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~*Regrets *~
Part 2

Bella’s pov
A couple of days ago I was peacefully, and happily
seated with Alan watching the sunset and now I was
in the most excruciating pain someone could ever be
in. I was having the hardest contractions I ever had
and the doctor had told us that it was time, but it
wasn’t easy. My baby’s were going crazy inside of me,
they wouldn’t stop kicking, and every kick they kicked
was like a punch to my stomach.
All of my stomach had purple pock a dots. my baby’s
were getting strong. Unhumanly strong. We were in
the infirmary. I was laid down in one of the beds with
the wife’s helping the doctor and Jane and Alan
holding my hands. Jane looked panicked and excited,
and Alan was trying comfort me by talking to me but
everything that came out of his mouth sounded like
his mouth was filled with water and couldn’t talk well.
The pain was really excruciating, and everything that
I could think of was the pain. I only had to endure the
pain until my baby’s were safely out of my stomach
and in Jane’s hands. I knew that she could take care
of them. I knew that they all could take care of them,
and love them. “Push, Isabella” the doctor said. I
pushed with a scream following it.

Jane’s pov

“Push, Isabella” the doctor had said. Bells pushed

and screamed from the pain. Bella looked like she was
in a lot of pain, you could see it in her face. Bella kept
pushing and seconds later we heard the cries of a
baby boy. Adryana took the baby boy and cleaned him
then took him away to the baby room we had made
for them.
“Push, Isabella!” the doctor said again. Bells pushed
and seconds later we heard the cries of a baby girl.
Zamora took the baby girl and tooked her to the
baby’s room. I hadn’t had noticed but Bella’s eyes
were crossing and her heart beat was slowing down.
“Bella...Bella! You got to keep your eyes open!
...come on!” I said kneeling down next to the bed.
“NO…Bella. You can’t die! You’re my best friend!
...BELLA!”I said. I looked over at Alan and I could
nothing but horror, and alertness.
“I have to byte her!” Alan said standing up.
“She’s already dyeing…it’s too late” I whispered.
“Jane is right Alan…It’s too late” Aro said from the
“NO! It isn’t” He yelled. I just stayed next to Bella as I
saw Alan byte every single vein in her body. I couldn’t
stand it anymore so I stood up and runned off.

Bella’s pov
My baby’s were now born and knew that they were
going to be taken care off. I could die peacefully. I
felted really tired and every blinked I took the harder
it was to open them again. I just wanted to close my
eyes, but I kept hearing someone telling me not too. I
couldn’t recognize the voice, and it sounded familiar,
but from where? I was sure that it was a man’s voice
but whose voice. I decided to block the voice out and
just give in to the deep, endless sleep that was
waiting for me. I closed my eyes, and I heard as my
heart beats got louder and shorter, but before they
completely stopped a sudden, strong pain erupted in
my whole body. My eyes shuttered open and the last
thing I remember is blackness feeling my eyes and
the pain that filled my body.

……………………..4 days later……………………..

