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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and

conventions of real media products? (Music video: compare aspects of mise-en-

scene of your production with a minimum of 2 music videos of a similar genre;

CD/ digipack cover & magazine advertisement: compare aspects of illustrations

and text with similar generic productions

The British unsigned band I chose to promote through the creation of my music

video, digipack and magazine advert was Killamonjambo, and the remix of their

single Changed my mind. The genre of the band itself is Post Punk/ Ska and it

consists of a six piece band all male members. The bands are a Norwich based;

this made the shooting of my music video in Norwich more significant as it was

representation of the bands regional identity. The Mise-en-scene used in my

Music Video was intended to give it an edgy urban atmosphere similar to The

Prodigy Take me to the hospital, Rumble Strips Not the only person and lastly

Foreign Beggars ft Noisia Contact, all of these videos are filmed in urban

settings, with the last two using stereotypically London scenery. My Music Video

represents a local band Killamonjambo so the choice to use an urban setting

seemed logical, so the local audience can represent to the video, by recognising

some of the locations used. This idea was inspired by similar ideas used by the

Rumble Strips and Foreign Beggars who

are both London bred groups and in

there videos use shots of the

underground as an example to represent

London and to appeal to their local

audiences and let other sections of their

audiences know that they are representing London.

The use of a Bedroom in my music

video with a key prop in it being a

set of decks was to present and

use the conventions of the

electronic genre and to interact

and represent the target audience,

this was achieved as my target

audience was young male adults

between about 17-21 who may have similar rooms and may own decks. The

decks are also an important stereotypical signifier of the genre, in the electronic

genre and sub-genre

dubstep/Breakbeat decks play a

significant role in the playing of the

music, in comparison in other

genres like Indie, guitars and drums

are the signifiers as represented in

the “White Stripes” single “seven

nation army”. In the Foreign Beggars video a DJ is presented DJ-ing on decks

behind the artists when they are performing similar to a shot used in my video

whereby a DJ is seen changing a vinyl on one of the decks. The masks were

used to develop conventions and the

influence behind the use of the masks

was because a similar idea used in

The Prodigy music video (Take me to

the hospital) where bear masks are

used by the youth gangs in the video

and to a representation of youth culture. The representation of Youth culture is

achieved in my music video by the masks and also along with the use of alcohol,

together connoting a negative depiction of alcohol and gangs with in youth

culture. This negative representation is challenging forms as often alcohol and

gang culture is glorified in similar music videos within the genre, The Prodigy

video encourages the masked youth to vandalize an ambulance with spray cans.

The pace of the music, especially in the electronic genre, is vitally important to

flow of the music video itself. In my music video the pace of the track controls

the pace of the music video, at the start of my video there is a slow build up so

the zooms and dissolves at the start of my video represent this gradual

beginning. Also the beat of the track also controls the cuts, zooms and effects

used in my edit, in the foreign beggars video the track orchestrates the pace and

effects used for example the artist is in the shot when they are rapping. The

narrative structure I chose to use was rather abstract similar to that used by

other bands in the genre, I used a non-linear narrative which included flash

backs and flash forwards this creates an ambiguous video which comes to a

summarising finale in the end sequence of my music video. The Prodigy Invaders

must die video also uses similar abstract non linear narrative using flash backs

and forwards to show a journey which is what my main character goes through in

my video. The idea of using a day dreaming in my video to represent the vivid

memory and regret of the effects of Alcohol from the night before, the use of

black and white composition shows the contrast between the real world and the

dream world. This effect is used in a number of media products one of the most

notorious examples is from the film Memento were flashbacks are used to create

confusion and to help piece the story together, and the story has non-linear

How effective is the combination of your main product with ancillary texts?

My music video had some particular brand style which were individual to the

band I was promoting Killamonjambo, I further utilised this brand in my digipack

and my magazine advertisement. I had already created my music video before

starting the creation of my print productions, although when making my music

video I was already thinking of ideas that could combine visual aspects from my

video to the print productions. The paint splattered masks I designed as a key

influential prop in my music video seemed likely to be the most suitable aspect

to link my video to the print productions, they were aesthetically pleasing and

would give the target audience an object to associate as a brand of

Killamonjambo, consequently featuring on the front cover of my digipack and the

magazine advert. The print productions aim is to support the affects of the music

video, and to do this successfully it is important to utilise an individual brand that

can be associated with the brand Killamonjambo and all aspects of promotion

and advertising, I chose the masks as it represents the band as a personality, the

face or image of Killamonjambo. The Utah Saints created a similar image from

their 2008 smash hit Something Good 08 which achieved a top 10 chart position,

the running man was the main feature of their music video and also reappeared

as the key feature of their ancillary texts. This example shows the success of the

creation of an image and how a target audience will associate an image from a

music video with other media products linked with the band. Also this creates a

slogan or an image that can be connected to all aspects of the band and will

attract audiences to other media products through the notification of an image in

this instance the mask. The other brand style utilised by my music video and

ancillary texts is Graffiti, this is also aimed to attract my target audience who are

between the ages of 17-21, and in The Prodigy video Take me to the hospital

youths in masks are seen spray painting an ambulance. Also Banksy has really
glorified street art graffiti in recent years and has a wide support base in a

similar target audience to mine. The Graffiti also combines my music video and

my print productions, in my music video graffiti is used in shots on several

occasions and similar still shots are used on the inserts of my digipack, to create

an overall image of graffiti art that is often related with an urban underground

youth culture.

