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Fall 2012

439 Rubidge Street
Peterborough, ON
K9H 4E4
Board of Directors
Dawn Straka Chair
Bill Graham Vice Chair
Leah Curtis - Treasurer
Alan Barber - Secretary
Dr. John Beamish
Lisa Clark
Ross Cully
Andy Fasken
Eleanor Low
Betty Morris
Christina Porcellato-Murphy
Katie Stewart
Partially funded by:

Linda Sunderland
Executive Director
Alison Casey
Development & Community Relations
Paula Greenwood
Coordinator of Volunteers
David Kennedy
Bereavement Coordinator
Marg Rose
Palliative Care Coordinator
Ann Wannamaker
Palliative Care Facilitator
Angela O'Brien
Office and Finance Coordinator
Patti Stanton
Nurse Consultant, Palliative Pain &
Symptom Management Consultation
Elaine Jeanes
PPSM Assistant
Jan Stirling-Twist
Wellness Program Developer

How Long in Passing.

By David Kennedy, Bereavement Coordinator

It is very difficult to talk about lessons learned in grief while

the edges of grief are still raw and sensitive. At some point
we are able to reflect on the experiences of our journey and
face the changes that we have experienced. Some of these
changes we shrink back from, others come to us as positive
gifts that we sometimes struggle to accept because we dont
like how we were given these.
Alan and Joanne have been a part of Hospice since the death of their son
Mark in Dec 2009. Alan is someone who has found a way to journey this
grief with his camera, finding words expressed through images to see his
world again. He recently wrote a poem that reflects this part of his journey
and has given permission to have it printed here. Perhaps for some of you,
it will speak for you as well.

How long in passing

I held my flood gates
so I would not drown
My arms are tired
afraid of drowning
Yet I still hold on
Eventually the gates
they will open
The flood will come
the truth will flow
through me it will go
My arms are tired
afraid of drowning
Yet I still hold on
Seeing the signs
Can't be avoided
The right things will happen
The honesty will come
and guide me on through

My arms are tired

afraid of drowning
Yet I still hold on
It is time to let go
afraid of drowning
Yet I still hold on
It is time to let go
I need to follow through
Yet I still hold on
It is time to let go
I need to follow through
Won't you hold my hand
and please hold on
by Alan McLaren
Peterborough, Ontario
September 12, 2012

Supporting you through

serious illness and grief.

Fall 2012

My arms are tired

afraid of drowning
Yet I still hold on
Looking everywhere now
not wanting to go
Knowing something will happen
it is the only way to go
now I can see

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Travelling Companions
By David Kennedy
I just want to get off on the right exit... It was a
great conversation about dying. Janet (not her real
name) was close to death. In fact by the time you
read this that exit will likely have been taken. We
had been talking about what this is like for her.
She expressed sadness around leaving her family,
friends and all the things she enjoyed in life now.
The expressway motif came up as she had been
describing life for her as a very fast paced, exciting
life on a fast highway one in which she drove a
very fast Porsche 911! I had just asked her about
how it feels to have to slow down to take the exit,
when she expressed this anxiety about making
sure she will take the right one.
This is what I love about these conversations. I
never cease to be amazed at the perceptions,
questions and profound wisdom of people at this
point in their journey. When I asked her to explain
she spoke deeply about the challenge of facing
something she felt no preparation for. For her the

exit she is looking for is one where

there is a sense of peace and
rightness even if it is unknown
territory. We talked about what
she will look for to know that exit
and after some profound discussion we both knew
she would indeed find it.
The entrances and exits of life are times when we
most need the help, support and love of a
community of people. I thought about Hospice this
way as a community of people who help people
find the exit ramp as they leave this journey.
For those left to live with the grief and loss, our
Hospice Peterborough community is still here to
provide support, encouragement and direction in
their continued journey. Our Adult Grief Groups
are underway and we will be starting another
Childrens Grief Group and Teen Group shortly. Our
bereaved parent support group continues to meet
monthly and we have plans to offer something new
for this unique group as well.

