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Cut, Refuel, Fight

A Fighters Weight Cutting Guide

by Sean Fagan of

- Disclaimer: Please Read! I am a badass, but I am not a doctor, certified trainer, nutritionist or weight loss guru.
Any fitness or nutritional advice that I give is my opinion based on my own experiences.
You should always seek the advice of a professional before acting on something that I
have published or recommended. Any amount of success disclosed in this guide should
not be considered average. Always consult with a qualified medical doctor before
starting any diet and exercise program.
This material is for informational purposes only and not intended to prescribe, treat or
diagnose any medical conditions.
As a courtesy I ask for you to please not share, copy or redistribute the content in this
eBook without my permission, Ive put a lot of hard work and time into creating this
weight cutting guide so please respect that, thanks!
Users of this guide are advised to do their own due diligence when it comes to making
fitness, nutrition and health decisions and all information, products, services that have
been provided should be independently verified by your own qualified professionals. By
reading this guide you agree that myself and my company is not responsible for the
success or failure of your health and fitness journey or any decisions relating to any
information presented in this guide.

2013 Muay Thai Guy. All Rights Reserved.

Table Of Contents
Are You Ready?

.................................................................... 2
Benefits/Dangers Of Weight Cutting ..................................................... 2
How Much Weight Should I Cut? ........................................................... 2
Top 15 Weight Cutting Tips .............................................. 4
Weight Cutting Meal Plan ..................................................... 8
Foods To Avoid ................................................................................. 9
Grocery List ..................................................................................... 10
Week 3-4 ....................................................................................... 11
Week 2 .......................................................................................... 12
Week 1 .......................................................................................... 13
Start Water Loading .......................................................................... 14
Final 4 Days ..................................................................................... 15
Weigh In Day ............................................................................ 16
Time To Dehydrate ............................................................................ 16
Time To Rehydrate ............................................................................ 18
My General Refueling Process .............................................................. 19
Final Thoughts .............................................................. 20

Cut, Refuel, Fight

Cut, Refuel, Fight

A Fighters Weight Cutting Guide

- Introduction I have had cut weight numerous times the past few years and have learned a great deal
through my experiences. When I first started cutting weight for fights I was a miserable
prick (ask my girlfriend) because not only was I going about it the wrong way but I didnt
mentally prepare myself for the cut either.
After years of trial and error I have found a systematic way to cut from 165lbs to 145lbs
without being a complete asshole to my friends and family during the process. Dont get
me wrong, it is still not pleasant to cut weight but I feel 100% better since I have
implemented this type of diet and water loading strategies into my cutting routine.
This weight cutting guide is a series of tips, methods and strategies that I have learned
through my own personal experiences or have learned from interviewing and discussing
weight cutting with other professional fighters. I detail everything from my weight cutting
diet, water loading and rehydration/refueling along with the basic principles of setting
specific goals and staying disciplined along the way.

Cut, Refuel, Fight

Not only is this program perfect for competitive combat sport athletes but is also great if
you are looking to drop weight quickly in a safe, healthy manner. The core principles in
this guide follow the same principles that are in Fuel The Fighter and should be used
throughout your everyday life if you want to be healthy and successful in Muay Thai.
My results are not typical and are not to be expected by following this guide. Your body
is different than mine so the amount of weight you cut will most likely be different than
the amount of weight I cut. My intention of this weight cutting manual is to teach you the
basics of cutting weight for competition AND to teach those who do not compete the
basic principles to ignite your own health and fitness journey.

- Are You Ready? BOOM! Are you ready to learn the best ways to cut weight for your next fight? The great
thing about these weight cutting methods and diet plan is that it is one of the safest,
effective and healthiest ways to cut weight for a fight without completely draining
yourself. Still, you might be asking... Why the hell would I want to cut weight?

Why You Should Cut Weight

The Benefits of Cutting Weight

I will keep it simple for you. When you cut weight the right way it will give you a physical
advantage going into a fight. You will be strong for your weight class and after
rehydrating/refueling your body you will gain pounds back on your frame. So naturally
you will have a strength and size advantage which is a HUGE advantage when it comes
to fighting.
You can also look at it this way - if you do not cut weight, chances are your opponent is.
And what does that mean? Now your opponent will have a size and strength advantage
on YOU. Fortunately you have complete control of the situation.