My senses were coming back to me. I could hear

movement around me, and I could also hear animals. I
really didn’t know if my senses were really coming
back or if it was just a dream. Everything seemed to
be right next to me or me in the middle of it all. I
heard everything too clear. I could hear my name
being called over and over again perfectly. I wanted
to open my eyes, but I was scared. What if I was
really dead, but then? I had to open my eyes. I
opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the
ceiling…a ceiling that I didn’t recognize by the
pattern, and detail. I kept hearing my name so turned
my head to the right to see who was calling my name.
I saw Alan seated in a chair next to my bed with his
head cupped in his head looking at the floor. I could
now see that it was him who was calling my name. He
called my name with pain, and sadness. I reached my
right hand over to touch him, and his head snapped
up and met my eyes. When he saw my hand he took it
and embraced me in a bear crushing hug. I could see
that he wasn’t being careful with me so I was
surprised that I didn’t feel anything. He let go of me
and kneeled down on the floor next to the bed. He’s
face was inches away from mine.
“Bella” he said in relief as he was holding his breath.
He had a small smile on his face, but I could still see
some kind of sadness maybe even guilt, but why?
“Alan” I said reaching to touch his face with my left
hand. He leaned into my hand and closed his eyes.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“I thought you were dead. Everyone thought that you
were dead.” He said with his eyes still closed.
“What?” I simply asked.
“When I bitted you. We all thought that you were
dead, but I didn’t want to believe it so I still bitted
you “he said.
“Oh…then thank you” I said. “No…don’t thank me” he
said. “Why? …but you saved me” I said. “Yes I did,
but it was all for the wrong reasons…I feel happy but I
don’t know if it’s right for me to feel this way” he said
now opening his eyes. What was he talking about? He
saved me…I’m alive…well kind of, but still. I could see
that he felted really badly, and it was breaking my
heart or at least I felt like it was breaking and I
couldn’t take it. “Alan…you saved me because you
love me” I said. “Yes Bella…I saved you because I
love you, but I also saved you because I’m a very
selfish person. I couldn’t take not living without you. I
wasn’t thinking of the volturi, the baby’s, or even
you. I was just thinking of myself.” He said. “Alan,
thank you” I said. “What? Didn’t you hear that I’m
selfish?” he asked. “I heard, but I don’t care. I just
want to thank you for saving my life, or giving me a
new life.” I said. “Bella…I…” he started saying.
“Alan!...” I said to get his full attention. “Yes” he said
with his whole attention on me. “I don’t care…o.k.…
now could you please take me to see my baby’s?” I
“Of course, my Bella” he said. A real smile turned on
his face while he helped me up. “O.k. where are they”
I asked him. “aaahh there in the baby room we maid
for them.”. “Baby room?” “It was supposed to be a
surprise after the whole labor, but well it all got
ruined” he said. “Well…It still a surprise. Thank you” I
said with a smile. I felted like he was going into that
whole guilt era again. “You welcome” he said with a
barely noticing smile. “so…where are my baby’s” I
asked eagerly. “Bella…we first got to do something”
he said. “What?” I asked. “Hunt” he said. “Alright…
let’s go” I said. “Come with me” he said with a warm
smile. We joined hands and we together we runned to
the closest forest to volterra for my first hunt.