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own.

What we did for our summer vacation

by Linda Sunderland
Canadians embrace summer wholeheartedly.
Having survived the winter we spend all our time
outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and extra evening
light. Summer is also a time for rejuvenation,
reflection and getting things in order. Sometimes
things are a bit quieter in our work life and we can
plan and prepare for Fall activities. That is not
what happened around Hospice Peterborough this
summer. Although staff and volunteers have
taken time for travel and family we have been
extra busy this summer and are so excited about
everything that is in store for us moving forward.
To start, we want to announce that we are land
owners. It is not easy to purchase the perfect
property, and it sure took us longer than we
thought to dot the is and cross the ts for the Reid
and London property, but as of August 15th
Hospice Peterborough became property owners
and took the first big step to creating an oasis of
hospice care for our community. I personally want
to thank Darlene Cook and Peter Robinson from
the Peterborough Housing Corporation, the staff
from the City of Peterborough Planning
Department, the Peterborough Architectural
Conservation Advisory Committee and all the
members of City Council. Your patience, wisdom
and guidance have brought us to this point and will
help us move forward.
I know there are many questions about this
Fall 2012

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~Ben Sweetland

project: What will we be building? How much will it

cost? How long will it take? What will the
programming look like? How can our community
help? Rest assured, our Residential Hospice and
Property Committee is deep into the project
planning piece. We are working with our
community partners to ensure our Centre for
Hospice Care will fill gaps in our current service
delivery and meet the needs of our community in
the future. We need your help to make this
project successful. Keep watching for updates.
We are pleased to announce that this summer we
received a generous grant from the Green Shield
Canada Community Giving Program to support
expansion of our Wellness
Programming. We have
hired Jan StirlingTwist as
our Wellness Program
Developer to introduce the
Healing Journey to our community.
The program is designed for people with cancer or
other serious chronic diseases. It is a practical
course, providing simple, psychological and
spiritual tools to promote inner harmony, peace
and healing. The program has been developed and
tested more than 25 years at cancer treatment
and research centres and we are very excited to
offer it in our community. As well, Jan will be
reviewing our existing Wellness Programming to
ensure it is offering effective, responsive
programming for our clients, caregivers and
families. Watch for details coming soon!

Whats New with the Board of Directors?

Last June, at Hospice Peterboroughs Annual
General Meeting (AGM), many friends and
supporters of Hospice gathered to learn more
about the organization as well as review and
celebrate 2011-2012 hospice happenings.

By Dawn E.M. Straka, President

and advises the Board and staff on medical and
health related matters.

One group of volunteers who are not in the

forefront day by day are Hospices Directors. Board
members come to our organization with a variety
of skills, knowledge, time and commitment. Our
Board of Directors has the responsibility of
governing Hospice Peterborough. This means the
Board ensures the long-term organization,
development, maintenance and credibility of
Hospice Peterborough. In other words the Board is
ultimately responsible legally and morally for all
activities of Hospice Peterborough.
This years Board of Directors consists of 12
members. Nine of the members were with us in
2011-2012 and three new members were
appointed at the AGM in June. New Board
members this year are Lisa Clark, Eleanor Low
and Betty Morris. For the last couple of years
Lisa has co-chaired our Gala Committee so she is
familiar with some of the workings of Hospice.
This year Lisa is going to chair our Fundraising
Committee. Eleanor Low is not really new to
Hospice but is now assuming a very different role.
For 10 years she was Hospices Client Services
Coordinator and three years ago she retired.
Eleanors knowledge and experience will be utilized
as we move forward in our planning of our new
home and residential hospice. For her last three
years on the Board (2008-2011) Betty Morris was
President and since its inception she has been a
member of the Residential Hospice and Property
Board members who are continuing in the role also
bring a variety of skills. Alan Barber, a lawyer in
Peterborough will assume two new roles this year.
As Secretary of the Board he will take minutes of
the Executive Committee; he will also Chair our
Board Development Committee. Dr. John
Beamish has a long-time affiliation with Hospice