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning

and evaluation stages?

The Blog was used to record all aspects of the advanced portfolio from the

planning and research stage to the uploading of my final print production

designs and my evaluation. The blog is used with labels which work a system for

organising the work for various sections of the course an example of some of the

labels Planning the music video and Evaluation. The first blog posts I made

focused around research into the music industry and the target audience, as well

as planning the music video, this involved analyzing a number of music videos

and carrying out research into the an aspect of the music industry in the

circumstance it was investigating the domination of major record companies.

The blog allowed me to input text, pictures and even videos to explain and

provide evidence for the work I was doing for each section of the course, using

the edit html part when creating new posts I was able to embed videos from

Youtube which for example I analyzed The Strokes You only live once when

carrying out research in the music industry and planning my music video. It also

enabled me to embed PowerPoint presentations using a an internet site called

Scribd, were by I could upload my documents then using the embed link to

attach them to my blog page, I uploaded four PowerPoint’s to show the

development and planning of my digipack and magazine advertisement.

During the creation of my music video I used a number of different technology

platforms to produce my final production. At the beginning of my production I

started off at the filming stage using a handheld camera and a tripod, most of

my shots were assisted by the use of the tripod to give a more steady

professional looking shot. The were a few settings which added effects that I

experimented with on the camera itself, I used the black and white setting and a

firework setting which gave a slight shutter delay effect on the video. I used a

varying degree of lightening from natural outside light to artificial indoor light, at

different stages of my production to create distinctive settings at separate points

I my video. An example of how lighting was used in my video to create tension

filled atmosphere was at the beginning of my video when I used low lighting in

fact torch lighting from the camera in a pitch black room to uncover each of the

masks (six in total) as they lay on a desk. The effect I was trying to achieve by

using this shot as the opening to my video was to create confusion with in the

audience. The only source of sound I have used in my music video is non-

diegetic in the form of the track I selected to make a music video for, and there

is no diegetic sound used in my video. The reason for this choice to not use

diegetic sound was I didn’t believe it was necessary and I didn’t want to take

attention away from the track which is the main reason behind using the music

video for promotion, whereas for example compared to when I was making my

thriller last year; diegetic sound was used to help tell a story and set a scene. In

a few scenes I used handheld camera, most effectively when the main character

is sitting on the bench and a 360 degree pan shot is used to create an

atmosphere of regret and making the character seem vulnerable. It also created

an unsteady shot, but this was intentional to show the after effects of alcohol

abuse and represent a hangover feeling. The editing software I used was called
Premier Elements CS3 which allowed me to break down the 16 minutes of

footage I had collected. I used the razor tool to cut down the footage until I got it

into the order I wanted, after this I used effects to merge the shots together and

create flowing footage to make a successful music video. The most common type

of effect used during the editing stage of my production was dissolves this allows

sequences to flow from one scene to the next, and by making them different

lengths it can change the pace of video. There are a range of different dissolves,

cross, fade to black and random invert, I used 5 different types of dissolves in my

music video, and the variation keeps the audience interested.

My print productions consisted of my Digipack and Magazine advert and the

create and edit both of these productions using Photoshop Elements 6, this

allows me to manipulate photos or images used, I can also input Text or change

the contrast of the picture by using Black and White and Solarisation. On all of

my print productions I used pictures that I had taken myself using a digital

camera, although these pictures were taking during the filming of my video, to

get the correct locations. The pictures had two distinctive themes which featured

throughout my portfolio, that of Graffiti and the paint splattered masks. The

masks were my own graphics and I created them by using 4 colours of paint

yellow, green, blue and red, I chose these colours because they are all primary

and compliment one another resulting in an aesthetically pleasing design. I

created the paint splatter effect by hitting a paint brush against my hand over

the masks; this gave random paint splatters all over the mask. I chose not to use

stills from the music video itself due to them not looking clear enough as they

were slightly pixelated, whereas the images taken by the digital camera were

clear and provided a professional looking final design for my productions. I used

a number of different tools and effect within Photoshop to distort and manipulate

my images. The crop and rotate tool were used successfully especially on my
Polaroid images to give the effect of being thrown down on the graffiti

background. The layering principle was fundamental for all of my print

production it allowed me to put text over images and merge a number of images

together, with the flexibility to decide which images overlap others. The burn tool

also proved to be very significant when applied to the merging of the pictures of

my masks and the Polaroid template, by darkening the edges of the mask

images it gives the end product of looking as though it was an original Polaroid.

For the images used for my Inserts, I used artificial light to create a creepy

ghostly appearance; I shone a small reading led light which gave a blue light

onto a pile of all 6 of the masks and then a second photo which just used one of

the masks.