
Denver, CO 80202 Denver, CO 80222
852 Broadway St. (303) 297-2273 5830 W. 38th Ave.
(303) 953-0884 (720) 275-1845
Denver, CO 80203 Denver, CO 80212
Denver Compassionate
(303) 861-4252 Peace in Medicine Doctors Orders (303) 518-0303
Center 5068 N. Federal Blvd.
New Millennium 1538 Wazee St. Denco Alternative
2042 Arapahoe St. Denver, CO 80221
Denver, CO 80203 Denver, CO 80202
Denver, CO 80205
(720) 318-3275 (303) 623-7246 (PAIN) (303) 433-0276 2828 Speer Blvd., #117
(720) 242-9308
Denver Kush Club Elite Cannabis Denver, CO 80211
Pain Management of RiNo Supply Co
2615 Welton St. Therapeutics (303) 433-2266
Colorado 3100 Blake St.
110 Cook St., Ste 103 Denver, CO 80205 6401 N. Broadway, Unit J
Denver, CO 80205 Denver, CO 80221
Denver, CO 80206 (303) 736-6550
(303) 292-2680 (303) 650-4005
(303) 423-7246

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Dispensary Listing
Doc Danks Sweet Leaf Inc. Ganja Gourmet BC Inc. Metro-Cannabis 2
4785 Tejon St., Unit 101 5100 W. 38th Ave. 1810 S. Broadway 5777 E. Evans Plaza 3425 S. Oleander Ct., Unit B
Denver, CO 80211 Denver, CO 80212 Denver, CO 80210 Denver, CO 80222 Denver, CO 80224
(720) 276-5956 (303) 480-5323 (303) 282-9333 (720) 323-2383 (303) 305-9625
Grass Roots Health The Cosmic Company Mother Nature’s Miracle CannaMart Inc. Mile High Meds
and Wellness 3460 W.32nd Ave. 315 W. Littleton Blvd. 1842 S. Parker Rd., Unit 18 Denver, CO 80113
2832 W. 44th Ave. Denver, CO 80211 Denver, CO 80210 Denver CO, 80247 (720) 457-3751
Denver, CO 80211 (303) 433-3346 (303) 794-3246 (303) 771-1600
Mile High Quality of Life
(720) 838-7637 The Giving Tree of Denver Organameds CannaMed 2186 S. Holly St., #106
Herbal Connections 2707 W. 38th Ave. 2020 S. Broadway 6855 Leetsdale Dr., Ste 420 Denver, CO 80222
2209 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211 Denver, CO 80210 Denver, CO 80224 (720) 933-1857
Denver, CO 80211 (303) 477-8888 (720) 862-7544 (877) 420-6337 (MEDS)
Mile High Remedies
(720) 999-6295 The ReLeaf Center Patients Choice Colorado Cannabis 4155 E. Jewell Ave., Ste 310
Herbal Spa 2000 W. 32nd Ave. of Colorado Services Denver, CO 80222
4347 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80211 2251 S. Broadway 1842 S. Parker Rd, Unit 18 (303) 419-3896
Denver, CO 80212 (303) 458-LEAF (5323) Denver, CO 80210 Denver, CO 80247 Mile High Wellness
(303) 339-0116 The Tea Pot Lounge (303) 862-5016 (720) 984-6543 6740 E. Hampden Ave.
Herbal Wellness, Inc. 2008 Federal Blvd. Rocky Mountain Cronergy Denver, CO 80237
3870 N. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80211 Caregivers 4101 E. Louisiana Ave., #320, (720) 382-8516
Denver, CO 80211 (303) 656-9697 285 S. Pearl St. Denver, CO 80246 Rockbrook, Inc.
(720) 299-1919 Total Health Concepts Denver, CO 80209 (720) 382-1287 2865 S. Colorado Blvd., Ste 323
Highland Health 2059 Bryant St. (303) 601-6037 Green Around You Denver, CO 80222
2727 Bryant St., Ste 420 Denver, CO 80211 The Health Center 970 S. Oneida St., Ste 17 (303) 756-0595
Denver, CO 80211 (303) 433-0152 2777 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80224 Rocky Mountain
(303) 455-0810 Urban Dispensary Denver, CO 80210 (303) 284-9075
Alternative Medicine
Highland Herbal 2675 W. 38th Ave. (303) 758-9997 Green Cross Caregivers 1479 S. Holly St.