Why You Should NOT Cut Weight

The Dangers of Cutting Weight

I gotta be real with you, cutting weight can be extremely dangerous if you do it the
wrong way. Athletes have become hospitalized, ill and have even died due to cutting too
much weight in a short period of time. It is unfortunate these events happen but all we
can do is learn from past mistakes and make sure they dont happen again.
Most of the weight cutting sicknesses or deaths have been due to extreme dehydration.

Cut, Refuel, Fight

UFC fighter, Daniel Cormier, had a life threatening experience at the 2008 Olympics
from cutting too much weight the wrong way. Due to rapidly losing his bodily fluids,
Cormier became ill with Acute Renal Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease and had to be
hospitalized in order to resupply his body with the fluids his body desperately needed.
Also depletion of the fluid that surrounds the brain not only renders fighters more
susceptible to being knocked out, but it also carries with it the risk of more long term,
permanent consequences. The boxer, Duk Koo Kim, died in 1982 after his fight with
Ray Mancini. Part of the cause of death has been due to his hard weight cut prior to the
I am not trying to scare you, I just want to state the facts so you can make your own
decision based on them. The art of weight cutting has come a long way in recent years
and there is a right way to do it and there is a wrong way. This guide is to help you make
healthier, smarter choices when it comes to cutting weight but by no means is the
answer to all your weight cutting questions.

Make A Decision

How Much Weight Should I Cut?

This is a common question I get from many fighters when they are dabbling in the art of
cutting weight. It is a hard question to answer because everyones body is different and
some peoples discipline is better than others when it comes to dieting for a weight cut.
For a general guideline you should be cutting about 10% of your bodyweight.
(Weight classes are based on the WBC standards for Muay Thai)
Weight Class

Normal Body Weight

Featherweight (122 - 126 lbs)

135 - 140 lbs

Lightweight (130 - 135 lbs)

145 - 150 lbs

Welterweight (140 - 147 lbs)

155 - 165 lbs

Middleweight (154 - 160 lbs)

170 - 175 lbs

Light Heavyweight (168 - 175 lbs)

185 - 195 lbs

Cruiserweight (175 - 190 lbs)

200 - 215 lbs

Heavyweight (210 - 230 lbs)

220 +

Cut, Refuel, Fight

Like I said before these are general guidelines. Some fighters cut 25+ pounds because
they have practiced it and got it down to a science. Others cut little to no weight at all
because they feel like they fight better without draining their body. Ultimately the
decision is up to YOU.
Generally speaking the heavier weight class the more weight you can cut safely and
effectively without hurting or draining your body. I personally cut from 162 - 165lbs to the
Welterweight class between 143 - 147lbs.

- My Top 15 Weight Cutting Tips Important Factors When Making The Cut

#1 - Prepare Mentally
Before you go through the stress of cutting weight you need to get your mind right. It is
not going to be easy and it is not going to be fun. Pretty fuckin obvious right?
You have to be prepared to make sacrifices in order to make weight whether it is for
Muay Thai, MMA, boxing or wrestling. Prepare to go training sessions feeling fatigued
and prepare to have days where you feel like your stomach is eating itself. Its the
nature of the beast. If you plan on pursuing a fight career, you better get used to it!

#2 - Set Goals
The most obvious goal is to get to whatever weight you are fighting at. Other than that
there are still certain goals you need to set with yourself in order to hold yourself
accountable. I personally like to set (and write down) daily training goals and nutrition
goals during my weight cut so this way I hold myself accountable.
For instance, one of the most popular goals I find myself writing all the time is: Train
your ass off today even though you are only eating 1,500 calories.

#3 - Give Yourself Enough Time To Cut

This is where a lot of fighters make a huge mistake. If you try to cut 20lbs in a week you
will drain your body, stress out your mind and feel like crap stepping into the ring.
I personally give myself at least 3 weeks to diet and get down to a comfortable weight
before I start cutting my water weight. It can vary though. I know guys who start making
bigger cuts 6 weeks out and I have made comfortable cuts only 2 weeks out. It is all
dependent on how your body processes the food and reacts to the diet.

