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Date of Election : 6 May 2010
1. The following persons have been nominated
Names of Names of Names of
Name of Candidate Home Address Description Proposers(*), Proposers(*), Proposers(*),
Seconders(**) and Seconders(**) and Seconders(**) and
Assentors Assentors Assentors
COLLINS 35 Home Mead Drive UK Ben White(*)
Brislington Independence L.E. White(**)
Philip John Bristol Party (Uk I P) J. Adlam
BS4 5AP Lucy Adlam
G. Badman
M. Collins
S.J. Baker
J.A. Fry
S. Christian
M.E. Thewarapperuma
JENKINS 46 Bath Road British J.W. Hooper(*)
Keynsham National R C George(**)
Brian Trevor Bristol Party M. Howes
BS31 1SP R.E. King
C.A. King
M.J. Bailey
A. Bennett
S. Madecki
M. Fothergill
C. Pegler
LYNCH Address in Trade C. Farrell(*)
Bristol Unionist And R. Lynch(**)
Rae East Socialist A.R. Marshfield
Coalition S.M. Luff
M.I. Baker
M. Lynch
B. Lyons
Stuart Mallett
E. Coombes
W. Coombes
McCARTHY 21 Buchanans Wharf The Labour A.B. Langley(*)
North Party A.M. Godfrey(**)
Kerry Ferry Street Candidate M. Langley
Bristol A.W. Foord
BS1 6HN Fabian Breckels
J.B. Ariffin
Peter G. Brimble
P. Smith
R.E. Stone
D.J. Langham
POPHAM 26 Dragons Well Road Liberal R. Johnston(*)
Bristol Democrats J.E. Norman(**)
Mike BS10 7BU M.A. Goulden
Roger Norman
P. Main
Kevin Jordan
C. Jordan
Roger Bingham
P.A. Bingham
Jan Grant
SHAFI Address in The G.V. Anglin(*) D.R. Webb(*) Alexander W. Pearce(*)
Bristol North Conservative B. McGarry(**) D.V. Ollis(**) P. Andow(**)
Adeela West Party F.G. Lane J. Ollis P.A. Melhuish
Candidate A.R. Hill S.I. Malik C.R. Bretherton
A.L. Culver Daniel S. Kingdon R.C. Andow
J. Parsons Amy Wilson K.E. Swann
William Murdoch J. Dews Tajinder Baryah
Ann E. Sheppard C. Cadman Gurmail Baryah
D. Kirley M.R. Cadman P. Nelmes
T Peacock B.C. Melhuish D.G. Nelmes
VOWLES 85 Somerset Road Green Party A. Vadgama(*)
Knowle M.L. New(**)
Glenn Royston Bristol Mr Royston Vowles
BS4 2HX Mrs Gloria Jean Vowles
Sandy Kolla
Kirstie Wright
Grahame J. Skeates
Shirley M. Skeates
Heather Ellis
K.S. Joubert
WRIGHT Address in English A.E. Tranter(*)
Bristol Democrats - R. Staynings(**)
Stephen Michael South "Putting V. Mahony
England First" S.E. Wood
J. Wood
S. Smith
A.F. Price
Paul R. Merchant
Anne Eddy
Gemma Pickering
The persons above stand validly nominated
2. A poll will be taken on 6 May 2010 between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm
Dated : 20 April 2010
Electoral Services STEPHEN MCNAMARA
The Exchange Acting Returning Officer
Corn Street
Printed and Published by the Acting Returning Officer