Connections Denver, CO 80211 The Kind Room 1842 S. Parker Rd. Denver CO, 80222
2209 W. 32 Ave. (720) 389-9179 1881 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80231 (303) 758-9114
Denver, CO 80211 Denver CO, 80210 (303) 337-2229
DENVER SOUTH Rocky Mountain Medical
(720) 999-6295 (720) 266-3136 Herban Wellness Inc Marijuana
Highland Squares Broadway Wellness Walking Raven 4155 E. Jewell Ave., #405 1126 S. Sheridan Blvd.
Apothecary 1290 S. Broadway Dispensary Denver, CO 80222 Denver, CO 80232
3460 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80210 2001 S. Broadway (877) 702-4MMJ (4665) (303) 219-4884
Denver, CO 80211 (303) 997-8413 Denver, CO 80210 Karmaceuticals Southwest
(303) 433-3346 Cannabis 4 Health (720) 327-5613 4 S. Santa Fe Dr. Alternative Care
Local Caregivers 1221 S. Pearl St. Wellspring Collective Denver, CO 80223 1940 W. Mississippi Ave.
of Colorado Denver, CO 80210 1724 S. Broadway (303) 76-KARMA Denver, CO 80223
5316 Sheridan Blvd. (720) 296-7563 Denver, CO 80210 (303) 593-2931
Little Brown House
Denver, CO 80214 Colorado Alternative (303) 733-3113 1995 S. Broadway Sweet Leaf
(720) 233-5482 Medicine Denver, CO 80223
DENVER SOUTHEAST Compassion Center
Mary Jayz Natural 2394 S. Broadway (303) 282-6206 5301 Leetsdale Dr.
Therapeutics Denver, CO 80210 303 Cannabis Inc. Denver, CO 80246
(720) 379-7295
Little Green Pharmacy
4900 W. 46th Ave. 1800 S. Sheridan Blvd., #303 (303) 955-8954
1331 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80212 Daddy Fat Sacks Denver, CO 80232
Denver, CO 80223 Very Best Medicine
(720) 855-7451 945 South Blvd. (720) 934-5388
(303) 722-2133 (VBM Club)
Rocky Mountain Denver, CO 80219 A Mile High LLC 6853 Leetsdale Dr.
(303) KIND-BUD
Medical Marijuana
Patient Services 63 W. Alameda Ave. Denver, CO 80224
for Wellness
934 S. Federal Blvd. Delta 9 Caretakers LLC Denver, CO 80223 (720) 941-8872
1240 S. Parker Rd., #100
Denver, CO 80211 2262 S. Broadway (303) 722-3420
Denver, CO 80231
(720) 882-5521 Denver, CO 80210 Alternative Medicine (720) 629-3476
(720) 570-2127 Of Southeast Denver SUBURBS)
Sunnyside Alternative Metro Cannabis
Medicine Earth’s Medicine 6853 Leetsdale Dr.
4101 E. Wesley Ave., Ste 5 420 Wellness
1406 W. 38th Ave. 74 Federal Blvd., Unit A Denver, CO 80224 2960 S. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222
Denver, CO 80211 Denver, CO 80219 (720) 941-8872 Denver, CO 80236
(720) 771-9866
(303) 720-6761 (720) 254-0379 (303) 493-1787

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Dispensary Listing
Alameda Wellness ENGLEWOOD Generations Natural GRAND JUNCTION Victory Gardens
Center ADG Herbal Medicine Medicine Colorado Cannabis Delivery Service
183 W. Alameda Ave. 2006 8th St. Grand Junction, CO 80501
11 W. Hampden Ave. Therapy, LLC
Denver, CO 80223 Greeley, CO 80631 (970) 314-5725
Englewood, CO 80113 Delivery Service
(303) 736-6999 (970) 353-2839 Weeds
(720) 278-0419 Grand Junction, CO 81501
Clovis, LLC Best Card, LLC Medicinal Gardens (970) 460-3017 719 Pitkin Ave.