Cut, Refuel, Fight

#4 - Figure Out A Shopping List

You cant expect to eat healthy and clean without doing the right type of food shopping
prior to your weight cut. Write a list of the foods you need for the weight cut (chicken,
spinach, dried fruits, nuts etc.) and make sure you have at least a couple days worth, if
not a weeks worth in your pantry and fridge. (see the grocery list on page 10)

#5 - Eat REAL Foods

Get those shitty ass TV dinners out
of your weight cutting diet. Hell,
they shouldnt even be a part of
your normal eating habits! Try to
eat organic, natural foods as
much as possible because it will
make a difference in how you train
and how you feel. It can be
expensive though. If you have to
buy one type of food that is clean
and organic, make it the meats!

#6 - Schedule Out Weekly Meal

Planning out your meals is going to make a huge difference to whether or not you will
actually get to your goal weight. Chances are if you do not have a plan you will cheat
and deviate from your healthy eating habits more often than not. Set a weekly meal plan
and stick to it! (Pages 11-15 is my 4 week weight cutting meal plan)

#7 - Limit Calories
Duh. Usually I eat about 5,000 calories a day when Im not worried about cutting weight.
When weight cutting times comes then my calories drop down anywhere from
1,200-1,800 depending on the day and my energy expenditure.

#8 - Limit Carbs, Especially At Night

Limit the carbs but do not take them out completely!
Carbohydrates are the main source of energy you need to make it through your
workouts and without them you will feel like complete shit. That being said you cant be
eating as many pastas, grains and breads as you normally would, especially at night.
For breakfast and lunch by all means have a slice of bread or an apple, but when it
comes to dinner time try your best to eat almost zero carbs.

Cut, Refuel, Fight

#9 - Stay Disciplined and Dont Cheat!

You are disciplined in your training so you bet your ass you can be disciplined with your
weight cutting diet. Stay focused, stay determined and keep your end goal in mind.

#10 - I Lied, You Can Cheat Once In A Blue Moon

Ok, I guess you can cheat now and again, but do not go overboard! If your weight is
looking on target and you feel like having a cheat meal then go ahead and have one. Do
not make it anything HUGE and still make sure it is portioned. Also try to have it before
a workout so this way you can still burn it off!

#11 - Train Hard!

Another obvious weight
cutting tip but it needs to be
said. Even though you dont
have as much food in your
body you still need to stay
focused and push yourself
during training.
Don't be a pussy.
This is where your mental
strength and toughness
comes into play.

#12 - Practice The Weight Cut Diet

Just like you practice throwing head kicks you need to practice your weight cutting diet
too. When you do not have a fight planned it does not mean you should be eating like
shit and completely disregarding what you put into your body. You should take a week
or 2 (or more) to practice a weight cutting diet to see how you feel, how much your
weight drops and what kind of foods work best for you.

#13 - Practice Cutting the Water Weight

This goes for cutting water weight too. Practice that shit! I know it is not fun, but it is a lot
less fun putting on a sweat suit after weighing in a couple pounds over and having to
run on a treadmill to sweat it off while everyone else is drinking and eating... worst
feeling ever.

Cut, Refuel, Fight

#14 - Know How To Rehydrate After Weigh-Ins

The tough part is done and now you have to resupply your body with the liquids and
nutrients it needs. Do not just go shoving food down your throat because your body will
not be able to process it. First thing you should do is drink a ton of liquids (coconut
water, vegetable juice, pedialyte, smart water etc.) and then start munching on small
snacks for an hour or two. After your stomach settles from the snacks, you now can
have a nice, filling dinner. My favorite is usually a sweet potato, organic chicken, kale
and some quinoa.
(I go more into detail on page 18).

#15 - Reward Yourself!

