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Quality Control Checklist:

.1 For Price Determination

1. List down items required and need price determination

2. Contact all the suppliers/vendors

3. Get quotations from suppliers

4. Accept quotations

5. Prepare report of price determination

6. Get approval

.2 For Procurement
1. Give deadlines to suppliers

2. Prepare space for placement of materials

3. Check the quality of received material

4. Keep materials in order according to their usage

.3 For Layout
1. Select designers/interior decorator

2. Discuss layout plan with the designer

3. Finalize layout plan

4. Asking for change request

5. Modifying layout plan according to change request (if any)

6. Get approval

.4 For Implementation
1. Get materials to the location to be fixed/settled

2. Ensure work schedule to be followed

3. Place materials as defined in schedule

4. Ensure that the tiles, kitchen equipments, lighting and lams are properly fixed

5. Ensure that the finished look of café is appropriate