4000 Morrison Rd. 6955 E. Caley Ave. of Colorado Doobies, LLC
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Denver, CO 80219 420 S. Howes St., Ste D (970) 245-4649
Englewood, CO 80111 239 27 ¼ Rd, Ste 1
(303) 284-3165 (Stone House)
(303) 741-2313 (on frontage road)
Green Tree Medical, LLC Fort Collins, CO 80521
Nature’s Kiss Orchard Mesa/Grand Junction, HIGHLANDS RANCH
3222 S. Vance St. (970) 217-0575 CO 81503
Medical Lounge Hatch Wellness Center
Denver, CO 80227
4332 S. Broadway SOLACE MEDS (970) 242-2281
(720) 838-1652 301 Smokey St., Unit A 3624 E. Highlands Ranch Pkwy.,
Englewood, CO 80113 Green Natural #105
Mr. Stinky’s Fort Collins, CO 80525
(303) 564-9690 Solutions, LLC Highlands Ranch , CO 80126
314 Federal Blvd. (970) 225-6337
753 Rood Ave., Unit 3 (303) 470-9270
Denver, CO 80219 FEDERAL HEIGHTS Grand Junction, CO 81501
(720) 243-0246 Colorado Patient (970) 424-5331 IDAHO SPRINGS
S.E.C.A.M. (Serving
Rocky Mt. Organics Coalition Greenlight Care Mountain
9460 Federal Blvd. Parker, Elizabeth,
1015 W. Evans Ave. Delivery service Medicinals, Inc.
Denver, CO 80223 Federal Heights, CO 80260 Castle Rock)
(970) 609-MEDS (6337) 1800 Colorado Blvd., Ste 5
(303) 667-6032 (720) 346-2772 or
(720) 479-8905 Idaho Springs, CO 80452
(303) 660-2650 Heavenly Healing, LLC
The Nature’s Cure Front Range 1225 N. 23rd St. #106 (303) 567-4211
4283 W. Florida Ave. Dispensary, LLC FRISCO Grand Junction, CO 81501
Denver, CO 80219 8876 N. Federal Blvd. (970) 242-2488 LAFAYETTE
Medical Marijuana
(303) 934-9503 Federal Heights, CO 80260 420HighWays, LLC
of the Rockies Herbal Paradise
(303) 429-2420‎ 201 E. Simpson St., Ste B
DURANGO 720 Summit Blvd., Ste 101A 2454 Hwy 6 & 50
Frisco, CO 80443 Grand Junction, CO 81505 Lafayette, CO 80026
Nature’s Medicine - (970) 668-MEDS (970) 424-5264
Durango Bonnee and Clyde’s
129 E. 32nd St. Caring Cannabis GLENWOOD SPRINGS High Desert LAKEWOOD
Durango, CO 81301 Fort Collins, CO 80526 Dispensary, LLC
Green Medicine 1490 North Ave., Ste S Bud Med Health Centers
(970) 259-3714 (970) 443-6206 2517 Sheridan Blvd.
Wellness Grand Junction, CO 81501
Natures Own Colorado-CHRONIX 1030 Grand Ave. Lakewood, CO 80214
(970) 424-5357
Wellness Center Medicinal Cannabis Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 (720) 920-9617
High Desert
Delivery service Community (970) 384-2026 Denver Mile Hydro
Durango, CO 81301 Fort Collins, CO 80526 Dispensary
Peaceful Warrior 355 S. Harlan St.
