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A Message to all Jews: The Freemason-Zionists betrayed us

in WW2
Its not very surprising if you connect the 9 dots
Youtube Video: The GOOD NEWS is THEYVE LOST Published on
3 Mar 2016
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1. Freemason: Henry Ford

2. Henry Ford collaborated with the Nazis

3. Ford. Financed the printing of 500,000 copies of the

anti-sematic book. The Elders of Zion. Throughout the
US in the 1920s. It was studied, as if factual, in German
classrooms after the Nazis came to power in 1933.
*Take note of the Baphomet on the front cover*

4. Having collaborated with the Nazis he was awarded

the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials
in 1938.

5. Two years later he was honored the 33rd Degree in

Freemasonry in 1940.

As you can see the Freemasons are happy with Ford.

6. Israel was acquired by the Rothschild Family as per the
1917 Balfour Declaration.

7. Rothschild also financed The Israel Supreme Court.

Essentially they own Israel.

The Rothschilds were to choose the plot of land, they would

use their own architect and no one would ever know the price
of its construction.
8. Post-development it is obvious. The Freemasons had
major input re the architecture of the Israel

Supreme Court and Israel. It includes the Freemason

Great Seal. Which is also featured on the USA onedollar bill.

9. The Rothschilds make themselves out to be Jewish.

To hide their connection with the Freemason Occult.
They are Jews by definition. However in actuality
they are Freemason / Illuminati Satanists.

Here we see Baroness Philippine de Rothschild wearing The

Satanic Baphomet.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild was initiated in Emulation Lodge, No. 12,

October 24, 1802

Ferdinand de Rothschild Lodge (2420) was created in 1892.

The Hard Truth

The Rothschilds are not REALLY Jewish. They are in actual fact
Nathan Mayer Rothschild was initiated in Emulation Lodge, No. 12,
October 24, 1802

This is why they let Henry Ford: A Freemason

- Just like them. Collaborate with the Nazis
and finance the printing of 500,000 copies of
the anti-Semitic propaganda Elders of Zion.
They do not care about The Jews. They only care about their
Zionist/Freemason movement and Rothschild owned state: Israel.

They use anti-Semitism as a ploy to play the racist card and use The
Jews as scapegoats for their evil deeds!

Being perfectly honest. The Freemasons are the main cause of antiSemitism. They promote it by pushing their *Satanic-Zionist agenda.
(But Im Jewish?)

Satanic-Rothschild-Zionist Cronies

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. Confucius

Prescott Bush Was a Skull and Bones member who financed the

Jacob Rothschild (Illuminati) and Henry Kissinger (Satanist/Fake Jew)

are friends.

Here we see Henry Kissinger hanging out with George Bush (Skull
and Bones). Whos Grandfather Prescott Bush financed the Nazis.

There he is again! This time hanging out with George Bush Sr (Skull
and Bones). Whose father Prescott Bush financed the Nazis.

Id like to introduce you to a friend of Henrys

Paul Wolfowitz (Fake Jew) a Quill and Dagger secret society

Thinks the 9/11 Commission Report is funny ?

There he is! Handing out with Henry. Theyre having a right old

Paul is also a friend of George Bush (Grandfather financed Nazis).

Funny hey.

Welcome to the BIG club.

The BIG club is a BIG club exclusive to satanic worshippers only!
These consist of satanic nutters. Members consist of the
Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Quill and Dagger, Illuminati and The
Knights Templar PLUS MORE

I love this club Bill

Yeah me too!

Hillary When will they learn?

so obvious

I know!!! Its

We LOVE the BIG club!!

BIG club members having a jolly good time.

Hillary Clinton
Evelyn de Rothschild
Forester de Rothschild

Bill Clinton


Lynn Rothschild, Princes Charles and Christine Lagarde

Meanwhile in Africa!!!

Christine, Youre supposed to be the CEO of the International

Monetary Fund
Please Leave your Baphomet at home next time! Or save it for
the BIG club!

Oh look Its Baroness Philippine `de Rothschild wearing The

Satanic Baphomet.