Ross Cully last year chaired our Hike Committee

and was able to bring the community response and
sponsorships of Hike to new heights. Leah Curtis
stepped into her role of Board member and
Treasurer during last year and is able to continue.
This past year Andy Fasken chaired our
Residential Hospice and Property Committee. It
was Andy and Linda Sunderland, our Executive
Director, who researched, studied and negotiated
each and every step (on behalf of the Board)
related to the acquisition of Langton House and its
property. Bill Graham is Vice President and
chaired the Volunteer Support Committee. As well
he has been a client service volunteer. Last year
Christina Porcellato-Murphy was a strong
member of our Board Development Committee and
this year she will chair our new Quality Committee.
Katie Stewart is chair of our Community
Relations and Education Committee. Last year we
had an excellent seminar for professionals as well
as a series of community information sessions.
This year Katie and her committee have secured
the Honourable Sharon Carstairs for an evening
entitled Hospice Care: Embracing our Humanity
that is open to the public. The next day she is the
keynote speaker at a Conference here in
As President of Hospice, much like the conductor
of an orchestra, I have a number of responsibilities
including chairing both the Board and Executive
meetings. I also am ex-officio member of all other
Hospice committee meetings. It truly is a privilege
volunteering for an organization that aims to do all
it does exceedingly well.
I sincerely believe Hospice Peterboroughs staff
and volunteers serve with love and compassion.
Because of them our future is bright and clients
and families will continue to receive excellent
hospice palliative care and support through life
threatening illness and grief.

An optimist isn't necessarily a blithe, sappy whistler in the dark.

To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic.
If we remember those times and places
where people have behaved magnificently,
this gives us energy to act and at least the possibility
of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction.
Howard Zinn
Fall 2012

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Whats Happening in the Volunteer

Program? By Paula Greenwood
Volunteers are the heart of Hospice Peterborough.
The breadth and extent of the experience and gifts
each of them bring makes this work such a
Each year, we honour our volunteers at an
appreciation event which was held in June. Over
70 people attended and we had the privilege of
listening to two clients, Dean MacDonald and Jim
Petselis who shared their stories of grief and
serious illness. They spoke about the generosity of
support from our volunteers.
Its my pleasure to thank theses local businesses
for donating delicious desserts for the evening:
BE Catering
Black Honey Desserts
Cakes by Alex
Dancing Blueberries Cupcakery and More
Montanas Cookhouse
Shish Kabob Hut
Sticklings Specialty Bakery
The Silver Bean Caf

You might not be aware of the variety of situations

that volunteers take on here at Hospice
Peterborough. Each time someone walks through
the front door or phones for the first time - that
first contact is with a volunteer. Their individual
ability to sense how to respond to that person/s
has been honed through many encounters and
includes an ability to read them and figure out the
best fit for a staff response, if necessary.
Most of our active volunteers choose to work
directly with our clients in their homes. They offer
emotional support, practical help, companionship
and help to lessen the fear and isolation of the
person who is ill and their family. A recent story
about a volunteer and her client really touched us.