………………………hours later………………………

We had finished hunting and we were now running

back hand in hand back to the castle. Our hands
together felted good, but somehow not right. Alan
left me at my room, gave me a kiss goodbye and said
that he would meet me again when it was time to see
my baby’s. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to see
them…I feel like it’s been so long, and it kind of was. I
hadn’t actually seen them before. I wonder if they
look like me or the vampire I used to love. I tooked a
quick shower, and got dressed in a dark violet dress
with my hair curled and down. I put on the dark
vulturi cape on top and was ready to go. I was all
ready and I wasn’t going to wait another second to
see my baby’s, or for Alan so I decided to just go look
for the baby’s room myself…it couldn’t be that hard. I
just had to concentrate and I could practically hear
they heart beats so I just had to follow them. I headed
to my bedroom’s door and when I opened it there was
“Hello beautiful” he said. “What took you so long?” I
asked. “I’m sorry” he said pretending to be offended.
I raised an eyebrow. Did he think I was kidding to be
joking around?.
“No seriously. What took you so long?” I asked him.
“It was only by a couple of seconds, and you’re much
quieter now. When you were human…you were a lot
noisier so I knew when you were ready, but now that
you’re a vampire you’re a lot quieter, smooth, and not
clumsy. I’m really going to miss your clumsiness
Bella” he said. “Yeah, right” I said. “No, really. I
really loved that about you. You looked so cute when
you were clumsy” he said.
“Really? I really don’t think that I looked cute when I
Slipped and fell in my face.” I said. He chuckled. “Oh
Bella . You can’t imagine how cute you were” he said
giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Oh…I can imagine” I
said. “Can we please go now?” I asked. “Of course .
The room is this way” he said wrapping his right arm
on my waist and guiding me to the baby’s room. He
guided me to a door that looked like any other but I
somehow knew that what I was looking for was on the
other side. I opened the door and one big baby bed
caught my eye instantly. I walked up to it and saw
two sleeping baby’s. They were beautiful. They were
very small, and looked very fragile. I wasn’t sure if I
could touch them with my new strength and all. I
didn’t want to hurt them so I just watched them sleep
with Alan at my side until Jane came in the room.
“Bella!” she screamed and run towards me.
“sshhhh!” I ssshh her. “I’m sorry. Oh my god Bella…I
knew you were alive, but couldn’t believe it” she
whispered in my ear while hugging me. I hugged her
back…I really sure missed my best friend. “Ouch
Bella” she said. “What?” I asked taken back. “Your
new strength. It kind of hurts” she said. “Sorry” I
said. She smiled and hugged me again. I hugged her
back again but more careful this time. If it hurt Jane
Imagine what would happen to my baby’s. I wouldn’t
forgive myself if something ever happened to them
because of me. The three of us stayed there
whispering to each other, even thought to my new
hearing it was more like normal talking so there was
no problem. Jane and Alan told me about stuff that
had happen the days I was passed out. There wasn’t
really much just the usual, but there still was a little
chaos because the word got out about me. Some
vampires were questioning the vulturi, their motives
for turning me, their interest in me. Others were
asking if they were ever going to meet me.
“Why are they so interested in me?” I asked to no
one, but assuming that one of them would answer.
“Bella…you used to be human and we practically
rescued you, and now your one of us. There going to
have questions…aah especially now when the other
word gets out” she said. “What do you mean?....when
the other word gets out?” I asked very suspicious.
“Well…Aro has made a decision that will practically
change the whole vulturi” she said. “What kind of
decision?” I asked.
“Aro loves you as the daughter he never had Bella,
and well now that you had the baby’s he wants to
make everything as easy as he can for you so he took
a decision” she said. “What kind of decision Jane?” I
asked her again now curious, and unpatient.
“The vulturi is turning on a new leaf Bella…” Alan
spoke for the first time. “ Aro told the whole family
and guard that from now on were going to be
vegetarian.” He finished. “Oh my god…I bet there is
too much conflict because of this. This is a chaos” I
said getting panicked. “There actually isn’t” Jane
said. “How?” I asked. “They wouldn’t dare Bella.
Nobody dares to talk back to the vulturi, If they did
then they don’t live anymore.” She said. “How do you
feel about this Jane?” I asked her. “Well… it’s a little
hard, but it’s not bad. Don’t worry…I’ll get used to it”
she said smiling. I smiled back. “I just hope this
doesn’t bring any really bad problems to the vulturi” I
said. I heard the baby’s move restlessly and so the
three of us got around there bed in less than a
second. When I saw them they were awake and they
were smiling at me. “They somehow know you Bella…
they know you’re there mother…it’s amazing!” Jane
said. I didn’t know what to say or do. I just smiled and
reached to touch them with the back of my hand.
They both grabbed my hand’s fingers and started
playing with them. They were so adorable. I couldn’t
believe that I was a mother.

