Gregory Scofield (b.

Gregory Scofield is a participating artist and advisor to the Walking With Our Sisters project. Walking With O r Sisters is an installation art project of 1!"## pairs of $occasin tops or %va$ps& co$$e$orating and representing an esti$ated '() *boriginal +o$en and girls +ho have been $ rdered or gone $issing in ,anada since 1961.

Greg co$$ents- %.hese are the va$ps for the project. / didn0t co$plete the edging on one of the va$ps to sy$boli1e the nfinished lives of o r sisters in spirit. .he red thread is to sy$boli1e hope and change! the t+o things that cannot be taken. 2y prayers go o t to the children! sisters! $others! nieces and nephe+s! fathers and brothers of all o r $issing and stolen sisters. 3lessings to each of yo and $ay yo r fingers stitch bea ty.& .o learn $ore go to http-44+alking+itho rsisters.ca4 1

Greg Scofield! 2etis poet! bead+ork artist! dra$atist and non5fiction +riter is a grad ate of the Gabriel 6 $ont /nstit te 7ative 8 $an 9 stice :rogra$. 8e has had t+o radio dra$as prod ced by the ,3,! %.he Storyteller& and %;ollo+ the 3 ffalo 8o$e.& 8is $aternal ancestry can be traced back to the f r trade and to the 2etis co$$ nity of <inosota! 2anitoba! +hich +as established in 1'(' by the 8 dson0s 3ay ,o$pany. Greg is the (#1= ,arol Shield>s Writer5in5?esidence at the @niversity of Winnipeg. 8e delivered the eighth ann al 6isting ished Aect re! %@pdate Bo r Stat s& at the @niversity of Winnipeg on 2arch "! (#1=. Gregory has received the 6orothy Aivesay :oetry :ri1e! the ,anadian * thors> *ssociation 2ost :ro$ising Bo ng Writer *+ard and the ,onfederation :oets> :ri1e. 8e has p blished five highly praised books. 8is poe$s have also appeared in 6aniel 6. 2oses and .erry Goldie (Cditors)- An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English! (Second Cdition! ODford @niversity :ress! 199'). 8e +as the s bject of a feat re length doc $entary! Singing Home The Bones: A oet Be!omes Himself (.he 2aystreet Gro p! (##") that aired on ,8@2 .E! 3?*EOF! *:.7! and the Saskatche+an .elevision 7et+ork. * for$er o treach +orker dealing +ith street yo th in Eanco ver! Gregory Scofield has ta ght ;irst 7ations and 2Gtis Aiterat re at 3randon @niversity and the C$ily ,arr /nstit te of *rt and 6esign! he has served as Writer5in5?esidence at the @niversity of 2anitoba and 2e$orial @niversity of 7e+fo ndland. /n Scofield>s first book of poetry! The "athering: Stones for the #edi!ine Wheel (Eanco ver- :olestar :ress! 199=)! he traces his biographical jo rney to+ards spirit al rene+al and acceptance. .his book +on the 6orothy Aivesay :oetry :ri1e. /n Native Canadiana: Songs for the $r%an &e' (Eanco ver:olestar 3ook : blishers! 1996)! Scofield +rites of street5life! his fa$ily! 2etis dispossession and the effects of 3ill ,=1 in this collection. 2ichif ,ree +ords are incorporated into his poe$s and he capt res the cadence and rhyth$ of 2ichif speakers in several poe$s. .he book has a glossary of 2ichif ,ree ter$s. .his book +on the ,anadian * thor>s *ssociation 2ost :ro$ising Bo ng Writer *+ard. 8e p blished Love #edi!ine and One Song: S(kihto)in*mashihkiy +k)a ,+yak*nikamo)in. (:olestar)! in 199". /n the book! - .ne) T)o #/tis Women (:olestar 3ook! 1999) Scofield pays trib te to his $other 6orothy Scofield and his %a nt& Georgina 8o le Bo ng. 8e +eaves legendary co ntry and +estern $ sic into the la ghter! pain and strength of his $other and a nt. .all tales! h $o r and love helped the$ deal +ith the vicissit des of life. /t is frankly a tobiographical and a rich! $ lti5voiced trib te to a generation of *boriginal people.