The most important weight cutting tip in my opinion! Of course this is AFTER the fight.
Win lose or draw you went through hell to make weight and had the balls to step into the
ring. Do yourself a favor and reward yourself! Eat a huge steak, go to an all you can eat
buffet or order some wings. I usually go through at least one package of Oreos... at
least one.

- Follow These Tips! If you follow these general guidelines for your
next weight cut it is going to make it SO much
less stressful on your mind and body. Preparing
for a weight cut is just as important as preparing
for a fight so do not overlook the amount of hard
work, dedication and sacrifice it takes to make
weight comfortably, safely and effectively.
Probably the most overlooked tip is the fact that
you need to practice the weight cut. Do not
embarrass yourself, your gym and your trainer
by missing weight because you thought you
could make the weight without practice. Even if
you are an amateur you need to act like a
professional and take these things seriously.
Promoters, fighters and other gyms wont
respect you or want you on their cards if you
constantly miss weight.

Fail to plan, plan to fail


Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Weight Cutting Meal Plan The Diet That Starts The Cut

The following pages are detailed samples of the weight cutting diet that I have followed
from previous fights going from 165 to 145lbs. Typically if I am heavier (165lbs) I will
start the diet 4 weeks out and if I am lighter (160lbs) I will start 3 weeks out. Depending
on how much weight you want to cut you will have to adjust the start time of this diet
My weight cut results are not typical or expected with this diet or any type of nutrition
program. This information and diet is of my personal weight cutting journey for a handful
of fights throughout my Muay Thai career.

Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Foods To Avoid -

Do Your Best To Stay Away From These Foods

FAST FOOD. You shouldnt eat this shit anyway!
Evening or late night carbohydrates: rice, potatoes, corn,
pasta, and bread. This should be very limited (I only eat a slice of
whole wheat bread in the morning or occasionally a whole wheat
tortilla with lunch.) You can even take out all carbs if you wanted.
Stay away from using salt or eating salty foods like chips,
frozen dinners, soups, salad dressings, and prepared foods. Just
like fast food you should not be eating this junk anyway! (There
is an exception when you go to sodium-load, more on that later)
No Oreos. I know. It will be hard, but if I can do it so can you.
Stay away from sugar and sugary foods like cookies, candy,
chocolate etc.
Any drinks besides water or tea. The extra calories in
juices, milk and soda add up and make it tougher to lose the
Beer, liquor and alcoholic drinks. This one is easy for me
because I dont really drink but it can be tough for some. Save it
for the after party!
Preservatives like nitrates and nitrites these can kill your
chances of dropping weight. Try to get organic, nitrate-free
turkey bacon if possible (its more expensive but worth it).
MSG - this stuff is complete shit and will make the whole
weight cutting process that much tougher.

- Time To Go Shopping -

- Weekly Grocery List -

This is a general idea for what your

grocery shopping list should look like
when you go food shopping during your
weight cut. Keep in mind I did not put in
my rehydration/refueling foods, that I
usually do the day of.

Fruits (prices depends on season)

Keep in mind this might not be the exact

same grocery list you will use when you
go shopping because you might be
eating different foods or different
portions. This is just a general guideline
and can be altered to whatever you think
will work best for you.


Apples (> 5 per week)

Avocado (1 -2 per week)
Blueberries (as needed)
Grapes (as needed)
Strawberries (as needed)

Asparagus (1 stalk per week)

Broccoli (if needed)
Brussel Sprouts (1 frozen bag)
Cucumbers (1 per week)
Kale (or spinach) (a lot)
Mushrooms (< 1 package per week)
Onion (< 1 red onion per week)
Tomatoes (> 1 per week)

Meats/Animal Protein
Canned Tuna (2 per week)
Egg Whites ( > 1 large carton)
Organic Eggs (< 1 carton)
Organic Chicken (12oz + per week)
Turkey Bacon (as needed)

Green Tea
Purified Water

Nuts/Dried Fruit (as needed)

Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts etc.
Dried Cranberries, Raisins, Dates etc.

Whole Wheat Bread (non-enriched)
Whole Wheat Tortillas

Legumes (if needed)

Some of the main foods I use when

Im on the weight cutting diet. I try
my best to eat fresh, organic
vegetables, fruits and meats.