The Satanic Baphomet It turns out The Kabbalah are also part
of the BIG club

Here we see Madonna doing the pose of the Baphomet

Madonna promoting the Kabbalah

Nice Jacket Madonna! The Freemason Great Seal As found within

the Israeli Supreme Court. Which is also featured on the USA onedollar bill.
Nice to know the Freemasons and Kabbalah are in bed


I love Lucifer!!!

So does my wife Beyonce.

Beyonce loves the Baphomet!

Didnt you know? Im also a Freemason What a surprise right?!

The True Torah Jews vs. The BIG Club

Believe it or not: True Torah Jews are actually against The BIG Club

This sign actually reads JEWS against *SATANISM Sorry, I mean

*The BIG club.

This is what happens when The BIG club abuses a True Torah Jew


Again, Zionists Set Up Jews for Holocaust
May 31, 2010
by Henry Makow, Ph.D.
Israel is the primary source of anti-Semitism in the world today,
and jeopardizes the security of all Jews. Proclaiming itself the
"Jewish State" but acting as a rogue state, Israel exposes all Jews to
revulsion and retribution.
The murder of Gaza peace activists provides more evidence that the
actual goal of Zionism is not to protect Jews from anti-Semitism but
in fact, is to create anti-Semitism.
The purpose is to make Jews a pariah unto the nations with
no choice but to follow Zionist dictates.
Eventually, they will be sacrificed for Zionist goals, as they were in
the holocaust. This is because Zionism is a Masonic (Illuminati,
cabalist, satanic) secret society intent on building a totalitarian New
World Order. The majority of Jews have no part in this, except to be
sacrificed again for a cause of which they have no inkling.
Zionists are stripping Israelis and Jews of moral legitimacy so they
can be liquidated again without any compunction. And most Israelis
and Jews cooperate by supporting Israeli outrages with feeble
excuses, blithely indifferent to the possible consequences.
Do the moral arithmetic: In 2006, Israel kills 1400 Lebanese and
inflicts $10 billion in damage because 2 soldiers are captured. In
2009-10, Israel kills 1300 Gaza civilians and levels countless
buildings because of a few popgun rockets. Now this- killing
unarmed international peace activists bringing aid to the
beleaguered Gazans.
Israel jeopardizes the security of Jews everywhere by its actions.
Similarly, in 1933, Samuel Untermeyer, representing organized
Jewry, "declared war" on Nazi Germany. This while a half a million
Jews still lived in Germany and were subject to Nazi reprisal and
persecution! Jews today are hostages to Israel's shameless
Israel would never have been created if it were only "a Jewish
Homeland." Israel is intended to be the capital of the Rothschild
Cabalist World Empire. Ordinary Jews have no role in this except as

cannon fodder.
My grandparents died in the holocaust. I blame the Illuminati
bankers who brought the Nazis to power. I blame the Zionists for
collaborating with the Nazis. I blame the Zionists for preventing
European Jews from being rescued. I blame Zionists for stopping aid
from reaching ghettos. I blame Zionists for rounding up Jews and
sending them to concentration camps. I blame Zionists for
sabotaging Jewish resistance.
Israel was not created as result of the holocaust. It was the other
way round. The Nazis were brought to power partly to force Jews to
set up Israel for the Rothschilds and the Illuminati.
History is full of ironies! The "freedom flotilla" reminds me of the
ragtag Haganah ships who ran the British blockade to bring Jewish
refugees to Palestine. Now it is deluded young Israelis playing the
role of the British.
Before it was Jews who were starving in a ghetto surrounded by
Nazis. Now it is Palestinians in a Gaza ghetto surrounded by Jews!
As usual, the Israelis are trying to portray the murder of 20 unarmed
peace activists as an act of self defense. Machine gun toting
commandos were attacked with sticks!!! One commando got skim
milk powder thrown on his clean, freshly pressed uniform!
This is the classic Zionist tactic: despoil and kill and take everything.
Then blame the victim for raising a hand in protest. Anti-Semites!!
Of course, the pathetic Zionist-controlled western media takes the
Zionist line.
Most Jews are decent, good people. They believe in the Moral Order
not the new world order.

