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BRISTOL SOUTH CONSTITUENCY __________________________________________ STATEMENT AS TO PERSONS NOMINATED AND NOTICE OF POLL __________________________________________
Date of Election : 6 May 2010
1. The following persons have been nominated

Name of Candidate

Home Address


Names of Proposers(*), Seconders(**) and Assentors
F. Langeland(*) Robin Clapp(**) S. Wootton S.S. Faville R.A. Nash Matthew Carey Sheila Caffrey D. Hill C. Connor S.M. Vezey Glenn Vowles(*) Jane Stevenson(**) S. Petter T.M. Green R.C. Gallop B. Lewis H.E. Leeson G.H. Davey O. White Nigel Cooksley S A Shenton(*) K. Shenton(**) B.W. Avery G.J. Lucas T.R. Lane A. Lane S. Lydiard J. Lydiard S.M. Box S.L. Box R.C. Carr(*) S.M. Wright(**) B.A. Wright G.M. Rex G. Rex M. Carr S. Carr M. Carr K.L. Willis P. Willis N.L. Crandon(*) J. Stevenson(**) K.A. Taylor E.R. Taylor J.M. Rickard R. Stratford Kirsten Ward P. Selway L.F. Selway D. Howe R. Damsell(*) J. Damsell(**) A. Morris L. Newman Rae P. Collins Linda Quick A.E. Beake L. Beake S.I. Young Roy Collins

Names of Proposers(*), Seconders(**) and Assentors

Names of Proposers(*), Seconders(**) and Assentors


Address in Bristol South

Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition

Charles Nicholas

20 Beauley Road Southville Bristol BS3 1PY

The Green Party

Colin Richard

20 Belmont Road St Andrews Bristol BS6 5AS

British National Party

Craig Stuart

Address in Bristol North West

English Democrats "Putting England First"

Mark Thomas

25 Barnes End New Malden KT3 6PB

The Conservative Party Candidate

D. Newton(*) Felicity Lindsay(**) A.F. Gibson W. A. Turnbull S. Perryman C. Nombela Colin Hill D. Taylor J. P. Purnell S. Purnell

John Pearce(*) Sarah Pearce(**) D. Wilkie C. Taylor M. Gracie Wang Yeung Chris Hutchins K. Molloy Anthony Trenchard B. Jempson


4 Neville Park Baltonsborough Glastonbury Somerset BA6 8PY

UK Independence Party (Uk I P)


Address in Bristol South

The Labour Party Candidate

M. Crack(*) Claire Radford(**) Jean Uren E. Payne S.E. Daniel Kevin Jones John C. Clapp B.W. Chalmers Helen Holland Julie Watts A. Havvock(*) I. Cooper(**) T. Kent J. Sudworth R. Drake Mary Sykes G. Hopkins M. Bailey S. Bailey N.A.Jester


Flat 4 53 Hampton Road Bristol BS6 6HZ

Liberal Democrat

The persons above stand validly nominated 2. A poll will be taken on 6 May 2010 between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm Dated : 20 April 2010 Electoral Services The Exchange Corn Street Bristol BS1 5TR

Acting Returning Officer

Printed and Published by the Acting Returning Officer