Black Beans
Chick Peas
Kidney Beans

Cooking Supplies
Balsamic Vinegar (1 bottle)
Grapeseed Oil
Smart Balance Margarine (1 container)


Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Weeks 3-4 -

My Diet 3 and/or 4 Weeks Out From Weigh-Ins

This is the meal plan that I follow 3 and 4 weeks before my weigh in:

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs

4 egg whites / 1 egg / handful of spinach or kale / 1/2 tomato / 1 small mushroom / < 1
tbsp Smart Balance Butter (to grease skillet and cook food) / 1/4 avocado / 2 slices
turkey bacon / 1 slice whole wheat toast / 1 tbsp organic jam / 1 cup green tea / 1 large
glass of purified water

Snack/Post Workout
30g Hemp (or whey) protein / 2/3 cup
dried fruits, mixed nuts, trail mix or fruit

Lunch: Tuna Salad

1/2 can organic tuna / handful of spinach
or kale / 1/4 avocado / 1/2 celery stalk /
1/4 tomato / 1 chopped apple / 1 cup
green tea / 1 large glass purified water

Dinner: Chicken Salad

4oz organic chicken breast (cooked in
grapeseed oil and seasoned with garlic and italian seasoning) / handful of spinach or
kale / 1/4 cup brussel sprouts / 1/4 red onion / 1/4 tomato / 2tbsp balsamic vinegar / 1
cup decaf green tea / 1 large glass of purified water

Snack/Post Workout
30g Hemp (or whey) protein / 1/2 cup dried fruits, mixed nuts, trail mix or fruit
Notes: You can mix and match the vegetables in all of the major meals, just keep in
mind the nutritional value and calorie count. Also you can substitute the tuna for chicken
or other lean meat. Throughout the day you should be drinking purified water as well.
This is the easy part of the diet. It will get harder each day and your body might take
time to adjust. Continue to train hard, stay strong and keep disciplined!


Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Week 2 -

My Diet 2 Weeks Out From Weigh-Ins

This is the meal plan that I follow 2 weeks before my weigh in. It is basically the same
as the previous weeks with minor adjustments (underlined).

Breakfast: Scrambled Egg Whites

6 egg whites / handful of spinach or kale / 1/2 tomato / 1 small mushroom / < 1 tbsp
Smart Balance Butter (to grease skillet and cook food) / 1/4 avocado / 2 slices turkey
bacon / 1 apple / 1 cup green tea / 1 large glass of purified water

Snack/Post Workout:
20g hemp (or whey) protein / 2/3 cup dried fruits, mixed nuts, trail mix or fruit

Lunch: Chicken Bruschetta

4oz organic chicken breast / 1/4 tomato / 1/4
onion / about 10 stalks of asparagus / 1 tbsp
balsamic vinegar / 1 tbsp extra virgin olive
oil / 1 clove garlic / 1 cup green tea / 1 large
glass purified water

Dinner: Chicken Salad

4oz organic chicken breast (cooked in
grapeseed oil and seasoned with garlic and
italian seasoning) / handful of spinach or
kale / 1/4 sliced cucumber / 1/4 red onion /
1/4 tomato / 2tbsp balsamic vinegar / 1 cup
decaf green tea / 1 large glass of purified water

Snack/Post Workout
20g hemp (or whey) protein / 1/2 cup dried fruits, mixed nuts or trail mix
Notes: You can continue to eat the tuna salad from the previous week or you can
change it to the chicken bruschetta like I did. I also changed some veggies in my salads
so I dont go crazy eating the same exact things every single day.
Your calorie intake should slowly be getting lower with a few minor adjustments. It will
get harder to train intensely but it comes down to mental strength and resilience!


Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Week 1-

Last Week Of My Diet

This is the meal plan that I follow for the last week until 4 days prior to my weigh in.
Like before it is basically the same as the previously with small changes (underlined).