Zionists aren't
Jews. It's

about time
more Jews
realized it.

More on the subject

Youtube Films:

THE LIGHTBRINGERS The Emissaries of Jahbulon

History of Freemasonry.
- An Excellent expos of Freemasonry.

Judea Declares War on Germany - Dr Fredrick Toben

- Factual proof the Zionists Collaborated with the Nazis

Youtube Clips:


Rothschild Zionism!


Orthodox Jews protest against Zionism

A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman

Speaks on Zionism

Illuminati and Zionism busted

How Israel Treats Anti-Zionist Jews

Jewish Professor Dommergue says holocaust complete


What is Israel? If it belongs to The BIG Club?

Madonna: I'm not Jewish, I'm an Israelite

So youre basically a fake-Jew-Kabbalist?
With the Prime Minister of Israel, The Jewish Homeland
Supporting a satanic-baphomet-worshipping-Kabbalistwhore
However if a *Real-Jew speaks up they get beaten?
(But Im Jewish?)
The BIG Club owns Israel The Satanic Rothschild family financed it.
Answer: So the Freemasons could re-build their satanic and pagan
temple of Solomon.

THE SAD TRUTH: The truth behind The Holocaust & World War 1
and 2
The Rothschild-Freemason-Zionist-Satanists manipulated us in WW1
and WW2.
They betrayed non-Zionist Jews Making out non-Zionist-Jews were
also involved with the following disgusting acts:

In WW1 Rothschild-Zionist-Freemasons NOT THE JEWS.

Sold out Germany. In exchange of the 1917 Balfour
Declaration. This was to bring USA into the war to defeat the
Germans against the British. Circa 1917

In WW2 Freemason Henry Ford. Sold out the non-Zionist Jews

by inventing a Jewish Conspiracy having published The
International Jew and financing The Elders of Zion. All Ford did
was enable the Zionists to play the anti-Semetic card! He
should have invented a Satanic-Zionist Conspiracy! Circa

Inevitably Germany caught wind of the betrayal of the Zionists

in WW1. Of course due to the anti-Semetic propaganda Ford
was behind. The Jews became unpopular in Germany.
Including those who knew nothing about Zionism!

What the Zionists did next is disgusting Please review the

Zionists Betrayed Non-Z Jews to Holocaust Rabbi Shonfeld
calls the Zionists "war criminals" that usurped the leadership
of the Jewish people, betrayed their trust, and after their
annihilation, reaped the moral capital.
As mentioned earlier:
Judea Declares War on Germany - Dr Fredrick Toben
- Factual proof the Zionists Collaborated with the Nazis
A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks
on Zionism

Zionists aren't
Jews. It's about
time more Jews
realized it.
True Torah Jew

BIG Club Member


How to avoid The BIG Club?
The truth is. The BIG Club They have a secret
The International Standard Pitch is 440 Hz
AUTOTUNE = 440 Hz All of their disgusting and money-driven
music is recorded in 440 Hz This is the same wavelength Joseph
Goebbles (Nazi Propaganda Minister used in WW2) It all revolves
around Mass Mind Control

Operation Paperclip = MK-ULTRA = 440 Hz

Project MKUltra
They rely on 440 Hz for it to work!
Video: Mass Mind Control

The Golden Spiral

440Hz is TOTALLY FLAT. It has no cosmic movement.
This makes you a prisoner of a certain consciousness.
432Hz has cosmic movement.
According to Ananda Bosman, international researcher and
musician, archaic Egyptian instruments that have recently been
unearthed are largely tuned to A=432 Hz. Ancient Greeks tuned
their instruments predominantly to 432 Hz. Within the archaic Greek
Eleusenian Mysteries Orpheus was the god of music, death &
rebirth he was also the keeper of the Ambrosia and the music of

transformation. His instruments were reputed to also be tuned to

A=432 Hz.
Healing Benefits of 432 Hz
Music based on the natural fundamental tone of A=432 Hz is held to
be more transparent more marked giving an obvious musical
picture where the overtones & undertones move about more freely.
According to Richard Huisken, music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and
brighter, giving greater clarity and is said to be discernibly easier on
the ears. Many people experience a more meditative & relaxed state
of mind & body when listening to such music. The more naturally
derived musical pitch of this universal tone center gives a more
overall harmonic and pleasant sound than 440 Hz.

