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The day dawns cloudy and overcast -- but not my day, for it is lit by the inner Light shining brightly. Already this morning, before even rising from the pillow, I’ve been bathing in tears of love and devotion. How so? I’m continuing to read the Anastasia series of books, the Ringing Cedars. When you do this, you’re changed. Well, that’s the great potential, anyway. I’m sure there’s free will. Nothing compels. But, at any rate, one gets to know both Anastasia and Vladimir (the author), of course, but also her two grandfathers, or rather, grandfather, and great (grandfather). These people are magnificent, untouched by society’s garbage and nonsense. They’ve not been held back; and they illustrate what mankind CAN be. It is amazing. Well, beyond amazing, actually; it goes off into some other dimensions. So much so, that many people consider them to be fictional; they’re that great, that far, in their abilities, beyond what current man can envision. We’ve had our vision terribly stripped and then messed with. Our minds have been the toy and the plaything of those with evil intentions. That’s just the way it is. I know it sounds harsh. Be in heart, then, to listen. All’s beautiful, always, in heart. There’s no fear, there; no anger, no hatred. So, anyway, last night I read of great-grandfather’s demise. Like the old ones of yore, he went off into the woods, knowing he was going to die; well, that the body would die. We never do. That’s just myth...that we die; purest nonsense. So then this morning, as eyes opened, I’d great-grandfather in heart Wishing him gladness...and great joy, then

Sharing with him all the Love that’s within In this heart, this Magical Kingdom Where I can go, do, and be with the rest Of the Cosmos, and then Do my dance in glorious freedom Share pow’r and strength of this Love With no fear and no shadow of doubt Mankind’s caged, then He can’t take it I must tenderly share (with him) Keeping in mind he can make it For man has been striped of this Stripped of this knowing That he’s royalty, crown, scepter And authority glowing Right within his dear chest Waits his kingdom, his domain It’s ever been there Just awaiting his pleasure Awaiting his awakening To new day, to new kingdom New world o’er to reign, then Whenever he will Whenever untangles both will and intent And seizes his power o’er them O’er his entire life And chooses to reign ‘gain Take up HIS new life

It’s waiting there for him Complete as can be No going without will Content him, but wait and let’s see How long it will take him To ascend, take up the throne Leave the mind ‘hind, get over Fascination with mind melodrone For it has nothing o’er him Nor is it ladder to take His bright spirit to heights Soaring wide, soaring far in that journey He makes with heart-centered vision Sitting there on his throne With scepter in hand where He’s never alone No, always well guarded In a fortress of Light Once he weaves it And takes up his might His mighty power o’er Life O’er every and all that exists He’s the king, then, can reign ‘gain Whenever he lists But that’s been the question For this mighty man How long will he hang, there

Plaything in some other hand A tool in the dark hand To be played with at will? For long as man dawdles He dangles, they do as they will For man’s been their plaything For ages until he n’er knows his power Hid in (hidden) will and intent He has great power o’er them Potent-i-a-ly ... yet he must ascend then His throne and take back sovereignty A necessary action, so take it he must Else “bad guys” will win, and man’s hopes bite the dust .. the dust of duality Enshrouded by nets ... that’s the way ‘Bad guys’ like it, The way they hold sway But mankind can o’erwhelm them, Can cut away nets, and all of the rest That’s been used, cal-cu-late-ed-ly, yes For their darkness is mental, That’s where they hold sway The mind is their playground And they’re better at it, so “do and obey!”

That’s what they command, then In hidden-whisper control For they’ve programmed us all And enthrall each one willing not to see Not to see what’s been (being) done Each one willing to get lost In technology’s thrall For that’s how they dow (‘typo’ for do - The Dows are the Grays, the Zeta Reticulans, btw) it Their strength to hold sway’s Hidden in messages our minds must obey That’s if we give o’er, then Our power to say, to sway our own life, then We but mumble, give in to their play They’ve made cattle and sheeple of us; That’s all we’re good for In the dark one’s dark eyes, we’ve no future By far ... just to serve their dark purposes To feed them until They gain ‘scendancy o’er us so firmly They will .. for that’s their will and intent To reign over Earth, all her creatures We’re just playthings, deliver their din (also dinner) For they’re vampires, you see Energy vampires; for they’ve no true Connection to Light that we are They lost light and heart long ago

So they wander in pain Darkness being their place Their domain But we needn’t toil for them We needn’t obey ... but We must ‘waken From sleep, o’er throw their heyday Take our power back, rule And then cease to obey The dark overlords’ wishes We leave them in dust For they cannot see Light, They’re blinded by their Own evil, dark Enough then. It’s enough. This will ring true with people who’re centered in heart. They’ll know what I’m saying, how true that it is They’ll resonate with this, will know our time’s coming, And here it now is Out time to shine has arisen We’re clothed in the Light All we need do is wish it, Center down, and just reign! Kings and queens we’ll arise, then Take back o’er this place Restore our Earth’s full glory

Reign o’er it, as we’re meant to be For doing is over, then, Had its heydey until About ‘stroyed Earth, our lesson’s fulfilled. Let us no more await, then Some savior t’arise To come here and save us Prevent awful demise Come out of your prison My dear sister souls Awaken to glory, It’s yours for the taking So grab and take hold! Go strengthen your spirit In heart you must be The start and the end’s to be found there. So don’t follow me No, you’ve got your own throne To ascend ... take ‘minion Your very own kingdom to tend ~~~~~~~~~~ 2:06 pm, 4/7 2nd 8:30 pm, 4/7 3rd -


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