Breakfast: Scrambled Egg Whites

4 egg whites / handful of spinach or kale / 1/2 tomato / 1 small mushroom / < 1 tbsp
Smart Balance Butter (to grease skillet and cook food) / 4 slices turkey bacon / 1 apple /
1 cup green tea / 1 large glass of purified water

Snack/Post Workout:
10g hemp (or whey) protein / 2/3 cup
dried fruits, mixed nuts, trail mix or fruit

Lunch: Chicken Asparagus Stir Fry

4oz organic chicken breast / 1/2 red
onion / 1 small mushroom / about 10
stalks of asparagus / 2 tbsp soy
sauce / 2 cloves garlic / 1 cup green
tea / 1 large glass purified water

Dinner: Chicken Salad

4oz organic chicken breast (cooked in grapeseed oil and seasoned with garlic and
italian seasoning) / handful of spinach or kale / 2 dill pickles / 1/4 red onion / 1/4
tomato / 2tbsp balsamic vinegar / 1 cup decaf green tea / 1 large glass of purified water

Snack/Post Workout
10g hemp (or whey) protein / 1/4 cup dried fruits, mixed nuts, trail mix / 1 dill pickle
Notes: Crunch time. Even less calories now its important to be aware of how hard you
are pushing yourself at training. Ive added soy sauce and dill pickles to sodium-load
which will make your body to store more water (this will trick your body for when you cut
the water weight)
Almost there! Your training should lighten up slightly with the main focus being on cardio
and technique. Stay strong!


Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Start Water LoadingTime To Drink A Lot Of Water

About 4 days out is when you should begin the water loading process. This will help you
lose anywhere between 4 - 12+ pounds (it will depend on how your body reacts and
how long you decide to sweat out the excess water weight). Make sure you are drinking
distilled water because it has no impurities and will pass through your body easier.
My recommendation is to carry around a gallon jug because it will help you keep track
of how much water you are drinking
throughout the day.
Also be ready to piss constantly. You want to
get your urine to be completely transparent
(which means you are very well hydrated). If
there is a yellow color in your urine you are
not drinking enough!

4 Days Out - Drink 2 gallons of distilled water

3 Days Out - Drink 2 gallons of distilled water
2 Days Out - Drink 1 gallon of distilled water
24 Hours Before Weigh Ins - No liquids


Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Final 4 DaysThe Worst Part

This is the toughest part of the weight cut but you have made it this far so there is no
looking back! Small changes are (underlined). Make sure you start water loading
before getting to this point!

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs Whites

3 egg whites / handful of spinach or kale / 1/4 tomato / 0 mushroom / < 1 tbsp
grapeseed oil (to cook food)/ 0 tbsp Smart Balance Butter / 0 avocado / 0 slices turkey
bacon / 1 apple / 1 cup green tea / 1 large glass of purified water

Snack/Post Workout:
0g hemp (or whey) protein / 1/3 cup dried fruits, mixed nuts, trail mix or fruit / 1 apple

Lunch: Scrambled Egg Whites

3 egg whites / handful of spinach or kale / 1/4 tomato / 0 mushroom / < 1 tbsp
grapeseed oil (to cook food)/ 0 tbsp Smart Balance Butter / 0 avocado / 0 dill pickles / 1
apple / 1 cup green tea / 1 large glass of purified water

Dinner: Chicken Salad

4oz organic chicken breast (cooked in grapeseed oil w/ no seasoning) / handful of
spinach or kale / 0 dill pickles / 0 red onion / 0 tomato / 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar / 1 cup
decaf green tea / 1 large glass of purified water

Snack/Post Workout
0g hemp (or whey) protein / 1/4 cup dried fruits, mixed nuts, trail mix / 0 dill pickle
Notes: Right now life sucks. It all comes down to willpower and motivation now. Your
training should not be too intense but you should still be focusing on cardio.
Make sure to follow the water loading/dehydration process in order to cut the extra
water weight otherwise you will make it much more difficult than it has to be.


Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Weigh In DayAlmost There!