(720) 663-9554 Highly Herbal
(970) 227-3366 Lakewood, CO 80226
Medical Marijuana LLC 555 North Ave., Ste 4
Colorado Wellness 216 6th St. (303) 935-GROW (4769)
EDWARDS Grand Junction, CO 81501
Providers Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 (970) 778-5151 Green Tree Medical
New Hope 1425 Cape Cod Cir. (970) 485-5286 3222 S. Vance St., #230
Wellness Center Naturals
Fort Collins, CO 80525 Lakewood, CO 80227
210 Edwards Village Blvd., B-110 GOLDEN 624 Rae Lynn Dr.
(970) 217-0900 (720) 838-1652
Edwards, CO 81632 Grand Junction, CO 81505
Emerald Pathway Golden Alternative Care (970) 424-5291 Green Werkz - Lakewood
(970) 569-3701
4020 S. College Ave., Ste 11 807 14th St., Ste A 5840 W. 25th Ave.
Rocky Mountain High Golden, CO 80401 Nature’s Alternative
Fort Collins, CO 80525 Lakewood, CO 80214
105 Edwards Village Blvd. (303) 278-8870 496 28 Rd.
(970) 237-0884 (303) 647-5210
Edwards, CO 81632 Grand Junction, CO 81504
Friendly Fire Medimar (970) 245-2680 Lakewood Patient
(970) 926-4408
1802 Laporte Ave. Golden, CO 80401 Resource Center
(303) 903-6983 Nature’s Medicine
ELDORADO SPRINGS Fort Collins, CO 80521 7003 W. Colfax Ave.
1001 Patterson Rd #1
(970) 631-8776 Rocky Mountain Lakewood, CO 80214
Green Belly Co-OP Grand Junction, CO 81506
Organic Medicine (303) 955-5190
3330 El Dorado Springs Dr. (970) 424-5393
Eldorado Springs, CO 80025 420 Corporate Cir.
(720) 381-6187 Golden, CO 80401
(720) 230-9111

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Dispensary Listing
Meadows LITTLETON Nature’s Medicine Green Medical Tea Alchemy
Wellness Center A Cut Above 1260 S. Hover Rd., Ste C Referrals Clinic 98 Hwy 119 South, Ste 2
1701 Kipling St., Ste 104 Longmont, CO 80501 1505 N. Lincoln Ave. (303) 258-3561
2690 W. Main St., Unit C
Lakewood, CO 80215 (303) 772-7188 Loveland, CO 80538
Littleton, CO 80120 NORTHGLENN
(720) 435-3830 New Age Wellness (303) 495-5000
(303) 999-0857
Mr. Nice Guys 625 Main St. Magic’s Emporium Green Medical Referrals
Blue Sky Care
12550 W. Colfax Ave., Unit 119 Longmont, CO 80501 2432 E. 13th St. Clinic -- Northglenn
Connection 10781 Washington St.
Lakewood, CO 80215 (720) 381-2581 Loveland, CO 80537
1449 W. Littleton Blvd., Ste 10
(303) 233-6423 (970) 397-1901 Northglenn, CO 80233
Littleton, CO 80120 Stone Mountain
(970) 667-4325 (303) 495-5000
Natures Herbal Solution (720) 283-6447 Wellness
9699 W. Colfax Ave., Unit A 600 Airport Rd. Marry Janes The Organic Remedy
CannaMart 10866 Melody Dr.
Lakewood, CO 80215 Longmont, CO 80503 4229 W Eisenhower Blvd.,
72 E. Arapahoe Rd.
(303) 232-2209 (303) NUG-WEED or Suite B2 Northglenn, CO 80234
Littleton, CO 80122
(303) 803-3062 Loveland, CO 80537 (303) 450-7462
Pain Wellness Center (303) 771-1600
2509 Sheridan Blvd. The Apothecary MedicalM, LTD NUNN
Colorado Medical
Lakewood, CO 80214 1314 Coffman St. (970) 669-5105
Marijuana LLC Greenfaith Ministry
(720) 404-0174 Longmont, CO 80501
2 W. Dry Creek Cir. Nature’s Herbal P.O. Box 024
(720) 210-3986
Post Modern Health Littleton, CO 80120 Relief Center Nunn, CO 80648
5660 W. Alameda Ave. (303) 625-4012 The Blueberry Twist 528 E. Eisenhower Blvd. (307) 221-2180
Lakewood, CO 80226 725 Main St. Loveland, CO 80537
Footprints Health
(303) 922-9479 Longmont, CO 80501 Phone: 303-219-6834 PAGOSA SPRINGS
8250 W. Coal Mine Ave., Unit 4
(303) 651-7842
Rocky Mountain Littleton, CO 80123 Nature’s Medicine Good Earth Meds
Ways, LLC (720) 981-2818 843 North Cleveland Ave. PO Box 1149
1391 Carr St., Unit 303 The Zen Farmacy Loveland CO, 80537 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Green Mountain Care