……………………5 years later………………………

Hailey Nahuel
“Goodnight mommy!” Hailey said after I had
tucked her in. “good night darling” I said. I started to
stand up to tuck in Nahuel, but then I noticed Hailey’s
sad face and remembered. “Oh wait!” I said and leaned
down again. Hailey’s sad face suddenly became a happy
smile. I leaned down and gave her…her 3 good night
kisses. On the forehead, and both cheeks. “I’m sorry I
forgot honey” I said. “It’s o.k. mommy.” She said and
gave me breath taking smile. I gave her one more kiss on
the forehead and standed up. I walked over to Nahuel’s
bed to tuck him in, but he wasn’t there. “Wasn’t your
brother here a second ago?” I asked Hailey. “I don’t
know mommy” she said. “I’ll have to go hunt him down…
again” I said. Hailey giggle led. “Goodnight honey” I said
and headed for the door. “Goodnight mommy!” she said.
When I walked out of the room all kind of Ideas came to
me to where could Nahuel be. There were all involving
family thought. I had gone up to everyone’s room…Aro’s,
Jane’s, uncles, the wife’s, Felix’s, dimitri’s, and even
Alan’s and he wasn’t there. There was only one more
place to check. My room. I walked over to my room and
waited outside my door for a minute. I could hear
someone inside. I played with the door handle for a
couple of seconds before going in. I went inside and
everything was normal…except for the bed. The bed was
a mess, and there was a small hump in the middle of the
bed. He knew I could see him…he just knew that I would
play a long. “Aah…I’m ssooo tired! I couldn’t find
Nahuel…Oh well he just won’t have his goodnight kisses”
I said. I knew he was going to jump out any second so I
hided on the floor next to the bed so he couldn’t see me.
“Here I am!” he screamed. I picked and he looked
confused. “Where did mommy go?” he asked. “Here I
am!” I said and cuddled him in my arms. He laughed and
it was music to my ears. “What are you doing here?” I
asked tickling him. “Nothing” he answered. “Nothing ?
Hu”..I said. “I don’t want to sleep” he said. “Why
not? know you need to sleep.Aren’t you tired at all?
You were playing all day with you friends” I said. “I’m
not tired and no I don’t!. You don’t sleep.” He said.
“That’s because I don’t need sleep, but you do” I said.
“AAAaaahh mmoomm” he whined. “Come on…let’s go” I
said. I grabbed him and walked off to their bedroom. We
got to their room, and I was about to lay him on his bed,
but he was holding on to me like he’s life depended on it.
“Nahuel…” I said. He didn’t loosen up so I decided
something else. “What if we make a deal” I said. “What
kind of deal?” he asked lifting his head. “What if I stay
and laid here tonight with you? Would you go to sleep?” I
asked. “All night?” he asked. “Yep!” I said. “O.k.” he
said. “O.k.” I said again. I carefully lay in his bed with
him still grabbed to me like a monkey. I put my left arm
under his head. He loosened up a little trying to get
comfortable. I heard as his heart slowed down every
minute until it got even, and that meant that he was fully
sleep. He looked so peaceful. I can’t believe it’s been five
years. Today was their birthday and so we all celebrate it
with their school friend’s and family’s. It was a happy
and somehow awkward day. Parent’s kept asking me how
old I was, men would always try to flirt with me, but then
Alan would come and they would run away with their
wife’s. I sometimes just think of how time went on so
fast, and everything that happened during this past
years. I sometimes even think of what happened more
than five years ago. Who was the vampire I loved? What
happened between us? Will I ever see him again? Will I
recognize him?...the answer was no. Since I came here
with amnesia I haven’t remembered anything. When I
was human I remember that I used to get weird dreams. I
remember two dreams I had while I was human. One was
that I was in a big and beautiful meadow. A man and I
were cuddle led under a tree ,but I couldn’t see his face
because I had my face buried in his chest. I felted safe
and happy, and every time that I would raise my head to
see him I would wake up and see nothing, or other times
I would wake up and see Alan cuddle led next to me
looking and asking me what I was dreaming about. I
would never tell him what I was dreaming about. I would
just tell him that I had forgot or that it just was a
nightmare and I didn’t want to talk about it. He would
understand and let it go or just not push the subject
anymore. The other dream I remembered wasn’t actually
a dream. It was more like a nightmare. It was chaos, a
war. There were vampires and some kind of big dogs
fighting against each other and I was in the middle of it. I
would just stay there in the middle of it all, frozen while
the two creatures destroyed each other. In this dream, or
nightmare I felted unprotected, unloved, scared, and
horrible. I’m sure that those two dreams were more than
just dreams…they could of have been memories but I
wasn’t sure. I was hoping that one was at least.