So close yet so far. Even though it is less than 24 hours before you are able weigh in so
you can eat and rehydrate, it will feel like an eternity.
My diet for the day is usually very small but sometimes (depending on my weight) I am
able to eat the same diet as the day before so this way Im not completely neglecting my
body of food. Typically I will eat egg whites and spinach for breakfast and then munch
on trail mix throughout the day. However if my weight is looking too close for comfort I
will stray away from snacking on the trail mix until I know I can make the weight.
When you do the final stage of the weight cut make sure you give yourself enough time.
You should do everything in your power to have a relaxing, stress free day because
your mind and body will be going through enough stress already.
Usually I have about 6-9lbs of water weight to cut so I will give myself about 2+ hours to
make sure I am able to make the weight. It is super important to give yourself enough
time to cut the water weight so you are able to relax and not feel rushed.

Time To Dehydrate

Sauna, Steam Room, Hot Bath or Sweat Suit

Before you start to sweat out excess water weight,
make sure you followed the steps above in the Start
Water Loading section in order to get the best
results. After your last training session (which should
be a relatively light one and about 24 hours before
weigh ins) you should not be taking in any liquids until
you weigh in.
To make the weigh cut easier also look to get some
Albolene (makeup remover that can be found in drug
stores like Rite Aid, CVS etc.). What it does is opens
up your pores and makes you sweat profusely, which
makes it easier to cut the weight.
Before you do any of the below options make sure you
check your weight, bring a towel and bring a scale (if
there isnt one available).


Cut, Refuel, Fight

Sauna/Steam Room - This is my go to method for most weight cuts because its the
easiest for me. I will cover myself with Albolene and do 10 minute intervals in the
sauna or steam room (depending what is available) until I have made the weight. I bring
a towel (or 2) to wipe myself down when I check my weight.

Hot Bath - Taking a hot bath

is another one of my preferred
methods because it is not
taxing on the body and all you
have to do is sit in a hot pool
of water. The water should be
HOT but not burn your skin. It
should be relatively
uncomfortable submerging
yourself in the bath tub
because of how hot it is.
I also use Epsom salt to help
my body recover from any
excess bruises or swelling. I
normally will do 10 minute intervals as well while wiping myself down in between sets
to check my weight to see where Im at.

Exercise With A Sweat Suit - I personally HATE this method because I actually have to
do some physical exertion to lose the water weight. I would much rather sit in a sauna
or bath then do exercises when Im exhausted, hungry and cranky as hell.
If you do choose this method you can do a 3 sets of exercises for 15 minutes total (5
minutes each exercise): Jumping jacks, shadowboxing, body weight squats, abs
exercises, jogging etc. Mix it up so you are doing a full body workout so you do not over
fatigue a single muscle group.

Side Note: If you are able to cut weight with a partner DO IT. I have had times where Ive
felt dizzy and light headed because of the weight cut and it always helps to have
someone near by in case something goes wrong.
Also be smart about the weight cut. It is not worth being hospitalized or dying just to
make a weight for a fight (especially an amateur fight). Do what you can safely and do
not over exert yourself to where you become ill.


Cut, Refuel, Fight

Time To Rehydrate

Fuck yes. Time To Drink, Eat and Be Happy Again!

This is by far the happiest, most gratifying moment of training camp to this point. When I
make weight and step off the scale I feel like all of the sacrifice, hard work and planning
to make weight has paid off. Even though I have made it this far I still know I have a
long way to go and the first step is rehydrating and refueling my body properly.
Follow these principles and guidelines to make sure you gain your weight back safely
and effectively.

Liquids Come First - The first thing you should be doing once you step off the scale is
drinking some kind of watery liquid. Fighters use a range of liquids here from Pedialyte
(baby formula for dehydrated babies), smart water, coconut water or some type of fruit
or vegetable juice concoctions.
Ive used Pedialyte and it has worked fine for me, but recently Ive been going the more
natural route and have been making a watered down fruit/vegetable juice. This way my
body not only gets the water it needs but also vital nutrients and sugars that it has been
missing out on. I make sure to replenish my body with just liquids the first hour or so
before I make the move to solid foods.

Do Not Overeat - Your eyes will be

bigger than your stomach and you
will want to eat everything in sight.
Dont do it. Your body will not be
able to process all the food you are
shoving down your throat and you
will feel bloated and sick because
of it... trust me, Ive been there.