Lakewood, CO 80214 323 3rd Ave., Ste 3 970-461-2811 (970) 731-2175
5423 S. Prince St.
(303) 238-1253 Longmont, CO 80501
Littleton, CO 80120 Nature’s Medicine Nature’s
(303) 774-1ZEN (1936)
Rocky Mountain (303) 953-9231 Delivery Service Medicine - Pagosa
Wellness Center TLC of Colorado (970) 672-0454 Delivery service
1630 Carr St., Unit C Southwest P.O. Box 1923
Alternative Care Pagosa Springs, CO 81447
Lakewood, CO 80214 Longmont, CO 80501 LYONS (970) 507-0148
(303) 941-7883 2100 W. Littleton Blvd., Suite 50 (720) 207-1324
Littleton, CO 80120 Headquarters Emporium
The OG Collective Dispensary PALISADE
(720) 237-3079 LOUISVILLE
Medical Marijuana 310 Main St. Colorado Alternative
Dispensary The Hemp Center AlterMeds Lyons, CO 80540 Health Care
82 S. Federal Blvd. 2430 W. Main St. 1156 W. Dillon Rd., #3 125 Peach Ave., Unit B
Littleton, CO 80120 Louisville, CO 80227 MONUMENT
Denver, CO 80219 Palisade, CO 81526
(303) 993-7824
(303) 955-0070 (303) 931-6200 Palmer Divide (970) 424-5844
Therapeutic Herbal LONGMONT Compassionate Pain Green Meds
Comfort Management (303) 912-2818 PARKER
Botanic Labs
12078 W. Jewell Ave. 1110 Boston Ave., Ste 210 1116 W. Dillon Rd., Ste 7 A Kinder Way
Lakewood CO, 80228
Longmont, CO 80501 Louisville, CO 80027 Parker, CO 80134
(720) 298-8909 (303) 260-8203 (303) 665-5596 Grateful Meds (303) 325-5187
110 Snyder Street
LAKEWOOD Colorado Patients First LOVELAND Nederland CO, 80466 PUEBLO
(Smokeshops) 1811 Hover St., Ste H (303) 258-7703
Longmont, CO 80501 Chronic Illness Grassland
Heads of State (303) 449-1170 Alternative Medicine NedMeds Greenhouse LLC
9715 W. Colfax Ave. 129 S. Cleveland Ave. (303) 258-7981 Pueblo, CO 81004
Lakewood, CO 80215 Herbal Medix Loveland, CO 80537 (719) 671 8857
(303) 202-9400 10763 Turner Blvd, No. 3 One Brown Mouse/
(970) 593-1180 Cannabis Healing Arts
Longmont, CO 80504
(303) 718-8543 35 and 95 E. First St.
Nederland, CO 80446
(303) 258-0633