.he book! Thunder Through #y 0eins: #emories of a #/tis Childhood . (8arper ;la$ingo! 1999) is an often5dist rbing a tobiography! +here Scofield relates his jo rney to rediscover his racial identity. ,onstant loss! poverty and violence $arked his childhood. 8e dra+s on the +isdo$ of his relations to find release fro$ the past. 2ichif ,ree speakers +ill appreciate the incl sion of 2ichif ,ree lang age descriptive phrases. .his book sho ld be reH ired reading for all those +ho +ish to do social +ork +ith 7ative children. Scofield contrib ted three poe$s to the recent (#11 anthology #anito)a,o) (9a$es Sinclair and Warren ,arrio (Cds.).1

: blicationsScofield! Gregory. The "athering: Stones from the #edi!ine Wheel. Eictoria- :olestar 3ook : blishers! 199=. IIIIIIIIII Native Canadiana: Songs 1rom the $r%an &e'. Eictoria- :olestar 3ook : blishers! 1996. IIIIIIIIII Love #edi!ine and One Song 2 S(kihto)in*#askihkiy +k)a Nikamo)in. Eictoria- :olestar 3ook : blishers! 199".


Gregory Scofield. %Wo$en Who ;orgot the .aste of Ai$es!& %.he ?epatriation of 2rs. /da 2. Scofield!& and %:rayer Song for the ?et rning of 7a$es and Sons.& /n #anito)a,o)! 9a$es Sinclair and Warren ,arrio (Cds.) Winnipeg- 8igh+ater :ress! (#11- =1=5=(#.


IIIIIIIIII Thunder Through #y 0eins: #emories of a #/tis Childhood. .oronto8arper,ollins! 1999. IIIIIIIIII %:rayers for 7ight$ares (,hasing O t the ,ro+s).& rairie 1ire. Eol. ((! 7o =. ((##1)- 11(511". IIIIIIIIII Singing Home the Bones3 Eictoria- :olestar 3ook : blishers! (##J. IIIIIIIIII - .ne) T)o #/tis Women3 Eictoria- :olestar 3ook : blishers! 1999 IIIIIIIIII .i,o!ihk(n: oems Ne) and Sele!ted3 "ibsons! 3.,.- 7ight+ood Cditions! (##9. IIIIIIIIII /ntrod ction by Warren ,ario . Love #edi!ine and One Song 2 S(kihto)in* #askihkiy +k)a +yak*Nikamo)in. ,ape ,roker ;.7.- <egedonce :ress! (##9. .ap+ayF Scofield %brings s horses! +ind r nners! +ith bello+ing nostrils and braided tails.& IIIIIIIIII - .ne) T)o #etis Women: The Lives of 4orothy S!ofield and "eorgina 5oung Houle. Saskatoon- Gabriel 6 $ont /nstit te! (##9 .his book is acco$panied by one ,6 containing poetry readings and one ,6 containing co ntry $ sic perfor$ed by 2etis $ sicians. IIIIIIIIII Ao is- .he 8eretic :oe$s. Gibsons! 3.,.- 7ight+ood Cditions! (#11. Scofield! Gregory and *$y 3riley. With historical overvie+ by Sherry ;arrell ?acette. W(,ik)aniy: A Beginner6s "uide to #etis 1loral Bead)ork. Saskatoon- Gabriel 6 $ont /nstit te! (#11.

.his book disc sses s pplies (beads! $aterial! te$plates) choosing bead colo rs! fabric backing! beading flo+ers! petals! leaves! ste$s and gives tips and tricks. .he book is acco$panied by a 6E6 video.


Scofield! Gregory. Louis: The Hereti! oems. 3.,.- 7ight+ood Cditions! (#1(. When / read this $ost re!ent 7tour de for!e8 %y S!ofield - am reminded of the Au%eron Waugh a,horism: are co ntless horrible things happening all over the co ntry! and horrible people prospering! b t +e $ st never allo+ the$ to dist rb o r eH ani$ity or deflect s fro$ o r sacred d ty to sabotage and annoy the$ +henever possible.& /t has al+ays been a $ystery ho+ venal $en +itho t appreciation for the rights of others can te$porarily prevail. .o these $en Scofield gives a hearty %va chierF&

Scofield! Gregory and *$y 3riley. )ith an historic overvie+ of $occasins by Sherry ;arrell ?acette maskisina: A "uide to Northern*Style #/tis #o!!asins3 Saskatoon- Gabriel 6 $ont /nstit te! (#11. maskisina: A "uide to Northern*Style #/tis #o!!asins is a follo+5 p to the highly s ccessf l )a,ik)aniy: A Beginner6s "uide to #etis 1loral Bead)ork. 2 ch like)a,ik)aniy! maskisina g ides readers! step5by5step! on ho+ to create their very o+n J

$occasins. /t contains detailed photographs along +ith each step and also incl des a 6E6 t torial. /t also incl des a historic overvie+ of $occasins by Sherry ;arrell ?acette. :atterns for c tting the correct si1es for the soles and va$ps are incl ded in the book.

,o$piled by Aa+rence 3ark+ell ,oordinator of 2etis 8eritage K 8istory ?esearch Ao is ?iel /nstit te