It was one of the magical connections that we

talk about a great fit. The volunteer and her
client were about the same size and height, even
had a similar haircut and they bonded on their
similarities. The client sent her daughter out to get
the same hair colour the volunteer used because
she thought it was perfect for herself. Sadly, it was
our volunteers only visit. The client died the
following week. But the impact of that visit will be
forever felt by our volunteer.
Another volunteer provides Reiki treatments
weekly here at Hospice. They are open to all of our
clients, including people who are ill, grieving, and
caregivers. Reiki is a treatment that leaves people
feeling relaxed and calm. Volunteers also offer
other complementary therapies including
reflexology, healing touch and craniosacral
therapy. Contact Paula or Marg for more
Thank you to our volunteers who participated in a
research study through Mount Allison University.
The results have been published in the American
Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. The
paper, Holding on to What You Have Got: Keeping
Hospice Palliative Care Volunteers Volunteering by
S. Claxton-Oldfield and R. Jones states that from
the 33 items surveyed ones rated most important
by the volunteers were: enjoying the work they
do, feeling adequately prepared/trained to perform
their role, learning from their clients experiences
and listening to their stories. The least important
factors in the volunteers decisions to continue to
volunteer were: being recognized and being
reimbursed for out of pocket expenses. It seems
our focus on providing the very best Volunteer
Orientation sessions is well grounded. Our next
Volunteer Training course will take place Thursday
afternoons starting October 4th. This 30 hour
course continues to be the entry point for all
individuals interested in supporting our clients and
families. Since we first offered the training back in
January 1988 the course has been fine
tuned to meet the standards of the Hospice
Palliative Care Ontario and the Canadian
Hospice Palliative Care Association. We
pride ourselves on the quality of this
course and feedback is always positive.

Words of wisdom from a Hospice

volunteer, Tricia Morrison, Listening isnt
just waiting for your turn to speak. Tricia
was part of the Fall 2011 Volunteer
Training group pictured here.

Fall 2012

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Fundraising at Hospice Peterborough

Those of you who have read our Mission, Vision and Goals know that we strive to be a leader in the
provision of a wide range of hospice palliative services so we can meet the changing needs of people living
with serious illness and grief in all areas of Peterborough City and County.
Our vision challenges us to achieve financial stability through careful management of every dollar
entrusted to us. We believe that excellent hospice care must be accessible to all. That is why it is so
important that we offer all of our programming free of charge to those living with serious illness and grief.
In order to do this we count on our community for support.
This year the funds we receive from the Central East LHIN will support 54% of our operating budget. We
need to raise $329,000 additional dollars to offer our current programming. Thankfully our community is
behind us and we appreciate every dollar we receive, from the $20 pledge for Hike for Hospice to the
$10,000 bequest and $25,000 corporate grant. Please support the businesses that have sponsored our
events and made generous donations. We also hope to see you at the many upcoming events where
proceeds have been designated for Hospice Peterborough.

10th Annual Hike for Hospice

THANK YOU Volunteers, Hikers & Sponsors for raising over

$79,000 for Hospice Peterborough
On May 6, 2012 more than 340 adults, children, and volunteers attended the 10th anniversary Hike for
Hospice, collecting pledges and hiking to help raise awareness and money for hospice palliative care.
Aside from being a great fundraiser Hike for Hospice is a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends
and family in a meaningful way. The opening circle helps to remember, honour and thank the special
people in our lives said Linda Sunderland, Hospice Peterborough, Executive Director
Congratulations to all our hikers including:
Top Teams
#1 The Medical Centre Team Robin
#2 The Warrior Women
Top Hikers
#1 Marilyn Homewood
# 2 Kate Jarrett


all our sponsors:
Hope Sponsors
Securities, Darling Insurance Realty Ltd.
Comfort Sponsors
Mercedes-Benz Peterborough, Montanas
Cookhouse, Pet Project, The Cully Family,
Trent Metals Ltd.
Care Sponsors
Assante Wealth Management, LLF Lawyers,
Nightingale Nursing Registry Ltd, Wawanesa
Support Sponsors
The Medical Centre Team Robin raised over $9,000 to support
B.W. Forest Products, Champlain Animal
hospice care in our community.
Hospital, Country Smith Ice Cream, Community
Alternative Funeral & Cremation, Corner Robbins Investment Insurance Agency, Frontier Wolseley Group, GE Canada,
McColl Turner, Merit Precision Moulding, Monkman, Gracie & Johnston Insurance Brokers, Nuttall and Associates Inc,
Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha, The Cabinetree, The Stewart Group
In-Kind Sponsors: Baskin-Robbins Manufacturing, Culligan - The Good Water Co, McDonalds, Shoppers Drug Mart,
The Silver Bean, Tim Hortons, Wild Rock Outfitters
Media Sponsors:CHEX Television, Country 105/ Energy 99.7, The Peterborough Examiner

Hike for Hospice - save the date Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fall 2012

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The WORKS!!!