Part 3
………………………13 years later…………………………
Hailey Nahuel


Bella’s pov
Time sure passes by fast doesn’t it? Thirteen years
have past and today it’s Hailey’s, and Nahuel’s 18
birthdays. Both Hailey and Nahuel have chosen to
celebrate it on the down low. That means only
vampires, but Hailey was still going to celebrate it
with Noah her boyfriend in some time of the day.
They both have changed a lot…physical, and mentally
it’s incredible. Aro has invited all of the covens to this
party tonight. I’m sure all of the covens were going to
be hare tonight since the scandal 18 years ago. All of
the vampire covens have wanted to meet me and my
children after they found out. I’ve been postponing
this day, but I got a feeling that it was time.
Something was going to happen at this party.
Something important. Hailey and Nahuel were now
hunting at the forest. It was their first time hunting
alone. I really didn’t have any problem when it came
to hunting, but they were different. I was worried, but
I did tell them that I trusted them so I’m sure nothing
will happen. I was outside the castle on the hill sitting
on the same bench with the table I was sitting on
days before I had Hailey and Nahuel. I had been
sitting here for hours just thinking. I felted two arms
wrap around my stomach. Déjà vu much?. I didn’t
need to ask or see who it was. There was only one
person who wrapped his hands this way. “Hello
beautiful” he said. “Hi” I said. “Are you worried?” he
asked. “A little…It’s their first time alone, but I trust
them. They’ll do great” I said. “Not to mention that
you’re protecting them right?...Then what’s wrong?”
he asked. “I am and It’s just this crazy feeling I have…
it’s somehow tingling in my stomach and It doesn’t
stop.” I said. “Really?” he asked. “Yep!...I just got a
feeling that today is going to be unforgettable you
know” I said. “Oh…I do” he said smiling. “What does
that mean?” I asked a little suspicious. “Nothing” he
said. “Alright… crazy person” I said.
“I am crazy in love with someone so I guess I am
crazy” he said laughing. “Who? You want to get me
jealous?” I asked. “Is it working?” he asked. “NO” I
answered. “You little Liar” he said and gave me a
passionate kiss wrapping both of his arms tighter
around me. I giggle led and he laughed. “I love that
giggle” he said. I laughed. “Oh…and those laughs…
don’t even start” he said. I laughed even more.
Nahuel’s pov
Hailey and I were hunting in the middle of the forest,
but we only kept finding small animals. We found
some bears, and mountain lions, but they were
already dead, and guess what? There body was empty
of blood, so I guess that some of our guests were
hunting in this territory……just our luck. I was very
thirsty that you can’t imagine. It took my full control
to not attack the humans about a mile away from
here. They smelled so delicious. “Smell anything?”
Hailey asked. “Oh…I smell something alright” I said
crossing my eyes and taking in the human’s scent.
“Don’t play Nahuel…It could be dangerous.” She
warned. “Yeah…yeah...” I said. “We got to hurry up. I
got a date with Noah in an hour. Let’s split…If I find
something then I’ll find a way to signal you” she said.
“Same then” I said. “Be careful Nahuel” she said
before she run of. I knew exactly what she meant. She
was telling me not to dare and go near the humans,
but one little look at them wouldn’t hurt…or kill
anyone right? I runned off to the human’s way and
slowed down when I could see them. I climbed into a
tree and could see the humans just a couple of steps
away from me.
“Too bad I can’t take a bite” I said to myself. They
were a group of tourists/campers. I saw as the group
continued on, but there was a girl that was staying
behind. She was taking pictures so she didn’t notice
that she was getting herself lost. I could still see the
group up ahead, but I doubted that she could, and as
I suspected…when she looked up ahead she couldn’t
see the group so she run and end up falling. “Ouch!”
she screamed. “Oh…oh...bad Idea” I said to myself.
She sat right on the ground and looked at her cut. I
could see and smell the blood. I couldn’t take it.
Before I knew I was launching at the girl. I was now
Imaginating the delicious taste, but before I could
even taste it I was tackled into the ground. I could
see the girl getting up. “Run! This is going to get
ugly” A guy told her. I wasn’t fighting the guy who
had his arms around me, but he still had his arms
firmly around me. A couple of minutes passed and I
could no longer smell the girl, or the blood. I tried to
stay calm…I had a temper but they were three and I
was only one so I knew my changes and they weren’t