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kush 95
Dispensary Listing
PUEBLO WEST The Healing Center
8020 Federal Blvd.
Marisol Therapeutics
Wellness Center Westminster, CO 80031 List of Advertisers
(303) 412-0200
177 Tiffany Dr.
Pueblo West, CO The Nichol’s Factory 303 Delivery – p 58 – p 64
(719) 547 4000 or (720) 422-5714 420 Wellness – p 44 Herbs 4 You – p 97
(800) 584- MARI (6274) Westminster, CO 985 Denver – p 40 Herbal Connections LLC – p 75
Organic Solutions A Cut Above – p 71 Herbal Remedies (centerfold)
356 S. McCulloch Blvd # 106 A Kinder Way – p 58 Herbal Spa – p 20
Pueblo West, CO 81007 A Kind Place ADG Herbal Medicine – p 4 Herbal Wellness Inc – p 69
719- 547-5179 9195 W. 44th Ave. #E,
Wheat Ridge CO, 80033 Affordable Medicine – p 57 High Grade Alternatives – p 77
SALIDA 720-569-1666 Alternative Medicine Capital Hill – p 45 Karmaceutricals – p 83
Medical 420 Cannabis Altermeds LLC – p 58 Kushism – p 5
7595 West Hwy 50 Kindness Center Altitude Organic Medicine – p 38 Little Green Pharmacy – p 65
(719) 214-9515 4045 Wadsworth Blvd. Unit 306, Ballpark Holistic – p 23 Mile High Green Cross – p 76
Wheat Ridge CO, 80033 BC Inc. – p 29
SILVERTHORN 303-431-4994 Mile High Remedies – p 11
Best Card – p 88 Mile High Wellness – p 88
High Country Healing NatuRx BioCare – p 19 Natural Advantage 420 – p 38
191 Blue River Parkway 10107 W. 37th Pl.,
(970) 468-7858 Blown Glass – p 33
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Natural Remedies MMJ – 81
303-420-9427 Blue Sky Care Connection – p 40
Natures Herbal Solution – p 60
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS Boulder Vital Herbs – p 20
Natures Kiss (Backcover)
Natural Choice WINDSOR Broadway Wellness – p 2
Co-Op, LLC Naturx LLC – p 70
In Harmony Wellness Canna Health – p 3
1169 Hilltop Pky #104C 4630 Royal Vista Cir. Patient’s Choice – p 60
Canna Med – p 98
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Windsor, CO 80528 Pike’s Peak Cannabis Caregivers – p 22
970-846-7785 Cannibis Planet – p 44
(970) 222-5555 Pike’s Peak Compassionate Care – p 61
Care West – p 15
Rocky Mountain Post Modern Health – p 18
Remedies WOODLAND PARK Caregivers for Life – p 56
Pure Balance Massage – p 70
2750 Downhill Plaza #205 Comfort Care Centers Casselmans – p 80
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 Remedy Care Center – p 18
1750 East Highway 24 Chef Herb – p 84
970-871-2768 Woodland Park, CO 80863 Rocky Mountain Medical Marijuana – p 46
Chronic Wellness – p 41
719-687-2221 Rocky Mountain Ways – p 88
VAIL Colorado Alternative Medicine – p 7
Eagle’s Nest Sanctuary Colorado Cannabis Convention – p 74
Southwest Alternative Care – 38
Herbal Elements Woodland Park, CO 80863 Springs Health Alliance – p 38
(970) 331-9047 Colorado Care Inc – 20
(719) 687-2928 Summit Wellness – p 53
Comfort Care Centers – p 83
WESTMINSTER Cronergy – p 47 Sunnyside Alternative – p 52
Colorado Patient Daddy Fat Sacks – p 15 Sweet Leaf – p 70
Coalition DenCo – p 9 Sweet Leaf Compassions – p 56
9460 Federal Blvd. The Green Earth Wellness Center – p 82
Westminster CO, 80260 Denver Kush Club – p 82
Denver Patients Group – p 12 The Healing House – p 26
Doctors Orders – p 83 The Health Center – p 84
Herbal Remedies
3200 W. 72nd Ave. Dr. Green Genes – p 28 The Hemp Center – p 58
Westminster CO, 80030 Earth’s Medicine – p 39 The Kind Room – p 99
303-430-0420 Elevated Medical – p 51 The Releaf Center – p 32
Rocky Mountain Emerald Pathway – p 70 Total Health Concepts – p 21
Healing Center, LLC Farmacy CO (insert) Tree of Wellness – p 87
9035 Wadsworth Pkwy
Ganja Gourmet – p 86 Triple C – p 84
Westminster, CO 80021
(303) 736-9023 Grass Roots Health and Wellness – p 23 Urban Dispensary – p 82
Green Rights Radio – p 68 Zen Farmacy – p 27

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