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro served up a lot

of dough... burgers, fries and rings - raising
$1,801.00 to support Hospice Peterborough on
Wednesday, August 29th. Hoards of excited
patrons lined up to be the first to experience the
ultimate burger for the grand opening of The
Owners Heidi Marshall and Steve Stewart couldnt
believe the crowds that flocked to their newly
renovated Simcoe Street building. 365 lucky
guests were served in the 6 hour period. Stewart
said it was a great investment in our community,
a great introduction for us and a great charity to
support. Marshall commented; Personally and
professionally we believe in getting involved in the
community we live and work in its important.
15th Annual Darling Insurance
Charity Golf Tournament
A big Hospice THANK YOU to Peter Blodgett and all
the staff at Darling Insurance Realty Limited for
choosing Hospice Peterborough to be one of the
recipients of the 15th Annual Charity Golf
Tournament held on Thursday, September 6th .


The Legendary Golden Tones perform at
Showplace Peterborough on October 19th at
7:30pm and October 20th at 2pm with all proceeds
supporting Hospice Peterborough
The Golden Tones present True Colours, an
entertaining show of music, comedy and dance.
Admission is $17 for adults $8.50 for children.
Dont miss it reserve your tickets early, as
seating is limited. Call Showplace at 705-742-7469
Get a jump on your Christmas shopping and
support Hospice Peterborough - Mark
Saturday, November 10 and Sunday, November 11
on your calendar for the 2nd annual Christmas
Shopping Show being held at the Trentwinds
International Centre. Free admission.

Festival of Trees
November 28 - December 2, 2012
Over the years Festival of Trees has raised
more than $4.3M for health care in our
community. Hospice Peterborough has been a
grateful beneficiary since the start. Please plan on
participating in this year as Festival returns to
Downtown Peterborough. Festival of Trees kicks off
with the pre-event Holiday House Tour,
November 10 and 11. Once again local homes will
be showcased by professional designers pulling out
all the stops to create inspired festive magic.
See the Official Tree Lighting, 6 - 6:30pm, on
Nov. 27 at the Peterborough Square Courtyard.
As the tree is illuminated outside, get in the
Christmas spirit with music from The Dynamics.
Join the Millbrook Choir for a good old-fashioned
carol sing! Following the tree lighting, get your $5
wristband for a preview of the decorated trees in
Forest Fantasy from 6:30 - 8:00pm.
Forest Fantasy at Millennium Park
Tuesday, November 27: 6:30 - 8:00pm
Wed. Nov. 28 to Saturday, Dec. 1: 9am - 8pm
Sunday, December 2: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Returning activities include: Healthy Gardens
Tea, Breakfast with Santa, Gala for Health Dinner,
Dance and Auction, Silver Bell, The Gift Shop, Kids
Zone, Tree Lighting and decorated trees!!
New activities include: Operation Pub Crawl and
Nursing Peterborough Talent.
We are excited that this year will coincide with the
Santa Claus Parade - together, we will officially
kick off the Christmas season!
or call 705-743-1705
for ticket and Festival

Peter Blodgett gets ready to start the 15th Annual

Darling Insurance Charity Golf Tournament.
Fall 2012

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Programming at Hospice Peterborough Fall 2012

Caregiver Support
Womens Cancer
Support Group
Mens Support Group

Day Hospice

Home Support
Therapy Sessions
Gentle Exercise

Provides support for caregivers of people who are living with a lifethreatening illness. Group also provides peer support from others who
are sharing similar experiences.