good. The guy who told the girl to run said to the big
guy holding me that it was o.k. to let me go so the big
guy let go of me and took a place next to the other
two guys. I knew that they were vampires for sure,
and I had never seen them before so they were
certainly visitors, not to mention vegetarians. I could
tell by their golden eyes, and of course they saved a
human girl. The three vampires were muscle led, but
one was huge. The huge one had short, black hair,
tall…and looked kind of scary. The other one had like
blonde wavy hair, tall, a bit muscular, and was
observing every move I made. The last one in the
middle had bronze messy hair, tall, a bit muscular but
not as much as the other two and it looked like he
was also observing every move I’ve made as well , or
somehow concentrating in something. What were
they doing? Where they planning to kill me, wait no!
They wouldn’t dare touch me. I just would have to tell
them my name and I’m sure that they would just let
me go, right? And if they didn’t then it wouldn’t be
long before the guards came looking for me, but in
any case if they would do that then I sure will not go
down without a fight. The big one on my right was
now looking at me like he was ready to launch at me,
but was somehow waiting for a sign. The other one on
my left just was staring, and the middle one again
was concentrating in something, but there was also
confusion in his face.
“I can’t” the middle one said. “What? What do you
mean you can’t?” the one on the left said. “I just
can’t read it. It’s like it’s in mute or something” the
one on the middle said once again. “You can’t read it?
But man that’s crazy! The only one you couldn’t read
was bel…sorry man” the big one said. Why didn’t he
finish his sentence? What couldn’t he read? why was
it so important?... aaahh ! Forget it. I had to get out
of here. This was just too weird, and I sure wasn’t
going to spend my 18 birthday with this weirdoes. I
was getting ready to make a run for it, but then the
one on the left spoke. “What are you” He said. “Are
you really stupid enough to not know what I am?” I
said. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing here
by talking to them like this, but I couldn’t show them
any weakness or then they would take advantage,
and maybe kill me. I had to earn time at least until
Hailey found me. If she did then I would try to distract
them and she would get help. “Are you a vampire” He
asked. “Yes I am” I said. “But, your eyes. Are you
wearing contacts?” He said. “Have you heard of half
vampires?” I asked. “Oh…so what were you doing
here. You don’t have red eyes, but it looks like you’re
not vegetarian. Do you know how stupid it was for
you to even try to attack a human girl here in Italy,
volterra? Have you heard of the vulturi?” He said. I
felted like when I was a child and used to get in
trouble, and mom would give me a talk.
“Aah…I was hunting…I don’t have red eyes because
I’m half vampire…I am vegetarian…and yes it was
stupid… and I have heard of them and I’ve actually
met the son Nahuel and his really great” I said.
“You’re vegetarian? Then why were you going to
attack that girl?” he asked again. “ I lost control for a
second and I was deeply thirsty” I said. “Why didn’t
you just hunted for a mountain lion, or bear?” The big
one asked. “I couldn’t find any…all the ones I kept
founding were already sucked” I said. “My bad man.
That was our fault” the big one said again. “It still
was very none thinking, and restless what you did”
the middle one said for the first time. “There was no
damage, so no fault done o.k.” I said. I turned my
body around ready to run towards the castle but I
didn’t take my eyes out of then. I wanted to see if
they were going to follow me? Or just let me go after
all. “Are you a nomad?” the one on the left asked.
What a hell was a nomad? “What? No! What’s that?” I
said. “Do you have a coven?” the one in the middle
asked. “Yes...I think…I would like to stay and chat,
but there waiting for me...So see yah” I said. I started
running towards the castle. I noticed they weren’t
following me so that was good. I was halfway to the
castle when my phone ringed. “Hello?” I said. “Where
are you?...I couldn’t find anything so I’m heading
back…Found something?” Hailey asked. “Aah nah. I’m
heading back too...see yah” I said then I hanged up.
That was a close one back there. I got a feeling that
I’m going to see them again.

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Love you guys <3…oh and I
think you know who the
three vampires are…readers
have been asking about
‘him’ so…XD…Till the next


Please and thank

you <3

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