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Robert Lee (musician)

Ballad of Bruce Lee Sunrise LP-R905 1974


This is a Chinese name; the family name is Lee.

Robert Lee (Chinese: ; Jyutping: Lei5 Zan3

Fai1; born 16 December 1948) is a Hong Kong musician Compilation
and younger brother of martial artist Bruce Lee.

Various Artists: Uncle Ray's Choice Baby Baby

Irene Ryder & Robert Lee (1968)- EMI 2003


Lee's father, Lee Hoi-chuen ( ), a leading

Cantonese opera and lm actor of the 1940s was all
Chinese, and his mother, Grace Ho () was half
Chinese and half Caucasian. Specically, Grace Ho was
purportedly a half-German Catholic.* [1] He is also the
father of Clarence Lee ().* [2]* [3]* [4]* [5]* [6]* [7]

3 References
[1] Description of the parent's racial makeup as described by
Robert Lee at minute mark 3:35 in the cable television
documentary, First Families: Bruce Lee, which premiered
on Fox Family on 26 October 1999.

Lee is the founder of a popular Hong Kong beat band

called The Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds were a
beat group similar to and on the same Hong Kong/Macau
musical scene as Danny Diaz & The Checkmates, Zoundcrakers, Anders Nelson & The Inspiration, D'Topnotes
and Teddy Robin & The Playboys* [8] He founded the
group in 1966 and quickly became famous in Hong
Kong.* [9]* [10]* [11] A few singles mostly or all were
sung in English. Also released was Lee singing a duet
with Irene Ryder.* [12]

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He later moved to Los Angeles in the United States and

stayed with his older brother Bruce. After Bruce Lee's
death he released an album dedicated to him called The
Ballad of Bruce Lee. A single of the same title was also
released.* [13]

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Ballad of Bruce Lee Sunrise 906 1974 (USA)

Irene Ryder & Robert Lee Baby baby / You put
me down HK Columbia CHK-1028 196?

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Rare Raritten


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