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1 Deprisa (Henry Vincent)

2 Noviembre (Henry Vincent)
3 Colores Del Mediterrneo (Henry Vincent)
4 Suave (Mario Gutirrez)
5 Loro (Egberto Gismonti)
6 La Luz De Tu Vela Mario Gutirrez)
7 Rumba Del Tio Felix (Felix Santos)
8 Atardecer (Henry Vincent)
9 Brise De Coeur (John Mc Laughlin/Katia Labeque)
10 Agua Fresca (Henry Vincent)

De Prisa
This composicion is from the late 80 s, and only recently did I find the apropiate
arrangement which would convince me to get it out and publizice it (may be
also because of its tecnical challenge). Marios ability to get into the feeling of
this song gave it a totally new sense and not only did it become one of our
center-pieces of our accustic live shows, it also became part in its electric
version, with a disco-like groove, of my new release double rainbow
As the title might suggest, its a piece for autumn, a song of inflection(?) ,
focusing again more onto the inner spaces and leaving behind the excesses of
summer. But november does not need to be sad, its harmonies are promising
and the light of november is full of contrasts and surprises. It actually is quite a
positive song, allmost romantic.
Colores del Mediterraneo
This is a buleria and it was the title-song of my recent CD, a fusion of Flamenco
and Jazz within the context of a bigger band. This duo-version keeps the
essence of this experience, but since being a more compact version it gains in
density and maybe also intensity. This also shows to me, that even after
discovering the vastness of the atlantic ocean and its tropical coasts, the
mediterranean continues to fascinate me with its colors and tasts. Besides, after
living for 30 years in Andalucia, it became allmost a compelling thing to play
something in buleria rythm.

This is a song which I composed for my first instrumental CD Climbo and it
was one of those gratifying moments, when the melody came out totally
spontaneous. Finding the title was easy, because I had not composed many
balads at that time. To play this song with Henry makes it a lot more interesting,
since you never know exacty what is going to happen in the improvisations, and
in many ocasions it is not that suave (softly) anymore. Thats where those
magic moments take place, every musician is looking for. To play it with a
pianist like him makes it a little bit easier.

Egberto Gismonti, one of the great geniuses of brasilian music is the composer
of this song. Quite some time, before I visited Brasil and discovered its rich
culture, I admired his music and his discs, edited by the company ECM.
This rythm is a Xaxado, a popular dance from the Pernambuco region, and its
repetitive melodic insistence, like that of a parrot is well based on a more jazzy
harmonic sequence. With an astounding creativity and sensibility, Gismonti,
whose compositions are well considered outside and inside his country,
combines in a rarely seen way Jazz with the rich musical tradition of Brasil. Its
an honour to include this songs into our repertoire (and its not the only one in
our live shows)

La Luz de tu Vela
This is melancolic song, which was born under the romantic light of a candle,
which surely got consumed , before the song was finished, but helped a lot in
inspiring me. What you can hear is our first take, something which to me
personally never happened before. Henry listened and improvised to the
arpeggios, I was playing, and this is the final result. It seems like a sad song, but
thats not really true, its just emotion....

Tio Felix
This rumba was written by the great composer and guitarist Felix Santos from
Madrid, and for some time it became a standard for the andalusian musicians,
including Tito Alcedo and Chano Dominguez.
Truely, its a magnificent song with a latin feeling and can well be played by a
bigger combo or in duo like here. Melody and harmonic sequence are well
balanced and can be reinvented on each round of improvisacion. On many
occasions, when we interpreted it with the musician friends in Brasil it became a
Samba del tio Felix

This song is a balad, just recently incorporated into our repertoire. Sometimes,
when you play in duo, there is a tendency to choose songs that allow to
demonstrate virtuosity, especially on the live shows, so this composition gives a
very pleasant relieve from overcharge. It has elegant harmonies with a certain
touch of bossa nova.

Brise De Coer
This is a composition of Katia Labeque and John Mc Laughlin. Their duointerpretations took this allways challenging encounter of piano and guitar onto
unbeatable heights. Only real dedication to beauty and harmony can give these
two instruments a feeling of unity and not of oposing protagonists. The simple
and elegant melodies and harmonies of this song keep fascinating me, even
after having played it for more than 20 years. It not only keeps its original
impact, it gained new sense in this interpretation with Mario, The soft wind of the
heart continues blowing..

Agua Fresca
To be able to enjoy a fresh water fountain, pure and pristine, and drink and feel
this life-elexir, or sit next to a mountain creek and listen to its eternaly variing
music became allmost a luxury in our modern world, when really everybody
should have access to it and respect it. This piece, played in an andalusian
tanguillo rythm is a dedication to this marvellous element. We should not
forget, that we are 80 % water and the powers of this element are just about to
be discovered.

The Supernova Duo came into existance in a very sponaneous way, in one of
those magic nights in the music club el Secadero, close to Granada, which we
remember like so many other musicians in the most cordial way. Jaime, a
common friend, presented us one night, surely with the intuition, that this
encounter of two musicians of a very different musical background could be
very promising; and the next night we had our first show, practically without any
rehearsing. But the chemistry between us was excellent, and thats what counts,
the details develop later.
The duos of guitar and piano are not that frequent, because we have to deal
with two instruments of tremendous pressure and normally quite a protagonism,
and the arrange-ments have to be polished very carefully to lead to a coherent
final product.
When the recordings of Michel Camilo and Tomatito came out (they received
even one grammy), they logically became a point of reference (we do have a
few of their songs in our repertoire), but other duos like for instance John Mc
Laughlin with Katia Labeque, or the brasilian Cesar Camargo Mariano with
Romero Lubamba, to name just two also show us the evidence of the exciting
posibilities of interaction and compenetration of these two instruments.
This CD is our first published recording as a duo and gives us the certainty that
there is still a long way which can be walked, as a accoustic duo, as well as a
future project of Electric Supernova ( surely, there is no lack of still unedited
We would like to show our gratitude to all the persons who had made this
project possible, especially to Jaime, who presented us, to Jose Luis from the
Secadero who dedicated so much to the local music-scene, organized more
than 1500 concerts and suffers now of an unjust juridical system for promoting
those cultural values, to Fernando Romero who showed great pacience and a
refined ear on recording us, and to Manolo and his crew for making the design,
the web and the videoclip and all the great interest shown in this project,
Thousand thanks!!
(Text by Henry Vincent, Suave and La luz de tu vela by Mario Gutierrez.)