432 Hz seems to work at the Heart Chakra (Anahata) vibratory

frequency the feeling tone and therefore is believed to have a
positive metaphysical influence on the development of the listener.
Some people who are not able to distinguish the 8 Hz difference
claim they can feel the music as a bit warmer due to the slightly
longer wavelengths.
Based upon the belief that 432 Hz gives greater clarity than 440 Hz
theres a distinct need for less amplitude to obtain similar sonic
penetration, as there is less noise pressure than with 440 Hz.
Researchers and musicians such as Coreen Morsink (pianist &
music teacher) report that they feel calmer, happier and more
relaxed when playing music in 432 Hz.
YouTube Videos

Sonic Geometry : The Language of Frequency and Form

Outstanding Short film. Discussing 432 Hz
Earth Song (Michael Jackson) 432 Hz Please use good speakers or
What Michael Jackson wanted? However it was taken from him via
440 Hz
Auto-Tune 440Hz Artists (sell-outs)

Auto-tune puppets

Illuminati puppets holding Illuminati Monopoly Money

(Federal Reserve)

Youtube Video: When Britney Spears MK-ULTRA

programming kicked out
Youtube Video: Disgusting REAL voice without 440Hz
Youtube Video: Britney Spears Illuminati MK-Ultra Mind
Control Victim
Illuminati BIG Club puppets Artwork: The Art of David Dees

Fake-Jew-Satanic-Zionists At the Illuminati-ran Oscars festival

Rabbi Shonfeld calls the Zionists "war criminals" that usurped

the leadership of the Jewish people, betrayed their trust, and
after their annihilation, reaped the moral capital.
AVOID THE FOLLOWING: Zionists want to destroy your
pineal gland

YouTube Videos


Have Won !!!
Published on 3 Mar 2016
By The Vigilant Christian
Video: TV = Mind Control
Published on 9 Nov 2008
By Wake Up People
Video: The TV Mind Control Movie | 2015
Published on 9 Apr 2015

Print and wear them for example or put them in your wallet
or pocket.

The Truth

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say

they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them
to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved
thee. King James Bible THE WORD OF GOD


*this is what they have been hiding from you
by destroying your Pineal Gland with neurotoxins

The Satanic-Zionists run Hollywood

(Not the Jews how theyd like you to believe In order to make us
look bad)

Freemason Lodge at 24 Rue Thiers, 35000 Rennes, France



Satanic-Zionist-Propaganda PT.1
Zionist-satanic BIG Club nutters produced some movies. In order
to scare the living shit out of Jews for the rest of their lives.
Essentially fairy-tales

Fails to mention the Illuminati-Bankers who financed WW2 etc

What a JOKE!
However I dont think JEWISH?! Director: Steven ZIONIST Spielberg

Always good to see a: JEWISH?! - Nazi-ZIONIST-Collaborator

Holocaust: A Letter To Spielberg From A French Jew
Letter Opens: Dear M. Spielberg, I wish your honesty to be equal to
your very great talent
Satanic-Zionist-Propaganda PT.2
Movie: The House of Rothschild The biggest pile of shit lie

We the audience are made to believe the Rothschild Family are just
a decent hard-working and repressed Jewish family.

However this film fails to mention anything about their Satanic


Youtube Video:
Rothschild Illuminati
Pyramid - Surrender Of
The Sheeple To Lucifer Anthony J Hilder
David Icke: How to exit the
David Icke: Rothschild
Satanic Fake-Jew ZIONIST
VIDEO: Abe Foxman! Take it from a Jewish man; you give us all a
bad name!
VIDEO: Zionist Internet Cop Loves to play up the Jewish scaring
tactics all day!


The Rothschilds arent
even Jewish anymore some married outside of
the religion


Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL "Illuminati, Satanism,

Pedophile Rings"

Video: John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech & Bush Laughs

at JFK Shooting