2nd and 4th Friday of
the month from
10-11:30 am

Provides a safe and welcoming place for women living with cancer to
meet others for mutual support, education and problem-solving.

Every Wednesday
10:00 12 pm

All men who are living with a serious, life threatening illness are
welcome to participate for mutual support, education and problemsolving.

Every Wednesday
10:00 12 pm

For people living with a life threatening illness. Clients can join a
support group, stay for lunch and/or participate in therapeutic

Every Wednesday
10 2 pm
As required.

Skilled volunteers offer practical help, spiritual and emotional support

or respite in the home.


Certified volunteer therapists will meet with individuals on an as

needed basis


A fitness specialist and personal trainer offers easy, gentle exercises

that everyone can do.

As required.
Every Friday
1:30- 2:30pm

Children aged 8 to 14 meet with other children whose family member

has a life threatening illness. Offers a safe place to talk, feel and
begin learning how to cope with the changes that are affecting them.

Call for time.

Childrens Grief
Group (7 Weeks)

An opportunity for those aged 6 to 12 to explore the meaning of the

loss of someone important and develop ways of coping.

Call for time.

Teen Grief Group

(7 Weeks)

An opportunity for those aged 13 to 18 to explore the meaning of the

loss of someone important and develop ways of coping.

Call for time.

Childrens & Teens

Grief Follow-up

For those children and teens who have already attended a grief group
at Hospice Peterborough.

Last Saturday of each

month 10 am -12 pm

Grief Recovery
Level 1
(10 weeks)

Enables individuals to experience support from others who have

experienced personal losses. Participants share personal experiences,
express feelings and emotions, find ways to move through their grief.

Mondays 1-3 pm starting

September 17
Wednesdays 4:15-6:15
starting September 19

Grief Recovery
Level 2
(12 weeks)

Examines some of the more complex aspects of grief recovery like:

developing a new identity, developing new relationships, sexuality,
unhelpful belief systems.

Grief Recovery
Level 3

Provides ongoing support and encouragement as individuals begin to

redesign life that will lead to a greater sense of wholeness and health.

Just for Kids

Tuesdays 4:15-6:15
starting September 18
3rd Tuesday each month
11:45 a.m. 1:45 p.m.
3rd Wednesday of each
month 7-9 pm

A Lunch Group for

the Recently

Hospice is hosting luncheons for those who have been recently

bereaved (within the past 2 years). The group offers a place to be
with others who are sharing similar feelings, issues and needs.

Bereaved Parents
Support Group

This is a group specifically for parents who have lost a child recently.
It enables them to be together and to share common issues of grief.

Last Wednesday of each

month 7-9 pm

Community Resource

Books, DVDs, pamphlets and brochures on topics related to hospice

palliative care for the community and health care professionals.

Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday from
9am to 5pm

1st and 3rd Friday of the

11:30 12:30

Hospice Peterborough is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

After hours visits can be arranged. All services are provided at no charge.

Fall 2012

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Upcoming Education and Support Events at Hospice Peterborough

A Community Education Event

An Education Day for Healthcare Professionals





Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 at 7 p.m.

Canadian Canoe Museum
Education Room
910 Monaghan Road
Please join the board and staff of Hospice
Peterborough to share

Friday, October 19, 2012

Peterborough Golf & Country Club
1030 Armour Road, Peterborough
COST - $75
Please register early. Space is limited.
Call 705.742.4042

An evening with the


Keynote Speaker:
The Honourable
Sharon Carstairs

Ms. Carstairs will describe how strong community

leadership can help achieve quality hospice care
and reflect the ways in which a community cares
for one another. The title of her 2010 special
report on palliative care called Raising the Bar
A Roadmap for the Future of Palliative Care in
Canada provides many recommendations for
leadership at all levels to support and advocate
for quality hospice care across Canada.
COST: by donation
Refreshments available

Advocating for Hospice Care

What Can I Do and Why Should I?
Dr. Beryl Cable-Williams
Living Towards the End of Life
in Long Term Care
Dr. Jennifer Gillis-Doyle
Ashes, ashes. we all fall down How societys idea of mortality has changed for
better and for worse.