Reverse The Weight Cut - What I

mean by this is when you first start
to eat solid foods again you should
be eating basically all the same
foods you had during your weight
cut but slightly larger portions.
The first thing I normally eat is trail
mix followed by a chicken (or
salmon) salad that is loaded with
tons of vegetables to add more
nutritional value to it. After my
stomach settles I then eat a large

Basically what I still eat/drink after weigh

ins with the exception of the Pedialyte.


Cut, Refuel, Fight

dinner (not TOO large)consisting of a sweet potato, quinoa, chicken/salmon and some
sort of vegetable (usually asparagus, kale or broccoli).
Refilling your body this way will give your body time to adjust and process the foods that
you are giving it. The following day you can go back to your normal eating habits and
eat any healthy meals youd like (preferably from Fuel The Fighter)

Eat Often - Initially after the weight cut you should be eating every 1-2 hours depending
on how your stomach is feeling so you are able to replenish it with what it needs. After
the first 2 or 3 meals you should begin spreading it out so you are eating every 2-3

Chew Your Food - It sounds obvious but you are going to have to make a conscious
effort to do it. If you swallow big chunks of food your body will have a harder time
processing it and it will just sit in your stomach waiting to be digested. The longer the
food sits in your stomach the more full you will feel and the less food you will be able to
eat. The less food you can eat, the less weight you can put back on. Make sense?

Constantly Be Drinking Water - You should never stop sipping on water until you are
literally in the ring about to fight. Stay hydrated!

- My General Rehydration and Refueling Process Right After Weighing In - Drink about a gallon of watered down fruit/vegetable juice
(usually consisting of kale, apple, celery, cucumber, beets, chia seeds and water/
coconut water. It sounds gross but its really not that bad.)

Night Of Weigh Ins - About an hour or so after weigh ins Ill begin munching on trail mix
made of nuts, dried fruits and seeds. About another hour later Ill usually have a banana.
Another hour later Ill eat a large salad made with nutrient dense vegetables and nuts.
Then finally for dinner (about another hour later) Ill eat a large plate made of sweet
potato, chicken, quinoa and some type of vegetable. If I am still up late after dinner, I will
continue munching on trail mix, dried fruits or nuts (while continuing to drink water

Day Of Fight -

Back to normal eating. I will have the Muay Thai Guy Oatmeal Bowl for
breakfast. For lunch I will usually eat scrambled eggs with salmon, random veggies and
a couple slices of whole wheat toast. Then for my last meal Ill have a peanut butter,
banana and honey sandwich (about 3-4 hours before fight time). In between all of these
meals I will continue drinking water and munching on trail mix. Then I will stop eating 3
hours before fight time but continue to drink water.


Cut, Refuel, Fight

- Final ThoughtsWeight cutting is not fun but if you want to take any combat sport seriously chances are
you will have to do it at some point in your career. Since it is such an important part of
the training camp it is super important to make sure you go about it the right way.
Fortunately now since you have this epic guide, Cut, Refuel, Fight, you will be have
the knowledge to make weight safely, effectively and without much stress.
In the end you want to make sure you are smart about the whole weight cutting process.
Do not try to cut an insane amount of weight because not only will you feel like shit
during the fight but it will have long term physical effects on your body and mind. If you
follow the tips, methods and strategies outlined in this guide I promise you it will make
the weight cut much less daunting.
Good luck with your weight cut and feel free to contact me if you have any questions of
any kind. Thank you for supporting me, my website and the entire Muay Thai
community, I cant tell you how much I appreciate it. Now go out there and kick some
fuckin ass!

Set goals, make a plan, stay dedicated and be smart.

- Sean Fagan


Get Ready For Fuel The Fighter!

Easy to make, healthy, delicious meals for fighters or anyone who
wants to eat and train to lose fat, get ripped and build muscle!

Fuel The Fighter is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. Following a diet will give you a
temporary fix, but adapting a healthy lifestyle will help you live a life with
purpose. Do you know what this book is about?
Well, its not about a fuckin diet!

Coming Soon (hopefully in mid-summer)

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