Both of these community education events are

sponsored by:

Panel Discussion - Connecting the Dots

moderated by:

Comstock Funeral Home & Cremation Centre

& Kaye Funeral Home & Memorial Chapel
Caring for our Community

Dr. John Beamish, Family & Palliative Care Physician

Suzanne Hurtubise, MSW, Oncology
Nina Papazian, MSW, Renal Dialysis
Lynn Wyse, Senior Manager, CE CCAC
Dr. Stephan Ragaz, Family & Palliative Care Physician

The Holiday season can be a stressful time for individuals who have lost a
loved one. Sometimes it seems that everyone else is thinking only of the
joy and fun of Christmas. It can be difficult to find others who will listen
as you share your feelings about what it means to be without your loved
one during the holiday season.

Tinsel and Tears

Wednesday, December 5th , 7:00 8:00 p.m.
at Grace United Church
Howden Avenue and Monaghan Road
(across from Kenner Collegiate)
The service is intended to allow you to come together with others,
remember your loved one and acknowledge, within a safe place, some of
the feelings you have at this time.
The candlelight service will be a quiet reflective time of remembering.
Fall 2012

page 8

Leave a legacy to Hospice Peterborough

enrich lives
create a memory
provide hope for the future
Your charitable gift to Hospice Peterborough helps people in your community living with seriously illness
and grief. Your legacy is an eternal gift that supports our present and future needs for hospice care.
Your planned giving legacy simply means that you plan now to make a donation when it best suits your
circumstances. A gift can be made today, or can be promised for the future. Gifts pledged for the future
can have tax benefits today.
There are a number of ways you can make a planned gift to Hospice Peterborough. Each one offers
financial and tax advantages. Talk to your loved ones and your financial advisor about your options. Then
call Hospice Peterborough at 705-742-4042 to learn more about how your gift will help people in our
community living with serious illness and grief.

Memorial donations
At a difficult time we are honoured when families can reach beyond their pain and leave a legacy that will
help others. Thank you to the families who named Hospice Peterborough as your charity of choice. We
also thank everyone who has made memorial donations. Please know your support will make a difference.
Since April 1, 2012 we have received donations in memory of:
Al Bell
William Raymond Bullied
Jack Carpenter
Edward Condon
Danny Corfe
Jean Cowan
Eleanor Duncan
Howard English
Jean Flavell
Heather Goverde
Mary Harris
Evelyn Horn
Bernard Hoskings

Ida Hurtig
Bruce Hutchison
Doreen Jones
Vera Keating
Mabel Lattion
Robert McGarrity
Mike McGrath
Wally Menger
Lillas Mills
Rod Mohr
Charlie Moore
Gwen Morawetz
Frank Morton

Janet Patterson
Alan Pearson
Bob Pinnington
John C.R. Roberts
Gloria Shaughnessy
Joanne Stephenson
Frances Stewart
Rene Stewart
Sandra Stillman
Heather Vander Schaaf
Morley Yokom
Vicky's Mom

Bequests from the estates

Kathleen Fowlie
Lesley Bradford
When you are sorrowful look
again in your heart, and you
shall see that in truth you are
weeping for that which has
been your delight.
Kahlil Gibran

YES! I would like to support Hospice Peterborough

Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________ Province:__________ Postal Code: _____________
Phone: ___________________ Email: ________________________________________________________
I would like to make my gift:

One time donation

Cheque (payable to Hospice Peterborough)

Monthly donation Amount: _______



American Express

Credit card number: ________________________ Expiry date: ____________

I would like to be an anonymous donor (please check this box)
I wish to be listed in your Annual Report as __________________________________________
Registered Charity No. 119478964 RR0001

Tax Receipts will be issued promptly for donations of $20.00 or more.

You have our word.

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Fall 2012

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